Anderson Cooper’s tribute to his friend Anthony Bourdain


  1. Basic Coding With Adam

    Basic Coding With Adam2 days ago

    For all you cunt rags who worshipped Anthony Bourdain when he died cause it was sad and it made you look like a marter just know he talked mad petty shit about guy

  2. Basic Coding With Adam

    Basic Coding With Adam2 days ago

    You seriously Anthony was very jealous of Guy Fieris success and he couldn’t figure out why. RIP

  3. Chico Ferraz

    Chico Ferraz3 days ago

    who's the other guy that died in the same week?

  4. Mike Wilkerson

    Mike Wilkerson3 days ago

    2 creeps.

  5. Khoi Do

    Khoi Do4 days ago

    You are a good liar cooper

  6. Alex Mathew

    Alex Mathew8 days ago

    Miss you, Tony.

  7. Menina Milenia

    Menina Milenia12 days ago

    You can tell this dude carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

  8. B OB

    B OB16 days ago

    Tony, Tony, Tony - what the fuck, man.......I depended on guys like you to be tough enough to get through the bullshit inherent in the 21st Century and you go and check out voluntarily? Unacceptable, my brother. I expected better. You left us here with fewer trusted friends to guide us. Love you anyway, man. We'll be OK but you took some of the fun away with you....

  9. Oliver Podmore

    Oliver Podmore16 days ago

    Miss you man

  10. Latabrine

    Latabrine17 days ago

    I does feel like Tony is just off somewhere on an adventure. Doesn't feel like he's gone. And when I come across a video about his passing, I live it all over again, like it just happened. Damn.😔

  11. Mathew Smith

    Mathew Smith22 days ago

    I miss him so much, he is my idol, I cant wait to see him, hopefully he has time to talk with me. I really hope hes exploring something special now and hes not just gone. Please rest in peace.

  12. Osama Khan

    Osama Khan26 days ago


  13. NoxMortem

    NoxMortem28 days ago

    Still missing him...

  14. SJ Taylor

    SJ TaylorMonth ago

    I’m on an Anthony Marathon. I never knew or met him, but I loved and admired him a lot. Rest In Peace Angel ❤️


    PROUD_BRITMonth ago

    When I just heard about his drug issues that might be an explanation to his death , going back to that is not a nice thought if you’ve been drug free a while...... LEGEND


    PROUD_BRITMonth ago

    I love his raw craft show & still watch them on MReporter

  17. maggie morceau

    maggie morceauMonth ago

    Almost a year now and every once in a while I still get very sad because I know I’ll never have a chance to meet him now. When I was growing up and trapped alone in a house I desperately wished to escape from, his show helped me leave for hours at a time, opened my eyes to new dishes I could try to make myself and new cultures and history for me to research and learn from. I wish I could tell him how thankful I am that he helped me realize that people, and the stories they have to tell, are the most fascinating and valuable resource this world has to offer. In every country I visit, no matter how far and often I travel, his approach to life, and his philosophy about taking in all the world has to offer, will never be far from my mind, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

  18. DrivenMind

    DrivenMindMonth ago

    I miss the hell out of Anthony. Of all the awful news that came from 2018, this one probably hurt the most. The man brought countless countries into my living room, and inspired me to always try new food and to even take my first trip outside the states. I loved everything about that guy, and the world isn't the same without him.

  19. Pale Zombie

    Pale ZombieMonth ago

    “Felt the cool rain on my shoulders...”

  20. Buena Enriquez

    Buena EnriquezMonth ago

    This is a person that brought people education through food and history of each country he goes and educate the viewers .

  21. Mishy Crawford

    Mishy CrawfordMonth ago

    He had everything ive ever wanted in life and always seemed so happy , it goes to prove that mental illness is a real issue, even the great story teller and guy everybody wanted to be best friends with had his problems, as a chef u made me feel important tony ill never watch any other travel shows but yours, rest easy buddy we will miss you

  22. jayme moulin

    jayme moulinMonth ago

    My idol in every ways, even was i little dot..... ascending to a better way....

  23. Gamer Nance

    Gamer NanceMonth ago

    Maybe he had a stain in his heart that he couldn't avoid. You would think a person has it all....damn

  24. Noah Embry

    Noah EmbryMonth ago

    he lives on.

