AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!


  1. Aryan Tawte

    Aryan Tawte11 hours ago

    Food just keeps on coming lol

  2. Aryan Tawte

    Aryan Tawte12 hours ago

    Your life span surely will decrease but still it will be a happy death😂

  3. Debojyoti Mondal

    Debojyoti Mondal2 days ago

    I was watching another indian food vlog and he couldnt even try the main course after having starter......u r the real foodie..

  4. Kevin Wehrer

    Kevin Wehrer5 days ago

    Am I the only one who prepares food before watching this

  5. Jesse Malan

    Jesse Malan9 days ago

    You eat like Goku. You are incredible.

  6. A V

    A V9 days ago

    4:19, so nobody's gonna inform this poor guy and let him know sharks don't have bones, only cartilage?


    GAMER ABINEZER9 days ago

    Damn its in hyderabad i hope they have a branch in mumbai

  8. yoongin aier

    yoongin aier9 days ago

    Any Indian Here?? 🙋🙋🙋

  9. yoongin aier

    yoongin aier9 days ago

    8:30 i just saw chana motor 😂😂 glad he taste it.

  10. yoongin aier

    yoongin aier10 days ago

    Indian momos are the best 😋 😋 😋

  11. Chris Snowden

    Chris Snowden12 days ago

    You T-series you lose, but damn that looks good! Subscribe to PewDiePie!

  12. The Greatest

    The Greatest13 days ago

    It can't be $10. Don't friggin kid us!


    FRUST VIZDay ago

    Its around Rs. 650 - Rs.700 in normal days. Its around Rs. 700 - Rs. 800 in Weekends. Convert it from INR to Dollors in Google.

  14. The Greatest

    The Greatest13 days ago

    He's holding the knife in his left and fork in his right hand 😱😱😱

  15. Saksham Jain

    Saksham Jain13 days ago

    My diet is 1/4th of him

  16. LIFE TV

    LIFE TV17 days ago

    You need to visit iberostar star hotel in montego bay Jamaica they have the best buffet style in the world

  17. USMAN

    USMAN17 days ago

    oye zalima..........

  18. aditi013

    aditi01319 days ago

    Indian mums will be so satisfied and content feeding Mike! Love that he has an amazing appetite. He knows how to eat everything in portions

  19. shivangi jetley

    shivangi jetley20 days ago

    I'm a vegetarian and my mouth is watering Shame😭

  20. The Greatest

    The Greatest18 days ago

    It's a shame you are a vegetarian 😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Dante war

    Dante war21 day ago

    If you eat Indian food you'll just end up a rapist like them. I'd rather remain American.

  22. The Greatest

    The Greatest18 days ago

    And if I eat American food, I'll end up a mass shooter like them? What a prick you are.

  23. Dante war

    Dante war20 days ago

    +GAS GROUP Indians are not a race.


    GAS GROUP20 days ago

    U are racist

  25. Rajeev V

    Rajeev V21 day ago


  26. Crimson Vermin

    Crimson Vermin21 day ago

    Potatoes 😂 😂

  27. michael lilo

    michael lilo22 days ago

    A Shark is a fish!

  28. Ava Rai

    Ava Rai25 days ago

    Oh ya.... Oohh ya..... Uuuhhhh yaaaa 😁🤣

  29. Naaveen Mahadeshwar

    Naaveen Mahadeshwar25 days ago

    Did you eat everything?? 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Ayesha Rehman

    Ayesha Rehman25 days ago

    Legit i'm just sitting here like : when will be the next time my mom makes me some kababs? maybe in 2 years . Until then i'll drool over ur videos

  31. singhsingh5353

    singhsingh535326 days ago


  32. Ria Rio

    Ria Rio23 days ago

    10 USD

  33. MonsterDrool

    MonsterDrool27 days ago

    Sharks don't have bones buddy.

  34. Adventure

    Adventure28 days ago

    Legend has it that mike is still eating

  35. Basherblast

    Basherblast29 days ago

    Mikey DO NOT EAT SHARK!!! I am warning you there is alot of shaddy stuff when it comes to shark fishing and if you see anything that goes into it you feel bad for eating it

  36. Priti K

    Priti KMonth ago

    you shouldnt eat the seeds part, in the chillies. its always hot

  37. vasu vegeta

    vasu vegeta6 days ago

    Ur right

  38. Indominus 2018

    Indominus 2018Month ago

    "One of my favourite Indian desserts" is said for almost every dessert.

