Apple iPhone SE 2 ( 2018) Trailer


  1. Sloolee YT

    Sloolee YT3 days ago


  2. Banteilang Hynniewta

    Banteilang Hynniewta6 days ago

    When will it release i want it....

  3. Renata Santos

    Renata Santos6 days ago

    Não tem entrada pra fone 🙄iphone é lindo mas precisa ser melhor ter um cartão de memoria aplicativo de graça do que adianta ser top mas não tem muitas vantagens quer um top tem que pagar mas .Vamos melhora iPhone tenho um gostei mas continue com meu android 😊

  4. sarirua yawalapiti

    sarirua yawalapiti7 days ago

    Ow q massa, gostei dessa agora

  5. Rajkumar Sharma

    Rajkumar Sharma7 days ago

    When it will come Indian market

  6. Cloud 6060

    Cloud 60607 days ago

    🙄This is more than 6 months in waiting 🤔 😒 change in plan

  7. Mukesh Das

    Mukesh Das8 days ago

    Pagal ho gya hai ye iphone company wala india me abhi ek se badh kr ek mobil launch ho rha hai aur ye abhi bhi 4 inch aur 4.5 inch ka mobile nikal rha hai bewkoof samajh rkha hai yha ke logo ko aur wo 2 ya 3 sal purana model ko india me launch krta hai jada price me

  8. Subhajit Biswas

    Subhajit Biswas8 days ago

    What is This phone Price in India

  9. Vi Vhat

    Vi Vhat11 days ago

    I like this

  10. Raj Joshi

    Raj Joshi11 days ago


  11. karo rama

    karo rama16 days ago

    Is iphone se plus the same thing as iphone se2?

  12. karo rama

    karo rama16 days ago

    Love the desine


    CHIARA PERRONE27 days ago

    Price ?

  14. Francine Frizbee

    Francine Frizbee28 days ago


  15. Lou! Toute les épisodes

    Lou! Toute les épisodesMonth ago


  16. Youth Thought

    Youth ThoughtMonth ago

    Take my money immediately

  17. Regina Bozeman

    Regina BozemanMonth ago

    It's like a mini iphone X .i want it!!!!!

  18. sudarsan k p

    sudarsan k pMonth ago

    when they going to launch bro i need it

  19. Andreaplayz

    Andreaplayz2 months ago

    I'm getting this for Christmas and my birthday

  20. Andreana Price

    Andreana Price2 months ago

    When dose the se2 upcoming date come out

  21. benz economic

    benz economic2 months ago


  22. Joyce m.

    Joyce m.2 months ago

    Si sale no va a tener eso, real, a ver si sale con 18:9 mínimo

  23. อีบ้าซีรี่ ดูยันเช้า

    อีบ้าซีรี่ ดูยันเช้า2 months ago


  24. NDP Bé pun

    NDP Bé pun2 months ago

    Tao Ghet iphone nao co tay tho

  25. neelu utkarsh

    neelu utkarsh2 months ago

    best apple iPhone b4 iPhone x se 6 se 2

  26. Jogos de celular

    Jogos de celular2 months ago

    Vai ser mais caro que minha alma e meu rim

  27. Marcelo Angelini

    Marcelo Angelini2 months ago

    Kamera ist ja schlecht Ram auch

  28. LisHan Wijesekara

    LisHan Wijesekara3 months ago

    That's the design i love the most

  29. Eveflendon

    Eveflendon3 months ago

    Yo tengo el iPhone se

  30. Jose Jesus Romo

    Jose Jesus Romo3 months ago

    Lo quiero con el botón

  31. gisella garcia perez

    gisella garcia perez3 months ago

    ¡Phone SE 2 Final Design

  32. Mily Ruiz

    Mily Ruiz3 months ago

    Es como un iphone X

  33. hon j

    hon j3 months ago

    Is this better than X for gaming?

  34. Kislyi Limon

    Kislyi Limon3 months ago

    Ideal screen 😍 in the brutal case

  35. KAdrian McLee

    KAdrian McLee3 months ago


  36. Philio Theodosiou

    Philio Theodosiou3 months ago

    How many euro is that ???

