Antonio Brown's beef with Ben Roethlisberger was heated, sudden, and so avoidable


  1. Mørbïd øøf

    Mørbïd øøf11 hours ago

    I can't wait to see how "good" ab does with Oakland

  2. julianthehero64

    julianthehero64Day ago

    Ok so I met a player that went to the high school I am currently going to. He went there 4 years ago and got drafted to the Steelers this year. He said that Big Ben doesn't bother to make friends with most of the rookies because he feels that most of them will be gone. Big Ben also told a rookie to switch his number because he thought he was disrespecting Heath Miller. This should just show how he is a terrible leader.

  3. Nightmare Terror211

    Nightmare Terror2112 days ago

    Thats why they always got knocked out by the PATS

  4. Mr.boogie-man88

    Mr.boogie-man882 days ago

    Well,they don’t haft to fight anymore cause AB on the raiders now 😂😂 job is done 😂😂

  5. Letsgoflyerzzzz

    Letsgoflyerzzzz2 days ago

    2 entitled douchebags. Both so perfect for Pittsburgh.

  6. Fistof Heavens

    Fistof Heavens2 days ago

    2018: madden curse LMFAOOOO

  7. Lost comment

    Lost comment3 days ago


  8. Styie-

    Styie-3 days ago

    Players should call teammates out only to an extent

  9. Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek4 days ago

    Why did you never mention that AB also threw Ben under the bus to a reporter after the week three game? When asked about not having a 100 receiving game after three games, AB told the reporter, go watch the tapes, I can’t throw the ball to myself. Why did you never talk about that?

  10. Kieran Law

    Kieran Law5 days ago

    I can't wait til Ben gets broken down and traded or released and then completely shits the bed in his last 2-3 years, damaging his rapist legacy.

  11. Ivan Darko

    Ivan Darko5 days ago

    I don't know about you guys but I think what's worse is the RAPING!

  12. netkhuna

    netkhuna5 days ago


  13. FilmMaker

    FilmMaker6 days ago

    They are both divas 🙄

  14. taco bell

    taco bell6 days ago

    as a charger fan I'm glad we didn't draft him in 2006 even tho he won a sb that year i would rather have philip rivers cause he tore his acl or something in 2007 but he still played in the afc championship game we still lost but it was a close game

  15. Sinclair Sweet Science

    Sinclair Sweet Science6 days ago

    Raiders fans love brown now but let’s wait til week 7 when their 3-4 and he’s throwing tantrums on the sidelines

  16. Devon Williams

    Devon Williams5 days ago

    @Josiah Saintius Agreed, I'd say a solid 0-7

  17. Josiah Saintius

    Josiah Saintius5 days ago

    Sinclair Sweet Science 3-4 is quite a generous prediction for the Raiders record through their first 7 games

  18. Gabe Albino

    Gabe Albino6 days ago

    Patrick was happy when he said big ketchup bottle

  19. Captain Me

    Captain Me6 days ago

    Pause at 25 seconds and look at Ben’s pin

  20. Tristan Damosso

    Tristan Damosso6 days ago

    AB is goat just wait and watch what he does for the shitty raiders

  21. Daniel

    Daniel6 days ago

    If your from pgh you know its AB that's the problem/ Diva. Showing up at training camp in a helicopter. Day of game getting pulled over for going 100+ mph in 45 zone. Don't forget in playoffs, his live Facebook incident. He has always been a problem. Plus, Ben has a history of making wide receivers pro bowlers. How many Super bowls did we win w/ Brown. 0.

  22. sixsixsix

    sixsixsix6 days ago

    Lol Rodgers complains about his rookie wrs and gets destroyed by the media because he's a "bad leader", yet big Ben throws his teammates under the bus and no one says anything about it

  23. Emilio Salaiz

    Emilio Salaiz6 days ago

    Bruh that last pass in Denver was your fault big Ben 😂 if a linemen picks it off that was your fault for throwing a shitty pass that didn't get know where near brown 😂😂😂

  24. Asmr Addicted

    Asmr Addicted7 days ago

    I hope they both fail

  25. Cameron Holt

    Cameron Holt8 days ago

    Antonio Brown is a snake

  26. Xxxx Soto

    Xxxx Soto8 days ago


  27. WCTA Chicago underground sound

    WCTA Chicago underground sound8 days ago

    I don't care about the steelers, but didn't Brown air out problems by having a temper tantrum on live TV before Ben talked about it on the radio?

