Apartment Atrocities


  1. hennessy

    hennessyHour ago

    05:36 music pleaseeee

  2. Mental Floss

    Mental Floss2 hours ago

    love eminem too

  3. Legolas Gaming

    Legolas Gaming2 hours ago

    how rude of them not to invite everyone to the pillow fight cmon xD

  4. LPS Sparks

    LPS Sparks2 hours ago


  5. TNG Mikey

    TNG Mikey2 hours ago

    Just watched your first err.....I mean third video of 2018 you're such a great animator. I love your enthusiastic voice too.

  6. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark2 hours ago

    my worst apartment in college story, my best friend and I were in his kitchen playing cards when all of a sudden what sounded like a bomb went off. We rushed into the living room and one of the walls was gone, I mean GONE!!! You could see the next room and the outside. His water heater exploded!!!

  7. channel z

    channel z2 hours ago

    "Pillow fight"

  8. RTN Wolf

    RTN Wolf3 hours ago

    Can you start doing EPs of something?? Please

  9. Storm Johnson

    Storm Johnson3 hours ago

    My hero academia

  10. Megyn Agustin

    Megyn Agustin3 hours ago

    Lol "What if we want to take a shower at the same time?" CLOSE DATT DOOR!!

  11. OwO o

    OwO o3 hours ago

    I love all the bnha

  12. roberta m

    roberta m3 hours ago


  13. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago


  14. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago

    And if you don't hear him counting by sunraise

  15. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago

    And counts them at people's door way in the night

  16. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago

    And he carries a bag of bones

  17. Liam West

    Liam West3 hours ago

    *P I L L O W F I G H T*

  18. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago

    And she said he is called the whistling man

  19. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago

    Yeah I just watched a video and it was about this man in a hat...

  20. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago


  21. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago

    Remember the haunted cideo

  22. Brandi Walton

    Brandi Walton3 hours ago


  23. Roler 280

    Roler 2804 hours ago

    0:50 so true!

  24. Valorie Marie

    Valorie Marie5 hours ago

    Wow jaidenanimations channel looks so good

  25. Jose Porras

    Jose Porras5 hours ago

    When some one eats the last slice of pizza you were saving4:40

  26. JayzPlayz2

    JayzPlayz26 hours ago

    You just stole some animated people from Jaiden Animations

  27. Norma Mohd Nor

    Norma Mohd Nor6 hours ago

    *g i t g u d*

  28. Kymari Millner

    Kymari Millner8 hours ago

    Yes I do have an appointment in my office today but I’m not sure what time they were coming over tomorrow

  29. Bartlegoof 692

    Bartlegoof 6929 hours ago

    Nice Eric Andre reference

  30. NoMlgSkills

    NoMlgSkills9 hours ago

    1:27 those pajamas are from kill la kill

  31. Indexian Code

    Indexian Code9 hours ago

    Luv anime dude

  32. isabelle Fallowfield

    isabelle Fallowfield10 hours ago

    i wanna join you

  33. Stephanie Hook

    Stephanie Hook10 hours ago

    ;-; see its slowing down XD

  34. Kitty Girl

    Kitty Girl11 hours ago

    that feelling when u speak russian.../То чувство когда ты говоришь по русски ...

  35. Jasmines Life

    Jasmines Life11 hours ago

    i want to go to vidcon so badddd

  36. Ve Ve DT

    Ve Ve DT11 hours ago

    The yell is from princess bride 😂

  37. Hedelmä Chan

    Hedelmä Chan11 hours ago

    Pillow fight


    BROTHERHOOD Harry11 hours ago

    You make me subscribe and also make ma vomit

  39. catman loves cats

    catman loves cats11 hours ago

    Um... That bed squeek isnt a pillow fight... That is a bed wrestling match.... With the strongest people i can think of... John cena and dwane "the rock" Johnson. Hi-yah!!

