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Argentina v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 23


  1. Rooman Hamza

    Rooman Hamza6 hours ago

    raktic is underrated modric , kroos , rakitic , busq are best four midfielders

  2. shanzooö _-

    shanzooö _-2 days ago

    That Modric goal is a thing of beauty ...can watch it for hours😍

  3. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden2 days ago

    Very poor defending from Argentina .

  4. Woofman

    Woofman2 days ago

    0:43 turn on caption

  5. ÜmtUCR Müzik

    ÜmtUCR Müzik2 days ago


  6. ÜmtUCR Müzik

    ÜmtUCR Müzik2 days ago


  7. Mr. Moai

    Mr. Moai3 days ago

    caballero la concha de tu hermana

  8. Zak

    Zak3 days ago

    1:13 great goal by modric but not ballon d'or worthy now he's won it what a robbery

  9. bobi cohen 25

    bobi cohen 253 days ago

    R.i.p Messi and Argentinian team

  10. Dragomir068

    Dragomir0686 days ago


  11. Rods Start

    Rods Start7 days ago

    This is why modric won ballon dior not messi

  12. Give me 50 subs for no reason LOL

    Give me 50 subs for no reason LOL9 days ago

    Messa messi

  13. Ashraf AlGhazali

    Ashraf AlGhazali10 days ago

    Nooo thanks Argentine manager

  14. Mato Zoric

    Mato Zoric11 days ago

    Legendarna pobjeda, nakon ove pobjede smo svi znali da ce se nesto veliko desiti :) Legendary win, after this win we(croatians) all knew something big would happen :)

  15. Davin aka the legendery house fly LOL

    Davin aka the legendery house fly LOL12 days ago

    **France has joined the chat** **Croatia has joined the chat** **Croatia has left the chat** Lol

  16. Justin Bieber Malaysia

    Justin Bieber Malaysia12 days ago

    0:13 one of the examples showing that Argentina players are trash except for Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Dybala, Mascherano

  17. Avuyile Cakwebe

    Avuyile Cakwebe12 days ago

    Ballon d'Or Winner. deserved.

  18. Hda Destroyers

    Hda Destroyers14 days ago

    What a disgusting team that was !! Messi can't win the match all by himself

  19. HeavyRhino95

    HeavyRhino9514 days ago

    0:59 he says messa, messi

  20. Yazid Rakha

    Yazid Rakha14 days ago

    Messa Messi

  21. Brohobo 1

    Brohobo 115 days ago

    Wish that Romero was back in Argentina he was really good this goal keeper in this match isn't so good

  22. HighballsOnStreet

    HighballsOnStreet15 days ago

    Name of commentator

  23. Melisa Greno

    Melisa Greno16 days ago

    Yo ese Dia presentia que Argentina Iva a perder

  24. lyrical world

    lyrical world17 days ago

    luka modric is superb

  25. Ivan Marusic

    Ivan Marusic19 days ago

    Messi possy AF

  26. Samsung Galaxy GT-19152

    Samsung Galaxy GT-1915219 days ago

    This WC was unforgivable

  27. Fardan Ahmed

    Fardan Ahmed19 days ago

    Argentina's Manager never added amazing players so thats why

  28. Tri ho Kuntoyo

    Tri ho Kuntoyo20 days ago


  29. rosli mat

    rosli mat23 days ago

    Now we know that the goat has a new name

  30. Samisoni Tupou

    Samisoni Tupou20 days ago

    Yes, the goat is officially Ante Rebic


    LIFE OF SCRIBBLES24 days ago

    whose idea was it to even carry willy caballero to the world cup, ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING! LOL

  32. Jakša Radišić

    Jakša Radišić24 days ago

    thumbs up for endless repeating!

  33. Bob Robinson

    Bob Robinson25 days ago

    croatia we support u from Iran

  34. BroaderPro

    BroaderPro27 days ago

    Willy Caballero PELOTUDO

  35. Filip Gambiroza

    Filip Gambiroza28 days ago

    Messi is los in football😂😂

  36. paola carrizo

    paola carrizo28 days ago

    Alemania 2 Croacia 1 octavos de final finalizado PES 2018

  37. paola carrizo

    paola carrizo28 days ago

    Alemania 2 Croacia 1 octavos de final finalizado

  38. Nahom Have's fun!!

    Nahom Have's fun!!29 days ago

    Great job Croatia From Croatia but moved to France Lucky for me.

