Ann Coulter Leaves Van Jones SPEECHLESS On Immigration


  1. joe 90

    joe 90Day ago

    Just look at the U.K.. Van Jones is the VILLAGE IDIOT

  2. William Fessaha

    William Fessaha2 days ago

    When will these people learn not to laugh at an Ann Coulter prediction?

  3. Kip Paseo

    Kip Paseo2 days ago

    And BTW van Jones as a Cuban here in Miami I strongly disagree with that statistic. Perhaps 80% of PriceTravel camiones agree with you Reason why WhatsApp Miami Dade Broward County Line. And even in corrupt and liberal Broward County the bitch couldn't draw more than 200 people to her rally but two years after the election tens of thousands still show up to president Trump's rallies.

  4. Kip Paseo

    Kip Paseo2 days ago

    First of all Vans Jones is a dishonest idiot. Are the communities he's speaking to and not about telling him yes baile crime free games you lived here so what We Will I need eccentricity Britney more illegal Aliens from El Salvador? I don't think I've ever all I want from the black community which has been decimated Buy policies from the left for decades complain that there is not enough MS-13 gang thugs on the South Side. LOL

  5. Just Me

    Just Me3 days ago

    Van Jones resorted to pulling the emotional strings. Sorry state of affairs.

  6. Treading on the Snake

    Treading on the Snake3 days ago

    I disagree. I don't want foreigners taking over high end jobs. I want citizens hired for all jobs. There is no labor shortage. It's an outright lie. There is a wage and affordable housing shortage. It is a racial slur to say Americans won't do the work. American employers don't want to pay a living wage and are dependent on slave labor. This greed MUST end. There is NO labor shortage. There are citizens who want and need jobs. Including high end jobs.

  7. Weazel

    Weazel4 days ago

    Van Jones is such an idiot. He's a bumbling idiot without his teleprompter. The moron seriously just said illegal immigrant are part of the Democratic Party's base. I mean we all already knew this, but what a fucking moron for him to say it.

  8. Bill Wells

    Bill Wells5 days ago

    Van Jones you are a digesting pig! Your words election night were so outlandish and ill informed! A whitelash you ignorant peice of fecal matter, the votes obama carried hillary could not. Just admit she was a horrible person and candidate!

  9. Rick Danner

    Rick Danner5 days ago

    another fake headline when did the other guy go speechless?

  10. Rick Danner

    Rick Danner5 days ago

    surprised google hasnt taken this channel down

  11. Orvin Thompson

    Orvin Thompson5 days ago

    Van Jones is an idiot. I hate his cnn show. I hate Cnn.....He is fake news personified.

  12. theric66

    theric666 days ago

    Brexit wasn't only about immigration but about not having to obey rules made in Brussels by men unelected by the British, and that don't care about the interest of the people.

  13. kevcom82

    kevcom826 days ago

    Ann Coulter is a bad ass! Everyone laughed at her when she made the early prediction that Trump would be president! She’s spot on with facts and facts about history! Liberals cannot understand that we need to enforce immigration laws we already have.

  14. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith7 days ago

    I'm a 1st generation immigrant and I will vote for Trump again because we have a lot of jobs now, good paying jobs, and a better selection of jobs.

  15. Denise Uhlry

    Denise Uhlry7 days ago

    She is right about the illegals they DOtake jobs from Americans that are less educated.

  16. Denise Uhlry

    Denise Uhlry7 days ago

    Why does he sound like Bill Cosby??He never sounded like this before.........We are OVERFUCKINGPOPULATED as it is.We can’t really even take LEGAL immigrants,let alone ILLEGALS and stay healthy

  17. Elite

    Elite7 days ago

    I am trying to hang up with the facts!!!!!!. Van jones when in the hell have you ever care about the facts. You talk, but you say nothing. Van jones, keep on defending non-Americans. Hey, buddy!!! Do you really think that the American people eats your sh....t. Who is the President? Van Jons, not Hillary last time I checked. Isn' t it a big fuck you to Democrats the fact that the America people spoke load and clear and know the President is Donald J. Trump. Yes Donald J. trump


    LOREN LEETCH7 days ago

    Oh my God I hate van Jones whatever happened to that piece of s***never hear of him anymore he's such a f****** a******

  19. eclipse

    eclipse7 days ago

    Why do the crowds think they have to cheer and boo what the fuck. Shut the fuck up and do what you came to do, watch a debate.

