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(Almost) Every SpaceX Landing, In Order


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    when you watch this in 2019 xD You are my everything

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    those flaps are like a living organism

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    those cows must be mindfucked

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    *_First stage is Cute :з_*

  5. Achilleas Labrou

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    At 7:10 scared cows At 10:45 scared cows At 15:25 scared cows At 17:20 scared cows Where are the space cowboys? At 18:50 explosion At 21:30 explosion At 22:30 explosion At 23:40 explosion At 26:30 explosion



    8:39 in this video is undeniable proof of a hoax. Have a good look at a few contradictory shadows. Might have to get this one out to a few million people, what you reckon shills ?

  7. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 days ago

    +THE ORIGINAL GOOGLE At 8:39 the only thing in the top left is an empty field. Give it another go, you'll get it this time.

  8. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 days ago

    +THE ORIGINAL GOOGLE Ahhh, the black spot is what has you confused. It's a speck that appears to land on the lense at exactly 8:36 and doesn't move afterward. You were fooled by a bit of dust or possibly a bug. I thought you would have figured that out already.



    The Yellow Dart So if my vocabulary was lacking, why didn’t you look at the pole I was talking about ? Top left, not hard to find clown.



    This is the most pathetic one I’ve ever seen. You fucked up the colour on that shadow ? You couldn’t get it any blacker.



    How dark is that shadow ? Hahahahahaha hahaha lol Bunch of amateurs Fuck me



    3:21. Couldn’t you smudge out that bird lol. I’m sure a bird is calmly going to keep flying right towards that massive, loud, hot fireball Get a clue Ps. Shadows need a tweak also 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  13. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 days ago

    +THE ORIGINAL GOOGLE that's how perspective works man. Think about the railroad tracks thing. You know they're parallel, but the apparent angles can be drastically different to the observer.



    The Yellow Dart Firstly, that perspective reference is a little off, if you stood in between those two objects ( Rocket & Tower) and looked back to where you have the Sun, it’s obviously an angle far to big to be correct. Think about it.

  15. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart4 days ago

    +THE ORIGINAL GOOGLE You are trying to claim these videos are fake. If you don't think it's CGI, what is it then? Drawings? Hand puppets? Stop being ridiculous.



    The Yellow Dart Go and look at 8:39 and tell me again about perspective. Lol Fucking clown !!!



    The Yellow Dart crashing into the Rocket ? Where do you get this shit from ? Absolute dip shit you are

  18. Chico Haze

    Chico Haze6 days ago

    Is Space X part of NASA?

  19. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart6 days ago

    No, they are a private company. They have contacts to launch payloads for NASA and other federal organizations but they are not part of the government.

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    Truly Amazing!!!

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    3:20, I think they killed a bird!

  23. Davey Jones

    Davey Jones17 days ago

    Could do without the music...

  24. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart16 days ago

    It's from SpaceX's own video, nothing I can do about it.

  25. Ezequiel Albizurez

    Ezequiel Albizurez18 days ago

    Awesome wonderful video

  26. MjkeG

    MjkeG18 days ago

    Space worm. I thought more along the lines of rocket snot. Plasmic poo. Cryogenic crap.

  27. Allan Weisbecker

    Allan Weisbecker20 days ago

    These clips appear to show the impossible: That thrust from the bottom of a booster can do two jobs simultaneously: Keep the booster upright and zero in on an exact spot on the ground. Since this IS impossible, I have to assume that the imagery is faked. If anyone disagrees, please explain how the physics works. You might also explain how a million pound rocket could VAPORIZE in six seconds, as this Falcon 9 appears to do:

  28. Jay Fixincars

    Jay Fixincars21 day ago

    This is so fake I laughed my ass off. First off rockets produce steel melting heat that would burn up there landing gear, second they produce HUGE clouds of smoke, its real funny how when they land the smoke just "clears right up" because they just reverse the footage and doctor it up with CGI effects. We have a hard enough time still launching and steering rockets to land one backwards on a platform in the ocean? Any educated adult knows this to be about as real as the tooth fairy. This is whats wrong with our government and younger peoples sense of whats real and whats not. They have been bullshitted by the fake NASA crap they believe this. One day soon all this BS is gonna unravel and those thieves who been stealing our tax money to make some CGI videos are gonna be in deep shit. Did you see any way to "steer" these rockets by the way? They dont even have any of the usual cables and wires attached on lift off like REAL rockets. They cant even land small toy rockets in such a fashion. Haha this is real funny ass entertainment, because its a joke and should be on comedy central.

