Apartment Atrocities


  1. PllKACHU

    PllKACHU3 minutes ago

    I guess the guys checking that awesome apartment ( 3:44 ) were very kiasu

  2. fire the bird

    fire the bird10 hours ago

    What are you listening

  3. Sub to me .-. Rivera

    Sub to me .-. Rivera10 hours ago

    What u don’t like anime?

  4. lets try to get 10k with no vídeos hi

    lets try to get 10k with no vídeos hi11 hours ago

    Hi I enjoy your vids

  5. Ana Hoskins

    Ana Hoskins13 hours ago

    Git good yalls woooh

  6. GalxYz PlaYz

    GalxYz PlaYz14 hours ago

    *Bed Squeaking* Me: Oh No... Imagine All The Thing It Could Be.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Don't You Get The Joke? :Edit: Thumbs Up If You Get It ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  7. animalgal gaming and reviewing

    animalgal gaming and reviewing14 hours ago

    Says to stop drawing anime yet draws my hero academia

  8. Suye Sito

    Suye Sito14 hours ago

    Awesome Read More

  9. daniel yeroshalmi

    daniel yeroshalmi15 hours ago

    lol bed squeaking

  10. Gilly Rose

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  11. XenaGamer2000

    XenaGamer200015 hours ago

    Our landlord wont fix the washing machines so we're stuck with 1 washing machine for 10+ people

  12. Dave the Duck

    Dave the Duck16 hours ago

    Ummm should I say this but punkin spice it is really something I should not say

  13. Yokina Shojo

    Yokina Shojo19 hours ago

    that feeling when you are from Russia and put ,, Translate ,,

  14. Rayyan LOLS

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  15. Ahmad Ali

    Ahmad AliDay ago

    0:52 DID SHE JUST DISRESPECT ANIME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. Fulmen

    FulmenDay ago

    1:04 Hidetaka Miyazaki approves and whispers "Fu***** scrubs"

  17. Eliyah Clark

    Eliyah ClarkDay ago

    hahaha, the cinderblock thing has happened to me

  18. Mark Spawn0812

    Mark Spawn0812Day ago

    We all know what they’re doing

  19. William (LP4)

    William (LP4)Day ago

    Is this the video where people got the idea that Wolfychu was fake?

  20. the water crossont

    the water crossontDay ago

    You like my hero academia?!?!

  21. kalen shepherd

    kalen shepherdDay ago

    its not a pillow fight:)

  22. Victoria Thomas

    Victoria ThomasDay ago

    And what was that song that you were listening to when your roommate came in?

  23. Victoria Thomas

    Victoria ThomasDay ago

    This is my favorite vid :3

  24. Victoria Thomas

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  25. Gecko4ever club

    Gecko4ever clubDay ago

    You go to BYU? Cool!

  26. 3rystal 5tar

    3rystal 5tarDay ago

    Gotta keep it PG

  27. Lainie Roho

    Lainie RohoDay ago

    Ha ha!

  28. sweet animations

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  29. the human Temmie 2

    the human Temmie 2Day ago

    The end shes trying to be pg

  30. Phoenix Dragon115

    Phoenix Dragon115Day ago

    7:16 Is that a My Hero Academia poster?!

  31. KyAnimations

    KyAnimationsDay ago

    well here's one where i was 3-4 years old,this was the point that i would've died thanks to my dumb and STUPID babysitter .so this random day i was trying to sleep while my babysitter was trying to make me do so.After that she fell asleep and forgot the close da window, later on i climbed up grabbing onto the window frame ,half of my body outside hanging from the third floor. in the end my mom got me calmly and yelled "GOD CURSE U U F****NG MUPPET!" and thats when my babysitter got fired and that was when i never got a babysitter til i was 5. conclusion:I WAS ABOUT TO DIE!

  32. Just Me

    Just MeDay ago

    yeah... Exercising... sure...

