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Ariana Grande - 7 rings


  1. Lucía Sáez

    Lucía SáezHour ago

    Esta mujer es DIOSSS

  2. Hailey PLayz

    Hailey PLayzHour ago

    #1 on trending sis

  3. Andrew Coffman

    Andrew CoffmanHour ago

    Mary Poppins called and wants her song back

  4. emilly jane

    emilly janeHour ago

    i actually *really* like this song? idk i normally don’t really like ariana songs but this is really good lmao

  5. Albert chandy

    Albert chandyHour ago

    Here before a billion

  6. Clara Stella

    Clara StellaHour ago

    you are fantastic !!

  7. Lynette Harmse

    Lynette HarmseHour ago amazingly talented is this woman?!!! Is there nothing she can't do..?!! Luv her

  8. Agatha 100% Trouxa

    Agatha 100% TrouxaHour ago

    Ariana rapper grande 💕

  9. Jendeukie fx

    Jendeukie fxHour ago

    Oh shit

  10. Choco Crispie

    Choco CrispieHour ago

    0:58 ari is in the kitchen cause she a snack

  11. the foxxy one

    the foxxy oneHour ago

    Soy el unico Que habla Español🙁 Quien mas Like

  12. Rosa

    RosaHour ago

    Sound of music ??

  13. marija music

    marija musicHour ago


  14. hi

    hiHour ago

    Really sounds like My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music

  15. i Anca

    i AncaHour ago

    *I* -want- *it* -I- *got* -it-

  16. Shamone Davidson

    Shamone DavidsonHour ago


  17. Diana Ochoa

    Diana OchoaHour ago

    Ninel conde ,is that you ?

  18. Belle _. Hermione

    Belle _. HermioneHour ago

    Ariana keeps dropping bombs . NTLTC GOD IS A WOMAN SWEETNER LIGHT IS COMING THANK YOU, NEXT and now this Woah I'm shook

  19. נויה גורליק

    נויה גורליקHour ago

    You are a queen👑💍

  20. Lisa Fitz

    Lisa FitzHour ago


  21. The_d_ Sisters

    The_d_ SistersHour ago

    Pete Davidson has left the chat #1 on trending for Thank You Next #1 on trending for 7 Ring #1 for Ariana

  22. David Velez

    David VelezHour ago

    Oh yeah yeah!

  23. YES YES

    YES YESHour ago

    Let's all close our eyes. Go back in time, To when she was on victorious. Picture Cat Valentine Singing this song Doing this dance, I can't picture it lmao

  24. Lisa Fitz

    Lisa FitzHour ago


  25. Anber Gatlyn

    Anber GatlynHour ago

    She should have named this song I got it

  26. Thế Nhật Đỗ

    Thế Nhật ĐỗHour ago

    27 M views 🔥🔥

  27. ilovegrande ari

    ilovegrande ariHour ago

    All hail the new queen of rap👸👑

  28. cool

    coolHour ago

    Rihanna vibes

  29. 43148394 1234

    43148394 1234Hour ago

    I feel so broke

  30. Lisa Fitz

    Lisa FitzHour ago

    Omg yasssssssssss

  31. Diego N.

    Diego N.Hour ago

    i want, i got it.

  32. N00BSTER

    N00BSTERHour ago

    Why she sounding like Ricegum??

  33. ynjinlham ynjka

    ynjinlham ynjkaHour ago


  34. Ziggy Za

    Ziggy ZaHour ago

    *"You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it"* yes queen 🤗

  35. Luke Zlabickas

    Luke ZlabickasHour ago


  36. Jer Wen

    Jer WenHour ago

    Uhm ok

  37. Yeah Sev

    Yeah SevHour ago

    Same hair style for 10 years. Your music that’s written FOR YOU by that Swedish guy sucks

  38. Brandon VBK

    Brandon VBKHour ago


  39. N S

    N SHour ago

    The Sound of Music - My favorite things

  40. Febe Van Den Bossche

    Febe Van Den BosscheHour ago

    2:33 sis you spilled your champagne

  41. Anna Cornish

    Anna CornishHour ago


  42. savedreams -

    savedreams -Hour ago


  43. Paris Ligeia

    Paris LigeiaHour ago

    *Queen Ari💜*

  44. Linda Kettrick

    Linda KettrickHour ago

    Why this song booty juice too me??

  45. Ariana Swift

    Ariana SwiftHour ago

    Now all we need is a remix with Nicki

  46. fravels

    fravelsHour ago

    Legit i feel nicki minaj vibes

  47. NRK Rem

    NRK RemHour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  48. Carl Anthem

    Carl AnthemHour ago


  49. Sergio victoria

    Sergio victoriaHour ago

    Why are pop artist trying mix their shit with hip hop ?

