Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)


  1. Mr. Meep

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    Mom's spaghetti

  2. Neak HQ

    Neak HQ43 minutes ago

    Yo you should play Pokeone it is like online Pokémon game which u play through Kanto in a multiplayer game it’s just fun btw great vid

  3. Husky Vlogs

    Husky Vlogs43 minutes ago

    I have anxiety?!?!?

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  5. pax 935

    pax 93553 minutes ago

    Who else saw the Jojo's reference in the line up of fan art

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    What when did you grow like 3 mil subs like what I have not been on this Chanel in a couple months or like I'm dumb

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    TheUnknown 778959 minutes ago

    Don’t worry I do the same

  8. εмρтү fяιиgє

    εмρтү fяιиgєHour ago

    Random weird question be what ever happened to misaki senpai?

  9. im cool right?

    im cool right?Hour ago

    im home schooled and the reaseon for that is because I was getting bullied and my school wasn't doing anything about it and my teacher hated me and my school was racist.and when I just started being home schooled and i started hering voices every time i was haveing a good time I would hear, you are worthless, you are annoying everyone, no one loves you, just die,overdose, no one will miss you, and it really hurt i started cutting my arms but not untill they started bleeding but just enough to leve a scab but one day my mom an I were watching a movie and she said you look sad what's wrong and i just burst out into tears and i said mom help me i dont want to die she asked what i ment i said I said there is a voice saying die overdose, she started crying saying everything would be alright and everything was alright i went and saw a therapist and im back to being a happy 11 year old girl. If anyong cares...

  10. IPropperNoobz

    IPropperNoobzHour ago

    i can relate i like how i have deppression and social anxiety :| im 11

  11. Savetheturtles Please

    Savetheturtles PleaseHour ago

    My Guiana pig died the day before my moms birthday R.I.P. rocko

  12. Bob Jesus III

    Bob Jesus IIIHour ago

    Why am I completely understanding everything you’re saying? Why am I like this? I have a lot to think about 😩

  13. Roseblod94 XD

    Roseblod94 XDHour ago

    Hey Jaden how do you go through a eating disorder I need to know

  14. XXX_last Knight_XXX

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    hi Jaiden if you are see this you inspired me to make MReporter videos and I'm you biggest fan. Please make more video and also if you can give me a shout out or reply to me. I wish I can type more but I have to go so bye and also your gonna get a lot of fan draw picture by me so bye. Channel XXX_hacker knight_XXX

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    I hope she makes a video about her brother Jaxon.

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    Wow for once she has the same amount of views as her subscribers so now everyone has seen it

  17. Melancholy Syko

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    but.. here me out... wat if... theres no one that cares enough to help? *finger guns* ayyeee

  18. The Cryptic Cow

    The Cryptic Cow2 hours ago

    I’m really glad to here you’re feeling better.

  19. Alayna Dunaway

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    OMG i love john mulaney my fav one is the one thing you cant replace

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  21. Zoë

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    damn good vid, went and made me cry

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    So I can’t use crucio? Dang

  23. Grace Shin

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    plz do a draw my life

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    Me and you have a lot in common

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  26. Wat Am I Even Doing

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    pEE IS SтOrEd In тн-

  27. Maria Hortecia

    Maria Hortecia3 hours ago

    can u guy tell jaiden if she could tell my story of me fealling the same way that people are judging u

  28. Dill's Art Storys

    Dill's Art Storys3 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden, I just watched a video from 2017 and i was wondering if you have ever seen the movie Hatchi? Also, I don't remember want the name of the movie exactly.

  29. Galexiz

    Galexiz3 hours ago

    A microwave? How about a cliff

  30. The Paris Panda Games

    The Paris Panda Games3 hours ago

    Anxiety and OCD is what I have..... I know what it feels like.... I have to hide away from the world and fix everything around me... I do it many times a day

  31. Angelena Bean

    Angelena Bean3 hours ago

    i always think people are watching me. i feel like im slowly being judged with every move i take. i hate expressing my feelings to people but you guys would hopefully understand considering most of Jaiden's subscribers are just introverts like me so im sharing this with you guys.

  32. Miguel Brito

    Miguel Brito3 hours ago

    Pee is stored in the balls


    MYANNA STASNEY3 hours ago

    I have autism and ADHD and I know how you feel

  34. Batstar10

    Batstar103 hours ago

    I have a lot of problems and I’m an hsp and I’ve tried telling my best friend about my problems but he doesn’t believe me

  35. rikku362

    rikku3623 hours ago

    I know what it feels like to have low self esteem I had that my whole life

  36. Fly Jay

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    I love all this Shane Dawson love ❤️❤️

  37. _fauna_ gaming

    _fauna_ gaming4 hours ago

    Omg Shane Dawson

  38. BaseBear

    BaseBear4 hours ago

    Is that Kracko from the Kirby series?