  20. ifyoueverfind78

    ifyoueverfind788 days ago

    I m neither pro trump nor pro Hillary. .neither pro right nor left...trump has his problems with also, ties to Russia....hillary seems sort of wishy washy at times, and seems connected to corp money....there is a corruption ,in my opinion on both sides. I m looking for middle ground. it starts getting complex, I m seeing things going into a dark era....but no one cares what I think , haha

  21. David Priscak

    David Priscak8 days ago

    Wow this Jones guy is a complete fucking retard

  22. David Priscak

    David Priscak8 days ago

    It's funny and when people start using facts like she did... people start booing

  23. mrarch

    mrarch8 days ago

    Ann Coulter for Prime Minister of Canada!

  24. Martian

    Martian9 days ago

    God, she is a fat liar...

  25. Alan Bates

    Alan Bates10 days ago

    Ann you are brilliant!!!

  26. KyoKonKyoChin

    KyoKonKyoChin10 days ago

    Van Jones is a racist not an activist. It was laughable when he was crying like a little bitch when Trump won the election and said it was, "Whitelash". :rolling eyes:

  27. David A

    David A11 days ago

    Van Jones is just comic relief for CNN. Any real thinking person cannot take most of what he says seriously. Coulter is so much better informed and logical in her arguments.

  28. john keary

    john keary12 days ago

    ha ha what a stuttering prick, man she wasted him there so funny. Shes right though would he be happy competing for "his" job with 30 immigrants i dont think so!

  29. Mark Martinez

    Mark Martinez15 days ago

    Vote in november! Trump 2020

  30. Bills Sawshop

    Bills Sawshop15 days ago

    Screeching voice is very irritating to listen to .

  31. Jon LaLanne

    Jon LaLanne16 days ago

    Mr Jones Mr jones Mr Jones .....tisk tisk we do have open boarders .....wide open since Obarry’s 2nd term . I witnessed it first hand and have videos to prove it .Let me take you for a tour around Maxine Waters White gated community in Handcock Park LA . Just a few miles away from my place .So many illegals we could start another Mexico .

  32. Mike Maxey

    Mike Maxey16 days ago

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  33. Russel peters

    Russel peters16 days ago

    Van Jones racist asshole! Man up sissy! Can’t stand this guy! He tries to stop bullying then goes on his program and bullies lol Hippocratic moron

  34. Artemis A

    Artemis A16 days ago

    It's not "immigrants" that Americans have a problem with. It's "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" that Americans have problem with. My family are immigrants and came here legally - why do the others who crash the border illegally get put in the same box as those of us who obeyed the laws and paid our dues? Not fair. At all. Come here - but come here LEGALLY - like the rest of us. And then become US citizens as soon as the probationary period is over - like we did. Learn English, assimilate. Show some respect for those of us who struggled to pay our dues and obeyed the laws.

  35. J Leicht

    J Leicht17 days ago

    I personally witnessed nonunion construction go down hill during the Bush and Obama years because of illegal immigrants flooding the industry. Company owners could hire a worker for less than half of what an American made and they didn't have to pay payroll taxes or workman's comp. Jobsites that use to employ American Hispanics, Blacks and Whites were replaced. And the American workers that stayed in the industry had their wages suppressed for 2 decades. I don't care what Van Jones, Bernie Sanders or any other liberal or filthy rich Republican says..... I seen it with my own eyes !

  36. grhman

    grhman17 days ago

    Does van think he is Bill Cosby when talking about the soup and he was out of his league today and lost not only his thoughts over and over but the debate regardless of the partisan crowd

  37. Kevin Floyd

    Kevin Floyd18 days ago

    Van Jones, the pimp of slave victimization mentality. Hey Van, do the world a favor. Put one between your eyes. The world will thank you.

