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(Almost) Every SpaceX Landing, In Order


  1. Kim Tang-Wu

    Kim Tang-Wu5 days ago

    How does the gyro work? Does it use air or something to keep it upright? This is the coolest video ever (Unless you are a roasted cow)

  2. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart19 hours ago

    Kim Tang-Wu if you are talking about when it is coming down from space to land, there's a few things going on. The orientation of the booster is mainly controlled by the grid fins that pop out at the top of the booster as it falls. They make it aerodynamically stable with the rockets pointed down, and the grid fins can steer the booster to some degree as it falls to get it into the right position for landing. It is deliberate that the booster comes down somewhat to the side off the landing barge, that is to protect the barge in case an engine fails, then the booster will hopefully crash into the ocean and not damage the barge. The rockets themselves are also steerable, it is called gimbaling, and that is what allows the rocket to correct it's position right before landing. There are also gas thrusters on the booster but those are mainly for when it is outside of the atmosphere, though you can see them firing after landing a few times in this video. I believe the booster does use a gyro, but only as a sensor, not as a means for controlling the orientation of the rocket.

  3. Kim Tang-Wu

    Kim Tang-Wu5 days ago

    Fred Cink but its not falling that way, its leaning dramatically in some shots and it actually floats out of line of the pad, how does it readjust itself without tipping? You're probably correct. But surely theres a gyro. Wheres all the fuel then? To hover like that would burn a shit load of fuel

  4. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink5 days ago

    The top 90% is empty fuel tank, the heaviest parts are the rocket engines at the bottom so naturally falls that way.

  5. Milan Karakas

    Milan Karakas10 days ago

    SpaceX achieved much, much, much more in relative short time than NASA over the long period. Go ahead, SpaceX, we love you!

  6. C"mon man

    C"mon man11 days ago

    This just a call from Wile E. Coyote. Apperently ACME inc. is having a sale on all rocket road runner catching equipment.. Due to the fact that Space X has put them at the forefront of techno;ogy and believability so they must liquidate.

  7. Eddie Fury

    Eddie Fury11 days ago

    Yeeeeaaaah go go go go!!!

  8. Larrythebassman

    Larrythebassman12 days ago

    Entertaining simply complete entertainment 👍💥🔥🚀✨💺🛸whoosh

  9. cagmito76

    cagmito76Month ago


  10. Tony Lester

    Tony LesterMonth ago

    It is Kerbal Space Program for Billionaires

  11. Josh Moore

    Josh MooreMonth ago

    This is a great video, but should be updated to include the falcon heavy/ f9 block 5 flights too

  12. James William

    James WilliamMonth ago

    That cowboy gettin the ride of his little life @ 1:59 lol

  13. Tmccreight25Gaming

    Tmccreight25Gaming2 months ago

    Those 153 dislikers are Blue Origin employees!

  14. Will Kretz

    Will Kretz2 months ago

    Who would give this a thumbs down? Flat Earthers, religious wack jobs and rocket manufacturers that haven't figured out how to land their first stage. Hush children.

  15. Paul Mac

    Paul Mac2 months ago

    Would love to see an update to this, maybe just a new video or two with additional launches and landings since this, especially notable ones like the Falcon Heavy, 1st Block 5 etc.. My son loves watching these normal launches are still a bit slow for him. Great work.

  16. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour2 months ago

    So who was the camera person in the air? And how come the camera goes above the spacecraft as it lifts off. Come on you guys!

  17. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour the "camera person" is a remote-controlled hexacopter drone in some of the videos, and it can go above the spacecraft if the spacecraft is only going a few hundred or thousand feet in the air for a test flight. Stop being dumb about this, I'm sure you can figure these answers out for yourself if you really try hard.

  18. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour2 months ago

    These tubes are going backwards and need a top end controller to steer at the top for maximum sensitivity of direction. If the top is aligned the bottom is straight. If not the tube can be out of alignment.

  19. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour or maybe the potential margin of error due to flexing of the rocket body is low enough for the flight computer to compensate for. Or maybe the flight computer IS in the top. Or maybe flexing isn't enough if a problem to even consider. You didn't design the rocket, you don't know how to design a rocket, Stop pretending you know better than people who do for a living.

  20. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour2 months ago

    Also the cows are running into and away from the blast. They would never have been in the picture. Nasa and this guy are all in it for the cash. don't be fooled. The air paddles would be better off employed at the top of the tube and not at the bottom.

