Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips5 months ago

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  2. The Electronic Geek

    The Electronic Geek25 days ago

    Linus Tech Tips Apple died in 2012.

  3. Dennis Mootz

    Dennis Mootz25 days ago

    Can't you just boycott Apple with us together?

  4. Mira Smit

    Mira Smit25 days ago

    Stop buying apple...

  5. Michael McDowell

    Michael McDowell28 days ago

    Apple is good at two things and two things only: Marketing and overpricing thier crap. Yes, crap. Even Microsoft has embraced open source development to a larger degree now or days, and even supports it, and at least plays nice enough with Google so there's no issues with getting MS apps on Android or GApps on a Windows based mobile device. Apple limits the hardware profiles of thier devices saying it's a matter quality, and their OS seems to run well on it. But applying a bit of critical thinking, it seems to speak of an unwillingness to allow the end user a real choice to me. Their tooting about OS X? It's based on Darwin, that in turn is based on FreeBSD... OS X just includes Apple's periphery components bill on top of a freely available and open sourced project. Fuck Apple, it's again marketing. Microsoft? Here use our OS on whatever hardware you have (even owning the shady past perhaps) but you have options. With Android, anyone can do whatever they want with the base Android OS, just if you want to be able to get Google's official stamp, you have to meet given requirements. Owning even ZTE phones are officially certified it seems those requirements aren't overly hard for a manufacturer to met. Windows 10 (that I am not a fan of at all) will run decent on systems some GNU/Linux distros seem to not take well to. Not a criticism of GNU/Linux, just something I have noticed in my experience. It could just be the distros I have tried. Puppy is still one of the more odd but fun offerings that runs amazingly well in a 14 year old laptop have, WiFi even has few issues.

  6. Jonathan Ha

    Jonathan Ha2 months ago

    This is the last comment before its maxed... goodbye

  7. EdgyDuck - Productions

    EdgyDuck - Productions2 hours ago

    What's even worse then the apple pc specs? Their customer service.

  8. 0x1A3C3E7

    0x1A3C3E73 hours ago

    Apple is not an America company. It's Chinese.

  9. Fjord Fish

    Fjord Fish4 hours ago

    fuck apple. in general and always.

  10. Mr Memelord

    Mr Memelord5 hours ago

    Why are iMac pros so expensive my god I ain’t paying for that fug

  11. Pacific 32

    Pacific 326 hours ago

    Would a warranty give you the option of getting the whole iMac replaced instead of being fixed?

  12. peruhn

    peruhn6 hours ago

    Andrea is a male name in Italy.

  13. smokybs_ official

    smokybs_ official8 hours ago

    i have a ps4 liquid on my channel home made realy good sorry pp but its my firsy video

  14. anon

    anon9 hours ago

    woops, gotta buy a new one.

  15. Karl Marshall

    Karl Marshall12 hours ago

    despite apples careful design??? what???? maybe carefully design products that easily break for extra revenue. Apple users are effing idiots

  16. Enzo Gaming roblox

    Enzo Gaming roblox18 hours ago

    Buy android

  17. Adam Banks

    Adam Banks18 hours ago

    $5,000 down the drain...

  18. Ray

    Ray21 hour ago

    Just don’t break it

  19. Dr. Sticky Fingers

    Dr. Sticky FingersDay ago

    Because hes a bonehead over weight idiot. He had no soft pad or Towel down before taking that screen off, Jesus what a fat lazy bonehead. Also Apple is Dead they are a joke now. Fukem and yes a skinny guy would have thought of that because their stupid belly wouldnt be in the way of seeing that and their belly wouldnt be in the got damn way at all. SMDH get a new employee

  20. ACAB\\ Mela BAKAta

    ACAB\\ Mela BAKAtaDay ago


  21. TooSlowTube

    TooSlowTube14 hours ago

    It's like unobtanium, but much more overpriced.

  22. SpaceAutarch

    SpaceAutarchDay ago

    This remind me Ubisoft support.

  23. Guy Smiley

    Guy SmileyDay ago

    here's my tech tip. Don't buy apple

  24. SuperMappy

    SuperMappyDay ago

    Doesn’t anyone see that that drop was totally fake. He just let both hands go on purpose

  25. Peter C.

    Peter C.Day ago

    Switch to Microsoft and Android Any one can fix it and it cheaper and BETTER THAN APPLE

  26. Tonto Epstein

    Tonto EpsteinDay ago

    For any Hollywood scouts out there, 2:03 is where the dramatic *really* bad acting begins.

