AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!


  1. Mohit Kumar

    Mohit Kumar10 hours ago

    I wonder how much he eat, he really have a appetite.

  2. samir kittur

    samir kittur12 hours ago

    Loved the video. Please do come back soon to india. Lots more still to eat. Would love to host you.

  3. Yogesh Gupta

    Yogesh Gupta12 hours ago

    I m an Indian bt I m also surprised to c this cheap price , can't believe it's 10$ only....

  4. ATR teja

    ATR teja17 hours ago

    11:44 This is the reaction which I will make when my friend say’s he is going to buy me kfc big 8

  5. Oki Doki

    Oki DokiDay ago

    Never mix meat and fish

  6. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek KumarDay ago

    Oh Yeah .. Oh Yeah ..... Ohhh Yeaaaahhh.. hahahaha

  7. Niranjan Prakash

    Niranjan PrakashDay ago

    Starring Mikey Chen, the Buffy version of Jackie Chan, JAWS 8!

  8. Apurva Rai

    Apurva Rai2 days ago

    His love for potato is not going to fade away xD

  9. Q 1

    Q 12 days ago

    Who else watching got up n went to the kitchen to eat 🤣

  10. Sudhir Patil

    Sudhir Patil2 days ago

    Chinese bakasur lagta hye

  11. Ram Y

    Ram Y2 days ago

    Please give honest reviews.. I have been to ABS.. This is not that great as u r saying..

  12. Q 1

    Q 12 days ago

    Its his opinion.

  13. Sriharsha Karnati

    Sriharsha Karnati2 days ago

    How tf can you eat so much. Are you even human?!

  14. kim jong pun

    kim jong pun3 days ago

    Please do try kabab factory in Gurgaon its very expensive but worth it

  15. Faraz Khan

    Faraz Khan3 days ago

    I have been to Ab's so many times, just love their food and their service, it's the same for everyone they make everyone feel special

  16. Dhanagopalan Murugesan

    Dhanagopalan Murugesan3 days ago

    All that for 10$ so guys enjoy ! :P

  17. Saba Meraj

    Saba Meraj3 days ago

    the best thing is he doesnt keeps saying indian food is so spicy... asians like spicy foods

  18. king Kohli

    king Kohli4 days ago

    Same as Barbeque nations.

  19. Dr.Rajneesh ARORA

    Dr.Rajneesh ARORA4 days ago

    Can't conrol the ocean coming out of my mouth.Proud to be an INDIAN

  20. Gamers Gtx 960

    Gamers Gtx 9604 days ago

    oh yeah,Oh Yeah OOOOOOO Yeah O Yeah

  21. Rapaka Srikanth

    Rapaka Srikanth4 days ago

    Im frm hyderabad ✋

  22. Zachary Folse

    Zachary Folse4 days ago

    Mike ‘Your stomach is a universeee’ Chen xD

  23. sopan aiwale

    sopan aiwale5 days ago

    hey bro u always welcome in india

  24. matthew yang

    matthew yang5 days ago

    Aha if u can eat duck, then u can eat a rabbit also 😂 cuz they’re both considered cute! So might as well eat it lol! Rabbit is so bomb tbh

  25. Nilanjan Naskar

    Nilanjan Naskar7 days ago

    Is this in Hyderabad or Kolkata?

  26. Jon Samuels

    Jon Samuels7 days ago

    That pepper turned him n2 Jackie Chan! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Jon Samuels

    Jon Samuels7 days ago

    Talk about a DREAM JOB!!!

  28. Jon Samuels

    Jon Samuels7 days ago

    Emu, shark, rabbit! I’m an adventurous eater so I’d LOVE 2 try everything here! Never understood people who are “weirded out” by things just because it’s not “regular” foods or they haven’t tried em b4. U WONT KNKW UNTIL U TRY IT!!!.........TRY IT!!!

  29. Chinmayee M

    Chinmayee M7 days ago

    Is this a branch of Barbeque Nation in Hyderabad or a completely different establishment? The vegetarian grilled starters were identical to BBQ nation 😲

  30. The Gamer

    The Gamer7 days ago

    Its hard to watch at 2am

  31. shakti singh

    shakti singh8 days ago

    Barbeque nation is better

  32. bhima raju

    bhima raju8 days ago

    Which ABS is this in hyderabad

  33. Jennyfer

    Jennyfer8 days ago

    ajwain is not the name of the fish....ajwain is a spice the dish is ajwain fish

  34. DemiGod .o

    DemiGod .o9 days ago

    Mike a shark has no bones

  35. prutha joshi

    prutha joshi9 days ago

    Where is this place???

