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Argentina v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 23


  1. Srabanti Das

    Srabanti Das16 hours ago

    Who is the supporter of BRAZIL? Thanks and congrates CROATIA. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. david

    davidDay ago

    svaka cast hravtska iz srbije nasa slavna braca idi do final sa brazilom belgijom ili francuskom

  3. ty tung

    ty tungDay ago

    Hâhhahaah meesi 😂😂

  4. NiceCockGuy

    NiceCockGuyDay ago

    Croatia 😎

  5. Bijay Lamichhane

    Bijay LamichhaneDay ago

    very bad video man yukkkkkkk

  6. leticia enriquez quispe

    leticia enriquez quispe2 days ago

    pense que ganaria argentina :v

  7. three FangYuan

    three FangYuan2 days ago


  8. Unnikrishnan V

    Unnikrishnan V2 days ago

    Modric is playing nice

  9. Flingadidi

    Flingadidi3 days ago

    matusalen 10 = GOLTOSITO, aPa en Pa.

  10. Alima Mbengue

    Alima Mbengue3 days ago

    Argentine et Croatia c'était quel jour ki peut m donné la jour stp

  11. four bbosh

    four bbosh4 days ago


  12. samin ahmed

    samin ahmed4 days ago

    Great play by Rebic,Modric and Rakitic. Who agree with me hit the LIKE button.

  13. eight bbosh

    eight bbosh5 days ago


  14. ItsMeh

    ItsMeh5 days ago

    Truly golden generation ♥️

  15. thom bell

    thom bell6 days ago

    Arquero Argentino,wtf,un rockie,error tecnico,o lesión??

  16. Rikesh Shrestha

    Rikesh Shrestha6 days ago

    Back to the days when Modric wasn't overated!! :)

  17. The Fun Station

    The Fun Station6 days ago

    My country: Bangladesh My 2nd country: Brazil My 3rd country: Croatia My favourite players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Luka Modric and more.

  18. Dr Beast

    Dr Beast7 days ago

    fuck macth

  19. SuperSNSD R

    SuperSNSD R7 days ago

    Someday we Koreans will give a true lesson to Argentina! (If Rep. of Korea accomplishes a result : KOR 3 - 0 ARG)

  20. Frank Miranda

    Frank Miranda7 days ago

    Luka Modric said his goal against Argentina and his goal against Manchester in 2013 were his best goals ever!

  21. christian krogh beier

    christian krogh beier7 days ago

    fuck croatia

  22. Jamal Uddin

    Jamal Uddin7 days ago

    This is called great punishment against fake styling!

  23. hanish prus

    hanish prus9 days ago

    Third goal is off side

  24. MD Tanbir

    MD Tanbir10 days ago


  25. Deepannita Bag

    Deepannita Bag10 days ago

    well daone croaita and beautiful luka modric and rakitic

  26. tomy2015 grane

    tomy2015 grane11 days ago

    Se burlan de messi? se burlan de argentina? lleguen a una final... ganen la copa almenos antes de quejarse dios -.-

  27. Somegopnik withaphone

    Somegopnik withaphone12 days ago

    And MISSA PENALTY i mean they lost to us messy. Too much bad player puns? Well i guess you cry for argentina. KILL ME I BEG YOU

  28. Steven Lee

    Steven Lee12 days ago

    O Di Maria, o Mascherano, o Messi tchau Messi tchau, Messi tchau tchau tchau!!!!!!!! É o argentino está chorando porque a proxima copa o Brasil vai ganhar!!!!!!!!!

  29. Arronjonathan Wikarsa

    Arronjonathan Wikarsa13 days ago


  30. 阿乐Ahhhle

    阿乐Ahhhle13 days ago

    Argentina goalkeeper is so noob,i cant believe that.

  31. M Z

    M Z13 days ago

    It isn't Messi time😁😁😁😁

  32. Chloe Park

    Chloe Park14 days ago

    Small Country, Big Dreams. 🇭🇷

  33. -DuckIsLit-

    -DuckIsLit-14 days ago

    1:01 anybody heard "messa"

  34. -DuckIsLit-

    -DuckIsLit-13 days ago

    +Based Styxhexenhitler14/88 oh thanks for telling me

  35. Based Styxhexenhitler14/88

    Based Styxhexenhitler14/8814 days ago

    He's referring to the player Meza.