  39. BubsyMupsy

    BubsyMupsyMonth ago

    Oh, don't worry, you didn't miss anything... the Barbecue nation serves almost same stuff.

  40. gowtham gangster

    gowtham gangsterMonth ago

    coal bbq and bbq nation in chennai man.. thats where the real essence of meat buffet is!!!! next time if you are ever to make a stop in south asia... make it to there

  41. Otem Lego

    Otem LegoMonth ago

    Visit one you will love it

  42. Otem Lego

    Otem LegoMonth ago


  43. prokesuk

    prokesukMonth ago

    Sharks have no bones. And are cute.

  44. Yogender Reddy

    Yogender ReddyMonth ago

    That is in hyderabad and the other buffets in India is Bbq nation which is not that good comparing to ABs



    come again!

  46. hari gowtham

    hari gowthamMonth ago


  47. Vipul Dhanik

    Vipul DhanikMonth ago

    I have tried ab's and their crispy potato is insanely good

  48. Thep Jup

    Thep JupMonth ago

    lol when he ate that naga jolokia pepper not knowing. that aint your mama's chinese pepper lolollolo

  49. By gotuenglish 2Join

    By gotuenglish 2JoinMonth ago

    improve grill plz

  50. Kashyap Pandya

    Kashyap PandyaMonth ago

    ABs barbeque us great barbque nation is sucks uo

  51. shamla nourin

    shamla nourinMonth ago

    Oh yeah😉

  52. Ojas Padekar

    Ojas PadekarMonth ago

    lol great video but Ajwaini is not the name of the fish.. Ajwain is carom seeds, it's the spice that's used on the fish..

  53. punnu babbar

    punnu babbarMonth ago

    You never looked so happy in any other videos as in indian food videos...

  54. Ria Rio

    Ria RioMonth ago

    No he looks the happiest in Japan

  55. Krabberknam

    KrabberknamMonth ago

    Did no one see the swastika at 17:12 ?

  56. Kartikeyan Pawar

    Kartikeyan PawarMonth ago

    Man you eat a lot😂😂

  57. Dwekh Nawsha

    Dwekh NawshaMonth ago

    “I love mutton. We are best friends.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Kenny k

    Kenny kMonth ago

    10 dollars !? I'm moving to India!!!

  59. vasu vegeta

    vasu vegeta6 days ago


  60. Swaggy Kitty

    Swaggy KittyMonth ago

    No one ever treated me like that *flashback, Mcdonald’s employee: “would you like some sauce with that”* .... I stand corrected.

  61. BwanaLana _

    BwanaLana _Month ago

    10$!!!!! Omg I need to get a passport asap!

  62. Vyra Chung

    Vyra Chung13 days ago

    $10 + airfare = US price is still cheaper

  63. A deranged, Chair-wielding man.

    A deranged, Chair-wielding man.Month ago


  64. ruthlyn Cugay

    ruthlyn CugayMonth ago

    new subscriber here i am very happy and satisfied to watch your video. . .i feel hungry every time i watch you vlog

  65. Fay Gorman

    Fay GormanMonth ago


  66. Sameer2762

    Sameer2762Month ago

    Awesome 🤣🤣 btw, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Jackie Chan in some poses?

  67. Ranjit Khanganba

    Ranjit KhanganbaMonth ago

    This video is fantastic....

  68. Subhadra Mahanta

    Subhadra MahantaMonth ago

    3:31 that flip though!

  69. Subhadra Mahanta

    Subhadra MahantaMonth ago

    That chilli was like a relationship XD

  70. Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Freddie Mercury BulsaraMonth ago

    I see u r in Hyderabad hotel I saw Telugu language there, change title to Telangana India haha 👌👍

  71. Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Freddie Mercury BulsaraMonth ago

    Welcome to Hyderabad Telangana 🕉💙✔ Telugus ✔

  72. Jungkook Army

    Jungkook ArmyMonth ago

    It's like Barbecue Nation!

  73. shyamreddy ps

    shyamreddy psMonth ago

    Hyderabad ABs

  74. swzarsa

    swzarsaMonth ago

    Glad you survived the pollution.

  75. J & J

    J & JMonth ago


  76. Esmira Bayryyeva

    Esmira BayryyevaMonth ago

    anyone knows the instrumental at 3:30?