  36. Aryan Gangawane

    Aryan Gangawane9 days ago

    Aur kha chilli aur masale India Mai 😂😂😂

  37. DrgnMage2536

    DrgnMage253610 days ago

    I am just salivating watching this

  38. Lan Feng

    Lan Feng10 days ago

    I wanna be his camera guy

  39. goof ball

    goof ball11 days ago

    But ducks are cute to lol

  40. Liirachu Joe Joe

    Liirachu Joe Joe11 days ago

    I think those are alu chops ..

  41. Liirachu Joe Joe

    Liirachu Joe Joe11 days ago

    Wow that's amazing and didn knew India had such many flavours ...and it's really schocking how u can eat sooo much 😂

  42. Max gamertag

    Max gamertag11 days ago

    shark doesn't have any bones they are made up of cartilage

  43. Ankit Pant

    Ankit Pant11 days ago

    You should go to Lucknow if you like meat or veggies even.

  44. Sam Nigam

    Sam Nigam12 days ago

    Thanks a lot Mikey like really feeling hungry after watching u munch. Wow this place in Chennai is worth going seems yummy. Tempting Barbeque n starters 😋😂

  45. kek

    kek12 days ago

    If only Indian's ate Beef and Pork. They would have made magic with those spices and meats.

  46. F U B

    F U B2 days ago

    they eat beef and pork There are restrictions on eating these in some states of India

  47. Bulu Thaodem

    Bulu Thaodem11 days ago

    Go North East for that

  48. Night Shade

    Night Shade12 days ago

    i always,always kill myself watching this kind of video 😅

  49. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha12 days ago

    India 🇮🇳

  50. Privacy Programer

    Privacy Programer14 days ago

    Litterally foodporn, mickey is a great foodstar, damn you, i'm gonna threaten you ! One day ! You'll find yourself dead ! You'll regret the day you made me cry because i can't reach this buffet

  51. MoronSoldier

    MoronSoldier15 days ago

    Crispy Corn at Indian Grill restaurants is BOMB! Legit good!

  52. Umakanta Chhatria

    Umakanta Chhatria17 days ago

    He was eating my 3days of meal😂😂😂how he maintains himself,he is in great shape👌👌


    ASH KETHUM18 days ago

    Woooo you sure eat a lot

  54. Tro Trak

    Tro Trak19 days ago

    Why are we still here, just to suffer

  55. Thena Cartwright

    Thena Cartwright19 days ago

    I think I gain weight watching you eat 😂😂😂

  56. Saniya S

    Saniya S20 days ago

    I miss going to bbq nation and AB’s 😭. Used to go there all the time! You are so funny!

  57. peter russell

    peter russell20 days ago

    butchered that emu line gosh

  58. Sai Kiran

    Sai Kiran20 days ago

    Food in Hyderabad is Amazing

  59. amar gogoi

    amar gogoi21 day ago

    You looks like "Jackie Chan" when he was young.

  60. FineCurlyHayr

    FineCurlyHayr22 days ago

    Why can’t we have a place like that over here?! Looks so good.



    Mikey was having a orgasam eating food.... So cant stop his expressions... Its like... Aaah... Uu.. Uhh.. Umm...

  62. abrarjunejo

    abrarjunejo22 days ago

    The metabolism is strong with this one.

  63. Manaswin Turkane

    Manaswin Turkane23 days ago

    Orgasm over potato 😂😂😂

  64. Adithyan Anil

    Adithyan Anil23 days ago

    So many ooh yeah

  65. Waqas Khan

    Waqas Khan24 days ago

    VEGETERIAN dishes in India... are PAR NONE. They give Non-Veg dishes a run for their money. I am an Indian Muslim... and we love our meat... BUT I KID YOU NOT... Vegeterian dishes are simply mindblowing here in India.. it is absolutely delicious, if you know what you're looking for.

  66. Santanu Guha

    Santanu Guha24 days ago

    those poatoes are called cajun spiced potato.


    GLAZEYE24 days ago

    Those potatoes are my favorite as well. You get those her in Kolkata's Barbeque Nations, along with those fried sweet corns.

  68. Rajdeep Malhotra

    Rajdeep Malhotra24 days ago

    All that you ate in one go.....would have taken care of my one month's food requirement......never mind I blame my slow digestive system......

  69. Debmalya Sen

    Debmalya Sen25 days ago

    They r very clever.bringing only veggies to the table.

  70. Dilsha Rizu

    Dilsha Rizu25 days ago

    Mouth wterng😋😋😋😋😋😍

  71. Dilsha Rizu

    Dilsha Rizu25 days ago

    We're s dis plz let me know??

