1. wait on me everynight, sis. CLICKDAN

    wait on me everynight, sis. CLICKDANDay ago

    These are genius lmao

  2. Potato girl

    Potato girl3 days ago

    "Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff" *Thats my constant mood*

  3. Sausscery

    Sausscery4 days ago

    Some indie company or whatever better make all these real apps.

  4. de blob

    de blob4 days ago


  5. literally ._. lester

    literally ._. lester5 days ago

    What about an app that brings Anthony back?? Please I’m desperate!!

  6. Ecsm M

    Ecsm M9 days ago

    I want Anthony back

  7. franky horn

    franky horn9 days ago

    I laughed my ass off at the drunk texting one.

  8. neuclear513

    neuclear5139 days ago

    Why is Anthony not in the videos any more

  9. Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter10 days ago

    But Instagram is real

  10. trmnblck

    trmnblck10 days ago

    this video is so good lmao

  11. 123324

    12332411 days ago

    Dumb niggas in comments: yo wath are all those apps called?

  12. Randy M

    Randy M11 days ago

    A bAnGeR

  13. alf da fortnite master #1 victory royale

    alf da fortnite master #1 victory royale12 days ago

    I wish i had a app that gave me money evreday

  14. Nathan Knight_06

    Nathan Knight_0612 days ago

    I wish that there was an app with an air conditioner AND a heater so you were never hot or cold

  15. Mukund Madhav

    Mukund Madhav13 days ago

    App developers, take note.

  16. Kawaii Singer

    Kawaii Singer14 days ago

    I've always wanted a app that memorized everything I have in my room, and when I lose something I can ask my phone where it is and it tell me😂😂😂

  17. Oof Itzsayge

    Oof Itzsayge17 days ago

    I ship Shayne and Courtney SOOOO much but I ship Bughead more😂😂

  18. Sora Now

    Sora Now18 days ago

    Like this if Courtney is hot

  19. Margaux Masse

    Margaux Masse20 days ago

    I wish there was an app where we could take pictures of something and it would tell us what it was

  20. Cathlina P

    Cathlina P20 days ago

    There should be an app like tinder but instead you can make friends

  21. lil big toe

    lil big toe21 day ago

    We don't need "get the reference" we have urban dictionary.

  22. Jack Kassab

    Jack Kassab21 day ago

    Ian just tries to be hip with the kids

  23. Kiesten Cabello

    Kiesten Cabello21 day ago

    We all definitely need a hangover apo 😂😂

  24. TSM Body count

    TSM Body count22 days ago

    70 or 80 vids later and i finally subbed

  25. Zac Z

    Zac Z22 days ago

    Oh my God

  26. Zac Z

    Zac Z22 days ago

    I will kill myself

  27. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez22 days ago

    Imagine pornhub was a app

  28. - -

    - -22 days ago

    It’s been a while since I watched smosh. Is Anthony gone?

  29. BillyTheGoat 25

    BillyTheGoat 2524 days ago

    “I’ve gotten into this new body shaming app.” “Oh what’s it called?” “Instagram .” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. ugly

    ugly25 days ago

    -am I a loser-

  31. Chu Productions

    Chu Productions25 days ago

    What is boozolingle the actual app called?

  32. Spring Trap

    Spring Trap26 days ago

    I want the third app lol

  33. Vu Quocminh

    Vu Quocminh26 days ago

    Sup guý

  34. Stay frosty

    Stay frosty28 days ago

    The first few seconds i mistook for the start of i write sins not tragedies



    i actually like lil uzi's music especially money longer and ps qs

  36. hirman 11

    hirman 1128 days ago

    Mom jokes lol

  37. Le Fedora Cate

    Le Fedora Cate29 days ago

    Isn't "get the reference" just Google?

  38. Saucey Box Animations

    Saucey Box Animations29 days ago

    We already have the reference app...its called google...

  39. Samuel Giglio

    Samuel GiglioMonth ago

    Every kid ever

  40. Kevin TV

    Kevin TVMonth ago


  41. Black Døggø

    Black DøggøMonth ago

    *Ground beef happy hour* *AT* *THE* *_Mall_*

  42. Fam Ride

    Fam RideMonth ago

    how about an app that brings Anthony back and makes their content 30x better?

  43. Toxic Dragon

    Toxic DragonMonth ago

    Part 2

  44. Rohan Shamloll

    Rohan ShamlollMonth ago

    Great video but love Anthony's

  45. infinitedarkness98

    infinitedarkness98Month ago

    Get the Reference is just Google lol

  46. Jenalicous

    JenalicousMonth ago

    What would be nice is a daily compliment app!

  47. Jonathan Vasquez

    Jonathan VasquezMonth ago

    # studio MDHR

  48. Brandi Munguia

    Brandi MunguiaMonth ago

    I want an app that shows me where all the nearest, open, public restrooms are at any given time and place.

