Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips7 months ago

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  2. RobinFlysHigh

    RobinFlysHigh6 days ago


  3. Shinigami Lee

    Shinigami LeeMonth ago

    Reason 7,378,987 to NOT buy Apple products. Also, I like my audio connectors to be standard.

  4. The Electronic Geek

    The Electronic Geek2 months ago

    Linus Tech Tips Apple died in 2012.

  5. Dennis Mootz

    Dennis Mootz2 months ago

    Can't you just boycott Apple with us together?

  6. Mira Smit

    Mira Smit2 months ago

    Stop buying apple...

  7. Planet4arth

    Planet4arth2 hours ago

    that's why mac computers suck in performance

  8. y z

    y z4 hours ago

    Those electronics like phone or display are made with a such small tolerances and need a special technique to put together like dust free environment ultrasonic welding , gluing, precision interfacing testing... Repairing is considered a field task and those requirements needed when they assembled in production line won’t be available anymore. Basically when u have a apple care and something happened on ur product like broken screen or water damage, they will replace it instead of repairing it and u have to pay for 100 bucks. For example if the engine breaks down and dealer will open it up to replace the pistons , or some valve train components and put them back, the newly repaired engine will never be the same again even they say it will, because it cost less than the new engine. Electronics like phone or screen cost much less on parts , but cost more on labor than parts itself. If they do repair it they still have to warrant the workmanship and parts and nobody wants to do that since the new one is much much cheaper than repairing on manufacture side.

  9. y z

    y z4 hours ago

    U have to replace the whole thing. Cheaper going that way,lol. Hard to explain why but to give you a quite example that if you buy all the parts from dealer to build a car it might cost you three or four times more than the same brand new car out from assembly line.

  10. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali7 hours ago

    Nice underwear!

  11. Josh Fred

    Josh Fred9 hours ago

    Protip: just buy a cheaper imac?

  12. Josh Fred

    Josh Fred9 hours ago

    im dying at the spark animation you guys added at 0:02

  13. Michael Balice

    Michael Balice12 hours ago

    Apple doesn’t sell their parts to repair shops, boo fucking hoo

  14. Breen Whitman

    Breen Whitman13 hours ago

    If you can't buy parts this contravenes consumer law in New Zealand and you would be entitled to a full refund. Tip: Don't get upset. just file your small claims court application. Gather a some evidence like them declining to repair, and also to supply parts. Tell your story in plain English to the adjudicator and you 99% likely get your money back. We are big on the ability to repair here.

  15. Canyon

    Canyon14 hours ago

    Apple can't fix my 27 5k iMac. I'm so pissed. I have been buying macs for 10 years and spend a lot for the top of the line 27 5k imac back then and now they say they can't fix it. If it was a CPU i could have easily replaced the individual parts myself and the CPU sellers are giving 2-3 years warranty compared to a 1 year warranty and absurd apple care prices.

  16. awos ahmed

    awos ahmed14 hours ago

    If someone else tell me this I would not believe !!!!! What happened with apple

  17. Ashwin Giri

    Ashwin Giri16 hours ago

    Sue apple

  18. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen17 hours ago

    I know never to buy an apple product (I cant afford a 300 dollar picture book anyways)

  19. FighterDoken

    FighterDoken18 hours ago

    The real question is: "why are people paying $5000 for an iMac Pro when a comparable computer from any other supplier would be less than $2000"

  20. Nick TV

    Nick TV19 hours ago

    They can’t repair it because you opened it up. That’s against their rules.

  21. Gaia Media

    Gaia Media23 hours ago

    100% of non-Apple tech users experienced zero of the issues typically associated with all Apple products. But let's not forget 'Apple make better quality products (in 1970)'.

  22. Raymond Anderson

    Raymond AndersonDay ago

    Typical Apple shite, would not have any Apple product even as a gift, utter crap.

  23. Toxicwast2009 YT

    Toxicwast2009 YTDay ago

    Excuse me but there is titanium in there too

  24. always ا love ل me م - Ali Imran Nikita Jouchims

    always ا love ل me م - Ali Imran Nikita JouchimsDay ago

    And do you know what else is interesting? Underwear!!! XD

  25. Dan Tyler

    Dan TylerDay ago

    And people wonder how apple stays afloat.

  26. Mark Douglas

    Mark DouglasDay ago

    What do you expect from Apple? To actually fix something? Ha Ha Ha.....Cough, cough.....HA HA HEE...Yeeeaahh.. cough, cough. Uh hum. Oh were you being serious?