  40. Ale

    Ale12 hours ago


  41. Erick the big bad boss

    Erick the big bad boss12 hours ago

    Then get another little carpet to put at the spot


    FOXYA THE FOX12 hours ago

    0:50 wow thx for opening my eyes for me shugrr lol

  43. Ablivion Agar

    Ablivion Agar12 hours ago

    She said 2:00 AM in the morning xD

  44. The Two Jammers : animal jam :

    The Two Jammers : animal jam :13 hours ago


  45. TheLazyKey

    TheLazyKey13 hours ago

    My last flatmate would have SUPER loud sex for up to an hour at like 2 AM several times a week in their room.

  46. Foster Johnson

    Foster Johnson13 hours ago

    Get a white noise machine

  47. Nichole Magruder

    Nichole Magruder14 hours ago

    I can draw anime all I want no afunction

  48. wolfycat cutie

    wolfycat cutie14 hours ago

    U are drawing an anime series >:3

  49. Godzzila Show

    Godzzila Show14 hours ago

    That last part lol

  50. Awesomecool Goldenkid

    Awesomecool Goldenkid14 hours ago

    lol shgurr is a big fan of my hero academia cuz you had poster and was drawing it imma fan to ;D

  51. SexyChickenBlaze

    SexyChickenBlaze14 hours ago

    "walk a mile just to park my car" What?... like do you push your car or something...

  52. World Destiny

    World Destiny14 hours ago

    0:56 omg we have to much in common

  53. World Destiny

    World Destiny14 hours ago


  54. World Destiny

    World Destiny14 hours ago


  55. Raven

    Raven15 hours ago

    Ok I just wrote a long ass comment and totally lost it. I love you I've either been here since 10k or 1k (I forgot what subs you were at, at the time.) no this is real I've been here since your fnaf animation vids. I pointed out the person who stole your just gold art. You probably don't remember. I stopped watching you and I feel bad. Last video I saw was No commentoi and I thought you were done. You didn't post for awhile after it. But look at you. Your channel has grown and you're at 1.3 million now. I feel so bad I haven't been up to date. I miss your videos, I'm sorry. Anyways. Continue on with your life I hope you've been doing well and haven't got caught up in drama in the last few years.

  56. Raven

    Raven15 hours ago

    FYI my other comment was much better I swear pfff

  57. babyg plays

    babyg plays15 hours ago

    I'm lazy too

  58. babyg plays

    babyg plays15 hours ago

    And also I share rooms this two people

  59. Matt the lets player

    Matt the lets player15 hours ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  60. babyg plays

    babyg plays15 hours ago

    Omg ur just like me wen my friend is drawing anime I'm like trigerd

  61. Midori Chan

    Midori Chan15 hours ago

    5:43 Deku dies

  62. ashton beiler

    ashton beiler15 hours ago

    Whaaat there allowed to jump on there beds?!?!?!?! Come on

  63. Keely Bryan

    Keely Bryan16 hours ago

    earplugs might help. but it that much of a problem you could file a noise complaint

  64. StarlightThatWolf

    StarlightThatWolf16 hours ago

    My art looks like anime and I'm not even trying to do anime ;-;

  65. Fuzzy-Café

    Fuzzy-Café16 hours ago

    yes. "pillow fight" ... owo ..............riiiiiiiiiiiiighhhht

  66. Caleb Laster

    Caleb Laster16 hours ago

    ONE FOR ALL!!!!!

  67. Caleb Laster

    Caleb Laster16 hours ago

    When she did the peace sigh she looked like froppy

  68. bronson snavely

    bronson snavely16 hours ago


  69. J's Shadow :3

    J's Shadow :317 hours ago

    U know that shit ain't a pillow fight, not at 2:00 am XD

  70. D.H.M ฯ¿ฯ

    D.H.M ฯ¿ฯ17 hours ago

    ummmmmm... I don't think its a pillow fight :\

  71. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia17 hours ago

    I have a friend who adores shanon AND anime she’s crushed probably RIP Aimee

  72. Look_its_Mia _

    Look_its_Mia _17 hours ago

    I’m not sure that’s exercise or a pillow fight either...

