Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)


  1. Klutch Animal

    Klutch Animal39 minutes ago

    Basically EA’s version of destiny

  2. Lukas Plate

    Lukas Plate2 hours ago

    Does this remind anyone else of Destiny or is that just me?

  3. -BW_BiGE -

    -BW_BiGE -11 hours ago

    Gonna be such a good game 5 months later 10$ walk

  4. Zachary Roix

    Zachary Roix13 hours ago

    Has a destiny vibe

  5. Sir. Albion71

    Sir. Albion7114 hours ago

    Anthem - loot box edition

  6. PrimalPigeon

    PrimalPigeon18 hours ago

    this looks good too bad its EA game because if it wasnt id consider

  7. studiedsully

    studiedsully18 hours ago

    Wow send $60 on this, or play WARFRAME for FREE!!! I'll stick with WARFRAME

  8. Luca Olteanu

    Luca Olteanu21 hour ago

    darude sadstorm

  9. Youtube Promotion

    Youtube Promotion21 hour ago

    Plot twist; Ads by EA.

  10. TTV Mutiny

    TTV MutinyDay ago


  11. FamousGlory

    FamousGloryDay ago

    Why does anthem feel like Destiny so much?

  12. Jon Kimberson

    Jon KimbersonDay ago

    Is this going to be on Xbox one

  13. CrazyCannon 123

    CrazyCannon 123Day ago

    So grind game

  14. xZomboSlayerx

    xZomboSlayerxDay ago

    I can not wait for the release of this game. I am in full support of EA as they create this beautiful game. This game shall be a game changer in the multiplayer open world. EA, you have my full support. I believe you guys will create an awesome game. Please bring everything you have told us you shall bring us.




  16. NovusTM

    NovusTMDay ago

    1 week left till vip beta

  17. JeWz WiLd

    JeWz WiLdDay ago

    -[o_O]-™ recruiting. We will be the top clan on Anthem. We are the top PS4 clan on Destiny 2. We only want curious gamers that are not scared to communicate and act with valor. 18+ clan, please be respectful and mindful of other members. Preparing for Anthem? Come chat with some experienced ADULT gamers with multiple world firsts and records. Professionally managed from Day 1. We plan on moving into the eSports arena immediately. Discord Info:

  18. Saayan Biswas

    Saayan BiswasDay ago

    Looks like warframe

  19. Different GamingZone

    Different GamingZone2 days ago

    Looks like Tony create team to Warmachine 🤔 Jarvis,give me map scan please...

  20. Peak

    Peak2 days ago

    This better be good, it looks good, so don’t screw this up guys

  21. Vegeta's RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vegeta's RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 days ago

    The only problem I see with this game is that EA had its hand in it

  22. lucaVid30Maker IT

    lucaVid30Maker IT3 days ago


  23. caiomalpelo

    caiomalpelo3 days ago

    Bioware: "They( EA) will not controll us! We will be victorious!"

  24. RagingM249

    RagingM2493 days ago

    Reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn but with spacesuits and guns.


    YVK STUDIOS3 days ago

    TAKE MY MONEY... oh wait, i dont have any...

  26. jay nitro

    jay nitro3 days ago

    complete destiny rip off

  27. NobleMike

    NobleMike3 days ago

    Muse is cheating DAMMIT

  28. rip sendly

    rip sendly4 days ago

    This will be the flop that finally ends your company. Greed and yearly titles releases instead of quality are the cause. GG no re

  29. Gábor Tendl

    Gábor Tendl5 days ago


  30. the emerald palace

    the emerald palace5 days ago

    I know it's the cinematic trailer, but seeing this instantly sold me on getting this game.

  31. Diego Enderman

    Diego Enderman5 days ago

    This is the most fucking awesome triler i’ve ever seen

  32. Noah

    Noah5 days ago

    lol the song saying they will not control us is bioware sending a message that they wont let ea screw this up. Have hope guys

  33. HighlyOblivious

    HighlyOblivious5 days ago

    Destiny 3?

  34. califa

    califa6 days ago

    6.6 noobs

  35. Tidal 90

    Tidal 906 days ago

    First thing I’m gonna do is fly up a mountain, jump on f and begin flying using the interceptors backflip animation and I get before I hit the ground

  36. Renato Polcino

    Renato Polcino6 days ago

    Ma sarà in inglese il gioco? Nel caso non lo prendo..

