And Still I Evolve


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek5 months ago

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  2. Damo

    DamoMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I really loved this video, I felt this very deeply. Anybody who can do a video this personal earns my respect. I hope you keep making videos

  3. The Casual Carry

    The Casual Carry3 months ago

    Consider going skydiving and giving us a review of the experience. I've done it myself and will never forget the empowering feeling it gave me. It really is a life changing experience. You are doing great man! Cheers!

  4. Zomboy

    Zomboy4 months ago

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  5. Oliver Marcionetti

    Oliver Marcionetti5 months ago

    Review brah can you give my boy jack schroeder a shoutout for his birthday. that would be hella dope

  6. Chris R

    Chris R5 months ago

    Support is not about changing someone, its about standing up for someone's true self. Like accepting some one for their differences and still appreciating them for who they are. Think positive be positive. Easier said then done. Best wishes brother, take it easy.

  7. EmeraldView

    EmeraldViewDay ago

    It's such a good feeling To know you're alive It's such a happy feeling You're growing inside And when you wake up ready to say "I'll make a snappy new day." It's such a good feeling A very good feeling The feeling you know That I'll be back when the day is new And I'll have more ideas for you And you'll have things you'll want to talk about I will, too (Spoken) You always make each day such a special day. You know how: by just your being you. There's only one person in the whole world exactly like you, and that's you yourself, and people can like you exactly as you are (Song) It's such a good feeling A very good feeling The feeling you know That we're friends

  8. EmeraldView

    EmeraldViewDay ago

    Now I know who you are! Mr. Rogers reincarnated. You even got the voice down. :-D

  9. Josh Dinsdale

    Josh DinsdaleDay ago

    We all make a wrong turn and we try to assimilate. It’s part of growing up my guy we’ve all been there. Moving forward and living in the now is the next step. Being yourself. Now that you’ve identified a true identity now you can build that. Love ya man

  10. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe2 days ago

    You’re a good guy!! Love this video! 💕

  11. Cain Wetherall

    Cain Wetherall3 days ago

    Ive watched this everymorning to make sure i make the best of my life

  12. Troy Braden

    Troy Braden3 days ago

    I swear dude. Your a vampire.

  13. Radwyn Althor

    Radwyn Althor3 days ago

    I enjoyed your reflection on how important it is to be yourself not become a chameleon just to fit in with a group or circle. True friends will appreciate us for who we are

  14. Sasha

    Sasha5 days ago

    This guy is My new fetisch.

  15. moa berglin nordling

    moa berglin nordling7 days ago

    Just find you here on youtube but I think you are so beautiful to look at. Keep up the good work your doing and keep open for change the universe got alot more in store for you.

  16. Joshua Leboeuf

    Joshua Leboeuf7 days ago

    Don't grieve over the past. You've been brought to this place in your life for a reason, and you wouldn't be who you are without the mistakes and choices you've made. You're you, and if you want to change, then go for it. You've got every right to better yourself. Just don't forget your humble beginnings. Remember who you were and chase after who you want to be.

  17. Joshua Leboeuf

    Joshua Leboeuf7 days ago

    I wonder what you would look like with a perm, or curly hair... Hmm...

  18. deej custodio

    deej custodio8 days ago

    How old is he


    FBR IRONMAN8 days ago

    i found this guy thru memes and then i found this video and now i feel bad for him :( Edit: i liked and subbed now

  20. Judith F

    Judith F9 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) perfect message.

  21. Andrea Myers

    Andrea Myers10 days ago

    We live and learn and grow - such is life. I've made a ton of mistakes in my life and no way to correct them at all but just move forward from where I am now, doing the best I can with the knowledge I've gained. That's all any of us can do really. "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." You're on your way. =)

  22. aqua marie

    aqua marie10 days ago

    :c aw man. didn't kno u were going through all this.

  23. Avalon Justin

    Avalon Justin11 days ago

    We like you for who you are, man. Don't betray yourself. Change comes from the inside, not from the outside.

  24. Ouff Ta Mere

    Ouff Ta Mere14 days ago

    Love you man :)

  25. Siobhan Rennie

    Siobhan Rennie16 days ago

    Woke AF. I love it ✌

  26. Quetzal Sanchez

    Quetzal Sanchez17 days ago

    Ur a champ.