  27. DefinitelyExisting

    DefinitelyExistingDay ago

    This is pretty much one of the primary reasons Apple is a trillion $ company. They refuse to repair stuff, and loyal fans buy a new one later instead of switching. Also overpricing peripherals of sub-par quality forcing frequent replacement.

  28. liunas 1556

    liunas 1556Day ago

    Thats whi samsung is bether the apple.

  29. Martin The Panda

    Martin The PandaDay ago

    Why exactly did you buy an Apple Pro in the first place?

  30. cd do

    cd doDay ago

    apple don't fix shit anymore, they can only REPLACE the entire board rather than fixing whatever component that mulfunctions

  31. Tanishq Bhatia

    Tanishq BhatiaDay ago

    tweet them

  32. XenMoto

    XenMotoDay ago

    The only apple product I've owned is a iPod Classis 160GB and when the drive died on that they refused to fix it for me. Since then haven't bought an apple product and I can't imagine being shafted like this for a thousand dollars plus worth of product having no support.

  33. Smoothz_Gaming

    Smoothz_GamingDay ago

    Don't buy Products from a company that only cares about its popularity. They dont care how well it runs or how well their services are. Money and fame is what apple strives for. Repairing your device doesnt fit inside those 2 goals. As long as Apple is popular thay are making proffit and are happy. And people are too stupid to figure out that their problems are caused from apple and they could just move to another company that actually listens and cares about what the customer wants.

  34. Emilio

    EmilioDay ago

    People who own their products deserve this kind of support, iSUPPORT for iDIOTS.

  35. Kyle William Tellis

    Kyle William TellisDay ago

    Stupid apple.

  36. Ryley Nahra

    Ryley Nahra2 days ago

    Tesla is doing the same sort of thing hahah.

  37. Marick Anthony

    Marick Anthony2 days ago

    Same here they refused to fix my iphone with a lot of excuses...blah blah blah...and they want to change it but i need to pay,thats scam company...will the problem is about the hardware, while i was watching only then suddenly it shutdown...and they refused to fix it...asshole company...i hope a lot of people realize the fact that this company is no longer the same...

  38. Rick& MortyGuys

    Rick& MortyGuys2 days ago

    Not even the 10k Apple followers could down vote this video.. There's one good piece of news for your piece of crap Linus..

  39. William Callison

    William Callison2 days ago

    why you dont buy

  40. Carolus Casebere

    Carolus Casebere2 days ago

    When he said the f word at the beginning my discord notification went off. PERFECT TIMING!

  41. Whiskers likes Fish

    Whiskers likes Fish2 days ago

    i want more of anthony

  42. I am Aslan

    I am Aslan2 days ago

    Apple refused to fix your pro, but sue a shop owner of a repair shop for ''counterfeiting''. That apple rofl

  43. J o n a t h a n

    J o n a t h a n2 days ago

    They could just fitted their own screen.They a youtube tech channel. lol

  44. FOUrk

    FOUrk2 days ago

    True innovation right here

  45. Robster Vienna

    Robster Vienna2 days ago

    stil people buy this ****

  46. Kenya Safari

    Kenya Safari2 days ago

    Linus, don't be too harsh on Apple, they just didn't know how to repair it. Send it to China. HQ is China. They have the parts. 😁

  47. Peter DellOlio

    Peter DellOlio3 days ago

    Apple is trendy like tattoos, soy and sushi.

  48. Kyle Mouttet

    Kyle Mouttet3 days ago

    apple: don't think

  49. Sjoannie

    Sjoannie3 days ago

    An ad within a video means an automatic thumbs down.

  50. Dylz does Games

    Dylz does Games3 days ago

    You'd do it if it ment making money

  51. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown3 days ago

    Without Jobs they are on their way down anyways

  52. Chief Adfp

    Chief Adfp3 days ago

    if you really love to repair it, i'll say this buy another new unit then take the screen out of the new one replace it in the older one that is broken trouble is fixed then, have a great day $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Vs Trash one!