  25. Christiaan Bailey

    Christiaan BaileyMonth ago

    God I miss him... 😢

  26. Corpus Mentis

    Corpus MentisMonth ago

    coward piece of shit killed himself and had kids left behind. there is some excuse *maybe* for someone in extreme poverty but some millionaire prick? god celeb culture is so vacuous

  27. Morgan Bishop

    Morgan BishopMonth ago

    Tony will be missed. RIP

  28. Salazar H

    Salazar HMonth ago

    I miss him 🌷🙏🏼

  29. sunset gradient

    sunset gradientMonth ago

    me too

  30. Christopher Perry

    Christopher PerryMonth ago

    When is rejection out of the question. Foreign foodies need more education from locals who believe their work is being turned down, when the soups doesn’t step forward and explain. Take Chinese “brain food” for instance.

  31. Christopher Perry

    Christopher PerryMonth ago

    I never knew him, until the day he died. My first thought at 1,000 media screens in my face sharing this tragic story, “Who the fuck are you”.

  32. Monpti Dévante

    Monpti Dévante2 months ago

    The American people will miss such a great ambassador of their country, what an awesome human being.

  33. Miles Dyson

    Miles Dyson2 months ago

    Suiceded by the Clintons ! pretty obvious ! Another Death tied into to Clinton Death List !

  34. HasselUnbound

    HasselUnbound2 months ago

    He was the coolest guy on the planet that had the absolute greatest job. Traveling, meeting people, learning culture, eating food and being and a great guy.

  35. darklord phantom

    darklord phantom2 months ago

    No... why must u suicide???? Damn, damn damn..... happy people are always the most saddest but dont show it to other...... damn damn damn

  36. Don Heil

    Don Heil2 months ago

    We all ask WHY...but we know why, it was HER. Asia Argento should be the one who died.

  37. Siegrid Thomas

    Siegrid Thomas2 months ago

    No way did he kill himself....there is a lot more to will come out.....

  38. lou bean

    lou bean2 months ago

    It's been 8 months now. We still miss you, Mr. Bourdain.

  39. GreenEyes 1226

    GreenEyes 12262 months ago

    The Whole World Misses U Anthony!!! R.I.P.

  40. Shiongee Visto

    Shiongee Visto2 months ago

    So long Uncle Tony!

  41. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel2 months ago

    Cnn fake. News

  42. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel2 months ago

    Political death. Not. Suicide..

  43. Zed Dead

    Zed Dead2 months ago

    "Angel Trumpets and Devil Trombones"

  44. SaintSaladin

    SaintSaladin3 months ago

    What a beautiful human being

  45. j salem

    j salem3 months ago

    Anthony had a poignant way with words which betrayed deep thought. Even with what seemed to be a full life It just highlights how important it is, when dark thoughts hit, to talk, talk to your friends, talk to your family. Don’t suffer quietly and don’t underestimate where your mind can take you.

  46. bambinosllc

    bambinosllc3 months ago

    Cooper you are going to hell for all of your lies!!!!

  47. Dee

    Dee3 months ago

    The grief rarely subsides... Most of my friends are gone... suicides - in high school from bad grades; Viet Nam; auto accidents; drugs; and on and on.... at 72, I've outlived them all. I discovered Anthony for just a moment it seems, and then he too was gone... even as I was writing him - thanking him - for helping me see all that I'd missed in my life by "staying close to home"... "staying safe." People like him are so rare. I knew when I saw the episodes on Japan and 'Nam, and Laos, and a few others, that I went in the wrong direction in '68... I never should have returned to a country that would so easily send its sons and daughters to their slaughters.

  48. Michael Wong

    Michael Wong3 months ago

    Almost forgot and saw another reference. Have to say he changed my life and perception. A luminescent figure that will always be there when I travel to a new place or cook something that speaks to me or anyone. RIP

  49. Jay Rosen

    Jay Rosen3 months ago

    A most touching tribute to a man who had a great ride in his lifetime!!! I dare say that I leaned more about the world by watching his show, than the news outlets!!! His passing along with Robin Williams has had a profound impact upon me!! They both have been, and are, revered and mourned!! The world seems emptier without them!!

  50. USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse

    USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse3 months ago

    so he was rich and worked with what he loved and traveled the world. Then kills himself...logical

  51. Efrain Rodarte

    Efrain Rodarte3 months ago

    Tony was and still is the most interesting man in the world.

  52. Lindsey Smith

    Lindsey Smith3 months ago

    If Anthony B was still alive what do you think he would be doing today? I've thought about that once in a while .

