Inside the NBA: Andre Ingram Speaks With The Inside Crew


  1. Conrad Fish

    Conrad Fish17 hours ago

    Dude kinda sounds like Kobe. 😳😳😳

  2. Parker Canty

    Parker CantyDay ago

    ¿Doesn’t this mean that he has the highest blocks per game in the league?

  3. Hold This L. Debarge

    Hold This L. Debarge2 days ago

    if he doesnt make a roster , find this man a job in NBA magmt..he could mentor these young idiots to be better on AND off the court for sure

  4. Andrew Booth

    Andrew Booth2 days ago

    Ernie ending the interview with "You going to ask for rest?" has to be on his Hall of Fame reel.

  5. Aj Cox

    Aj Cox2 days ago

    Very well spoken guy. Extremely humble with loads of talent. Just goes to show that guys like Andre fall through the cracks.

  6. Melvin Barnes

    Melvin Barnes4 days ago

    Don't give 👆 kept pulling away

  7. Blue Monk

    Blue Monk4 days ago

    You can tell that's a good brother right there

  8. Henry Collins

    Henry Collins4 days ago

    what an amazing inspirational story! he has a career as a broadcaster too. He speaks very eloquently and holds a sense of poise and approachability that can help him go very far.

  9. Por la democracia Maestro

    Por la democracia Maestro4 days ago

    good things happen to good people..

  10. Bruno Guilherme

    Bruno Guilherme5 days ago

    one more hero to my own list

  11. Rio Rogers

    Rio Rogers6 days ago

    He takes care of his body without millions.

  12. Lester T

    Lester T6 days ago

    Keep smiling man!

  13. Yiu Tung KWOK

    Yiu Tung KWOK6 days ago

    He looks and speaks more like a Wall Street banker.

  14. Eron Men

    Eron Men6 days ago

    That's Kobe Bryant.

  15. Al Rodriguez

    Al Rodriguez6 days ago

    It's a shame so many great players go unknown yet we got all these pompous arrogant crybabies making millions complaining after every call, man blessings to this dude and his family

  16. Ayo Indian kid

    Ayo Indian kid6 days ago

    Lakers need him grey mamba

  17. ttop632298

    ttop6322987 days ago

    The next kobe Bryant


    IM NOT HIGH7 days ago

    Gods plan

  19. Ευδόξιος Λεονταράς

    Ευδόξιος Λεονταράς7 days ago

    3:23 He looks like Kobe, expecially when he smiles! So please sign him a full contract! What a story, man!!! Congratulations!

  20. Team Marshall

    Team Marshall7 days ago

    Im glad hes getting pure love in this comment section

  21. uncle Willie son

    uncle Willie son7 days ago

    His prime is now. He been nba ready

  22. DEE DUBZ

    DEE DUBZ7 days ago

    This is what dreams are made of

  23. DEE DUBZ

    DEE DUBZ7 days ago

    Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant fusion gone wrong...but still in a good way if that makes sense LOOL

  24. Karvin bradford Medford

    Karvin bradford Medford7 days ago

    Alonzo who

  25. young alien nigga

    young alien nigga7 days ago

    Bro how’d u get that shoulder spreation from ur biceps

  26. andy black

    andy black7 days ago

    extremely humble dude.

  27. Pemba Sherpa

    Pemba Sherpa7 days ago

    He is better than anybody.

  28. Baymella

    Baymella7 days ago

    Why this rookie looks so old?

  29. Arjay Torres

    Arjay Torres7 days ago

    Kobe coming back like uncle drew

  30. Freddy Flowers

    Freddy Flowers7 days ago

    What an AMAZING story for what seems to be a a good man! I respect you Mr. Andre Ingram! I'm going out to buy your Jersey ASAP! I hope you get a chance to get your money! Ive had my 2 sons watch his story like 10 times already! RESPECT!

