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Argentina v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaβ„’ - Match 23


  1. Rawes Saleh

    Rawes Saleh8 hours ago

    Croatia is best

  2. barney stinson

    barney stinsonDay ago

    Messi is really thrash without Barca isn't he?

  3. Z-Luffy-Z : Xx_AkUma_xX

    Z-Luffy-Z : Xx_AkUma_xX2 days ago

    Senshehiisonal gOal!!

  4. cheryszev kapski

    cheryszev kapski3 days ago

    Wow stadium

  5. Daz 88

    Daz 883 days ago

    Argentina should have played Aguero instead of Higuain

  6. MistaKasko

    MistaKasko5 days ago

    Look at Messi's attitude at 1:33. Could have easily covered Rakitic if he just decided to track back another 5 yards, but decided to just give up and watch Croatia score. I don't care if Croatia were going to win anyway, that is not the attitude of a true leader. How anyone can call this guy GOAT is beyond me. Only happy when things are going his way, and when they aren't he just gives up (or tries to retire).

  7. vinh và oanh phẑm kiều trần ngọc

    vinh và oanh phẑm kiều trần ngọc5 days ago


  8. Marco RamΓ­rez

    Marco RamΓ­rez5 days ago

    Que bonito es ver perder a Argentina

  9. Metz

    Metz8 days ago

    Punished in stunning fashion!! Lol

  10. Za Dom Spremni!

    Za Dom Spremni!10 days ago

    I shouldn’t really be cocky about this, most Croats respect Argentinas history and when we beat them we defeated the best player in the world, Croatia aims at winning a single world cup and Argentina has two stars. A lot of Croats have migrated to Argentina in the past, in fact Diego Maradona is 1/4 Croatian so it makes me a bit sad to see Argentines and Croats fight over this... and like how can we be expected to produce the same talent as Argentina when we are a much smaller nation?

  11. ABDULLAH 187

    ABDULLAH 18710 days ago

    Where’s the effort Argentina Especially that 3rd goal for Croatia, Messi and macherano just standing there letting rackitiΔ‡ through

  12. Sanish Maharjan

    Sanish Maharjan11 days ago

    I’m a argentine fan and they were horrible this World Cup

  13. Killuminati1991

    Killuminati199111 days ago

    If only Messi had played

  14. Miőo Cvetičanin

    Miőo Cvetičanin11 days ago

    Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡·β€οΈ

  15. red In larva

    red In larva12 days ago

    I think rakitic is a traitor to messi

  16. Mashiur Rahman Arnob

    Mashiur Rahman Arnob12 days ago

    হার্ট ব্রেকিং ঑ে πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

  17. Kari Gjigant

    Kari Gjigant13 days ago

    Amazing Croatia.

  18. Saidali Saidalis

    Saidali Saidalis14 days ago

    Luka modric what a player

  19. Thillai Raaj

    Thillai Raaj15 days ago

    Worst keeper ever sry to say

  20. Bishal Bhattarai

    Bishal Bhattarai17 days ago


  21. Saciid Abdi

    Saciid Abdi17 days ago

    Omg goalkeeper very bad bro

  22. raja vignesh

    raja vignesh18 days ago

    Modric πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  23. Kris Boyadzhiev

    Kris Boyadzhiev20 days ago

    1:01 messa

  24. Mr.Bubby Gaming

    Mr.Bubby Gaming26 days ago

    Rakitic’s goal was the most humiliating and they didn’t add the free kick that hit the post

  25. Nick Kruger

    Nick Kruger26 days ago

    This world cup was full of surprises.


    TRI TRI UNTARI27 days ago

    I like croatia

  27. EmerNahuel Ortega

    EmerNahuel Ortega28 days ago


  28. Katia Soulere

    Katia Soulere28 days ago

    vous Γͺtes nul la Croatie

  29. Abhishek S nair

    Abhishek S nair29 days ago

    who is the commentator????

  30. Gaming For A Day

    Gaming For A DayMonth ago

    1:01 MESSA!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  31. Lionel Messi

    Lionel MessiMonth ago

    Es la vergΓΌenea total Soy muy enfadado de este partido de todos modos prΓ³xima vez que jugamos contra la croatia vamos a ganar estaremos mΓ‘s fuerte y harΓ©mos nuestra vengaza

  32. Shitposterbr

    ShitposterbrMonth ago

    Virou treino para a CroΓ‘cia kkkk

  33. Pyro PL

    Pyro PLMonth ago

    Rebic ❀❀

  34. Zam

    ZamMonth ago

    So, Slovenia beat Argentina.

