Are Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Worth the Hype?


  1. Radar

    Radar8 minutes ago

    Is it weird that the only thing I thought about during this video is the fact that his collar isn’t covering his tie?

  2. TheNuggzt3r

    TheNuggzt3r15 hours ago

    This guy is a classic...i dont know why he dresses like that and i dont know why he seems to live at a place that looks like it was from the 80s or something...I just dont get it...maybe thats what he likes or its just a role he is playing. At the end of the day he is pretty entertaining.

  3. Amenaz A

    Amenaz A20 hours ago

    These were awful when i tried them. Like taco flavored churros. Did not need grains of salt and paprika grinding on my teeth.

  4. Colby Lamothe

    Colby Lamothe2 days ago

    I watched this video balancing a tissue box on my head

  5. bilal hajj

    bilal hajj2 days ago

    Hahahaha medical anomaly

  6. Mikkel Riisager

    Mikkel Riisager2 days ago

    you remind me of sheldon from the big bang therory

  7. Maria Aguayo

    Maria Aguayo2 days ago

    KROQ brought me here; but you are the reason I am now subscribed to your channel!

  8. Grchucbtvy Tajvghhdvvtchebj

    Grchucbtvy Tajvghhdvvtchebj2 days ago

    my favorite rat eating

  9. johnny sauceda

    johnny sauceda3 days ago

    dude, it should not take almost 11minutes to taste and review fries! just eat it and say yes or no!!!!!!!

  10. p howling

    p howling3 days ago

    the voice tho

  11. Vidar Granit

    Vidar Granit3 days ago

    Golly what a fine young gentleman!! Gee wiz!

  12. Crabman Doon

    Crabman Doon4 days ago

    I dont know why this on had me geeking out! Thanks for the entertainmebt today, reviewbrah..truly made my day better!

  13. Salim Brim

    Salim Brim4 days ago

    A male voice in a female body? What the fuck do you feed your children?

  14. Xamshock

    Xamshock4 days ago

    this is my new favourite channel hahaha greetings from Germany

  15. Cleavon LoAsioe

    Cleavon LoAsioe5 days ago


  16. Hubert sson

    Hubert sson6 days ago

    You never get fat:()

  17. Kale Nonsense

    Kale Nonsense6 days ago

    he hella weird

  18. Spencer Schindler

    Spencer Schindler7 days ago

    Your videos always make me hungry it’s dangerous

  19. •Lilly Rose•

    •Lilly Rose•8 days ago

    I literally only come to hear him say food review

  20. Joshua Bortes

    Joshua Bortes8 days ago

    I love your videos I’m your biggest fan!!

  21. Winston Ingram

    Winston Ingram8 days ago

    really annoys me all the food must be cold

  22. Tony B

    Tony B9 days ago

    Glad you didn't call them French fries

  23. Tony B

    Tony B9 days ago

    Where's the ketchup

  24. Pierce H

    Pierce H9 days ago

    You look like you have cancer...

  25. Joshua Gonzalez

    Joshua Gonzalez10 days ago

    those fries are gangster

  26. Eh2 Ak

    Eh2 Ak10 days ago

    Idk what to feel about ur face but i cant lookin at u dude.

  27. Aiden Mccauley

    Aiden Mccauley11 days ago

    who just watches this because

  28. Ariana Barat

    Ariana Barat13 days ago

    trisha paytas has left the chat

  29. Headless Jackass

    Headless Jackass14 days ago

    You are amamzing. I love how comfortable you are with yourself. Also, very nice dudds brother. I wish you were in my family.

  30. Elysabeth Poodle

    Elysabeth Poodle14 days ago

    All dressed up and nowhere to go.

  31. Zutyro - Meziinternetový mesiáš

    Zutyro - Meziinternetový mesiáš15 days ago

    I love soggy fries though D:

  32. Emanuel B.

    Emanuel B.17 days ago

    i do love junk food, excellet review as always

  33. VRN WhiteBlood

    VRN WhiteBlood18 days ago

    Sheldon Cooper xdd

  34. get rekt

    get rekt18 days ago

    Thanks Calvin Coolidge, very cool.