  27. Gabriel

    GabrielDay ago

    Those shits cost $$ for nothing, they should repair it for free and give you a free lunch for that money. Do not buy apple, there are better solutions.

  28. Danielle Scribbins

    Danielle ScribbinsDay ago

    Greedy Apple wants you to buy a new one.

  29. GreekSeerialkiLLer

    GreekSeerialkiLLerDay ago

    apple sucks

  30. Freddy Cuevas

    Freddy CuevasDay ago

    And this is the reason why i will never!!! ever!!! spend my money in a Mac product.

  31. Jake Rubio

    Jake RubioDay ago

    That HAS happen with the automotive industry. We live in a fucked up world.



    Just get a new one u always get a sponsor

  33. Code Optimization Ware

    Code Optimization WareDay ago

    "Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro" Sounds like a great time to outsource _from_ Apple, Inc.

  34. Modern WCML Crewe

    Modern WCML Crewe2 days ago

    Apple and Tesla in this case r literally a spitting image in every wayy

  35. Hat Boi

    Hat Boi2 days ago

    Honestly I Do Not Like Mac's but I Phones Are Good.

  36. Crazycraigy

    Crazycraigy2 days ago

    ha ha thats what you get for trying to be snobby buying expensive Apple shite that's not worth a fuck..!

  37. dmbelafan

    dmbelafan2 days ago

    I've been servicing Apple products for years, and it's a shame the level of disregard they have for serviceability of their products, especially since around 2012. Years ago they had some of the best vendor training programs available in the industry, and now anyone with a single brain cell in their skull can see that their devices weren't built to be serviced as soon as you open one up. They had a few wonderful decades, but have no sense of direction today.

  38. S GK

    S GK2 days ago

    Apple is Garbage.. go for windows os pc

  39. Sin2x

    Sin2x2 days ago

    Imagine if a normal customer bought this and broke it like this.... They just wasted what? 5k? Lol

  40. RodeswergDE

    RodeswergDE2 days ago

    As an Ex-Apple-Fanboy (Many Years ago) i have to say: Apple ist s$§t...

  41. Nick Walker

    Nick Walker2 days ago

    Crapple Inc.

  42. Zoe Choi

    Zoe Choi2 days ago

    They dunno how to repair it because the production was took place in China. U can easily get any parts in China hahah

  43. milo20060

    milo200602 days ago


  44. karthik deepu deepak

    karthik deepu deepak2 days ago

    That's why i don't buy apple products...

  45. Herman Bodewes

    Herman Bodewes2 days ago

    Apple sucks

  46. Raihan Zahir

    Raihan Zahir3 days ago

    Ohh thank God... never ever everrr buying apple Instead i will buy a razer or a dell xps😏

  47. fuck

    fuck3 days ago

    Do they have the right to refuse service? If so, you have ZERO rights to complain.

  48. MumblinBerk

    MumblinBerk3 days ago

    Why are you even USING an Apple product? Lesson learned yet?

  49. Fox Moulder

    Fox Moulder3 days ago

    hmmm..... 4.6 million views..... i think they should have just replaced it. the money lost from the bad publicity is far far more.

  50. Tom Barker

    Tom Barker3 days ago

    with all the PC parts you own, why do you need Macs?

  51. Cheese .EXE.

    Cheese .EXE.3 days ago

    Imagine ur Apple divice breaks and they refuse to fix it. This comment was made by the Microsoft gang

  52. Stalin

    Stalin3 days ago

    American law made doing what apple has done for tech repair illegal as it pertains to auto manufacturers decades ago.

  53. Stalin

    Stalin3 days ago

    The precedent apple has set in tech has actually managed to undo, through political influence, a lot of those user repair laws. This is why Tesla has so far been able to make second party repair for a Tesla SO DIFFICULT. Not only has Apple's shittiness ruined their products, it's actually rained down and ruined every product as companies are now no longer required to make parts or service manuals available basically anywhere in the us. Fuck capitalism, fuck companies, and fuck our weak ass governments who are in the pocket of our vampiric industries.

  54. Miss Controllerism

    Miss Controllerism4 days ago

    10.000 butthurts isheeps

  55. Jake

    Jake4 days ago

    Fuck apple.

