Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips10 months ago

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  2. Thomas Roddick

    Thomas Roddick6 days ago

    I wonder if Apple ever thought that screwing over a tech talk MReporterr with 8MILLION subs might be a bad idea? They just might lose a lot of business, and according to their 2018 Q4 Earning report they can't afford to lose any!

  3. Fin Raycraft

    Fin Raycraft17 days ago

    If you go to you break I fix

  4. yt Jiřího

    yt JiříhoMonth ago

    Oh, still able to reply

  5. Adrian Mendez

    Adrian Mendez2 months ago

    Linus Tech Tips this guy sounds like a soccer mom getting mad over nothing

  6. Alan Richardson

    Alan Richardson3 months ago

    Give it too Mr Beast. He'll "fix it"

  7. Itachi Hyuga

    Itachi Hyuga5 hours ago

    Jesus the cringe is killing me

  8. russia ball

    russia ball7 hours ago

    Macs spell backwards is scam

  9. B A

    B A8 hours ago

    I just bought a Lenovo T480 (before they solder everything in the T490 in July like Apple) because Apple is now all about screwing customers. I'm also proud to say, as part of IT in an university business unit, I helped convert a mix of PCs and Apples to a standard of only PCs to lower costs and improve productivity.

  10. ridgero

    ridgero10 hours ago

    We need RGB

  11. Raveen Selvakumar

    Raveen Selvakumar16 hours ago

    Steve Jobs would not approve

  12. Reed Cunningham

    Reed Cunningham17 hours ago

    I think you guys might be over dramatic and making an excuse to make a video and complaining against Apple

  13. TheSpoi

    TheSpoi18 hours ago

    when you realize your pc's repair got denied by a fruit

  14. ProFixerr

    ProFixerr18 hours ago

    Dig the video Linus!

  15. B Bel_ZZ

    B Bel_ZZ21 hour ago

    Apple (products) reminds me D. Trump. Every one hates them, but still do buy thier shit.

  16. KELLOGR 27

    KELLOGR 2722 hours ago

    If someone were to pay me to fix it I'll totally do it because ur getting paid

  17. daLe dan

    daLe danDay ago

    Apple is fvcked up!!

  18. Stephen Hargreaves

    Stephen HargreavesDay ago

    And there you go. Apple.

  19. IVD_2007

    IVD_2007Day ago

    f##k apple get an android

  20. Green Bull

    Green BullDay ago

    Apple sucks

  21. Şant Pirol

    Şant PirolDay ago

    Why didn’t they sent you a new one thats ducking awful ITS APPLE WHAT THE HECK

  22. Nicolas Anon

    Nicolas AnonDay ago

    It seems to me that you have open this thing plugged in, if not what is this cable I see the shadow in the background? The answer of apple is inacceptable considering the price. But putting your hands in a plugged in machine is stupid.

  23. Sunep Amri

    Sunep AmriDay ago

    I wonder if apple can't fix it why do they build it 🙂

  24. Sunep Amri

    Sunep AmriDay ago

    Check compatible spare parts from China and fix it I know they can fix it 😇

  25. Smriti Prasad

    Smriti PrasadDay ago

    sue them

  26. scubatron 408

    scubatron 408Day ago

    Typical Apple they just take take take take and when u ask them to fix their product they don't wont or cant smh I'll stick with android and pc

  27. Good Girl

    Good GirlDay ago

    Yh we all hate apple

  28. Dark Seastar

    Dark Seastar2 days ago

    I don't trust an Apple that sells a computer. What they offer you are probably just an overpriced potatoes anyway.

  29. Dave Damedyl

    Dave Damedyl2 days ago

    Adam and Eve did not listen......Snow white did not listen...... You guy's just asked for it !.....Stay the hell away from Apple ! ! !

  30. Andro Senique

    Andro Senique2 days ago

    Throw that Mac to the trash and just buy a Windows computer. Lol

  31. SuperSlob

    SuperSlob2 days ago

    Why would anyone buy a garbage apple product to begin with? Lmfao

  32. Gaanesh Sundrammoorthy

    Gaanesh Sundrammoorthy2 days ago

    From reviewing pc tech to underwears

  33. Junior Segovia

    Junior Segovia2 days ago

    Have you tried putting it in rice and turning it on after ?

  34. JoseitoEdlVodao

    JoseitoEdlVodao2 days ago

    PRO Tip - understand gravity! And stop manipulating your viewers while criticizing apple...that's what they do, you can do the exact same thing and skip the intro.

  35. Ryan Carpenter

    Ryan Carpenter2 days ago

    Put it in a bag of rice.