  53. Alan Wright

    Alan Wright3 months ago

    This absolutely broke my heart, he reminded me of my father if he had followed his dreams like Anthony did my father would have been a better person. Anthony inspired me.

  54. j mac

    j mac3 months ago

    He committed suicide because his gf Asia cheated on him. Kate spade was depressed because of her divorce. CNN wont report that.

  55. b dee

    b dee3 months ago

    I miss you.

  56. Margaret Binns

    Margaret Binns3 months ago

    Suicide ! A permanent solution to a temporary problem . He must been tortured by self hatred . R I P dear man .

  57. Daniel Renteria

    Daniel Renteria3 months ago

    Love this guy true one of a kind class act. RIP that little dark genie I now pray is gone and your in God's glory and presence.

  58. Waffles And ice cream

    Waffles And ice cream4 months ago

    He told us what he knew and about everything he loved and poured his heart and soul , but he didn’t have the heart to leave us note because he wanted to leave us his story and the story of his life

  59. Richardl Eaton

    Richardl Eaton4 months ago

    The shadow rulers that control the new world is doing this to the human race! I know, they threw me on the streets and throw me in jail when they please

  60. Brian Twiss

    Brian Twiss4 months ago

    This man and Indiana Jones are the inspirations for me to travel some day Also: come on people, drop the politics for once and just let this guy mourn his friend.

  61. Mikayla Drolet

    Mikayla Drolet4 months ago

    I will never get over this. He once said “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life-and travel-leaves marks on you.” And you, Tony, you left a huge mark and impact on my life. Thank you.

  62. Suzanne D.

    Suzanne D.4 months ago

    Always remembering a legend and an inspirational dude to millions. Intellectual, genuine, bold, brave, worldly, humble and unapologically outspoken. He left an imprint in this world. Missing him dearly.

  63. Greg Harris

    Greg Harris4 months ago

    I often think of the episode that Anthony got a street haircut in Vietnam. His description of it makes me smile.

  64. Will Iam

    Will Iam4 months ago

    I hate watching his shows now cause I know he was murdered!!!!!!

  65. D C

    D C4 months ago

    Soy Boy !

  66. Maria Cardenas

    Maria Cardenas4 months ago

    i cant believe that he tuck his live

  67. Maria Cardenas

    Maria Cardenas4 months ago

    i love to watch his tv food and his travel

  68. Von Clohk

    Von Clohk4 months ago

    Putin did it.

  69. Bob Pants

    Bob Pants4 months ago

    Maggots are crawling out of his eyeballs now

  70. Samantha  Halfacre

    Samantha Halfacre4 months ago

    I never actually met him, but I feel I knew him. I've traveled the world with him within the walls of my living room. Ate supper with him nearly every night. My 6 yr. Old daughter loves him too. I have still not had the heart to tell her that he passed away. Not only because I know she will be heart broken, but also we are healing from one of my best friends also passing this year. 2018 was a bad year for us. But mainly so she can still enjoy him, the way I used to. Now I watch him and it deeply saddens me to know that he is no longer with us. I never met you, but I feel I knew you and you took me places and taught me things I would never be able to go and do on my own. I pray you are at peace now Anthony Bourdain. When I eat pork and drink I will think of you.

  71. Yazzie Mah

    Yazzie Mah3 months ago


  72. Funk U.

    Funk U.4 months ago

    I love it when people write from their soul...

  73. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith4 months ago

    Hey Cooper your friend Bourdain was killed by the satanic/pedophiles you suck to every day.

  74. Jehovah abebe

    Jehovah abebe4 months ago


  75. michael demeo

    michael demeo4 months ago

    Join him Anderson I'm sure you have just as many child victims as him and joe Biden combined

  76. Polin Hem

    Polin Hem4 months ago

    nobody can come close. rip anthony

  77. GooglR Ratings

    GooglR Ratings4 months ago

    FUDGE PACKER TV 360 🤣 Tony was way above this poop mixer.

  78. Tish Moore

    Tish Moore4 months ago

    I cannot stop 😢 CRYING! God help me...I don't wantto be here ....anymore either..... Im done!

  79. HarryPotter87

    HarryPotter874 months ago

    Depression is a REAL illness. So, plz STOP the stigma!

  80. Habib Habib

    Habib Habib4 months ago

    Anthony Bourdain looks like a cannibal who sleeps with his daughter.