  77. maqbul tapadar

    maqbul tapadarMonth ago

    This man has a well inside his stomach

  78. Mouney Nidhi

    Mouney NidhiMonth ago

    Anyone Telugu ?

  79. Surupa Basu

    Surupa BasuMonth ago

    Which city is this?

  80. Harika Reddy

    Harika ReddyMonth ago

    Hyderabad it is. :)

  81. Anurag Pandey

    Anurag PandeyMonth ago

    For anyone searching for the name of potato's Potato Salsa

  82. Ace Kees

    Ace KeesMonth ago

    dude you can eat like a beast

  83. Lansing Cruise

    Lansing CruiseMonth ago

    Scientists discovered a black hole inside Mickey's stomach

  84. One Fan

    One FanMonth ago

    Oh yeeaaah

  85. Benjamin Alexander

    Benjamin AlexanderMonth ago

    Its so tasty and I want to eat it where in india

  86. Anish Tiwari

    Anish TiwariMonth ago

    Isn't he the beyond science guy

  87. Syed abdul Wasay

    Syed abdul WasayMonth ago

    Dude Why didn't you add the City name Hyderabad in the Caption and description of the video. Please do it.

  88. Sadia Wasay

    Sadia WasayMonth ago

    @strictlydumpling please do it.

  89. Debangsu Maiti

    Debangsu MaitiMonth ago

    How you maintain your fitness after eating lots of 🍔🍟🍷....... Wondering

  90. ian ponce

    ian ponceMonth ago

    pick up the god damn chicken drumstick mike. its a finger food man lol

  91. Sweet Potato Cavy

    Sweet Potato CavyMonth ago

    SHARKS DONT HAVE BONES :) 😂They have a skeleton made up of cartilage

  92. Irma Parker

    Irma ParkerMonth ago

    I honestly wonder why are you not gaining weight? You seem like eating a lot!

  93. Sweety S

    Sweety SMonth ago

    LOVE to watch you again and again and again and again..........

  94. Rohit Murarishetti

    Rohit MurarishettiMonth ago

    This is one of the premium places in Hyderabad, and extraordinarily famous, do try it out when you're here!

  95. HGT

    HGTMonth ago

    ok i was born and raised in Hyderabad and never knew this place Existed.... i feel terrible

  96. Khushi Kalra

    Khushi KalraMonth ago

    You should visit in delhi because delhi have best street food

  97. Shivam Kumar

    Shivam KumarMonth ago

    You made the right choice bruh by choosing AB's !! Their buffet spread and service is always top notch

  98. Tina pt

    Tina pt2 months ago

    India always has the best quality and variety on their buffets. 😍

  99. naveen kumar

    naveen kumar2 months ago

    Great indian food

  100. The IDK Guy

    The IDK Guy2 months ago

    People killed sharks more than sharks killed human, who's the predator?

  101. Himanshu Kumar

    Himanshu Kumar2 months ago

    I can make mia khalifa wait if these are on my table

  102. Deepak R

    Deepak R2 months ago

    How can he eat that much..???

  103. Tzuyu,Jeongeon & Me Having love triangle

    Tzuyu,Jeongeon & Me Having love triangle2 months ago

    India has best buffes ever in tha world If u are rich 10-60 USD per person .... If not rich theres many with 2-5 USD per person .... I have even visited one place with just 1$ per person price(for unlimited vegan food) ..... With best satisfaction ...

  104. shyamreddy ps

    shyamreddy ps2 months ago

    Hyderabad BBQ

  105. Daphne Dee

    Daphne Dee2 months ago

    I'm salavating right now

  106. Gautam Mehta

    Gautam Mehta2 months ago

    Where is this Restaurant

  107. Rex Nakamura

    Rex Nakamura2 months ago

    Seriously Catherine

  108. Mocha Mocha

    Mocha Mocha2 months ago

    Excellent place. I went there

  109. Sixtus

    Sixtus2 months ago

    Why did they all look like they wanted to mob you at 3:52 😅

  110. Tom

    Tom2 months ago

    you end up loving like 99% of everything you eat. shrimp gets overcooked and burnt? "oh whoa! thats actually great!!!"

  111. Rosie Ortiz

    Rosie Ortiz2 months ago

    You cracked me up on the chili on a stick.. great video .. food looked great.. an awesome customer service

  112. YaMinnie Naidu

    YaMinnie Naidu2 months ago

    I’ve been there