  29. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart21 day ago

    +Jay Fixincars why do you care what I have seen? You're the one who says it's fake and impossible for a bunch of bullshit made-up reasons. You're the one who should go see it. I see no good reason to think this obviously real thing is being faked in front of millions of witnesses.

  30. Jay Fixincars

    Jay Fixincars21 day ago

    +The Yellow Dart Oh so once again you saw this with your own eyes? Thats what I thought.

  31. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart21 day ago

    +Jay Fixincars if I counted right, SpaceX has landed on landing pads at the launch site 12 times, in full view of anyone in the area, and usually Falcon 9 pad landings attract pretty big crowds. There was also one launch from Vandenberg where the drone ship was only around 20 miles off shore and people could see the dronship landing from land. You could have gone to any one of those landings and witnessed the rocket landing with your own eyes. Maybe you should, so you can figure out how they "fake" it, somehow using "CGI" with millions of people watching it happen live in person.

  32. Jay Fixincars

    Jay Fixincars21 day ago

    One thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is cameras are so good now days and cheap like even a go-pro like there should be about 50 different angles of footage. Yet most only have one and the camera frequently fails?

  33. Jay Fixincars

    Jay Fixincars21 day ago

    +The Yellow Dart Oh really? So you were actually "there in the ocean" and watched it land? Was that from your yacht and the military let you have permission to be close enough to see this ocean landing or SpaceX let you ride on the floating platform? Kinda like winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's candy factory! I would like for you to fill me in on this? For pure entertainment purposes of course.

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    What is the thermal insulators are used

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    Cows: Wow! Runnnn! The scary thing comes again!

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    figure it out over a bee.

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  40. Vincent Wansink

    Vincent WansinkMonth ago

    Is that a space cowboy at 3:09?

  41. Richard Kuszel

    Richard KuszelMonth ago

    I'm curious if NASA did the same thing, how many billions of dollars would it cost the tax payers . The government is cutting back on everything, but NASA all ways gets there 20 billion dollar budget to do whatever they want to do.

  42. эфир

    эфирMonth ago

    Why lower the spent stages with the help of reverse thrust in the atmosphere, you can use a parachute - this technology should work without atmospheric pressure ? something does not fit

  43. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow DartMonth ago

    Cost savings. There is no good way to use a parachute to make a pinpoint landing on a target, which means that you would have to parachute-land it in the ocean, which then substantially increases the cost of recovering and refurbishing the booster (salt water causes corrosion on certain parts of the rocket engine). With all those added costs, it may not even make economic sense to recover the rocket this way. Returning to the launch site using the engines minimizes the costs for recovering and reusing the booster.

  44. Allan Weisbecker

    Allan WeisbeckerMonth ago

    These clips appear to show the impossible: That thrust from the bottom of a booster can do two jobs simultaneously: Keep the booster upright and zero in on an exact spot on the ground. Since this IS impossible, I have to assume that the imagery is faked. If anyone disagrees, please explain how the physics works.

  45. banana junior 9000

    banana junior 9000Month ago

    Great compilation. Measuring height by stories however, is not so great.

  46. Vincent Wansink

    Vincent WansinkMonth ago

    I actually think it makes sense to use a unit of measure people can relate to. You tell them 60 metres and they have no idea how high that is.

  47. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow DartMonth ago

    Agreed, iirc, that was how SpaceX titled the videos on their channel. Since I got the videos from them, I just used their titles. Wikipedia has the altitude in meters.

