Apple Was Right About THE NOTCH!


  1. Michael Angelica

    Michael Angelica8 months ago

    Just make the whole phone the fuckn notch.

  2. Mockbaboy

    Mockbaboy3 months ago


  3. MrFox

    MrFox3 months ago

    iPhone Notch is just Revolutionary 😂😂

  4. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams4 months ago


  5. Lesley Atterwill

    Lesley Atterwill5 months ago


  6. Lesley Atterwill

    Lesley Atterwill5 months ago


  7. Rest in peace

    Rest in peace2 hours ago

    Essential was first and they were right. Copycat apple. Apple is a thief.

  8. Night Fury

    Night Fury17 days ago

    Apple fanboy talking about notch. Buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

  9. the prophecy fan

    the prophecy fan25 days ago

    This phone don't even have fingerprints

  10. the prophecy fan

    the prophecy fan25 days ago

    not all android manufacturers, Samsung will never put a notch

  11. Scax

    Scax27 days ago

    Its the fookin notch

  12. Fairytale Gaming

    Fairytale GamingMonth ago

    Apple fanboy

  13. Emy Pena

    Emy PenaMonth ago

    Notch is such a feature that new version of MacBooks and iPadswill have their own notch.

  14. Alil Balt

    Alil BaltMonth ago

    Fruit Phone with the *ORGANIC* LED lol.


    CRINGEY AF2 months ago

    It's not all android phones have the notch Samsung doesn't have it


    CRINGEY AF2 months ago

    You are like the guy with the notch hairline

  17. W J

    W J2 months ago

    Thank fuck Samsung and the others haven't embraced the gigantic notch. Small ones I guess I can tolerate but the new Pixel phones are hideous.

  18. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee2 months ago

    Steve Jobs would not make an excuse about the notch. He would get rid of the notch because he was no compromise. The reason why I brought the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is no compromise and has everything.

  19. Lamp Nigga

    Lamp Nigga2 months ago

    Brush your teeth

  20. The Anonymous observer ‘

    The Anonymous observer ‘2 months ago

    Sure apple maybe the biggest cash cow ever known to the tech industry, but they have these features for a reason or another. Whether to make money or just innovate. Android is like the little brother to apple always mimicking and copying apples designs to sell as much of there products and be all TRENDY like. They had no reason to remove the headphone jack, or the notch. Except that one with the super tiny one with the camera, essential phone, your free to go.

  21. WatrmelnGames

    WatrmelnGames3 months ago

    6% smaller then da froot fone

  22. Raúl Torres Gómez

    Raúl Torres Gómez3 months ago

    I´m not embracing the fucking notch!

  23. 100k Subs Without A Video Channel

    100k Subs Without A Video Channel2 months ago

    +GregsGadgets Samsung

  24. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets3 months ago

    What phone will you use?

  25. Love is Life

    Love is Life3 months ago

    I hate notch bye bye Apple

  26. No Rules

    No Rules3 months ago

    Notch is the reason I switched on iPhone, I really love x series

  27. ctnative203

    ctnative2033 months ago

    fuckin guy presenting the android barley speaks english

  28. Mark Garcia

    Mark Garcia3 months ago

    Apple Homer?

  29. Hassan Farrukh

    Hassan Farrukh4 months ago

    3:11 iPhone with horns

  30. shrikant sabnis

    shrikant sabnis4 months ago

    Samsung still did not have notch and did not remove audio jack

  31. Petar T.

    Petar T.4 months ago

    I couldn't stop laughing xD

  32. Daryl Grider

    Daryl Grider4 months ago

    Apple still implemented the notch for the very reason the android phones CREATED it for. The capabilities within the iPhones notch is relatively unimportant as in why the notch was created, which was to have a more bezeless design. Because iPhones were able to remove more of the bezel around the rest of the phone doesnt exactly make the concept of it's new design innovative. The hardest part of the bezeless concept was already laid. Tim cook wasn't right, someone else was. Nice attempt though.

  33. ruckingfetard 6732

    ruckingfetard 67324 months ago

    Oh dear God an apple fan boy channel 😂

  34. Sal Volpe

    Sal Volpe4 months ago


  35. TankQ

    TankQ4 months ago

    Just wait till you see the google notch. When apple call it their future phone is finally here in the x. People laugh. A year later. So many notches. And have you seen the XL? The bad thing about the XL not having a complex face authentication means another year to wait before you get the api to authenticate bank apps.

  36. kevin clayton

    kevin clayton4 months ago

    As long as Samsung don't use a notch ..over a can knock there selfs out

  37. Etizo Man

    Etizo Man4 months ago


  38. Jason Burns

    Jason Burns4 months ago

    They have been copying Apple since the very beginning. Nothing has changed.

