Anything for a Klondike


  1. D. Freeman

    D. Freeman2 days ago

    The forests in California are gorgeous!!!!

  2. ScreamingBeast

    ScreamingBeast3 days ago

    it's ok john

  3. RFNO

    RFNO8 days ago

    Holly Shit This Song Is From 2009!!

  4. ringerguest

    ringerguest22 days ago

    this is actually really catchy

  5. RinsaVuIIer

    RinsaVuIIerMonth ago

    Full version when

  6. Piglets Lol

    Piglets LolMonth ago

    #1 on trending..... *ITS WHAT IT SHOULD BE*

  7. ItzAce

    ItzAceMonth ago


  8. Demonic_FlamesTV

    Demonic_FlamesTVMonth ago


  9. oldfir

    oldfirMonth ago

    Holy crap I went inside that exact tree at 0:08 a few months ago.

  10. MinorMinion

    MinorMinionMonth ago

    Me me big Klondike

  11. sock puppet

    sock puppetMonth ago

    Set Erin free

  12. Blooper Gooper

    Blooper GooperMonth ago

    If you will do anything than you will have to go 1 day without being a Klondike for a Klondike.

  13. Sadie Powers

    Sadie Powers2 months ago

    This bug is not a Klondike.

  14. MegaStrike

    MegaStrike2 months ago

    Why does it sound like Megalovania?

  15. Oxygen Boi

    Oxygen Boi2 months ago


  16. Banana King

    Banana King2 months ago

    Damn idk you were 12

  17. Rodrigo Torres

    Rodrigo Torres2 months ago

    I really want a longer version of this song (I know it's just another way Jack uses to slam his merch into our faces, but the song is pretty dope).

  18. hubsvids

    hubsvids2 months ago

    What I wouldn't do for a klondike Never met a meal I didn't like -eureka o' hara the big girl

  19. Glowlow stop motion

    Glowlow stop motion2 months ago

    I’m a Klondike Furry

  20. Nitaxy Yolo

    Nitaxy Yolo2 months ago

    But Why the bug isnt a klondike?? MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

  21. jeff lol

    jeff lol2 months ago

    Can somebody make an hour version of this?

  22. Zelvo

    Zelvo2 months ago


  23. Odd Wren

    Odd Wren2 months ago


  24. Luis Hinojosa

    Luis Hinojosa2 months ago


  25. Braxton D. Studios

    Braxton D. Studios2 months ago

    What would you dooooo for a Klondike bar

  26. Zelk

    Zelk2 months ago

    The bug is a Klondike

  27. Isaiah Bathurst

    Isaiah Bathurst2 months ago

    This is the 100th video I have ever liked

  28. paperclips

    paperclips2 months ago

    0:15 ant queen?

  29. Marc-André Demers

    Marc-André Demers2 months ago

    I genuinely wish that there was a full version of this.

  30. Adriana McCallister

    Adriana McCallister2 months ago

    No you're not john. You're not sorry

  31. McKnight

    McKnight3 months ago

    I got a stomach ache exactly once I watched this video jack. Fuck you.

  32. PoeBoi

    PoeBoi3 months ago

    Im a klondike

  33. Sophie Palmer

    Sophie Palmer3 months ago

    I just lost half of my lifespan

  34. Marley N.

    Marley N.3 months ago

    J-Jack A-Always C-Correses K-Kids

  35. Daniel Matthew Films

    Daniel Matthew Films3 months ago

    This guy stole his voice from middle school pewdiepie

  36. Alex Belman

    Alex Belman3 months ago

    You need this right now You need this right now You need this right NAAAAAEEEEEWWWW

  37. Miner 15101

    Miner 151013 months ago

    YYEEEEEESSS!!!! YOU KNOW DAFT PUNK!!!!.....or maybe you just heard this from Kanye West....

  38. EC MEPR

    EC MEPR3 months ago

    be a kermit

  39. A lost banana

    A lost banana3 months ago

    This bug is.. not a Klondike.

  40. Jh and Lm music

    Jh and Lm music3 months ago

    What the fuck

  41. Okvideos

    Okvideos3 months ago

    Im not buying your merch

  42. g1r1r8

    g1r1r83 months ago

    Best shitpost of all time

  43. Kadeisawesome

    Kadeisawesome3 months ago

    Heard you do anything for a klondike The Klondike bar was created by the Isaly Dairy Company of Mansfield, Ohio in the early 1920s and named after the Klondike River of Yukon, Canada.[1] Rights to the name were eventually sold to Good Humor-Breyers, part of Unilever. The first recorded advertisement for the Klondike was on February 5, 1922, in the Youngstown Vindicator. The bars are generally wrapped with a silver-colored wrapper depicting a polar bear mascot for the brand. Unlike a traditional frozen ice pop, or traditional ice cream bar, the Klondike bar does not have a stick due to its size, a point often touted in advertising. In 1976, Henry Clarke, owner of the Clabir company, purchased the rights to the Klondike bar, which had been manufactured and sold by the Isaly's restaurant chain since the 1930s.[2] Clarke introduced Klondike bars to consumers throughout the United States during the 1980s.[3][2] Under Clarke, sales of the Klondike bar increased from $800,000 annually at the time of the 1976 acquisition by Clabir to more than $60 million.[3]

  44. Kadeisawesome

    Kadeisawesome3 months ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I like klondike But sundae what about you

  45. Kadeisawesome

    Kadeisawesome3 months ago

    This is my haiku All about his dog sundae Klondike go away

  46. Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez3 months ago

    Man I feel bad for sundae

  47. Ms. Steak

    Ms. Steak3 months ago

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?