  28. Joey Paladino

    Joey Paladino8 days ago

    You are wrong I am a Steelers fan and I know what happened

  29. JD

    JD8 days ago

    Honestly, I don't watch football. I know the bare minimum about it. But at 1:48; you can't get more open than that. And the fact the QB didn't pass him the ball would've pissed me off as coach. I always thought your wide receivers were always the first players you look at to pass the ball to?

  30. Olivia Haynes

    Olivia Haynes8 days ago

    Ben worthless cheeseburger

  31. FungiRy91

    FungiRy919 days ago

    Bottom line is Ben never should have went to the radio to vent about Brown and Brown never should have responded or even acknowledged it publicly. Both sides were in the wrong at one point or another. Media didn't do either any favors either.

  32. open2626

    open26269 days ago

    Seriously? You think Steelers' owners, coaches and players are all wrong and AB is right? Wow! Can't wait for the next season! You'll see who was "right" and who was "wrong"! AB and LB are nothing without 10 other guys around them! Now they have 10 guys that aren't as good as the ones they had in Pitt! Good Luck! Go Steelers!

  33. David Kruse

    David Kruse7 days ago

    the steelers are finished.

  34. Sebastian McGriff

    Sebastian McGriff9 days ago

    Nothing is avoidable in sports when the egos are huge. It was inevitable. A beef from egos that are the product of success. Too much success isn't good. Patriots don't have lasting egos or beefs because their team gets overturned every 3 years.

  35. Nathan Manies

    Nathan Manies9 days ago

    “This is the internet where nothing is forever”

  36. Randall Jewart

    Randall Jewart9 days ago

    Don’t forget ab live streaming after losing the afc championship

  37. Ken Cranston

    Ken Cranston10 days ago

    I'm going to miss the fuck out of you AB. I wish you nothing but success and luck for the rest of your career and ventures.

  38. Vital Solar

    Vital Solar10 days ago

    grind and shine

  39. Bird Doug

    Bird Doug10 days ago

    Win Super Bowls and make calls. Be a bitch and get treated like one and above all else, say your a victim in the face of adversity; apparently that’s the way to succeed and get ahead.

  40. tommy

    tommy10 days ago

    Guess you forgot to report the time when AB recorded the coach and players in the locker room.

  41. Colby Hill

    Colby Hill10 days ago

    Big "I had children as a PR move during my rape scandal" Ben vs Antonio "I'm the closest thing to human cancer" Brown

  42. Cameron

    Cameron11 days ago

    He was also lying at 2:08. You can tell by ABs route that the play was for him & Ben didn’t look his way

  43. lyons creed

    lyons creed11 days ago

    good work bitch

  44. Chance Shankle

    Chance Shankle12 days ago

    lmao i like when people bring up big ben raping those women but keep their mouths shut about people like kobe bryant , ray lewis and michael jackson. big ben wasnt found guilty just like them. but since everyones riding ABs dick right now there to blind to see it.KIP music is just tryna be relevent in a story that has nothing to do with them (as usual)

  45. Justin J

    Justin J12 days ago

    I hate being a Steelers fan 😭😭

  46. KevinLG1990

    KevinLG199012 days ago

    Fuck Antonio brown

  47. RJ Macready

    RJ Macready13 days ago

    Antonio live streaming in the locker room after a big loss was also a big part of it all... surprised that wasn't in here

  48. Vapored_Devs

    Vapored_Devs14 days ago

    BEN sucks

  49. Choba Shiba

    Choba Shiba14 days ago

    AB's hulk hogan stash tho?

  50. Geoff Purdy

    Geoff Purdy15 days ago

    BR is bad

  51. Tim S

    Tim S16 days ago

    "Super bowl extra large" huh? I thought they were numbers.

  52. Dre Bean

    Dre Bean16 days ago

    Beef between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate please

  53. Cpt-Perez-GJ YT

    Cpt-Perez-GJ YT16 days ago

    JuJu vs AB pls