  31. Lejuan Gabbidon

    Lejuan Gabbidon7 days ago

    He got Kobe blood in his veins

  32. Jim Rucker

    Jim Rucker8 days ago

    Keep up the good work Ingram.

  33. Drunkin Donuts

    Drunkin Donuts8 days ago

    Couldn't of happened to a better guy, persistence pays.

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  35. Kathy Nye

    Kathy Nye8 days ago

    I feel good for that guy

  36. Adriana Buenavida

    Adriana Buenavida8 days ago


  37. Halofan117 Halofan

    Halofan117 Halofan8 days ago

    he should go to the bucks to stretch out the floor he reminds me of brandon jennings

  38. LeChoke Wishes He Was Michael Jordan

    LeChoke Wishes He Was Michael Jordan8 days ago

    I ain’t saying he’s gonna play 20 minutes a game, but I could see him getting signed as a locker room guy (what the young Lakers need).

  39. Wolkify

    Wolkify8 days ago

    did anyone else read his last name and thought it was instagram?

  40. Martinelli Minimo

    Martinelli Minimo8 days ago




    Can we chill with this guy? He got called up from the G-League... so what?

  42. Sean Hetzel

    Sean Hetzel8 days ago

    This dude talks like Kobe

  43. Mr. BugattiBentley

    Mr. BugattiBentley8 days ago

    He 32 but he got fresh legs, those legs have low mileage on them.

  44. Andre Eli

    Andre Eli8 days ago

    Someone should make a film about him, like Invincible with Mark Walhberg.

  45. Gabriel Chaix

    Gabriel Chaix8 days ago

    Is he too old to be picked up by a team?

  46. Michael Aron

    Michael Aron8 days ago

    Such a likable man. Great story

  47. shire. s.

    shire. s.8 days ago

    Endurance! Andre Ingram is an inspiration to people around the world. Thank you for being who you are.👊

  48. Charles Lee

    Charles Lee8 days ago

    Be ready to take some notes because professor Ingram about to give out some lessons

  49. Garbanzo123

    Garbanzo1238 days ago

    Makes you wonder what it would’ve been if he had his shot earlier in life

  50. DoWhatIWant

    DoWhatIWant8 days ago

    How is this trending with 92k views

  51. zd65tz

    zd65tz8 days ago

    He dont need play nba2k18,my carrer mode anymore till I win a mvp awards and score 30 points per seasons and smoke 5 grams per day...nice job man

  52. aaron 21

    aaron 218 days ago

    I like this guy

  53. Bad Max

    Bad Max8 days ago


  54. Thomas T

    Thomas T8 days ago

    Looks slightly like Kobe, sounds slightly like Kobe, plays slightly like Kobe Everything adds up, this is Kobe’s second coming. Dude’s not slick 😂

  55. ItsObsession NotTalent

    ItsObsession NotTalent9 days ago

    Not only was he scorin but he played defense. How does he stay in the G league like the lakers couldn’t use his help

  56. Donavin Meeks

    Donavin Meeks9 days ago

    This guy sounds like kobe and has kobe manurisms!!

  57. what ??????

    what ??????9 days ago


  58. Jose R. Dominguez

    Jose R. Dominguez9 days ago

    I love this game

  59. Chandler Wu

    Chandler Wu9 days ago

    This a man of faith

  60. Quick Hug

    Quick Hug9 days ago

    Thats def. Kobe.

  61. enkadu007

    enkadu0079 days ago

    Grandpa ingram hodldin it down

  62. austin3311 Aka Mr.CrunchyMilk

    austin3311 Aka Mr.CrunchyMilk9 days ago

    I hope he’s resigned immediately

  63. coco kane

    coco kane9 days ago

    How tf dis dude got gray hair at age 32 AND get to play in the NBA after 10 years (not hatin)

  64. Benn Lin

    Benn Lin9 days ago

    he soooo kobe-esk

  65. Yair Sasson Art

    Yair Sasson Art9 days ago

    Love that guy. full of joy and humble.