  73. Yolo 002

    Yolo 00218 hours ago

    boku no hero academia yes

  74. Keegan Shaffer

    Keegan Shaffer18 hours ago

    6:14 windows ear rape

  75. Muffin Girl

    Muffin Girl18 hours ago

    Holy crap I live in utah

  76. Hailey Panic! At the disco fan

    Hailey Panic! At the disco fan19 hours ago

    Am I the only one who loves the dance at 5:38

  77. laelaisasome *

    laelaisasome *19 hours ago

    4:40 my hero Acidamia posters 👌👌(☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

  78. Maria Tappin

    Maria Tappin19 hours ago

    that was not a pillow fight...……………………..curres my dirty mind

  79. TaffyChu

    TaffyChu20 hours ago

    Your neighbors sound pretty horny-

  80. deathsetmatch60

    deathsetmatch6020 hours ago

    I’m an kid sooo now but family and apartments kinda but no Sometimes the neighbors up above me will throw an party and I have to try and find my ear plugs in the dark rip me

  81. mustache Monday

    mustache Monday20 hours ago

    That is 336 ds

  82. NightStormFox

    NightStormFox20 hours ago

    Don't worry, my roommate and his girlfriend like to pillow fight too...The room next to mine... at any given hour. I understand lol.

  83. Ryan Skillz08

    Ryan Skillz0820 hours ago

    2% percent on meh phone no charger I will watch this is, Get the views for her. Thank me later.

  84. Adam 310

    Adam 31020 hours ago

    Hddhi. Ruhr. Hdudu. Ueuddu. Usudu. Show

  85. Noah Wolcott

    Noah Wolcott20 hours ago

    I recommend some chill background music to fill in the small gaps between sentences

  86. AlphaFox Official

    AlphaFox Official20 hours ago

    Yea A Pillowfight

  87. Sum Arbor

    Sum Arbor21 hour ago

    We need more anime! This channel is great too. Keep it up.

  88. Mootoo Anderson

    Mootoo Anderson21 hour ago

    Can I get balloon 345

  89. Unicornkitty Battle

    Unicornkitty Battle21 hour ago

    I like to draw anime and people like it

  90. Kawaii Animals: Bunny and Wolf

    Kawaii Animals: Bunny and Wolf21 hour ago

    Do the 7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE BABY(solves all yo problems)

  91. Jillian Dreams

    Jillian Dreams21 hour ago

    The only kind of “exercise” I get. - Meanwhile your animation has improved!

  92. Avazy Animates

    Avazy Animates22 hours ago

    You *NEED* to make a book Shannon!

  93. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark3 hours ago

    yeah....if James can do it, anyone can LOL....seriously he's good, you're good, do a book!!

  94. Sugar Pop

    Sugar Pop22 hours ago

    When will the next MAP be? If there will be one? XD Err- I may sound dumb but where do I sign up for MAPs? XD I just love them so much I really want to be in one, but I don't know if it's on any other social medias of yours when you announce when they're going to be... :/

  95. stockart whiteman

    stockart whiteman23 hours ago

    I'm surprised I didn't find this channel till now. I was subscribed to or am currently subscribed to like every other animation Channel so it's kind of weird that I missed this one. Well I fixed that problem so I'm subscribed now

  96. fuge74

    fuge7423 hours ago

    I uhh use an RV.

  97. Jeffrey San Diego

    Jeffrey San Diego23 hours ago

    Hey Shgurr, Remember your FNAF videos?

  98. God Skylerz

    God Skylerz23 hours ago

    Use code shgurr 18 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m sorry

  99. Rony Richard

    Rony Richard23 hours ago


  100. UnseenAssassin

    UnseenAssassin23 hours ago

    Hey why are you guys so dirty? For all we know it could be some aggressive gamer who plays video games at midnight... it’s possible or some drunk which isn’t much better but still. Or it really could be a pillow fight.

  101. Starixx

    StarixxDay ago

    1:09 ---To be continued-->

  102. i am groot

    i am grootDay ago

    Wait you are a hero in my hero academia

  103. Lunar Angel!

    Lunar Angel!Day ago

    Um I don't think it's a pillow fight I mean I hope it is...