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(Almost) Every SpaceX Landing, In Order


  1. Zaidi Ademeit

    Zaidi AdemeitDay ago

    WOW!! Just in the space of 4 years, to develop and perfect this technology!! That's a much better test record set by NASA!!!

  2. Robert Power

    Robert Power5 days ago

    Fake as hell , like all the rest,, fake space station , fake moon , fake mars,,, all pictures of the earth faked,,, no stars wake up people . This is fake 100% Think about it,,,,, no advancement in space tech in 80 years,,,,, still using a controlled explosion = rocket,,, crude sad cave man style,,,, But hey virtual reality seems to be coming along nicely ,,and cig and ai ,,, put them all together and,,,,enjoy the show morons,,, sheeple,,,,, baaaaa baaaaaa

  3. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart5 days ago

    You're pretty dumb, huh? And you use too many commas.

  4. The titchy gamer

    The titchy gamer6 days ago

    1000th comment :3

  5. bowecho

    bowecho8 days ago

    Damn.....they can park that thing on a dime!

  6. himano loganor

    himano loganor9 days ago


  7. Xenos Zeta

    Xenos Zeta9 days ago

    There is a man riding the grasshopper.

  8. Wayne

    Wayne14 days ago

    This shit looks fake as fuck!

  9. MrDenatata

    MrDenatata16 days ago

    2:00 Chuck Norris ?

  10. Natan bymonsterk1ll

    Natan bymonsterk1ll16 days ago

    this is god?

  11. Natan bymonsterk1ll

    Natan bymonsterk1ll16 days ago


  12. Boris B

    Boris B17 days ago

    I'm new to this, but (3:08) Who's that guy in the cowboy hat?

  13. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart17 days ago

    Just a mannequin or something that the SpaceX people put on it for fun.

  14. bRlojm18

    bRlojm1818 days ago

    😂 I’m laughing because apparently some people here watching this think this is CG. I actually work in the entertainment industry and this is not CG. It’s very expensive to simulate realistic smoke and it’s also expensive to render it. Even some of the best simulations are still not very accurate. People also do understand how gravity works as space time. It is because of this strange phenomenon that these rockets work.

  15. Daniel Adler

    Daniel Adler19 days ago

    When you realize things are not as they seem... Fast forward a few years and we have new and cheaper ways to kill people.. and we're selling to everyone and we're rich as hell

  16. Mark Arnott

    Mark Arnott23 days ago

    Them cows🐄🐮🤠 must have seen a lot Rockets🚀 take off - there baby calfs now wanna be space cadets :) 👩‍🚀🤪

  17. bruce nassar

    bruce nassar27 days ago

    real not fake..

  18. Oleg Ruban

    Oleg Ruban29 days ago

    Молодцы, Ребята из СпейсИкс! Гоните в могилу роскосмос вместе с его главным свиньёй - рогозой!...)

  19. micha1331

    micha1331Month ago

    А генераторный газ почему не дожигается. А выплёвывается в атмосферу бесполезным факелом

  20. KiloCharlieAlpha 737

    KiloCharlieAlpha 737Month ago

    I love how spaceX just launches casually in front of cows.

  21. Dean Ca-Vander

    Dean Ca-VanderMonth ago

    Not all terrain in Mars or the Moon is flat. Space X should develop landing legs that adjust to the unevenness of the surface.

  22. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart19 days ago

    The Falcon 9 first stage will never land on Mars, they are currently designing and building the BFS to do that job. And Mars has lots of flat plains suitable for landing a rocket on, and we have multiple satellites orbiting Mars to help scout out a good spot.

  23. chin nuts

    chin nutsMonth ago

    That last one hahahahha

  24. chin nuts

    chin nutsMonth ago

    The smoke looks like these are miniatures.

  25. chin nuts

    chin nutsMonth ago

    They let helicopters fly above anything that has a big can of hair spray on fire coming out its ass. Secondly, look at the fake smoke. Fake ass shit.