  49. Happy11monkey games

    Happy11monkey gamesMonth ago

    What about an app that does your homework for you ? 😁

  50. BonzaiiPlays Official

    BonzaiiPlays OfficialMonth ago

    Hey you’ve been looking good lately like super fit. You using that app uh MyFitnessPal? Oh no I actually got into this new body shaming app. Ohh What’s it called? Instagram. *pause* Makes Sense

  51. astarmagesty /tragedy

    astarmagesty /tragedyMonth ago

    I wish I was real

  52. Colin forever

    Colin foreverMonth ago

    Catcaller maps shall be my excuse for not liking outside. I'm safe in my little bubble. I'm safe with classic doctor who DVDs

  53. Tech

    TechMonth ago

    Wish I could tell if someone was gay or in a relationship in general

  54. hafuwa

    hafuwaMonth ago


  55. Jeff Cook

    Jeff CookMonth ago

    Smosh is so bad now with out Anthony it's trash

  56. Marvin Gelig

    Marvin GeligMonth ago

    So Noahs gross and a man

  57. Bianca Oreskovic

    Bianca OreskovicMonth ago

    So true

  58. Rojhea Binns

    Rojhea BinnsMonth ago

    What happened to "shut up"

  59. Gobarber2

    Gobarber2Month ago

    One of your best skits in a while, Smosh team! Nice job! I really wish those apps were real tho...

  60. Kanga Roo

    Kanga RooMonth ago

    smosh videos used to be relatable now they're kinda boring and stale anthony bb pls come back

  61. Alex Badaoui

    Alex BadaouiMonth ago

    Damn I miss the good old days with just Ian and Anthony

  62. Tom Shariat

    Tom ShariatMonth ago


  63. Jose Russian

    Jose RussianMonth ago

    Part 2?

  64. Mystery YouTuber

    Mystery YouTuberMonth ago

    what about an app that scans your brain to see what food you're craving then in 3 seconds a drone brings that food to your house

  65. Dora Leah G.

    Dora Leah G.Month ago

    Smosh turned into buzzfeed and college humor

  66. Aedrien DL

    Aedrien DLMonth ago

    Me and courtney (blond girl) have the same popsocket and case


    AZN_ PETRIFYMonth ago


  68. Rayane Bouchelit

    Rayane BouchelitMonth ago

    hi guys how are you i'm French in Paris

  69. Karen K

    Karen KMonth ago

    The last one cracked me up so much 😂😂😂

  70. Katelyn Sierra

    Katelyn SierraMonth ago

    Instagram 😂😂

  71. Do you know da wae

    Do you know da waeMonth ago

    Extremely accurate. Instagram is the no 1 body-shaming app. *sighs*

  72. Jae Hare

    Jae HareMonth ago

    You got yourself a new subscriber

  73. eric winchester

    eric winchesterMonth ago

    I am like potatos

  74. Nadeem Dharamsi

    Nadeem DharamsiMonth ago

    Those other texts though in Shane and ian

  75. Stephanie Wolf

    Stephanie WolfMonth ago

    Who Else Are Binge-Watching These lol


    LIL GOOBERMonth ago


  77. GadgetMan62

    GadgetMan62Month ago

    "Get the reference" is called Google

  78. EPIC TNT

    EPIC TNTMonth ago

    The 4th one is urban dictionary

  79. Oli170

    Oli170Month ago

    is this smosh or buzzfeed

  80. 83q

    83qMonth ago

    AutoRoast app

  81. Outcast 05

    Outcast 05Month ago

    Can Smosh make these All in one big app

  82. Susan Speicher

    Susan SpeicherMonth ago

    This was really good. "I can fix her."

  83. Insomniac Jac

    Insomniac JacMonth ago

    I haven't watched Smosh since like 2015. I'm surprised they got rid of the "shut up!" Bit. :(

  84. Lil PuMp

    Lil PuMpMonth ago

    Whens terraria 1.3 mobile comeing out

  85. Mad Man

    Mad ManMonth ago

    ugandan knuckles I'm pretty sure you're on the wrong video

  86. MT6 The new creator

    MT6 The new creatorMonth ago

    Does ian run smosh

  87. Kate Taurina

    Kate TaurinaMonth ago

    i love Shane

  88. TheShareBear

    TheShareBearMonth ago

    Shut Up!

  89. Soojean Oh

    Soojean OhMonth ago

    An app that makes random excuses when you don’t wanna hang out with someone

  90. Naief Alromi

    Naief AlromiMonth ago

    As a programmer I'm gonna try and make some of these apps

  91. KaotiK

    KaotiKMonth ago

    What happened to the "shut up" at the beginning of a video?

  92. NoodlesNugget

    NoodlesNuggetMonth ago

    ‘Likely’ is a clever name!

  93. Cesar Vera

    Cesar VeraMonth ago

    I really want that comeback app to be real

  94. Trevor Scott

    Trevor ScottMonth ago

    Maybe it’s just me but I feel like smosh has just become buzzfeed

  95. Emily Ruhnke

    Emily RuhnkeMonth ago

    There is an app where you can track where crimes have taken place in your area.

  96. Bészmi HUN

    Bészmi HUNMonth ago

    My class has 14 "students" 4 of them are perverts GOOD statistics

  97. Pheonixxed

    PheonixxedMonth ago

    looks in smosh comment section. Give me a pound for every emoji

  98. Ken Finger

    Ken FingerMonth ago

    What has this channel become

  99. SonderStudies

    SonderStudiesMonth ago

    a shazam but for when you forget the lyrics or name of a song so u like hum it

  100. little LEGEND

    little LEGENDMonth ago

    Oh so are these apps real yet?

  101. [anti] kyrin plays

    [anti] kyrin playsMonth ago

    Theres an app called amino which there is cringe and also alot of art stuff

  102. Monstergaming Shawn

    Monstergaming ShawnMonth ago

    Dude when they said lil Uzi i got so happy