Are Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Worth the Hype?


  1. STAT1C 101

    STAT1C 1015 hours ago

    Nacho fries are my favorite thing at taco bell, so this was super fun to watch for me.

  2. Silent GodOfWinter

    Silent GodOfWinter8 hours ago

    I'll be honest this dude is classy asf love the suits bro

  3. Tanya Kerpan

    Tanya Kerpan18 hours ago

    I really hope this is what he’s like all the time

  4. Zac Evans

    Zac Evans2 days ago

    The intro sounds like it’s from like 100 years ago no hate thoe


    X BRAIN PLAYZ2 days ago

    Have to say he’s well mannerd


    X BRAIN PLAYZ2 days ago

    Shouldn’t this guy be like studying to be the next bill gates rather than a food review


    X BRAIN PLAYZ2 days ago

    Hello and welcome to my FOOD REviews


    X BRAIN PLAYZ2 days ago

    Omg this GUY 😂

  9. Xec Mai

    Xec Mai4 days ago

    Anyone with an long pinky finger nail obviously uses it for coke/druqs.

  10. Kori Rogers

    Kori Rogers4 days ago

    did you know he's beautiful like a woman.

  11. Red Wasp

    Red Wasp5 days ago

    Definitely Not

  12. CURSE

    CURSE5 days ago

    His personality is amazing

  13. vodqc

    vodqc5 days ago

    4:50 Thats me when trying to steal quietly

  14. The3DGamer

    The3DGamer5 days ago

    My D I S A P P O I N T M E N T is immeasurable and my day is ruined Thank you for the "quality" videos

  15. Jay Plays

    Jay Plays6 days ago

    4:56 anyone see a random guy walk out with a giant ass box at the door

  16. Deruzzi

    Deruzzi7 days ago

    Idk but I get some Asmr feel from this

  17. Hurricane Catrina More Like Hurricane TORTILLA

    Hurricane Catrina More Like Hurricane TORTILLA7 days ago

    This is running on empty... *MEME REVIEW*

  18. The Walkthrough

    The Walkthrough7 days ago

    4:51 the door

  19. Olivia Wilkerson

    Olivia Wilkerson7 days ago

    I actually never tried them till I watched This! Thank you kind sir! Keep up the good work



    Those fries look good

  21. fifloCzek

    fifloCzek8 days ago

    U re weird

  22. LXJ

    LXJ9 days ago

    Back when tb first came out they had burgers

  23. Steven Utter

    Steven Utter9 days ago

    Yeah nothing better than flash frozen fries dropped in a deep fryer filled with dirty grease that's been re-used for months. YUM, My toilet is hungry for diarrhea. +10,000 points for those who are too lazy to make their own food.

  24. fourscarz69

    fourscarz6910 days ago

    How tf is he gonna get dressed to the nines, lather that scalp up and then drive to taco bell at 9 am just to eat some nast ass nacho fries for breakfast?!

  25. Mya G

    Mya G11 days ago

    Interesting Channel, Check out, ' Oz in the Philippines ' Interesting Channel ... Thanks ....... Thanks , Peace ...

  26. M D

    M D12 days ago

    First time watching this guys vid and how the hell did a manage to watch this until the end without getting bored!!! I'm actually interested in what hi saying😂 kudos!!

  27. JimboMartini

    JimboMartini12 days ago

    Bruh it’s 2 am I need to sleep not be hungry

  28. Dumbass motherfucker

    Dumbass motherfucker13 days ago

    Wtf dude? As what the others have said you really are from the 30s and 50s *WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON HERE?*

  29. Memenator

    Memenator13 days ago

    Do you have heterochromia?

  30. SlotNonAqua // ImTheBevanBoi

    SlotNonAqua // ImTheBevanBoi13 days ago

    *he looks like zaccubus*

  31. SlotNonAqua // ImTheBevanBoi

    SlotNonAqua // ImTheBevanBoi13 days ago

    *number 15 taco bell pisnachos*

  32. PewDiePie C

    PewDiePie C13 days ago

    He reminds me of an old family friend of mine he’s 88 and acts exactly the same as him

  33. Apollo

    Apollo16 days ago

    This video was needed. 1 year later and the hype is still raging around planet. Absolutely incredible stuff, and who else to report on an absolute crisis from the front lines than the man himself, the fast food Jesus

  34. Shiban

    Shiban16 days ago

    brah how can anyone make fun of this sweet little angel?