  56. A Meme

    A Meme4 days ago

    I know how to fix it: 1. You’ll first need to get some matches and some sort of fuel to keep the fire running. 2. Then, call Apple saying “Screw you. I love thought I loved you, but now...I love Microsoft” 3. Then, lift the Mac like a monster, get a hammer, and destroy everything. 4. Firmly place it in the fire 5. Sell tickets to people who want to see that event 6. Now sit back, get rich, get Microsoft, and watch it burn. *No hate on Apple btw...*

  57. Timmy McGypsy

    Timmy McGypsy4 days ago

    dude do the sellouts at the end, how have you not figured this out edit: oh nvm you also have a sellout at the end idek anymore

  58. Logan D

    Logan D4 days ago

    apple only is doing this to make money swich to microsoft windows

  59. Sillystevon Neutron

    Sillystevon Neutron4 days ago

    I have started to lose faith with apple even though I have collected every iPhone till the iPhone 8

  60. Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The Reaper4 days ago

    Used to like this dude's amazing technology reviews, now all he does is bash Apple.

  61. CrazyRussianCat

    CrazyRussianCat4 days ago

    I feel so fucking bad for Anthony

  62. zombievac

    zombievac4 days ago

    Apple is literally trying to kill themselves off again. I don't get it... it's one ridiculous, terrible, anti-consumer change after another - over and over. I'm getting nervous about our Macs at work, because Apple is doing everything possible to make it so they're not at all appropriate for business or "work" usage in general. It's f-ing crazy, and Tim Cook is an asshole... just look at his Twitter. Unlike jobs, he doesn't give a shit about their products. He gives a shit about congratulating himself and Apple for essentially throwing a penny at a homeless person and promoting "look how charitable we are!!". Fucker.

  63. Denis Zimin

    Denis Zimin4 days ago

    Hey, big guy. Just shave your head, ok? Yr boldspot spot looks stupid: yr faceskin is pink-ish, but this spot totally white. Just shave and u won't look like a tool, k?


    TRAS̸H DØVE4 days ago


  65. gam mal

    gam mal4 days ago

    How the fuck can you manage to fucking build it and dont have the damn manual?

  66. gam mal

    gam mal4 days ago

    And why the fuck havent you sue them?

  67. Alex

    Alex4 days ago

    Make America great again! :D

  68. Alex

    Alex4 days ago

    I like elephants

  69. SiriusGD CO

    SiriusGD CO4 days ago

    Bottom line is that they know if you are stupid enough to buy their products and pay their ridiculous prices, then you are willing to have to buy a new device each time there is a problem. When will you people learn that you are being taken?

  70. SiriusGD CO

    SiriusGD CO4 days ago

    "No repair for you"... just like the "Soup Nazi", they are the "Apple Nazi"... Sucks to be you. I would NEVER purchase one of their products for myself. (I said, "for myself"... I had to purchase an IPad for development purposes for software I'm writing just to see how it performs on an Apple product).

  71. Jabez525

    Jabez5254 days ago

    "Exclusivitium" Nice.

  72. Zakatak 1976

    Zakatak 19764 days ago

    Apple still makes the best phones tho

  73. SiriusGD CO

    SiriusGD CO4 days ago

    No they don't

  74. zeSpammmmmer

    zeSpammmmmer4 days ago

    Used to work with apple machines, like 20 years ago, and they were really decent back then, although flawed like any manufactured, man-designed product. have been using PC/windows rigs since then until i had to buy an apple device for my work. went for an ipad air 2, and it does the job, no more no less... BUT you can't freaking install anything if you don't have an Apple ID, and for that, you pretty much have to give a whole bunch of personal info to Apple, including CC details!! In what world someone i don't even know, does have to know my credit card info, for me to install a browser on the machine i freaking bought?!! Sold back my iPad, and have been advising all my clients not to buy Apple products since then. Can't believe some are still willing to buy their lousy phones even after Apple admitted they made sure the OS would slow down after a year or so, to force people to buy the latest released...

  75. Chris B

    Chris B4 days ago

    That's what you get when you buy overpriced Apple crap. Ban Apple from Linus Tech Tips. If Linus with all his PR contacts can't get something fixed, what hope do normal consumers have. I'm not sure how useful it is to viewers to fix it using special contacts or by sourcing the part from somewhere, it's only useful to viewers if LTT find a way to get it fixed that consumer can reasonably replicate - i.e. Apple need to sort their shit out.

  76. Ricochetrabitt

    Ricochetrabitt5 days ago

    I'm dealing with apple now about a macbook pro whose gpu died after little to no use and they didnt even know how to troubleshoot it and they want me to pay. My first apple product and my last

  77. clayman648

    clayman6485 days ago

    This is why i hate apple... sorry you had to go through this Linus... it's a bit of a shit. but you know what.... I would have continued with making your video as is! even with the cracks on the iMac then explain to your viewers that apple REFUSED to repair it... just showcase there bullshit back to all your subs!