  37. Соня Шварц

    Соня Шварц3 months ago


  38. กลัวที่ไหน พี่ขอมาผมจัดให้

    กลัวที่ไหน พี่ขอมาผมจัดให้3 months ago


  39. Ирина Ипполитова

    Ирина Ипполитова3 months ago

    Iphone SE2=Display Iphone X Iphone SE2=Spec Iphone 7 Iphone SE2=700$

  40. Alejandro c

    Alejandro c3 months ago

    Lo quiero ya

  41. Alejandro c

    Alejandro c3 months ago

    Cuando sale?


    PARADISE UNIVER3 months ago


  43. Dinand Klein

    Dinand Klein3 months ago

    I'm really impressed and if he looks like this I'm really right I wanted to buy the normal Iphone SE first but when I got this soft I knew the same I'm going to buy I can not wait until he's in here the Netherlands is in stores

  44. Tsunami Guay

    Tsunami Guay3 months ago

    They forgot the headphone jack 😞

  45. Love For Miraj

    Love For Miraj3 months ago

    Not real just fack

  46. everytime i see joy, i barely forgot how to breathe

    everytime i see joy, i barely forgot how to breathe3 months ago

    I wish apple won't use the roman numerals on iphone se ㅋ

  47. Kareem Harun

    Kareem Harun3 months ago

    I want this iPhone

  48. Магомед Бачаев

    Магомед Бачаев3 months ago


  49. FaZe Sleezy

    FaZe Sleezy3 months ago

    Nice edit

  50. Yecco Chamba

    Yecco Chamba3 months ago

    Todo piola pero su bateria es 1700 MA y nO pasa las 5 pulgadas

  51. naiyaa gang

    naiyaa gang3 months ago

    The name of the song

  52. Marcus Vinicius Cerino

    Marcus Vinicius Cerino3 months ago

    é o iphone X

  53. nouri nisrine

    nouri nisrine4 months ago

    Es como el iphone X casi

  54. Andri Hermawan

    Andri Hermawan4 months ago

    Steve pleased wake up!

  55. Moriz REMPO

    Moriz REMPO4 months ago


  56. Mihaela Petrova

    Mihaela Petrova4 months ago


  57. F. K

    F. K4 months ago

    OMG, it looks so good (the iPhone, but the "trailer" looks good too, just the music isn't a music for that kind of products.

  58. Clarisa Pérez

    Clarisa Pérez4 months ago

    No me gusta, siento que van en retoceso, se parece mucho al Iphone 5S.

  59. Karina Sabila

    Karina Sabila4 months ago

    I Wantttt

  60. kyra lujan

    kyra lujan4 months ago

    Cuanto costara?

  61. nyny.shonteise _

    nyny.shonteise _4 months ago

    Song? 😩

  62. Anonim ID

    Anonim ID4 months ago

    When iPhone SE2 release date?

  63. Eddie Darkslayer

    Eddie Darkslayer4 months ago

    Todo bien hasta que vi la bateria, 1700 miliamperes no duran para todo el dia

  64. Милана Эльдарова

    Милана Эльдарова4 months ago

    Please, if anyone knows the name of this music, write here?

  65. Miguel Evander Pérez Pérez

    Miguel Evander Pérez Pérez4 months ago

    I liked the soung!!!.. what is name ?... Please

  66. Nano el enaos Sk

    Nano el enaos Sk4 months ago

    Estas mal 👅👅👅

  67. mohd. arif

    mohd. arif4 months ago

    I love this design

  68. Mentor Sadiku

    Mentor Sadiku4 months ago

    I think is the best phone...the 4.5 inches is the best size for the phones,maybe 4.7 is the best size not more becouce the most people don't have so big heads sow i think is the best centimetres...but the negatives is the batary she is just 1.700mah, we need more like a 3000 - 3400mah and the other is the ram is 2Gb there is the most problem in the phone, small ram, low friguence, in this days we need more in 3Gb becouce the application need more and more ram with updates and if you are the guy-girl gamer then i'm sure you need more ram, let's say about 4Gb is the normal to make your phone to run better with no LAG.

