An Expert's Take On The Symbolism In Childish Gambino’s Viral ‘This Is America’ Video | TIME


  1. Harrison Gay

    Harrison Gay5 hours ago

    Sheesh, lazy video

  2. [Insert Clever Name Here]

    [Insert Clever Name Here]Day ago

    I didn't watch the video and simply disliked it because in the title it says an experts take yet it's not my take on it and I'm super smart

  3. A Pimp Named Slickback

    A Pimp Named SlickbackDay ago

    "Music expert" you mean dumb ass liberal who's views a line with yours correct?

  4. Elvishly

    Elvishly2 days ago

    I have seen a lot of these symbolism videos recently. I feel a lot is missed out deliberately so that you can make your "own interpretation". I think ultimately this the message of the video is....hey I'm gonna make you think* *really make money like everyone else.

  5. katelynn767

    katelynn7672 days ago

    Not much of an expert. Most people knew this already.

  6. Azka Azzahra

    Azka Azzahra2 days ago


  7. Zakiya Williams

    Zakiya Williams3 days ago

    His overall point of the video is how us AMERICANS get distracted so easily by social media IN GENERAL not pointing the finger at race saying who doing what

  8. mywordisfinal

    mywordisfinal3 days ago

    this a horrible take on the video. search for the washington post explanation.

  9. mafiajewishgrandma

    mafiajewishgrandma3 days ago

    Is this like a preview of the expert's take or something, where's the beef? Fucking experts these days, 30 seconds outside the velvet box to get a couple big words a half deep thought.

  10. Khan Skywalker

    Khan Skywalker3 days ago

    I don't understand. This is music? This is art?

  11. Ghebrehiwet

    Ghebrehiwet3 days ago

    Terrible expert.

  12. Ghebrehiwet

    Ghebrehiwet3 days ago

    You missed the Jim Crow lose.

  13. Michigo Moe

    Michigo Moe3 days ago

    Black Twitter found more symbolism than this come on now😂

  14. Margot

    Margot4 days ago

    White Americans are so racist (I am a white person)

  15. Tea Ezra

    Tea Ezra4 days ago

    What a pathetic attempt at interpreting the meaning behind this clip. A more accurate breakdown can be found here:

  16. Satisfied Boi

    Satisfied Boi4 days ago

    So um I found this

  17. Satisfied Boi

    Satisfied Boi4 days ago

    So um I found this

  18. Moonlight Babe Ariana

    Moonlight Babe Ariana4 days ago


  19. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese4 days ago

    Wow this video needs to be more diverse. To many black people only seen a few white... What a sad sad world we live in..

  20. zzerulia lase

    zzerulia lase4 days ago

    He genius im glad he show us this kind of art

  21. jmack619

    jmack6195 days ago

    the ultimate low point for youtube. think I'll cut youtube and bookface out of my life for good. google this

  22. Roy_Thousand

    Roy_Thousand5 days ago

    I am going to ask a serious question! Do you think outlawing firearms in the United States will stop violence between people? Keep in mind that the United States outlaws drugs and we still have people using and selling it. Also, London just surpassed New York City with the amount of murders committed, London had outlawed firearms for years!

  23. Tyrone White

    Tyrone White5 days ago

    What a shitty video

  24. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump5 days ago

    If it's coming from TIME, then it's not an "expert's take".

  25. V Villalobos

    V Villalobos5 days ago

    This is America video is really for the pseudo conscious and the fake woke.....the choir sequence mimics a manufactured news story of a crisis actor Dylan Storm Roof which perpetuates a false narrative and deception... Which is why this is only for the fake woke not the real conscious people that see right through the infantile emotions being triggered... this is America.. Edit

  26. People Kind

    People Kind5 days ago

    Absolute garbage.

  27. Artemus Over Easy

    Artemus Over Easy5 days ago

    Enjoyed the video because it paints a true picture of today's culture but what it doesn't do is offer any helpful solutions. Typical victimized mindset of many in this country. Blame someone else rather than take ahold of it yourself and spread positive change. Am looking forward to the next video form Gambino about "Steps to take to Fix America". Also- TIME: you suck at breaking down videos.