  21. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour I'm just gonna ignore the first stupid nonsense part, but the "air paddles" (actually called grid fins) are at the top of the first stage "tube", not the bottom. Unless you are talking about the landing legs, those kinda have to be at the bottom for obvious reasons.

  22. Fun Deluxe

    Fun Deluxe2 months ago

    I think they needd to add some suspensions to those legs for smoother landing....

  23. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Fun Deluxe they do have air suspension and an aluminium lattice crush core for when landing forces exceed what the air shocks can handle.

  24. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour2 months ago

    This is animation at it's best.

  25. Roy Tee

    Roy Tee2 months ago

    About the "meters per second" - could you be more specific about which launch doesn't look right to you (time stamp)? And how should it look? How do you know?

  26. Roy Tee

    Roy Tee2 months ago

    Well that's interesting. You can tell it's animation because the smoke "model" doesn't move like you think it should? Then it's not animation at its best. I'm always amused by the guys who think something is fake because they think they see an amateurish mistake in it. You'd think that pro hoaxers wouldn't make amateurish mistakes. BTW - I've seen two (count 'em two) SpaceX launches with my own eyes.

  27. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour you really can't because this is not animation. You or anyone can and should go see with your own eyes if, for some stupid reason, you don't think this is real. These launches and landings happen within full view of the public.

  28. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour2 months ago

    You can tell by the amount of meters per second of the smoke that lingers around the area of combustion.

  29. Roy Tee

    Roy Tee2 months ago

    How do you know?

  30. RollexCars

    RollexCars2 months ago

    UFO at 16:25?

  31. Wyatt B

    Wyatt BMonth ago

    Wow. Not likely but could be a drone

  32. jamie young

    jamie young2 months ago

    they have to throw in a few stuff ups otherwise the sheep will become suspicious

  33. jamie young

    jamie young2 months ago


  34. jamie young

    jamie young2 months ago

    CGI is getting much better. NASA could have used this help with Apollo missions, etc,etc.

  35. groovandsooth2

    groovandsooth22 months ago

    The great deception and you are buying it

  36. Fred Cink

    Fred CinkMonth ago

    Are you naturally THAT stupid, or do you have to practice a lot? Ask your mommy to change your diaper you turd.

  37. Tristan Pouliot

    Tristan Pouliot2 months ago

    That bird at 3:19

  38. Darren Edmonds

    Darren Edmonds2 months ago

    Just awesome the achievements of man and woman

  39. Outcast Outdoors

    Outcast Outdoors2 months ago

    Nice CGI shadow. What a joke.

  40. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Outcast Outdoors what does that have to do with the fact that you could go there literally in person and watch this happen with your very own eyes? How could that even be CGI?

  41. Outcast Outdoors

    Outcast Outdoors2 months ago

    The Yellow Dart - There's no condensation trail. Ask the little guy in the hat. 3:11

  42. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Outcast Outdoors nope, actually all real. Go watch it happen in person if you doubt it.

  43. The Griffenn

    The Griffenn2 months ago

    A falcon literally gets roasted at 3:20.......PRICELESS!!!

  44. Heath Bowman

    Heath Bowman2 months ago

    funny how the smoke coming off the rocket doesnt react from the turbulance from the rocket. so clear its all bull shit. compare with a shuttle launch idiots of the world

  45. randy bost

    randy bost2 months ago

    Looks like flash Gordon! This is BULLSHIT!

  46. Debora Gyllien

    Debora Gyllien2 months ago

    Anyone else also feels sorry for the cows?

  47. Rin Kruger

    Rin Kruger2 months ago

    18:56 21:33 22:44 23:38 for those who like booms

  48. ThunderWontDa LightningWill

    ThunderWontDa LightningWill2 months ago

    Wow! Just amazing. Science fiction comes to life. Congratulations, that was something I never expected to see, and SpaceX is making it almost routine. Dayam.. SpaceX rocks!

  49. Rob MacGowan

    Rob MacGowan2 months ago

    Truly amazing

  50. MrRedstoneV

    MrRedstoneV2 months ago

    3:21 R.I.P bird

  51. peter kent

    peter kent2 months ago

    thank you

  52. Milano Walter

    Milano Walter2 months ago

    3:09 LOL the cowboy on board

  53. Wyatt B

    Wyatt BMonth ago

    Milano Walter, Just for the laughs

  54. john james

    john james2 months ago

    absolutely incredible..people are so smart that accomplished this..

  55. Juno Berries

    Juno Berries3 months ago

    the cowboy... ROFL!!! that's genius!!!