  35. Buck

    Buck16 days ago

    This time I'm giving you a like solely for that exceptional tie. Looks dope.

  36. Reg Chacón!!

    Reg Chacón!!17 days ago

    What a legend

  37. JADH __Curry

    JADH __Curry18 days ago

    This guy’s a god

  38. Dave Beyer

    Dave Beyer20 days ago

    I’m too scared to try these

  39. Amazing Guy

    Amazing Guy21 day ago

    Yes, they are.

  40. tee bizz

    tee bizz21 day ago

    Structural integrity...😂

  41. Beefaroni Bert

    Beefaroni Bert24 days ago

    So idk why this just showed up after a year but hell ive eaten nacho fries for a while now and damn if i didnt click this simply to hear reviewbrahs opinion on them

  42. Jason Gerges

    Jason Gerges24 days ago

    Jojo siwa up in here

  43. Jack

    Jack24 days ago

    Die Amis sind verrückt :D Greets from Germany ladies and gentlemen!

  44. BDRyan // RetardedRiolu

    BDRyan // RetardedRiolu29 days ago


  45. Bleach.

    Bleach.29 days ago

    you can drive? of course you can, you just drove to Taco Bell

  46. frappeichunio ‘

    frappeichunio ‘Month ago

    I just eat them plain

  47. Thúy Aiko

    Thúy AikoMonth ago

    Hey you look like Lorde

  48. Jovanni Aguilar

    Jovanni AguilarMonth ago

    Ur ass

  49. ssgtslick

    ssgtslickMonth ago

    "I'd like you to be my guest... at Taco Bell"- Dr. Raymond Cocteau

  50. The Zesty Chunk

    The Zesty ChunkMonth ago


  51. Daniel 69

    Daniel 69Month ago

    I think they taste like crap

  52. Will Doherty

    Will DohertyMonth ago

    daddys gonna bring u nacho fries

  53. edwin pruett

    edwin pruettMonth ago

    I really don't like Taco Bell or french fries (except baked crinkle cut). But I really like their fries

  54. Will Doherty

    Will DohertyMonth ago

    hushy little baby dont u cry

  55. Will Doherty

    Will DohertyMonth ago

    wtf hahahahhahaha

  56. Rio Marchello

    Rio MarchelloMonth ago

    Probably and be honest. This is the most detailed food review channel in MReporter


    POLANDWARMonth ago

    His eyeballs bulge out

  58. stephen byrnes

    stephen byrnesMonth ago

    i just like the way he talks and all his big words makes me laugh and smile


    FJT FILMSMonth ago

    The fact that he just reminds me of Sheldon gives me some life 😁

  60. Some guy

    Some guyMonth ago

    Not gonna lie. This video is the reason I ended up trying those fries last year. ... And they were quite good.

  61. Alden Friend

    Alden FriendMonth ago

    I can’t tell if this channel is a meme or something

  62. Shah Buyuk

    Shah BuyukMonth ago

    What do you wear in the house good sir?

  63. Garry Hanson

    Garry HansonMonth ago


  64. 2StepsAheads Animations and stuff :D

    2StepsAheads Animations and stuff :DMonth ago

    Hush little baby don’t u cry daddy’s gonna bring u nacho fries

  65. Mike Chakowski

    Mike ChakowskiMonth ago

    Damn that crunch sounded like a chip

  66. J.Antonio Leyva

    J.Antonio LeyvaMonth ago

    Dude, you are fockinn’ awesome! Keep it up bro!!

  67. Chibi

    ChibiMonth ago

    *if the backpack kid was a vampire*

  68. Warvvolf

    WarvvolfMonth ago

    Just had nacho fries supreme. They were yummy.

  69. Elian Gomez

    Elian GomezMonth ago

    Those fries sounded real crispy.