  26. chin nuts

    chin nutsMonth ago

    This shit is straight up CGI fake as fuck. Are you people that stupid?

  27. Warren Videtto

    Warren VidettoMonth ago

    These guys make an excellent rocket, but the comments here have me rolling with tears in my eyes. People... please do a little research, it will take you 2 minutes. Everyone at nasa openly talks about "not being able to leave earths lower orbit because of the van allen belts" Do not assume i am saying anything other than it is a fact that we can not go beyond 122,000 feet. They openly admit we do not the technology, and even our presidents have openly spoke about this. Tho no one really thinks about this and does not understand what this means. This means NOTHING has left the lower most regions of earths surroundings ... (since 1971... 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you even want to believe that. Dont believe me, just look it up... educate yourself)

  28. Stephen Finch

    Stephen FinchMonth ago

    i believe that you believe but i also believe you've chosen to remain ignorant. for example all these nasa people you speak of who going on about the belts. were you told about them which would make it second hand information or did you see actual video or read actual quotes by each one. If you were told by second hand sources then your information is not valid. you have no way of knowing if you were told the truth or if it was conveyed correctly or if you understood it correctly. you need to get it from the source. and for the same reasons i can't take your word for it. would you mind sharing each source of information here as a reply? thanks

  29. John Cherish

    John CherishMonth ago

    Why do all of these look like CGI special effects? Just doesn't seem real

  30. Dave Thompson

    Dave ThompsonMonth ago

    what rubbish thats made up

  31. kaxis26

    kaxis26Month ago

    Thank you for this amazing video!!!!

  32. Jimmy Hernandez

    Jimmy HernandezMonth ago

    Why does everybody have to end up fucking a good video with some bullshit music

  33. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart19 days ago

    SpaceX did that, not me. I just used their video.

  34. Dick Flinghammer

    Dick FlinghammerMonth ago

    So fake it looks real



    I don't know were they get all their money, but I'll stick with NASA they have a better success rate LOL

  36. FiveOh

    FiveOhMonth ago

    NASA is also 54 years older than SpaceX. And about the "better success rate", SpaceX hasnt killed any of the 18 astronauts that have died due to spaceflight. Not to mention launching a Falcon 9 is 9x cheaper than launching the Space Shuttle.

  37. LordsOfTheRealm

    LordsOfTheRealmMonth ago

    Awesome power....gotalove it thanks for compiling all these to 1 video..)

  38. John Graf

    John GrafMonth ago

    Don't trust anything from Space X. All I see is more chemicals being dumped into our air..not a satellite launch. I think a big deception is going on here. I see the chemtrail jets spraying almost why not big dumps like this and tell the people they are satellites? Not buying anything about space anymore. Maybe someday we might get to the moon. By the way..this footage looks like silly Disney animation.

  39. Manuel Desmarais

    Manuel DesmaraisMonth ago

    is it me or All NASA Tagged video are fail!?

  40. mattblack

    mattblackMonth ago

    Aren,t we so lucky having a private company embark on rocket research unencumbered by government bureaucracy delaying progress. and moaning about cost overruns. This coupled with one mans vision and I do mean Elon Musk and his great team of rocket engineers and computer programmers and every one else. They had the right test program and did it stage by stage and I am sure their approach and way of development of their design has brought a mars manned landing a good ten years sooner than was envisioned previously. The last successful triple landing of boosters and central core stage was just the catalyst for that 10 years less for mars.

  41. Max Brito

    Max BritoMonth ago

    As vacas do Elon Musk devem estar extressadas, isso endurece a carne.

  42. Luis Art Prz

    Luis Art PrzMonth ago

    Min 3:20 poor bird :O

  43. Claudio Maia Santos

    Claudio Maia SantosMonth ago

    Does anyone else felt sorry for those poor cows?? Hahahaha That must have been really scary!!!

  44. Paul D

    Paul DMonth ago

    These are just like they said rockets would land when I was a kid in the 60s.


    GNOSTICMonth ago

    Some of these cartoons have gigantic rockets landing near to office buildings and car parks, dont people look at what they are seeing ???

