Are Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Worth the Hype?


  1. BelatedThomas

    BelatedThomas5 hours ago

    “Classical fast food”

  2. PYROZEN 117

    PYROZEN 117Day ago

    I liked the fries

  3. DezEmerg

    DezEmergDay ago

    Is he old enough to drive?

  4. Adzian Laxsana

    Adzian LaxsanaDay ago

    Dude that suit is fly as hell.

  5. LordOfNothingham

    LordOfNothinghamDay ago

    Nacho Fries Randy Savage ohhh yeah!!

  6. Motorcycle 90

    Motorcycle 902 days ago

    If you don’t throw away that Taco Bell shit Trump is going to deport you!

  7. LadiesMan 217

    LadiesMan 2172 days ago

    Yeah it was actually good when I first bought it. But due to the amount of people wanting it they now just cook it before hand which pisses me off cause I get cold fries.

  8. bio mc noodles online

    bio mc noodles onlineDay ago

    LadiesMan 217

  9. cordell Rohde

    cordell Rohde2 days ago

    you think wayy outisde the box my dude.

  10. The Zonked

    The Zonked3 days ago

    ASMR anyone?

  11. The Drakes

    The Drakes3 days ago

    these fries are amazing

  12. Gisella C. Taylor

    Gisella C. Taylor4 days ago

    Lorde looking cute

  13. Beter random videos And game play

    Beter random videos And game play5 days ago

    Helwo every one

  14. •Jin’s THICC lips are my religion•

    •Jin’s THICC lips are my religion•5 days ago

    *I think they’re fucking disgusting*

  15. Ben Wu

    Ben Wu5 days ago

    wheres justin y tho

  16. Darth Primus

    Darth Primus5 days ago

    “Going in” eats whole mean , outcome : it’s good

  17. Cheyenne Cobain

    Cheyenne Cobain5 days ago

    Ceremonial dish of nacho cheese. Who’s cheese is it? Oh not-cho-cheese! lol that joke was cheesy! 🤣🤣

  18. Cheyenne Cobain

    Cheyenne Cobain5 days ago

    You’re so pure and awesome! Who can be mean to you? Honestly! Take care sweetie! Big hugs!! 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Lina’s Life

    Lina’s Life6 days ago

    Do u kidnap kids lol no I am joking

  20. Donal Courtney

    Donal Courtney7 days ago


  21. Memes GRANDLORD

    Memes GRANDLORD7 days ago

    Anomaly fries are the GREATEST FRIES!!!

  22. bobcat

    bobcat8 days ago

    how do you call a cheese that's not yours Not-cho cheese

  23. Zo Berto

    Zo Berto8 days ago

    Get this kid his own food review tv show

  24. angel caballero

    angel caballero8 days ago

    I don’t like u

  25. Ghost Ghost

    Ghost Ghost8 days ago

    i thought this was a chick talking about TB

  26. Vince Reyes

    Vince Reyes9 days ago

    He looks to Fancy to eat Fries...

  27. Zoë MacGregor

    Zoë MacGregor9 days ago

    Method of transportation lol

  28. Dumb Rįçe

    Dumb Rįçe9 days ago

    Dang after all them food,I’m surprised you don’t have diabetes 😐😐😐😐😐

  29. ClayNus

    ClayNus9 days ago

    They’re pretty much just Arby’s curly fries but strait.

  30. Karl Strittar

    Karl Strittar10 days ago

    Great Video

  31. Supergor

    Supergor10 days ago

    He is daddy

  32. Kekeapa

    Kekeapa10 days ago

    Over 10 minute long video with only 1 ad. This man is great.

  33. Super Scrumb

    Super Scrumb10 days ago

    Why does he always were a suit? Especially while eating fast food. Also another thing he always wears a suit right. So I’m guessing he has money idk I could be wrong but that’s what I’m guessing. So if he’s rich he is “reviewing” food from fast food places that are like 5 dollars for a meal that everybody has eaten. But I would guess since he has money that he would be reviewing more expansive food that not everybody has eaten. Correct me if I am wrong.

  34. Super Scrumb

    Super Scrumb9 days ago

    Fruit500 btw the suits might be used but they still cost maybe over a hundred bucks just including the blazer/suit and shirt and I wear what you say is “trendy” clothes all the time and they still cost less. And when I said “everybody had eaten” it was sarcasm but I would not expect you to know because you said Not everybody has Eaten it but like I said it would be better if he ate more exotic foods that not everyone can enjoy because they might be less fortunate and they would like to see foods that are from different places like let’s say Food made in Hawaii and like I said less fortunate they do not have the money to visit so they would like to see if Food from Hawaii was any good so they would come to this dudes channel because in my opinion he is the best good reviewer on MReporter so please think before you say something.

