AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!


  1. Tanu Taniya

    Tanu Taniya16 hours ago

    We Indians😍😍❤are really proud..💕 coz we have worlds best spices 😄

  2. Raniya Agmangattil

    Raniya Agmangattil3 days ago

    Why am i torturing myself like this?😧😧

  3. Mohammed Rahman

    Mohammed Rahman4 days ago

    Water aggravates the spices.

  4. *****

    *****5 days ago

    Your sneeze is too delicate 😁

  5. Tango

    Tango6 days ago

    I always watch your videos because they come on my feed...but i was never subd! I subd today bro. Keep up the great work!

  6. akshay kashyap

    akshay kashyap7 days ago

    Good videos bro. I loved the food enthusiasm! 👍

  7. sillyboi

    sillyboi8 days ago

    Sharks don't have bones for the most part.

  8. Wolverines Queen

    Wolverines Queen9 days ago

    Probably eating lot of vegetables than any other countries

  9. TheNoobOfTheDay

    TheNoobOfTheDay9 days ago

    Chickem Momo

  10. Rajan

    Rajan10 days ago

    wtf he is having god level appetite ,my whole family eat what he ate alone

  11. Saukat-Hussein Dudhia

    Saukat-Hussein Dudhia10 days ago

    Mikey, is your middle name "Jackie"? :) I have to ask you, did you really eat ALL that food in Mumbai at the Brunch buffet??! You are very entertaining, and I have subscribed to your channel to see if you put on weight over the next few weeks! :) :) Best wishes in your travels mate

  12. Tahjay Ulett

    Tahjay Ulett11 days ago

    Eating Korean bbq cooked on a Mongolian grill in India then plays jamaican reggae *noice*👌

  13. Chaitali Sarkar

    Chaitali Sarkar11 days ago

    I love when people appreciate Indian food....

  14. Shubham Kumar

    Shubham Kumar11 days ago

    You should also try the Barbeque Nation. Its a bit costly but worth every single penny

  15. PRAJAKEEYA updates

    PRAJAKEEYA updates11 days ago

    Feeling sorry for the cameraman

  16. Ch Vo

    Ch Vo11 days ago

    They even gave us a free beer great place and ambiance

  17. Ch Vo

    Ch Vo11 days ago

    I ate in this restaurant like 6 times

  18. Ninja Ninja

    Ninja Ninja13 days ago

    I'm triggered you ate the meat with fork and knife 😞

  19. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo14 days ago

    Yes, everything was $10 before Mike visited .... ever since he left, the restaurant upped from $10 to $15. Next time Mike visits India, hike his visa fee ... retribution Mike, retribution.

  20. Royal Noble

    Royal NobleDay ago

    Boo Boo Maybe because it's so famous.

  21. Jun Ren Ong

    Jun Ren Ong14 days ago

    Buffet business will be bankrupt if there's more ppl like Mikey eating there xD

  22. Bob's TV

    Bob's TV14 days ago


  23. Rayyan Ali

    Rayyan Ali14 days ago

    I hate pineapples on pizza but surprisingly barbequed pineapple actually tastes good.

  24. shivam jaiswal

    shivam jaiswal14 days ago

    I am feeling sad for cameraman

  25. Trevor Hay

    Trevor Hay16 days ago

    you ate a lot here!! they kept bringing you more food!

  26. raj meghwal

    raj meghwal16 days ago

    @9:19 Close your eyes

  27. Evo296

    Evo29617 days ago

    Lmao most foreigners eat somewhere near slum and when they get sick then they just blame us.. Even locals don't eat anywhere without any clue..

  28. Rahul Pandey

    Rahul Pandey6 days ago

    Exactly, always check the location and the local market.

  29. Bony Rajanmeena

    Bony Rajanmeena17 days ago

    I am proud to be an ''INDIAN'' ..again..

  30. Chandrashekhar Borkar

    Chandrashekhar Borkar17 days ago

    🍇🍈🍉 Mohitoo fooja 🍊🍋🍌

  31. Nidhi bansal

    Nidhi bansal18 days ago

    When he took the chilies in his plate i knew he was going to suffer a lot!!!! A lot!!!😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  32. Ashish Kumar Belladhi

    Ashish Kumar Belladhi18 days ago

    $10/- 🤔 I'm an Indian and what all food he ate costs nearly 4500/- Indian Rupees which is approx $63/-. I think they had offered him. I had the same way like eating 10 variety of food together cost me 4500/- Rupees.

  33. Ashish Kumar Belladhi

    Ashish Kumar Belladhi11 days ago

    +Karthik Ramesh I see. 🤔

  34. Karthik Ramesh

    Karthik Ramesh12 days ago

    Ashish Kumar Belladhi BBQ nation buffet cost $15 -$20 per person. You can have unlimited feast and restaurant is available around many major cities around In India.