  72. Abhishek Raj

    Abhishek Raj25 days ago

    I have watched this video in the month of Sawan. Oh god!! Why god? FYI: Sawan is a month in which Hindus are not supposed to eat any kind of meat

  73. Nandni Jotwani

    Nandni Jotwani25 days ago

    You know Barbecue Nation and this place that you visited they serve the same starters.. That aloo tikki crispy corn, seekh kebab everything is the same..

  74. Raj Lanjekar

    Raj Lanjekar26 days ago

    I wonder if there's a black hole in your stomach? Like damn thats too much food!

  75. Jeni Tthamelt

    Jeni Tthamelt26 days ago

    yum yummy! I'm hungry

  76. Amber Garnett

    Amber Garnett27 days ago

    I just discovered this channel and am obsessed!

  77. diane Tackett

    diane Tackett27 days ago

    10$ compared to what u spend In New York on food woukd probably pay for the plane ticket along back to India. Lol especially how much u eat..stomach after my own heart

  78. Sanatov Kumarov

    Sanatov Kumarov27 days ago

    u got a big stomach dude😅 enjoy

  79. Ayush Chaturvedi

    Ayush Chaturvedi27 days ago

    Love u Chen....u and Trevor are the best food bloggers out there

  80. omniXenderman

    omniXenderman27 days ago

    Mikey sharks don't have bones

  81. tezasva shrivastava

    tezasva shrivastava29 days ago

    Oh yeah Oh yeah *Ooh yeah* Oh yeah

  82. Amelia Kelly

    Amelia KellyMonth ago

    Hahahaha ‘emu’ said it so wrong, I love it

  83. Vipin Rahul

    Vipin RahulMonth ago

    you have an appetite that can't be simply described as ravenous!

  84. Yash Koparkar

    Yash KoparkarMonth ago

    Indian Food is Best in World ever..

  85. Wesley Brown

    Wesley BrownMonth ago

    Your reactions are going to make me cry out of happiness lol 😂

  86. Satadal Acharjee

    Satadal AcharjeeMonth ago

    Most of western ppls do not know abt indian food n culture,


    ANDY_RICHMonth ago

    where does all that food go OMG . he just keep eating . its like magic

  88. vishal kamble

    vishal kambleMonth ago

    Abe kitna khayega

  89. Samad's Iphone

    Samad's IphoneMonth ago

    man u came to hyderabad i know bcoz i have visited this place like tonnes of times

  90. meidei 84

    meidei 84Month ago

    they have a good strategy to fill you with potatoes and the self serve buffet so you don't gorge on the expensive meat. lol they keep bringing him fillers like "does this mans stomach have a bottom?"0

  91. madhu greenleaf

    madhu greenleaf26 days ago

    Mutton is the only expensive meat in India at 7 dollars a kilo. Chicken and beef are very cheap at 3-4 dollars a kilo.

  92. Aishwary Abhishek

    Aishwary AbhishekMonth ago

    Love AB's , there is one right next to my office . But it usually has a week long waiting -_-

  93. Siddharth Patil

    Siddharth PatilMonth ago


  94. rohit batra

    rohit batraMonth ago

    @Strictly Dumplings -- Ajwain are carrom seeds , they are used to impart a flavor .. Fish is sea BASS

  95. rohit batra

    rohit batraMonth ago

    Potatoes and BBq Pineapples are favs of Veg and non vegetarians alike -- edit and crispy corns

  96. Nikhil Gupta

    Nikhil GuptaMonth ago

    Really deceptively sweet at first, then firey like a firecracker when you get to know it. It's like my mother. LMAO

  97. Tommy Reddington

    Tommy ReddingtonMonth ago

    I just subscribe to this channel good stuff

  98. Indu Arora

    Indu AroraMonth ago

    Oh yeah..oh yeah...ooooooh yeah...o yeah...mmmmmm😂

  99. SAVAGE Monkey

    SAVAGE MonkeyMonth ago

    this guy eat a lot

  100. dipti

    diptiMonth ago

    Subscribed , your channel is far best.

  101. Aditya Narayan Dev

    Aditya Narayan DevMonth ago

    Ur choice of food is awesome more than Mark Weins.

  102. Klaus J

    Klaus JMonth ago

    You really need to stop shaking your head because that’s going to give the wrong impression to the workers

  103. zeenat fatima

    zeenat fatimaMonth ago

    Loved this episode mikey!!

  104. ksm95

    ksm95Month ago

    The only veggies i eat are in aloo ghobi with naan breads... that is deliciousssss