  28. viva Zapata

    viva Zapata5 days ago

    ppffffttttt you need to get your money back from that "expert" he ripped you off ....lmao crapiest expert ever what the hell did he come up with?? didnt even mention the white horse in the background...smh

  29. MILK MAN

    MILK MAN5 days ago

    More whinning privileged black millionaire

  30. subliminalvibes

    subliminalvibes5 days ago

    PAUL JOSEPH WATSON actually nailed it better than this pathetic attempt at a 'breakdown video'.

  31. UtaShinoBu

    UtaShinoBu6 days ago

    Literally the only ones I've seen to disagree with the symbolism, meanings, and truths behind it all are all white. Maybe try to see why people of color feel this way. try to understand.

  32. quakecon2009

    quakecon20096 days ago

    Search for "The Truth About 'This is America' paul watson"

  33. Whatisthisplace Whatisthisplace

    Whatisthisplace Whatisthisplace6 days ago

    How does one become an "Expert" in such things.

  34. Adapter HD

    Adapter HD6 days ago

    The expert must have failed school.

  35. Nissan GTR

    Nissan GTR6 days ago

    Of course what’s new

  36. Jay B

    Jay B6 days ago

    Thank you for nothing... Can I get my 1:31 back please..??

  37. Ratna Har

    Ratna Har6 days ago

    Why didn't mention about he smokes weed who indicated how many business cannabis lately just boom as legally mariyuana, mdical cannabis, etc... It's just ridiculous... In this MV seem the artist look like smoke weed that's why all scene seem slower then seem repeat back like nothing happened because all people just enjoy themselves in drug ... Ironic

  38. Greg Gatsby

    Greg Gatsby6 days ago

    All of that anti-gun talk is fine and dandy, until you wake up in the middle of the night, and see a large, scary dude, trying to break into your house at 3am. And then, you have to call the cops. But, you know that the police aren't gonna show up for another 30-45 minutes.

  39. Mad kiss

    Mad kiss6 days ago

    Close but this is not a black white.this is america game what he talking about.last one means we wake up but is to late the white horse means the war.angel of death that meana lot of people will die in that war or wake up revolution or what ever its goin to be .matbe after dollar fall.maybe somwthing bigger

  40. Val

    Val6 days ago

    The only expert here is Donald Glover himself

  41. Jen

    Jen6 days ago

    I know people are mocking the expert, but honestly his point was true. You could catch onto it on the first to second viewing of the video, Donald wanted to make it an obvious message because he wants people to know, and I’m sure most people thought the exact thing as this expert before watching this vid.

  42. Malaнья Russia

    Malaнья Russia6 days ago


  43. Radioactivekitteh

    Radioactivekitteh6 days ago

    this video/song is kinda what I imagine a philosophical conversation would be like if the topic of social media and how its different internationally cus distraction happens all over the globe what is it that makes THIS america Bon-fire talk, ya dig?

  44. Allenda Simpson

    Allenda Simpson6 days ago

    It is impossible to break this down in 1:31.....

  45. BigGreekGeek

    BigGreekGeek6 days ago

    I think it is jsut about black on black crime.

  46. Athena

    Athena6 days ago

    The expert failed 🤦🏽‍♀️

  47. Bee Pollen

    Bee Pollen6 days ago

    haha "unadorned" and "accoutrements" of stardom... Whoever wrote this shouldn't be reviewing this video. Maybe get someone who's a little more in touch... lol

  48. Vortex Studios

    Vortex Studios7 days ago

    why are half the comments i see having to do with liberals

  49. Vortex Studios

    Vortex Studios7 days ago

    entire comments section: 40% "fix your black culture" / dissing the song 30% dissing the expert on the vid 20% people talking about liberals and all that 10% memes

  50. The Forehead

    The Forehead7 days ago

    I am sorry but African Americans kill each other way more than any white shooter by like 100X and they think guns and white shooters are the problem look in the mirror first.

  51. 4pharaoh

    4pharaoh7 days ago

    You are discussing subtext. Look at what is in your face: The person being executed IS America. WHAT is being machined gunned IS Christianity. THEY want America dead, THEY want Christians dead, THEY want blacks dead. THEY want us all stupid, preoccupied, and doped up. That is what this video is saying, it's very obvious. THEY are being hampered by America. TIME is part of THEM. So; is Danny Glover warning you or B.S-ing you?

  52. cute puppy

    cute puppy7 days ago

    You mean stating what's obviously seen in the video?