  35. Fruit500

    Fruit5009 days ago

    During an interview, he said that he wears suits because he likes them and because the used ones are much cheaper than regular, 'trendy' clothes. He reviews fast food because, surprisingly, not everyone have tasted everything from every fast food chain. Also people eat fast food much more commonly than some fancy dishes, so it also attracts a bigger audience.


    OVER DONE11 days ago

    he's wired but great videos and reviews

  37. Toys In Happy Meal

    Toys In Happy Meal11 days ago

    5:13 at the taco Bell front doors

  38. piktureit

    piktureit11 days ago

    They’re back

  39. Dante단 테

    Dante단 테11 days ago

    Are you morman

  40. Jacob Jerden

    Jacob Jerden12 days ago

    Please pin this report of the week I love u and I wish I met u cause I would be ur best friend ever

  41. Aedex Gt

    Aedex Gt12 days ago

    My dissapointment is immeasurable

  42. TrulyTrash

    TrulyTrash12 days ago

    Guacamole burger I'm calling it

  43. sullivan6966

    sullivan696613 days ago

    Taco Bell had a burger back in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

  44. sullivan6966

    sullivan696613 days ago

    Great tie 👍

  45. Mrs Fluffy

    Mrs Fluffy14 days ago

    I love you.

  46. webber014

    webber01414 days ago

    I thought vampires couldn’t come out during the day?

  47. Sunshine Star

    Sunshine Star14 days ago

    Yaaaaaas! I ate some tonight.....SO GOOD! 😍😍😍

  48. Johnny A.

    Johnny A.14 days ago

    His tie looks like he tied a very long piece of bacon around in a knot...mmm...

  49. lil reindeer

    lil reindeer15 days ago

    Why was noone hyped wheb it came out before

  50. Old Man Kakuzu

    Old Man Kakuzu15 days ago


  51. Paris Milena

    Paris Milena15 days ago


  52. luvu libra

    luvu libra15 days ago

    worst youtube channel ever 0/10

  53. Thee Potatoe

    Thee Potatoe9 days ago

    Why tho

  54. big mood

    big mood16 days ago

    I lost it at the mode of transportation comment, your comedic delivery is so solid lmao

  55. fartswallower666

    fartswallower66616 days ago

    My nigga

  56. Kenneth Dang

    Kenneth Dang17 days ago

    He reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

  57. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast16 days ago

    Kenneth Dang Omg me too

  58. Jeff S

    Jeff S18 days ago

    How many souls are in your crypt?

  59. Evil Pagan

    Evil Pagan18 days ago

    You should really be driving a carriage.

  60. Glenn O'Brian

    Glenn O'Brian18 days ago

    Are you a good kisser because I think you're a good kisser can you kiss somebody on cam

  61. Max Bro

    Max Bro19 days ago

    Thanks for the review because I never ate those thank u

  62. - PettyAtItsBest

    - PettyAtItsBest20 days ago

    Yes they are they are fire.

  63. Alex Youngberg

    Alex Youngberg20 days ago

    Eyes are piercing

  64. Unknown Wombatt

    Unknown Wombatt20 days ago


  65. Noah Lemke

    Noah Lemke20 days ago

    You are really boring. Joey is better

  66. Fruit500

    Fruit5009 days ago

    Joey is a hyperactive autist. I kinda like his content, but ReviewBrah is just so much better

  67. Cardboardguy 14

    Cardboardguy 1410 days ago

    Noah Lemke Joey is a living pile of cancer

  68. John Paul

    John Paul21 day ago

    You ugly asf 😂

  69. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast16 days ago

    John Paul Hater :/

  70. Saint Dre'ko

    Saint Dre'ko21 day ago

    OH HELL NAH BRU. who eats a fry in less then ONE DAM BITE. Your disrespectful level of eating just killed me . 💀💔🍟

  71. Neil McWhorter

    Neil McWhorter22 days ago

    this guy is a young Michael Savage

  72. Sick Stress Productions

    Sick Stress Productions22 days ago

    Sounds like Billy Crystal, if Billy Crystal became an accountant. William Crystal.

