Andrés Iniesta substituted for the final time in an FC Barcelona shirt


  1. Joshua Schumacher

    Joshua Schumacher11 days ago

    I hope iniesta will come back to barcelona as a manager. Like if u agree

  2. El Padrigno

    El Padrigno12 days ago


  3. El Padrigno

    El Padrigno12 days ago

    Incroyable. Après Puyol, Valdes, Xavi, Villa et j'en passe, voilà une autre légende que j'ai vue jouer des mon enfance qui quitte ce somptueux club stade et tout ...

  4. Onke Onke

    Onke OnkeMonth ago

    This broke my heart

  5. KING Lionel

    KING LionelMonth ago

    Please inesta don't cry. You make us cry

  6. Hol up

    Hol up2 months ago

    Damn, all the OGs have left, puyol, Ronaldinho, xavi. Messi is the last one left

  7. Debjani Sahu

    Debjani SahuMonth ago

    Busquets and Pique as well😀😀

  8. Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah

    Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah2 months ago

    Give this man a statue at either the Camp Nou or La Masia.

  9. Rafael Quintana

    Rafael Quintana2 months ago

    Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. What a midfield!!!

  10. ابوتياكو المايسترو

    ابوتياكو المايسترو3 months ago

    ستبقئ في قلوب انا يا دون 😢💜

  11. Fortnitqm FORTNITE

    Fortnitqm FORTNITE3 months ago


  12. Mr Jerry

    Mr Jerry4 months ago

    And now Ronaldo...

  13. Tiktok chatterbox

    Tiktok chatterbox4 months ago

    Look at iniestas best goals

  14. jessica deshpande

    jessica deshpande4 months ago

    Gracais Iniesta

  15. vikasitha ratnayake

    vikasitha ratnayake4 months ago

    Good to see you xavi

  16. Nathan McCabe

    Nathan McCabe4 months ago



    AKCENT UCHIHA5 months ago

    I am fade now my one of the faviorte player is gone

  18. Caesar Vallejo

    Caesar Vallejo5 months ago

    I was there for his last game, and the "Andres Iniesta lo lo lo lo lo lo looooo" chants went straight from the minute he got subbed out until the game finished. One of the greatest acts of fan loyalty I've ever seen. So awesome to applaud and cheer for all he's done during these moments I'll remember forever!!


    THE BEST CHANNEL5 months ago

    He was,he is and he will be the greatest

  20. Ross Lacey

    Ross Lacey5 months ago

    Thank you! The biggest idol and inspiration of my lifetime. Football won't be the same. ❤

  21. sabagamer jadugisvili

    sabagamer jadugisvili5 months ago


  22. Ibraheem

    Ibraheem5 months ago

    He won every club and country trophy there was to win.

  23. SuperMarioKrys

    SuperMarioKrys5 months ago


  24. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez5 months ago

    Dude I cried like a baby another idol of mine leaving the club I love so much.

  25. Ali Sheikh

    Ali Sheikh5 months ago

    Such an iconic moment another childhood icon gone.

  26. Anthony Smurthwaite

    Anthony Smurthwaite5 months ago


  27. Silver Ado

    Silver Ado5 months ago

    Is it okay that I cried a little watching this ?

  28. Silver Ado

    Silver Ado5 months ago

    Eres grande iniesta

  29. Z4GZ TV

    Z4GZ TV5 months ago

    Great legend

  30. stop UFO fakes

    stop UFO fakes5 months ago

    Shit player

  31. Cringe Police

    Cringe Police5 months ago

    This is why Barcelona is fucking heartless, I'm fuming. If I were him I would just slap the manager and say goodbye they are shitty *thots*

  32. Parachinar ke bande

    Parachinar ke bande5 months ago

    A player who got better and better with age. GOAT

  33. DDark niSS

    DDark niSS5 months ago

    Now that the captan is gone... Who is next? And goodbye childhood

  34. Wendy Salcedo

    Wendy Salcedo5 months ago

    Eres grande Iniesta 👏👏🥇🏆 😘

  35. PsychoHyper

    PsychoHyper5 months ago


  36. mu5lim

    mu5lim5 months ago

    Goodbye and good riddance. We need fresh blood not these oldies.

