And Still I Evolve


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

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  2. Beastkiller 0468

    Beastkiller 04687 months ago

    😭 you’re the best man

  3. Jeanette Bukovsky

    Jeanette Bukovsky8 months ago

    Thank you. Thank you. God bless you.

  4. Ordinary Guy

    Ordinary Guy9 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek heyy

  5. Damo

    Damo11 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I really loved this video, I felt this very deeply. Anybody who can do a video this personal earns my respect. I hope you keep making videos

  6. The Casual Carry

    The Casual CarryYear ago

    Consider going skydiving and giving us a review of the experience. I've done it myself and will never forget the empowering feeling it gave me. It really is a life changing experience. You are doing great man! Cheers!

  7. Andrew Corrigan

    Andrew Corrigan2 days ago

    I love you reviewbrah

  8. Željko Špoljarić

    Željko Špoljarić8 days ago

    This is the BEST channel on youtube!!!

  9. Tracy Dee

    Tracy Dee8 days ago

    Your best teacher is your last mistake.

  10. Debra Goring

    Debra Goring16 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this RB. Honest to goodness stuff! Really helpful. x

  11. Donald James

    Donald JamesMonth ago

    how does perfection evolve?

  12. Araina

    ArainaMonth ago

    Reviewbrah.... More like.... Therapybrah 😭😭 god bless him

  13. Ayema Eyalit

    Ayema EyalitMonth ago

    0:22 It sounds nice in the background as a viewer, but if I were to be in front of the camera, I would probably be distracted by the sound as well. You're definitely not alone, ReviewBrah.

  14. KeeperPlus

    KeeperPlusMonth ago

    Don't worry what anyone thinks man. Tpure awesome

  15. MissGiyongchy 1

    MissGiyongchy 12 months ago

    Thank you, for being so open with us. When you said depression, I just felt your sadness. I know how it feels. Your videos are making my day much more happier. I really appreciate your work. Stay as awesome as you are, bro.

  16. Little Bighead

    Little Bighead2 months ago

    i love you

  17. pom mantis

    pom mantis3 months ago

    I pray to God someday I'll find a husband just like this man

  18. pom mantis

    pom mantis3 months ago

    Im 2 years older than him and i feel ashamed of myself for not being as wise

  19. kcarlson2006

    kcarlson20063 months ago

    I've noticed that in earlier VORW programs you did sound like you were trying to be tougher, more assertive than was comfortable for you. In the current broadcasts you sound more at ease, even when you've had a difficult week. I admire your growth as a person. You are evolving into a most articulate and thoughtful human being. The maturation process is evident.

  20. Escapist

    Escapist4 months ago

    I didn't know how much I needed to listen to something like this

  21. Gavin Kennedy

    Gavin Kennedy4 months ago

    When you struggle feelings of self hate and past regret. Look at the person you love the most in the world and imagine them doing the things you have done. Most of the time, it makes you realize the mistakes you’ve made aren’t really that bad in grand scheme of things and even though you have made them it doesn’t take away from your good qualities. Maybe you strayed in whatever way you did, so has every other human being in the world. Be conscientious not condemned. Long term guilt does no one favors. I have to remind myself of this. Youth is a grand adventurous time but it’s also a time where we all as individuals have to find out who we really are. Some of us become people we never wanted to be and Some of us become people we never thought we could be. Do your best in everything you do and if your best at the time wasn’t enough, it’s okay. Learn, grow, and appreciate the mistakes for what they taught you.

  22. Jinxsyrinx

    Jinxsyrinx5 months ago

    I feel like I'm actually there??? The animal noises were so peaceful

  23. Jinxsyrinx

    Jinxsyrinx5 months ago

    You really inspiring bro this video really made me realize a lot of things.

  24. Jason Yang

    Jason Yang5 months ago

    Are u still in school. Is this your main income

  25. Tom Guadalupe

    Tom Guadalupe5 months ago

    I will tell you this, you will ignore it but it needs to be said. You will end up regretting wasting your youth with this youtube stuff. You will get "older" and then you will not be able to to this anymore, then you will be in a situation where you have no marketable job skills. I hope you are doing something beside reviewing food. I wish you all the best.

  26. plsdont

    plsdont6 months ago

    Is he talking about 4chan?

  27. spoder men

    spoder men7 months ago

    You're an inspiration dude. This comment probably won't make it up to you, but stay who you are and do your thing. It will be worth it trust me. You're not alone.

  28. Danielle Perry

    Danielle Perry7 months ago

    I'd rather have him as president tbh. Too bad he's still a bit young for the job.

  29. StrangeDuckling

    StrangeDuckling7 months ago

    This is my first video if yours that I've ever seen. I've seen the memes and the praise, and decided to finally check it out for myself; I'm glad this was my first video.

