Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)


  1. EliteInferno

    EliteInferno8 hours ago

    Game's garbage but this trailer slaps.

  2. TRENT Solo

    TRENT Solo3 days ago

    Biggest scam of 2019!!

  3. I’m not racist, But

    I’m not racist, But4 days ago

    Cool so that was a fucking lie

  4. Warren Vuyk

    Warren Vuyk7 days ago

    Stop beating the child

  5. grace calis

    grace calis14 days ago


  6. cyybooorg noob

    cyybooorg noob15 days ago

    Oh what is this another money game of course what am I saying the is EA we are talking about the most hated company and the game looks boring anyway so no thx

  7. Zoran

    Zoran15 days ago

    Mam nadzieje ze kazdy z was zdechnie w meczarniach

  8. Bolshevik Rasmat

    Bolshevik Rasmat15 days ago

    You have to pay to oppen up the game

  9. sugary sweet

    sugary sweet16 days ago

    want to win? no : $90 yes : $100

  10. Mark Alpasan

    Mark Alpasan16 days ago

    Ready your money

  11. Sweet Blue Sprinkle

    Sweet Blue Sprinkle17 days ago

    Free to play

  12. Gaming Nguyễn Hoàng

    Gaming Nguyễn Hoàng17 days ago

    Hey ea please help me i hate niiko-chan beacause i love pvz 2 but i hate who want destroy your community and niiko-chan was a evil girl

  13. Dalek

    Dalek18 days ago


  14. Julianto Soead

    Julianto Soead18 days ago

    EA just want 💰

  15. Andrew Wolfe

    Andrew Wolfe18 days ago

    Un gran juego, con la ultima actualizacion el juego a mejorado mucho, sigan trabajando por este gran titulo que hay personas lo apoyan. Gracias EA👍

  16. zac teron

    zac teron18 days ago

    Why EA need money the player need to play wtf

  17. RainbowsGirl

    RainbowsGirl18 days ago

    I need this game to buy ' SE is 👍

  18. no

    no19 days ago

    Liars. Garbage.

  19. Carl Mabasa

    Carl Mabasa20 days ago

    You only want money

  20. David Wyd

    David Wyd20 days ago


  21. Jesse webb

    Jesse webb20 days ago

    I like it.

  22. Chrysa1is

    Chrysa1is20 days ago

    RIP Anthem

  23. NotABigCow4

    NotABigCow421 day ago

    This game was a mistake, it is embarrassing to even see this

  24. Toufiq Mustafiz

    Toufiq Mustafiz21 day ago

    destiny iron man edition

  25. Massimo exe.

    Massimo exe.21 day ago

    EA why you care money so much and not free stuff!!!!

  26. Pharshlaph

    Pharshlaph21 day ago

    Skate 4 or riot

  27. Ivan Drago

    Ivan Drago22 days ago

    As of 5/26/2019 5PM Eastern time, just a few days past the 3 month date of launch. Anthem is the 570th most viewed game on Twitch with a TOTAL of 41 viewers. Dead Space a 11 year old PS3 game from a studio EA disbanded had 95 viewers. Great job EA and Bioware!

  28. Cosmix

    Cosmix25 days ago

    With a better story, the campaign mode could’ve been much better.

  29. Smart Gong

    Smart Gong27 days ago

    Idiot company lol

  30. ASMR king unlimited

    ASMR king unlimited27 days ago

    i want to be a apex careter calld zeek

  31. kcbuz74

    kcbuz7427 days ago

    We wamt spore 2 not anthem p.s go suck an egg ea

  32. kcbuz74

    kcbuz7427 days ago


  33. zinniaLn Here

    zinniaLn HereMonth ago

    Lmao. “In game footage”

  34. keisi ji

    keisi ji14 days ago


  35. lean correa

    lean correaMonth ago

    Saquen el skate 4

  36. lllWARCHILDlll

    lllWARCHILDlllMonth ago


  37. Joseph Romero

    Joseph RomeroMonth ago

    I love this game

  38. KDRatio Gaming

    KDRatio GamingMonth ago

    the devs vanished, leaving our game in a mess, some loading screens is all that remains

  39. Aqpex

    Aqpex11 days ago


  40. Aqpex

    Aqpex11 days ago

    Perfect lmao

  41. povlav povlav

    povlav povlavMonth ago

    Cash grab HmHmHmn?!

