Andrés Iniesta substituted for the final time in an FC Barcelona shirt


  1. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago

    Iniesta and Xavi the best passers andbest ball controllers

  2. Mohsin Amin

    Mohsin AminMonth ago

    The day Barca lost its heartbeat

  3. a a

    a a2 months ago

    This is the day my childhood life is finished


    EAZY EDDY2 months ago

    the only player i respect from barca everyone else are just pigs

  5. ICArUs PaL

    ICArUs PaL2 months ago

    That emotion,real feelings are becoming alien to modern day football...

  6. Mashael Alsweed

    Mashael Alsweed3 months ago

    I will always feel unlucky to not being able to attend a match at Camp Nou during Andres Iniesta era. ALWAYS.

  7. Misteltein

    Misteltein4 months ago

    Nada se compara a la despedida del más grande: Andre Gomes!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Blackjack650 jones

    Blackjack650 jones4 months ago

    Great player. Absolute cheat

  9. zamiinik zaaaminik

    zamiinik zaaaminik5 months ago

    I shit on mamaaasitas of all the people disliking this.. don andres infinito

  10. Kyma Vlogs

    Kyma Vlogs5 months ago

    I was on that match

  11. Madeline Abigail Lukito

    Madeline Abigail Lukito6 months ago

    He is a true legend He has made Spain's dream come true He has captained Barça as The best Most importantly, he is one of the reasons I follow on football.... Gracias, Andres!

  12. lebraung james

    lebraung james6 months ago

    Football is more than sport

  13. saurabh Mitra

    saurabh Mitra7 months ago

    One like for Legend❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  14. Joshua Schumacher

    Joshua Schumacher8 months ago

    I hope iniesta will come back to barcelona as a manager. Like if u agree

  15. El Padrigno

    El Padrigno8 months ago


  16. El Padrigno

    El Padrigno8 months ago

    Incroyable. Après Puyol, Valdes, Xavi, Villa et j'en passe, voilà une autre légende que j'ai vue jouer des mon enfance qui quitte ce somptueux club stade et tout ...

  17. Onke Onke

    Onke Onke9 months ago

    This broke my heart

  18. KING Lionel

    KING Lionel9 months ago

    Please inesta don't cry. You make us cry

  19. Hol up

    Hol up10 months ago

    Damn, all the OGs have left, puyol, Ronaldinho, xavi. Messi is the last one left

  20. Debjani Sahu

    Debjani Sahu9 months ago

    Busquets and Pique as well😀😀

  21. Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah

    Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah10 months ago

    Give this man a statue at either the Camp Nou or La Masia.

  22. Rafael Quintana

    Rafael Quintana10 months ago

    Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. What a midfield!!!

  23. علاوي العراقي

    علاوي العراقي11 months ago

    ستبقئ في قلوب انا يا دون 😢💜

  24. Fortnitqm FORTNITE

    Fortnitqm FORTNITE11 months ago


  25. Mr Jerry

    Mr JerryYear ago

    And now Ronaldo...

  26. Tiktok chatterbox

    Tiktok chatterboxYear ago

    Look at iniestas best goals

  27. jessica deshpande

    jessica deshpandeYear ago

    Gracais Iniesta

  28. vikasitha ratnayake

    vikasitha ratnayakeYear ago

    Good to see you xavi

  29. Nathan McCabe

    Nathan McCabeYear ago




    I am fade now my one of the faviorte player is gone

  31. Caesar Vallejo

    Caesar VallejoYear ago

    I was there for his last game, and the "Andres Iniesta lo lo lo lo lo lo looooo" chants went straight from the minute he got subbed out until the game finished. One of the greatest acts of fan loyalty I've ever seen. So awesome to applaud and cheer for all he's done during these moments I'll remember forever!!



    He was,he is and he will be the greatest

  33. Ross Lacey

    Ross LaceyYear ago

    Thank you! The biggest idol and inspiration of my lifetime. Football won't be the same. ❤

  34. sabagamer jadugisvili

    sabagamer jadugisviliYear ago


  35. Ibraheem

    IbraheemYear ago

    He won every club and country trophy there was to win.

  36. SuperMarioKrys

    SuperMarioKrysYear ago


  37. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco LopezYear ago

    Dude I cried like a baby another idol of mine leaving the club I love so much.

  38. Ali Sheikh

    Ali SheikhYear ago

    Such an iconic moment another childhood icon gone.

  39. Anthony Smurthwaite

    Anthony SmurthwaiteYear ago


  40. Silver Ado

    Silver AdoYear ago

    Is it okay that I cried a little watching this ?

  41. Silver Ado

    Silver AdoYear ago

    Eres grande iniesta

  42. Zak Naz

    Zak NazYear ago

    Great legend

  43. stop UFO fakes

    stop UFO fakesYear ago

    Shit player

  44. Rap Badly

    Rap BadlyYear ago

    This is why Barcelona is fucking heartless, I'm fuming. If I were him I would just slap the manager and say goodbye they are shitty *thots*

  45. Parachinar ke bande

    Parachinar ke bandeYear ago

    A player who got better and better with age. GOAT

  46. DDarkNiss

    DDarkNissYear ago

    Now that the captan is gone... Who is next? And goodbye childhood

  47. Wendy Salcedo

    Wendy SalcedoYear ago

    Eres grande Iniesta 👏👏🥇🏆 😘

  48. PsychoHyper

    PsychoHyperYear ago


  49. mu5lim

    mu5limYear ago

    Goodbye and good riddance. We need fresh blood not these oldies.

  50. Vivaan Shyam

    Vivaan Shyam5 months ago

    Have you ever seen how Maestro plays? He’s better than most, if not all of today’s midfielders, save Modric.

  51. Santiago Matelo

    Santiago MateloYear ago

    sempre e para sempre no coração

  52. Edward Kenway

    Edward KenwayYear ago

    I wish he would retire instead of going to a different club. It would so loyal of him to stay at one club his whole career