Are Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Worth the Hype?


  1. Dkdkkd Mdmddm

    Dkdkkd MdmddmDay ago

    4:54 the guy needs to feed his kids it’s in the background

  2. Ritch

    RitchDay ago

    After several weeks, I've only just discovered he has some weird hands.

  3. Jeremy Camacho

    Jeremy CamachoDay ago

    Friend: what are those Me: NA CHO FRIES

  4. Perky Hamsters

    Perky HamstersDay ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  5. ابو علي

    ابو علي2 days ago


  6. ابو علي

    ابو علي2 days ago


  7. ابو علي

    ابو علي2 days ago


  8. ابو علي

    ابو علي2 days ago

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  9. Shep Spahn

    Shep Spahn2 days ago

    3:37 asmr

  10. heavy loco

    heavy loco4 days ago

    I love your content

  11. sweetamishbutter7

    sweetamishbutter74 days ago

    "maybe one day these will be a mode of transportation" excuse me wtf hahahahah

  12. GrassValleyGreg

    GrassValleyGreg5 days ago

    5:35 He was an EYELASH away from cracking there lol

  13. Bejill Begill

    Bejill Begill6 days ago

    It’s a medical anomaly

  14. Random Vidz

    Random Vidz6 days ago

    Stfu and eat the dam fries already

  15. Nicolae Munteanu

    Nicolae Munteanu6 days ago

    I feel bad, because in romania taco bell does not exists, just kfc and mcdonalds

  16. Creek Visal

    Creek Visal7 days ago

    He looks at the fries like there so detailed

  17. Käffchen Style

    Käffchen Style7 days ago

    Hey what are you looking for in a fry/frie?

  18. daniel hoel

    daniel hoel7 days ago

    if you want to look classy you should learn to cut ur disgusting fingernails dummy

  19. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek7 days ago

    My response:

  20. TheUnnamedGent

    TheUnnamedGent8 days ago

    Why come ur so thin when you eat such shit.


    YOUNG 'N GRATEFUL9 days ago

    5:48 fwd.....he almost broke character

  22. Jessica

    Jessica9 hours ago



    YOUNG 'N GRATEFUL9 days ago

    Eating like a vampire converted in the 1700s, low on blood.

  24. zane zane

    zane zane9 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video . Good rev

  25. Mason M.

    Mason M.9 days ago

    I’m hungry now

  26. Gus Motherwell

    Gus Motherwell9 days ago

    Nice suit reviewbruh

  27. Michael Gorny

    Michael Gorny10 days ago

    No one cares about what your wearing, you Rube!

  28. Wake me when we get there Huh

    Wake me when we get there Huh10 days ago

    Your bitch nails have got to go.

  29. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek10 days ago

    My response:

  30. martine

    martine10 days ago

    He’s so sweet bless him I love these videos

  31. Beezle Da Warlock

    Beezle Da Warlock10 days ago

    Lol da fuq

  32. Seth Tanner

    Seth Tanner10 days ago

    What’s in the silver mug?

  33. Adam Khemamssa

    Adam Khemamssa12 days ago

    Those are basically hard and crispy fries

  34. William Meisburger-Iwata

    William Meisburger-Iwata12 days ago

    So does your mom just wait in the taco bell or something

  35. Yes that's serious

    Yes that's serious12 days ago

    I thought it's Lorde

  36. mark rigg

    mark rigg12 days ago

    You eat a lot of junk food!

  37. standing bear

    standing bear12 days ago

    damn it man yer makin it hard to be vegetarian! gah!

  38. G G

    G G13 days ago

    He makes me wanna do my homework

  39. Robbie Rotten

    Robbie Rotten13 days ago

    I prefer Del Tacos fries.