  48. Seth Baker

    Seth BakerMonth ago

    22:55 the little RCS thruster that couldn't

  49. MES

    MESMonth ago

    3:09 haha, that toy on board :D

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    Hey mom look a flying dildo

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    3:21 R.I.P bird

  52. A.C. Weisbecker

    A.C. WeisbeckerMonth ago

    I see you deleted my comment: The 'Yellow' in your name must refer to... you get it. I'll just leave this (I made a series on the Musk Fraud), which I assume you work for: This one asks how a million pound rocket (titanium/aluminum/stainless steel, etc. could evaporated in 6 seconds:

  53. Cappie Smith

    Cappie SmithMonth ago

    Hmmm, after a while with no videos of failed launches, but all of the good ones it's obvious they are trying to hide them from John Q. Public.

  54. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow DartMonth ago

    Every launch is done in full view of the public, most landings recently have been on land (so also in full view of the public) and those that aren't are live streamed. Footage of the recent landing failure/water landing was released by SpaceX within 24 hours. The only failures they could possibly hide from the public would be in their development of their methane-powered Raptor engine, which they have been fairly tight lipped about (understandably so, given that a major competitor of theirs is also developing a methane engine at the same time). The media watches Elon Musk and his companies like hawks, they love to report failures and people eat it up. Trust me, if there is a failure, you'll know about it. The reason you haven't seen many lately is because they've mostly figured out how to lands Falcon 9's and have not yet started testing their next big project, Starship. When that starts you can expect some pretty good failures at some point.

  55. Matthew Barr

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    them cows be runnin

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    And now the Falcon heavy landing!! MAN I JUST LOVE IT!😍

  58. The Earth Is a Cylinder!!

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  59. Jessica Kirsh

    Jessica Kirsh2 months ago

    Great compilation 🚀. Thank you for sharing! There’s something so luxurious about being able to press play once and watch launch after launch after launch.... without having to get off my butt! 😂

  60. Allan Weisbecker

    Allan Weisbecker2 months ago

    The first dozen or so launches prove that grid fins and gas jets are unnecessary, right? I have news: By the laws of physics, with no more than a gimbaled thrust, it would be impossible to keep the rocket upright AND have lateral trajectory control. IM-FUCKING-POSSIBLE! This video is a beta test to see the level of denial the cattle are living under. It's truly frightening to read these comments.

  61. Allan Weisbecker

    Allan Weisbecker2 months ago

    +The Yellow Dart A classic red herring response. I said it's impossible to keep it upright AND (emphasis in my comment) control sideways movement simultaneously. Your second paragraph is totally irrelevant to my comment. But I suspect you already know this. (A couple By the ways: that they used grid fins in later 'launches' is a joke since they would have zero effect at slow speeds. And why are the cattle running sideways and not away from the blast noise? I could go on...) For further evidence of the Musk Fraud, start with my video at I have about a dozen of them. You should also have fun with this radio interview I did:

  62. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    Counterpoint: if you can balance a broom on your finger, you can prove yourself that gimbal is enough to balance a metal cylinder on top of an upward force. Addendum: if you can't balance a broom on your finger, that doesn't mean it's impossible. It just means you're bad at it. Additionally, the grid fins and cold gas thrusters are necessary for different situations that Grasshopper and Falcon 9R did not encounter during their short, low altitude test flights. Grid fins are needed for high speed descent through the atmosphere. Cold has thrusters are needed for attitude adjustment while above the atmosphere while the engine is turned off. The Cassiope mission is proof that the grid finds are necessary for landing. It attempted an ocean landing without grid fins and began to tumble due to aerodynamic instability. The tumble made the fuel spread around the tanks causing engine shutdown (it has to be pooled at the bottom to be pumped out) and complete loss of control.

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    Time to make a new Video :D

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    Man that would just be a lot of landings.