  73. Ed Gufler

    Ed Gufler23 days ago

    Good video.. one thing.. you sure do know your Fries

  74. Cam Plays

    Cam Plays23 days ago

    Why does he dress up

  75. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast16 days ago


  76. Ben.k

    Ben.k23 days ago

    is it Not-Yo-Cheese or NachoCheese fries🤔

  77. Ben.k

    Ben.k23 days ago

    (Food Review).you nail it Everytime👌

  78. Lindsey Gore

    Lindsey Gore23 days ago

    I tried these for theb1st time this week.... NOT GOOD! atleast in my city....wichita. 😑 Everyone's look so good on here.... not mineeeeeee! But anyways I enjoy your channel ... keep truckin

  79. Tony Hernandez

    Tony Hernandez23 days ago

    Review skittles freeze

  80. The Forest Witch

    The Forest Witch25 days ago

    I love your revies but im worried because is all very unhealthy :3

  81. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack25 days ago

    Your VIDEOS make my life suck LESS. it's TRUE

  82. Liam Zale

    Liam Zale26 days ago

    I can't believe reviewbrahs second most viewed vid isnt a meme video or a video were he answers question, but is an actual food review. This makes me very proud

  83. Unforgiven Pain

    Unforgiven Pain26 days ago

    They released the same fries 4 months ago discontinued them and brought them back again.

  84. Grace Gadsden

    Grace Gadsden26 days ago

    ya got big dick energy for sure

  85. tewtsie rolls

    tewtsie rolls26 days ago

    10 seconds into the video "i just wanna hit this guy"

  86. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek26 days ago

    But why?

  87. Team TAB

    Team TAB27 days ago

    Nibba got the greased back hair

  88. Kevin the GOAT Lee

    Kevin the GOAT Lee27 days ago

    Bruh these fries better than sex

  89. - oInsanity -

    - oInsanity -27 days ago

    pin this if you read comments :3

  90. mark paredes

    mark paredes28 days ago

    Great video

  91. Daniel Correa

    Daniel Correa28 days ago

    You should quit MReporter your so weird

  92. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast7 days ago


  93. Daniel Correa

    Daniel Correa11 days ago

    What ever

  94. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast16 days ago

    Daniel Correa Shut up he is the best youtuber ever

  95. Aidan Gardner

    Aidan Gardner28 days ago

    He reminds me of golem

  96. Lil_Yum_Yum VEVO

    Lil_Yum_Yum VEVO28 days ago

    How the fuck do you crunch on fries

  97. Blaine Rupe

    Blaine Rupe29 days ago

    This guy reminds me of a young Christopher walken

  98. Zomb1eLunchable

    Zomb1eLunchable29 days ago

    Brother you crushed Joey in subscribers!!! Congrats man

  99. 15moonz !

    15moonz !Month ago

    get you a man that's smart and knows good food lmao

  100. 15moonz !

    15moonz !Month ago

    just found out he's 21 despite the fact he looks 12 W H A T

  101. xox Kaleigh xox

    xox Kaleigh xoxMonth ago

    So I've been waiting to try these for months. They ran out and they came back months later. (I've been waiting 7 months to try them) so they finally came back and I got them tonight for the first time. Late at night because I was on my way home from the vet. I was expecting them to be sprinkles and rainbows after seeing the great reviews on the fellow MReporter. I was disappointed. They smell horrible, and don't taste as good. It's the seasoning and potato well the whole fry that throws it off. It was unevenly seasoned. Some parts not seasoned some parts way too much. The potato was hard ish. Wasn't crunchy. Maybe its because I got them at midnight.. It's ight though. That's all. Thanks for listening.

  102. Max Thompson

    Max ThompsonMonth ago

    Crispy firmness

  103. Max Thompson

    Max ThompsonMonth ago

    Have my kids

  104. I have crippling depression

    I have crippling depression29 days ago

    crispy firmness

  105. I’m not h3r3 Ish

    I’m not h3r3 IshMonth ago

    I think their called nacho fries because you’re supposed to treat them like nachos by dipping them in nacho cheese

  106. SecretTarg

    SecretTargMonth ago


  107. Mr Noob

    Mr NoobMonth ago

    Reviewbrah waddup

  108. ChevyTheCoolOne

    ChevyTheCoolOneMonth ago

    I Just Got Food Poisoning From The Nacho Fries

  109. Weptbadge65 _

    Weptbadge65 _Month ago

    Are you depressed?

  110. Planet Jacup

    Planet JacupMonth ago

    Id grab 4 at the same time

  111. Prodigy _

    Prodigy _Month ago

    He is young but he has an old mature soul

  112. Dreadder 272

    Dreadder 272Month ago

    I D O N T S P E A K F A N C Y

  113. squareUp

    squareUpMonth ago

    Looks like Sheldon from Big Bang

  114. Edgy Sniper Main

    Edgy Sniper MainMonth ago

    *double dipper*

  115. Mr. Cinnamon

    Mr. CinnamonMonth ago

    The son of JoeyWorldTour