  36. Ooi Zhing Yao

    Ooi Zhing Yao15 days ago

    The goalkeeper ._.

  37. Absolute Nice

    Absolute Nice15 days ago

    Messi is a barcelona player .

  38. Tirumala Venkatesh Akula

    Tirumala Venkatesh Akula15 days ago

    croatia played with 12 players ..11 from their team and one ARG goal keeper

  39. marco yoda

    marco yoda16 days ago

    The Argentina goalkeeper does not now how to do this 🙄

  40. ASD Tawin lolzaza

    ASD Tawin lolzaza16 days ago

    Stupid goalkeeper

  41. piyush singh

    piyush singh16 days ago

    Well what the hell was GOD(MESSI) doing?

  42. 17 10

    17 1016 days ago

    Some Argentina players are just assholes when they're losing I think they are still pissed off because the final 2014

  43. Naeem Damous

    Naeem Damous16 days ago


  44. fertex Garcia

    fertex Garcia17 days ago

    This is fun...

  45. Anand Kulkarni

    Anand Kulkarni18 days ago

    Argentina just don't fire when it really matters and always their defense is shit against good sides ☹️

  46. Iván Arley Rodríguez Rubiano

    Iván Arley Rodríguez Rubiano18 days ago

    Hahaha bloody argentineans...haha

  47. Croaticum YT

    Croaticum YT19 days ago

    Kad se sjetim,suza krene....

  48. Quazi Fatema Chhobi

    Quazi Fatema Chhobi19 days ago

    0:59 commentator says messa! 🍈🍉🍉😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Spinoza10

    Spinoza109 days ago

    Meza is another argentine player you noob!


    NEYMARJRDABOSS20 days ago

    The only time ive seen modric smile

  51. Hicham Makhoukhi

    Hicham Makhoukhi21 day ago

    Modric fantastique ❤

  52. Isti Vlog

    Isti Vlog21 day ago


  53. five bbosh

    five bbosh22 days ago

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  54. Safwan Chapp

    Safwan Chapp23 days ago

    Messi dont go back

  55. thaer frag

    thaer frag23 days ago



    JAY XAVIER XXI23 days ago


  57. Roberto Caamaño

    Roberto Caamaño24 days ago

    dejame shhoooorarrrrr

  58. thinhdz pro0493

    thinhdz pro049324 days ago

    Thu mon oc cho

  59. ytsas49721

    ytsas4972125 days ago

    what is this 0:35

  60. Vatnis

    Vatnis25 days ago


  61. Sumon datta

    Sumon datta26 days ago

    3 পিছ

  62. Argon Dargon

    Argon Dargon26 days ago

    I hate how everyone says, oh Argentina played badly and Croatia was lucky because of that. BS. Just say that Croatia played great and outplayed Argentina. Don't give me this played badly bs. 4.5 mill people vs 44 million people lol. Croatia owned Argentina because they were a better team and Argentina had nothing even on their best day.

  63. Jonathan Garduno

    Jonathan Garduno27 days ago

    1:34 that Argentina defense tho

  64. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski27 days ago

    Argentina vs Croatia 0 - 3 World Cup 2018

  65. fagbag69

    fagbag6927 days ago

    who the hell is this goalie (Argentinan)?

  66. Robert Awuah

    Robert Awuah27 days ago

    Last goal was embarrassing......

  67. fritz nick Christensen

    fritz nick Christensen28 days ago

    Luka modric verdens beste football spiller

  68. fritz nick Christensen

    fritz nick Christensen28 days ago

    Lionel messiiiiiii 😂

  69. Z Life

    Z Life29 days ago

    O:15 how does Perez miss that?