  46. FiveOh

    FiveOhMonth ago

    There is no office buildings or car parks near this launch pad.


    GNOSTICMonth ago

    As I get older, I have less and less faith in my fellow man. Not the Elon Musks of this world, they are different, it has been apparent for a long time that he is either a fool or a fraud, he has now been proven to be a fraud and fined 20,000,000 dollars. He is simply a drug using figurehead that has been put in place to front the ongoing deceit of space stuff. Films like the one above are cartoons and obviously so if looked at with objective vision. It could be a total construct or simply playing a film in reverse then enhanced. The Bunsen burner come firework that is supposedly giving the thrust is not what is making the noise on the cartoon, listen to the noise without looking at the picture..The faith I have lost in my fellow man, or at least a substantial number of my fellow men is they are so easily led, lack objective thought and vision, and are destined to be deceived about everything without even knowing it. Sad Days.

  48. Bass Fishing with the Antichrist

    Bass Fishing with the AntichristMonth ago

    I would have went with the anti gravity propulsion technology. You could have avoided all this nonsense with a glimpse of "UFO" footage and use secrecy to avoid any explanation. Now everyone knows we don't have nukes.

  49. Claudio Sguoto

    Claudio SguotoMonth ago

    I think that on Mars or Venus there is not such a flat surface, if it overturns and has human beings ...... those poor people are dead!

  50. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart19 days ago

    Mars has lots of flat plains and we have satellites currently in orbit of Mars capable of radar-imaging to find flat, level ground to land on. SpaceX currently has no intention of landing anything on Venus, and they will never land any Falcon 9s on Mars. They will use the BFS currently being designed and built to ferry people and equipment to Mars' surface. Also, it's likely that only the first few landings will happen without a prepared landing site.

  51. Explaining Notunderstanding

    Explaining NotunderstandingMonth ago

    so many penises on fire

  52. Dean Borchert

    Dean BorchertMonth ago

    28:26, The Face of Spacex.....It is good to finally see all of you. (Even if it is kinda scary) : P You are where I was 45 years ago. Don't ever give up. You will regret it the rest of your lives.

  53. Mike France

    Mike France2 months ago

    IDK. It does kind of look fake.

  54. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart19 days ago

    Go watch it happen in person, like millions have already done.

  55. FiveOh

    FiveOhMonth ago

    You know its real, because it looks so fake.

  56. ian march

    ian march2 months ago

    How rich is SPACE X?

  57. Hubcap _ Truth filter for You Tube

    Hubcap _ Truth filter for You Tube2 months ago

    Love all the CGI. The only thing NASA has put into space through the impenetrable "Firmament" is your imagination !

  58. OhJeez

    OhJeez2 months ago

    Now it’s gotten to the point where they land it every launch.

  59. Strategic Thinker

    Strategic Thinker2 months ago

    10 years of insanely hard work.


    DORIAN [YT] SFS GAMER2 months ago

    Whath happen to falcon 1 or this rocket never have a landing parts

  61. FiveOh

    FiveOhMonth ago

    The Falcon 1 was the first SpaceX rocket ever created and had no parts the landed.

  62. Arthurk346

    Arthurk3462 months ago

    I wish some time I could feel the same that the all hard workers did when first stage sucesfully landed... Just imagine what they felt

  63. Kumquat Lord

    Kumquat Lord2 months ago

    22:57 that little jet of mono is trying so, SO hard to keep it from tipping.

  64. Dave

    Dave2 months ago

    K... Now do it in a hurricane.

  65. StastThe Pal

    StastThe Pal2 months ago

    *inserts gnat attack boss music*

  66. LionsLife_

    LionsLife_2 months ago

    cows are like WTF WTF WTF WTF!@

  67. M H Doobs

    M H Doobs2 months ago

    21:06 The gadget didn't travel anywhere NEAR orbital escape speed, why/how does it encounter reentry burn? The velocity didn't exist to create the friction.