  42. Somano Sanghirun

    Somano SanghirunMonth ago

    EA: Would you like to watch for just only $4.99?

  43. LetMe ReviewApps

    LetMe ReviewAppsMonth ago

    Thanks for ruining what could’ve been one of the best games ever made, losers.

  44. FnX BraZy

    FnX BraZyMonth ago

    Nobody wants pay to click something

  45. Renato Sanchez

    Renato SanchezMonth ago

    EA sucks we only want money

  46. chadbrochill19

    chadbrochill19Month ago


  47. Ricardo Kavanishi

    Ricardo KavanishiMonth ago

    Thank god i didnt buy this sh*t

  48. Lucius Nguyen

    Lucius NguyenMonth ago

    "Game Engine Footage" - The biggest lie

  49. Francesco Guidi

    Francesco GuidiMonth ago

    It’s all a LIE

  50. hector calero

    hector caleroMonth ago

    Pelicula Iluminati

  51. Mehmet Efe

    Mehmet EfeMonth ago

    ahhh... a very cliche trailer

  52. Jess The Best Y0

    Jess The Best Y0Month ago

    Bring back skate

  53. Jess The Best Y0

    Jess The Best Y0Month ago

    Bring back skate

  54. Jess The Best Y0

    Jess The Best Y0Month ago

    Bring back skate

  55. Jess The Best Y0

    Jess The Best Y0Month ago

    Bring back skate

  56. Jess The Best Y0

    Jess The Best Y0Month ago

    Bring back skate

  57. slgarcia 47

    slgarcia 47Month ago

    This game is a lie...

  58. geirthemuss

    geirthemussMonth ago

    You should fix the connecting issues on ps4

  59. Darklord 12

    Darklord 12Month ago

    I bought four packs on pvz gw2 and never gave me em

  60. Stephen Brooks

    Stephen BrooksMonth ago

    "Dillon"? Really?... And, six years to develop, with only 18 months of actual work on the game? This concept was doomed from the start!... Weyland-Yutani. I mean, Electronic Arts!

  61. Stephen Brooks

    Stephen BrooksMonth ago


  62. Zalán Pirisi

    Zalán PirisiMonth ago


  63. Pete Deadline

    Pete DeadlineMonth ago

    Dreck! Nichts als Dreck.... Alles Fake ....

  64. Snowy 67

    Snowy 672 months ago

    Ea is a $ tacket

  65. Vikrant Yadav - Meadowvale Village PS (1557)

    Vikrant Yadav - Meadowvale Village PS (1557)2 months ago

    Hey EA you suck cause you ask us for money for everything you should watch the videos to show you what’s right!

  66. I M E A N N O T H I N G

    I M E A N N O T H I N G2 months ago

    Plot twist: *payment*

  67. Al Payne

    Al Payne2 months ago


  68. James Dexter

    James Dexter2 months ago

    Hey Electronic Arts, just let Bioware do what they're best at doing, creating a good game. I don't think you understand what I'm talking about, but I will try none the less. PLEASE STOP... with games as a service nonsense, and trying to fix something that wasn't broken to begin with. I know it is a stretch, but, I must ask that you think away from your bank accounts for once. Please!

  69. Redric Davis

    Redric Davis2 months ago

    Skate 4

  70. John von Shepard

    John von Shepard2 months ago


  71. Gamer Wits

    Gamer Wits2 months ago

    this is a fucknin lie

  72. Pop

    Pop2 months ago

    Where’s skate 4

  73. Power King879

    Power King8792 months ago

    Hey umm EA I felt a bit sympathetic for you after the disaster you had early this year,so I thought I’d give you a message....... 🖕🏿

  74. Jack2Mad 10

    Jack2Mad 102 months ago

    Has anyone forgot about GW3? We need it

  75. PinkUnicorn

    PinkUnicorn2 months ago

    best game

  76. just a simple guy .-.

    just a simple guy .-.2 months ago

    Guess what the game sucks when you need internet connection 24/7 let's make a game where its gonna be useless with no offline mode


