And Still I Evolve


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek10 months ago

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  2. Beastkiller 0468

    Beastkiller 04683 months ago

    😭 you’re the best man

  3. Jeanette Bukovsky

    Jeanette Bukovsky3 months ago

    Thank you. Thank you. God bless you.

  4. Evil Keali’i

    Evil Keali’i4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek heyy

  5. Damo

    Damo6 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I really loved this video, I felt this very deeply. Anybody who can do a video this personal earns my respect. I hope you keep making videos

  6. The Casual Carry

    The Casual Carry8 months ago

    Consider going skydiving and giving us a review of the experience. I've done it myself and will never forget the empowering feeling it gave me. It really is a life changing experience. You are doing great man! Cheers!

  7. Jinxsyrinx

    Jinxsyrinx5 days ago

    I feel like I'm actually there??? The animal noises were so peaceful

  8. Jinxsyrinx

    Jinxsyrinx5 days ago

    You really inspiring bro this video really made me realize a lot of things.

  9. Jason Yang

    Jason Yang6 days ago

    Are u still in school. Is this your main income

  10. Tom Guadalupe

    Tom Guadalupe21 day ago

    I will tell you this, you will ignore it but it needs to be said. You will end up regretting wasting your youth with this youtube stuff. You will get "older" and then you will not be able to to this anymore, then you will be in a situation where you have no marketable job skills. I hope you are doing something beside reviewing food. I wish you all the best.

  11. plsdont

    plsdontMonth ago

    Is he talking about 4chan?

  12. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery BurgessMonth ago

    You remind me so much of mr. Rogers every once in awhile you should break off into a little gentle song

  13. spoder men

    spoder men2 months ago

    You're an inspiration dude. This comment probably won't make it up to you, but stay who you are and do your thing. It will be worth it trust me. You're not alone.

  14. Danielle Perry

    Danielle Perry2 months ago

    I'd rather have him as president tbh. Too bad he's still a bit young for the job.

  15. StrangeDuckling

    StrangeDuckling2 months ago

    This is my first video if yours that I've ever seen. I've seen the memes and the praise, and decided to finally check it out for myself; I'm glad this was my first video.

  16. Denchik ShowEm

    Denchik ShowEm2 months ago

    so i was watching steve1989mre and a comment mentioned ''reviewbrah'' and so i searched it and this came up.... idk why i watched this entire video but hey man, here, take a like

  17. Isauro Garcia

    Isauro Garcia2 months ago

    this video showed up on my recommended in just the right time, im going thru some stuff and hearing your thoughts on this really helped - dont change.. be kind be humble

  18. Igni 74

    Igni 742 months ago

    This isnt even his final form

  19. Robbie Ruport

    Robbie Ruport2 months ago

    I find the bird calls quite relaxing

  20. Hudaa Sabrie

    Hudaa Sabrie3 months ago


  21. Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck3 months ago

    You can be however you want and “being yourself “ is not set in stone

  22. Arthur Fleck

    Arthur FleckMonth ago

    I was a sad cunt now I’m a sick cunt

  23. plsdont

    plsdontMonth ago

    elaborate and give my an example from your life

  24. konsul2006

    konsul20063 months ago

    Did he make it to Meme review? I wonder if he ever will :)

  25. KA17

    KA173 months ago

    The internet can be a stew of ignorance and hate and some of the comments really can bring a person down. You're real, genuine, a breath of fresh air and what you're saying here is very, very important to younger people that are still trying to figure out who THEY are. So, I thank you for that. Keep doing what you're doing and keep sharing in the way you are.

  26. Tony Huzzah

    Tony Huzzah3 months ago

    I have watched your videos off and on over the last two years. This was the one that made me subscribe. I think you are so insightful, honest, intelligent, articulate and wise for someone so young. Some would say you have an Old Soul. This video was incredibly hopeful while also being rather melancholy and wistful. I think you are incredible and truly believe that anyone who would publicly insult you for any reason whether it regards your appearance or mannerisms or your particular demeanour and sense of style are simply ignorant and insecure. Please make sure that if you ever feel overwhelmed by your depression that you do whatever you need to get the help you deserve. I wish you all the best. Be happy.