  27. Ricardo Mercado

    Ricardo Mercado18 days ago

    This is my first visit ti your page and WOW. Similarly I have been struggling with a recent event where I was acting fiery and verbally aggressive. After the fact I was beating myself up over my actions. On my own journey of self-discovery, this action was reverting to old ways/habits of dealing with frustration. After much contemplation, I came to realize that some interactions are unavoidable, dare I say, necessary. I am not trying to justify my actions, in but that moment and circumstance, that responce may have been needed. (while, YES, perhaps relayed differently). Though, these experiences shape us and help us to understand who we are, or who we are not. Hence thrusting us into evolution. We change as we move through the World. Hopefully the change moves us towards our higher self.

  28. Libby Knight

    Libby Knight16 days ago

    Beautifully stated. Been thinking the same thoughts lately

  29. Jacob Hanson

    Jacob Hanson19 days ago

    I'm glad that there is still a Mr. Rogers.

  30. Y You

    Y You20 days ago

    more of this, I loved it alot, made me think alot, please more of this, seriously. Also, don't let anything put you down, alot of people seriously do care about you, including me, I hope your life goes well and you continue with youtube.

  31. Echie Boi

    Echie Boi20 days ago

    I'm on ReviewBrah's side. You are different in a good way.

  32. kaur

    kaur20 days ago

    his thoughts are really wholesome :’)

  33. Turquoise Turtle

    Turquoise Turtle22 days ago

    I'm a newcomer to your channel, but I think you have a really interesting, unique personality that makes your videos worthwhile, even when it comes to discussing the difference in quality of two types of water. xD I used to have depression and a lot of emptiness years ago before I found healing and salvation in Jesus Christ. We are all broken, fallen people in need of change. In surrendering my sins and failures to Christ, He's given me real life to grow into my identity and leave the darkness behind.

  34. Jesus Leyva

    Jesus Leyva22 days ago

    I subscribed man! :)

  35. Dragon_of_Tragedy

    Dragon_of_Tragedy24 days ago

    use a airhorn to shut those birds up

  36. scorpio0612

    scorpio061224 days ago

    Mr. Rodgers....

  37. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith26 days ago

    Review brah smokes hella weed

  38. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith26 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I smoke alot of weed

  39. Elisium x

    Elisium x27 days ago

    I suffer from depression as well and thoughts are keeping me awake once again so I am just watching your videos because your personality and your way of speaking relaxes me and kinda makes me feel like everything is okay. Thank you.

  40. Cynthia Yazdani

    Cynthia Yazdani28 days ago

    Great video!! You seem to be a kind, humble person, thank you sir.

  41. Emily USDL

    Emily USDL28 days ago

    reviewbrah needs a show like the mr. rogers show. I would watch faithfully

  42. drt arts

    drt arts28 days ago

    Keep being yourself and inspiring people!

  43. deadwalk4u

    deadwalk4u29 days ago

    Awsome words.

  44. zain plays

    zain playsMonth ago

    You wimp

  45. Bobnelious the bird

    Bobnelious the birdMonth ago

    This man is flawless

  46. Philip Bergendal 5B Tingkærskolen

    Philip Bergendal 5B TingkærskolenMonth ago

    That is serioustly boring

  47. Dea Tenebrarum

    Dea TenebrarumMonth ago

    Good Stuff

  48. PR 24HOURZ

    PR 24HOURZMonth ago

    ._. You are beautiful

  49. Michael Kozlowski

    Michael KozlowskiMonth ago

    I love his food reviews, funny and insightful. But, am i going to his channel to get therapeutic help?? Hell no. He makes 1800.00 a month doing this, living at home with Mom & Dad, no responsibilities. Almost time to grow up, John.

  50. 1,000,000 subscribers with no video ?

    1,000,000 subscribers with no video ?Month ago

    You have a really great personality, sir !

  51. VideoGameZombie

    VideoGameZombieMonth ago

    one mill congrates my dude

  52. Habanero Jones

    Habanero JonesMonth ago

    I came across your channel five minutes ago for the first time. Subscribed immediately.