  40. JereomyA

    JereomyA13 days ago

    You know when he made that “Mode of transportation joke” at 5:30 he was dying with laughter on the inside and thinking, “Goddamn, I’m a fucking comical genius” 😂

  41. Sad Kazoo

    Sad Kazoo13 days ago

    How could you dislike these videos

  42. walter wardlaw

    walter wardlaw14 days ago

    Hahahaha.. I like this guy.. "One of those... Harry potter quiddich things.".. is a very interesting way of referring to a broom.

  43. Juicy

    Juicy14 days ago

    Intros so nice, he says it twice

  44. Alike

    Alike14 days ago

    You're the Andy Warhol of this generation

  45. SpiritualSaurian

    SpiritualSaurian14 days ago

    You remind me of a young American Rowan Atkinson; just so pure

  46. Gabe

    Gabe15 days ago

    He looks like a golem with more hair.

  47. millarsmind

    millarsmind15 days ago

    He’s so beautiful

  48. HALOItsJme

    HALOItsJme15 days ago

    I like how reviewbrah explains what hes wearing in the description 👌

  49. Astolfo Rider

    Astolfo Rider15 days ago

    Why is the title in german

  50. Scooby Snacks

    Scooby Snacks16 days ago

    I like the way you talk

  51. AutismMom #1

    AutismMom #117 days ago

    You need to come out with a suit line...or at least neckties

  52. Teighlor Tumbleson

    Teighlor Tumbleson18 days ago

    I just found your channel yesterday and I already love you

  53. Fake Name

    Fake Name19 days ago

    I love your voice so much

  54. Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy Rogers21 day ago

    I just drown my fries in vinegar.

  55. Joshamous

    Joshamous22 days ago

    Are you going to review the Carolina Reaper ones next?

  56. Red Dark

    Red Dark22 days ago

    He talks more than what he gives true specific facts by eating them fast

  57. Red Dark

    Red Dark22 days ago

    Makes me hungry

  58. RsNinety Nine

    RsNinety Nine22 days ago

    Do you work as an undertaker?

  59. Aegon Aram

    Aegon Aram23 days ago

    I subbed to this channel because of the personality in front of the camera. But I am trying to lose weight, so bye.

  60. OldeVikingOriginal

    OldeVikingOriginal23 days ago

    "Those are nacho fries. They're mine!!"

  61. U. Hinson

    U. Hinson24 days ago

    Does he drive a hearse?

  62. yahoo

    yahoo25 days ago

    I like to imagine myself listening to your podcast on a nice day and all of a sudden the meteors rain down and destroy the world in the rmiddle of of you talking about nacho cheese

  63. Máté Mindák

    Máté Mindák25 days ago

    I don't know why but these videos are so funny.

  64. Mister Dupeep

    Mister Dupeep25 days ago

    Most important review of 2k18

  65. Jason Reacts

    Jason Reacts26 days ago

    " So im gonna try a fry And then ill try it with the nacho Cheese, Goin in". Me: "oh ok" Him: "Eats A fry" "Then Another"... Me: YOU FUCING LIAR YOU SAID U WEERE GONNA EAT ONE NOT TWO YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ASS FUCKING CUNT YOU FUCKING TWO FACED NAKED MOLE RAT FUCKING BUTTHOLE LOOKIN ASS WIHT UR FUCKING SHITTY SUIT. DISCLAIMER: jk i like ur vids👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✔✔

  66. David M

    David M26 days ago

    Grow a beard

  67. Anthony Jonas

    Anthony Jonas27 days ago

    I subscribed because your unique . I like your style.

  68. Justin Steinhardt

    Justin Steinhardt28 days ago

    No wonder I can’t find any ladies it’s because this sexy mofo is taking them all.

  69. Msalazar6sicVI

    Msalazar6sicVI28 days ago

    You eat like Smeagol

  70. Beau Gonzales

    Beau Gonzales28 days ago

    I gotta say he's a handsome fella

  71. Neko hazelnut

    Neko hazelnut28 days ago

    idk why but this is fancy af

  72. Iska Odiembo

    Iska Odiembo29 days ago

    The whole video I was saying "dis boi"

  73. Brian Pagano

    Brian Pagano29 days ago

    You Rock dude....