  53. skin tony

    skin tony7 days ago

    Damn if this song is mostly about how there WAS slaves than it should’ve been called “this WAS America”

  54. Jason Holland

    Jason Holland7 days ago

    Everybody can differ from their interpretations from this video. I just believe that Gambino is trying to show us that this country is falling in reverse and no one is paying attention until it’s too late. This is one of the most genius videos I have seen and I applaud him for it.

  55. Gypsy Gypsy

    Gypsy Gypsy7 days ago

    U forgot the Jim Crow pants shoes and movements

  56. sarah fry

    sarah fry7 days ago

    The death of the choir is the death of religion in the black community by execution! Take your nose off the picture and step back to see the whole of it...

  57. Corey Dowd

    Corey Dowd7 days ago

    I'm just so sick of the world absolutely needing to analyze every single fucking thing. Like can we not just enjoy anything or appreciate anything without dragging out the bull crap that just wastes brain cells.

  58. Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka7 days ago

    1) The Man With The Guitar: He is wearing white and playing serene music. He is a dove 🕊 and represents peace. He is bagged, executed, and then finally resurrected as he continues to play serene music while remaining bagged. This represents Satan’s abhorration with peace and his manipulation of anything holy in resemblance. 2) The Chickens: They are white and brown, which represent disparity. They could be meant to represent opposites such as good and evil, rich and poor, or, even, Cain and Abel. 3) The Singing Choir: There are ten members in the choir, which represent the Ten Commandments. They are massacred. This represents Satan’s unequivocal hate for law and order. 4) The White Horse: Behold! a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was D E A T H”. 5) The Color Red: The cloths used to conceal the guns and the color of the car that the protagonist is dancing on is red. Red represents evil. This video is filled with a litany of symbolism that can be interpreted a million different ways. For example-and, this could be a reach, I think that the warehouse everything is taking place in could represent America, or even all of the world, but, isn’t it interesting that it resembles an empty Wal-Mart. The end is nigh and there is no physical, or monetary preparation for it. The only thing that can prepare you for hell is spiritual fitness. How you define spiritual fitness is between you and your maker 🌏

  59. alnice2g

    alnice2g7 days ago

    TRUMP 2020😍😊🇺🇸👏🏼

  60. Andres Diaz

    Andres Diaz7 days ago

    Pushing an agenda. Did anyone see the white horse with a hooded person? Death?

  61. Jake Duffee

    Jake Duffee7 days ago

    Racist Gambino

  62. Kevin William

    Kevin William7 days ago


  63. Empress Niques

    Empress Niques7 days ago

    As a black person - I think this video would've been a lot more effective if he had a Caucasian man carrying out the shooting on the choir (who were not singing praises to the most High but were talking about getting money - which btw is what a lot of the prosperity gospel pastors preach). That said - the shootings and the body being dragged away was done by black people. Also, the people dancing in the video which children in school uniforms who were mainly focused on partying rather than excelling academically and being mindful ofwhat's going on in their community. This video could easily be (mis)interpreted as being just another case of "blacks being the problem" in the mind of a racist.

  64. Devon Subia

    Devon Subia7 days ago

    I wonder if anyone has looked up the cars in this video and crossed ref with cars in police traffic stop shootings that made headlines?

  65. Alex Gray

    Alex Gray7 days ago

    Hahahaha I've read so many explanations of this video in the last week and the "expert" one is by far the least inclusive/informative. Captain obvious over here is over analyzing the blatant material and overlooking the layers upon layers of subtlety. Good job chump.

  66. Brandon Fitzpatrick

    Brandon Fitzpatrick7 days ago

    My interpretation of this is that black people are pathetic monkeys who shoot choirs and ask for money. Where's my Time article?

  67. jennifer queen

    jennifer queen8 days ago

    What in the holy fuqq??? This "expert" just said " the way Black art is used to distract." unclear, ambigous and extremely innacurate. how does that just get posted and go unchecked? Which Black art...just the whole damn lot of it huh???? This was lazy. Delete.

  68. eddie g

    eddie g8 days ago

    They forgot to add the part where he light up a blunt and the music stop to makes feel at peace then start softly with him on top of the old cars meaning we forgetting out all the evens with just a bunt

  69. dudewat212

    dudewat2128 days ago

    The choir shooting in the music video displays the societal efforts to try to diminish or eradicate the importance of Jesus Christ and the gospel musical foundations of African-Americans.