Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech TipsYear ago

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  2. Albino Viper

    Albino ViperMonth ago

    Your first fuck up was thinking of buying a Apple product. Your second fuck up was buying Apple product. Your third fuck up was thinking Apple was going to fix your Apple product. With all your collective intelligence you guys did not see all the videos on MReporter about this and thought it was some fairy tale. lol not smart.

  3. BluntedZephyr

    BluntedZephyrMonth ago

    "Louis Rossmann "

  4. Gendalf The Grey

    Gendalf The GreyMonth ago

    just make it a case for a regular computer!! VENGEANCE ON APPLE!

  5. Fly Kriki

    Fly Kriki2 months ago

    thanks, i wont ever buy apple

  6. Yourname Here

    Yourname Here3 months ago

    Trying to clean your computer will void the warranty. Serves you right! Next time you should just throw it in the trash and buy a new model like the rest of us unemployeed trust fund kids. Besides, that computer is at least 6 months old. I wouldn't be caught dead with a 6 month old Apple product. ONly a looser would be seen with old computers and cellphones. Get a life. Looser.

  7. Ketan Kunte

    Ketan KunteHour ago

    shitty apple

  8. superconductive s

    superconductive sHour ago

    Apple are total asses when it comes to this. Your story reminds me of the time they refused to touch my old iphone for repair when they found out the battery was replaced by a 3rd party in the past. Honestly your best bet is to find a really professional third party that does these sort of repairs-- NYC is probably the one of the best areas to look for these shops. Louis Rossman will no doubt have an answer for you too.

  9. jbfeelings Drinumist

    jbfeelings DrinumistHour ago


  10. jbfeelings Drinumist

    jbfeelings DrinumistHour ago


  11. Neill Wylie

    Neill Wylie4 hours ago

    This sort of stuff is the big reason I don't buy apple.

  12. Average joe

    Average joe5 hours ago

    Apple is just a POS corrupt company.

  13. xp.Parviz

    xp.Parviz8 hours ago

    I have an idea you can try. SWITCH TO F***ING MICROSOFT FOR GOD SAKE

  14. Christian Johnson

    Christian Johnson13 hours ago

    The same thing happened to my iMac! I just said forget it and I just use it without the front panel.

  15. Olafur Olafsson

    Olafur Olafsson15 hours ago

    Have you heard of the new I_rack.

  16. Xurs ian

    Xurs ian18 hours ago

    good job apple, no wonder my phone sucks,

  17. Theresa Horton

    Theresa Horton22 hours ago

    0:01 Who lies a screwdriver there on the table like that? you can hurt from that! Always put tools that you are not using in a tool pouch or box so they can be easley tracked and organized! Make this a lesson kids.

  18. Robert Buckner

    Robert BucknerDay ago

    Why would 12K viewers Dislike this video? They can't ALL be Apple employees...

  19. Andrew Aaron Zheming Bao

    Andrew Aaron Zheming BaoDay ago

    It may just be the store. Some stores have horrible managers

  20. The cat Felix

    The cat FelixDay ago

    They refuse to repair because they want you to buy a new one so that way they can make more money. Apple is trash so not buy apple. Those who but apple have no brain at all + apple charges to much for their products

  21. Hoxton Flats

    Hoxton FlatsDay ago

    just wait a few years and buy the same computer and take the parts you need from it exactly the same computer then take the parts you need to fix yours then just return the new one with the broken parts switched over and just say it came broken and you want a full refund. thank me later boss ;)

  22. Maksim V

    Maksim VDay ago

    Yeah, that car called - TESLA !!! Another scum. Anyway, every one who has a little wizdom and not just a "one tool man" slave( as a majority in a US) - should avoid Apple anyway.

  23. Skyler Hickman

    Skyler HickmanDay ago

    Pfft since when has apple cared about customer service? they charge you triple the acceptable price for overrated products and most suckers still buy them thinking their products are "premium". Laughable

  24. leon_ikiru

    leon_ikiruDay ago

    well, they replaced my macbook's screen for free instead of charging me 470€ and it didn't even had warranty anymore? (problem was called staingate). I think there's good and bad cases of customer service here, like in every other huge tech-company.

  25. David Peel

    David Peel2 days ago

    Because you are a tech guy who can fix things.

  26. keep thinking

    keep thinking2 days ago

    here is something better class action law suit.

