Apartment Atrocities


  1. Kittan Artist

    Kittan Artist5 hours ago

    3:02 The next one had a legit portal to narnia! -shgurr 2018

  2. Jake C

    Jake C6 hours ago

    Boku no hero posters

  3. sushi.gacha

    sushi.gacha6 hours ago

    Your eye style is like tsuyu asui from my hero... you know that show.

  4. Taylor the weirdo

    Taylor the weirdo7 hours ago

    6:04 Jontron"PUT SOME FLEX TAPE ON IT!"

  5. joshua tuttle

    joshua tuttle7 hours ago

    Totally a pillow fight. Also. Uhm...don't be surprised if your bnha posters go missing...uhm...totally am not related to it if it happens... P.S. Nice song. Without me by eminem.

  6. Řıłēy Wøłf

    Řıłēy Wøłf8 hours ago

    Yeah uh dont join that pillow fight 😖😨

  7. k e l l y

    k e l l y8 hours ago

    *don't join the pillow fight trust me*

  8. Alonso Castro

    Alonso Castro9 hours ago

    In my university only 10% or less, have a car. PD: soy de Chile :D PD2: wen video ;) PD3: este comentario es por el minuto 1:54

  9. Emma Jaffe

    Emma Jaffe9 hours ago


  10. 2024Grace B946

    2024Grace B9469 hours ago


  11. Mintyrosetea Minty

    Mintyrosetea Minty10 hours ago

    5:43 DEKU

  12. Panda ramu

    Panda ramu11 hours ago

    7:10, 2 AM in the morning!!!! That bothers me😑 😂

  13. ShadowGhost4909

    ShadowGhost490912 hours ago

    A legit portal to Narnia XD

  14. Quốc Thái Đặng

    Quốc Thái Đặng12 hours ago

    3:04 Get a load of this My favorite Eggman quote is here

  15. Quốc Thái Đặng

    Quốc Thái Đặng12 hours ago

    0:59 Don't know that Jaiden and Tabbes study with you in the college

  16. Cheet0 is Fluffy

    Cheet0 is Fluffy13 hours ago

    7:04 aren't AM and morning the same thing? :P

  17. MacyPooh196

    MacyPooh19613 hours ago

    I’ll never understand the “don’t draw anime! Only Looney Tunes and Calvin and Hobbes!”-mentality. Anime is a style. It’s art. Anyway, rant over. And yeah, what the heck is up with weird campus apartments/apartments near the campuses? They’re all either rundown or extremely expensive!

  18. Neriah Peters

    Neriah Peters14 hours ago

    I don't think it's a pillow fight...... Heh... Heh... 😶

  19. BrotherMag

    BrotherMag14 hours ago

    Ha "pillow fight" lol

  20. iiPulxe_Galaxy

    iiPulxe_Galaxy14 hours ago

    "As long as my roommates are nice, I'll live," she says But when you have a whole bunch of horny guys for a roommate that never talk and seem like they are plotting on you, then you will learn. Then you will learn THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!

  21. Erwan TILLY

    Erwan TILLY14 hours ago

    5:13 how on earth would a college student find 8 cinder blocks and carry them into her room without staff noticing? Either they were stolen from a construction site or she raided an art supplies cupboard

  22. Noob__deku !!

    Noob__deku !!14 hours ago


  23. Cream jewel Loves sans

    Cream jewel Loves sans14 hours ago

    My hero academia fan? YESH

  24. Funtime Zachariah

    Funtime Zachariah15 hours ago

    Ya exercising that’s what it was not the smexy time above you

  25. annabel fazukimi

    annabel fazukimi15 hours ago

    "Stop drawing I anime ain't no one gonna watch that." Avatar the Last Airbender is laughing at you

  26. A Largebucket

    A Largebucket15 hours ago

    Becca, shannon, tabbes... animation school here i come!!

  27. mrmcmahon68894

    mrmcmahon6889415 hours ago

    4:40 That feeling you get when you realize you have to go to work.

  28. Jaynie Moore

    Jaynie Moore16 hours ago

    I don't think it's a pillow fight sounds like someone's...wrestling???(I don't want to make it in appropriate)

  29. 1 1

    1 122 hours ago

    Hey. Like this comment cuz you can. | | | V

  30. Ireland Carroll

    Ireland Carroll22 hours ago

    Yes I hear Banging up stars

  31. 9specter528

    9specter52823 hours ago

    6:55 In the immortal words of one Lavernius Tucker... "Bow Chicka Bow Wow."

