1. Maria Delcarmen

    Maria Delcarmen8 days ago

    Hey that is awesome Video

  2. Aaron Arnedo

    Aaron Arnedo9 days ago

    I want a app that can answer all of my problems

  3. TheGamingSquirrel _

    TheGamingSquirrel _10 days ago

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Copy and paste!

  4. It's Ryan Davison

    It's Ryan Davison11 days ago

    1:42 google search ?

  5. Michelle Krause

    Michelle Krause11 days ago

    Most of these aren't even jokes

  6. Simon SillyBoi

    Simon SillyBoi11 days ago

    I'm a free spirit, always traveling, It's been hard cooking for one lately but that's life sometimes.

  7. Grace Hong

    Grace Hong13 days ago

    The app that lets me know if a disaster is coming

  8. Wesley Schwartz

    Wesley Schwartz13 days ago

    This is funny as f

  9. joey green

    joey green14 days ago

    Them:Lil uzi vert is the best Me: **unsubscribes**

  10. joey green

    joey green14 days ago

    What about god mode

  11. The Magenta Hoodie!

    The Magenta Hoodie!15 days ago

    The last one is just me!

  12. Taiye Tyler

    Taiye Tyler16 days ago

    I want likely

  13. devind407

    devind40716 days ago

    Oh boi I wish despacito 2 simulator on roblox 2 was on Google play 2 from epic games 2 on minecraft free 2 (When will there be a ROBLOX 2? Lmao?

  14. Jason Arruda

    Jason Arruda18 days ago

    why do i look like someone used the downgrade app on me 😭

  15. •I’m Smol•

    •I’m Smol•19 days ago

    “I’m Worried.” *No Emotions.*

  16. Kick A Door

    Kick A Door20 days ago

    god i wish get the refermece was real

  17. Faith Moreno

    Faith Moreno23 days ago

    That’s some major shade on Instagram 😂

  18. AwesomeAshcool Hi awesomeashcool

    AwesomeAshcool Hi awesomeashcool24 days ago


  19. Brayden Munro 2

    Brayden Munro 225 days ago

    Do a part two!

  20. Jimmy bui

    Jimmy bui26 days ago

    Every airplane ever

  21. Just_Awful_ At_Gaming

    Just_Awful_ At_Gaming26 days ago

    Around 1:27 they’re recognising that Ian is now old compared to the rest

  22. Spanish Dumbass

    Spanish Dumbass28 days ago

    Make an app where Justin doesn't get a play button because he really doesn't deserve it no homo

  23. Lexie Murray

    Lexie Murray28 days ago

    Omg so true

  24. 101

    10128 days ago

    It as actually 2:20 am when I was watching it at 1:40

  25. DerpJerd

    DerpJerdMonth ago

    Wthe comeback app could be so helpful for me

  26. Kc Nathan

    Kc NathanMonth ago

    smosh needs merch :/ well if they do give me a link please lol

  27. Super Mario Minecraft Jesson

    Super Mario Minecraft JessonMonth ago

    That Catcaller Maps app could be a real thing. It would link to a government database to see if someone had a criminal record or not.

  28. Dhruv Kasthuri

    Dhruv KasthuriMonth ago

    I like how they've finally started using their real names, instead of other random names

  29. Sayed Hassan

    Sayed HassanMonth ago

    Part 2 please

  30. FortniteNoob 367

    FortniteNoob 367Month ago

    Every app ever 😂😂🤣🤣😁

  31. FabolusSunnivaWithADD

    FabolusSunnivaWithADDMonth ago

    2:33 Why do they have a giant fork...?

  32. Programming Cats

    Programming CatsMonth ago

    App developers be like: JACKPOT

  33. The Savage

    The SavageMonth ago

    I wish ad cap

  34. DatLegoMann

    DatLegoMannMonth ago


  35. Nathan Meissner

    Nathan MeissnerMonth ago

    Bring back the old Smosh, they were like 100% more funny back then

  36. Lucie Scott

    Lucie ScottMonth ago

    That comebacks app is actually real

  37. Jacob Brinson

    Jacob BrinsonMonth ago

    Just move to texas to avoid cat callers

  38. إحسان الحق

    إحسان الحقMonth ago

    If there were apps like these oh boy 😂😂😥

  39. FoxeyPlays

    FoxeyPlaysMonth ago

    i bet google is making these apps rn and they will be out on 2019

  40. Samurai_Zen

    Samurai_ZenMonth ago


  41. alexXx

    alexXxMonth ago


  42. Chloey.slays

    Chloey.slaysMonth ago

    I wish there was a app where people can vote on if ur picture is good or not before you post it

  43. lit

    litMonth ago

    I wish smosh came back.. SHUT UP!!!

  44. AcousticSodaPop

    AcousticSodaPopMonth ago

    shayne always looks either really composed or really out of it honestly it's amazing

  45. Nikki Petrescu boboc

    Nikki Petrescu bobocMonth ago

    Loved this video but not gonna lie I missed the shut up intro, and the song they used to play between clips

  46. TheChickenZZ

    TheChickenZZMonth ago

    what happened to old smosh

  47. Babydraw

    BabydrawMonth ago

    This is one of the funniest videos ever

  48. Fluffy Tae

    Fluffy TaeMonth ago

    Another App: Meeting Idol (BTS)

  49. Sofya Stechishina

    Sofya StechishinaMonth ago

    What’s it called? *instagram* Got me dead😂

  50. OfficialCQZ

    OfficialCQZMonth ago

    I would love a stories function in boozolingo.