  27. bigby2010

    bigby20103 months ago

    Christopher Walken morphed with Mr. Rogers. I get it. I like the cut of your jib. Thank you for your service.

  28. Braxton Singletary

    Braxton Singletary3 months ago

    Awesome video man, please keep up the good work. I really appreciate your videos and perspectives. This is my first comment to MReporter ever and I have been watching your videos for many years. Thank you, sir. You are so awesome.

  29. New funney tv

    New funney tv3 months ago


  30. bigballerjerry

    bigballerjerry3 months ago

    I can’t tell if that guy is serious or not😂

  31. Peter Wyatt

    Peter Wyatt3 months ago

    Is this guy an actor or a real person

  32. Tyler

    Tyler3 months ago

    /b/ Backed you up, i know because i felt like i was in the same shoes as you, and is saw it, was a part of it. I too have since changed. This video means a lot. I commend you for making this video. It means a lot.

  33. plsdont

    plsdontMonth ago

    /b/ is a horrible place, but no reason to turn one's back on them and hattalk them down. lets not forget what they did for each and everyone of us...or for him in this case

  34. The potato Man

    The potato Man3 months ago

    Commit toaster bath

  35. Weak Very

    Weak Very3 months ago

    i love how there's no fucking jumpcuts

  36. Rob Fitz

    Rob Fitz3 months ago

    Thank you for this honest video. My respect for you has grown immensely. Keep up the good work!

  37. Kler

    Kler3 months ago

    just listening u giving me an amazing relaxing feel... u are amazing person and never regret anything what comes from your

  38. Pro Mountain Biker

    Pro Mountain Biker3 months ago

    If every young adult was like you, the world would be a better place

  39. Derek Shaw

    Derek Shaw3 months ago

    That tie is awesome! Where did you get it ?

  40. gavin lucietta

    gavin lucietta3 months ago

    welp I learned a new word "diatribe" thanks! lol

  41. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool3 months ago

    What you're describing is called reflection, and to an extent, a moral inventory. Good. More people need to have one.

  42. Migas Almeida

    Migas Almeida3 months ago

    That moment when you realize he's mostly.been talking to himself, trying to convince himself of the things he advices us

  43. Jack O'Jack

    Jack O'Jack3 months ago

    You seem to be over analyzing things, maybe anxiety is playing tricks on you, I don't know much about you, this is the only video I've seen so far, a friend of mine recommended me to check out your MReporter channel, you seem to be a well adjusted man. If people attack you online, that's their problem, not yours, would you like to be in the shoes of a sadistic asshole who behaves like a jerk online because he can't attract people’s attention in the physical world? Of course not, we all know that these people are miserable, even experts in psychology. Like my dear Grandmother always told me, don't ever let an asshole rent any space in your brain. Easier said than done, but you learn with practice. I'm saying all of this because I'm 42 year old and I went through very similar problems when I was younger, I still have residues, I used to beat myself up all the time, always regretting things, always thinking about how I should've done this and what I should've said in that particular moment, I would feel guilt and shame, shame is a soul eating emotion, it's a devastating feeling, but shame is also a social emotion, and you're on a public forum, over a million people listen to you and watch you, it's perfectly normal for you to feel the way that you do at times, we all do, everything is a question of balance, sometimes, anxiety can blur the lines between reality and emotions, that's when panic attacks occur, introspection is very good, but too much of it can be detrimental. I'll finish with this quote from Brené Brown. _Perfectionism_ _is_ _a_ _self_ _destructive_ _and_ _addictive_ _belief_ _system_ _that_ _fuels_ _this_ _primary_ _thought:_ _If_ _I_ _look_ _perfect,_ _and_ _do_ _everything_ _perfectly,_ _I_ _can_ _avoid_ _or_ _minimize_ _the_ _painful_ _feelings_ _of_ _shame,_ _judgment,_ _and_ _blame._

  44. SUpa HotFireFUNCIEK

    SUpa HotFireFUNCIEK3 months ago

    Thanks sir, now i'm going to read book and in a while, going to buy some classics clothes. Pleasure to see your video

  45. Nirvan Maraj

    Nirvan Maraj3 months ago

    Your face is really ugly...but it lead to ur success, embrace it!