  39. Nicolas Duque Arriaga

    Nicolas Duque Arriaga29 days ago

    los argentinos estan muy burros para jugar futbol, solo van a los mundiales a hacer el ridiculo.

  40. 빅클럽아스널

    빅클럽아스널Month ago

    Argen should change df before 2022

  41. Chris Hero

    Chris HeroMonth ago

    Croatia was supposed to win the final, after every they have done they totally deserve to win, of course France play well too, but not as well as Croatia

  42. Mikkel Moegelvang

    Mikkel MoegelvangMonth ago

    Disallowed goal T-T

  43. 潘彥宇

    潘彥宇Month ago

    mase @ M@

  44. Sankalpa Bhattacharya

    Sankalpa BhattacharyaMonth ago

    Fantastic Croatia

  45. Raphael Alarkon

    Raphael AlarkonMonth ago

    Felicidades Croacia demostrando ser un excelente país y selección. Desde Mexico!

  46. Gamer JR

    Gamer JRMonth ago

    1:01 Mesa! Messi! xd

  47. J O S E L S

    J O S E L SMonth ago

    Skeip P 1:04

  48. J O S E L S

    J O S E L SMonth ago


  49. trinity clz

    trinity clzMonth ago

    Fuck Argentina goalkeeper like 2014 🇧🇷 goalkeeper

  50. Siti Hayati Abdul Rashid

    Siti Hayati Abdul RashidMonth ago

    Croatia scores rebic. Croatia scores modric. Croatia scores rakitic.

  51. Lizzie's Lukas

    Lizzie's LukasMonth ago

    if only 3 strikers of Juventus - Mandzukic(Croatia), Dybala, Higuain(Argentina) started this match, that would be a whole lot different match

  52. experince the world

    experince the worldMonth ago

    U guys are Legend-South Korean living inGermany

  53. Nico Mitetiero

    Nico MitetieroMonth ago

    Croatia nooouuuu

  54. Aditya Palit

    Aditya PalitMonth ago

    A street boy of my neighbourhood wouldn't make that awful mistakes. Well done Caballero.

  55. Mohammed Ahmad

    Mohammed AhmadMonth ago


  56. 中村伸也

    中村伸也Month ago


  57. Myrian Noe Echeverria Are

    Myrian Noe Echeverria AreMonth ago


  58. Viktorija Fundak

    Viktorija FundakMonth ago

    the goal that Rebić scored was absolutely magnificent

  59. Saif Hossain

    Saif HossainMonth ago

    Good crotia

  60. Ahmet Selim Öztürk

    Ahmet Selim ÖztürkMonth ago


  61. Nusirwan 11

    Nusirwan 11Month ago


  62. Antoine Goatman

    Antoine GoatmanMonth ago

    Croatia = Sevilla France = Barcelona Iceland = Atletico Madrid Nigeria = idk Argentina 🇦🇷 = Real Madrid

  63. CSKA 04

    CSKA 04Month ago

    Mandzukic is the best Croatian player

  64. Hugo Y Alex rblx 2

    Hugo Y Alex rblx 2Month ago

    1:09 - 1:14 and modric has 76 Shooting Stat on Fifa 19

  65. lorraine mcdonald

    lorraine mcdonaldMonth ago

    Well done Croatia from Scotland

  66. gor jeerapat

    gor jeerapatMonth ago

    1998 argentina 1 croatia 0 2018 argentina 0 croatia 3

  67. Cuong Nguyen

    Cuong NguyenMonth ago

    Argentina’s stupid goal keeper

  68. Yoel Abadia

    Yoel AbadiaMonth ago

    Respeta argentina a croacia 3 te llevastes

  69. Kevin Nugraha

    Kevin NugrahaMonth ago

    0:59 i dont know why but i really love to hear "Mesa, Messi" repeatedly.

  70. Luka-Tin Jurković

    Luka-Tin JurkovićMonth ago

    Reeeeeeeeeebić ,Moooooooooodrić,Raketa

  71. the bad fella

    the bad fellaMonth ago

    This shit player suppost to compet with cr7? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. AlvarezAlvarezxd

    AlvarezAlvarezxdMonth ago

    Wow nice comment virgin

  73. Steven Lee

    Steven LeeMonth ago

    the bad fella who are you talking about?