  32. Ivan Chavez

    Ivan ChavezDay ago

    wow you hear things when you sleep? HA im like a uhh sleeping beauty

  33. Young Naruto37

    Young Naruto37Day ago

    Srry i just watched dis video but yea u aint wanna join dat pillow fight😐😐

  34. Lava

    LavaDay ago

    I dont like anime either

  35. Cotton Ball

    Cotton BallDay ago

    You know don’t worry about that pillow fight

  36. lizardo XD

    lizardo XDDay ago

    "exercise" jajjajajjaja

  37. Xxdinosaurio26xX

    Xxdinosaurio26xXDay ago

    Soy acaso el único que también habla español Aquí?

  38. Sweetened Angel

    Sweetened AngelDay ago

    Welcome to Utah. Our rent is ridiculous and our apartment layouts are even worse!

  39. Dino’s rule Comic

    Dino’s rule ComicDay ago

    Wanna join one of my pillow fights(insert lemmy face here) Post production:what is This comment!?!?!?

  40. Mr.PotatoEs -The*Cat

    Mr.PotatoEs -The*CatDay ago

    _/(° ¬ °)\__

  41. Aly Animation Studios

    Aly Animation StudiosDay ago

    "pillow fight" I hope it's just a "pillow fight" 😂😂😂

  42. Brooke Thatcher

    Brooke ThatcherDay ago

    I live by BYU! It's an insanely rough and tough school you go!!!

  43. Samantha Diaz

    Samantha DiazDay ago

    this was funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Silver gaming good

    Silver gaming goodDay ago

    I use to live in apartment and it was small And I closure phobic......

  45. peyton seibert

    peyton seibertDay ago

    my hero acedemea

  46. GvG tv

    GvG tvDay ago

    7:17 I saw what you did there

  47. TyDat Gamet

    TyDat GametDay ago

    How are you even here?! Your voice is so calming!!!

  48. zoe's channel

    zoe's channelDay ago

    i had a crazy one once we went to a hotell and OTHER PEOPLE WHERE THERE I mean like why people???

  49. Coco Nut

    Coco NutDay ago

    Says don’t draw anime nobody wants to see that but talks about animaga (don’t know how to spell it) in the end card like I don’t mean to be rude and I have been ignoring this for a while but that is kinda mean some people are passionate about drawing anime and that was kinda fake.

  50. Strawberry Jam

    Strawberry JamDay ago

    If they found or do find out then you will be paying 360 dollars eeek

  51. BrickZ1

    BrickZ1Day ago

    5:41 without mee

  52. Ya Boi

    Ya BoiDay ago

    1:02 *EASTER EGG!!!!!!!!!!*

  53. Emoji Lord

    Emoji LordDay ago

    I hate my life

  54. Shreya Sinha

    Shreya SinhaDay ago

    *pillow fight huh?*

  55. I love meggy 2

    I love meggy 2Day ago

    :D your voice

  56. Mackenzie Hargreaves

    Mackenzie HargreavesDay ago

    i had a closer look at the video and say my hero academia and the drawing with deku and me and my boyfriend were screaming from happiness

  57. Jasmin Hernandez

    Jasmin Hernandez2 days ago

    Ah yes a pillow fight

  58. Flying_chibi_ YT

    Flying_chibi_ YT2 days ago

    I only draw anime

  59. LucidLili

    LucidLili2 days ago

    mmm pillow fight OmO

  60. Knack raf fat jshk

    Knack raf fat jshk2 days ago

    What do song at 5:37

  61. Sarah Bryant

    Sarah Bryant2 days ago

    Ey......you awesome

  62. Yaboisashar K

    Yaboisashar K2 days ago

    Utah squad

  63. BloxerBro

    BloxerBro2 days ago

    Shgurr: My ceiling is fooding!! Phil Swift: F L E X T A P E

  64. Kayla Chiasson

    Kayla Chiasson2 days ago


  65. Krista Graves

    Krista Graves2 days ago

    I luv anima

  66. Maria Foret

    Maria Foret2 days ago

    I live in apartement and my neighbor puts music out loud!

  67. Saki-fandom girl

    Saki-fandom girl2 days ago

    Haha....I love my hero

  68. Kaileia Durgan

    Kaileia Durgan2 days ago

    I love your vids they are so funny

  69. SpeedQueen :3

    SpeedQueen :32 days ago

    Person on the top floor: *watches* Next night: *All the sound stop* Shgurr: they heard my calls

  70. foca foxxi

    foca foxxi3 days ago

    I would love it if you worked for Disney or any animation studio like that =3

  71. Liliya Nebo Animates 13

    Liliya Nebo Animates 133 days ago

    4:36 Well Excuse Me I Love Those Posterss??