  46. Grass Turtle

    Grass Turtle3 months ago

    You're the reason I live

  47. Nik Jones

    Nik Jones3 months ago

    I feel like he might have killed someone lmao

  48. John

    John3 months ago

    You are a cool dude. That’s the bottom line. I appreciate your attitude, your candor, and your wit. Keep it up and I hope you become famous as hell.

  49. Valdemar Østerberg

    Valdemar Østerberg3 months ago

    You should try an see some vidoes by someone like sadhguru, i think they might help you figure stuff out. But u seem like a cool dude. Much love, and i hope u get over your depression and end up understanding it!

  50. MySecretSolitude

    MySecretSolitude3 months ago

    Aww, dude.. none of all the things you did were bad. Listen, you didn’t mean to do it. You didn’t mean to hurt everyone that you had hurt. None of us do. Most of us are just so stuck inside our heads to see that what we say or do are hurting everyone else. I mean, we were so stuck trying to protect ourselves, it’s called self preservation. I know. Like, personally, we know we are so fucking weak that we can’t really be there for everyone else and preserve them as well. You hurt before they hurt you, right? Not hurt to hurt, but hurt to defend. You are your home, you are your family, and if anyone is going to fight for you. It’s you. Unless you can’t anymore (then people who care deeply for you would.) I mean, the world’s like a crap version of hunger games. You have to keep running for your life, kill for yourself and those people who would kill for you, kill for your family because you care for them and you want to be surrounded by people who you care for and care for you. It’s not bad to hurt others if you need to. I mean, I’m ready to shit and blowtorch someone when they come after my best friend. Just.. you know you, yknow?? You made these or that choices for you, not for them. They can’t tell you if you’re bad or not just because they got hurt. They don’t think the way you do, all the things that crossed your mind might not have crossed theirs. You’d don’t have to kiss their asses and be kind. You don’t have to please them. You know you and if they’re trying to change you into this weird mold of how they think people should be like, then fuck them. Fuck their mom. Fuck what they think. Don’t kiss their ass. Be strong. Be you. Be true, hun. And if people hurt you, string them by their necks and solidify their skins and turn them to creepy wind chimes. You deserve all the love in the world just like everybody else does. (Anyone who disagrees needs a condom shoved so far up their prostate)

  51. No One

    No One3 months ago

    So pretty :) I love the sound. The sounds in the morning help me focus on the earth more and keeping life simple. Animals have such a simple existence. Follow their sounds within. Animals and their sounds are meditation for the soul.

  52. New Jargon

    New Jargon3 months ago

    Why do I find this fairly unconvincing? A lot of you dont see this that way.

  53. I am Greatness

    I am Greatness3 months ago


  54. Matthew Carter

    Matthew Carter3 months ago

    You must be in Florida I assume because of the nature and plants

  55. sanga523

    sanga5233 months ago

    You talk so much shit.

  56. Eric Rice

    Eric Rice3 months ago

    lol. The birds are loud af.

  57. Hraptor

    Hraptor3 months ago

    Recommended watch this channel at 2x speed

  58. Honda S2000

    Honda S20003 months ago

    Why do most intelligent people not like wild life and nurture, or maybe they’re not fond of it.

  59. G G

    G G3 months ago

    i love you

  60. extra thicc and spicy memez

    extra thicc and spicy memez4 months ago

    Wholesome just wholesome

  61. Paula  Adams

    Paula Adams4 months ago

    Mcdonald buttermilk chicken tenders....buttermilk is not a butter they put on steak Buttermilk is found in the dairy section made from milk .

  62. Teig from school

    Teig from school4 months ago

    Please make more vids. There so inspirational

  63. Alex salazar

    Alex salazar4 months ago

    bruh look at this dude look at the top of his head look at his nerdy clothes the cringe

  64. Evil Keali’i

    Evil Keali’i4 months ago

    429,000 reviews just let that sink in

  65. Evil Keali’i

    Evil Keali’i4 months ago

    Are you in NC bro?