  74. TheInvincible H

    TheInvincible HMonth ago

    If Argentina and Croatia took their chances CRO 4-2 ARG

  75. Joseph Beloria

    Joseph BeloriaMonth ago

    yes messi is the best

  76. Wolf O'Donnell

    Wolf O'DonnellMonth ago

    I'd say even Panama can beat this Argentina.

  77. Osman Updy

    Osman UpdyMonth ago

    The commentator name please

  78. Kapil Singh

    Kapil SinghMonth ago

    It was THE PERFORMANCE by Croatia.

  79. Senior Koplo

    Senior KoploMonth ago

    Sampaoli destroyed this team. If Argentina had a stronger defence, they would be champions rn. France was the strongest side in the tournament and still managed to win the game 4-3 .

  80. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiMonth ago

    Argentina vs Croatia 0 -3 World Cup 2018

  81. cromusic ibra

    cromusic ibraMonth ago

    There's a reason Argentina lost to Germany in the last World cup and lost to Croatia here. And its the same reason that the top 10 teams in the world fell flat on their face while Croatia made it to the Final. Too many of these teams play with "pass it to (top player) and let him score." Croatia has an egalitarian style of playing (because their coach has an egalitarian coaching style), where they all play as a team and give equal opportunity to each player. There's no "pass it to Messi" or "pass it to Ronaldo" or "pass it to Neymar," they all play as equals.

  82. Rahim Kamara

    Rahim KamaraMonth ago


  83. Srabanti Das

    Srabanti DasMonth ago

    Who is the supporter of BRAZIL? Thanks and congrates CROATIA. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  84. david

    davidMonth ago

    svaka cast hravtska iz srbije nasa slavna braca idi do final sa brazilom belgijom ili francuskom

  85. ty_ dkny

    ty_ dknyMonth ago

    Hâhhahaah meesi 😂😂

  86. NiceCockGuy

    NiceCockGuyMonth ago

    Croatia 😎

  87. Bijay Lamichhane

    Bijay LamichhaneMonth ago

    very bad video man yukkkkkkk

  88. leticia enriquez quispe

    leticia enriquez quispeMonth ago

    pense que ganaria argentina :v

  89. three FangYuan

    three FangYuanMonth ago


  90. Unnikrishnan V

    Unnikrishnan VMonth ago

    Modric is playing nice

  91. Flingadidi

    FlingadidiMonth ago

    matusalen 10 = GOLTOSITO, aPa en Pa.

  92. Alima Mbengue

    Alima MbengueMonth ago

    Argentine et Croatia c'était quel jour ki peut m donné la jour stp

  93. samin ahmed

    samin ahmed2 months ago

    Great play by Rebic,Modric and Rakitic. Who agree with me hit the LIKE button.

  94. eight bbosh

    eight bbosh2 months ago


  95. ItsMeh

    ItsMeh2 months ago

    Truly golden generation ♥️

  96. thom bell

    thom bell2 months ago

    Arquero Argentino,wtf,un rockie,error tecnico,o lesión??

  97. Rikesh Shrestha

    Rikesh Shrestha2 months ago

    Back to the days when Modric wasn't overated!! :)

  98. The Fun Station

    The Fun Station2 months ago

    My country: Bangladesh My 2nd country: Brazil My 3rd country: Croatia My favourite players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Luka Modric and more.

  99. Dr Beast

    Dr Beast2 months ago

    fuck macth

  100. SuperSNSD R

    SuperSNSD R2 months ago

    Someday we Koreans will give a true lesson to Argentina! (If Rep. of Korea accomplishes a result : KOR 3 - 0 ARG)

  101. Frank Miranda

    Frank Miranda2 months ago

    Luka Modric said his goal against Argentina and his goal against Manchester in 2013 were his best goals ever!

  102. christian krogh beier

    christian krogh beier2 months ago

    fuck croatia

  103. Jamal Uddin

    Jamal Uddin2 months ago

    This is called great punishment against fake styling!

  104. hanish prus

    hanish prus2 months ago

    Third goal is off side

  105. MD Tanbir

    MD Tanbir2 months ago