  72. KawaiiUltimaAphYT -

    KawaiiUltimaAphYT -3 days ago

    Dang shgurr U listen to eminem

  73. Hello Jordy

    Hello Jordy3 days ago

    Shugarr: work out Me:..... shugarr Shugarr: it was a bed Me: good don’t be native

  74. X MimictheMeifwa X

    X MimictheMeifwa X3 days ago

    5:37 is me, listening to Eminem and drawing my hero academia

  75. Miskit :D

    Miskit :D3 days ago

    Low key just got the pillow fight joke. This is like my 5th time watching this video lol


    AKSHATH KRISHNA3 days ago

    I tried to climb out of a 7 story balconie

  77. Doomed Guitar

    Doomed Guitar3 days ago

    7:26 my reaction..................................... im 8.............

  78. Sparkle emerald 101 random stuff and more!

    Sparkle emerald 101 random stuff and more!3 days ago


  79. night sky animations

    night sky animations3 days ago

    *I don't think that's a pillow fight*

  80. KawaiiUltimaAphYT -

    KawaiiUltimaAphYT -3 days ago

    What song were you making your character listen to I just wanna know

  81. M/\RK.ibØ5

    M/\RK.ibØ53 days ago

    5:38 drunken dancing

  82. Crab Kid

    Crab Kid3 days ago

    A pillow fight yeah 🤫

  83. Zoey Lippman

    Zoey Lippman3 days ago

    ITS Eminem/Slim shady!!!! 5:32

  84. Enderguin58 The youtuber

    Enderguin58 The youtuber3 days ago


  85. NOT4you Playz

    NOT4you Playz3 days ago


  86. Greta Wilson

    Greta Wilson4 days ago

    Me then: What’s the anime? Me now: DEKUUUUUUUU!

  87. PandaLover

    PandaLover4 days ago

    2 aM iN tHe MoRnInG? dAt LoGiC tHo

  88. Koral Reef

    Koral Reef4 days ago

    fIrSt ViDeO oF 2o18 😑😑😑😑 Published Jun 6, 2018 😬😬😬

  89. suri santos

    suri santos4 days ago

    Amiga mía el sonido que escuchaste no era nada mas y mes que unos pubertos asiendo niki niki > : 3 OMG OK

  90. Seena Danka

    Seena Danka4 days ago

    dose ANYONE notice that she used Eminem music....IM HIS NUMBER ONE FAN WHSUHDJSNDKSDKJSOSJDJDIDFHXI HSOSJAAOQPPQJS;,86,6/54375,6/ 9* *9N54646646464%- **-66/8787676767666464646433434646797wait how did I do that any way +@(@(18#!+Ih°++++=JANSHXBZB-+Hhehshsh++@+just+#+=£=+=+#+#+#+#;#+#+#+9#0101)#)#0#+*/#;?"@/;"/@;$/;64%4JAIZH6/Jjz6jAusj6/6/6hHHUajaah6JiakaKoaoPP%p%/ /%-** --66-6+3468446487864073=8(*;,!,?*!6*64646*-6-%* 676767

  91. EddsWorld-Editz YT

    EddsWorld-Editz YT4 days ago

    Shgurr:Ah Now You See? It's Slowing Dow-- *EARRAPE*

  92. Kitteneverdeen Gamez

    Kitteneverdeen Gamez4 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂DEKU!!!!!! Bakogou calm down

  93. Mimi Gacha

    Mimi Gacha4 days ago

    I don't think thats a pillow fight ×__×

  94. Stella Hansen

    Stella Hansen4 days ago

    5:39 what is the name of the Song?

  95. Viddesh K

    Viddesh K5 days ago

    Pillow fight uhh..ooh hell noooo....lol 😂

  96. Kawaii Keira

    Kawaii Keira5 days ago

    5:45 THAT’S M’M!!! (I donno how to spell this name XD)

  97. itz EMILIE

    itz EMILIE5 days ago

    You mean Eminem?

  98. Potato Gacha

    Potato Gacha5 days ago

    I dont think I wanna join the pillow fight I feel a little uncomfortable...

  99. Ben Ridler

    Ben Ridler5 days ago

    It's not quite an apartment, but I just got done with my first year in college... in a dorm room. My roommate's pretty chill, but one weekend while I was home, our room flooded. We were on the 4th and top floor. On of the (exposed) pipes for the sprinkler system broke directly outside my room in the middle of the night! Everyone had to evacuate, and my roommate stayed at a friend's apartment. Luckily, nothing valuable of ours was on the floor, but there was definitely evidence of a few inches of water in the walls and wood beds and desks

  100. Jesus Muno

    Jesus Muno5 days ago

    DA WAE

  101. Jamless Gucci

    Jamless Gucci5 days ago

    You really thought they,, exercised ??