  27. Mike Greenaway

    Mike Greenaway2 days ago

    Why do people constantly complain about Apple or any other manufacturer and still keep on buying from them ?!... simply STOP BUYING from them Let THEM go to the wall

  28. Abhijeet Kumar

    Abhijeet Kumar2 days ago


  29. Fireholder1

    Fireholder12 days ago

    5:50 - "I bought this thing." Found the source of your problem. No charge.

  30. AwesomeFrost

    AwesomeFrost2 days ago

    "Hey our iMac is broke....BUT LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THESE NICE ASS UNDERWEAR!" Linus in a nutshell.

  31. Meme Machine

    Meme Machine3 days ago

    That spark at the beginning was so faked it hurts I really hope you didn't fake that just to try and use it as evidence in your repair ordeal Anthony clearly dropped it on purpose This was rehearsed You faked an accident to make MReporter content and get free shit from a big tech company you don't like Is this illegal? I think this is illegal.

  32. QTuber Studios

    QTuber Studios3 days ago

    1. You were tampering with it 2. You have made many hackintosh’s. End of story.

  33. A Philips

    A Philips3 days ago

    I have two 27 in iMacs. They are like my Mercedes. When things go wrong they really go wrong $$$$. It's been an experience but I will be going back to Windows PC (and domestic wheels).

  34. Scuba Dog

    Scuba Dog3 days ago

    And these are the reasons im a Android/Windows user

  35. Zsolt Kovács

    Zsolt Kovács3 days ago

    Apple refused to fix my apple watch 3 also. They dont fix apple watch. Just buy new one... they told me. It is perfectly working just the battery has poor capacity.

  36. aleX treme

    aleX treme3 days ago

    What a joke

  37. Spence Vill

    Spence Vill3 days ago

    Linus, Apple must have watched your Hacintosh videos and they were hurt of what you've done to their devices. And as a revenge they did that to you. Haha.. Just kidding! Anyways that is so unacceptable what they did to you. They're selling a product that they cannot support! Come on Apple!!

  38. M. B.

    M. B.3 days ago

    find someone to commit a burglary- take the computer - part it out.......the black market is in existence for these reasons..otherwise ......your screwed

  39. Super Slovak

    Super Slovak4 days ago

    You know what else is interesting? Not your sponsor

  40. Chadwick M.

    Chadwick M.4 days ago

    just buy a new one ??? It´s that simple

  41. Emrys James

    Emrys James4 days ago

    If you watch the beginning really closely the zap is added affects. In slo mo when the camera moves, so does the spark.

  42. Dhana Nkh

    Dhana Nkh4 days ago

    True evil company

  43. Vikrant Singh

    Vikrant Singh4 days ago

    Apple has become a piece of shit....

  44. mr. 1.0

    mr. 1.04 days ago

    This is why I fucking hate apple android for life

  45. elrynon

    elrynon4 days ago

    That's when you buy a new one, put the broken one in it's place and take it back. :D

  46. I C

    I C5 days ago

    And yet here you are, 1 year later, about to buy another one for 5 times the price (plus $999 for the monitor stand). People never learn, so crApple never stop screwing them over.

  47. Graham S

    Graham S5 days ago

    I don't know what's going on with apple this is happening a lot apperently

  48. Lawson Franzmann

    Lawson Franzmann5 days ago

    make a giant ipad!!!

  49. // Deadset

    // Deadset5 days ago

    lol this is their scam to make you buy a new one

  50. Robert Fowler

    Robert Fowler5 days ago

    I'm beginning to think this is some kind of weird trend. I went to a little ceasars to order the deep dish $5 lunch special. I asked to have it plain, yes plain, without toppings. By default, it comes with pepperoni but I don't like pepperoni. They said no. I said "So, what? Do they come from the factory with the peporoni pre-applied." They said no we put them on. I said "well just don't put them on." They said "We can't. Its against the rules." I said "are you fracking kidding me?" and I left.

  51. Sudhan gowda

    Sudhan gowda5 days ago

    The reason is they want you to buy a new monitor

  52. Beerent Huizer

    Beerent Huizer5 days ago

    Why buy apple to start with?

  53. William Pena

    William Pena6 days ago

    Non-Apple certified shops repair your Mac Pro, Apple certified just means you have a contract with apple and access to their parts, Other shops may not be able to get apple original parts but they can get premium parts that were made to the same specs and they’ll do it for you no problem

  54. Jesse j

    Jesse j6 days ago

    Your welcome!

  55. ChoKe_ Loopy

    ChoKe_ Loopy6 days ago

    fuck you mac windows is batter

  56. denelson83

    denelson836 days ago

    They just want you to replace the entire computer at a much greater cost.