  69. Wendell martins

    Wendell martins4 months ago

    Manoooooo amei😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍, eu quero

  70. AngelUnicorn Girl

    AngelUnicorn Girl4 months ago

    Apple just has to do something about that notch. It’s bothering me on my iPhone X, but with that cut out on the SE 2, you won’t even be able to check the time, wifi etc.

  71. Der Strudeltaucher

    Der Strudeltaucher4 months ago

    Headphone Jack ist Killerkriterium! Ohne, weiterhin 6S plus 128GB

  72. kimi #7

    kimi #74 months ago

    Iphone se2 has to be on like iphone x spec on iphone 7/7plus right

  73. Wan Haziq

    Wan Haziq4 months ago

    I want the home button back!


    WX GAMEPLAY4 months ago

    Prefiro o meu 6s👏🏽

  75. Chinoakazaku

    Chinoakazaku3 months ago

    WX GAMEPLAY tá muito feio não é real

  76. Basant Pandey

    Basant Pandey4 months ago


  77. Live Sixic

    Live Sixic4 months ago

    They put the notch on there like some idiots .

  78. Schello1968

    Schello19684 months ago

    always smal battery

  79. Tuan Nguyen Minh

    Tuan Nguyen Minh4 months ago

    may phai to ti nua moi ok iphone 5s than may hoi nho to ra ti mo dep ok

  80. Chew Zai Sheng

    Chew Zai Sheng4 months ago

    It just like Iphone X

  81. Ronni Sambo

    Ronni Sambo4 months ago

    😂😂😂 iPhone se 2

  82. Luiz Carlos Brunelli

    Luiz Carlos Brunelli4 months ago

    iPhone SE 2 será meu primeiro iPhone, estou no aguardo. RSS rss

  83. M-sigonpro X

    M-sigonpro X4 months ago

    iPhone se Processor A11

  84. IRONJAY Retacco

    IRONJAY Retacco4 months ago

    Alright Alright

  85. IRONJAY Retacco

    IRONJAY Retacco4 months ago


  86. chero mory

    chero mory4 months ago

    1700mah battery just for a few hours. Very poor iphone. Pls wake up iphone!!!!!!!!!

  87. YF Qian

    YF Qian4 months ago

    it is SO not gonna look like that it will still have a home buton

  88. SkiFi Sk Music

    SkiFi Sk Music4 months ago

    the iphone SE I have has 128 GB space and 2 GB ram for under 400 € so the information in this vid is probably wrong .. that would not be much of an upgrade unless that is the starting point and later jumps to 256 and 4 .. etc

  89. TajnyAgent Lol

    TajnyAgent Lol4 months ago

    WOW !

  90. TheSmartTech

    TheSmartTech4 months ago

    how do you create that whit what?

  91. Fort Noob

    Fort Noob4 months ago

    You stole the username of everythingapplepro

  92. Kartik Nimhan

    Kartik Nimhan4 months ago

    I like this phone

  93. Zalds Lim

    Zalds Lim4 months ago

    no headphone jack again i will not buy this

  94. Chien le phuong

    Chien le phuong4 months ago

    con cặc every cặc lololololol from vietnam

  95. Konaykhan Abdygaparov

    Konaykhan Abdygaparov4 months ago


  96. Enno

    Enno4 months ago


  97. Davicho MDiaz

    Davicho MDiaz4 months ago

    quiero que salga ya... para asi poder comprarlo en el 2020!

  98. Charlie Apreza

    Charlie Apreza3 months ago

    Davicho MDiaz pobre

  99. Vijay Kanth

    Vijay Kanth4 months ago

    Iphone SE already got 2 GB ram

  100. Henry Barahona Paucar

    Henry Barahona Paucar4 months ago

    Hermoso!!!! 🙄

  101. Foot Long

    Foot Long4 months ago

    So basically, it's an iPhone 5 with a notch?

  102. Efe Okutan

    Efe Okutan5 months ago

    Türk varmı varsa bu telefonu nasıl buldu güzel mi kötü mü