Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)


  1. K 2

    K 24 hours ago

    Italian dubbing please so it's day one for me

  2. K 2

    K 24 hours ago

    Italian dubbing please so it's day one for me

  3. Natural Entity

    Natural Entity12 hours ago

    Boring trailer?

  4. Darien Medrano

    Darien Medrano12 hours ago


  5. Nerd

    Nerd15 hours ago

    Ive watched this trailer so many times. I cant wait for this game to come out.

  6. LegoAnimator450 0

    LegoAnimator450 015 hours ago

    Fortnite season 5 trailer

  7. Kooblay Khan

    Kooblay Khan17 hours ago

    Huh, Muse, interesting choice. Fun mix :)

  8. lucas esquivel

    lucas esquivel19 hours ago

    What is song?

  9. tddhogartxol

    tddhogartxol22 hours ago

    Where my Mass Effect, BioWare, EA?!

  10. nikos2004p gaming

    nikos2004p gaming22 hours ago

    When destiny 2 fails you

  11. NoGame NoLife

    NoGame NoLife23 hours ago

    Ironman meets avatar

  12. Brandon Alexis

    Brandon Alexis23 hours ago

    Trailer is so look bad sad tho.

  13. Brandon Alexis

    Brandon Alexis23 hours ago

    One concern I have for the Game is the map. I keep seeing the same scenes and it didn't look that big.. At all. Maybe GTA?

  14. Yukon

    YukonDay ago

    Holy ballz this game looks nuts, and a lot like Destiny which was, and is a hell of a game.

  15. Blizzard Prod

    Blizzard ProdDay ago

    I’m ready

  16. Carmine Vizcaino

    Carmine VizcainoDay ago

    Storm is the most left out. Ip

  17. Ottonation 17

    Ottonation 17Day ago

    Who did is muse? I’m retardus so idk

  18. SlowMoJo

    SlowMoJoDay ago

    whats the song?

  19. SlowMoJo

    SlowMoJo19 hours ago

    grant lesch i looked that up but it wasnt the same song

  20. grant lesch

    grant lesch19 hours ago

    SlowMoJo Uprising by Muse

  21. Ottonation 17

    Ottonation 17Day ago

    This looks like destiny but without micro transactions

  22. Stan Lyman

    Stan LymanDay ago

    Impressive, Most impressive!

  23. LEFK Alliance

    LEFK AllianceDay ago

    looks like a combination of halo, destiny, and titanfall

  24. Nb Smith

    Nb SmithDay ago

    Destiny goes to pandora.

  25. scrooddis

    scrooddisDay ago

    ?????? PVP ??????

  26. Paul S.

    Paul S.Day ago

    0:36 EPIC

  27. Эраниэль Валенти

    Эраниэль ВалентиDay ago

    Where is my Mass Effect?

  28. Ricky 62170922

    Ricky 62170922Day ago

    You're requesting. A flight by a javelin wants you to make sure that it can fly to infinity, not fixation time I'm Japanese

  29. The Notorious BIC

    The Notorious BICDay ago

    Please be good, please be good, Please be good..

  30. Zishawn Malik

    Zishawn MalikDay ago

    *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck * *please don’t suck *

  31. White Bear

    White BearDay ago

    The more I see the better I feel. It looks less and less like destiny...which is a very good thing.

  32. john smith

    john smith2 days ago

    Oh look game engine footage for cinematics. Yeah that's totally how the game is gona look guys...XD


    JEREFRUTA2 days ago

    That song tho' (uff! goosebumps)

  34. grant lesch

    grant lesch19 hours ago

    JEREFRUTA it's Uprising

  35. CosmicGumballz

    CosmicGumballz2 days ago

    pre-ordered Legion Of Dawn edition m8s how about you guys

  36. Adam Ramadan

    Adam Ramadan2 days ago


  37. DannyDoo

    DannyDoo2 days ago

    hope it doesn't end up with a camera angle like Dota (no hate to Dota though) :P

  38. Keilink

    Keilink2 days ago

    Really intrigued by this game. Can't wait for first open betas

  39. big sosig

    big sosig2 days ago

    No idea what this is but Muse brought me here

  40. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly2 days ago

    Nice video, love the Muse music, but otherwise this just looks like more of the same?

  41. Supreme DBZ Lord

    Supreme DBZ LordDay ago

    what song is it

  42. Alex Connor

    Alex Connor2 days ago

    The new Destiny looks nice

  43. Igor Mikołajewski

    Igor Mikołajewski2 days ago

    Skate 4 !

  44. MarkofO

    MarkofO2 days ago

    Destiny killer?