  38. David Halseth

    David Halseth18 days ago

    Now I have heard Van Jones much more eloquent. Ann must have really had him flustered with facts and an adroit understanding of reality. Of course being a Communist must make one a bit off.

  39. Dave Clarke

    Dave Clarke19 days ago

    Look at Ann's body language. It is saying 'Stop talking, Van. Just bend me over this chair and b$%e me'.

  40. John Connor

    John Connor19 days ago

    Van Jones is a communist, a proven failure of a philosophy. He is an idiot. He eats shit all the time and spews it twice as much. In a battle of wits with Ann Coulter he is unarmed.

  41. Terry Wilson

    Terry Wilson19 days ago

    This debate is what Van Jones calls a whitelash

  42. Ross

    Ross20 days ago

    Van Jones,Obama boot licker.

  43. Simple Human

    Simple Human20 days ago

    You have to be kidding me!!!!!!! I was almost asleep and heard this crap from this dude.

  44. Simple Human

    Simple Human20 days ago

    Is that other guy High on something? Holy cow.....

  45. Emily

    Emily20 days ago

    ann is amazing. she says it how it is, no matter how unpopular it is. she's brave and tough and is defending our country. keep it up sister

  46. toni Toni

    toni Toni20 days ago


  47. Fabian Patrizio

    Fabian Patrizio21 day ago

    hate the term 'activist'....I just picture a blue-haired feminist screaming and shouting like a mentally ill asylum escapee

  48. Fabian Patrizio

    Fabian Patrizio21 day ago

    he's black, he must be right :)

  49. Diane Campbell

    Diane Campbell21 day ago

    By the way my family came here from South America and we voted for President Trump and we will vote for him again.

  50. Diane Campbell

    Diane Campbell21 day ago

    Van Jones is such a tool. My family came here from South America legally in 1960 hard-working proud tax-paying American citizens who love this country learned the language worked and always respected this country and the flag. So mr. Nothing Burger Russia probe is all about ratings van Jones what exactly do you know about immigrants? Not illegal aliens because they are not immigrants they are criminals breaking our federal immigration laws. So if you knew anything about immigrants you would know that immigrants do not like when illegals are referred to as immigrants by your political pandering and refusal to admit that we should be legal citizens to be in this country and reap the benefits that it offers and live the American dream. So you mr. Van Jones are a low IQ bloviating self-absorbed self-righteous stuck on the plantation ignorant clown who still thinks the Democrats who actually wanted to keep his people in Chains and continue to support the KKK because they after all they started the freaking klan you know nothing about immigrants. But if you ever want to know about immigrants and what real immigrants are all about asked me and my family we will be happy to tell you.

  51. mdb9933

    mdb993322 days ago

    Van Jones' comments on Latino's is a ling line of made up nonsense with no facts to support it - as if he's the one going around getting all the input from Latinos on how they identified in the 80's and 90's to the present day. This is why you can't have a meaningful argument with the left. They just make thing up as if they were facts.

  52. Russell Bennett

    Russell Bennett22 days ago

    He seriously tries to pull off an impression of a serial rapist at 0:45.

  53. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis22 days ago

    Ann's a total idiot twat !

  54. Renato Mak

    Renato Mak22 days ago

    "Latinos' my foot. These scumbags are Spanish-speaking Mestizo Indians and nothing to with being Romans. They're not Romans these scumbags. They come from Latin America so they are are "Latin Americans". Who named that area "Latin America"? The Latin European Latin, French. Portuguese and Spaniards, called it "Latin" America because their languages, French Portuguese and Spanish, originate from the Latin language of the Romans. Latin. Latino is the same word. Only that in English language there is no "o" and no "a" at the end. Latin/Latino only refers to language and culture, the Latin language (Lingua Latina) spoken by the Romans and their culture. There was nothing Latin here before the Latin European colonizers brought here with their Latin-derived languages. Latin/Latino doesn't have anything to do with "Hispanics" of the Americas. These are the real Latins/Latinos: Italians, French, Romanians, Portuguese and Spaniards. Everything Latin/Latino, be it the Latin people, the Latin Language and the Latin Culture all comes from Italy and not from Spain and not from Latin America,

  55. coop awhip

    coop awhip22 days ago

    Ann coulter brilliant ! Van jones idiot ! simple

  56. Edmond Casasa

    Edmond Casasa23 days ago

    Ann Colter kicked his stupid as so bad he had no answers!!

