Apartment Atrocities


  1. Griselda Galindo

    Griselda Galindo44 seconds ago

    The stupid last one -_-

  2. Foxy Tries To Animate

    Foxy Tries To AnimateHour ago

    That wasn't a pillow fight that was s- **MReporter comes up behind me with a knife** AHAA... JUST A PILLOW FIGHT.. HAHAH...

  3. Xavier Lujan

    Xavier LujanHour ago

    You hot

  4. Adagio clayton

    Adagio clayton2 hours ago


  5. Jumper5050 GD

    Jumper5050 GD3 hours ago

    your not the one that uses Power Point to make Profile Pics instead of Photo Shop or something xD

  6. cthulu bubby

    cthulu bubby3 hours ago

    Sexual joke

  7. Eric Lopez

    Eric Lopez3 hours ago

    7:20 LAW AND ORDER

  8. Pandora's Studio

    Pandora's Studio3 hours ago

    Mixtape for shgurr Every time Bakugo says deku

  9. Mayte Orozco

    Mayte Orozco4 hours ago

    i love my hero Academia today it will start

  10. Mayte Orozco

    Mayte Orozco4 hours ago

    do you have a my hero Academia paster

  11. GiaKitten 2138

    GiaKitten 21384 hours ago

    Art is drawing! That’s how you get animating! *I am triggered* and I don’t think that’s a pillow fight......

  12. Daniella Bunyai

    Daniella Bunyai5 hours ago

    Yup 100% a pillow fight! 👍🏻

  13. Cosmic Animations

    Cosmic Animations5 hours ago

    Yeah... pillow fights...

  14. Corgi DIY

    Corgi DIY6 hours ago

    Tell a manager about the cinder blocks

  15. Lilliéx

    Lilliéx6 hours ago

    Shgurr, we need to have a talk.. It's about bees.

  16. Alexia Bryant

    Alexia Bryant7 hours ago

    I'm not sure that was a leak how about an ocean

  17. De Ku

    De Ku8 hours ago

    "Pillow fight"

  18. Matrix

    Matrix9 hours ago

    0:50 I got sad because I anime is the only art style I have but I wanna go to animation school I'm eleven XD

  19. gaming 101

    gaming 1019 hours ago

    Why does ever body hate anami it's not that bad😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😰

  20. Miss 53

    Miss 5310 hours ago

    I just realized, you kinda sound like Ruby from steven universe

  21. The Name's Scratch

    The Name's Scratch11 hours ago

    I saw jaiden and tabbs 😂

  22. Alexyss Lopez

    Alexyss Lopez11 hours ago

    I love how she drew one of her room mates like froppy from my hero academia

  23. Emy Robison

    Emy Robison13 hours ago

    OMG YASS DEKU 😘😘😘😘💕💕💕

  24. StepOne Studio

    StepOne Studio14 hours ago


  25. papa RAGTAG

    papa RAGTAG14 hours ago

    Flex tape! Lol

  26. Robotic Hamster

    Robotic Hamster15 hours ago

    That's no pillow fight...

  27. Da mcmuffin

    Da mcmuffin16 hours ago

    "I wanna join the pillow fight too" (hint:its not a pillow fightxD)

  28. Hello World

    Hello World18 hours ago

    Rebbeca pahram and tabbes

  29. Creepy Candy665

    Creepy Candy66518 hours ago

    What I’ll draw food for memes not memes for food

  30. Delayed Sniper08

    Delayed Sniper0818 hours ago


  31. Kawaii Potatoes

    Kawaii Potatoes18 hours ago

    “Stop drawing anime.” :(

  32. Ash Fur

    Ash Fur18 hours ago

    Here's my roommate story.... Her name was Katie and she at 2:00am would bring her boyfriend over and play loud music! She also ate my food and one night she fell asleep and her cute boyfriend asked me out! She found out about it and broke up with him and now I'm dating him!!!!!!😜

  33. Toes RSwag

    Toes RSwag19 hours ago

    4: 40, when I wake up

  34. ghostly the ghost

    ghostly the ghost19 hours ago

    0:59 robeca/let me explan stodio srry can't speel good

  35. Lorelei Cupcake

    Lorelei Cupcake20 hours ago

    0:30 lol Disney and pixar are just staring at Sony 😂

  36. Ayiana Denise

    Ayiana Denise21 hour ago

    Exercising, sure....