  39. Toni LovesTord

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    SHANEEEEE IS QUEEEN but jaiden (srry if I spelled it wrong) is da birb queen

  40. David James Allison

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    *'. NARCISSISM*'.*

  41. P Poopy

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    I’d nut in you

  42. Lox

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    P Poopy interesting

  43. Hachi46

    Hachi464 hours ago

    Thank you for this, Jaiden. Really.

  44. papi chulo

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    4.2 million views 4.2 subs I see similarity

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    Silly Jaiden, pee doesn’t exist

  46. Lucas Hund

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    "stop shipping me with this apandah guy it’s scaring me" -jaiden animations

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  48. Nicole Dunithan

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    *_jumps into wheelchair_* I hAvE cRiPpLiNg DePpReSsIoN

  49. Ben's guide to basically everything

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  50. OmegaLOL 21

    OmegaLOL 214 hours ago

    Good thing she has gotten better about her feelings she's such a great person

  51. Marlon Taracatac

    Marlon Taracatac4 hours ago

    Me: *turns to younger sister* So... what do you want to watch today? Sister: I wanna watch Jaiden! And Jams! Me: You mean James? Sister: UEYAA. Pure child innocence! :D

  52. OmegaLOL 21

    OmegaLOL 214 hours ago

    I love her

  53. Bella The Cat

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    Wait, where is the pee stored?

  54. Watch Me

    Watch Me4 hours ago

    When will this whore stop making mental illness videos IF YOU HAVE ANXIETY WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE DEPRESSION GET A FUCKING THERAPIST

  55. Diabetic Seizurez

    Diabetic Seizurez4 hours ago

    HoLy r*Ap jAidEn can YouMak Me A anImaToon i wAnT to marrY u pls And thamK

  56. Diabetic Seizurez

    Diabetic Seizurez4 hours ago

    This was supposed to be ironic lol

  57. Nature Girl

    Nature Girl5 hours ago

    Hi guys plz don’t judge, if you’re going to be weird or mean or whatever about it just don’t read the comment that follows this

  58. Nature Girl

    Nature Girl5 hours ago

    Hi I am basically just a person of sad terribleness lol I have ADD, OCD, anxiety, I am perfectionism So… Yeah, my life is super fun… Yay

  59. Roflcopter slickers

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  60. Miranda Luttrell

    Miranda Luttrell5 hours ago

    My friends are supportive of me but I asked my dad about anti depressants and he said if I took them I'd get more depressed and kill myself :')

  61. Crystal Roses_s

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  62. Sans Bones

    Sans Bones5 hours ago

    Jaiden please make more videos

  63. Sans Bones

    Sans Bones5 hours ago

    I miss u I and I’m the same

  64. TheMiniChuck

    TheMiniChuck5 hours ago

    I feel like my social paranoia stems from my mom saying nice things to people to their faces and saying nasty things behind they're backs, to me, her young child. It lead to me believing everyone was doing that to me and all compliments were lies.


    KAYA MARTIN5 hours ago

    I have somatic anxiety, depression, ADHD, and I used to have anorexia... oh I also have low self esteem!!!! I’m sooo normal!!!😅👍🏻 I’m especially an introvert.

  66. Benic Fox

    Benic Fox5 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden, me and my friend are doing a Jaiden Animations marathon. .-.

  67. Joshua Munoz

    Joshua Munoz5 hours ago

    Ummmm I smell daftpina had influence on this video or many of his concerns were answered or took in consideration like ALL over. Lol. But anyways. I'm happy you're opening up and know friends and family are there for you, ove your vids.

  68. xX johnny is my GoD Xx

    xX johnny is my GoD Xx5 hours ago

    I’m ambivert but more on the introvert side because I’m to nervous to act the way I really want because TRUST ME... I’m really weird.

  69. JaneJax N LunaLux

    JaneJax N LunaLux5 hours ago

    Jaiden sadly people think that ppl with anxiety are narcissistic because those who try to hide their anxiety hide it with narcissistic actions like telling themselves aloud that everybody loves them, that they look pretty, that everything will go their way because they are amazing and wonderful. Hoping maybe this is true. It’s a stupid cover up

  70. Panda - Nebulous

    Panda - Nebulous5 hours ago

    Remember when you did a colabed with oddonesout and fushions I made one but I don't know how to send it. : (

  71. Marissa LaFevor

    Marissa LaFevor6 hours ago

    People used to say I was making other people feel bad and making them the victim anytime I tried opening up about my anxiety. Thanks for this video.

  72. deemu

    deemu6 hours ago

    Sometimes I eat in the bathroom because I feel like EVERYONE IS GONNA SAY I LOOK LIKE A PIG WHILE EATING lmao 😅 and when I don’t eat in the bathroom I eat awkwardly lmao

  73. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson6 hours ago

    Ow my gosh this is relatable! Is it relatable to everyone? ... like if it's not relatable to u

  74. Parker Gaming TV

    Parker Gaming TV6 hours ago

    Tbh why I am depressed is because is I think my MReporter will flop and I’ll die of hunger and thirst.

  75. Parker Gaming TV

    Parker Gaming TV6 hours ago

    You are probably not going to read this and scroll over this, but, I just want you to know I just found out I am depressed, and yet I’m 9 XD I’m just telling you this and you’re still probably not gunna read this.