  57. Karen Mercier

    Karen Mercier23 days ago

    Anyone who isn't for Trump is against him. We must back our president so that he will succeed!

  58. Rom Milazzo

    Rom Milazzo23 days ago

    Jones is a communist his opinion doesn't count.

  59. Susie Hankins

    Susie Hankins24 days ago

    He worked in Obama's administration he lasted about 2 weeks Don't be fooled he's a COMMUNIST!!LIAR!!!

  60. Cowboy Nohorse

    Cowboy Nohorse24 days ago

    Why do they never distinguish between immigrants and illeagal immigrants?

  61. Gw Wells

    Gw Wells24 days ago

    Changing the demographics of the the most sacred activity of AntiWhite politicians.....eliminate the Whites...replace them....USA...American Dream will no longer name only....different inner nature

  62. Gerald Greenfield

    Gerald Greenfield25 days ago

    Hey Van, please run in 2020 that way Trump will have an easy victory. MORON!

  63. How's it hanging

    How's it hanging25 days ago

    But Hillary's E-mail's

  64. djblackheart1989

    djblackheart198926 days ago

    At least van keeps it light even if he's getting destroyed he keeps a cocktail party demeanor at all times

  65. Ron Porter

    Ron Porter26 days ago

    Van Jones is easy pickin'. TRUTH Trumps Lies every time. I can see why the Leftist missed winning the election. Totally out of touch.

  66. Paul Rieland

    Paul Rieland26 days ago

    Boooing the truth

  67. Paul Rieland

    Paul Rieland26 days ago

    Van is glued to an agenda and will not see

  68. nerboh lyncaro

    nerboh lyncaro26 days ago

    van jones sounds like an idiot

  69. barry mike

    barry mike26 days ago

    , yeah van man and Barry had a pen and a phone and he tried to legalize 5 million Mexicans without going to Congress what a crazy homosexual

  70. Niccolo Machiavelli

    Niccolo Machiavelli26 days ago

    The Jackass known as lower case van jones

  71. Benjamin Filbert

    Benjamin Filbert26 days ago

    She leaves everyone speechless, mainly because of how fucked up her logic always is.

  72. rodney drewitt

    rodney drewitt26 days ago

    Ann coulter won the argument van jones man of history goodbye

  73. Janice Van Horn

    Janice Van Horn27 days ago

    Ann is so good. She doesn’t get worked up about his stupidity - just calmly waits her turn and then smashes him with logic.

  74. Dre G

    Dre G27 days ago

    I'm black and will not vote for dem. They are the worst I've come to realize.

  75. Jerry Lewis

    Jerry Lewis28 days ago

    Is this black dude speaking for latinos?????? He dont speak for me. "Trump deporting our cousins" has to be the dumbest and most racist thing i heard in this whole video. He is part of the problem that dems face.

  76. Peter Jongsma

    Peter Jongsma29 days ago

    Left has ideology Ann has facts.

  77. Jason A

    Jason AMonth ago

    Love that woman beautiful and clever

  78. Providence Budet

    Providence BudetMonth ago

    So proud of strong women who speak and stand for what they believe.

  79. Jay Ramon

    Jay RamonMonth ago


  80. Jameel Ali

    Jameel AliMonth ago


  81. Third Eye

    Third EyeMonth ago

    He sounds like Bill Cosby

  82. Flash357

    Flash357Month ago

    Well, Ann was right. Trump did get more black votes!!