  35. Maldita Forever

    Maldita Forever18 days ago

    I'm your follower

  36. Maldita Forever

    Maldita Forever18 days ago

    5 star hotel & they have broken bowl, ridiculous.

  37. WWE champions league

    WWE champions league19 days ago


  38. Priti Das

    Priti Das19 days ago

    This is the way mother-in-law treats her son-in-law in India. Keep serving more & more food. 😂

  39. Purple Orchid

    Purple Orchid19 days ago

    No pun intended but.....chicken's are cute....cattle and calves are sooooo loving....lambs and sheep are adorable..ducks are motherly.....😏😏

  40. Moonlight L

    Moonlight L19 days ago

    Momo is Nepalese food

  41. madhav reddy

    madhav reddy20 days ago

    All that food for $10-12.

  42. Iliyas Hussain

    Iliyas Hussain20 days ago

    How much u eat😮😮😮😮

  43. A. Raman

    A. Raman21 day ago

    😂😂 he ate all this in one meal !! LoL.... He would have regretted it in the loo 😂😂😂 im indian but I cant handle all of this in one meal

  44. Fortifyman

    Fortifyman21 day ago

    it looks good but cant eat because i am vegetarian due to family traditions

  45. Samuel Chorkhy

    Samuel Chorkhy21 day ago

    Dude you should visit northeast India... Mainly Shillong... I know you will like it... And by the Way Your Attraction towards food makes me admire you more and more... All the Best... Hoping to see your new video

  46. S. C. Mack

    S. C. Mack22 days ago

    The Weeboo of food

  47. Praneel Rodrigues

    Praneel Rodrigues23 days ago

    How much does this cost?

  48. satya juttika

    satya juttika24 days ago

    Nice video

  49. Nols Lols

    Nols Lols27 days ago

    now i know....after mike sneeze he change to stomach no 2

  50. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma27 days ago

    I think price of the food depends on how big your camera is..😅

  51. Abhijeet Yadav

    Abhijeet Yadav28 days ago

    Hope you come back

  52. A Random JEE Aspirant

    A Random JEE Aspirant28 days ago

    18:23 that's haut

  53. Er Kaay

    Er Kaay28 days ago


  54. El Jo

    El Jo28 days ago

    do you sell the T-shirt "I'm super tender and delicious" ??? my hubby needs one! lol

  55. Prakash Bhanu

    Prakash BhanuMonth ago

    You could have tried Barbeque Nation.

  56. Michael Humer

    Michael HumerMonth ago

    Lol @ the Swastika @ 17:13 on the small spice container.

  57. Dimba Ningthoukhongjam

    Dimba NingthoukhongjamMonth ago

    come to manipur india north east taste our traditional food

  58. abcd. zyxw.

    abcd. zyxw.Month ago

    Indian s know how to a boss.

  59. saurabh pande

    saurabh pandeMonth ago

    18:24 that's a 7 start dish BTW, ice cream with Gulab Jamuun

  60. Vibhor Kumar

    Vibhor KumarMonth ago

    8:31 I'm Asian I'm Asian 😂😂

  61. Fleeting Shadow

    Fleeting ShadowMonth ago

    I'll be thinking about those potatoes.

  62. Wizard V2003X

    Wizard V2003XMonth ago

    Which city in India are u in Mr dumpling

  63. Malarag Yeto

    Malarag YetoMonth ago

    Ajwain is not a fish it is a type of spice.

  64. Prathamesh Shrivastava

    Prathamesh ShrivastavaMonth ago

    We eat gulab jamun and ice cream together in India ... You know how to eat your food man👊

  65. Prathamesh Shrivastava

    Prathamesh ShrivastavaMonth ago

    We don't eat chilies directly you know

  66. Jatin Katyal

    Jatin KatyalMonth ago

    AB's is Love :D

  67. Noor ZäîñäB

    Noor ZäîñäBMonth ago

    Is it hyderabad?

  68. Aishwarya kumar

    Aishwarya kumarMonth ago

    you are the first person who tried rasmalai in India (the one which you loved)

  69. punnu babbar

    punnu babbarMonth ago

    Indian food is magic😍💜💜

  70. Abdeali Arsiwala

    Abdeali ArsiwalaMonth ago

    He paid 700₹ and ate of around 2500₹



    watching this at 4 am is a grave mistake!! This made me hungry lol



    damn!!! this guy can eat

  73. arvind ramesh

    arvind rameshMonth ago

    When he put the gulab jamun in the ice cream and ate them together, he officially became indian.

  74. saketh manda

    saketh mandaMonth ago

    Guys......why aren't we Indians morbidly obese? How? With food this good?