  53. BeethovensCunt

    BeethovensCunt3 days ago

    Apple fanboys downvoting

  54. 2004mojo

    2004mojo3 days ago

    Why the surprise at how arrogant and uncaring the company is? It's APPLE! Slogan should be: " We charge a ridiculous amount of money for our substandard products and people break their necks to buy them even though our customer service sucks bigtime! "

  55. Yordan Yordanov

    Yordan Yordanov3 days ago

    best option is probably to look for a parts on china market and fix it yourself (or use friends help)

  56. flank

    flank3 days ago

    his voice is so fuckin annoying

  57. winrock er

    winrock er3 days ago

    *ours*, so can i have it?

  58. Davebooz !!!

    Davebooz !!!3 days ago

    They ned Steve Jobs

  59. Davebooz !!!

    Davebooz !!!3 days ago

    IF Steve Jobs was here it woud be 1000000000000000000000 Times better

  60. ian198802

    ian1988023 days ago

    lol, 'Despite Apple's careful design' that made me laugh...

  61. pukpukpuk

    pukpukpuk3 days ago

    burn it!

  62. Anuj MGr Roshan

    Anuj MGr Roshan3 days ago

    Did someone mention how to basic? He has solution for most of the problems... 😂😂😂

  63. Adabou

    Adabou3 days ago

    .....refused to repair our MAC. thats interesting. you´no what else´s interesting? MACK WELDON.....

  64. GamerBajan

    GamerBajan4 days ago

    Wow lie

  65. inactive youtuber yep

    inactive youtuber yep4 days ago


  66. Aryan Mehta

    Aryan Mehta4 days ago

    Some of the best acting and editing on a LTT vid ever. Nice job!

  67. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé4 days ago

    Look at the bright side, you can rebuild it into something new and unique for as long as the warranty has long ago expired.

  68. Math Lufther

    Math Lufther4 days ago

    there is video in my spot

  69. Shawn Cicero

    Shawn Cicero4 days ago

    car analogy? lol

  70. Shawn Cicero

    Shawn Cicero4 days ago

    why would you try to put a screen on with it plugged in? scammers use the smaller fix to get a bigger fix. you dont get this because you can complain 3rd party

  71. Stephen Herbertson

    Stephen Herbertson4 days ago

    I have hated Apple since the 90's. MacOS was cool and all, but Apple's proprietary crap was so expensive that my family couldn't afford a Mac for home that was compatible with what they were teaching in our local schools. Why would public schools teach on equipment that their students mostly couldn't afford? It was dumb. I had to take my source code for the programs we were studying in computer science class, convert them for my home PC compiler to work on, then take the source code to school and modify it to work on the school's Mac compiler software in order to complete them. It was very annoying.

  72. Litch The Shinigami

    Litch The Shinigami4 days ago

    Only apple device i have is the tablet i’m watching this on.. and luckily it was a gift from my grandma.. still jerk move apple.. jerk move

  73. Gorefrost II

    Gorefrost II4 days ago

    *looks at e-mail* This is through e-mail??!

  74. utubeo4r

    utubeo4r4 days ago

    Apple sucks! Lol

  75. Jasmine Mo

    Jasmine Mo4 days ago

    .............hum...I don't understand...why don't u just buy a display unit on Taobao................and replace it....

  76. Wilhelm

    Wilhelm4 days ago

    Yeah man, I worked as a PC repair tech and can say from experience that that shit is easy as hell to repair,(that particular issue with that model I mean.) They just want you to buy a new one every year. Wait wut? You were going to pay for the repair??? You can order parts off of ebay easily enough. I know the point of this video is to shit on apple (for good reason). All of their hw is proprietary.

  77. Sagara Sousuke

    Sagara Sousuke4 days ago

    I see it worked out for Apple, now they have 4 million people seeing this.

  78. Nightrodboss Eden

    Nightrodboss Eden4 days ago

    Ex Apple fan boy here from the UK. Just goes to show how out of date and up their own asses Apple have now become

  79. Charles Skye

    Charles Skye4 days ago

    error #1 Should not have told her you disassembled it, just brought it in an say it got damaged. This is the way corporations are getting these days. They are getting worse and worse on customer service and doing everything to screw you over.

  80. Gareth Williams

    Gareth Williams4 days ago

    Drive your car over it and never buy apple again

  81. Wyatt

    Wyatt4 days ago

    That's what you get for buying apple

  82. glitchTF

    glitchTF4 days ago

    10k people drinking Apples CEO's cum.