  70. Andy Play

    Andy Play29 days ago

    Luka Modrić scored 2 goals in the World Cup, a goal against Argentina and another that was a penalty against Nigeria

  71. cribbling cribbling

    cribbling cribbling29 days ago

    Caballero cocked it up lol

  72. ayaan merchant

    ayaan merchantMonth ago

    The best match of FIFA is Portugal vs spain

  73. DavinTheSavageBoi1000

    DavinTheSavageBoi1000Month ago

    Lmao croatian fan are happy but its actually no point france beat croatia in 4-2 lol and 4 is larger than 3

  74. DavinTheSavageBoi1000

    DavinTheSavageBoi100013 days ago

    M Z triggered lol

  75. M Z

    M Z13 days ago

    DavinTheSavageBoi1000 Idiot

  76. Jak Ahmed

    Jak AhmedMonth ago

    Love my Argentina

  77. marco yoda

    marco yodaMonth ago

    Who actually would win next time 🤑

  78. football extreme

    football extremeMonth ago


  79. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezMonth ago

    At Remember This Play Surprised

  80. Mahdi Jaffer

    Mahdi JafferMonth ago

    Congratulations Willy Caballero! You are officially the worlds worst keeper! Keep it up and you can be the worst keeper in the history of football!

  81. Rait Pihlik

    Rait PihlikMonth ago

    Good game croatia

  82. Rxcka Bxcka

    Rxcka BxckaMonth ago

    Congratulations from England

  83. halil özdemir

    halil özdemirMonth ago

    Modric ❤️

  84. thomsonfly645k

    thomsonfly645kMonth ago

    Argentina come up against a decent team and get destroyed, I'm actually not surprised.

  85. lucifer chithu

    lucifer chithuMonth ago

    Johnny Sins what did you do that's not your Teammate he is your opponent Rebic Scores and Croatia Leads

  86. lucifer chithu

    lucifer chithuMonth ago

    Well Done Croatia

  87. 최지원

    최지원Month ago

    messi's time? hahaha..

  88. Wild Runners

    Wild RunnersMonth ago


  89. Юрий Петруш

    Юрий ПетрушMonth ago

    😘 на основі

  90. zaman ibnul

    zaman ibnulMonth ago


  91. ferremister sac

    ferremister sacMonth ago

    Se copio de la celebracion de oreja flores

  92. official anonymous

    official anonymousMonth ago

    Luka Modrich, Mario Mandzukic and all Croatian National Team Respect from India.

  93. snow richard guti

    snow richard gutiMonth ago

    Fuck croatia comunist

  94. M Z

    M Z13 days ago

    Croatia is democratic and you are uneducated little brain

  95. Jocelyn Natelyn Fan Account

    Jocelyn Natelyn Fan AccountMonth ago

    ?? Fuck off you nationalist idiot. How is it communist? Explain.

  96. YOU-NI Travel

    YOU-NI TravelMonth ago

    So entertaining World Cup final 2018 Russia!

  97. Ivan Raos

    Ivan RaosMonth ago

    modrić time

  98. España Countryball

    España CountryballMonth ago


  99. khem angkeara

    khem angkearaMonth ago


  100. Luka Modric Deserves the 2018 Ballon D'Or

    Luka Modric Deserves the 2018 Ballon D'OrMonth ago

    "Meza!" "Messi!"

  101. Technical negi

    Technical negiMonth ago

    amazing goal by modric 🥅👌👌

  102. DavidsLeben

    DavidsLebenMonth ago

    Stop with Portugal Ronaldo, Argentina Messi and Brazil Neymar!!!!!!! THEY ARE ALL 3 A 11 PLAYER TEAM

  103. Subhronil Dey

    Subhronil DeyMonth ago


  104. Mattiabros

    MattiabrosMonth ago


  105. Hrvat u srcu

    Hrvat u srcuMonth ago

    Pitam ja vas, ima li itko jači?

  106. Jocelyn Natelyn Fan Account

    Jocelyn Natelyn Fan AccountMonth ago

    ima zaova pere iz popova polja



    yes Argentina didn't play well. because they play best

  108. Benny Faz

    Benny FazMonth ago

    Argentina lost two matches in the world cup, both to eventual finalists (France and Croatia). Tough luck !