  45. RAMISS2K05

    RAMISS2K053 days ago

    1:15 Anyone else see red eyes with an open mouth?

  46. The Architect

    The Architect3 days ago

    the sound design in this is on point! good job with this trailer.

  47. Quis000

    Quis0003 days ago

    I'd be ok with the entire soundtrack being remixed Muse.

  48. Noel

    Noel3 days ago

    music? 1:00

  49. Chad Butler

    Chad Butler3 days ago

    BOO! No buy!

  50. Tosh Harris

    Tosh Harris3 days ago

    Destiny 3 looks great! Nah kidding, just please fix the damned Mass Effect series before trying your hand on just some Destiny spin off.

  51. Omega

    Omega3 days ago

    Mom, Pacific Rim 3 came out.

  52. BuriedFlame

    BuriedFlame3 days ago

    0:53 "They have taken the drive space and registry. We have barred the apartment door but the stank will not take long. The floorboards shake. DLCs...DLCs in the deep. We cannot log out. The tower lights flicker. We cannot log out. The gud are coming."

  53. Jay Daisuke

    Jay Daisuke3 days ago

    1:03 it fits soooooo well. *Patriotic Anthem.*

  54. RyRy XX

    RyRy XX3 days ago

    need to see more narrative plz.

  55. Iraq Lobsta!! 45

    Iraq Lobsta!! 453 days ago

    Was interested but not anymore. I'm boycotting all EA games because of their SJW agenda. Not buying NHL anymore either. #boycottEAgames

  56. Iraq Lobsta!! 45

    Iraq Lobsta!! 453 days ago

    Jane Phoenix What they're doing with battlefield 5. I know it's not this game, but still. EA can suck it

  57. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix3 days ago

    What is the SJW agenda here may i ask?

  58. Альянс ME3

    Альянс ME33 days ago

    ME4 , i hope,that you created

  59. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix3 days ago

    Anthem and DA4 need to do good and then ME4 will happen

  60. Luke Watt

    Luke Watt3 days ago

    I feel the original destiny 1 lovers including myself will love this game as destiny 2 has been a disgrace

  61. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix3 days ago


  62. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones3 days ago

    Warframe's better

  63. RaikuroZombie

    RaikuroZombie3 days ago

    Im hyped but then again, many games have disappointed me really bad and now my heart is confused...

  64. Asteron _

    Asteron _3 days ago


  65. Alex Hall

    Alex Hall3 days ago

    I'm whelmed.

  66. TheKamel777

    TheKamel7774 days ago

    I know EA and how they fucked up Battlefront 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect 3. But I probably still gonna buy Anthem. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

  67. skx1322

    skx13224 days ago

    499.99$ to shot

  68. svintsitsky

    svintsitsky4 days ago

    This looks so dull. After Bioware was overrun by hipsters this company is no more

  69. Al

    Al4 days ago

    First time playing tha game:oh shoot this game looks awsome Then:ohhhh,what a awsome exosuit,and then,pay 10.99

  70. Mark Ciccolella

    Mark Ciccolella4 days ago

    does Bioware see the Storm of Ea and are trying to fight it when it comes.

  71. DaFox

    DaFox4 days ago


  72. Luis Awesome-99

    Luis Awesome-994 days ago


  73. Digital GamerYT

    Digital GamerYT4 days ago

    and let it be multyplayer!

  74. Digital GamerYT

    Digital GamerYT4 days ago

    i am so exited!

  75. Edward Trowers

    Edward Trowers4 days ago

    I see no destiny or destiny 2, i would say it vaguely reminds me of warframe. Looking forward to this.

  76. woke bill cosby

    woke bill cosby4 days ago

    Fucking uprising tho

  77. NathanielPayday

    NathanielPayday4 days ago

    Anyone know who did this version of the song? I think I know the original, but this sounds like a cover/remix

  78. Al Liu

    Al Liu4 days ago

    man the theme is bad ass!

  79. Charles Lee

    Charles Lee4 days ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 > Anthem

  80. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix3 days ago

    +Charles Lee what? No! My exitment for CyberPunk 2077 is catastrophic, for Anthem im exited but not on an masive, and i know this isnt the typical Bioware game, i wish Anthem were an RPG

  81. Charles Lee

    Charles Lee3 days ago

    Are you truly equally excited for them both? This is supposed to be a Bioware game. Remember what Bioware games looked like?

  82. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix3 days ago

    +Charles Lee okey you can have your opinions : )

  83. Charles Lee

    Charles Lee4 days ago

    You're right. One will be great and the other won't.