  39. Daryl Grider

    Daryl Grider3 months ago

    +Jason Burns oh ok. Cool. Got it. 🙄

  40. Jason Burns

    Jason Burns3 months ago

    +Daryl Grider

  41. Jason Burns

    Jason Burns4 months ago

    Whatever you say.

  42. The Speed king

    The Speed king4 months ago

    i think that android makers r putting the notch so they can make it look like iPhone Xs and sell brand new forms of iShit, so they can market it to🇮🇳 as original when the notch loses its sole purpose.

  43. Speed King

    Speed King4 months ago

    Fun fact: The notch can magically remove the left goalpost if you are watching football. Match that Samsung! 🤣

  44. James Dean

    James Dean4 months ago

    This video was funny as fuck. I love it.

  45. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets4 months ago

    Thank you

  46. Lord Power

    Lord Power5 months ago

    Marcel Campos e MT pika

  47. INSANE Animations

    INSANE Animations5 months ago

    And Android can’t make real phones so they copy and call the original designer “fruit”

  48. INSANE Animations

    INSANE Animations5 months ago

    What’s with all the dislike?


    RAJVIR MAHARAUL5 months ago

    Watch one of your lates video and now this is my straight 4th video of yours....Your explanation is amazing... Easy to understand... Is that guy who speak notch is CEO or something head of any company..??

  50. Apple Exposed

    Apple Exposed4 months ago

    GregsGadgets He's just another knockoff Steve Jobs. These CEOs are cringe and copy Apple's every detail then bash Apple.


    RAJVIR MAHARAUL5 months ago

    +GregsGadgetssir... I wanna follow you on social media.... Moreover you don't have any links for social media..... How can I follow you there.. ??

  52. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    Oh wow! I’m really honored. Thanks so much for watching my stuff. Haha yeah I think so or some other higher up in the company.

  53. ButeraVids

    ButeraVids5 months ago

    Your videos are amazing and the quality is unreal, you deserve more subscribers 😊

  54. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    Thank you! I’m so happy with the amount I have. It’s unreal.

  55. Karma 59995

    Karma 599955 months ago

    App developers will quickly optimise the apps and user interface to reduce the influence of the notch on the screen real estate in apple iOS..! But for androids it’s a big question mark.. android app developers will not be able to do anything other than scratching their heads..!!

  56. Apple Exposed

    Apple Exposed4 months ago

    Android developers hate android so I love this comment.

  57. Ambrose Joseph

    Ambrose Joseph5 months ago

    Fruit phone? Hilarious.

  58. Myspacey Corn

    Myspacey Corn5 months ago

    Lol this video made me laugh 😂!

  59. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    Glad you liked it! 👍

  60. Jamil Aboudaher

    Jamil Aboudaher5 months ago

    I am an android user, I like samsung's design because it doesn't have the notch, and I don't like apple products too much. But you are absolutely right, just idk why most of android companies make their phones look ugly without any purposes ! Nice video 😂

  61. Origins686720

    Origins6867205 months ago

    Its fucking ugly, and blocks the screen!

  62. Origins686720

    Origins6867205 months ago

    +GregsGadgets Samsung has a continuous uncomprimised besiless screen, how come Apple cant do the same? LOL!

  63. Origins686720

    Origins6867205 months ago

    +GregsGadgets but the screen quantity in its totality isn't compromised. You dumb!? The notch sucks. Apple isnt making this cool. Quite the opposite. Lol!

  64. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    The video only cuts out unless you zoom in. There are black bars on the side normally. This is the same for any phone with these new 18:9 aspect ratios. Even the samsung phones cut off video if you zoom into fullscreen.

  65. Origins686720

    Origins6867205 months ago

    +GregsGadgets the status bar is on either side.....of the notch! Haaaa! It exsentuates the Notch and looks Even dumber!? LOL!

  66. Origins686720

    Origins6867205 months ago

    +GregsGadgets So what about videos and movies, especially MOVIES. It blocks. PERIOD, and it looks shit in comparison to other touch screens. You cant deny that!? The notch is dumb.

  67. Liam Corbett

    Liam Corbett5 months ago

    You absolutely nailed the notch's design philosophy. Glad to see some people get it. It annoys me seeing all these keyboard warriors calling the notch a crappy piece of design, like they know better than the multi billion dollar companies full of D&T world leaders that designed them.

