Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)


  1. The Doges Who Rule TM

    The Doges Who Rule TMHour ago

    I'm already dead inside and dragged down on the floor of depression so you have no reason to worry about telling me your problems as nothing will happen to me as I am with you on the worst floor of mental health to ever exist and I pretend to be happy by flooding myself with work to hide this fact, just because I seem happy doesn't mean I am, because as I said earlier, I happen to be with you, Jaiden, on the worst floor of mental health to ever exist, so I hope I can be someone who is selfless so that I die alone, as destiny has written for me. WHERE IS THE GLOCK

  2. hello there

    hello there3 hours ago

    Let me finish that for u PEE IS STORED IN THE BLADDER

  3. Lillian Winter

    Lillian Winter4 hours ago

    You should do more deep videos. Like that one where you talked about self image and control problems

  4. Matheus Portela Kato

    Matheus Portela Kato4 hours ago

    Ooooh so i have Anxiety AND Depression, thanks for clarifying what anxiety is tho xP

  5. bittersweet candycane

    bittersweet candycane6 hours ago

    huh im the same

  6. Abrielle Suzanne Pardee

    Abrielle Suzanne Pardee7 hours ago

    The last scene looked like you hated yourself....

  7. The Schelich Sisters

    The Schelich Sisters8 hours ago


  8. Edu moreira

    Edu moreira8 hours ago

    Jaiden this is me not you

  9. Ben Tanner

    Ben Tanner8 hours ago

    My mental health problem is Anxiety and I’m just a shy, quiet , introvert with ADHD XX

  10. jose dawa jr

    jose dawa jr9 hours ago

    I have social anxiety but I am feeling better.😊

  11. MimerzGamez

    MimerzGamez9 hours ago

    no idea why but i just started crying. thanks jaiden.

  12. Victoria Turausky

    Victoria Turausky10 hours ago

    we love you jaiden

  13. Chuckiara Toes

    Chuckiara Toes11 hours ago

    Okay i am exactly like you :O

  14. Darius Range

    Darius Range11 hours ago

    My school is the founder of anxiety

  15. Banana Milk MmMmMmMmMm

    Banana Milk MmMmMmMmMm11 hours ago

    Whats the red marker for?

  16. Rya White

    Rya White11 hours ago


  17. Erace Frisk

    Erace Frisk11 hours ago

    Whenever I say something to my friends they interrupt me in the middle of my sentance

  18. Erace Frisk

    Erace Frisk11 hours ago

    That is why I am sad all of the time

  19. The Dragon Force - Dark D

    The Dragon Force - Dark D11 hours ago

    Hello stranger with a degree! I'm here to tell you why I'm broken!

  20. Couch Officers

    Couch Officers12 hours ago

    Thadness cake

  21. Silverstone cat

    Silverstone cat13 hours ago

    Don't worry am the same i find it easier to text instead

  22. sophia pentico

    sophia pentico13 hours ago

    John mulaney is my spirit animal!

  23. sophia pentico

    sophia pentico13 hours ago

    I completely agree! People should let others know, but considering from personal experience, there is the fear and sometimes sadly validation that when you do open up, those people won’t believe you, or laugh in my case. It certainly doesn’t feel good, but that shouldn’t stop someone from getting the help they need to be happy in their own lives🤗

  24. _Pil0t_ VanguardTitan

    _Pil0t_ VanguardTitan13 hours ago

    i suffer from social anxiety 2

  25. Gabby Gomez

    Gabby Gomez13 hours ago

    me too... I know how you feel I have social anxiety

  26. MrOzzmanRules

    MrOzzmanRules13 hours ago

    And people respond by saying, "have you tried not being depressed?"

  27. chicken

    chicken14 hours ago

    I was in Spanish today. The teacher called on me and I started crying.

  28. Tron 845678

    Tron 84567814 hours ago

    Wai she no upload that much any more

  29. chuckchuk

    chuckchuk14 hours ago

    Yes, we all hate you, every one of the 7,281,000 people who watched this video toats hates you, and especially the 379k people who liked the vid, including myself, yes we all hate you. So don't worry bout it. (but same tho)

  30. Hello kitty12412

    Hello kitty1241215 hours ago

    I'm actually the opposite of an introvert I once talked someone into giving me a stuffed animal at an amusement park!

  31. Dani Guerra

    Dani Guerra15 hours ago

    This is probably the most relatable video I’ve seen

  32. ŁØŘĐŽ

    ŁØŘĐŽ15 hours ago


  33. AlenA

    AlenA16 hours ago

    Love Yourself

  34. Ava The Monster

    Ava The Monster16 hours ago

    Imo kermit micorwave hand now

  35. rubyVlogs_adventures

    rubyVlogs_adventures16 hours ago

    See, the thing is that I think I have social anxiety because everything that says you have social anxiety describes me. But I don't what if I'm just being over dramatic. Also I always think bad of myself, I usually have to fake being happy, I'm sad for no reason a lot of the time. I also watch anime and read to escape my world because it just makes me so sad and stressed. But what if i AM being over dramatic. Ughhhhhh. I don't know. I just want some help but I can't ask anyone. Sorry for venting. I love you by the way and I don't understand how anyone could hate you.