  68. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart19 days ago

    It does travel fast enough to generate significant heat. In one landing video you can see the grid fins start to glow orange on the way down (which is why they now use titanium grid fins instead of aluminum). Remember that the speed at which heating gets significant gets lower the father down in the atmosphere you go. Orbital reentry spacecraft have very shallow reentry trajectories and bleed off most of their speed at a much higher altitude. By comparison, Falcon 9 first stages have very steep descents, almost straight down, so they hit the lower atmosphere at high enough speeds to get crispy if they don't slow down some first.

  69. FiveOh

    FiveOhMonth ago

    The reentry burn is more so the rocket can slow down enough before doing the actual landing burn.

  70. DroNe Alone

    DroNe Alone2 months ago

    steady and true..... I can hop aboard with that....

  71. stainlesssteelfox1

    stainlesssteelfox12 months ago

    Cattle: Nopenopenopenopenopenope nope nope! So much nope!

  72. butchtropic

    butchtropic2 months ago

    LOL, by the 17:00 mark the livestock has become almost used to the racket and barley move.

  73. TheAtom

    TheAtom2 months ago

    They came a long way since Grasshopper. Now they are in talks of testing the vertical take off & landing for the BFR spaceship as soon as next year! That's gonna be awesome.

  74. Raymond stingray Morris

    Raymond stingray Morris2 months ago

    i thought grasshopper was cool reminded me of the get the pebble my little grasshopper plus it jumped like one lol

  75. Daniel W

    Daniel W2 months ago

    Possibly this vehicle can be used for satellite recovery???This would greatly reduce satellite cost's re usable re purpose these vehicles at a tremendous cost resuction.If anybody could do it it would be Elon Musk.

  76. NubilesMusic

    NubilesMusic3 months ago

    What happens if elon musk and jeff bezos work together ?🌚

  77. Doxy

    Doxy3 months ago

    look that's not an explosion. It's just Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly (RUD)

  78. xc5647321 xc5647321

    xc5647321 xc56473213 months ago

    I am shocked that the Flat Earth and the "Space is Fake" crowd are not here railing about this being a scam and all of their usual tired horse shit.

  79. Rick James

    Rick James3 months ago

    It looks so fake that's how we know it's real.

  80. Centaury 11186

    Centaury 111863 months ago

    The Falcon And The Starman

  81. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》3 months ago

    What’s the tube thing pointing at the grasshopper rocket during the tests? Can someone tell me what it is? I’m curious

  82. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》3 months ago

    The Yellow Dart ok, thanks.

  83. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart3 months ago

    《REÐJIVE》 I think what you're talking about is a high pressure water hose for putting out potential fires.

  84. Levithian 51

    Levithian 513 months ago


  85. Thor The Northern

    Thor The Northern4 months ago

    nasa is nothing compared to SPACEX

  86. Insanity Excursion Fpv

    Insanity Excursion Fpv4 months ago

    How does the gyro work? Does it use air or something to keep it upright? This is the coolest video ever (Unless you are a roasted cow)

  87. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 months ago

    Kim Tang-Wu if you are talking about when it is coming down from space to land, there's a few things going on. The orientation of the booster is mainly controlled by the grid fins that pop out at the top of the booster as it falls. They make it aerodynamically stable with the rockets pointed down, and the grid fins can steer the booster to some degree as it falls to get it into the right position for landing. It is deliberate that the booster comes down somewhat to the side off the landing barge, that is to protect the barge in case an engine fails, then the booster will hopefully crash into the ocean and not damage the barge. The rockets themselves are also steerable, it is called gimbaling, and that is what allows the rocket to correct it's position right before landing. There are also gas thrusters on the booster but those are mainly for when it is outside of the atmosphere, though you can see them firing after landing a few times in this video. I believe the booster does use a gyro, but only as a sensor, not as a means for controlling the orientation of the rocket.