  65. TheRealBen10Trippin _

    TheRealBen10Trippin _19 days ago

    At 23:40, if you look into the cloud of white smoke beneath the rocket as it explodes you can see an object that looks allot like a fast Moover or a fast walker (Foo Fighter) type object and its moving slowly compared to an object that would come of an explosion. Just an observation from what i have seen from this explosion. Already i have identified a Fast Moover fly past a Space X launch and what looks like a successful sabotage where the rocket was destroyed by a Fast Moover or Foo Fighter type object, craft or UFO. What i believe to be an E.T space craft from the Zeta Riticuli star system (the grey's) i think. I'm not an expert on E.T species. Some persons have been known to call them Ebons. There is a possibility that they are another species of E.T or humanoid that are very small compared to us at around 1 foot in height. Its hard to say but we have lots of evidence in this species for example, the Atacama 6 inch humanoid which has been studied and is in fact a real 6 inch being that breathed and walked on this planet. There is also another one of this species which was recovered in Russia by a lady which kept it alive in a cage of some sort untill it died and it was around 1 foot tall and adult and was studied also and is without a doubt the same species. Disclosure will come to us all but when it is actually common knowledge and believed by us all, we will probally be long gone. Maybe 500 years ? who knows.. who knows.

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    Ummmmm yello dart are u going to make more videos in futer

  67. The Yellow Dart

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    Yup, it's pretty out of date.

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    I’m so used to block 5 now all these falcons look wrong.

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    1:58 what the mannnn??

  70. Chris Fournier

    Chris Fournier2 months ago

    Some of the landing tests looked like they were in a field in Iowa. A kind of 'If you build it, they will come' scenario. Instead of a baseball diamond, it was a rocket launch/landing pad. When I was a kid in the 50's and 60's, all rockets took off and landed like that. (I think they were going to Planet X, where all the bikini-clad girls lived). Anyway, it was very cool to watch!!!

  71. Happy John

    Happy John2 months ago

    18:58 That sound delay! 5:06 PM 12/17/2018

  72. xxDangerDanxx

    xxDangerDanxx2 months ago

    Well from this video, I take it like as if the five or six that blew up just to this point, that means that would have been many lives. Worried about housing, food, health care, and other things may be like mandatory birth-control something to help this planet. Man will never live in another planet fact. So for scientists being so smart they are some dumb idiots to believe, that they could play God, create an atmosphere, with all the elements that man needs to survive on a distant planet. It will never happen. But to play like they can terraform a planet, and have all the things that man has to have... Is Ludacris. Do you think that the Earth was placed at the exact and only location man can survive, which it happens to be the same percentage on the planet of water that the human body it's, 70 or so percent, and then put man on a distant world, and just expect it's nothing to it like going to the office every day. there's two ways you could experiment this Theory without losing life. Send that goofy-looking little bottle rocket to the moon, Let It Go inter the moon's atmosphere or lack of, habits trajectory 180, and come down and land like it does on Earth. Because you have no way of knowing testing or simulating the gravity percentage, the thickness of the air and all the other elements that is it on Mars or the moon like it is here... And the first time you do man will be in it. Simple question who's going to be the stupid moron that gets on that bottle rocket basically commit suicide willingly.?! An easy way, take your crew drop them off safely that is by helicopter the hard part that you won't make if you go to the moon or Mars and drop them off in the middle of the most secluded location on the planet, and most hostile or there's no water, no hopes for water, no agriculture, and the heat an unbearable hundred 1520 which by the way is nothing compared to Mars. But, no contact with man no help, no medical, no water everything that you're going to put them through drop them off in the middle of the Sahara with no resources. he'll be calling home on the cell phone like a little b**** please help us, and you think that nine months away aaa's just going to come to the rescue,? Here's a better idea take the trillions of dollars wasted, and build the massive wall around this country protect our way of life and it's got to be with commitment no more Outsiders then we might have a chance more of a chance than man will have on another planet with no atmosphere, no oxygen, no water, the 250 in the sun to 50 Below in the shade what it is to think that mankind will ever live anywhere else but

  73. xxDangerDanxx

    xxDangerDanxx2 months ago

    What a bunch of b*******, wasting billions or trillions... On a tempting to go places humans will never be able to live or survive. There's a big difference between couple hundred feet off of the ground and coming straight back down as opposed to, coming in off of a trajectory into the atmosphere in flight, with speed then, traversing backwards into landing mode, never going to happen not with humans anyway.