  36. BurntToast Animates

    BurntToast Animates17 hours ago

    Is it just me or did you screech when Jaiden drew her admiring shane

  37. chrissa’s_ coasters

    chrissa’s_ coasters19 hours ago

    I have all the anxiety’s..... help me

  38. Luke'in GOod

    Luke'in GOod20 hours ago

    this is amazing. thank you for opening up about this :)

  39. Matjasss

    Matjasss21 hour ago


  40. tugatomsk

    tugatomsk21 hour ago

    Who gave you permission to talk about MY anxiety issues?!

  41. Knut Oskar Schipper-Ellefsen

    Knut Oskar Schipper-Ellefsen22 hours ago

    I love u vid

  42. Nenita Corpin

    Nenita Corpin22 hours ago

    I don't know why but this video explained everything in my life or what I'm feeling exactly

  43. burr

    burrDay ago

    lmao same. everytime i go out, even the the slightest noise of laughter, I get SUPER anxious cause I'll always think it's abt me. I'll also avoid places that's crowded, unless i have yanno friends to distract you from this negativity :< When I was young, i use to think that I was shy buuuttt HA HA NOPE. You have a n x i e t y. Mine's social anxiety, & i also have a phobia called agoraphobia so... that's cool T-T

  44. Animekitty

    AnimekittyDay ago

    I now know that my social anxiety hasn't changed one bit I tend to overthink about social interaction and I can't do anything right. I have a boyfriend and when he talks to me I just smile and try to ignore the fact that my brain is saying he just feels sorry for me yeah uhhhhhh I may need to tell him my mental health issues (great) *goes to over contemplate the friendship's I have with other humans. This is why I have a cat and a diary otherwise my issues in life will murder me.

  45. mogtaba awad

    mogtaba awadDay ago

    i finally found someone like me... . . . kill me or help me prob kill me its easier

  46. Frank Gonzalez

    Frank GonzalezDay ago

    It’s ok I feel like nobody knows I exist

  47. stabo crabo

    stabo craboDay ago


  48. stabo crabo

    stabo craboDay ago


  49. angeldude101

    angeldude101Day ago

    How I usually think of myself: "I don't think I'm better than everyone else. I'm just as terrible as everything else! Yay! :D"

  50. moshimoshi

    moshimoshiDay ago

    i have social anxiety too


    XX_DOGE_LORD_ XXDay ago


  52. Little Cheese777

    Little Cheese777Day ago

    Guinea pig

  53. Mikki Case

    Mikki CaseDay ago

    Jaiden, does a therapist help a lot? Just curios to see if that would be a waste of my time or not.

  54. Timothy Collinsworth

    Timothy CollinsworthDay ago

    Jaiden is the best also my fav meme thanks for making my day 😀 0:54

  55. Nicholas Woo

    Nicholas WooDay ago

    Something something paranoid thoughts Me earlier when I woke up (after a good sleep, which never happens): "did someone drug me?"

  56. prim cake

    prim cakeDay ago

    You wanna know what's in danger A turtle not breathing .o.

  57. Brittany Mcdonald

    Brittany McdonaldDay ago

    I have an anxiety attacks a few times

  58. meme LORD

    meme LORDDay ago

    I have anxiety...



    I love u jaden u no dead clam

  60. RV GGeorge03

    RV GGeorge03Day ago

    I feel too much like Jaiden after watching this. I mean i am really participant and like to talk but inmediately after raising my hand and talking for a bit i start to feel like everyone is thinking that me and my opinion over the topic is dumb and i should go kms even tho some of them are really nice.

  61. June Bug

    June BugDay ago

    I hate when people Clapp four me

  62. Gravity Falls

    Gravity FallsDay ago

    Jaiden! We are all here for you.❤️ No matter what, we will pray for you and help you the whole way through. Who’s with me?🥰🙂

  63. A Person

    A PersonDay ago

    I don’t hate u. c;

  64. Chloee Inkling

    Chloee InklingDay ago


  65. Rebel princess Dianna

    Rebel princess DiannaDay ago

    This is mood

  66. ßįłłÿ ßøß

    ßįłłÿ ßøßDay ago


  67. nerfherder96 __

    nerfherder96 __Day ago

    The cooleg :)

  68. tanner meche

    tanner mecheDay ago

    00:53 same

  69. star frog

    star frogDay ago

    Poor turtles 😥🐢

  70. Bill Cipher

    Bill CipherDay ago

    0:03 is that rave from rwby in the top left

  71. Steven Tran

    Steven TranDay ago

    i thought the pic was some dude that got stuck in some kink chains thing lmao

  72. Steven Tran

    Steven TranDay ago

    i thought the lock on the neck was a bell and the dude was being a cat......