  37. Ayiana Denise

    Ayiana Denise21 hour ago


  38. Vesna Mcphee

    Vesna Mcphee21 hour ago

    My Hero Academia FOREVER!!!!

  39. Peft

    Peft21 hour ago

    7:16 lol they're fucking

  40. Gaming Switch

    Gaming Switch21 hour ago


  41. Dude Just Give Me My Kitchen Sink Beføre Im A Gøner

    Dude Just Give Me My Kitchen Sink Beføre Im A Gøner22 hours ago

    Yeah...... PILLOW FIGHT...... r u sure?

  42. Kaci Boatright

    Kaci Boatright22 hours ago

    I dont like a pillow fight...

  43. Darrin Luckel

    Darrin Luckel22 hours ago

    You kinda sound like my bestie natile shgurr

  44. janice cool

    janice cool23 hours ago


  45. Jasemin’s Studio

    Jasemin’s Studio23 hours ago

    The thing that would make me wanna watch anime is if my brother says “*Plus, ULTRA!*” (me when I realize I watched the whole series and is waiting for next episode) Me: *crys outloud*

  46. Laurie Bemount

    Laurie BemountDay ago

    uhhhhhhhhhhh it cant be a pillow fight i mean just think for a sec

  47. Natascha McSandbox

    Natascha McSandboxDay ago

    How are you liking Utah? I know its drastically different from California that's for sure

  48. Chloe 1234

    Chloe 1234Day ago

    U sure u only want to join in the pillow fight and nothing else???😉

  49. Skelton Slay8er

    Skelton Slay8erDay ago

    Shgurr: what I learned in college is... Me: what I learned in boating school is...

  50. Fried Nugget

    Fried NuggetDay ago

    shgurr: BYU Me: Mormon? Mormon? Mormon? (even though I know everyone that goes to BYU doesn't have to be Mormon XD)

  51. dimitrije bubic

    dimitrije bubicDay ago

    ,,next girl that rented that apartment...sorry but this is your problem now..."......GENDER.......AAAAAA.....SUUUUU.....MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Ima Gaming God

    Ima Gaming GodDay ago

    ya *pillow fight* omg... wow

  53. Silva Animations

    Silva AnimationsDay ago

    Did i see a wild jaiden and tabbes? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  54. Caleb

    CalebDay ago

    I would love to have a “pillow fight” with you

  55. Alana Weinmann

    Alana WeinmannDay ago


  56. YouTube man Jeffry fan

    YouTube man Jeffry fanDay ago

    You do what you won’t to do

  57. AvAcado

    AvAcadoDay ago

    I had this person above me they were a light sleeper and they would always shift back and forth on their bed and it would be LOUD AS FUCK

  58. AvAcado

    AvAcadoDay ago

    5:40 what song is that?

  59. Down with the fluff

    Down with the fluffDay ago

    please you really don’t want to join in that pillow fight

  60. MasterOf CringeTWO

    MasterOf CringeTWODay ago

    **Insert peace sign**

  61. Maymouna Bah

    Maymouna BahDay ago

    Oml srsly pillow fight?

  62. Rex

    RexDay ago

    Yes, don't draw anime. *It should die.*

  63. Ducks

    DucksDay ago

    once i actually got a microwave in between the walls so whenever it was finished i always would take the other persons toast they hate me HEHEHEHEHEH >:3

  64. Alexa_galaxy 13

    Alexa_galaxy 13Day ago

    I hid my head on the glass door like two time at my apartment and my cousins apartment

  65. Alexa_galaxy 13

    Alexa_galaxy 13Day ago

    I did ok once’s I was going to my cousins apartment and I heard the police and I was going to see it outs side my cousins apartment is like top floors but when I heated the police went past the apartment there was a glass door I just ran into the glass door even at my apartment it was at hawaii

  66. That one commenter

    That one commenterDay ago


  67. the pollock

    the pollockDay ago

    7:22 q:

  68. ItsMeTaco

    ItsMeTacoDay ago

    That wasn’t a pillow fight

  69. Alya Cesaire

    Alya CesaireDay ago

    BYU..? holy crap i went there like three weeks ago DID YOU SEE THE GIRL IN A GREY HOODIE LOOKING OVERWHELMED

  70. Nekko Chan

    Nekko ChanDay ago

    “I love anime drawing but I haven’t seen any movies”

  71. Joshua Hall

    Joshua HallDay ago

    5:37 for Without Me by Eminem. after listening to the full song, i can safely say that i like it.