  48. Cold Eclipse

    Cold Eclipse3 months ago

    But what if you cant afford it?

  49. Iyomante

    Iyomante3 months ago

    "You Need this Right Now!" I Really need new clothes

  50. Codder Fish

    Codder Fish3 months ago

    Almost 2 months later and no one has realized that this is a parody of Stronger by Kanye West. 🤔

  51. Gman Games

    Gman Games3 months ago

    Klondike is a ice cream

  52. Lazy Cat

    Lazy Cat3 months ago

    "THE TAG SHE CARRIES IS A KLONDIKE" I'm fucking sold John

  53. Special Remix

    Special Remix3 months ago

    I like sundae more

  54. Danna The Loner

    Danna The Loner3 months ago

    At 0:03 he stutters.. Does he mean it..?

  55. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones3 months ago

    Make an extended version

  56. SnowySkyzz YT

    SnowySkyzz YT3 months ago

    A Klondike? A klondike??????

  57. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name3 months ago

    Oh Yosemite :o

  58. TheBlueKoolAidMan

    TheBlueKoolAidMan3 months ago

    I want the instrumental version of this

  59. puppii

    puppii3 months ago

    Wreck it Ralph 2

  60. ThRiLL Nebula

    ThRiLL Nebula3 months ago

    What Would You Do For A Klondike Hat!

  61. Crystal Belle

    Crystal Belle3 months ago

    This bug is.. Not a klondike

  62. Ziibes _

    Ziibes _3 months ago

    Filler episodes

  63. iron integral

    iron integral3 months ago

    When do we get a full versions

  64. Nikolas Dominguez

    Nikolas Dominguez3 months ago

    “You need this right meow !”ruff ruff 👅

  65. Isabel K.

    Isabel K.3 months ago

    I named my cat Klondike before I found your channel, NO joke. So I already have a Klondike thank you.

  66. Yata Pazzi

    Yata Pazzi3 months ago

    What would u do 4 a klondike bar?

  67. David Neman

    David Neman3 months ago

    Bea klondike

  68. Edward Cardona

    Edward Cardona3 months ago

    You went to sequoia national park and I recognize all that stuff!!

  69. toasty lemons

    toasty lemons3 months ago

    can this be an actual song please

  70. Ear Th

    Ear Th3 months ago

    What would you do for Klondike bar!?

  71. s a l a d f i n g e r s TM

    s a l a d f i n g e r s TM3 months ago


  72. Z For Short

    Z For Short3 months ago

    Yeah I’ll do anything for a Klondike bar.

  73. GFreeXevery1

    GFreeXevery13 months ago

    I forgive you John... I forgive you....

  74. Memesis

    Memesis3 months ago

    Alexander sellouton

  75. GottaSolveFast

    GottaSolveFast3 months ago

    I thought Klondike was solitare

  76. The D.C.P channel

    The D.C.P channel3 months ago

    yeah im not a Klondike

  77. Bradford73 Aka Brian Bradford.

    Bradford73 Aka Brian Bradford.3 months ago

    Don’t be sorry. We’d all do anything for a Klondike.

  78. Howdy Partner

    Howdy Partner3 months ago

    0:00 what if a car just ran him over

  79. ghostspartan45

    ghostspartan453 months ago


  80. 65Blu3

    65Blu33 months ago

    What's the song he parodied?

  81. shaeplayssims

    shaeplayssims3 months ago

    What kind of dog is Klondike?

  82. Rebecca Wang

    Rebecca Wang3 months ago

    What about sundae?

  83. Bandit

    Bandit3 months ago

    Plot twist: He only married Erin to make this video rhyme

  84. Spicy Ice

    Spicy Ice3 months ago

    Robot bar fight

  85. Andrew Trinh

    Andrew Trinh3 months ago

    This was all an advertisement

  86. Neon Confection

    Neon Confection3 months ago

    "I'm sorry" No, you're not and I love you

  87. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate3 months ago

    Favorite video on the internet

  88. Orange Monks

    Orange Monks3 months ago


  89. IMainHanzo

    IMainHanzo3 months ago

    What about Sundae

  90. Dragon Wassup

    Dragon Wassup4 months ago


  91. eF HAVoc

    eF HAVoc4 months ago

    I was with friends and this came up from my friends playlist in the car and I started laughing hysterically becuase of this video. They were all creeped out and I walked home that night. Thank you John

  92. Dragnos 22

    Dragnos 224 months ago

    Need this on Spotify

  93. Madiisabandgeek

    Madiisabandgeek4 months ago

    I bet it’s cheaper to be a sundae

  94. Madiisabandgeek

    Madiisabandgeek4 months ago


  95. Reath Greed

    Reath Greed4 months ago

    Me me BIG disappointment

  96. Milly Carter

    Milly Carter4 months ago

    i thought you ment klondek bars

  97. Polish Stormtrooper

    Polish Stormtrooper4 months ago

    Just why

  98. ryanpalma1234 Tyler xp

    ryanpalma1234 Tyler xp4 months ago

    I'm already a Klondike bich

  99. Bippurr

    Bippurr4 months ago


  100. Barakuda

    Barakuda4 months ago