Are Burger King's Pretzel Chicken Fries Any Good?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek9 months ago

    I am seeking comments from radio listeners in Western Europe regarding the possibility of resuming a direct radio service to the area. Check out the newest show at: and send feedback to

  2. Lex The Lion

    Lex The LionMonth ago

    Dude the reason they din taste like pretzel is because you got the chicken fries. Thats why they gave you the chicken box. It explains why they din know about pretzel fries. They played you. They did you dirty bruh!!!! Lol.

  3. Jacob Critch

    Jacob Critch8 months ago

    3xceedingly Wealthy Bloke yeah i've felt like that

  4. d v

    d v9 months ago

    Please cut your fingernails

  5. Mystery Reviewer

    Mystery Reviewer9 months ago

    Resume? Was there ever?

  6. TheGreatArti

    TheGreatArti9 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Oh my lord, I got to the point where you were eating the chicken fry while looking down and as soon as you look up and over towards the fry you munched on an ad popped up saying and I quote "WARNING! This video may contain inappropriate content." What did you do to the poor Pretzel Chicken Fries Based Review Brah? Hahaha anyways now to watch the ad and find out!

  7. Mutah

    Mutah2 days ago

    That's the biggest bite I've ever seen you take 5:57

  8. Tyler, the Incinerator

    Tyler, the Incinerator22 days ago

    These were a thing???

  9. Sills71

    Sills71Month ago

    why do you talk for 13 minutes to say something you could say in about 45 seconds? try "these were pretty good with the sweet and sour sauce... a little salty and not much "pretzel" taste" see how easy that is?

  10. Steel Wool

    Steel WoolMonth ago

    2:55 funny cause that happened to me the first few times I went to Burger King.

  11. Lex The Lion

    Lex The LionMonth ago

    Did you know Ant Bordain took part in satan worshiping? He did things that satanic cults would do.

  12. Nick Wolf Tuxedo

    Nick Wolf Tuxedo2 months ago

    HOW? 0:00

  13. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess2 months ago

    Maybe they would taste better if you ate them hot

  14. PBR Streetgang

    PBR Streetgang3 months ago

    I also looked up to Anthony Bourdain and his death was very sad and shocking.

  15. Probably Cram

    Probably Cram5 months ago

    I feel like he's purposefully awkward in public

  16. AshyNorthstar

    AshyNorthstar6 months ago

    the good ol days of chicken and pretzels lmfao really XD

  17. nice

    nice7 months ago

    i think youre funny reviewbrah

  18. Jordan Beachy

    Jordan Beachy7 months ago

    They're actually good when they're fresh and with honey mustard.

  19. Bobby Federico

    Bobby Federico7 months ago

    Review brah thicc af 😩👌

  20. J-rod !

    J-rod !7 months ago

    honey mustard is best sauce for chicken fingers @The ReportOfTheWeek

  21. Jeffrey Thomas

    Jeffrey Thomas7 months ago

    I appreciated your tribute to Anthony Bourdain. He was an inspiration to me as well, and his passing hit me hard, too.

  22. knonsense

    knonsense7 months ago

    Intro too long. Just get to the review

  23. HunterXray

    HunterXray8 months ago

    I thought these were really good with Honey Mustard. Of course if you let them setting around and they get cold, they may not taste as good. Best when hot.

  24. Kelly Nicar

    Kelly Nicar8 months ago

    I love you!

  25. Blaire

    Blaire8 months ago

    I got a KFC and before this video 😂

  26. john shaft

    john shaft8 months ago

    I love you ReviewBrah! i recently graduated from cooking school. You're a huge inspiration.

  27. Jack Price

    Jack Price8 months ago

    I bet this kids parents are over 65

  28. millionmillionaires

    millionmillionaires8 months ago

    @5:36 cross section action. Did you see that shit?

  29. miss chris

    miss chris8 months ago

    B.K. really seems to be grasping at straws at this point... in the shape of chicken fries.

  30. Jeffrey A Mills

    Jeffrey A Mills8 months ago

    There's just 1 problem. Everybody has thier own taste buds. He calls it food reviews. Butt in all reality! You yourselfs have to try foods for yourself.

  31. That One Black Guy

    That One Black Guy8 months ago

    Bought some to try them while watching this video, I agree but its a 7.5/10 with honey mustard

  32. Matthew Schwartz

    Matthew Schwartz8 months ago

    Thank you for your respectful words towards Anthony Bourdain. You're a stand-up guy

  33. Ansoni D

    Ansoni D8 months ago

    Anybody notice they shorted him one?

  34. Zyzor

    Zyzor8 months ago

    When he said “I’ll cluck you tweet, I don’t know if that’s a veiled threat.” I lost it lmao. Reviewbrah takes nothing lightly.