  66. BalBin 032

    BalBin 0329 days ago

    Im patiently waiting for his Andre Ingram Movie to come out. What a great story!

  67. I Don't Care

    I Don't Care9 days ago

    *Mutha fucka snoring* @4:52! 😂 😴 💤

  68. james

    james9 days ago

    He is a really well spoken guy, I hope he gets re-signed

  69. Clem C Hammer

    Clem C Hammer9 days ago

    humble man, all the best for your career!

  70. phillip scaringi

    phillip scaringi9 days ago

    Crazy man!

  71. Dank Tank

    Dank Tank9 days ago

    This reminds me of letting the kid with autism score a touchdown

  72. DnAkicks

    DnAkicks9 days ago

    This is amazing! And he seems like a great dude too!

  73. tagasalog

    tagasalog9 days ago

    Template for Liangelo Ball

  74. Ahmad Elgammal

    Ahmad Elgammal9 days ago

    I can stop looking at them shoulders.

  75. Ethan Rhine

    Ethan Rhine9 days ago

    This man is so awesome! And so humble. It’s great to see

  76. S. Chris T.

    S. Chris T.9 days ago

    So that is just a myth after all, that nice guys finish last, Andre Ingram proves it...

  77. Marshall PAC

    Marshall PAC9 days ago

    This guy looks like a 2k mycareer character

  78. FryBreadGreaze Gaming

    FryBreadGreaze Gaming9 days ago

    How come this man voice sound like Kobe’s voice

  79. Jason Pamatmat

    Jason Pamatmat9 days ago

    This is the most inspirational story in history salute to u my man

  80. Kro Lin

    Kro Lin9 days ago

    Spurs should sign him. He'd fit in great with that team.

  81. N.B.A Ian

    N.B.A Ian9 days ago

    He reminds of kobe

  82. Sir Carlo

    Sir Carlo9 days ago

    He lowkey sound like Kobe

  83. Macho Pena

    Macho Pena9 days ago

    He should sign with heat next season

  84. Tony Chen

    Tony Chen9 days ago

    He kinda sounds like Kobe


    NOU GAMES9 days ago

    this is legit so awesome

  86. Carlos Basketball

    Carlos Basketball9 days ago

    Kobe came back to the league

  87. Carlos Basketball

    Carlos Basketball9 days ago

    I love this dude

  88. nbamv

    nbamv9 days ago

    Clippers gon get schooled tonight!

  89. Dennis Reynolds

    Dennis Reynolds9 days ago

    that's the dopest Laker jersey I've ever seen.

  90. Martin Zolfagary

    Martin Zolfagary9 days ago

    Kobe think he slick

  91. markanthony

    markanthony9 days ago

    This Is Why We Play

  92. Abdul Inniss

    Abdul Inniss9 days ago

    He sounds like Kobe Bryant Ironically.

  93. Kid

    Kid9 days ago

    This is wholesome. I love the nba.

  94. benchi2015

    benchi20159 days ago

    good 3pt shooter and math teacher, future @nba coach?? 🤔🤔

  95. tasos tasoss

    tasos tasoss9 days ago

    19/3/1 3blk 1stl 80% 3P 100%FT ROOKIE OF THE YEAR :)

  96. DylBeav99

    DylBeav999 days ago

    Think he's my new favourite player already

  97. Tedy Bukasa

    Tedy Bukasa9 days ago

    Byron Scott aint slick fam...No, but honestly glory to God!

  98. Myles Leverette

    Myles Leverette9 days ago

    The best Ingram on the Lakers.

  99. Alexander Peak

    Alexander Peak9 days ago

    i wanna see this guy play a full year next year, he's so awesome and nice i love him!

  100. justasportsfan 101

    justasportsfan 1019 days ago

    Andre Ingram is this years rookie of the year. He's that good that he only needs to play 2 games in the season to prove that he's better than the rookie class this year. #godsplan