  74. Navneeth Gopal

    Navneeth Gopal29 days ago

    He looks like a distant relative to Adam's Family

  75. ToXic Rebel

    ToXic RebelMonth ago

    Says “it was crazy” while there is an empty Taco Bell behind him🤣

  76. Steven Chartoff

    Steven ChartoffMonth ago

    Fun fact: the founder of taco bell originally owned a hot dog stand

  77. emily.99

    emily.99Month ago


  78. Kermit Plays Kahoot

    Kermit Plays KahootMonth ago

    4:53 Look at the dude in the back disposing of a dead body lmao

  79. CryMeTV

    CryMeTVMonth ago

    very cool

  80. CryMeTV

    CryMeTVMonth ago

    ye tru

  81. Lester the Molester

    Lester the MolesterMonth ago

    You kinda look like my older bro without glasses

  82. WordsofHeresyOfficial

    WordsofHeresyOfficialMonth ago

    You eat like a praying mantis, wtf?

  83. Lbot beenthere

    Lbot beenthereMonth ago

    Protip Question, if I know that you're a vampire despite your ability to be out in day light and eat human food will you still offer to turn me? Feel free to delete this comment if I have added to many spoilers but here goes, it's not the suits, it's not the slicked down hair, it's not even the bat like features of yours nose, it all boils down to those creepy creepy fingers and long fingernails and the manurisims that you have

  84. Shane Maziarz

    Shane MaziarzMonth ago

    I have no idea why I enjoy watching your videos but I do. So...there's that

  85. Coolbacon 22

    Coolbacon 22Month ago

    They were sold out at my local Taco Bell.

  86. Treka Double

    Treka DoubleMonth ago

    How could I express this... seeing someone making such a complex review of fries... this makes me genuinely happy. Thank you.

  87. Feriel Sullivan

    Feriel SullivanMonth ago

    You have beautiful hands.

  88. Cody Chapman

    Cody ChapmanMonth ago

    Some of these trash ass comments get a life people😂😂😂

  89. Ella Marie

    Ella MarieMonth ago

    I love himmmm. Videos are amazing

  90. helloimmolly

    helloimmollyMonth ago

    you’re awesome

  91. scoot tf2

    scoot tf2Month ago

    I love the nacho fries

  92. victor hugo villalba

    victor hugo villalbaMonth ago

    His eyes. Reptile

  93. leonardo h

    leonardo hMonth ago

    why am I watching this? lol

  94. Deo A

    Deo AMonth ago

    He looks like an iguana

  95. Up And Across

    Up And AcrossMonth ago

    What's with the suit?

  96. Akshay Narkar

    Akshay NarkarMonth ago

    I am hungry now... gonna try this food. Good work man!

  97. -_-

    -_-Month ago

    Not yo fries

  98. thirstyphilosopher

    thirstyphilosopherMonth ago

    Were your parents Siskel & Ebert?

  99. Li Ann

    Li AnnMonth ago

    The only time I tried these, they were absolutely gross. Very stale and cold. It was just the restaurant's fault, not the whole franchise. But I'm still hesitant to try them somewhere else

  100. ciso ciso

    ciso cisoMonth ago

    you are so fucking handsome

  101. J. Ongman

    J. OngmanMonth ago

    you should throw in a curve ball and wear a tracksuit sometime

  102. PepperMintGooey

    PepperMintGooeyMonth ago

    I wonder what they taste like🤔

  103. MutuallySustainedHateBoner Inc

    MutuallySustainedHateBoner IncMonth ago

    "Nacho Fries". Typing the name out is already giving me diarrhea.

  104. Willdabeast

    WilldabeastMonth ago

    Yall look like lorde

  105. dualsportguy

    dualsportguyMonth ago

    Nice to see Christopher Walken’s son doing reviews