  35. D B

    D B8 months ago

    1:52 Theres no doubting the level of the BK's culinary expertise when you see that image on the container

  36. Set2det617

    Set2det6178 months ago

    Your review makes me disappointed in my own favorite fast food Wendy's! Well all the other big chains have a buffalo or hot type sauce Wendy recently phased out there creamy Chipotle for something that they call a saucesome some. Frankly it tastes terrible is very Bland I love for you to do a review of it what you think

  37. Mad Max

    Mad Max8 months ago

    I liked watching no reservations but Anthony bourdain took the easy way out. He left behind his kids and didnt even care how they felt

  38. Lia Finnegan

    Lia Finnegan8 months ago

    Quick Question. The religious statue in the China closet, who is it? Is it Saint Joseph? Just curious.

  39. Veinum

    Veinum8 months ago

    thanks for doing reviews i really enjoy your videos

  40. Alec Hall

    Alec Hall8 months ago

    His hands look like they were only meant to handle miniature teacups

  41. Hannibal Hendrix

    Hannibal Hendrix8 months ago

    You and the chicken on that box have the same eyes

  42. NayT God's Anointed

    NayT God's Anointed8 months ago

    I love the way he speaks😊 very intelligent

  43. codypendant1

    codypendant18 months ago

    Honey mustard sauce.. just sayin'.. another great presentation.. c):~)

  44. sockmonkey13

    sockmonkey138 months ago

    I also was expecting more of a pretzel flavor, but I really liked the crunch, and they're fairly amazing with honey mustard. I wish they'd just bring back the first run of spicy chicken fries. I don't like the jalapeño or buffalo ones nearly as much.

  45. mylesfinch

    mylesfinch8 months ago

    I feel like they're just crisper

  46. Lewis Peet

    Lewis Peet8 months ago

    45% pretzel meat and the rest is chicken

  47. Sean McLeer

    Sean McLeer8 months ago

    You are adorable

  48. Max Edge

    Max Edge8 months ago

    Is this loss ?

  49. cαтѕєνєяуωнєяє

    cαтѕєνєяуωнєяє8 months ago

    D A D D Y

  50. soda989

    soda9898 months ago

    ‘Veiled threat’... *BAWAHAHAHAHA!!!*

  51. DuckGoddies

    DuckGoddies8 months ago

    When he takes those bites and doesn’t say a word for like an hour my heart pounds out of my chest.

  52. Kevin Corley

    Kevin Corley8 months ago

    Please grow a pencil mustache! It will complete your look.

  53. HOT_COCO

    HOT_COCO8 months ago

    Do a review of the different lays chips

  54. Michael Gonzales

    Michael Gonzales8 months ago

    Pretzel meat?

  55. MarkSamurai5

    MarkSamurai58 months ago

    Honestly I like the pretzel chicken fries better than their cheetos chicken fries.

  56. Dakota Wheat

    Dakota Wheat8 months ago

    Bro that part In your hair is flawless I gave you a like just for that 🙂

  57. Johnny B

    Johnny B8 months ago

    You should be making enough money from youtube by now. How about reviewing some good food? Something other then some drivethru garbage that i could try for a couple bucks.

  58. Donald Thompson

    Donald Thompson8 months ago

    This guy should be in a movie, where he plays a psycho serial killer. It would be a good role for him. Or the main guy for live action how to train you dragon.

  59. Beth Taylor

    Beth Taylor8 months ago

    I love your voice. And you remind me so much of Sheldon Cooper. That’s a great thing because I love Sheldon Cooper! I like your channel, sir. 👍🏼😚😁

  60. Purely Black

    Purely Black9 months ago

    Fun fact-Listen closely and you can hear a clock.

  61. Eagles Guy

    Eagles Guy9 months ago

    Kinda reminds me of death from supernatural.


    ELKFILMZ9 months ago

    That Chicken box art does have dead eyes.

  63. ykhs

    ykhs9 months ago

    This is a disgrace to my countrys not very much existing pride... whyyy BurgerKing like this has nothing ro do with Brezel(=original word for "Pretzel") so why call it that

  64. WildFeather

    WildFeather9 months ago

    For future reference, it's mustard review brah. You use mustard with pretzel. Regular, spicy, honey, Dijon, doesn't matter, just has to be mustard.

  65. Nickolas Faz

    Nickolas Faz9 months ago

    Sending love from AZ reviewbrah 😘

  66. aloha ohana

    aloha ohana9 months ago

    thanks for this incredible review! i am intrigued and i am going to check these out as soon as possible. i think they would be much better with some cheese dip. don't you? RIP anthony. look forward to your next video. ps do you hve a gf?

  67. john jacob

    john jacob9 months ago


  68. Sour Onion Cream

    Sour Onion Cream9 months ago

    I’ll cook you eat.

  69. Caleb Jordan

    Caleb Jordan9 months ago

    Your videos are oddly intruiging

  70. Brittany Garrett

    Brittany Garrett9 months ago

    I would have gone for honey mustard sauce if they offer that, as mustard goes well with pretzels.

  71. Twine Tickla

    Twine Tickla9 months ago

    I find it most appropriate to listen to Agnus Dei (the chant obviously) while watching the brah enjoy his meals. It brings me comfort in times of need.