  83. mrroyixo

    mrroyixoMonth ago

    Damon van jones got served

  84. ddale20

    ddale20Month ago

    How did this guy ever become an 'expert' in politics? He's a lapdog for the democrats and doesn't even know it. The democrats have kept identity politics at their forefront by telling us blacks and Hispanics (black or white) that we are victims. Notice that the rich democrats never talk about individuals pulling themselves up but what the government (taxpayers) are not doing for individuals? It's because they only care about power. Illegals keep wages down, the rich richer, and minorities and the poor fighting each other. It's like arguing that Lebron James 'deserves' 20 million dollars a year while not realizing you're spending your hard earned tax or welfare dollars on millionaires. Just dumb! You should be fighting for better skills, jobs, schools, family, etc. Not for people that are not even citizens that will make it harder for you to be successful. Just DUMB!!

  85. KatieCabo

    KatieCaboMonth ago

    When I hear Ann talk I wonder, does she even have a clue? Trump talked the talked, what the American people wanted to hear, and he manipulated them. Guess what, Trump ended up screwing the middle and poor class. Wages did NOT increase in the USA. Trump made the rich richer and is trying to eliminate the middle class completely. I agree with Van Jones. Take a good look at what’s going on in our country. It’s sad.

  86. TROOT

    TROOTMonth ago

    he ACTUALLY thinks he has some "intelligence"

  87. Edward Council

    Edward CouncilMonth ago

    This guy is lying...

  88. Joe LoPiccolo

    Joe LoPiccoloMonth ago

    Jan Vones is an arrogant racist imbecile. The only reason he’s allowed to spew his hatred is Affirmative Action.

  89. Charles McCarron

    Charles McCarronMonth ago

    If you don't realize that immigration, mostly LEGAL immigration, put's Americans out of work and LOWERS their wages. Blacks and Hispanics are most affected because their education levels are, on AVERAGE, far lower than other Americans. Get a clue there Van Jones! Governing with people like Van is becoming an exercise in futility.

  90. Bruce White

    Bruce WhiteMonth ago

    Everytime Van Jones speaks or someone on his "side" or "team" I get confused about the point and their flow of logic and speech just leaves me dizzy. When Ben, Steven Crowder and such speak I get it clearly. Easy to read...big nothing burger...

  91. dmcalut

    dmcalutMonth ago

    Go Ann, go. Kick his nuts !!!

  92. Thomas S

    Thomas SMonth ago

    Gotta love all the morons giggling at Coulter's take on immigration. She was correct about all of it!

  93. Debu Phartiyal

    Debu PhartiyalMonth ago

    I love you Ann come see me i Toronto

  94. Luke Long

    Luke LongMonth ago

    Van Jones is extremely stupid

  95. Luke Long

    Luke LongMonth ago

    Van Jones is a racist cowardly cuck

  96. C Rodriguez

    C RodriguezMonth ago

    Ann Coulter is a national treasure. Wish we could clone her.

  97. Jmikey

    JmikeyMonth ago

    Can't stand van Jones he's such an affirmative action idiot he's such a clown he says he sticks with facts as if to imply the entire line of comments made by Ann Coulter were untrue when the contrary is the case the audience doesn't know their ass from a fucking hot rock and Van Jones nose barely any more than that

  98. Jmikey

    JmikeyMonth ago

    Van Jones it's been very difficult for him he says cuz he knows Muslims and and he knows x y and z well then you should know Muslims and Arabs hate black people they don't even like black Muslims and treat them like shit they treat them like crap .American Nation of Islam Muslims are nothing in the eyes Muslims from overseas.

  99. Ron Isaacs

    Ron IsaacsMonth ago

    Van Jones is sooooooo full of shit

  100. Evelyn Cooper

    Evelyn CooperMonth ago

    And.and health care insurance 2 weeks paid Vacation and raises and bonuses paid SICK days 30.00 he any Americans would apply for that job

  101. Evelyn Cooper

    Evelyn CooperMonth ago

    If 30.00 he more people would pick vegetables