  35. Zizan Haswidi

    Zizan HaswidiMonth ago

    Babi lu croatia

  36. Sheraz khan

    Sheraz khanMonth ago

    2019 anyone

  37. Julien Jimenez

    Julien Jimenez15 days ago

    Sheraz khan yes me and I’m still sad for Argentina’s defeat

  38. AlexxHunter1321 brrr

    AlexxHunter1321 brrrMonth ago

    Congrats Croatia. You were amazing, and you demonstrated world class football. I was rooting for you since game one.

  39. Farhana Ahmed

    Farhana AhmedMonth ago

    ARGENTINA is the best, most successful of all time, with legendary players including Maradona, messi, Dybala, batistuta, and many more,Argentina entertains a lot ARGENTINA IS THE BEST

  40. Wan Najmi

    Wan NajmiMonth ago

    Messi vs croatia,,,argentina usless

  41. Wan Najmi

    Wan NajmiMonth ago

    Brilliant cabbelaro

  42. Ivann Zavala

    Ivann ZavalaMonth ago

    Gann Gann Foo

  43. Compilation Channel

    Compilation ChannelMonth ago

    Why dybala only sitting at the reserve

  44. jinas Iqbal

    jinas IqbalMonth ago

    He maybe a barca legend . But not a legend for argentina

  45. Huss Hijo

    Huss HijoMonth ago


  46. mirac legend

    mirac legendMonth ago

    1:00 Misse

  47. Josip Milicevic

    Josip MilicevicMonth ago


  48. Daniel Tićak

    Daniel TićakMonth ago

    Destroy argentina.....vaaamoooos Croacia

  49. R. Alejandro Zegarra

    R. Alejandro ZegarraMonth ago

    HORRIBLE keeper for Argentina. HORRIBLE.

  50. Julien Jimenez

    Julien JimenezMonth ago

    My poor Argentina and Messi’s dreams of winning a World Cup😒😒😒. When I was watching the game I was expecting a lot from Messi. Argentina has suffered a shocking loss. This is a hard thing for me to look at. Argentina deserves to win a World Cup

  51. Mim-Lord

    Mim-LordMonth ago

    01:01 Messa

  52. Nachiketa Bharadwaj

    Nachiketa BharadwajMonth ago

    Where is clip where otamendi hits rakitic? Everyone will sabotage small nations

  53. Sandip Sajwan

    Sandip SajwanMonth ago

    And they always blame messi.

  54. Solomon Silal

    Solomon SilalMonth ago

    Still I’m watching in 2019 and still I wonder how the Croatians played so humbly till the finals they never ever lost their joy and spirit of scoring

  55. Tonchy Shultz

    Tonchy ShultzMonth ago

    Croatia is excellent team ...with so many international players ..! You will see in future too.! Thx boys FOREVER ...we Love you! πŸ˜‰ 😊 πŸ˜‹ 😎

  56. β€’youlΓΈstβ€’ β€’aimanlutfi

    β€’youlΓΈstβ€’ β€’aimanlutfiMonth ago

    messi don't deserve the captain

  57. Dynamite Exposer

    Dynamite ExposerMonth ago

    Shut up

  58. rizki Wahyu ralova tangerang

    rizki Wahyu ralova tangerangMonth ago


  59. Roman Muthukumar

    Roman MuthukumarMonth ago

    Modric deserves ballon ,d or

  60. Fidget Spiner1

    Fidget Spiner1Month ago

    What a play by L.M I mean luka modric ( sorry Messi )

  61. Fidget Spiner1

    Fidget Spiner112 days ago

    Your right but the goalkeeper was like trying to make Croatia win lol

  62. Julien Jimenez

    Julien Jimenez15 days ago

    Fidget Spiner1 Messi tried very hard but his teammates wouldn’t help him and feel very bad for him.

  63. Love Story

    Love StoryMonth ago

    You can have a best player in the word, but you don't have an average good goalkeeper.

  64. Tomislav Krejacic

    Tomislav KrejacicMonth ago

    Subito santo

  65. Ryan Shugrue

    Ryan ShugrueMonth ago

    Funny play by cablero

  66. Muhaimin the psg fans

    Muhaimin the psg fansMonth ago

    Rebic scores modric scores rakitic scores

  67. Arabian Chronicle

    Arabian ChronicleMonth ago

    Argentine got smacked

  68. pedro mayo torres

    pedro mayo torresMonth ago

    Defenders must not care about offside position, dont raise ur hands just keep defending!

  69. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo KramerMonth ago

    Anyone agrees that Argentina played better in the 2014 World Cup and they made to final

  70. 11 12

    11 12Month ago

    Rebic must be a sepak takraw star in Croatia

  71. Mars_ Bar666

    Mars_ Bar666Month ago

    I’m form Croatia like if you like Croatia or your from it

  72. pedro mayo torres

    pedro mayo torresMonth ago

    Im from Peru. I remember Davor Suker xd. Croatia is a great team .