  30. Denchik ShowEm

    Denchik ShowEm7 months ago

    so i was watching steve1989mre and a comment mentioned ''reviewbrah'' and so i searched it and this came up.... idk why i watched this entire video but hey man, here, take a like

  31. Isauro Garcia

    Isauro Garcia7 months ago

    this video showed up on my recommended in just the right time, im going thru some stuff and hearing your thoughts on this really helped - dont change.. be kind be humble

  32. Igni 74

    Igni 747 months ago

    This isnt even his final form

  33. Robbie Ruport

    Robbie Ruport7 months ago

    I find the bird calls quite relaxing

  34. Hudaa Sabrie

    Hudaa Sabrie8 months ago


  35. leofera

    leofera8 months ago

    You can be however you want and “being yourself “ is not set in stone

  36. leofera

    leofera6 months ago

    I was a sad cunt now I’m a sick cunt

  37. plsdont

    plsdont6 months ago

    elaborate and give my an example from your life

  38. konsul2006

    konsul20068 months ago

    Did he make it to Meme review? I wonder if he ever will :)

  39. KA17

    KA178 months ago

    The internet can be a stew of ignorance and hate and some of the comments really can bring a person down. You're real, genuine, a breath of fresh air and what you're saying here is very, very important to younger people that are still trying to figure out who THEY are. So, I thank you for that. Keep doing what you're doing and keep sharing in the way you are.

  40. Tony Huzzah

    Tony Huzzah8 months ago

    I have watched your videos off and on over the last two years. This was the one that made me subscribe. I think you are so insightful, honest, intelligent, articulate and wise for someone so young. Some would say you have an Old Soul. This video was incredibly hopeful while also being rather melancholy and wistful. I think you are incredible and truly believe that anyone who would publicly insult you for any reason whether it regards your appearance or mannerisms or your particular demeanour and sense of style are simply ignorant and insecure. Please make sure that if you ever feel overwhelmed by your depression that you do whatever you need to get the help you deserve. I wish you all the best. Be happy.

  41. bigby2010

    bigby20108 months ago

    Christopher Walken morphed with Mr. Rogers. I get it. I like the cut of your jib. Thank you for your service.

  42. Braxton Singletary

    Braxton Singletary8 months ago

    Awesome video man, please keep up the good work. I really appreciate your videos and perspectives. This is my first comment to MReporter ever and I have been watching your videos for many years. Thank you, sir. You are so awesome.

  43. New funney tv

    New funney tv8 months ago


  44. bigballerjerry

    bigballerjerry8 months ago

    I can’t tell if that guy is serious or not😂

  45. Peter Wyatt

    Peter Wyatt8 months ago

    Is this guy an actor or a real person

  46. Tyler

    Tyler8 months ago

    /b/ Backed you up, i know because i felt like i was in the same shoes as you, and is saw it, was a part of it. I too have since changed. This video means a lot. I commend you for making this video. It means a lot.

  47. plsdont

    plsdont6 months ago

    /b/ is a horrible place, but no reason to turn one's back on them and hattalk them down. lets not forget what they did for each and everyone of us...or for him in this case

  48. The potato Man

    The potato Man8 months ago

    Commit toaster bath

  49. Weak Very

    Weak Very8 months ago

    i love how there's no fucking jumpcuts

  50. Rob Fitz

    Rob Fitz8 months ago

    Thank you for this honest video. My respect for you has grown immensely. Keep up the good work!

  51. Kler

    Kler8 months ago

    just listening u giving me an amazing relaxing feel... u are amazing person and never regret anything what comes from your

  52. Pro Mountain Biker

    Pro Mountain Biker8 months ago

    If every young adult was like you, the world would be a better place

  53. Derek Shaw

    Derek Shaw8 months ago

    That tie is awesome! Where did you get it ?

  54. gavin lucietta

    gavin lucietta8 months ago

    welp I learned a new word "diatribe" thanks! lol

  55. Dade Lee Murphy

    Dade Lee Murphy8 months ago

    What you're describing is called reflection, and to an extent, a moral inventory. Good. More people need to have one.

  56. Migas Almeida

    Migas Almeida8 months ago

    That moment when you realize he's mostly.been talking to himself, trying to convince himself of the things he advices us

  57. Jack O'Jack

    Jack O'Jack8 months ago

    You seem to be over analyzing things, maybe anxiety is playing tricks on you, I don't know much about you, this is the only video I've seen so far, a friend of mine recommended me to check out your MReporter channel, you seem to be a well adjusted man. If people attack you online, that's their problem, not yours, would you like to be in the shoes of a sadistic asshole who behaves like a jerk online because he can't attract people’s attention in the physical world? Of course not, we all know that these people are miserable, even experts in psychology. Like my dear Grandmother always told me, don't ever let an asshole rent any space in your brain. Easier said than done, but you learn with practice. I'm saying all of this because I'm 42 year old and I went through very similar problems when I was younger, I still have residues, I used to beat myself up all the time, always regretting things, always thinking about how I should've done this and what I should've said in that particular moment, I would feel guilt and shame, shame is a soul eating emotion, it's a devastating feeling, but shame is also a social emotion, and you're on a public forum, over a million people listen to you and watch you, it's perfectly normal for you to feel the way that you do at times, we all do, everything is a question of balance, sometimes, anxiety can blur the lines between reality and emotions, that's when panic attacks occur, introspection is very good, but too much of it can be detrimental. I'll finish with this quote from Brené Brown. _Perfectionism_ _is_ _a_ _self_ _destructive_ _and_ _addictive_ _belief_ _system_ _that_ _fuels_ _this_ _primary_ _thought:_ _If_ _I_ _look_ _perfect,_ _and_ _do_ _everything_ _perfectly,_ _I_ _can_ _avoid_ _or_ _minimize_ _the_ _painful_ _feelings_ _of_ _shame,_ _judgment,_ _and_ _blame._

  58. Nirvan Maraj

    Nirvan Maraj8 months ago

    Your face is really ugly...but it lead to ur success, embrace it!