  37. Steve

    Steve6 days ago

    Oh god, this is going to bomb so ridiculously hard. A lot of people are going to end up losing their jobs because of this upcoming failure.

  38. Tsohgi

    Tsohgi6 days ago

    Feb 22, 2019

  39. 老咩

    老咩6 days ago

    lower version of titanfall 2

  40. HaVC Studios

    HaVC Studios6 days ago

    Love the choice of uprising for this trailer. Gets me pumped

  41. HaVC Studios

    HaVC Studios6 days ago

    Its... *anthemic* Oh man that was WAY better!

  42. Sloppy Playz

    Sloppy Playz6 days ago

    Looks like Destiny

  43. Kingston

    Kingston7 days ago

    Warframe part 2?

  44. SitTight Tv

    SitTight Tv7 days ago

    DO NOT PRE-ORDER, we all have been there and it %90 sucks.

  45. VENOM ???

    VENOM ???7 days ago

    In this game... have male character???

  46. Nash Musa

    Nash Musa7 days ago

    So hyped for this game

  47. BLACK J3W 343

    BLACK J3W 3437 days ago

    Remember guys don’t pre Oder Anthem so we can get 50% off in two weeks.... Let us not make the same mistake with another EA game.

  48. BLACK J3W 343

    BLACK J3W 3433 days ago

    MrSupermonkeyfun how much is it?

  49. MrSupermonkeyfun

    MrSupermonkeyfun3 days ago

    im getting it for free because I bought an nvidia RTX graphics card

  50. ShadowNinja Gaming

    ShadowNinja Gaming7 days ago

    I want this to be a good game. I really do


    WISE SNIPER7 days ago

    This looks like what Destiny was supposed to be.

  52. Kamikaze Cake

    Kamikaze Cake7 days ago

    If this game flops bioware is done. Please let this be good 🙏

  53. Lal Basanti

    Lal Basanti7 days ago

    Looks like illuminati is everywhere 🔺🔺🔺

  54. Arena Battlegrounds

    Arena Battlegrounds8 days ago


  55. PyroGhost913

    PyroGhost9138 days ago

    Looks like they ripped off enough of Destiny's aesthetic.

  56. Czerno Alpha

    Czerno Alpha8 days ago

    Rise up, Freelancer.

  57. Dhruva Kumar

    Dhruva Kumar8 days ago

    No!, your not fooling me with a Good Trailer.

  58. Jyoti Singh

    Jyoti Singh8 days ago

    Very Powerful

  59. Ludovick S

    Ludovick S8 days ago


  60. ThatPersonIsaac

    ThatPersonIsaac8 days ago

    Off brand Destiny😂

  61. Justin Collins

    Justin Collins9 days ago

    Bioware and DICE are sharing a room in the critical care/ life support wing of the gaming hospital.

  62. Daniel Sturdivant

    Daniel Sturdivant9 days ago

    ... *sigh*Benefit of the doubt EA. Don’t let me down.

  63. Dark DragonKnight

    Dark DragonKnight9 days ago

    Destiny players: its like destiny but more mechanized and open world and you can fly?! Warframe players: ITS WARFRAME!!! why do i feel like this is what people's mind is going?

  64. Goddesses of Death

    Goddesses of Death9 days ago

    Is this free

  65. John Byron

    John Byron9 days ago

    I havent bought a single EA game since dead space 3. But I pre ordered this one lol. Looks amazing and I love the dead space suits. I needed another loot based game after the division failed

  66. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon9 days ago

    This is all they needed to show. All game play showing is a buzz killer.

  67. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones9 days ago

    I can't explain how excited I am

  68. BRYANbluesky

    BRYANbluesky9 days ago

    Lloré de la emocion

  69. Lukasz Walasinski

    Lukasz Walasinski9 days ago


  70. fernando barth

    fernando barth9 days ago


  71. iDontHaveAnyBetterIdeaForAName

    iDontHaveAnyBetterIdeaForAName9 days ago

    Seeing the EA logo terrifies me.If the game does well,it's doomed.They will flood it with microtransactions

  72. phantom ghostz

    phantom ghostz9 days ago

    What age rating do u think

  73. Romanek

    Romanek10 days ago

    This looks like ark extinction

  74. Garth Hunter

    Garth Hunter10 days ago

    No offline single player 🙁☹️

  75. ShadowNinja Gaming

    ShadowNinja Gaming10 days ago

    Trailers, badass, game, looks good so far. But the fact that I see EA all over this gives me a bad feeling, I want this game to be good cause it can be but I’ve learned not to trust that. Looks like we’ll wait n see.