  53. that_lucky_girl 98

    that_lucky_girl 98Month ago

    he is so cute o my goodness 😍😍😍😍


    ABEILLEMonth ago

    you are such a sweet and genuine person!! we all love that about you!! I've only been subscribed for a week and watched so many of your videos. You've made it to a million subs, you're doing something right ;) don't be sad! I know thats easy to say but just remember you are valuable and loved!!

  55. Gothead420

    Gothead420Month ago

    This bird drives me f*&%#g crazy!

  56. Gekyume X

    Gekyume XMonth ago

    I love this man he is very educated ❤

  57. Mr Pencil

    Mr PencilMonth ago

    “Be the sharper you” Mr. Pencil

  58. Coach’s Food Court

    Coach’s Food CourtMonth ago

    Check out our food critic page . Coach’s Food Court! Enjoy!

  59. ChocolateMicroChips

    ChocolateMicroChipsMonth ago

    i'm here to dish out thumbs up to these lovely/hilarious comments and to subscribe. #bless

  60. Neo Anderson

    Neo AndersonMonth ago

    I was waiting for reviewbrah to confess to a murder or something

  61. Andrew N

    Andrew NMonth ago

    Trying to ignore it but THAT BIRD WONT *SHUT THE HELL UP!*

  62. skippy stoneg

    skippy stonegMonth ago

    Why do you hate nature it’s God’s creation so are you

  63. Bad Goy

    Bad GoyMonth ago

    You are evolving from a rat to a human

  64. juice wrld fan

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  65. silvia ___

    silvia ___Month ago

    Wish I was rich

  66. D M

    D MMonth ago


  67. CHucha Laka

    CHucha LakaMonth ago


  68. Qin Shihuang

    Qin ShihuangMonth ago

    You're not a better person. You're perfect. What can you do? The lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

  69. Nick Girard

    Nick GirardMonth ago

    Be yourself, don't feel pressured to be something else. Definitely a good message. We're in a world where some serve their social group above themselves (terrorist suicide bombings and churches being extreme examples.) I hope you can be yourself and feel your body make contact with our beautiful earth and find a center.

  70. Joshua Henderson

    Joshua Henderson26 days ago

    People should serve their Church over themselves

  71. Benjamin Nagy

    Benjamin NagyMonth ago

    I have a feeling reviewbrah is gonna be a talk show host someday. Lol.

  72. Sounak Chakroborty

    Sounak ChakrobortyMonth ago

    I am new here and I can see your honesty and sprint. It’s hard being vulnerable so thank you for your content 💯

  73. Brian Howard

    Brian HowardMonth ago

    The Trap God

  74. Typical lama

    Typical lamaMonth ago

    Idk if this is mean but He looks like Spider man

  75. Kenan Tutsi

    Kenan TutsiMonth ago

    When you said "A-hole" my model towers tipped over and a cloud blocked out the sun.

  76. eduardo Ramirez

    eduardo RamirezMonth ago

    To long of a video. You said the same thing over and over for 14 minutes with little context. For 14 minutes I expected to hear WHY you were depressed, what experiences led to you making this video, and what changes you made. All you said in general, be yourself. I expected to have known you a little better after this video, but I did not.

  77. TheZebraz1

    TheZebraz1Month ago

    i love you

  78. Jay Rock

    Jay RockMonth ago


  79. foley247

    foley247Month ago

    how old is he?

  80. JettMills 25

    JettMills 25Month ago

    You are awesome bro;)

  81. Social Gamer

    Social Gamer2 months ago

    When I watch you....your eyes captivate me and your mind is far more deeper than what "us" the internet could ever understand. How can anyone hate or try and bully you? Thank you for fighting through the garbage to express your thoughts to the rest of us that like and appreciate you. Love & Respect ... take care. 💖💯🙏

  82. Randall Johnston

    Randall Johnston2 months ago

    This was a Mr Rogers moment, we all need to hear this

  83. Randall Johnston

    Randall Johnston2 months ago

    Your very respectable why can’t people act more like you

  84. ILove TheReviewbrah

    ILove TheReviewbrah2 months ago

    I love your perspective on life. I hope I can meet you one day.