  88. Insanity Excursion Fpv

    Insanity Excursion Fpv4 months ago

    Fred Cink but its not falling that way, its leaning dramatically in some shots and it actually floats out of line of the pad, how does it readjust itself without tipping? You're probably correct. But surely theres a gyro. Wheres all the fuel then? To hover like that would burn a shit load of fuel

  89. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink4 months ago

    The top 90% is empty fuel tank, the heaviest parts are the rocket engines at the bottom so naturally falls that way.

  90. Milan Karakas

    Milan Karakas4 months ago

    SpaceX achieved much, much, much more in relative short time than NASA over the long period. Go ahead, SpaceX, we love you!

  91. Kumquat Lord

    Kumquat Lord2 months ago

    In fairness, SpaceX has decades worth of NASA achievements to base their designs on. NASA was built from the ground up, where everything was basically completely new and had never been tried before.

  92. C"mon man

    C"mon man4 months ago

    This just a call from Wile E. Coyote. Apperently ACME inc. is having a sale on all rocket road runner catching equipment.. Due to the fact that Space X has put them at the forefront of techno;ogy and believability so they must liquidate.

  93. Eddie Fury

    Eddie Fury4 months ago

    Yeeeeaaaah go go go go!!!

  94. Larrythebassman

    Larrythebassman4 months ago

    Entertaining simply complete entertainment 👍💥🔥🚀✨💺🛸whoosh

  95. cagmito76

    cagmito765 months ago


  96. Tony Lester

    Tony Lester5 months ago

    It is Kerbal Space Program for Billionaires

  97. Josh Moore

    Josh Moore5 months ago

    This is a great video, but should be updated to include the falcon heavy/ f9 block 5 flights too

  98. James William

    James William5 months ago

    That cowboy gettin the ride of his little life @ 1:59 lol

  99. Tmccreight25Gaming

    Tmccreight25Gaming6 months ago

    Those 153 dislikers are Blue Origin employees!

  100. Will Kretz

    Will Kretz6 months ago

    Who would give this a thumbs down? Flat Earthers, religious wack jobs and rocket manufacturers that haven't figured out how to land their first stage. Hush children.

  101. Paul Mac

    Paul Mac6 months ago

    Would love to see an update to this, maybe just a new video or two with additional launches and landings since this, especially notable ones like the Falcon Heavy, 1st Block 5 etc.. My son loves watching these normal launches are still a bit slow for him. Great work.

  102. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour6 months ago

    So who was the camera person in the air? And how come the camera goes above the spacecraft as it lifts off. Come on you guys!

  103. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour the "camera person" is a remote-controlled hexacopter drone in some of the videos, and it can go above the spacecraft if the spacecraft is only going a few hundred or thousand feet in the air for a test flight. Stop being dumb about this, I'm sure you can figure these answers out for yourself if you really try hard.

  104. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour6 months ago

    These tubes are going backwards and need a top end controller to steer at the top for maximum sensitivity of direction. If the top is aligned the bottom is straight. If not the tube can be out of alignment.

  105. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour or maybe the potential margin of error due to flexing of the rocket body is low enough for the flight computer to compensate for. Or maybe the flight computer IS in the top. Or maybe flexing isn't enough if a problem to even consider. You didn't design the rocket, you don't know how to design a rocket, Stop pretending you know better than people who do for a living.

  106. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour6 months ago

    Also the cows are running into and away from the blast. They would never have been in the picture. Nasa and this guy are all in it for the cash. don't be fooled. The air paddles would be better off employed at the top of the tube and not at the bottom.

  107. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour I'm just gonna ignore the first stupid nonsense part, but the "air paddles" (actually called grid fins) are at the top of the first stage "tube", not the bottom. Unless you are talking about the landing legs, those kinda have to be at the bottom for obvious reasons.

  108. wise Dude

    wise Dude6 months ago

    I think they needd to add some suspensions to those legs for smoother landing....

  109. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Fun Deluxe they do have air suspension and an aluminium lattice crush core for when landing forces exceed what the air shocks can handle.

  110. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour6 months ago

    This is animation at it's best.