  66. Evil Keali’i

    Evil Keali’i4 months ago

    Aliens- blow everything else up, take him to paradise.

  67. Lucy Mae

    Lucy Mae4 months ago

    I never knew how much I needed a video like this. I actually started tearing up just a bit. This touched me. This resonated with me.

  68. Ben Love

    Ben Love4 months ago

    I just want to be one of the thousands of other people to say that you are awesome in every way, inspirational, and wise beyond your years. Keep doing what you're doing.


    MR ANONYMOUS4 months ago

    Who is this nibba?.

  70. mabdala

    mabdala4 months ago

    You remind me of a young Roy MASTERS. I truly enjoy you.

  71. James UnderCastle

    James UnderCastle4 months ago

    He’s actually really intelligent. People make fun of him but he is really just a kind smart guy.

  72. Jason Lee

    Jason Lee4 months ago

    Thank you for reminding me of what is truly important for my life. When you want to get something, you have to sacrifice because when you gain then you loose. Life is like a circle going round and round and round but the thing is it is going forward like a spiral, thats mean you are improving and becoming who you are. Everyone has different views. Hence, some people will try to "sell" their views in certain communities and try to change other people's mind or just to make them mentally feel better. I'd call this type of person an "Attacker" as you already said which I am truly agree with. You got to keep distance with those guys as they could be highly dangerous. To share my experience... I am a statue collector and I met a guy who was exactly the worst person I have mentioned above. But I did't know that until I feel that I lost myself. I found out that he just used me to express his views and show off in order to make himself feel better. Also criticize views that against his views. One day (A few months ago), he sold a rare statue to me. (The reason he put it on sell I think it is because he doubt there may be maintenance issue of the statue and also he bought another one with different version. He made the decision for selling this product right after he mentioned these 2 points in the statue community group). He put the statue on a website with a pricey amount. So I negotiated with him with a fair price. I went to his place on the next day and took the statue. After one day, he said he want it back. I refused and said I really like the statue and most importantly I have already bought if from you back in one day. I explained to him it is very hard for me to return it just because the sudden change of decision from him. Then he started to speak extremely rudely. He said that he will call the cops, criticize and even blacklist me in the group. (Of course, lots of swearing.) So he used my friendship to get his own benefit. At the end of the day, lesson learnt and I don't care about this guy anymore. what I am concerning now is that he will try his best to make other people dislike me by telling false truth to other people from group. Ultimately to isolation from the statue collection community which is highly unacceptable and disrespectful. As a conclusion, a true friend shall not have the same interest or personal goal. There is only one rainbow on top of a mountain.

  73. mr green

    mr green4 months ago


  74. Brook Watson

    Brook Watson4 months ago

    Are you that guy that was like "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"?????

  75. Pancake Samurai

    Pancake Samurai4 months ago

    *tHiS AiNt It ChIeF*

  76. 49jubilee

    49jubilee4 months ago

    He looks like the guy who Invented 78s...1912

  77. sacramentallyill

    sacramentallyill4 months ago

    Can somebody tell me who this dude is N what he does??

  78. fallenSlave

    fallenSlave4 months ago

    R e a d t h e b i b l e

  79. passerell

    passerell4 months ago

    How can I become your student?

  80. Emre

    Emre4 months ago

    You made me think about who i am.Kinda inspired me.

  81. ReadMyLipsMum

    ReadMyLipsMum4 months ago

    I love you dude. I first found you through Elvis The Alien when he made his video on you. It took the shit because your not like everyone else on youtube but as he and I were to learn it's your differences that make you beautiful and unique. Keep being you my dude.

  82. sunmarsh

    sunmarsh4 months ago

    I just want to lay down next to you and brush my fingers across your cheek as I stare into your eyes. Is that weird?

  83. invaderkim

    invaderkim4 months ago

    You are genuinely a brilliant guy

  84. Hannah Calzone

    Hannah Calzone4 months ago

    What a living meme. What a legend. What a god.

  85. R0GR 1313

    R0GR 13134 months ago

    I don’t care what anyone says I think you deserve the subscribers. Your vids are good and honestly you look like a good friend. You stand out from everyone and that’s a good thing. I hope you reach you future goals in life and have a bright future!