  72. michael langberg

    michael langberg9 months ago

    I would like to see more of the Blueberry Goblin

  73. scott mclaugh

    scott mclaugh9 months ago

    Oh My goshh, Why do I love this guy sooo much

  74. Kai Daniels

    Kai Daniels9 months ago


  75. The Lunch Files

    The Lunch Files9 months ago

    I feel so much better now knowing that even the great Reviewbrah didn't get the Pretzel box. I've gone twice to Burger King now to be given the plain Jane Chicken fry container. It's an honor to be in your company sir! :)

  76. Syrus Crane

    Syrus Crane9 months ago

    Rip x

  77. Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka9 months ago

    I thought that was loss at first (on the plate in the beginning)

  78. The Original Gamer

    The Original Gamer9 months ago

    Possibly the worst part about Bourdain killing himself, is that he made Reviewbrah sad. :(

  79. don't care

    don't care9 months ago

    13 fucking minutes for a pretzel fry.. please do yourself a favor and talk about anything outside of food which you probably shouldn't be talking about.

  80. MrShotzeey

    MrShotzeey9 months ago

    Anyone else say "food review" along with him every video?

  81. LiveOnTheEDGEville

    LiveOnTheEDGEville9 months ago

    You should try getting some puntang and seeing how that tastes.

  82. We are getting aggravated

    We are getting aggravated9 months ago

    Bourdains probably burning in hell.

  83. Kohlob

    Kohlob9 months ago

    You should've made LOSS with the chicken fries.

  84. Dillon Lee

    Dillon Lee9 months ago

    this guy eats buffalo flavor at ever meal. he even ate buffalo doing a pickle drink review.

  85. Random randomness

    Random randomness9 months ago

    This goofy Down's syndrome Fucker needs to stop stealing his suits off dead bodies at the funeral home ......

  86. Alejandro Salinas

    Alejandro Salinas9 months ago

    Lol I work at burger king and no one even orders these I got to try them and they taste exactly the same as the original just saltoer and a bit crunchier

  87. I want to be japanese bro

    I want to be japanese bro9 months ago

    You got dog shit on your plate fam

  88. Adam Quinn

    Adam Quinn9 months ago

    yellow buffalo sauce?

  89. Xplisit23

    Xplisit239 months ago

    "Like Im giving a sacrifice" lmaaaooo

  90. stickersdogcat42

    stickersdogcat429 months ago

    They taste like chicken fries except saltier.

  91. too depressed to feel things lmao

    too depressed to feel things lmao9 months ago

    why are the pretzel chicken fries less crunchier than the one he made on Taco Bell’s nacho fries?

  92. Mia Cruz

    Mia Cruz9 months ago

    I need a collab with you and Trisha paytas

  93. Alex Neau

    Alex Neau9 months ago

    Hi reviewbrah, how about travelling around the world to taste fast foods in different countries?

  94. Nick Saso

    Nick Saso9 months ago

    The pretzel chicken fries “what!”

  95. Kent Keller

    Kent Keller9 months ago

    The pens in his pocket.

  96. Jack Guggisberg

    Jack Guggisberg9 months ago

    "Pretzel meat" almost killed me, made me choke on my beer. I'm fucking suing.

  97. DecafToaster

    DecafToaster9 months ago

    The box is unremarkable except that it keeps the food warmer than it is dumped on a plate. Not to mention there's a fold-out area in the top of the box when it's open to set the dip container in. Poor box is misunderstood.

  98. Frank

    Frank9 months ago

    This just has a few sarcastic marks against you 😂😂😂

  99. AM EL

    AM EL9 months ago

    Love your videos. I always try to time your “fooooood revieeeeeeew”- line and say it out loud for myself. You seem like a very nice person. Keep up with the work, I hope it brings you much success and pleasure.

  100. Travis T

    Travis T9 months ago

    Burger King is a funky yet somehow dreary, hysterically bad joint. I hardly see anyone in their parking lots, no matter which location yet they have no problem remaining open, I can only imagine how low their food costs must be relative to prices. I'd imagine that's the "secret sauce" to their business model. Back many years ago it seemed like Burger King was actually a slight upgrade over McDonald's in terms of food quality, and now it seems quite the opposite. McDonald's is solidly mediocre or even slightly better and Burger King is just straight laughable.

  101. McBiteyFace

    McBiteyFace9 months ago

    45% Pretzel Meat.

  102. Darker Side of Magic

    Darker Side of Magic9 months ago

    I'm shocked you didn't get honey mustard to dip them in! Shocked!!!!

  103. Chris Puckett

    Chris Puckett9 months ago

    Pineapple is actually a staple ingredient for sour or spicy-cutting foods in SE Asia, particularly in Thailand

  104. Contamino

    Contamino9 months ago

    CNN should hire you to replace Anthony Bourdain!! Great job with your channel. I find it very entertaining and informative. Thank you


    ASMR THOT POLICE9 months ago

    I felt like I was in a jail scene when he put that chicken up to the camera