  84. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix4 days ago

    Two very different games. Good thing is im excited for both

  85. Sammy

    Sammy4 days ago

    I love the numbers for the damage being shoved up your face. Don't believe me, look at the gameplay

  86. The MiniJunkie

    The MiniJunkie4 days ago

    That will be an option you can disable

  87. fabricated hero

    fabricated hero4 days ago

    As we all learned with Bungie and last EA issue on a game...don't pre-order and make it successful before you can even play it. #dontpreorder

  88. Nightshineguardian TheOpSquad TOS

    Nightshineguardian TheOpSquad TOS4 days ago

    Looks nice but it will be there downfall of lootcrate system they say they care for but actually they care more money than their players so then the players will quit the game because of this and thats why their the most downrated company and has a lot of complaints to ruin games that came big and fell because of then

  89. Kevin Cannella

    Kevin Cannella4 days ago

    Everything is going to be free. Free dlc and so much more.

  90. r'enbe

    r'enbe4 days ago


  91. Evan Sheehan

    Evan Sheehan4 days ago

    I wanna be an iron-man

  92. Ben Tyler

    Ben Tyler4 days ago

    Hard to be impressed when the aesthetics are completely generic sci-fi but then again, EA doesn't have a soul so how can it be creative?

  93. Shane Bovell

    Shane Bovell4 days ago

    Lol where is the actual story Bioware was touting? If you have to put "a storm is coming" as dialogue in your trailer all I have to say to you is "a flop is coming"

  94. Aramite Armada

    Aramite Armada4 days ago

    This game is fucked.

  95. James Hope

    James Hope4 days ago

    EA:Bioware called this: "The Bob Dylan of videogames." Does that mean that Anthem will really straight up suck but in twenty years when another publisher/studio buys the rights for the IP and remakes/remasters it it will then be an icon of gaming? Because that's the only way they could use Bob Dylan as a boastful description. Muse are what made this trailer awesome, if they swapped out Muse for [insert artist you hate] the trailer would be awful, don't buy this based on the soundtrack they chose to use, you have Spotify for that.

  96. WH1TE HAT

    WH1TE HAT5 days ago

    Let's just hope EA doesn't make this franchise a flop like they did to DA: Inquisition and ME: Andromeda.

  97. beejay926

    beejay9265 days ago

    Thumbnail looked like Transformers

  98. sand gurdian the man Poseidon quivers before

    sand gurdian the man Poseidon quivers before5 days ago

    They Will Not Controoooool Us We Will Be Victooooooooorius

  99. Elis Wesnog

    Elis Wesnog5 days ago

    Hey look it’s destiny 3

  100. Cameron Blackwell

    Cameron Blackwell5 days ago

    What they don’t tell you is that you have a limited jet pack ability. False advertisement! Quit acting like I can just fly around a beautiful world when in actuality I’d be better off with destiny ‘s lame ass speeder bike from Star Wars.

  101. frostmagemarii

    frostmagemarii5 days ago

    They're releasing a new Destiny so soon after Destiny 2?

  102. Jane Phoenix

    Jane Phoenix3 days ago

    Joke aside, Bungie is actually working on D3 rigth now, so sad

  103. Dieter Pisarewski

    Dieter Pisarewski5 days ago

    This trailer is boring. You had a better one.

  104. brotleibinger

    brotleibinger5 days ago

    Not sure if I'm supposed to like it since it's the reason ME Andromeda got screwed...

  105. Boppper

    Boppper5 days ago

    No matter what reservations I may have toward EA/Bioware I have to admit that trailer got me pretty pumped.

  106. Batgirls Cave

    Batgirls Cave5 days ago

    I literally just came back to watch it with the muse song. Fits perfectly lol

  107. Cball64

    Cball645 days ago

    how can you have knights of cydonia as your trailer song and not have the guitar solo in the trailer

  108. Ugly Bug

    Ugly Bug5 days ago

    1:03 music is uprising by muse

  109. Real PotatoKinq

    Real PotatoKinq5 days ago

    Destiny’s twin brother

  110. Selamknk

    Selamknk5 days ago

    attack on titan 2019

  111. may ting han

    may ting han5 days ago


  112. Lencarx

    Lencarx5 days ago

    is it true that we will need the ps plus / xbox life gold to play?

  113. Andraste

    Andraste5 days ago

    like every other multiplayer game

  114. Meeko Harrod

    Meeko Harrod5 days ago

    please be good

  115. Virel Bramasta

    Virel Bramasta5 days ago

    1.06 that thing look like kraken on vainglory to me 😂

  116. Jockogamez 33

    Jockogamez 335 days ago

    Destiny reboot

  117. Onur Kurtuluş

    Onur Kurtuluş5 days ago