    *DOG* *COM ALHO NA CABEÇA*2 months ago

    delete this games

  78. liyo klay

    liyo klay2 months ago

    Yo I buy the anthem but the problem is I play 1 mission the big spider 🕷 I need help what is Happen this game help

  79. colorado time

    colorado time2 months ago

    Ea fix fudging NHL 19 I just want to kill whoever failed on it I give it 0 stars

  80. Dream Studio

    Dream Studio2 months ago

    The trailers real awesome but the game is just a mess I thought that this game would be a life changing game but it ain't at all please do something 😫😫😓😓😩😩🤒🤒

  81. Sergio Rivera

    Sergio Rivera2 months ago

    Your game sucks

  82. hunter brand

    hunter brand3 months ago

    Not buying any of your games ever again. You lost me for life. Have fun with your bad business practices.

  83. Martin Montenegro

    Martin Montenegro3 months ago

    Anthem = ps4 broken

  84. Josué Muniz

    Josué Muniz3 months ago


  85. Laurèns Di Cielo

    Laurèns Di Cielo3 months ago

    EA I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!! So disappointed.. EA BioWare never again!

  86. Kevin Hurtado

    Kevin Hurtado3 months ago

    When is dead space 4 coming please make it

  87. Adam Barrera

    Adam Barrera3 months ago


  88. Quinn Bennett

    Quinn Bennett3 months ago

    Why are all the comments ranting on about EA and how they should close down? I’m starting to question if people are being serious or not because the amount of times I saw “EA close down” or “Don’t get anything from EA” is starting to get nerve racking

  89. Quinn Bennett

    Quinn Bennett3 months ago

    By ‘all’ I mean some

  90. Andrew Long

    Andrew Long3 months ago

    Game is trash bare minimum product EA is done you tore down BioWare. Will never get another dime with EA logo.

  91. TDS

    TDS3 months ago

    I've seen reviews bashing this game with move views. You want those sales so badly EA? Put it on Steam. That 30% is nothing considering economies of scale.

  92. Hilton

    Hilton3 months ago

    False advertising.

  93. zinniaLn Here

    zinniaLn Here3 months ago

    This is not actual footage btw. Der should be multiple loading screens before you see this

  94. Its Sean

    Its Sean3 months ago

    Server error like 5 times in a row nice 1 wasted my time, bad loot drops :(

  95. bet boi

    bet boi3 months ago

    This trailer was eh, at least with destiny we could see cayde-6 being magnificent

  96. bndo 1988

    bndo 19883 months ago

    Anthem was released unfinished on pourpous. EA NEEDS TO BE FORCED TO SELL THEIR RIGHTS TO ALL TITLES AND BE SHUT DOWN. We is destroying this industy amd they need to be obliterated! Your time has come EA and Anthem was you downfall.

  97. Lancer Lancer

    Lancer Lancer3 months ago

    999,999,999,999$ To play this gaem

  98. Pat1711

    Pat17113 months ago


  99. Gin :

    Gin :3 months ago

    esse trailer mi enganou muito pqp

  100. KappaTheBest

    KappaTheBest3 months ago

    Name of the song? Plis

  101. Bihari Márk

    Bihari Márk3 months ago

    *TOP 10 GAME FLOPS OF 2019*

  102. Eijiix

    Eijiix2 months ago

    Unnamed _ because they didn’t know what kind of shithole they were signing up for

  103. Unnamed _

    Unnamed _2 months ago

    Bihari Márk not really. It sold 3.6 milion units (origin excluded) in only one month

  104. xd Przemek

    xd Przemek3 months ago

    seems legit

  105. Maxxy The Computer Guy

    Maxxy The Computer Guy3 months ago

    Is this gonna brick xbox consoles too?

  106. Skippy Guru59

    Skippy Guru593 months ago

    I see this after halo5 trailer with knight of cydonia of muse. And I think last year, we don't see real new license. When I see anthem, I see halo with other skin 😑

  107. Silky Johnson

    Silky Johnson3 months ago

    Game sucks, broken as hell. Wait 6 months for a sale.

  108. Silky Johnson

    Silky Johnson24 days ago

    They’ll have it fixed and with some new content later on, but it’s not worth full price.

  109. DapperBubble

    DapperBubble24 days ago

    or just dont buy it