  111. Roy Tee

    Roy Tee6 months ago

    About the "meters per second" - could you be more specific about which launch doesn't look right to you (time stamp)? And how should it look? How do you know?

  112. Roy Tee

    Roy Tee6 months ago

    Well that's interesting. You can tell it's animation because the smoke "model" doesn't move like you think it should? Then it's not animation at its best. I'm always amused by the guys who think something is fake because they think they see an amateurish mistake in it. You'd think that pro hoaxers wouldn't make amateurish mistakes. BTW - I've seen two (count 'em two) SpaceX launches with my own eyes.

  113. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Peter Alford-Seymour you really can't because this is not animation. You or anyone can and should go see with your own eyes if, for some stupid reason, you don't think this is real. These launches and landings happen within full view of the public.

  114. Peter Alford-Seymour

    Peter Alford-Seymour6 months ago

    You can tell by the amount of meters per second of the smoke that lingers around the area of combustion.

  115. Roy Tee

    Roy Tee6 months ago

    How do you know?

  116. RollexCars

    RollexCars6 months ago

    UFO at 16:25?

  117. *Wyatt B* ,

    *Wyatt B* ,5 months ago

    Wow. Not likely but could be a drone

  118. jamie young

    jamie young6 months ago

    they have to throw in a few stuff ups otherwise the sheep will become suspicious

  119. jamie young

    jamie young6 months ago


  120. jamie young

    jamie young6 months ago

    CGI is getting much better. NASA could have used this help with Apollo missions, etc,etc.

  121. Mitch McCarron

    Mitch McCarron2 months ago

    Wow... How many independent pics / video footage has been compromised, edited or altered, so as to present a singular event which matches time-stamps exactly? Not even X-Files could manage that you stupid DICK !!!

  122. Hell N Degenerates

    Hell N Degenerates6 months ago

    The great deception and you are buying it

  123. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink5 months ago

    Are you naturally THAT stupid, or do you have to practice a lot? Ask your mommy to change your diaper you turd.

  124. Tristan Pouliot

    Tristan Pouliot6 months ago

    That bird at 3:19

  125. Mitch McCarron

    Mitch McCarron2 months ago

    OMG did one single bird get killed? Shut the program down immediately!! Along with all airplanes, and especially wind-farms that kill thousands of endangered birds and bats every day.. Now defend your comment you DICK !!!

  126. Darren Edmonds

    Darren Edmonds6 months ago

    Just awesome the achievements of man and woman

  127. Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

    Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission6 months ago

    Nice CGI shadow. What a joke.

  128. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Outcast Outdoors what does that have to do with the fact that you could go there literally in person and watch this happen with your very own eyes? How could that even be CGI?

  129. Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

    Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission6 months ago

    The Yellow Dart - There's no condensation trail. Ask the little guy in the hat. 3:11

  130. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 months ago

    Outcast Outdoors nope, actually all real. Go watch it happen in person if you doubt it.

  131. The Griffenn

    The Griffenn6 months ago

    A falcon literally gets roasted at 3:20.......PRICELESS!!!

  132. Heath Bowman

    Heath Bowman6 months ago

    funny how the smoke coming off the rocket doesnt react from the turbulance from the rocket. so clear its all bull shit. compare with a shuttle launch idiots of the world

  133. randy bost

    randy bost6 months ago

    Looks like flash Gordon! This is BULLSHIT!

  134. Debora Gyllien

    Debora Gyllien6 months ago

    Anyone else also feels sorry for the cows?

  135. Rin Kruger

    Rin Kruger6 months ago

    18:56 21:33 22:44 23:38 for those who like booms

  136. Thiago

    ThiagoMonth ago


  137. The Hølder

    The Hølder2 months ago

    Rin Kruger lol

  138. ThunderWontDa LightningWill

    ThunderWontDa LightningWill6 months ago

    Wow! Just amazing. Science fiction comes to life. Congratulations, that was something I never expected to see, and SpaceX is making it almost routine. Dayam.. SpaceX rocks!