  70. Gabriela Martinez

    Gabriela MartinezMonth ago

    I wanna cry and hug you my nigga

  71. Gabriela Martinez

    Gabriela MartinezMonth ago

    My nigga

  72. neiswestnij

    neiswestnijMonth ago

    That crunch

  73. Kaykay Reuploads

    Kaykay ReuploadsMonth ago

    Not yo fries

  74. Aidan ashbourne

    Aidan ashbourneMonth ago

    Is it just me or everyone goes on the comments see him filming he's own roast

  75. SickPranks 58

    SickPranks 58Month ago

    Operation nacho is a go!

  76. Jesus Alatorre

    Jesus AlatorreMonth ago

    Awh yeah Eric Forman does food reviews! Im in heaven lol

  77. deadmonton420

    deadmonton420Month ago

    A year later and I still never heard of nacho fries lol

  78. Alexander 3 Face

    Alexander 3 FaceMonth ago

    Dude where are you from? I wonder if there is a before you were famous?!? I must do research cuz you make me want to know lol your accent is fuggin awesome!

  79. Mohammad Morshed

    Mohammad MorshedMonth ago

    1:23 but it's yours .thats a weird name

  80. dragonstooth44 ATF

    dragonstooth44 ATFMonth ago

    What if they had cheddar cheese sticks breaded in nacho seasoning and deep fried. That sounds like a good idea to me,

  81. HeadShotTheatreDEV1

    HeadShotTheatreDEV1Month ago

    dude when you like something you get kinda ravenous lol. you could pick them up fast enough haha

  82. Mohamed Mahmoud

    Mohamed MahmoudMonth ago

    great video

  83. Mac Diddles

    Mac DiddlesMonth ago

    They always sucked but I still bought em weird how it happens

  84. Slim Dog

    Slim DogMonth ago

    Wish we had crispy fries like this in the UK, we get thin tasteless soggy MacDonald rubbish instead >.

  85. when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers

    when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hersMonth ago

    Do they still sell these?

  86. Kidskin 21

    Kidskin 21Month ago

    They stopped but apparently they are coming this week.

  87. Stephen Parker

    Stephen Parker2 months ago

    ASMR Damn

  88. shen QUORKO

    shen QUORKO2 months ago

    wait hes in a car

  89. Nessa Lane

    Nessa Lane2 months ago

    I can imagine him being one of those strange old men that mumble to themselves and tell strangers odd stories! 😂

  90. Andreas Haag SK05c

    Andreas Haag SK05c2 months ago

    Vem fan är du

  91. -PepsiAndCola -

    -PepsiAndCola -2 months ago

    Fries: we fry together we die together

  92. Mr.fringles K

    Mr.fringles K2 months ago

    Are you a time traveller? Nice vintage looking

  93. Ghiocyz

    Ghiocyz2 months ago

    Number 14

  94. MAC

    MAC2 months ago

    Bro taco Bell on this shit😆😆😂😂😂😂

  95. ThatOneWeirdChannel

    ThatOneWeirdChannel2 months ago

    Not Your Fries

  96. TooManyTaco 2000

    TooManyTaco 20002 months ago

    “Lines wrapping around the building, it was crazy, I was going through- well, you don’t even wanna know” Sarcasm-100

  97. Tatyana Woods

    Tatyana Woods2 months ago

    Could you imagine him dirty talking *"I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed at the magnitude of attraction I possess towards you. The plethora of actions I will be acting upon tonight will absolutely be invigorating. I have every intention on now, what the kids say, waxing that ..(makes the "you know" face).. now that being said, I do hope that you are in fact physically and mentally ready for what is at this time, about to occur between you and I."*

  98. DannyBarz17

    DannyBarz172 months ago

    That looks like the French fries from my school lunch

  99. Adam Medellin

    Adam Medellin2 months ago

    3:30-3:50 looks like it’s someone else’s hand grabbing the fries

  100. Harley Avron

    Harley Avron2 months ago

    Much respect man, I see alt he hate comments you receive and I just want to let you know that you have a great channel and it's very heartwarming my man. Keep it up and dont let people get in the way if that

  101. Donna Howell

    Donna Howell2 months ago

    4:54 me at taco bell