  73. Undertal Reacter

    Undertal ReacterDay ago

    I don’t hate you

  74. Ruby June

    Ruby JuneDay ago


  75. Caleb Cook

    Caleb CookDay ago

    Worng i love you

  76. Icy Soda

    Icy SodaDay ago

    i see fairytail in the row of anime people in the beginning lol

  77. Hoots DaPoof

    Hoots DaPoofDay ago

    A narsissisisisum bully is at my school she thinks im the only one how hates her (And i have anxiety)

  78. Gacha GirlXPD

    Gacha GirlXPDDay ago

    lol is that shane

  79. A Guy

    A GuyDay ago

    Im dealing with social anxiety and depression at school at least I have friends :/

  80. Lena Banks

    Lena BanksDay ago

    I feel you i have AWFUL anxiety!!!!

  81. bird buddies

    bird buddiesDay ago

    I have asl classes aka sign language and for our assignment we had to sigh a whole speech. I did well but then the teacher said (since I'm short) "sorry but I didn't see your hands could you sign it WHILE speaking" (I hate my voice and our teacher never tells us to talk and nobody in this class has ever heard my voice before) I said " th-th-th three little c-c-c-c cats climbed up- u- up the tree and th- th- cat got s-s-s-s-s-s-s- (I was about to cry because IDK?!?) then the teacher said very well and all the students stared at me smiling and noding there head and for no reason I felt like they secretly hated me and thought I was dumb (I hate myself and think I'm ugly so that didn't help)

  82. Abbyptip Undertale

    Abbyptip UndertaleDay ago

    I feel ya gurl I have social anxiety. :D

  83. Beebo is amazing

    Beebo is amazingDay ago

    I have depression Yay! ;_; Maybe that's why I hate myself

  84. FAKE Crusty Hot Dog News!

    FAKE Crusty Hot Dog News!Day ago

    *It can go jump off a microwave.*

  85. Ryan Dowling

    Ryan DowlingDay ago

    I had a dream where you and james had a crush on each other but nither of you know that you had a crush like if you had a crush james james wouldent know you had a crush on you and you broke your leg while confesing :)give me an l give me a o give me v give me a e L+O+V+E LOVE yes this was just to annoy you dab yayyyyyyyyyyyy love your vids

  86. Kenny McCormick

    Kenny McCormickDay ago

    You didnt bring me down You helped me alot I have the same problems

  87. Beatrix Snook

    Beatrix SnookDay ago

    why in one of the fanarts ari has......nipples

  88. Taylor Magee

    Taylor MageeDay ago

    I am between an Introvert and an extrovert HELP ME XD

  89. Shay 2005

    Shay 2005Day ago

    I just realized that I have anxiety :) YEY

  90. sadisticshit 09

    sadisticshit 09Day ago

    I'm not depressed/ anxious 24/7, but sometimes it comes full force for like 2 weeks. Can someone tell me what this condition is called? Or am I the only one who has it?

  91. lindariser

    lindariserDay ago

    3:33 what’s the song called please reply

  92. Silver_ FoxWolf

    Silver_ FoxWolfDay ago

    Ok.... I soo.. I am that shy to the point that I cant even talk in Online games...... HEHE... Hehe... hehe...... He..... Oh.... Gosh damit..... My Firends think im a pervert...... WHYYY THOOOO

  93. Heeseo (Kay) Lee

    Heeseo (Kay) LeeDay ago

    me all the time like: *says something* nobody talks and theres this awkward silence and oml they probably hate me now and what did you do wrong now you idiot fix it FIX IT- "uh, i'm sorry i'm weird like that" *laughs awkwardly while dying inside* if only i could do that to fix my life! *fake smiles*

  94. shazia bano

    shazia banoDay ago

    This video made me realise i have ... ANXIETY😭

  95. Benicio Alonzo

    Benicio Alonzo2 days ago

    How Coincidental is that, my name is Ben, and I have struggles (Cuz im just a kid)

  96. coolkhgirl madbrit

    coolkhgirl madbrit2 days ago

    *hand up* I have Anxiety, I can worry over stuff so much that I want to cry. dad Said that when I do work myself up, I won't listen to someone so I just make myself a stress ball of stupid (my thoughts lol)) So I usually go and think of something silly or change the subject to get my mind off it or chat to my parents.

  97. Fl flames

    Fl flames2 days ago

    PEE IS STORED IN TH--*****

  98. Kinggaming13

    Kinggaming132 days ago

    I want to see what Jaiden would have finished saying in the intro like if you agree

  99. spyroboy

    spyroboy2 days ago

    Wait *raises hand* IF SO I HAVE ANXIETY TOO

  100. bb ok

    bb ok2 days ago

    I really like the notion that "happiness is a skill", because when it's framed as a skill, I can understand that: "just as I am talented at some things that others are not, some people are particularly talented at some skills that I'm going to put work in to get good at."

  101. Gaminggod1997

    Gaminggod19972 days ago

    Pee is stored in the center of a tootsie pop

  102. Sana _ Kitty

    Sana _ Kitty2 days ago

    Love how you changed cliff to microwave