  37. Santiago Matelo

    Santiago Matelo5 months ago

    sempre e para sempre no coração

  38. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway5 months ago

    I wish he would retire instead of going to a different club. It would so loyal of him to stay at one club his whole career

  39. Fofana Aime Siaka

    Fofana Aime Siaka5 months ago


  40. wondu xx

    wondu xx5 months ago

    There should be a prize for career achievement similar to the ballondor. Iniesta won all trophies a footballer can dream of

  41. iRas Makonnen

    iRas Makonnen5 months ago

    This shit hurts man, its hurts.

  42. Bob squash

    Bob squash5 months ago

    The generation of Spanish midfielders and great players is coming to an end. 😭

  43. tony odonnell

    tony odonnell5 months ago

    Soy Ingles y mi equipo es Chelsea, y por sepuesto(!) no tengo amor por Barca o Espana. Pero amo Football, y Andres ud fue uno del major! Felicitaciones Amigo! Va con Dios. (Lo siento para mi Espanol)

  44. tony odonnell

    tony odonnell5 months ago

    Mejor!!! Lo siento. Ingleses . . .!

  45. nikolas neras

    nikolas neras5 months ago

    goodgye barca's legend and good luck out there

  46. Sals Gotit

    Sals Gotit5 months ago

    God bless this man in his new endeavors... He was a team player through and through and yassss baby he helped get that world cup for Spain.

  47. My Account

    My Account5 months ago

    Anyone that isn't moved by this has (quote Buffon) "a trashbag for a heart".

  48. Pickles Rick

    Pickles Rick5 months ago

    Come to Japan

  49. Alex Mallinson

    Alex Mallinson5 months ago

    Messi without Iniesta: 4 cup finals, no championships. Iniesta without Messi: 2x European championship, 1x world cup

  50. Blanca Wilson

    Blanca Wilson5 months ago

    Sos leyenda siempre en nuestro corazón 💔💔💔💔

  51. Taha Waleed

    Taha Waleed5 months ago

    If they have so much emotional attachment with club why do they leave same happened with Xavi,money is most powerful thing

  52. l l

    l l5 months ago

    Where do I sign up

  53. O I

    O I5 months ago

    Honestly who the fuck would dislike this?? Even the other manager gave him a hug

  54. O I

    O I5 months ago

    Gf and I broke up recently. No tears. Watching this tho, 😢. What a player, what a master class human being. On behalf of the entire world, Gracias Iniesta

  55. angel lopez

    angel lopez5 months ago

    I teared up while watching this and my dad saw me but only smiled and looked away

  56. Roland Foster

    Roland Foster5 months ago


  57. D_Buck 11

    D_Buck 115 months ago

    If I’m this sad about Iniesta, how sad will I be for Messi? #Legend

  58. Marcelo Clara

    Marcelo Clara5 months ago

    Fichen a Milinkovic-savic

  59. Ushyy Sachdev

    Ushyy Sachdev5 months ago

    My heart hurts so much lmao

  60. Degsy Marshall

    Degsy Marshall5 months ago

    Whatever nationality you are, whatever language you speak, you can understand Iniesta. His footballing is universal. Farewell Iniesta and thankyou.

  61. murtaza  hasan

    murtaza hasan5 months ago

    No one does better farewell to their players like FC Barcelona #infiniteiniesta

  62. Tr4p MaZe

    Tr4p MaZe5 months ago

    He’s a legend we will miss you

  63. James Universe’s Dad

    James Universe’s Dad5 months ago

    So sad to see a Barca legend like him leave. He may be gone on the football pitch, but not in our hearts. This brings back some of my memories from my childhood watching him. Never forget.