  73. kaniz fatema

    kaniz fatemaMonth ago


  74. TheBizkitChannel #ElPapu

    TheBizkitChannel #ElPapuMonth ago

    1:00 messa :V


    ABBE GAMING2 months ago

    Ante Rebic Nice Goal (0:36).

  76. C.T.

    C.T.2 months ago

    You could tell something was off with Messi before the match started

  77. Kirrthik Kaz

    Kirrthik Kaz2 months ago

    For the first time johnny sins dissapoint us...

  78. Luis Nguyen

    Luis Nguyen2 months ago

    Stupid argentina goalkeeper

  79. Saif Hossain

    Saif Hossain2 months ago

    A........ Bua

  80. fij 01i

    fij 01i2 months ago

    What a stupid goal keeper !!!!!!

  81. Cj Ichida

    Cj Ichida2 months ago

    Messi wanted to kill rakitic

  82. Attila Oberhauser

    Attila Oberhauser2 months ago

    Don't blame the goalkeeper. He's a doctor, teacher, policeman, pizza delivery guy, astronaut, plumber and even the goalkeeper of Argentina at the same time. He can't be perfect at everything

  83. Yusuf Ansari

    Yusuf Ansari2 months ago





  85. Fahim LOL

    Fahim LOL2 months ago

    Enjoy your time Croatian beggers.. You guys are just shit in football...Remember one thing,Lion will always be lion & Dog will always remain dog;You shitty Croats are dog ...VAMOS ARGENTINA... VAMOS LM10πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’—

  86. maverick7376

    maverick7376Month ago

    you're still seething LMAO



    And u ar stupid imbecill,just like ur messi litle mouse

  88. Game Hunters

    Game Hunters2 months ago

    Im from croatia and i remeber being in Los Angeles that day my cousins that are from USA were so happy when we won we went to their pool after that game and talked about it for hours

  89. GuantanamoPES

    GuantanamoPES2 months ago

    Messa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  90. ecshady14

    ecshady142 months ago

    Overrated ass dwarf Missi lol

  91. King Thanos

    King Thanos2 months ago

    modric looks like the witch from snow white but he's so good

  92. Lisa_ 5

    Lisa_ 52 months ago

    Good world cup

  93. martin cortesi venegas

    martin cortesi venegas2 months ago


  94. Shreejal Rajbhandari

    Shreejal Rajbhandari2 months ago

    Argentina s keeper sucks

  95. Ibrahim Khashan

    Ibrahim Khashan2 months ago


  96. Emanuel Tovar

    Emanuel Tovar2 months ago

    Johnny Sins has failed us

  97. дСнис килбил

    дСнис килбил2 months ago


  98. E Drew

    E Drew2 months ago

    Messi has a tendency to disappear at times.

  99. A talking plane

    A talking plane2 months ago

    Messi is only great in Barcelona, Argentina has a mediocre team that's why he disappears from international match ups.

  100. DefildWolf

    DefildWolf2 months ago


  101. DefildWolf

    DefildWolf2 months ago

    +Le Sri Forgot the past...

  102. Le Sri

    Le Sri2 months ago

    How can you love Croatia when it invades Serbia in 1990 ???

  103. HAKIJA Kulovac

    HAKIJA Kulovac2 months ago

    Bravo braΔ‡oooo!!!!!! NaΕ‘a najbolja!πŸ‡§πŸ‡¦πŸ‡­πŸ‡·

  104. Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar2 months ago


  105. Sergio Rueda Molins

    Sergio Rueda Molins2 months ago

    messi no tubo la culpa de que perdamos contra croacia y francia

  106. Kausar Niyazee

    Kausar Niyazee2 months ago

    This world cup should serve as a reminder to all those who worship star players. None of the so called stars mattered for their team. The keyword here being "team". If you worship stars be prepared to see them bite dust and show a sulky face at end of such losses.

  107. Andrea Estocado

    Andrea Estocado2 months ago

    I don't like the keeper of argentina actually...(just telling the truth)

  108. Citizen Goose

    Citizen Goose2 months ago

    Willi Caballero man of the match

  109. Daniel Ε antek

    Daniel Ε antek2 months ago

    Rebicu kakvu si im golcinu dao.. Ovo mi je jedan od najdrazih golova kojih sam vidio.. Zelim ti svu srecu i zdravlje!!!

  110. Anjja

    Anjja2 months ago

    Argentinas dislike HAHAHHA

  111. Υ‘ΗŸΚ€Κ€Ι¨Φ…Κ€

    Υ‘ΗŸΚ€Κ€Ι¨Φ…Κ€2 months ago

    1:00 Messa messi LOLOLOLOLOL πŸ˜‚