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Argentina v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 23


  1. Mario Jankovic

    Mario Jankovic8 hours ago

    Messa Messi hahahhahaha

  2. thanh Doan cong thanh

    thanh Doan cong thanh12 hours ago


  3. Saad Maha

    Saad Maha12 hours ago

    Oh my god Croatia 3-0 Argentina from pakistan in all time croatia better than argentina 🕡🕤🕘🕦🕢🕖🕐🕟🕓🕛🕠🕤

  4. king ronaldo

    king ronaldo15 hours ago


  5. xuanbao Xb2103

    xuanbao Xb210320 hours ago

    nice video

  6. tan yewsiang

    tan yewsiang21 hour ago

    Argentina goalkeeper sucks

  7. DixTube

    DixTubeDay ago


  8. Silvio el crak Y gamer

    Silvio el crak Y gamerDay ago

    Caballero el peor portero del mundial

  9. StevRaider

    StevRaiderDay ago


  10. The Fun Station

    The Fun StationDay ago

    I'm 100% sure, Messi can never won World Cup for his country, Argentina.

  11. Jeeveenpuvanes Sundaraj

    Jeeveenpuvanes SundarajDay ago

    Open goal miss

  12. NJ Janjua

    NJ Janjua2 days ago


  13. Chris Mark

    Chris Mark2 days ago

    1:02 messa messi 😂😂

  14. Waail Yousaf

    Waail Yousaf2 days ago

    Unforgettable Match Argentina vs Croatia


    ALI DREAMS3 days ago


  16. Demian Lopez

    Demian Lopez4 days ago

    Lol Willy Caballero made a mistake

  17. Waail Yousaf

    Waail Yousaf4 days ago

    The second goal was very nice from Luke Modric

  18. Ante Novak

    Ante Novak4 days ago

    Mesaaaa!! Messi!!!! Haahah

  19. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan5 days ago

    Absolute chaos for Argentina

  20. Kyle Walker

    Kyle Walker5 days ago

    Messi is not being the number 10 he is

  21. Nisha Samson

    Nisha Samson5 days ago

    Luca modrich

  22. Pierre Saunier

    Pierre Saunier5 days ago

    L argentine vous avez Lionel Messi et vous perdez 3-0 ! Mais j'avoue tout peut arriver dans le football

  23. Ritianne Zammit

    Ritianne Zammit5 days ago

    The best goal in this tournament for me

  24. Ritianne Zammit

    Ritianne Zammit5 days ago

    Amazing Luka modric goal

  25. Ritianne Zammit

    Ritianne Zammit5 days ago

    Luka modric is the best

  26. Aziz Shah

    Aziz Shah5 days ago

    i not love Croatia

  27. DM Jurisic

    DM Jurisic5 days ago

    Croatia not love you

  28. Jooo J

    Jooo J5 days ago

    We don't care.

  29. Eidan HYDT Meza valverde

    Eidan HYDT Meza valverde6 days ago

    1:01 mesa 😂

  30. Luka Rusek

    Luka Rusek6 days ago

    Super utakmica

  31. Dora Galaxy

    Dora Galaxy7 days ago

    Ivan Rakitic car 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Luis Ramos

    Luis Ramos7 days ago

    Argentina, Que Les pasa? andan jugando muy muy tensos y nerviosos, Les falta solidez, jugar Mas suelto, definir a la hora buena. Traen in problem a sicologico Mas bien dicho.

  33. Paul Neagoe

    Paul Neagoe7 days ago

    well done croatia

  34. Fabio Maiorano

    Fabio Maiorano7 days ago

    Paul Neagoe excuse me, I have a question for you:in your country who is considered the best, between Messi and Maradona? Thank you!