  36. MyBreno1

    MyBreno13 days ago

    F APPLE i had a iPhone 2 and it stop working in 2004 after 3 months of having it they said they won't going to fix it and the only option was to buy another phone after that i never buyed a apple products ever again and never will

  37. Kayode Dyson

    Kayode Dyson3 days ago


  38. Leadius USA

    Leadius USA3 days ago

    yea. I don't like apple products much. Can you say a appliance way of thinking. What a waste!

  39. Will_I_Sammy

    Will_I_Sammy3 days ago

    If Steve Jobs was still alive, apple would probably be in a way better place

  40. Miguel Jr. Orias

    Miguel Jr. Orias3 days ago

    apple has baloney after sales service the same as sony.

  41. jeremiah white

    jeremiah white3 days ago

    Apple is garbage and Only getting worse. They make a pretty piece of equipment but that's about it


    #BLINK JJRL3 days ago

    You’re not allowed to alter any apple products, it’s in the term of service.. your fault bro

  43. olliefraga

    olliefraga3 days ago

    Fuck Apple. Are we still believing/buying that shit?!?

  44. I FD

    I FD3 days ago

    Linus you reminds me Bateman from American Psycho, i have found the reason i like you so much

  45. Daniel Li CEO

    Daniel Li CEO4 days ago

    well when is the next Keynote? I'll go and put dislike on their video. If i dislike i press dislike as i did with with youtube rewind 2018.

  46. Martin Ojeda

    Martin Ojeda4 days ago

    just complain on a daily basis to the store and customer service number and eventually youll have someone thatll replace the computer for free

  47. Camadin

    Camadin4 days ago

    Apple: elegant, simple, literally that is where all of the good things end every other characteristic you can even dream of applying to a piece of tech is not looking good for apple like seriously

  48. Grimxen xD

    Grimxen xD4 days ago

    You so broke it on purpose lol what kind of a technician tries to put a screen back on like that

  49. Khurram Chaudhry

    Khurram Chaudhry5 days ago

    So hang on, Anthony tried to remove a screen from a Mac whilst it was upright and not laying flat? That's just stupid. Is it not insured though your company for accidental damage? Claim for a replacement. Also, your sponsorship is shit. But I bet that and your payments from MReporter funded that crApple device anyway.

  50. Erik S

    Erik S5 days ago

    4:36 he should have used the crowbar :) Fits better with a product coming from Tim CRook

  51. Mnason Marlatt

    Mnason Marlatt5 days ago

    Apple sucks if you are watching this apple you fucking suck I only trust google now who agrees 😡😡📱

  52. betaneptune

    betaneptune5 days ago

    There used to be no music in your videos. Those were the good old days. It's just annoying. Why do you bother?

  53. Issa Ahmad

    Issa Ahmad5 days ago

    Did you try putting it in rice?

  54. R3D

    R3D3 days ago

    Why wouldn't you do that?

  55. Drew Leslie

    Drew Leslie5 days ago



    NEXTDAYMICHAEL6 days ago

    I hate apple.....

  57. dave_pilot

    dave_pilot6 days ago

    That's why i never will buy anything from this apple frauds. worst company on earth with the worst products i've seen @Apple

  58. Terry Glasgow

    Terry Glasgow6 days ago

    LMFAO, what do you expect from this Company! Wise up Apple buying/loving fools! Mind you, not my Money so do what the F you want with it!!!

  59. JeremysRants

    JeremysRants6 days ago

    I bet if they knew that this was going to receive over 5 million views they would have done something 😂. They have a team for people who have influence.

  60. scott Here

    scott Here6 days ago

    easy fix goto ebay buy broken one with good screen. thats what i did. work great now.

  61. Hillel Friedler

    Hillel Friedler6 days ago

    2:17 the big pach on his head

  62. Tysonlkm

    Tysonlkm6 days ago

    I did not get any apple product because of this issue

  63. andrew walker

    andrew walker6 days ago

    11k people disliked the truth

  64. Andrew

    Andrew6 days ago

    Apple is fucking garbage

  65. Willstrong Novastar

    Willstrong Novastar7 days ago

    Here you go, Bro, he is an Apple Pro lol yes Louis Rossmann 3 seconds later in the video why i was watching you say his name /crying heh

  66. Jason Mercieca

    Jason Mercieca7 days ago

    That's one of hundreds of reasons i do not buy any APPLE SH-T...

  67. Andrei Japs

    Andrei Japs7 days ago

    LOL That's the company that sued a small repair shop in Norway for changing Iphone screens. LOL. Hoping for the downfall of apple in the next decade.