  74. Gregory Daerr

    Gregory Daerr2 months ago

    Like to know more about the 'probable' space worm.......and to be assured no more space worms will be harmed while testing these rockets. ;p

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    os maiores recursos que esses foguetes precisam estão no brasil . o primeiro á lancha vai saber o por que ??

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    Amazon is not happy!!

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    Jose Dixon2 months ago

    How do we hear rocket but don't hear helicopter?

  78. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    I believe they took the audio from a camera or microphone on the ground and put it with the drone's video so there wouldn't be any prop noise. If you listen to the launch and landing starting at around 7:39 it is significantly louder at launch when it is farthest from the drone, and sounds fairly quiet as it passes closely by the drone and goes above it. That seems to indicate ground based audio.

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    Wouldn't eat that beef.toxic as fuck.

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    7:13 peta has left the match

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    Imagine if they thought this way 50 years ago......

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    simplemente genial!!

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    Это все херня.....То ли дело такса в бочке с водой....

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    Stop speaking communist

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    and now the rockets can even survive when the hydraulic of the grid fins has an error while landing... :O

  87. MarineMan

    MarineMan2 months ago

    Curious as to the "why" of night flights when still in experimental stage. What is gained?

  88. MarineMan

    MarineMan2 months ago

    +The Yellow Dart, got it, thanks. Forgot some of these were actual missions. Since SpaceX can do this, recover a booster rocket to a small pad in the middle of the ocean, I wonder if they could teach my wife to parallel park a car. Never mind, disregard. Some things are truly impossible, can't be done.

  89. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    The only night landing attempts in this video are not purely experimental, they occurred after the rocket completed its primary mission of sending a payload to orbit, so the time of launch was determined by the needs of the payload, with the experimental landing afterward just being a secondary objective. All of the flights that were purely test flights, performed by Grasshopper and Falcon 9R test vehicles were during the day.

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    Did anyone see the Mannequin wearing a Texas Hat, on board the Grasshopper at 1:59 ?? So Funny :)

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    7:27 is here

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    Not recovered? SpaceX must be a big litterbug. All those engines and metal must be worth something. Can I go get them?

  93. Seaescapeland

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    +The Yellow Dart I can get 400 ft of submersible chain. One would think the would want to keep design secrets from just lying around for the Chinese to come and pick up.

  94. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart2 months ago

    I believe maritime salvage say yes, if you can get to them (have any submersibles laying around?). But SpaceX is actually the least litter bug-ish launch provider on earth. They are the only company in existence with the ability to recover and reuse orbital-capable boosters.

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    so awesome!

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    So awesome to watch all of the many SpaceX Launches, Landings, Failures; enumerated by name and dates. Thank you for your channel, good work and thank's for sharing this important part of history.

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    Great video. Space x.. just 6 years ago. Wow.

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    Super Super dann Goto Mars

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    This is great, like sports highlights. These are the best parts

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    3 LETTERS...... C G I

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    3 more letters DAS dumb as shit

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    Good lord man. GO SEE IT HAPPEN IN PERSON. Millions of people have now. You're making yourself look like an idiot.

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    Its all quite amazing but the sounds these rockets make are so funny, so steam engine like :) I know, one day warp engines will sound cool... till then Im happy with this I guess.

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    Fake B.S. by the Freemasons :D

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    If you could have atleast said a reason to why the vid seems fake, and some evidence supporting it, you're comment would have been 1% less pathetic.

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    WOW!! Just in the space of 4 years, to develop and perfect this technology!! That's a much better test record set by NASA!!!