  81. Antoney Adhikarigedon

    Antoney Adhikarigedon4 months ago

    Didn't expect this as i always watched his show on food network when he was young had such a personality on the show

  82. Miss Anthrope

    Miss Anthrope4 months ago

    When you eat suffering you become suffering. Universal law is nothing personal. Gaia is better off without him.

  83. DRAMA

    DRAMA4 months ago

    I know the daughter

  84. Judith Ann Angel

    Judith Ann Angel4 months ago

    I am still feeling a great loss. I miss him so much. He expressed strong political opinions at times which I respected and appreciated. You were a loving, extremely intelligent, perceptive and extraordinary man. Again, I miss you Anthony Bourdain.

  85. RaindropsOnMyHead1

    RaindropsOnMyHead14 months ago

    Because of you Anthony million of this generation think is ok to commit suicide when things get hard or depressed. I would love for you to go fuck yourself but you already did LMFAO.

  86. RaindropsOnMyHead1

    RaindropsOnMyHead14 months ago

    Fuck anthony bourdain you selfish fuck it not ok to commit suicide no matter what so fuck you if you believe that shit. Learn to love yourself white peoples you guys are bunch a stupid fuck.

  87. Burton Lee

    Burton Lee4 months ago

    Two beautiful American men. Thank you Anthony for everything

  88. alexander tan advento

    alexander tan advento5 months ago

    r.i.p anthony bourdain

  89. Daniel M

    Daniel M5 months ago

    Oh dear Anthony, hope youre in heaven, eating great stuff, you are so important to me. :(

  90. Louie Ralphie

    Louie Ralphie5 months ago

    $ is not happiness!

  91. Keith Reese

    Keith Reese5 months ago

    IMO of course I didn’t know him, he was tired of the lies and hypocrisy in his own personal relationships, he called out Killary weeks B4 and my guess what he was surrounded by probably you AC & your CNN. The sun is shining on the US economy and everyday 24/7 your employer tells us it’s a bad turbulent day with your Trump derangement syndrome, you are depressing to those vulnerable which could be the majority at any given moment.

  92. brettfavreify

    brettfavreify5 months ago

    "You know, if it's really good, it's kinda squirty."

  93. evoljellyfish 00

    evoljellyfish 005 months ago 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...

  94. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata5 months ago

    Fuckkk....I couldn't and still can't believe that he is not anymore among us! He was so genuine, so respectful and very simple story teller. I really do miss his shows a lot and when I see them being played I feel his presence still here. His legacy is gonna remain for a very long time. Can't believe that such a man have suicidal thoughts. However the happiness or sadness among us are invisible and far away from the material possessions that we seek as substitute due to the lack or absence of the things that we really need. Thank you Anthony. Rest in peace now and forever.

  95. Los Bombero

    Los Bombero5 months ago Anthony created a nice gig for himself. I'm more of a Guy 'Nicer Guy' Fieri fan. You just know that Guy will be a better guy to hang with.

  96. evoljellyfish 00

    evoljellyfish 005 months ago 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...

  97. tOm the bOmb

    tOm the bOmb5 months ago


  98. evoljellyfish 00

    evoljellyfish 005 months ago 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...

  99. Xiong Vue

    Xiong Vue5 months ago

    CNN? fak CNN. AB is greater then CNN especially this cooper POS

  100. evoljellyfish 00

    evoljellyfish 005 months ago 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...

  101. Hemperor Joans

    Hemperor Joans5 months ago

    This stills kills me, and you can see that Anderson Cooper was trying really hard to hold it in.

  102. evoljellyfish 00

    evoljellyfish 005 months ago 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...

  103. Norman Teck

    Norman Teck5 months ago

    Thank you, Anderson.

  104. Kim Kim

    Kim Kim5 months ago

    Cooper sound so fake .shut ur mouth

  105. Ken Desjarlais

    Ken Desjarlais5 months ago

    This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a man can attain everything on this planet from riches to status but that’s still doesn’t cut it! Buddy still offs himself. I feel for the kids, A man simply needs a relationship with the son of God ,Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us and forgive us of our sins. Doing this will give you peace, a future, The answer to this life and the life after we pass through the curtain.

  106. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow5 months ago

    If he had not met that witch he's still be alive.

  107. Ryan Sievert

    Ryan Sievert5 months ago

    Who the fuck would dislike this video?? RIP Mr Bourdain you are truly missed

  108. voxer99

    voxer995 months ago

    I simply can NOT fathom why Bourdain killed himself. My life is pretty good. His life was GREAT. Plus he had a young child. I'm just baffled.