  35. It'sJustCasey

    It'sJustCasey7 days ago

    When Rakitic was about to score why was Messi just standing and watching without trying to stop it ? Did he give up ? lol

  36. Otávio gamer

    Otávio gamer8 days ago

    chupa argentina

  37. Tarsisius Hagi Kurniawan

    Tarsisius Hagi Kurniawan8 days ago

    messi said. defence? not my responsibility. is that a captain? look at the third goal#!!! fuck u mes

  38. Genesis Parajon

    Genesis Parajon8 days ago

    He said messa messi

  39. Iraq Lobster

    Iraq Lobster7 days ago


  40. Hasan Mahamud

    Hasan Mahamud8 days ago

    Argentina re haraya ki bal falaila france to togore tara dehilo bain chod

  41. Youssef Morsi

    Youssef Morsi8 days ago

    Good job croatia from egypt

  42. Joshua mods1280

    Joshua mods12808 days ago

    if they had faced Croatia with other countries: Brazil 2-0 Croatia belguim 2-0 Croatia Peru 2-0 Croatia Colombia 1-0 Croatia Uruguay 1-0 Croatia Croatia arrives at the final with luck not to face those countries.

  43. Jooo J

    Jooo J5 days ago

    Are those the only games Croatia lost? Haha. We can make a list of all the matches they've won.

  44. Fabio Maiorano

    Fabio Maiorano8 days ago

    Joshua mods1280 Is Messi better than Maradona?For me:NO! What is your opinion?Thank you so much!

  45. Joshua mods1280

    Joshua mods12808 days ago

    they faced the worst Argentina of all the world

  46. Victoria

    Victoria8 days ago


  47. Alexander Acual

    Alexander Acual9 days ago

    Yuli Acual Cabrera

  48. Alexander Acual

    Alexander Acual9 days ago


  49. Alfian Singgih Widiyanto

    Alfian Singgih Widiyanto9 days ago

    Johny sins!!!

  50. 潘彥宇

    潘彥宇9 days ago


  51. Osman Iljijazi

    Osman Iljijazi9 days ago


  52. JAY XAVIER llX

    JAY XAVIER llX10 days ago


  53. Robert Budimir

    Robert Budimir10 days ago


  54. amalia caceres

    amalia caceres10 days ago

    Who's Croatian and Agintinian

  55. iqba hanafi

    iqba hanafi10 days ago

    Golkepper idiots stupid

  56. Its Time to even the scales

    Its Time to even the scales10 days ago


  57. Fnaf Multiplayer

    Fnaf Multiplayer10 days ago

    c cr cro croa croati Croatia

  58. khadim awam

    khadim awam11 days ago

    Well played Croatia from Pakistan





    RONALDO FAN12 days ago

    Best goal Luka Modric

  61. Miah Isha

    Miah Isha12 days ago

    I hate messi love ney mar

  62. Ruby Gaming

    Ruby Gaming12 days ago

    Ivan Rakitic

  63. Ana A

    Ana A12 days ago

    That Messi shity face when game was over😂

  64. xToxicFiles lightning

    xToxicFiles lightning13 days ago

    1:00 messa uh Messi !!XD

  65. Priya Shrestha

    Priya Shrestha13 days ago

    argentina not win because there is not good goalkeeper in2022 argentina wins and all lose😕🙎

  66. Ceasar Raya

    Ceasar Raya13 days ago

    This is just sad Coming from a Barcelona fan

  67. Gabriel Caceres Aravena

    Gabriel Caceres Aravena14 days ago

    A veces estoy triste, pero veo este video y se me pasa 😂😂


    ÝÃŅØÕŘ ÏŠŁÄM14 days ago

    Bolod gk

  69. Cao Kim Anh

    Cao Kim Anh14 days ago

    Thủ môn Arg sao thế?

  70. dijana filpcic

    dijana filpcic15 days ago

    Hahahahhajja ha

  71. Bmw9 YT

    Bmw9 YT15 days ago


  72. Nina Tian

    Nina Tian15 days ago

    ❤️ Hrvastska Croatia 🇭🇷 😍 Luka Modric

  73. K.S GAMING

    K.S GAMING15 days ago


  74. mai nguyen thi ngoc

    mai nguyen thi ngoc15 days ago

    Cabellero mistake

  75. mai nguyen thi ngoc

    mai nguyen thi ngoc15 days ago

    What Messi doing

  76. Sanjay Aale Magar

    Sanjay Aale Magar15 days ago

    what a goal of luka modric

  77. Jakkrapat Khiawdee

    Jakkrapat Khiawdee15 days ago

    Sensational goal from Luka Modric! What a shot!!!