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    Fake as hell , like all the rest,, fake space station , fake moon , fake mars,,, all pictures of the earth faked,,, no stars wake up people . This is fake 100% Think about it,,,,, no advancement in space tech in 80 years,,,,, still using a controlled explosion = rocket,,, crude sad cave man style,,,, But hey virtual reality seems to be coming along nicely ,,and cig and ai ,,, put them all together and,,,,enjoy the show morons,,, sheeple,,,,, baaaaa baaaaaa

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    before making a point please learn english

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    Preaches incoherently about video being fake. *Gives no evidence to back up claims*

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    +Robert Power,,,,,, and,,,,,, commas,,,,,,,

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    +John Nussberger yeah, no cgi

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    Robert Power I have seen the launch and seen the landing, sorry it was real .

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    There is a man riding the grasshopper.

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    This shit looks fake as fuck!

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    lol.... u mean the rocket doesn't turn itself off when it lands? Who? can possibly 'believe' this is real?

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    2:00 Chuck Norris ?

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    I'm new to this, but (3:08) Who's that guy in the cowboy hat?

  128. The Yellow Dart

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    Just a mannequin or something that the SpaceX people put on it for fun.

  129. bRlojm18

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    😂 I’m laughing because apparently some people here watching this think this is CG. I actually work in the entertainment industry and this is not CG. It’s very expensive to simulate realistic smoke and it’s also expensive to render it. Even some of the best simulations are still not very accurate. People also do understand how gravity works as space time. It is because of this strange phenomenon that these rockets work.

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    When you realize things are not as they seem... Fast forward a few years and we have new and cheaper ways to kill people.. and we're selling to everyone and we're rich as hell

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    Them cows🐄🐮🤠 must have seen a lot Rockets🚀 take off - there baby calfs now wanna be space cadets :) 👩‍🚀🤪

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    Fake not real.. See how easy that is?

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    Молодцы, Ребята из СпейсИкс! Гоните в могилу роскосмос вместе с его главным свиньёй - рогозой!...)

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    I love how spaceX just launches casually in front of cows.

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    Not all terrain in Mars or the Moon is flat. Space X should develop landing legs that adjust to the unevenness of the surface.

  138. The Yellow Dart

    The Yellow Dart3 months ago

    The Falcon 9 first stage will never land on Mars, they are currently designing and building the BFS to do that job. And Mars has lots of flat plains suitable for landing a rocket on, and we have multiple satellites orbiting Mars to help scout out a good spot.

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    That last one hahahahha

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    The smoke looks like these are miniatures.

  141. chin nuts

    chin nuts4 months ago

    They let helicopters fly above anything that has a big can of hair spray on fire coming out its ass. Secondly, look at the fake smoke. Fake ass shit.

  142. chin nuts

    chin nuts4 months ago

    This shit is straight up CGI fake as fuck. Are you people that stupid?

  143. Thomas Kundera

    Thomas Kundera2 months ago

    You are.

  144. Warren G

    Warren G4 months ago

    These guys make an excellent rocket, but the comments here have me rolling with tears in my eyes. People... please do a little research, it will take you 2 minutes. Everyone at nasa openly talks about "not being able to leave earths lower orbit because of the van allen belts" Do not assume i am saying anything other than it is a fact that we can not go beyond 122,000 feet. They openly admit we do not the technology, and even our presidents have openly spoke about this. Tho no one really thinks about this and does not understand what this means. This means NOTHING has left the lower most regions of earths surroundings ... (since 1971... 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you even want to believe that. Dont believe me, just look it up... educate yourself)

  145. Stephen Finch

    Stephen Finch4 months ago

    i believe that you believe but i also believe you've chosen to remain ignorant. for example all these nasa people you speak of who going on about the belts. were you told about them which would make it second hand information or did you see actual video or read actual quotes by each one. If you were told by second hand sources then your information is not valid. you have no way of knowing if you were told the truth or if it was conveyed correctly or if you understood it correctly. you need to get it from the source. and for the same reasons i can't take your word for it. would you mind sharing each source of information here as a reply? thanks