  76. FnaFan ChanNel

    FnaFan ChanNel10 days ago

    Name of tHe Song?

  77. Mature Content

    Mature Content10 days ago

    I swear if there's loot boxes . . . 🖕😊

  78. Mature Content

    Mature Content7 days ago

    +Waldherz FeuerClan Yeah I stumbled across the announcement trailer shortly after this and it confirmed no loot boxes. Thank the 9.

  79. Waldherz FeuerClan

    Waldherz FeuerClan7 days ago

    There isnt. At least they said so. No Lootboxes, no boosterpacks, no crates, no randomized anything you can buy for money.

  80. Alta

    Alta10 days ago

    Kind of a waste of the song they used, such a good song but would have been better if they didn't chop it up so much and let it play along with visuals better.

  81. StupidCerberus 25000

    StupidCerberus 2500010 days ago

    Uprising- muse. Is song. You’re welcome

  82. Cristian Acuna

    Cristian Acuna10 days ago

    Looks promising, too bad it’s published by EA -__-

  83. fatrat22

    fatrat2211 days ago

    Can’t wait to get this game!!! .....for $9.99.

  84. Who? Me?

    Who? Me?11 days ago

    EA is trying real hard to redeem themselves but still decided to sneak in payment for cosmetics.

  85. F.B.I

    F.B.I11 days ago

    This game is really hyped so let’s hope it lives up to its expectations but let’s be honest most of us think it will.

  86. FriskyFox

    FriskyFox11 days ago

    The narration is so generic that it hurts, lmao.

  87. Classical Cross The Halo Bringer

    Classical Cross The Halo Bringer11 days ago

    warframe 2 omg ye...................................ohh ohhh

  88. Matthew Oh

    Matthew Oh11 days ago


  89. HalfAssedHero

    HalfAssedHero11 days ago

    So are we a silent protagonist or will we have a voice?

  90. HalfAssedHero

    HalfAssedHero5 days ago

    +DiscordFox a real good thing. I feel like the silent protag thing only works in First person. I don't know what it is, but non-voiced characters in 3rd person bugs the hell put of me.

  91. DiscordFox

    DiscordFox5 days ago

    your character has a voice which is good

  92. Seit-1892

    Seit-189211 days ago

    Goodbye Destiny

  93. Aramis

    Aramis11 days ago

    Destiny+ Warframe+ Mass effect Andromeda

  94. Alise Brus

    Alise Brus11 days ago

    Don't screw this EA , biaware, please.

  95. 501stTrooperBMC

    501stTrooperBMC11 days ago

    It looks good, I won't lie, but I am hesitant about playing this because of EA.

  96. Zil

    Zil12 days ago

    Kill boss > receive new powerful pink color armor/weapon > pay $10 to change color to charcoal

  97. Josi_sVenture1

    Josi_sVenture112 days ago

    Everytime I watch this, it gives me shivers down my spine 😂 I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!!

  98. Jeremy Brunner

    Jeremy Brunner12 days ago

    Destiny -Infinite halo! Looks awesome😍 jkjk but it actually looks really good

  99. shy guy

    shy guy12 days ago

    i will buy it as soon it comes out

  100. Charlie H

    Charlie H13 days ago

    Destiny + Halo + Call of duty= Anthem

  101. Elephant Force Official Music

    Elephant Force Official Music13 days ago

    This game looks heavily inspired by Warframe...🤔

  102. Iron Beagle

    Iron Beagle10 days ago

    Elephant Force Official Music how

  103. Darkz Playz

    Darkz Playz13 days ago

    Chill lol

  104. Tohab

    Tohab13 days ago

    If nothing else, I'm confident that this will be better than Andromeda. So... there's that.

  105. B & W

    B & W13 days ago

    *MUSE-UPRISING* The name of the original song,if u wanna know ... 👀

  106. Mic Dy

    Mic Dy2 days ago


  107. Philip Baccus

    Philip Baccus13 days ago

    Are they going to make the same mistakes like Destiny?

  108. Adhav Pradheep

    Adhav Pradheep14 days ago

    we want nfs most wanted in 2019