  33. ware wolf arts

    ware wolf artsDay ago

    i saw that bnha poster on your wall (:

  34. didi paun

    didi paunDay ago

    I liked you're video

  35. A Pissed Off Nerd With Admin Privileges

    A Pissed Off Nerd With Admin PrivilegesDay ago

    7:22 *_ILLUSION_* *_100_*

  36. chocolatebunn 664

    chocolatebunn 664Day ago

    git guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud

  37. Euladia Perez

    Euladia Perez2 days ago

    Vid con is on my birthday 🙈😀

  38. Euladia Perez

    Euladia Perez2 days ago

    When is vid con

  39. Alex J

    Alex J2 days ago

    I love this part 😂 2:08

  40. Logan Ramirez

    Logan Ramirez2 days ago

    I love eminem

  41. EppZ

    EppZ2 days ago

    Remember all her old furry fnaf animations -3-

  42. xXcreeper YT523Xx

    xXcreeper YT523Xx2 days ago

    exercising on the bed? thats more like se.. nvm keep ur channel family friendly..................

  43. theonlyonethat'sright

    theonlyonethat'sright2 days ago

    Roommates video?

  44. Justine Irizarry

    Justine Irizarry2 days ago

    When I was little, I had this apartment and there were always frogs in the pipes. Non-litteral heh... it kept me up and I ended up getting up and pacing. RRRRRRRRRR WE ALWAYS HAD TO PAY FOR “Damages.” WE WERE IN HARD TIMES!!!!!!!!!

  45. clout pelt

    clout pelt2 days ago

    0:51 not suuuure, is that bluebird...?

  46. Furiouspuppy windle

    Furiouspuppy windle2 days ago

    At mine someone above me would keep wearing heels when I was sleeping so I woke up and I am not adult told my dad and he stomped a broom so she would stop she might still do it

  47. Robert Hernandez

    Robert Hernandez2 days ago

    Like a vegan farting

  48. Josh Cormier

    Josh Cormier2 days ago

    It's not a pillow fight (●_●)

  49. NightHunter x

    NightHunter x2 days ago

    In one of the #Jameden fanfics I made, James dropped Jaiden's breakfast and comes to get you and you say: JANITOR SHANNON TO THE RESCUE!

  50. Nobody Nobody

    Nobody Nobody2 days ago


  51. Audrey Hawrylo

    Audrey Hawrylo2 days ago

    1:01 I see more then one animator here...

  52. D3stroy _480_YT

    D3stroy _480_YT2 days ago

    Boku no hero

  53. FNAF Lover530

    FNAF Lover5302 days ago

    Sooo how about that video?

  54. Potato Animates

    Potato Animates2 days ago

    Totally....a pillow fight...heheheheheh ;w;

  55. Kenzie James

    Kenzie James2 days ago

    The noise is someone trying to play the violin

  56. LPS Sparkels

    LPS Sparkels2 days ago

    Shugrr Something tells me That's not a pillow fight

  57. Jay

    Jay2 days ago

    really shgurr Ur Mom😔😔not funny

  58. Molly DiPietro

    Molly DiPietro3 days ago

    Wait you said you hear the sound every night I don’t think they would have a pillow fight EVREY night

  59. John von Shepard

    John von Shepard3 days ago

    4:39 best part.

  60. Froilan Juan jr

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  61. •Shacuu Uzi•

    •Shacuu Uzi•3 days ago

    IKR!? I would wanna play pillow fight :')

  62. Fluffy the cat

    Fluffy the cat3 days ago

    Just subed

  63. BlueEyesWhiteDragon .1

    BlueEyesWhiteDragon .13 days ago

    Yeah "pillow fight"

  64. Black Diamond

    Black Diamond3 days ago

    5:37 is eminem without me. Great taste.