  35. Weysi ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻一

    Weysi ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻一18 days ago

    Youre a legend

  36. Night

    Night19 days ago

    I wanna smoke a blunt with this guy

  37. SPace Cat

    SPace Cat19 days ago

    That silence when he eatin an im just like omg what does he think

  38. Nina Soleil

    Nina Soleil19 days ago

    Is that encased nacho cheese? LOLLLLLLL

  39. Logan Smith

    Logan Smith20 days ago

    has anyone ever told u that u look a little like lorde

  40. Anne DaHinden

    Anne DaHinden20 days ago

    yer a yeet

  41. superior ship SaMo

    superior ship SaMo20 days ago

    I can't usually stand long videos on youtube. A 5-minute, I'll quit like halfway into it. 10+ minutes are my nightmares. but for some reason, this video I stumbled on randomly, I got to the end without knowing and I felt incomplete. Like throughout the video I'm deeply focus on a guy with slicked back hair and handsome suit eat fries, it has a quality into that made me into a trance. Before I knew it, 10 minutes had past and I'm craving for another video of him. Who is this guy?

  42. Zach Steele

    Zach Steele21 day ago

    Honestly he's such a player, he could get all the ladies.

  43. Chad Maronde

    Chad Maronde21 day ago

    2.7 million? is this correct?

  44. Pequod

    Pequod23 days ago

    You look like an albino rat 🐁

  45. Australian Kiwi

    Australian Kiwi23 days ago

    I just realized he puts what he’s wearing in the description

  46. Reb Roboturner

    Reb Roboturner23 days ago

    These two are conjoined, it's a medical anonotmy

  47. BabySniffer

    BabySniffer23 days ago

    Why is ur content so fucking orgasmic

  48. Francesco Bonfiglio

    Francesco Bonfiglio25 days ago

    You're adorable

  49. Unprivileged Poor Asian Kid

    Unprivileged Poor Asian Kid25 days ago

    it’s just seasoned French fries with nacho cheese dipping

  50. tawsiq asef

    tawsiq asef25 days ago

    I love his hairstyle CO OL

  51. Tech Boy

    Tech Boy26 days ago


  52. saraaa whitellyyy

    saraaa whitellyyy26 days ago

    I thought u were a little school girl on the thumbnail

  53. Cheeky Lass

    Cheeky Lass28 days ago

    They stopped the fries so I stopped going lol. They are so good.

  54. venison train cat bomb crapper

    venison train cat bomb crapper28 days ago

    4:52 what’s that guy lifting

  55. ChaoticFishNips

    ChaoticFishNips28 days ago

    "asks a question in the title", makes an 11 minute video on something that could be said in about 2 sentences

  56. Teddy Holmes

    Teddy Holmes28 days ago

    I am ridiculously hungover right now and this guy's videos are comforting lol. I feel safe✊🏽

  57. Noob 24/7

    Noob 24/728 days ago

    K like the cheese

  58. Tyler Lasher

    Tyler Lasher28 days ago


  59. Duce Duce Magoo

    Duce Duce MagooMonth ago

    I didn't get the hype behind this product. I tried it. Its literally just seasoned fries dipped in nacho cheese.

  60. Ben Warren

    Ben WarrenMonth ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

  61. Snake

    SnakeMonth ago

    Those fries are tasty as fuck

  62. Marco Rodriguez

    Marco RodriguezMonth ago

    can’t tell if he’s 12 or 80 lol but i love him

  63. Zaidoon Tareef

    Zaidoon TareefMonth ago

    They call it nacho fries because it's not you fries.

  64. Young Kingdom

    Young KingdomMonth ago

    You eat fries in the same manner as you conduct yourself in all matters: painfully awkwardly.

  65. My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating

    My Username is Pointlessly Long and IntimidatingMonth ago

    How do you resist not eating them for 3 minutes lol.

  66. Elffi

    ElffiMonth ago

    4:51 not gonna comment anything else

  67. BigDaddyRice1

    BigDaddyRice1Month ago

    There is a special place in hell for people who hate on this guy lol

  68. Anne Geeraerts

    Anne GeeraertsMonth ago

    Love you Review brah! You've made my choices easy! Love and kisses! 💓💓💓

  69. Laszlo Official

    Laszlo OfficialMonth ago

    Two things: First of all... I love your channel concept. Second... i dont know how old you are but ur eyes look like you smoke weed.