  72. Cheesy Dorito

    Cheesy DoritoDay ago

    -Explosions- DEKU -D:-

  73. SK8M8S

    SK8M8SDay ago

    the eric andre part made me laugh

  74. Ricky Allen

    Ricky AllenDay ago

    Guess what I’ve actuallyRead Narnia

  75. Wolfy Moon

    Wolfy MoonDay ago

    Hey i luv anime!!!!>:( everything i draw is anime, including my chibi

  76. Haiden Clark

    Haiden ClarkDay ago


  77. Jahneil Palmer

    Jahneil PalmerDay ago

    what if it's not a pillow fight ;D

  78. Walter orellana

    Walter orellanaDay ago

    When I cant go to the, mall 1:09

  79. It'sfrosty585

    It'sfrosty5852 days ago


  80. Beaks TheSqueeks

    Beaks TheSqueeks2 days ago

    Ya super rude “pillow fight”

  81. DE4D D1S4ST3RS

    DE4D D1S4ST3RS2 days ago

    s t o p d r a w i n g a n i m e : )

  82. faith and Jenny.0

    faith and Jenny.02 days ago

    Excuse me don't drop anime what are you guys safe because domics draws in anime form you're going to say to stop drawing anime😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  83. Sebastian Tschatordai

    Sebastian Tschatordai2 days ago

    So, you want to join the pillow fight, eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  84. Gamer Gamer

    Gamer Gamer2 days ago

    Omg I imagined that in the vid some apartment is gonna flood but I said to mah self NAAAH THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN xD and it happened xD WOW I predicted DAH FUTURE

  85. Cyan Lightning Bolt

    Cyan Lightning Bolt2 days ago

    0:59 isthat tabbes?

  86. Elisa Figueroa

    Elisa Figueroa2 days ago

    I didn’t know that you liked My hero Academia Shgrr

  87. Kitsune Dragneel

    Kitsune Dragneel2 days ago

    That's not a pillow fight.......you should move

  88. Alannis Phan

    Alannis Phan2 days ago

    *is that boku no hero academia*

  89. zanegamingXP

    zanegamingXP2 days ago

    7:25 ya pillow fight 😶

  90. zanegamingXP

    zanegamingXP2 days ago


  91. Maxterdaxter PartP&C

    Maxterdaxter PartP&C2 days ago


  92. Killer Zach 2.0

    Killer Zach 2.02 days ago

    Best part was when she was listening to music, that is my favorite song.


    BLUE FIRE SPIRE2 days ago

    We can say that


    BLUE FIRE SPIRE2 days ago

    Sure a Pillow fight

  95. GrandLinePro

    GrandLinePro2 days ago

    OHHHH do i have some apartment stories. I'll stick with one for this comment. It was 12pm on a tuesday. SO MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING DAY OF A SCHOOL DAY, and these girls who i had a lot of problems with through the year were screaming "everybody get drunk!!" and they clearly had a few bottles already. So i opened my door to the hall and told them to grow the fuck up. its dorms and people are getting ready for exams not getting drunk so they need to go elsewhere and stop bothering people. later when i came home from class i saw someone had poured glitter outside my dorm room and kicked the glitter under rhe doot into my room. since these girls were so stupid though they forgot i could have security check the camera footage. they were then put on a finale strike and if they so much as put a toe out of line they would be kicked out of dorms. needless to say they were gone soon after.


    FABA’S VLOG2 days ago

    If MReporter dies I’m gonna kill myself 😂❤️

  97. Normal Person

    Normal Person2 days ago

    Does she know what Master bating is cause the sound could be a dude not a girl

  98. Spooky da pup

    Spooky da pup2 days ago

    It is not a pillow fight

  99. Yusa Nishimori

    Yusa Nishimori2 days ago


  100. starlight plays

    starlight plays2 days ago

    Hmmm "exercise on the bed" strange

  101. pika chu

    pika chu2 days ago