  78. Wayne Kerr

    Wayne Kerr5 days ago

    Just as Linus is trying to make an argument (a poor one at that) that Crapple isn't a bad bang for your buck... It's like karma... you better go drop another $5k.... as opposed to $1200 for a broken monitor....

  79. John Smith

    John Smith5 days ago

    Ship it to China.. they’ll fix it for you


    CHRISS NATE5 days ago

    2:03 good acting right there brovo Linus

  81. STEREO Freq

    STEREO Freq5 days ago

    I'll go ahead and add this to the infinite list of reasons why I'll never own an Apple product.

  82. Frank

    Frank5 days ago

    screw apple Its frauding in between the policy of EU and USA with its service, Infact they under investigation for not following the terms of distubition and product responsbilities, never buy an apple product, Since they block 3th parties repairs, And actaully got compontents wich only Apple can replace your paying for a product wich isnt yours to use nd do what ever you want, So buy samsung or Lg or even windows, But stay away from iphones and apple. just watch on youtube the apple channal they even blocked the acces to chat, So you cannot complain about there policy but honestily that should already warned you enough to stay away from them

  83. Recontinued

    Recontinued6 days ago

    I love watching crap macs on my Windows PC.

  84. paramparchad

    paramparchad6 days ago

    im so glad they refuse you... god job apple

  85. The Owner

    The Owner6 days ago

    Apple trully is a waste of your hard earned money. Sorry to all Apple fans but it's the truth. Very beautiful and highly overpriced garbage.

  86. hai dere

    hai dere6 days ago

    Well... I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy's sister who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows his mother's cousin who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows an apple provider who knows a guy who may or may not know a guy who fixes apple products. Who knows a gal.

  87. luxis123

    luxis1236 days ago

    The acting in this video is so poor I almost can't handle it...

  88. Luís Vieira

    Luís Vieira6 days ago

    News flash 4 U Linus Tech... STOP BUYING APPLE PRODUTS. I don't like apple , never did , this is just one more thing to what they do to costumers... only ( some ) rich people buy apple. Congrats 4 the channel.

  89. big dude bob av reyni

    big dude bob av reyni6 days ago

    Apple sucks

  90. Redefine

    Redefine6 days ago

    That's why i haven't take I mac instead i buy a windows pc

  91. helstinki

    helstinki6 days ago

    Are you Munbalance?

  92. Luit Liton

    Luit Liton6 days ago

    Acting king

  93. DB Zedox

    DB Zedox7 days ago

    What is your work beside Utube?

  94. Rødt Brød Med Fløde

    Rødt Brød Med Fløde7 days ago

    Solution: directly email Tim Cook (and or sleep with him... sorry I had to 😐)

  95. 01omni

    01omni7 days ago

    Called this stuff about 6 years ago and yep people need to stop buying apple

  96. surfitlive

    surfitlive7 days ago

    For that cost it should have had a built in screen protector. Get an aftermarket one at *WWW.TV-ARMOR.COM* It is worth the investment.

  97. emery turner

    emery turner7 days ago


  98. Joe Fish

    Joe Fish7 days ago

    This is why i dont by anything from Apple, they drown you in rules and regulations, and make it impossible for you, or them, to repair anything. Fuck that, I use IBM clones. Full towers, i can install any part i want. And i dont void the warranty.

  99. Samrat Babu Koirala

    Samrat Babu Koirala7 days ago

    And Do you know what else is interesting? Mack Weldon!

  100. Lawrence Larman

    Lawrence Larman7 days ago

    Huh. That's the reason why I hate Apple.

  101. Jennica Serjas

    Jennica Serjas8 days ago

    Apple is to cruel

  102. Jocef Jose

    Jocef Jose8 days ago

    Yeaaaars ago I sent apple headphones of an ipod shuffle still under warranty back to apple center and they said they'll send it to singapore and guaranteed a replacement in two weeks. I waited almost FIVE months for a replacement so i just ditched the ipod altogether. Shitty service.

  103. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne8 days ago

    People who buy apple are blind retards

  104. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne8 days ago

    Timcook should be kidnapped and killed.

  105. Timothy Lim

    Timothy Lim9 days ago

    You should not have taken the iMac apart

  106. Jesua Sevilla

    Jesua Sevilla9 days ago