  70. Chels1

    Chels1Month ago

    Laszlo Official rude 🙄

  71. hey Ang

    hey AngMonth ago

    i LOVE this guy

  72. Tanya Owen

    Tanya OwenMonth ago

    I loved the flavor of these, I wish they would keep them on the menu.

  73. Kaya Mosanen

    Kaya MosanenMonth ago

    His stare is creepier than chucky

  74. ThePeoplesChamp

    ThePeoplesChampMonth ago

    Your mesmorisingly weird face won't trick me to continue watching. To hell with this useless video. I'm out!

  75. lil fyer

    lil fyerMonth ago

    just look at how this man is dressed. the fact he survived high school shows true will and thick skin

  76. First Second

    First SecondMonth ago

    Uhh... at 9:40 or so, I somehow misheard 'burgers' as 'berkas'. It was weird. :P

  77. Brenden Mahurin

    Brenden MahurinMonth ago

    “These two are conjoined, medical anomaly “ lmfao

  78. olda

    oldaMonth ago

    im new here, this has to be a joke right?

  79. Tenvian Rabbit

    Tenvian RabbitMonth ago

    Wasn't Taco Bell the one that won the fast food wars in Demolition man? I see it's already starting.

  80. pip - tube

    pip - tubeMonth ago

    Love your personality its great

  81. Greta04

    Greta04Month ago

    Sheldon cooper is that you?!?!?!

  82. player 2 joinded

    player 2 joindedMonth ago

    There is something unique about his intro

  83. xray4death

    xray4deathMonth ago

    They are not your fries!!

  84. Purple Lotus

    Purple LotusMonth ago


  85. Garrett Stelly

    Garrett StellyMonth ago

    'classical fast food'

  86. pilimidian

    pilimidianMonth ago

    Imagine him with long blue hair, and his name is Kai Anderson

  87. HighboostSupra 32

    HighboostSupra 32Month ago

    My mouth watered so much watching this😋

  88. baby daddy

    baby daddyMonth ago

    You're so cute fore some reason 😂😂

  89. Corey Mccane

    Corey MccaneMonth ago

    His suit in this video looks good!

  90. Ian Glastonberry

    Ian GlastonberryMonth ago

    Just curious ... were your parents cousins or siblings?

  91. Ian Glastonberry

    Ian Glastonberry23 days ago

    +ANDI Yeah, you can't write a sentence without using abbreviations and omit every punctuation mark, and I am the reason the world "is shit". Keep dreaming darling!

  92. ANDI

    ANDIMonth ago

    Ian Glastonberry stfu people like you are why this world is shit

  93. kpb96m1

    kpb96m1Month ago

    Del Taco has had cheese fries since the 1980s

  94. Ravangers

    RavangersMonth ago

    ive had them FRESH before and it was amazing... Like wendy's fries used to be great but now i always get them soggy

  95. Sandra Suazo

    Sandra SuazoMonth ago

    Man dont get mad at me im not a hater and not trying to make front of u but u remind me of Hitler

  96. Magicgirlamy

    MagicgirlamyMonth ago

    that crunch though

  97. Sad max I am idont

    Sad max I am idontMonth ago

    Better than joeys food review

  98. That One Guy You Know

    That One Guy You KnowMonth ago

    To the point and very polite

  99. GHOST *

    GHOST *Month ago


  100. StrejjxZ

    StrejjxZMonth ago

    How aint this dude fat yet? He eats hell alot of junk food and still keeps the shape yeez man

  101. Raichu

    RaichuMonth ago

    why am I yelling at my screen to use the dip

  102. Frank Walker

    Frank WalkerMonth ago

    vampire dracula looking motha fucka

  103. Frank Walker

    Frank WalkerMonth ago

    you look like a rat swimming in the sewer with your hair like that

  104. AvidiaNirvana

    AvidiaNirvanaMonth ago

    You sound like a rat that learned to type... Lol, that's just as good an insult as yours... As retarded as it sounds. ;) Think about that.