  76. Parker Gaming TV

    Parker Gaming TV6 hours ago


  77. Jeff Banman

    Jeff Banman6 hours ago

    I get anxious when I'm in huge crouds. What happens to you also happens me too.

  78. Andrew Levy

    Andrew Levy6 hours ago

    I am the same way about social anxiety its horrible

  79. NJKILLER360

    NJKILLER3606 hours ago

    Your Jokes are great.👍You say your shy. Cuz im definitely not shy...... But how just HOW do you speak in front of ... Lets say FRIGIN 5K PEAPS!!! I could never do dat.

  80. Monsieur Bobblehead

    Monsieur Bobblehead6 hours ago

    Sometimes I will get the feeling that I'm not miserable ENOUGH.

  81. TurkeySandwich Animated

    TurkeySandwich Animated6 hours ago

    I’m more of an ambevert

  82. Rainbow Da Sheep

    Rainbow Da Sheep6 hours ago

    Hey that's what I have I'm always anxious

  83. Sayori

    Sayori6 hours ago

    I have some mental illnesses like ADHD but my self confidence is high :) ;) soooo yeah

  84. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana6 hours ago

    We pay attention to what u say.(If we didn't you probably wouldn't be here)

  85. Alec Agudelo

    Alec Agudelo7 hours ago

    Hey dude! uh You cant have babies >:)

  86. Celia Caballero

    Celia Caballero7 hours ago

    I live your videos😍

  87. Mika cameron

    Mika cameron7 hours ago

    You inspire me , to build a business to pay youtubers for animating ,and having another job........ I'll make it work. Somehow.

  88. Mouad éL Hamrani

    Mouad éL Hamrani7 hours ago

    hey , i'm really an anxious narcistic person . how i do it ?? hit that like to know this secret , nasa trying rally hard to hide it

  89. galixygirlsavage123 plz subscribe

    galixygirlsavage123 plz subscribe7 hours ago

    wow i have what you have

  90. Toby Poulos

    Toby Poulos7 hours ago

    Most of the things you list are happening to me right now. I think I have anxiety. Because at school I go out of my way to avoid people who are nice to me, I hide my writing projects and I actually formulate my plans for the next day before I go to sleep. Should I see someone?

  91. Silver Sparklez

    Silver Sparklez7 hours ago

    Wow, I learned something new today. I have the same anxiety as Jaiden! ... Help me! (No rlly I do and I don't feel any better about myself...)

  92. Nicogamer

    Nicogamer7 hours ago

    I was eating while you slapped your “Thing” on the table

  93. Breanna Kittle

    Breanna Kittle7 hours ago

    I have social anxiety too! *It needs to die a painful death.*

  94. Anime.YKS

    Anime.YKS7 hours ago

    Narcissism + anxiaty not = every one staring you... it is about you think there are no worse people out there... jaiden...

  95. Diana Columba

    Diana Columba7 hours ago

    ~But... people don't really mind what is happening on my brain, so... What's the point of telling them my problems? I'll survive, I'll be fine, I've been like this for 24 years, a couple more whon't dramatically and drastically hurt me more than they do now...

  96. Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue8 hours ago

    This kinda made me wonder about myself, and how I now realize I had anxiety as a kid. I mean, I'm not even a teenager yet, but I've grown out of it. Sorta. I had many of the same symptoms, and I'm glad I learned to love myself and others. Especially you Jaiden. (WHO BY THE WAY IS GOD TO ME EVEN THOUGH IM AN ATHEIST). :)

  97. Acesystole

    Acesystole8 hours ago

    Ah, and this is why I don't like going outside.

  98. ZC gamer and reacts

    ZC gamer and reacts8 hours ago

    hello jade am here to tell about Daftpina the guy who talk shit about you and is damn disgusting. Q 1: are you aware of him doing some thing to make you bad? Q2: are you aware that he is disgusting? And Q3: do you hate him?

  99. Porrim Maryum

    Porrim Maryum8 hours ago

    I have social anxiety :D

  100. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side8 hours ago

    In your anxiety and nervousness, you are cute, smart and really funny. I enjoy your videos a lot. Thanks!

  101. Jade

    Jade8 hours ago

    A doctor told meh that I have depression soooo but my family is a little to broke to pay for me to get a therapist .....LIFE

  102. RedHotReddy

    RedHotReddy8 hours ago

    I also struggle with social anxiety and egotisticy, although I am also an intellectual and would recommend that it you hate anxiety so much you should have it jump off an oven rather than a microwave

  103. lil twisted salmon

    lil twisted salmon9 hours ago

    I can realate to you jaiden. I would actually walk into my apartment lock my door and then lay on my bed in a ball for all of eternity.

  104. ShankiaMrsRidiculous

    ShankiaMrsRidiculous9 hours ago

    Hhhhmmm, the tone of this video versus your face reveal is drastically different. I'm starting to think the face reveal videb was real phoney like I thought.