  85. Don AJ

    Don AJ2 months ago

    I would love to get ridiculously stoned with you and have a conversation over coffee

  86. Коммунистический Иисус

    Коммунистический Иисус2 months ago

    You are truly an inspiration. This is not ironic. I’m genuinely saying that you’re a great person and people can learn from what you say in this video. I really don’t see how anyone could not like you. 😄

  87. _EquinoxTEX _

    _EquinoxTEX _2 months ago


  88. Nayeli Aguilar

    Nayeli Aguilar2 months ago

    I don't often comment but I really felt this, something had happened to me recently and it surprised me how nice it was to hear this. I'm glad you were able to confront your problems as well.

  89. Wowzerpantz

    Wowzerpantz2 months ago

    Thank you, this drew me to tears, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression this morning, and will be starting anti depressants, i'm scared I know it's not going to be an easy journey and ne which will be long with many bumps on the road. But this has helped me a bit, I could tell you seemed to be welling up a little that to me tells me you are someone who is very passionate and compassionate about your fellow human beings, you are a bright young man and I wish I could shake your hand or give you a hug right now. I just wan to again thank you for this beautiful insightful video.

  90. Cristina Gonzalez

    Cristina Gonzalez2 months ago

    Your hair line 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. sofo morodo

    sofo morodo2 months ago

    you're so sweet!!

  92. odon seel

    odon seel2 months ago

    careful, birds can mistake you for the albiono rat and grab you.

  93. Sheldon Plankton

    Sheldon Plankton2 months ago

    You’re awesome bro don’t ever forget that

  94. Trae Jenkins

    Trae Jenkins2 months ago

    reviewbrah your intonation / inflection and to a lesser extent your pattern of speech are extremely similar to Mr. Rogers. Listening to you soothes my soul.

  95. Matthew Schwartz

    Matthew Schwartz2 months ago

    You're a real stand-up guy. Thank you. Good role model

  96. Aryana Talbott

    Aryana Talbott2 months ago

    He and Mark Zuckerberg are the same breed

  97. Little Big boi Carson

    Little Big boi Carson2 months ago

    The wildlife are the haters😂

  98. Aaron Mackarvich

    Aaron Mackarvich2 months ago

    Shut the fuck up

  99. David Grant

    David Grant2 months ago

    Hey mate, I just want to say I love your videos... especially the ones when you speak your mind and we get a deeper insight into the person you are. I found your channel probably over 5 years ago now.... (correct me if i'm wrong) back then i found you funny as fuck because of the way you reviewed basic products in such a professional and polite manner, you would review a can of tuna in the same way a wine expert would review an expensive bottle of wine. I stopped watching youtube for a while and then a couple of months later my friend posted you on misc forums where everybody found you hilarious, I remember back then you had barely any views and you made an account to come on and talk to us all (incuding myself) haha. Man they were such good times and through the years I find myself coming back and watching a video or two of yours, it makes me so happy to see you succeed and become successful doing something you stuck to for so long. You taught me that by sticking to what you're passionate about and ignoring the negativity you get from people, you can achieve what you want. I'm awful at writing lol, just want you to know you're a top guy and although i have changed so much in the years, i always relate to your channel. Stay real bro! Stay you!

  100. Child Monitor

    Child Monitor2 months ago


  101. Jeff Floyd II

    Jeff Floyd II2 months ago

    Realest mf out

  102. BossNinja 1

    BossNinja 12 months ago

    Yes! To be a better person one must learn from own experiences, and learn and grow. You are such a great person, it is obvious you have grown a lot as a person, and that's all that matters. I hope you get nothing but the best in life. Keep it up.

  103. Christian White

    Christian White2 months ago

    My respect is immeasurable, and my day is refined.

  104. D B

    D B2 months ago

    Oh no... Please... just get back to overstuffing your face with commercial grade sandwiches

  105. Pre slad

    Pre slad2 months ago

    He is right, respect towards eachother is the quality we have lost and need the most in our generation. Most of our conflicts come from not respecting each others personal decision.

  106. The Bertrands

    The Bertrands2 months ago

    Oops wrong video but the first part is all about you

  107. Тарас Новицький

    Тарас Новицький2 months ago

    Be well! We all make those sorts of things, and it’s very pleasant to listen to you Hope your mood is going to improve soon!