  50. kara •

    kara •Hour ago

    the black queen herself

  51. Matthew Shunney

    Matthew ShunneyHour ago

    i wouldnt spoil no friend wit my money id be like who are u lol

  52. Jack Harper

    Jack HarperHour ago

    Oh yeah Yeah

  53. Hailey PLayz

    Hailey PLayzHour ago


  54. Emma Watson

    Emma WatsonHour ago

    Ily sm ari this songs gonna be a hit ❤️❤️❤️

  55. Mike Tyson

    Mike TysonHour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  56. Samantha Foster

    Samantha FosterHour ago


  57. BHM4896

    BHM4896Hour ago

    Sounds like Pretty Boy Swag by Soulja Boy

  58. Mr Beast

    Mr BeastHour ago


  59. aries gibson

    aries gibsonHour ago

    *the sound of music has left the chat*

  60. No Name

    No NameHour ago

    Definitely not my fav song

  61. Jacqueline Alvarado

    Jacqueline AlvaradoHour ago

    Is it just me or does this sound like a Blackpink song ?

  62. avichoneves

    avichonevesHour ago

    ta andando muito com a minaj.... daqui a pouco vai parecer a miley com voz de whitney...

  63. yxriz

    yxrizHour ago

    me sinto uma burguesa safada ouvindo isso

  64. Rodrigo Germano

    Rodrigo GermanoHour ago

    Cada o #BRASIL

  65. Praise Mala

    Praise MalaHour ago

    Why am I seeing 30 niggas with the same profile pic and comment

  66. Anime Girl 2.0

    Anime Girl 2.0Hour ago

    Ari is the best 🙂

  67. Ralphacorn !

    Ralphacorn !Hour ago

    Oh yeh yeh

  68. nadia dubenko

    nadia dubenkoHour ago

    original lyrics: Raindrops on roses And whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels Doorbells and sleigh bells And schnitzel with noodles Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings These are a few of my favorite things

  69. •Tina Studio•

    •Tina Studio•Hour ago

    *Who here before 50M?!*

  70. Zara Browne

    Zara BrowneHour ago

    the melody is from sort sorta advert i love this

  71. Pauloee

    PauloeeHour ago

    THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THIIINGS (lol you can tell her origins are Broadway.)

  72. King Chris

    King ChrisHour ago


  73. Bruh Fist

    Bruh FistHour ago

    BODAK YELLOW 2.0 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  74. ahmetinho_1905 3000.

    ahmetinho_1905 3000.Hour ago

    Top comment amk??!!!

  75. ProsperityMusic

    ProsperityMusicHour ago

    Check out my music my new song it's called bad guy if your looking for something catchy

  76. Samuele  Dallago

    Samuele DallagoHour ago

    Am I the only who noticed that it has the same background music of the Thank u, next video?

  77. xxtravis 316

    xxtravis 316Hour ago

    I hate Ariana grande but she’s bad asab🤤

  78. Fatos Berisha

    Fatos BerishaHour ago

    go commid not living

  79. Max Millan

    Max MillanHour ago


  80. Deluded Cat

    Deluded CatHour ago

    Is it just me or this song is too short? When I'm feeling the vibe it just ends 😂

  81. Miles Celis

    Miles CelisHour ago

    I love how this video aesthetic is.

  82. s m

    s mHour ago

    Well,7 rings background music was already promoted in the thank u next MV in the first few seconds during the starting of the MV...wellll ,Ariana is a great fucking great queen..

  83. Chloe Ali

    Chloe AliHour ago

    We love a sassy sis 😊❣️🥰

  84. Tom Reynolds

    Tom ReynoldsHour ago

    Wonder if this song will be part of her Vegas revue show in 20 years? Something tells me it's not gonna hold up well...

  85. ty kubana

    ty kubanaHour ago

    good job editors!! Thats the best edit i have ever seen, beautiful

  86. Justmosssin

    JustmosssinHour ago My favorite things? Julie Andrews. Like if you agree

  87. Scarlet Sivan

    Scarlet SivanHour ago

    2018 : singer Ariana Grande 2019 : rapper Ariana Grande ....OMFG Nicki need to see this!!!!

  88. Kids Toy Art

    Kids Toy ArtHour ago

    what a song. just wow

  89. Ruben Ramirez

    Ruben RamirezHour ago

    No No no this song is bad bad bad

  90. 9,999,999 Views

    9,999,999 ViewsHour ago

    Pretty boy swag

  91. F

    FHour ago

    I want it i got it Mehh... Let's be clear i can't😂

  92. cCc_Hussar_cCc

    cCc_Hussar_cCcHour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  93. FaZe Pepega

    FaZe PepegaHour ago

    oh yeah yeah

  94. Kembly Herrera

    Kembly HerreraHour ago

    This is a few of my favourite things

  95. Divya Gupta

    Divya GuptaHour ago


  96. DeezMahdi //

    DeezMahdi //Hour ago

    You’re in the titty committee..

  97. Nicole Mkhize

    Nicole MkhizeHour ago

    Ohhh no weres my wig

  98. cami eden

    cami edenHour ago

    i swear i thought she said the n word at 2:22 i was like “WO AH GIRL NO”

  99. Christopher Adam

    Christopher AdamHour ago

    *Didn't understand a word but I still love it* ... Yuh

  100. Kithria Dies Inside

    Kithria Dies InsideHour ago

    And this song reminds me of the atm episode of Sam and cat