  56. Darren Jackson

    Darren Jackson3 months ago

    I like how the lift and descent speeds are more accurate. NASA would have us believe they're going hundreds of miles an hour 3 seconds after launch

  57. Carriesstuff 1956

    Carriesstuff 19563 months ago

    12:30-12:36, the lower half, is rotating but not at the same rate as the top piece. The struts & the logo are turning at the same rate, and we see it rotate, about 90 degrees, but there is a black circle thingy on upper portion, which clearly isn't rotating at the same rate. I am presumming that is a normal dynamic?

  58. Gaurav Bharatha

    Gaurav Bharatha3 months ago

    space worm

  59. Star Dust

    Star Dust3 months ago

    Noice video's!:-~=()!

  60. Justin B.

    Justin B.3 months ago

    There were no cattle harmed during the making of this film.



    I'm not going to lie (as a slightly stiffer version of the phrase goes): I don't believe "we" ever made it to the Moon... *but now I'm beginning to believe we will, finally.* As a Sci Fi nerd nearly all my life, I watched Data Processing/ Communication Tech far outstrip the wildest dreams I had as a Star-Trek-loving Geek... while the other half of the dream... Interplanetary Travel... seemed to wither on the vine of progress, stuck in the 1950s, reduced to nothing but a Cold War hoax (IMO) at best. Sky Lab got me hopeful, briefly... then went nowhere. Ditto The Shuttle.... But now... Holy Shit (pardon my French)... goosebumps that have remained dormant for decades are coming back. When I watched those two SpaceX rockets land upright, in perfect synchrony, recently... I damn near fainted. I know bull**** when I see it and that precision double-landing wasn't bullshit. The Future has Arrived: better late than never...!

  62. Beñat Larrañaga

    Beñat Larrañaga3 months ago

    I would like to know why SpaceX will not recover the first stage of falcon 9. To be honest, I do not understand...

  63. Beñat Larrañaga

    Beñat Larrañaga3 months ago

    The Yellow Dart Thank you for that information of the block 5.

  64. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart3 months ago

    Beñat Larrañaga Actually I just read that the first Block 5 is slated to launch this month, April 24th. Assuming that launches successfully, every other previously flown booster will be obsolete and will probably not be recovered again as long as they are producing enough Block 5s to keep up with their launch pace.

  65. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart3 months ago

    Beñat Larrañaga SpaceX has been making incremental changes and improvements in the Falcon 9 over the years using lessons they learned from R & D, and from launching and recovering the rockets. The last few rockets haven't been recovered because they were older Block 3 Falcon 9s. SpaceX is currently producing Block 4s, and they are expecting to start launching Block 5s before the end of 2018. They are not planning any further iterations past Block 5 at this time, though that could change. So they want to get rid of the old boosters and make way for the new ones since they will be easier and cheaper to recover, refurbish, and reuse. Other wise they would spend the time, money, and effort recovering a rocket that they would ultimately just have to retire soon anyways.

  66. shawn burnham

    shawn burnham3 months ago


  67. Kerro 528

    Kerro 5283 months ago

    Was that a black bird that just appeared out of no where @ around time 16:23.

  68. pmz62

    pmz623 months ago

    Holy Cow!

  69. You Cef

    You Cef3 months ago

    Wow, i wasted my life away, thats amazing

  70. Great Value Bleach

    Great Value Bleach3 months ago

    For some reason the 🐮 stopped producing milk 🥛

  71. Peter

    Peter3 months ago

    Great Value Bleach 😂

  72. Manfred Knorr

    Manfred Knorr3 months ago

    I hope the animals were a lot farther away than the video indicated. Were something to go wrong, they might be at risk of being burned. 😞

  73. John Borden

    John Borden3 months ago

    Fantastic video! I loved all those shots of the grasshopper. Thanks for putting this all together.

  74. luz dorada

    luz dorada3 months ago


  75. tryptychUK

    tryptychUK3 months ago

    It's like trying to balance a pencil on the tip of your finger, (in a high wind). Awesome stuff. Major kudos to everyone involved.

  76. somebody

    somebody3 months ago

    3:20 that launch must have scared the shit out of that bird

  77. Girom Christian Calica

    Girom Christian Calica3 months ago

    From humble beginnings

  78. John Spahn

    John Spahn3 months ago

    Worth it just to see the evolution of the landing gear

  79. Michael Wheelhouse

    Michael Wheelhouse3 months ago

    Many thanks for your remarkable compilation...only word is awesome...truly truly awesome. For the commentator to describe it as cool is piss poor. x limey m.