  68. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    Thank you. And thank you for watching. 🙏

  69. DilluriHilmu

    DilluriHilmu5 months ago

    omg hasnt anyone heard of the fucking essential phone

  70. DilluriHilmu

    DilluriHilmu5 months ago

    GregsGadgets i didnt say that to you. I specifically said it to all the people who havent heard of it

  71. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    Also, I guess you didn’t watch the video. I specifically mention the essential phone as a notch style android should copy. Please watch before commenting. Thank you 🙏

  72. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets5 months ago

    That phone is 💀

  73. wally197220

    wally1972205 months ago

    Notch is stupid status symbol wannabe

  74. dafish6969

    dafish69695 months ago

    I'll pass on the notch

  75. joe vit

    joe vit5 months ago

    android wins

  76. Geoff Longford

    Geoff Longford6 months ago

    Fuck the notch

  77. Paul Brown

    Paul Brown6 months ago

    The big difference between iPhone notch and other phones is unlike Apple the option is given to "hide the notch". Apple are too proud to provide this feature. People should complain and Apple will have to listen - they should learn from OP6.



    would have been awesome if he got booed off stage as soon as he said 'we have a notch and I am not afraid to say it'

  79. Ghoopi Woldburger

    Ghoopi Woldburger6 months ago


  80. Ghoopi Woldburger

    Ghoopi Woldburger6 months ago notch. PERIOD. It doesn't disappear ever. Go to hell and stfu. Steve jobs is rolling in his ipod shaped coffin

  81. José Explosion

    José Explosion6 months ago

    This video has not aged well.

  82. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets6 months ago

    It’s aged brilliantly. I was proven right with all the copy cats.

  83. Erikkun

    Erikkun6 months ago

    I just hate the notch, I like 1000000 times smaller bessels (like the note 9) than notch

  84. Dude Sensitive Ass

    Dude Sensitive Ass6 months ago


  85. You Tube

    You Tube6 months ago

    Thx 4 the detailed view of Apples design decision with the sensor cutout. Asus presentation is a shame for their own company, look to the guy how proud he’s announcing that their notch is smaller...they really don’t get it why there’s a notch. Your video is one of the best here an I watch it often

  86. _Scaptera _

    _Scaptera _6 months ago


  87. Leash Rending

    Leash Rending6 months ago

    Ew notch

  88. Ariel Glaze

    Ariel Glaze6 months ago

    I don’t care if everyone says ugly is pretty. That notch is stealing image content, ruining the so called full screen experience. I’ll stick with notchless displays. If the iPhone 8 and 8+ are the last Apple notchless displays, then I’ll have to switch or keep my phones for as long as they’ll last.


    ULTRAWIDE6 months ago

    Yeah I’d rather a black bar with uninterrupted screen space. Fuck the notch. They need to go.

  90. Dennis

    Dennis6 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks a notch is ugly as fuck?

  91. F-WIND

    F-WIND6 months ago

    I still like a Smaller Notch and a little bit of Bezel in the Bottom because it still feels like its a Infintiy Display

  92. unpopular youtuber

    unpopular youtuber7 months ago


  93. Akash Das

    Akash Das7 months ago

    that's why I love samsung

  94. Rimon Shalash

    Rimon Shalash7 months ago

    Ugly notch

  95. Anu Martin

    Anu Martin7 months ago

    How much that apple NOTCH cost you? Asus Zenfone only one forth of the price of iphone 10 (it's X) ... even asus had 90% screen body ratio ... Its not sprint race top come first... If it is then samsung and motorola will be the winners at some points xerox

  96. Tjaraka Production

    Tjaraka Production7 months ago

    please do a han solo impression!

  97. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets7 months ago

    Haha. 😂

  98. 怒って悲しい

    怒って悲しい7 months ago

    Cringe and those teeth. Man. I’m an apple User but you make me embarrassed to be.

  99. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets7 months ago

    That’s a shame.

  100. Han Aral

    Han Aral7 months ago

    F R U I T P H O N E

  101. Mobolaji Ogunlade

    Mobolaji Ogunlade7 months ago

    Wait for the s10😏

  102. End-to-End

    End-to-End7 months ago

    I like the notch less phone . But when its about notch then essential phone did great job .. while Apple came later with wider notch ...leaving a reason behind for Android manufacturers to make it more smaller. This is called competition. And now Vivo and Oppo going notch-less, That's something futuristic and never seen before .

  103. Ahmad Nash

    Ahmad Nash7 months ago


  104. Ady Wijaya

    Ady Wijaya7 months ago

    Fucking iPhone fanboy

  105. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets7 months ago

    So vulgar.

  106. I AM D.A.N

    I AM D.A.N8 months ago

    I think vivo nex have the greatest design... This phone doesn't have any notch and its a full screen phone... This is a future design

  107. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets8 months ago

    You buying one?

  108. Trinity Gaming

    Trinity Gaming8 months ago

    Those gestures are copied from webOS's cards.