  64. Andrew Perry

    Andrew Perry5 months ago

    What a player .........Lots of 💕❤️ The Arsenal. London

  65. pablo tapia

    pablo tapia5 months ago

    It was an honor to see Andres Iniesta play, an absolute player

  66. Semko K

    Semko K5 months ago

    ♾ Infinit Iniesta ♾

  67. SomeOneElseCrystal Offical

    SomeOneElseCrystal Offical5 months ago

    I Cried

  68. JakeLikesJoking

    JakeLikesJoking5 months ago

    I only came here for the thumbnail, sadly, I was disappointed.

  69. WeTube

    WeTube5 months ago

    One Love

  70. interelectronet

    interelectronet5 months ago

    he couldve played 1 more season

  71. Bdp -_-

    Bdp -_-5 months ago

    damn this hurts not a barca fan but its always hard seeing a legend retire

  72. Shin Cậu Bé Bút Chì

    Shin Cậu Bé Bút Chì5 months ago

    Iniesta Xavi Messi Barca's legendary trio

  73. Mirkonzo 1

    Mirkonzo 15 months ago

    Fuck off iniesta

  74. echo sigma

    echo sigma5 months ago

    Football lol its gay.

  75. Gamer today

    Gamer today5 months ago

    Why do they have to go #FuxkAge

  76. Vic T

    Vic T5 months ago

    My mom loved Iniesta. I wish she would have been here to see his last game. 😭

  77. Selda

    Selda5 months ago

    Im not crying

  78. sxavage harrison Gora

    sxavage harrison Gora5 months ago

    Ohhhhh well,I guess now we will see him in one of them shops playing BINGO

  79. Pheonix_ Ak471

    Pheonix_ Ak4715 months ago

    The legend will be isn't what it use to be now

  80. 3sides2everystory

    3sides2everystory5 months ago

    sad the way all good things must come to a end

  81. IG Exclusives

    IG Exclusives5 months ago

    Sitting here crying knowing an era has come to an end

  82. Patrick Star Lord Bob

    Patrick Star Lord Bob5 months ago

    10+ years of football life can pass in a split second, and then you move on in life.

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    Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel5 months ago

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  84. FOOTBALL Fans

    FOOTBALL Fans5 months ago


  85. Kristian Wahlgren Eilertsen

    Kristian Wahlgren Eilertsen5 months ago

    I was there, it was fucking epic #graciescapetan

  86. Arise Israel Issachar

    Arise Israel Issachar5 months ago

    “I eat like a pro, do you eat like a pro?” - Andres Iniesta

  87. Austin509

    Austin5095 months ago

    What an amazing player! Im not even a Barca fan and this made me sad. would love to see him go into management eventually


    KEVINisBLACK5 months ago

    0:34 UEFALONA Confirmed

  89. Android noise productions

    Android noise productions5 months ago

    He's wasn't better than andrea pirlo tho 🙄

  90. Eleni Marmol

    Eleni Marmol5 months ago

    did he just kiss him in the head? what?

  91. Pill Nye

    Pill Nye5 months ago

    Can’t replace legends.

  92. Pavlo Voronych

    Pavlo Voronych5 months ago

    What a fucking legend. Crazy how he managed to not break down till the end I was almost crying halfway lmfaoo

  93. harry flander

    harry flander5 months ago

    Is he being traded? And to which team now?

  94. SIDA

    SIDA5 months ago

    Press X to pay respect

  95. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle5 months ago

    Why are 2 dudes kissing during a soccer game.

  96. Mohammad Abdallah

    Mohammad Abdallah5 months ago

    How many of great memories we have with you!

  97. Chaos Monk

    Chaos Monk5 months ago

    he got the victory royale. now he done

  98. mrtheluckybucket

    mrtheluckybucket5 months ago


  99. Jimmy Benyoucef

    Jimmy Benyoucef5 months ago

    Childhood players I grew up on that i respected from Barcelona: Ronaldinho, Carles Puyol, Xavi, Andrés Iniesta, Samuel Eto'o, Éric Abidal, Dani Alves, Seydou Keita Man Utd fan!👌

  100. Toast

    Toast5 months ago

    My childhood and life is now gone

  101. Jay styants

    Jay styants5 months ago

    Took 2 mins to get of the pitch, how was he not booked for time wasting??? UEFAlona at it AGAIN!!