  80. Teacher inThailan

    Teacher inThailan3 months ago

    This is the future! Keep going!!

  81. Cypir

    Cypir3 months ago

    Hey guys, wanna know how rockets work in space? Newton's third law....

  82. Mike Toleno

    Mike Toleno3 months ago

    No music, please! Great videos. I'd rather hear the sounds from the footage, if any. Thanks!

  83. RedT

    RedT3 months ago

    Flat earthers don't comment on these videos because this shows the hard work SpaceX has put in for nearly a decade. None of he landings are fake. The worked very hard to get to where they are now.

  84. R Tegland

    R Tegland3 months ago

    Expensive toys.

  85. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart3 months ago

    R Tegland what your saying doesn't really make sense. First, you say that there aren't videos of SpaceX's failures, but you're saying that in a comment on a video that shows most of SpaceX's failures. I believe the only failures not shown in this video are Amos-6 and the Falcon Heavy center core, both of which are readily available to the public elsewhere. Second, you say that the failures are just SpaceX being wasteful, but these failures actually represent innovation. The reason SpaceX has so many failures is because they are innovating at an incredible pace. ULA has such an incredible safety record because they haven't changed a thing since the 80s and the only reason they are even attempting to innovate now is due to pressure to do so from SpaceX. The only Falcon 9 failure not related to new innovations was CRS-7, where a structural part they purchased from an outside source failed at well below its specified tolerances. Also, most of the failures were landings attempts, a technology which no other launch provider on the planet currently possesses, making SpaceX the LEAST wasteful launch provider in existence. If you consider crashing a booster into the ocean wasteful, SpaceX is the only company ever to not crash a booster after sending its payload to orbit.

  86. R Tegland

    R Tegland3 months ago

    I put my money on Blue Origin. Even though Elon Musk has plenty of money from inventing, a payment company eventually leading to Paypal, purchased by ebay in 2002 for 1.5 billion, I don't agree with his tremendous waste of materials with failing so much. You won't find many videos of the failed SpaceX adventures.

  87. R Tegland

    R Tegland3 months ago

    Given their extensive background in failures, I wouldn't put my payload in there. The landings are just showing SpaceX saving money on boosters, nevermind the one that fell in the atlantic after their falcon heavy launch back in Feb.

  88. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart3 months ago

    R Tegland SpaceX is the bargain brand rocket. Cheapest rocket available with this size/payload capacity.

  89. Doorwolfe

    Doorwolfe3 months ago

    may i suggest not painting the landing gear

  90. Sierra LVX

    Sierra LVX4 months ago

    3:10 The fucking cowboy, omg!

  91. Ammo Alamo

    Ammo Alamo4 months ago

    Nearly a livestock b-b-q about 17:30. Shades of Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Norton, and all the other sci-fi greats.

  92. Bradders

    Bradders4 months ago

    wow from 2008 to 2018 thats amazing self propelled rocket brilliant !! thats up there with einstein and hawking.

  93. BatVapes

    BatVapes4 months ago

    very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  94. Ignacy Drozdowicz

    Ignacy Drozdowicz4 months ago

    These cows were like: WTF? Rocket booster landing??

  95. kalaa bandarr

    kalaa bandarr4 months ago

    CGI looks sick, wow!!

  96. Pete Smith

    Pete Smith4 months ago

    If you think it's easy

  97. Anthony Kress

    Anthony Kress4 months ago

    those poor cows :(

  98. Roman S

    Roman S4 months ago

    Notice the cowboy at 3:09 lol

  99. Paul Destri

    Paul Destri4 months ago

    there seems to be a lot of failed flights/landings, I find it odd that they have chosen to park lorries and fuel containers? next to the launch pad..

  100. Sera-Marie Capaldi

    Sera-Marie Capaldi4 months ago

    It's incredible the level of control they have. I will never tire of watching them land. Also the cows are so funny!

  101. bud irving

    bud irving2 months ago

    Sera-Marie Capaldi I was there and If I were as close to the rocket as those cows I most likely would have stampeded also.The cows were adorable, especially the young calves. I had binoculars and a terrific view. My guess is that you are also adorable. Watching the control of the rocket made tears come to my eyes, out of pride of what humans can do.

  102. Paul Destri

    Paul Destri4 months ago

    I only heard of spacex a few weeks ago when the car was sent into space, are all these rockets supposed to be real?

  103. C15 0001229684

    C15 00012296844 months ago

    ..... yes

  104. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 months ago

    Paul Destri yup, all real.