  109. ankit sen

    ankit sen8 months ago

    the only good phone with notch is the i phone x.... other phones with notch looks ugly

  110. Alan Joy

    Alan Joy8 months ago

    Notch didn't come on the iPhone x first. Notch first appeared on the essential phone. So technically apple copied notch from Android

  111. Eisen Hower

    Eisen Hower8 months ago

    And now next iphone look BORING because asus, xiaomi, 1+.

  112. Anubhav Goel

    Anubhav Goel8 months ago

    What about notifications?

  113. PrateeK PrayasH

    PrateeK PrayasH8 months ago

    Apple is a CHUTIYA company

  114. aman

    aman8 months ago

    if jhonny ives dies apple will surely die \

  115. MrGuyTsur

    MrGuyTsur8 months ago

    just came from the Tailosive livestream, im subbed! waiting to see more..

  116. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets8 months ago


  117. Aakash Soni

    Aakash Soni8 months ago

    wtf that asus spokeperson notch frame again and again tf your sense of humor is shit

  118. Hélio Solar

    Hélio Solar8 months ago


  119. Vikas Samal

    Vikas Samal8 months ago

    Technology can always be shared,it's not called copying. So Motorola invented mobile,doesn't mean Apple copied Motorola!

  120. ayush gupta

    ayush gupta8 months ago

    I hated notch then, and I hate it now

  121. Amlan Manna

    Amlan Manna8 months ago

    People are using apple not for it's design but for it's ecosystem.. duh..

  122. Joydeep Dey

    Joydeep Dey8 months ago

    Checkout OPPO FIND X......NO NOTCHHHH and no chin. Remember, what everyone is running behind is not a notch but a bezel less display. With phones such as OPPO FIND X, notch is something of the past.

  123. Aleksandar be together not the same

    Aleksandar be together not the same8 months ago

    wow another cheap apple sheep fucked by apple cheap money whore another iSheep channel kys alp

  124. Aleksandar be together not the same

    Aleksandar be together not the same8 months ago

    crapple stole notch 🤣

  125. Tanzir Rahman

    Tanzir Rahman8 months ago

    disliked for that annoying notch clip playing over and over

  126. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets8 months ago

    Thank you

  127. Deathy

    Deathy8 months ago

    It seems just Samsung matters these days, anyways this vid was bs

  128. Ashraf Souf eljeen

    Ashraf Souf eljeen8 months ago

    Fanboy videos!!

  129. Ayansh Singh

    Ayansh Singh8 months ago

    This is why you have 3.9k likes and 2.8k dislikes and just 6.4k subs .... Embrace the product not the company .... Fucking piece dogshit

  130. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets8 months ago

    More likes than dislikes. And it’s only 4.6 subs, but I value each and everyone of them. Stick around too. My channel keeps growing everyday... when i uploaded the video i had about 2,000 subs.

  131. SC Oxford

    SC Oxford8 months ago

    Phones with a notch are an example of lazy and unintelligent design. The obvious answer to an edge to edge display is to have the camera sensor raise up from the top of the phone when in camera mode, then retract into the phone when not being used. How much do these fucking bozos get paid to design this shit. ... and while i'm at it ... how about an indicator on the phone to tell me if I have a text message, email, missed phone call, either in the form of tiny LEDs or MEMS., so I don't have to pick the phone up to find out. Come on Apple get your fucking act sorted out, and you can use these ideas free of charge if you promise to cut Tim Cook's pay by 90%, then you'll be getting what you pay for.

  132. SC Oxford

    SC Oxford8 months ago

    GregGadgets - So you think its a better ideas to wear glasses!

  133. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets8 months ago

    You want the camera to pop out? Horrible idea in the AR first world that’s coming soon.

  134. Banana Nana

    Banana Nana8 months ago

    Respect Samsung for this. Banana Nana approves of SAMSUNG

  135. chandler smith

    chandler smith8 months ago

    What I'm really interested in seeing is if Samsung can follow through and create a phone that bends. The major selling point of the new iPhone 10 was that it had 3ft of wireless charging and we saw that feature not come out. I wonder if it was going to cost $1,000 because of that feature and they just didn't remove that cost or how much would it have cost if they actually were able to pull it off?

  136. BebéTechManiac 2018

    BebéTechManiac 20188 months ago

    The notch is... Stupid, ugly, and unnecessary. The proof is already available on the Vivo and OPPO new phone, they created a nice motorized system to show/hide the camera and sensors, keeping the almost complete front of the phone for the display. That's a nice and wise design.

  137. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets8 months ago

    Nope. Overpriced, lacks features, and we should be moving away from motorized fragile parts. You will never buy the Oppo, and it will not be a topic in the next six months.