  78. lenny !

    lenny !16 days ago

    I hate ceoatia anyway.

  79. Sanja Udovicic

    Sanja Udovicic9 days ago

    lenny ! Steak

  80. lenny !

    lenny !12 days ago

    Sanja Udovicic You love argentina? I do too.

  81. Sanja Udovicic

    Sanja Udovicic12 days ago

    lenny ! Don't cry for me 🇦🇷

  82. Emina Mešanović

    Emina Mešanović16 days ago

    Messi se vraća kući🚶

  83. Maci

    Maci11 days ago


  84. legendary lukas gaming

    legendary lukas gaming16 days ago

    Love modrić❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  85. Waris Khan

    Waris Khan16 days ago

    LUKA MODRIC 😎😎💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  86. Maja Mlinarić

    Maja Mlinarić16 days ago

    inace jo gledim nogometa hrvatska je najbolja😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  87. Xasan Mechmetoglou

    Xasan Mechmetoglou17 days ago

    Messi mesa 😂😂😂😂😂👎💪👊👎👂

  88. Cuauhtemoc

    Cuauhtemoc17 days ago


  89. ERiCDrAyViN

    ERiCDrAyViN18 days ago


  90. arnie singh

    arnie singh18 days ago

    Luka modric goal was awesome

  91. Dea Nina

    Dea Nina18 days ago

    Kako komenator veli Mandzukic ko Bazuka😂😂😂😂😂

  92. Prog Rock Anarchy

    Prog Rock Anarchy18 days ago

    Croatia deserved to win that tournament

  93. Andres Vargas

    Andres Vargas19 days ago

    Like si venis por la cagada de Caballero

  94. vodio song song

    vodio song song19 days ago

    I love madric

  95. Kavinda Liyanage

    Kavinda Liyanage20 days ago

    Wow commentary man absolutely magnificent, what a commentary ♥️🔥

  96. Bolo Bolando

    Bolo Bolando20 days ago

    A 11000 argentinos no les gusto este video

  97. Maico Phan

    Maico Phan20 days ago

    Messi 👎


    PONOSNA HRVATICA20 days ago


  99. Bubble Silva

    Bubble Silva20 days ago

    I fell bad for those teams that never win :(

  100. Little M

    Little M21 day ago

    Turn the captions on😂😂

  101. Miranda Lopez

    Miranda Lopez21 day ago

    Felicitaciones a croacia por el subcampeonato

  102. Miranda Lopez

    Miranda Lopez21 day ago

    Luka modric, ivan rakitic I LOVE YUo

  103. Nicolas Fausto Ribeiro

    Nicolas Fausto Ribeiro21 day ago

    "Messa , Messi!" kkkk

  104. Night Mare

    Night Mare21 day ago

    Great plays by Croatia, but if Argentina had Romero in net they might have stood a chance

  105. official anonymous

    official anonymous21 day ago

    Luka Modrich what a Beauty Croatia ever produced.

  106. Stramblox Tyarbloxx

    Stramblox Tyarbloxx21 day ago

    Caballero 😳

  107. sabrosso1

    sabrosso121 day ago

    Messi pecho Frío ❄️❄️

  108. Sharon Abdul

    Sharon Abdul20 days ago


  109. Lion Land Safaris

    Lion Land Safaris22 days ago

    Boring Final World Cup Match Ever in History!

  110. Kristian Jaku

    Kristian Jaku22 days ago

    Lets go

  111. Sharon Abdul

    Sharon Abdul20 days ago


  112. A

    A22 days ago

    Lol the Argentine goalkeeper

  113. dk1708

    dk170822 days ago

    awesome game , the way it should be.. lots of energy really manly and good technically and open attacking football