  86. sundriedtomato

    sundriedtomato4 months ago

    Stop being mean to urself.

  87. gavan the great

    gavan the great4 months ago

    He's so chill with is good

  88. ITyraxI

    ITyraxI4 months ago

    You know this guy has a couple thousand bodies in his backyard.

  89. Spoicy Deemer

    Spoicy Deemer4 months ago

    you look like a budget toby maguire

  90. o0

    o04 months ago

    Nice tie

  91. Will Cook

    Will Cook4 months ago

    i never watched any of your videos before but i recently had a falling out with a group of friends of mine and been feeling absolutely awful, so id been trying to distract myself by finding stuff to watch... in the end i know i just did my best, i was genuinely trying to make things better for months but in the end it just pushed my friends away more. even if i went back in time and didn't do what i did to lead to this point in time, in the end we probably were never going to be very good long time friends because we all had really different fundamental PoVs and sometimes life is just like that and i have to accept it. i dunno. I'm just rambling and i don't expect anyone here to care, and that's okay. but thank you for making a video like this. i don't feel so alone anymore.

  92. Robert T

    Robert T4 months ago

    Im waiting for your late night drunken rant video, go ahead man do a good drunken rant video get a bunch of real shit off your chest.

  93. pink custard

    pink custard4 months ago

    You don't know how insanely lucky you are to be yourself without societal backlash man...some of us can't be ourselves without fearing violence

  94. pink custard

    pink custard4 months ago

    You did say some dodgy things

  95. Jesper Leiulfsrud

    Jesper Leiulfsrud4 months ago

    I guess I'm a bit late to the party but i just wanted to say that you are so god damn strong for sharing this with us. I think many of us needed to hear these things as well. Thank you for this!

  96. King Poot

    King Poot4 months ago

    This man is the very embodiment of the quote "be the change you want to see in the world"

  97. Daniel Justin Santillan

    Daniel Justin Santillan4 months ago

    The god has spoken

  98. Lone Soul

    Lone Soul4 months ago

    A true God among men he is… *_𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕎𝕠𝕨_*

  99. Hamton Gadel USA

    Hamton Gadel USA4 months ago

    A modern day Mr. Rogers.

  100. Riquinni

    Riquinni4 months ago

    I've always seen this guy on memes but never saw any vids until now, but I'll be damned if you aren't the realist person on youtube.

  101. My Art Page

    My Art Page4 months ago

    This made me tear up a little bit

  102. My Art Page

    My Art Page4 months ago

    You are such a sweet person ❤️

  103. OG Dankz

    OG Dankz4 months ago

    This is literally the best video I've ever seen in my entire life, that being said I have no clue wtf I just watched

  104. Captcha Neon

    Captcha Neon4 months ago

    I suppose it could be a lot worse, you could have a child with someone you don’t like and be stuck in all the drama that comes with it. As for your mistakes, we all make them and many of us cannot fathom why we did what we did. There’s people like myself who made tons of mistakes, because I was so angry that my parents kept me forced into an extreme religion and I never could do anything at all. I suppose I would have been better off to not do what I did however, it can’t be changed. You have excellent self insight and though people on MReporter see you as 100% perfect, you know that isn’t actually true but you have changed your life so, it really means more than just saying you regret your past.

  105. Steven Murray

    Steven Murray4 months ago

    Review connor mcgregor's whiskey, gurentee it'll be a big video for ya.

  106. Flubbagut

    Flubbagut4 months ago

    The opening shot is magical

  107. jacob grennan

    jacob grennan4 months ago

    Kill yourself

  108. EmeraldView

    EmeraldView5 months ago

    It's such a good feeling To know you're alive It's such a happy feeling You're growing inside And when you wake up ready to say "I'll make a snappy new day." It's such a good feeling A very good feeling The feeling you know That I'll be back when the day is new And I'll have more ideas for you And you'll have things you'll want to talk about I will, too (Spoken) You always make each day such a special day. You know how: by just your being you. There's only one person in the whole world exactly like you, and that's you yourself, and people can like you exactly as you are (Song) It's such a good feeling A very good feeling The feeling you know That we're friends