  83. leos

    leos4 days ago

    In Europe there are laws against that

  84. micheal hoffstater

    micheal hoffstater4 days ago

    "Despite Apple's *careful design* " I'm sorry, you should go see Louis Rossman go roast Apple about their repeated engineering failures (especially with the macbooks lol)

  85. Der Fliegende Mocca

    Der Fliegende Mocca4 days ago

    But does Mack Weldon repair a ripped sock?

  86. MitakaGyrchev

    MitakaGyrchev5 days ago

    apple stuff suck

  87. Dylans HD-HQ

    Dylans HD-HQ5 days ago

    This is why i like Samsung or lg

  88. A Herrera

    A Herrera5 days ago

    Yeah well is apple!!! for those reasons I never buy things from the selfish apple.

  89. Its Cole

    Its Cole5 days ago

    That guy in Norway that got sued by Apple and won with aftermarket parts. He isn't affiliated with Apple. Louis Rossmann (youtuber) did a piece on him.

  90. Lul Luul

    Lul Luul5 days ago

    Yup *APPLE* is *FUCKING UP*

  91. Loan Nguyen

    Loan Nguyen5 days ago

    Awww man i bought a apple iPad Pro and broke the Screen now they can’t fix it

  92. Youtube is You

    Youtube is You5 days ago

    All i got from this he needs to grow some balls to drop his voice and get acting lessons 🤮

  93. Anonim

    Anonim5 days ago

    fuck you mac weldon

  94. 0623kaboom

    0623kaboom5 days ago

    at this point all you can do is report apple canada to the better business bureau for failure to live up to their contractual obligations .... afterall they do say that damaged parts CAN be serviced ... it doesnt say it has to be a warranty repair ... and not being able to repair a new paperweight er apple anchor then they are now liable for any costs you incur in getting it serviced and do the same in the usa to apple corporate ...get the list of apple complaints started and once the right person with the cash to take them to coourt in a class action lawsuit they will all of a sudden start fixing their shit . in future NEVER FOR ANY REASON buy proprietary hardware ... EVER .... this is the very reason ... and then there is the over inflated cost . back in the days of the first imac they were good desktop publishing machines ... now they are just expensive loads of junk

  95. Antbal0415

    Antbal04155 days ago

    but... why would you want an apple computer in the first place...

  96. Mysterious YT

    Mysterious YT5 days ago

    Was that an small explosion on the computer 0:01

  97. ScottyG503

    ScottyG5035 days ago

    Oh an apple screen cracked? go figure. lol

  98. Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor5 days ago

    Macbook Air. Loving it.

  99. David of Yorkshire

    David of Yorkshire5 days ago

    You were a fool to by Apple, since Steve Jobs died they are a money making enterprise with no technical advancement or wish to be seen as such. The pricing of Apple is absurd, and since they dropped the Motorola chipset it is effectively just a PC at three times the price. The screens have always been large and flashy to hide the fact they are grossly overpriced. I'm guessing you could replace it twice over with PC equipment to equal or better spec and run Linux which will put you on a stable and similar platform (unless you're gaming which you're probably not with and Apple). I'm anti-Microsoft, but you would have done better with Windows an a PC - and I feel cheap and dirty just saying that, but Apple has nothing going going for it these days, the magic left Apple when it lost the one revolutionary thinker in the business. Show affinity with your namesake and join the Linux collective. Choose whatever hardware you like and build the OS you want and the desktop you prefer. Choice, what a novel idea.

  100. Jacob Hollis

    Jacob Hollis6 days ago

    Yeah.. I'd much rather stick with using Windows. I've had bad experiences with Apple.

  101. halander3

    halander36 days ago

    Linus has some of the smoothest sponsor ads such that you can't avoid them. That is skills.

  102. Snook

    Snook6 days ago

    “fuck apple” as i yelled on my apple iphone

  103. merlinthegray

    merlinthegray6 days ago

    10k people lick apple's boots

  104. Zac power tf2

    Zac power tf26 days ago

    Apple is so shit dont buy from them

  105. Liam Scully

    Liam Scully6 days ago

    Step One: Buy "cheap" 2014 IMac 27 inch Step 2: Take screen off of 2014 IMac Step 3: Replace broken screen on IMac PRo with shitty IMac 2014 screen

  106. Shu Shen

    Shu Shen6 days ago


  107. rude statement

    rude statement6 days ago

    Your analogy exists it's called Tesla basically apple of cars

  108. DTube

    DTube6 days ago

    Apple wants to know ur location