  75. vishu rocks!!!

    vishu rocks!!!Month ago

    6:42 guys that potato legit is very tasty. They actually use a very very very yummy sauce which makes it just tasty af!! Ever come to India? Just go to BBQ nation or ab's and ask for the potato starter and 💯 you will be delighted!


    THE MINYWOODMonth ago

    kitna khayega mc

  77. I_Fuzed The_Hostage_Again

    I_Fuzed The_Hostage_AgainMonth ago

    Pause at 2:10. Me:I don’t know what you mean chief looks vegetarian to me

  78. Shreya Vatsana

    Shreya VatsanaMonth ago

    I'm super hungry rn🤤🤤🤤I need to go at this place as soon as i can. This is so good! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  79. keshav agarwal

    keshav agarwalMonth ago

    I can't believe Mike had trouble with chilli?!

  80. Ninja Pie

    Ninja PieMonth ago

    Oversimplified will be proud hat you ate some emu

  81. skull rider

    skull riderMonth ago

    Thanks you support India so much

  82. Dumb Insect

    Dumb InsectMonth ago

    whats the name of the potato dish they served him @13:47?

  83. Kuldeep Singh

    Kuldeep SinghMonth ago

    How can someone eat this much 🤔😵

  84. Hoora Rira

    Hoora RiraMonth ago

    Don’t you wanna try Iranian food? Our food is similar to Indian food but different in spices.

  85. Rahul Pandey

    Rahul Pandey6 days ago

    There are many Iranian café and restaurants in india.

  86. Hoora Rira

    Hoora RiraMonth ago

    Ria Rio I didn’t know that! So sad

  87. Ria Rio

    Ria RioMonth ago

    He's an Independent traveller but Americans aren't allowed to travel in Iran without an authorised guide.

  88. panto mk

    panto mkMonth ago

    Wow This meal could be more than $100 in other countries.

  89. Foster Gray

    Foster GrayMonth ago

    the potato is baked in a oven with a oil and smashed after done then they put a sauce over it

  90. varshith rao

    varshith raoMonth ago

    It is 100 meters from the place I am living right now :)

  91. Maimuna Babou

    Maimuna BabouMonth ago

    Love ❤️ mike

  92. Tony Sabu

    Tony SabuMonth ago

    I’m really happy about foreigners enjoying Indian food. But I think we should start charging them more. It is so undervalued! Exploitation..

  93. #CricketClassics

    #CricketClassicsMonth ago

    not every foreigners eat this much. The people who own this place knows every person in avg eats worth like 400 - 500 rs at maximum so other thing left is their profit. Some people eat really high but it gets recovered from who eats less.

  94. world of nil

    world of nilMonth ago

    Thank you very very very very much for not eating rabbit

  95. exol chanyeol

    exol chanyeolMonth ago

    Hw many indians r watching this

  96. Justin Me

    Justin Me2 months ago

    Yo there's pillows

  97. Marshall Chinzah

    Marshall Chinzah2 months ago

    Jackie Chan off diet

  98. Chris Willis

    Chris Willis2 months ago

    All that for 10$ !!!! ...... Packing my bag RN!

  99. Shubham Singh

    Shubham SinghDay ago

    Chris Willis ...yeah but after he ate that much food .... restaurant go bankrupt 😂

  100. enkadu007

    enkadu0072 months ago

    High standards.. looks great!

  101. Andrew Ingram

    Andrew Ingram2 months ago

    Mike, sharks have no bones.

  102. Akankhya Behera

    Akankhya Behera2 months ago

    Sharks gonna take revenge on you now 😂😂

  103. Lija Thomas

    Lija Thomas2 months ago

    Its 4:04 am in India and i really don't know why am watching this😋you made my day.

  104. Ritam Jana

    Ritam Jana2 months ago

    Its 2 am... 😭😭😭😭😭

  105. :: SBK ::

    :: SBK ::2 months ago

    I'm vegetarian but...u really convinced me to eat meat!! 🙈

  106. Syed Sumail Hassan qari Mohammed Afnan

    Syed Sumail Hassan qari Mohammed Afnan2 months ago

    Where is this place located in india kindly help me

  107. Ria Rio

    Ria Rio2 months ago


  108. Quad Threads

    Quad Threads2 months ago

    I drooled throughout the video🤣

  109. Harsh Gautam

    Harsh Gautam2 months ago

    Those are Cajun spiced potatoes and coming from a meat lover like myself... OMG they're amazing! Tbh there's a reason why you loved all the vegetables there. The thing is a lot of Indians are vegetarians so every place that wants to make a name for themselves as great food spots in town have to make equally delicious meals for both veg and non-veg people. If they don't, it sort of hurts potential business that they could've had, so yeah that's pretty much why even us meat lovers love the vegetables there

  110. Dennis de Lara

    Dennis de Lara2 months ago

    oh yeahhhh