Anything for a Klondike


  1. LTA is Offline

    LTA is Offline8 hours ago

    You should be sorry...

  2. Lil Helicopter

    Lil Helicopter10 hours ago

    I can't afford one

  3. Toast_Is_Great

    Toast_Is_Great10 hours ago

    we forgive you

  4. Trip's Animations

    Trip's Animations11 hours ago

    I want someone to make an extended version of this.

  5. Andrew Gorsline

    Andrew Gorsline14 hours ago

    I actually needed this.

  6. Farts and pickup trucks

    Farts and pickup trucks16 hours ago

    little lake road is boring why did you spin on it?

  7. Alpha Dane

    Alpha Dane16 hours ago

    can we get a full version

  8. Nitten

    Nitten18 hours ago

    This is terrible. I need a full version

  9. Wyatt Hodge

    Wyatt Hodge19 hours ago

    Harder better faster stronger in the background

  10. Wasssup360

    Wasssup36020 hours ago

    I feel like there is a subliminal message in this video but I just can’t put my finger on it

  11. LPS love and game

    LPS love and game21 hour ago

    I need the full version of Anything for a place in Alaska.

  12. Sofy Cortez

    Sofy Cortez21 hour ago

    Trash dog, I prefer Cement, Banana and Mogwai. I prefer Jenna Mogwai!

  13. Poppy Puppy

    Poppy PuppyDay ago


  14. Hello Dankness My Old Friend

    Hello Dankness My Old FriendDay ago

    *i don't have the money for the klondike hoodie I want*

  15. Dank Elf

    Dank ElfDay ago

    I’m holding back tears, this video is so powerful.

  16. Joon Whang

    Joon WhangDay ago


  17. João Marcos Mansur

    João Marcos MansurDay ago

    Wow the most basin Klondike shirt on my country cost as much as a brand clothing store,like really expensive stores

  18. Real cuteChicaandme1987

    Real cuteChicaandme1987Day ago

    0:03 That Script Is Hard For Jack :p

  19. ANTonio

    ANTonioDay ago


  20. dydy :3

    dydy :3Day ago

    I'll be a Sundae :p

  21. ZuperWilmzz

    ZuperWilmzzDay ago

    maybe if i hypnotize them they'll finally buy my mearch

  22. redrum

    redrumDay ago

    The goal of my content always is to entertain

  23. Minor 69er

    Minor 69erDay ago

    This is to the tune of Stronger. I have only heard the song once, but noticed that roggt away.

  24. Onfroi

    OnfroiDay ago

    i don't accept your apology

  25. On Day

    On DayDay ago

    *just Sundae*

  26. Victor Santiago

    Victor Santiago2 days ago

    I got this notification again lol

  27. Michael McAwesome

    Michael McAwesome2 days ago

    The Bug is a Kondike

  28. Michael McAwesome

    Michael McAwesome2 days ago

    Be here now Be a Klondike Keep Long Ones iN De Iciest Keg Ever

  29. Dr_Lynx

    Dr_Lynx2 days ago

    It’s called consent, Jack.

  30. DragonInferno99 Ω

    DragonInferno99 Ω2 days ago


  31. Gamer Kvs

    Gamer Kvs2 days ago

    Clone diek

  32. MMA / Money Making Aiden

    MMA / Money Making Aiden2 days ago


  33. I'm not stable in the head.

    I'm not stable in the head.2 days ago

    Lol the way you looked dead into the camera at the end

  34. Zeyad Mansour

    Zeyad Mansour2 days ago

    No one is going to comment about 0:07? I am disappointed in the internet.

  35. Meme stagram

    Meme stagram2 days ago

    Anything for a Sundae

  36. Meme stagram

    Meme stagram2 days ago

    Or a Furvius.

  37. NExEØN XL

    NExEØN XL2 days ago

    Jack’s Manager: So what’s your direction for this video? Jack: What’s direction?

  38. Robert Johnston

    Robert Johnston2 days ago

    Klondike counter:10

  39. vorcazm

    vorcazm2 days ago

    I clicked this because I expected you to be run over by a klondike

  40. Ramsey Ali

    Ramsey Ali2 days ago

    i forgive you

  41. iiFamousOrangeii

    iiFamousOrangeii2 days ago


  42. Carl Matte

    Carl Matte2 days ago


  43. Lizzy Bruce

    Lizzy Bruce2 days ago

    Is this on spotify?😂😂

  44. Theta Laurens

    Theta Laurens2 days ago

    *runs to mom’s purse*

  45. Evan Gonzales

    Evan Gonzales2 days ago


  46. Evan Gonzales

    Evan Gonzales2 days ago

    Not trying to hate or anything.

  47. hunter awesome graves

    hunter awesome graves2 days ago

    Tf is a Klondike

  48. Flying_Cowpug

    Flying_Cowpug2 days ago

    I love this song

  49. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown2 days ago

    you should be

  50. codder fish

    codder fish2 days ago

    I need this song right now...

  51. Lord Doggo

    Lord Doggo2 days ago

    You were the chosen one

  52. Shinji

    Shinji3 days ago

    *_what would you do for a Klondike bar?_*

  53. AI Butter

    AI Butter3 days ago

    Shut the fuck up about the merch

  54. Anete Jurgelāne

    Anete Jurgelāne3 days ago

    What about the other dog? rude

  55. Days with two dogs movie

    Days with two dogs movie3 days ago

    What about Sundae!??


    BURKELEY STINSON3 days ago

    I want to die

  57. Hmm

    Hmm3 days ago

    But I can’t buy your merch in england

  58. mimi bashar

    mimi bashar3 days ago

    i'm lactose intolerant, john.

  59. RikWaffe

    RikWaffe3 days ago

    Thanks Kanye, very cool!

  60. marcy唯美

    marcy唯美3 days ago

    This beat is bitten from Childish Gambino lol Jk, this is a good ad

  61. Curiosity Ridge

    Curiosity Ridge3 days ago

    Haha i laughed so hard


    MANIACALLUSER3 days ago

    Super by Klondike west

  63. One high Motherfucker

    One high Motherfucker3 days ago

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?

  64. SpongyDumpster

    SpongyDumpster3 days ago

    I legit thought he was talking about the Klondike ice cream...

  65. DaJohnTube

    DaJohnTube3 days ago

    First thing i did when i saw this video, was i went to the cite, and bought a white Klondike sweatshirt. Can't wait to see you Jack at Vidcon US

  66. Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan Knuckles3 days ago

    Hard to do anything for a Klondike Me: Maybe

  67. Asha Ali

    Asha Ali3 days ago

    I lose my faith in God.

  68. Hugh McGahee

    Hugh McGahee3 days ago

    Took 4 days for me to realize this was from Stronger by Kanye West

  69. SuperCoolMinecraft

    SuperCoolMinecraft3 days ago

    Anything for a Klondike and a Sundae

  70. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious3 days ago

    It's not gay if you do it for a klondike

  71. XxTigerLillyxX

    XxTigerLillyxX3 days ago


  72. Proportionally Accurate

    Proportionally Accurate3 days ago

    John, if you need money for your honeymoon just ask. No need to humiliate yourself like that.