  51. Curvytripod3700

    Curvytripod3700Month ago

    I hate lil Uzi vert. He is so demonic and Antichrist. Don't believe me say his name really fast and what do you here... Thats right Luicefer

  52. AhmedHaythamHD

    AhmedHaythamHD2 months ago

    Comeback is an actual website BTW...

  53. The Brocarian

    The Brocarian2 months ago

    Pls do a part 2

  54. Wat Pop

    Wat Pop2 months ago

    We need an app that brings back Anthony.

  55. evetrix

    evetrix2 months ago

    The "if blank was real" is worse without anthony

  56. MOR the crazy guy

    MOR the crazy guy2 months ago

    when he said "instagram" i almost lost it XD

  57. hanle lol

    hanle lol2 months ago

    1mil....views....what has smosh became 😢

  58. Whatever Art

    Whatever Art2 months ago

    I don’t need a body shaming app when I have myself

  59. ytclick

    ytclick2 months ago

    These are genius lmao

  60. Potato girl

    Potato girl2 months ago

    "Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff" *Thats my constant mood*

  61. Sausscery

    Sausscery2 months ago

    Some indie company or whatever better make all these real apps.

  62. handy man dan

    handy man dan2 months ago


  63. literally ._. lester

    literally ._. lester2 months ago

    What about an app that brings Anthony back?? Please I’m desperate!!

  64. Ecsm M

    Ecsm M2 months ago

    I want Anthony back

  65. franky horn

    franky horn2 months ago

    I laughed my ass off at the drunk texting one.

  66. neuclear513

    neuclear5132 months ago

    Why is Anthony not in the videos any more

  67. Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter2 months ago

    But Instagram is real

  68. d

    d2 months ago

    this video is so good lmao

  69. 123324

    1233242 months ago

    Dumb niggas in comments: yo wath are all those apps called?

  70. Randy M

    Randy M2 months ago

    A bAnGeR

  71. alf da fortnite master #1 victory royale

    alf da fortnite master #1 victory royale2 months ago

    I wish i had a app that gave me money evreday

  72. Nathan Knight_06

    Nathan Knight_062 months ago

    I wish that there was an app with an air conditioner AND a heater so you were never hot or cold

  73. Mukund Madhav

    Mukund Madhav2 months ago

    App developers, take note.

  74. Kawaii Singer

    Kawaii Singer2 months ago

    I've always wanted a app that memorized everything I have in my room, and when I lose something I can ask my phone where it is and it tell me😂😂😂

  75. Oof Itzsayge

    Oof Itzsayge2 months ago

    I ship Shayne and Courtney SOOOO much but I ship Bughead more😂😂

  76. Sora Now

    Sora Now2 months ago

    Like this if Courtney is hot

  77. Margaux Masse

    Margaux Masse2 months ago

    I wish there was an app where we could take pictures of something and it would tell us what it was

  78. Cathlina P

    Cathlina P2 months ago

    There should be an app like tinder but instead you can make friends

  79. lil big toe

    lil big toe2 months ago

    We don't need "get the reference" we have urban dictionary.

  80. Jack Kassab

    Jack Kassab2 months ago

    Ian just tries to be hip with the kids

  81. Kiesten Cabello

    Kiesten Cabello2 months ago

    We all definitely need a hangover apo 😂😂

  82. TSM Body count

    TSM Body count2 months ago

    70 or 80 vids later and i finally subbed

  83. Zac Z

    Zac Z2 months ago

    Oh my God

  84. Zac Z

    Zac Z2 months ago

    I will kill myself

  85. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez2 months ago

    Imagine pornhub was a app

  86. - -

    - -2 months ago

    It’s been a while since I watched smosh. Is Anthony gone?

  87. BillyTheGoat 25

    BillyTheGoat 252 months ago

    “I’ve gotten into this new body shaming app.” “Oh what’s it called?” “Instagram .” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. ugly

    ugly2 months ago

    -am I a loser-

  89. Chu Productions

    Chu Productions2 months ago

    What is boozolingle the actual app called?

  90. Spring Trap

    Spring Trap2 months ago

    I want the third app lol

  91. Vu Quocminh

    Vu Quocminh2 months ago

    Sup guý

  92. Stay frosty

    Stay frosty3 months ago

    The first few seconds i mistook for the start of i write sins not tragedies



    i actually like lil uzi's music especially money longer and ps qs

  94. hirman 11

    hirman 113 months ago

    Mom jokes lol

  95. Le Fedora Cate

    Le Fedora Cate3 months ago

    Isn't "get the reference" just Google?

  96. Saucey Box Animations

    Saucey Box Animations3 months ago

    We already have the reference app...its called google...

  97. doraluffy

    doraluffyMonth ago

    Saucey Box Animations or urban dictionary

  98. Wolf Fang

    Wolf Fang3 months ago

    Every kid ever

  99. Kevin TV

    Kevin TV3 months ago


  100. Black Døggø

    Black Døggø3 months ago

    *Ground beef happy hour* *AT* *THE* *_Mall_*

  101. Fam Ride

    Fam Ride3 months ago

    how about an app that brings Anthony back and makes their content 30x better?

  102. Toxic Dragon

    Toxic Dragon3 months ago

    Part 2