  68. Randika Hettiarachchi

    Randika Hettiarachchi7 days ago

    I just skip the ad part

  69. Kaiden Griffith

    Kaiden Griffith7 days ago

    just buy a product by pear in all seriousness though, this is stupid

  70. Discotronic Ghettoblaster

    Discotronic Ghettoblaster8 days ago

    linus guy ... did you fry the computer and throw it off a 12 story building? lol is that preston lacy

  71. JimmyD

    JimmyD8 days ago

    Apple is a great company and they are also evil at making money.

  72. Muhammad Shahmi

    Muhammad Shahmi5 days ago

    JimmyD great company?

  73. 李本森

    李本森8 days ago

    Apple sucks

  74. M Ali

    M Ali8 days ago

    Don't buy Apple . Banana is cheap !

  75. Hi I hacked you - your best friends

    Hi I hacked you - your best friends8 days ago

    because you voided the warranty with ur bs you dont take the screen offfffff

  76. Shubham Shukla

    Shubham Shukla8 days ago

    apple is racist

  77. Shubham Shukla

    Shubham Shukla8 days ago

    Mac din't repair our mac ..mack weldon 0:43

  78. Ceeday V 2.0

    Ceeday V 2.08 days ago

    That was the best way to sponsor stuff it was funny

  79. Andrei Burcuta

    Andrei Burcuta8 days ago

    Don't ever buy apple thay treat there customer like shit. This way they learn to respect there own costumers, why we should buy somthing from them if they not even respect us.

  80. MrWilson6600

    MrWilson66008 days ago

    die apple die. worst hardware/software alive.

  81. Gigidag77

    Gigidag778 days ago

    So basically Apple being Apple. *NEXT*

  82. Robert Harmon

    Robert Harmon9 days ago


  83. Feclayer marcal

    Feclayer marcal9 days ago

    I did this problem with my iPhone 7 plus, give me back no repair, I lost my mobile. Today don't believe, but like apple, but looking for another mobile, the quality is down each more time per year, I cry, is true.

  84. FBI

    FBI9 days ago

    Apple? *_But not us_*

  85. kıllımemati gamer

    kıllımemati gamer9 days ago

    fuck you apple fuck you

  86. John Doe

    John Doe9 days ago

    Apple. Get fucked different.

  87. justin beaudry

    justin beaudry9 days ago

    iphone 5 was the only good product to come out of apple, im still using the same iphons 5s since the day it was released

  88. basadake

    basadake9 days ago

    3:42 when ur sure, Linus is going to destroy it :D What a patient guy. And Anthony is still alive :D

  89. Andrew Moore

    Andrew Moore9 days ago

    Airpods are for people who cant afford the cord

  90. Andrew Moore

    Andrew Moore9 days ago

    Apple's team is just a bunch of n words.

  91. John Doe

    John Doe9 days ago

    And you're just an f word redneck trailer trash. (Even though I hate Apple too, I hate racists more).

  92. horrorkesh

    horrorkesh10 days ago

    And people wonder why I outright refuse to give Apple any business

  93. Cormac Gekko

    Cormac Gekko11 days ago

    4:15 top 10 anime crossovers

  94. Jonathan Young

    Jonathan Young11 days ago

    I havent had an apple product for like 10 years. They are all shit.

  95. thewhizard

    thewhizard11 days ago

    never had that problem on my computer . or wait its a pc.

  96. arturo castillo

    arturo castillo11 days ago

    11k apple fans pissed about it???? Guys, for real? 😂😂😂😂

  97. Taj Oliva

    Taj Oliva11 days ago

    Ironic how the video was supposed to be a negative response to Apple yet your sponsored by a company named *mack weldon*

  98. The TechVlog Channel

    The TechVlog Channel11 days ago

    Moral : don't buy Apple products 🤔😐

  99. Hoover E Londono

    Hoover E Londono11 days ago

    They want you to buy a new one greeeeeeeeeeeeed

  100. Drake Mejia

    Drake Mejia11 days ago

    Stupid apple wants to keep there money.

  101. Jason Drummond

    Jason Drummond12 days ago

    omg i love his ranting

  102. Sharpeyed Watcher

    Sharpeyed Watcher12 days ago

    The joys of Apple's offshoring.

  103. Myke Prior

    Myke Prior12 days ago

    A++ for the louis shoutout. He calls that bullshit incessantly and basically has a career from it.

  104. U wU

    U wU12 days ago

    Coz apple hella gay

  105. None -

    None -12 days ago

    Who still want's to buy a iphone or any apple device

  106. Muhd Baktiar

    Muhd Baktiar12 days ago

    Ask Chinese 😉

  107. liang wei

    liang wei12 days ago

    send this to iphone fix guy,he can dell with it

  108. VX10

    VX1013 days ago

    Android and hp for life