  65. KoolKid Ben

    KoolKid Ben3 days ago

    4:35 This happened to my mom and she was like Ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  66. Nikki Games

    Nikki Games3 days ago

    6:56 *has pans and smashes them together* I AINT GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YALL!! ALL AIN'T GONNA GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF ME

  67. Nikki Games

    Nikki Games3 days ago

    7:20 ;)

  68. GeF Orade

    GeF Orade3 days ago

    That requires... *effort..?*

  69. Toxic Wolf

    Toxic Wolf3 days ago

    YEAAA A PILLO FIGHT -nervouse laugh- 😅

  70. Liam Bon

    Liam Bon3 days ago

    Hold on, did you say BYU? God has graced us with such luxurious grass.

  71. Linkin Egan

    Linkin Egan3 days ago

    I would LOVE to see a shugarr meme where she turns super saiyan 3 at 1:09

  72. Erick The shark

    Erick The shark3 days ago

    👨this is bob he does not 👕 like comments that ask 👖 Likes so stop it



    Byu? Like Utah?

  74. Omar Jebara

    Omar Jebara3 days ago

    Shower between apartments = a Crimes Against Humanity.

  75. Zane Fraser

    Zane Fraser3 days ago

    360 dollars for the 8 sinder block's

  76. TayIsCraZy

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  77. lul Gaming

    lul Gaming3 days ago

    I love dis song what’s it called please tell me at 5:37

  78. Winterkraehe

    Winterkraehe3 days ago

    Luckily I found a pretty nice flat in a building that's only three years old BUT when I was looking for a place I discovered something strange. Flats with the shower in the KITCHEN. Just imagine walking in to eat some toast and your flatmate stands naked in front of you ....

  79. Daelynn's Toy Box

    Daelynn's Toy Box3 days ago

    Lol I love it :D

  80. RobloxFan64

    RobloxFan643 days ago

    7:09 Um well then... why every night do they gotta have S**?

  81. thedarkturty

    thedarkturty4 days ago

    When you make a video but when you scroll down most people are commenting about the last bit with the "pillow fight".

  82. Lizeth Salinas

    Lizeth Salinas4 days ago

    I think it is not a pillow fight

  83. cannibal unicorn

    cannibal unicorn4 days ago

    7:22 yeah its totally a pillow fight =_=

  84. Alan Garcia

    Alan Garcia4 days ago

    $360 for all of the cinderblock

  85. -Username -

    -Username -4 days ago

    NANI!!!!!???? Is that poster what I think it is? MY HERO ACADEMIA?????!!!!!

  86. D.j Creeper

    D.j Creeper4 days ago

    That bed are you sure you wanted to join that pillow fight

  87. Kiwi Blossom

    Kiwi Blossom4 days ago

    You like my hero aDamien what’s your favorito carechtier mine is decku

  88. Waleed Omari

    Waleed Omari4 days ago

    Hey did you use thesaurus.com for the title by any chance

  89. Afia Appiah-pipim

    Afia Appiah-pipim4 days ago

    Im selling replay buttons. You can buy one if you like this comic 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

  90. Otaku Taco

    Otaku Taco4 days ago

    My hero academia

  91. killer love

    killer love4 days ago

    5:37 what song is that

  92. Analisia Watets

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  93. Cutieypuppygirl452

    Cutieypuppygirl4524 days ago

    This was made 1 day before my bday

  94. Craig Bruce

    Craig Bruce4 days ago

    6 months ago me : oh this do u know da wae animation Now OMG ITS MADE BY SHGURR

  95. Cameron Gaming

    Cameron Gaming5 days ago

    1:08 hahahahaha


    A DUH KIDFLASH5 days ago

    "Pillow fight" I wanna join! But it wouldn't be a pillow fight... It would be a pillow world war...

  97. LAVAWOLF72 *gacha verse storys*

    LAVAWOLF72 *gacha verse storys*5 days ago

    7:21 Uhh...bed...squeaking...0-0 welp where the portal to hell wen you need one

  98. AC

    AC5 days ago

    “Pillow fight” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  99. kevin rascon

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  100. Alex Alcantar

    Alex Alcantar5 days ago

    5:37 whats the name of the song?

  101. Thomas Rojas

    Thomas Rojas5 days ago

    It was sex