  105. Cancel Canyon

    Cancel Canyon4 months ago

    7:16 Cows

  106. Gerhard Kutt

    Gerhard Kutt4 months ago

    Thank you for doing this. Great effort. Highly appreciated ... Well done.

  107. PugLax inc.

    PugLax inc.4 months ago

    3:20 R.I.P bird xD

  108. DRUMNICOdotcom

    DRUMNICOdotcom4 months ago

    Fake as fuck....Use your eyes people..

  109. C15 0001229684

    C15 00012296844 months ago

    moron, you obviously have no experience with video editing. unless you call playing with ms paint "video editing"

  110. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 months ago

    DRUMNICOdotcom If you've been editing video for 20 years I imagine you can make a better, more technical argument than "looks fake to me". I honestly have no idea why you would think this is fake. If you believe rockets are capable of pushing themselves upward, why for fucks sake, is it so unbelievable that they can lower themselves down by that same power? And if you don't question the validity of launches AND LANDINGS that are conducted in full view of the public, each one viewed by thousands of witnesses, then why the hell would you doubt the validity of the easier test flights? It makes no sense. And there were witnesses for those grasshopper flights that can attest to seeing them happen with their own eyes: So I'm sorry but I am not going to put much stock in your "looks fake" argument and I have to call into question your ability to discern real footage from fake.

  111. DRUMNICOdotcom

    DRUMNICOdotcom4 months ago

    waiting for response.

  112. Roald van Dijk

    Roald van Dijk4 months ago

    At around 17.00 you see a black flying object in the background flying by!!

  113. Alto's Music Lab

    Alto's Music Lab4 months ago

    Bill Gates doesn't have a rocket, what a loser. Warren Buffets glad he lived this long. Elon is the only one that hasn't stolen our money.

  114. SA

    SA4 months ago

    Guy with a hat at 2:00

  115. SA

    SA4 months ago

    Guy with a hat at 2:00

  116. Faze_ _StaLin

    Faze_ _StaLin4 months ago

    You should make one every year. See how much the list increases

  117. Prillan Eriksson

    Prillan Eriksson4 months ago

    Entrance to the Seven Zones above the Earth, which Zones were known to the Chaldeans, and to the ancient races that preceded them among the lost temples of UR. Know that these Zones are governed by the celestial spirits, and that passage may be had by the Priest through those lands that border on the Unzoned Wastes beyond. Know that, when Walking thus through the Sea of Spheres, he should leave his Watcher behind that It may guard his body and his property, lest he be slain unawares and must wander throughout eternity among the dark spaces between Stars, or else be devoured by the wrathful IGIGI that dwell beyond

  118. Tau

    Tau4 months ago

    3:20 Rip Birb.

  119. Joco Industries

    Joco Industries4 months ago

    Which ones are you made ( before this vid released)

  120. NicoAW

    NicoAW4 months ago

    needs an update

  121. Rudolph Marchand

    Rudolph Marchand4 months ago

    May the Creator bless everyone at SpaceX!

  122. Rudolph Marchand

    Rudolph Marchand4 months ago

    so why can't the fuckin' gummint do it?

  123. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 months ago

    Rudolph Marchand bogged down by bureaucracy, politics, and budget instability.

  124. Toka Toki

    Toka Toki4 months ago

    Rocket science is hard.

  125. mickavellian

    mickavellian4 months ago

    at 3:20 we have Seagull committing suicide.....

  126. Peter Cruz

    Peter Cruz4 months ago

    Need your own space program? Elon Musk can build you one for $200 million. Wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be the first to hit trillionaire. The ultimate transportation genius.

  127. Fly Beep

    Fly Beep4 months ago

    Vid needs an update.

  128. Kraken Studio

    Kraken Studio4 months ago

    Whos watching this after the falcon Heavy landed?

  129. Herr Schmidt

    Herr Schmidt4 months ago

    3:11 Is there a Chuck Norris doll attached to the rocket?

  130. Herr Schmidt

    Herr Schmidt4 months ago

    Oh I see. That makes more sense.

  131. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 months ago

    Herr Schmidt I think it is just supposed to be a cowboy

  132. Fayze Mourie

    Fayze Mourie4 months ago

    rocket could be made with extension and reduced when landing

  133. Fayze Mourie

    Fayze Mourie4 months ago

    super achievements for human kind and the future travel large object can stand

  134. THR33STEP

    THR33STEP4 months ago

    LOL!! Space worm!