All Sports Golf Battle 3 | Dude Perfect


  1. Addi Dixon

    Addi Dixon41 minute ago

    Don't forget your bag again bro

  2. John Michael Jacob

    John Michael Jacob2 hours ago

    Aliens in the sky 7:38

  3. Johnny Chicken

    Johnny Chicken3 hours ago


  4. Redhawk187 Xbox

    Redhawk187 Xbox7 hours ago

    When’s all sports golf 4

  5. Abel Perez Jr.

    Abel Perez Jr.7 hours ago

    What happened to your golden golf bag?

  6. Phanith Som

    Phanith Som7 hours ago

    I thought he trough the turtle 5:40

  7. Jennifer Gutshall

    Jennifer Gutshall8 hours ago

    Why do you forget things so much??

  8. Darcy Fitzpatrick

    Darcy Fitzpatrick9 hours ago

    Can you do all sports golf 4

  9. Bushy Boi

    Bushy Boi12 hours ago

    how can they call it all sports battle if there’s no golf and no tennis

  10. Squeek along1621

    Squeek along162112 hours ago

    what a putt

  11. Syed Tayyab Noor

    Syed Tayyab Noor15 hours ago

    Love the turtle it looks cool

  12. Ghost 2.0

    Ghost 2.016 hours ago

    Coby coby

  13. Ghost 2.0

    Ghost 2.016 hours ago

    You are cool

  14. Emily Rollins

    Emily Rollins16 hours ago

    I live in missuri

  15. Matthew Bassett

    Matthew Bassett16 hours ago

    They gave coby an extra point!😡 he Could have one this

  16. Steph Kirchner

    Steph Kirchner18 hours ago

    Do an all sports golf battle

  17. Julius21 Mayer22

    Julius21 Mayer22Day ago

    Team coby for life

  18. Yariel Omar Nieves

    Yariel Omar NievesDay ago

    Do four

  19. TheRangerMarksman

    TheRangerMarksmanDay ago

    What bow were they using? It looks very familiar but I can't remember what those bows are called

  20. Gavin Robb

    Gavin RobbDay ago

    do another one

  21. Brian Mander

    Brian ManderDay ago

    Stop 🛑 toe poking

  22. Just Apples

    Just Apples2 days ago


  23. Stacey Chapman

    Stacey Chapman2 days ago

    I am a TWIN and good job purple hoser

  24. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy2 days ago

    Aye someone other than tyler won because tyler always wins I’m happy that someone other than him won like if u agree

  25. Keziahdk

    Keziahdk2 days ago

    DP you ar the Best youtuber

  26. 09dragonslayer

    09dragonslayer2 days ago

    Go purple hoser

  27. Louise Smit

    Louise Smit2 days ago

    You need to do more of this battles

  28. Sushma Nath

    Sushma Nath2 days ago

    Any one 2019

  29. The Dragonsnort Channel

    The Dragonsnort Channel3 days ago

    Question for all the fishing guys and gals out there: were you all disappointed in the way Ty & Cody handled the fishing poles? Let me know in the comment section. Thanks!

  30. Yeet GG Gaming

    Yeet GG Gaming3 days ago

    When Cody said you can’t get out of there with a golf club (how do you get in there with a golf ball)

  31. jj carlton

    jj carlton3 days ago

    I live in Missouri

  32. Prashanth Shaga

    Prashanth Shaga3 days ago


  33. Prashanth Shaga

    Prashanth Shaga3 days ago

    These members are fuc.... Fake search in the Google that are do fake 😠😠😠😠 they are 🤨🤨🤨

  34. Luka_Gaming HD

    Luka_Gaming HD3 days ago


  35. Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor4 days ago

    Golfers around the world will be replacing their expensive putters with wooden oars.

  36. Jackaboi

    Jackaboi4 days ago

    I want more of this

  37. Jeffary13 YT

    Jeffary13 YT4 days ago

    U could have just bought a new bag

  38. Jesse Capitano

    Jesse Capitano4 days ago


  39. Oliver Joseph

    Oliver Joseph4 days ago

    6:11 Best putt ever

  40. Oliver Joseph

    Oliver Joseph4 days ago

    Coby.. Cody!!! AND A CORY!?!?!?!?! HOW DO I KEEP TRACK??? I literally just realized..

  41. Becky C.

    Becky C.4 days ago

    This is the video that got me into DP. I hope they make another one of these! It's not only the first one I watched, but I love this concept! All 3 videos are brilliant.

  42. lucas roan

    lucas roan4 days ago


  43. L&P Vlogs

    L&P Vlogs4 days ago

    9:45 YOUNG TYLER!

  44. Berat Emir

    Berat Emir4 days ago

    4:27 İÇERDE

  45. Mist_ Mistaken

    Mist_ Mistaken4 days ago

    5:37 when you think he's gonna throw he turtle xd

  46. Khương Vũ

    Khương Vũ5 days ago


  47. Cuphead

    Cuphead5 days ago

    Wave walker?

  48. DS Dubey

    DS Dubey5 days ago

    Why you not playing cricket

  49. Zachry Kinchen

    Zachry Kinchen5 days ago

    Tylor comet 4 Tyler

  50. Subscribe if you like Ramen

    Subscribe if you like Ramen5 days ago

    Cory’s home is the airport!?

  51. Lucas Murray

    Lucas Murray5 days ago

    you would not take all your stuff out of your bag at the airport

  52. Zlatan Ribica

    Zlatan Ribica5 days ago

    Guys you should make a mobile game

  53. Parker Willing

    Parker Willing5 days ago

    I live in Missouri

  54. animefanboy

    animefanboy5 days ago

    5:46 though he threw the turtal

  55. Oneslientbang 3939

    Oneslientbang 39395 days ago

    That’s a gospel song

  56. Kenneth Tagpuno

    Kenneth Tagpuno5 days ago

    RIP Twins

  57. spidey videos

    spidey videos6 days ago

    Where is this golf course located?

  58. Chad Jones

    Chad Jones6 days ago

    Make a fourth one.

  59. Toxic Commenter

    Toxic Commenter6 days ago

    Anyone realize it is actually tortoise

  60. soccer star 97

    soccer star 976 days ago

    Do more battles

  61. rouse edward

    rouse edward6 days ago

    Total Dude Perfect Battles Scores: Tyler = 15.5 Garrett = 6 Cody = 5 Cory = 4.5 Coby = 1

  62. Patsy Lee

    Patsy Lee6 days ago

    For a sec Ty, I thought you threw the turtle!

  63. VD Cuber

    VD Cuber6 days ago

    4:25 i love this part

  64. Nifty ASMR

    Nifty ASMR7 days ago

    I will have to make a new video

  65. Syed Tayyab Noor

    Syed Tayyab Noor7 days ago

    Is the vortex whistle real or is it fake

  66. Jennifer Waldron

    Jennifer Waldron7 days ago

    5:39 I was really scared because I thought he threw the turtle 😱🙏🏻🐢 Edit: ty you’re my fav but how you just scared me, you’re now my least fav Just kidding!!

  67. Gaines Mcqueen

    Gaines Mcqueen7 days ago

    Purple hoser for life 🧢 🔵

  68. Nocturly Gaming

    Nocturly Gaming7 days ago

    Thought he threw the turtle lol

  69. Master Luke

    Master Luke7 days ago

    When ty found the turtle then threw the skeet I thought it was the turtle

  70. Konrad Gerhart

    Konrad Gerhart7 days ago

    Cody is garbage

  71. Ömer mi Ayşe mi

    Ömer mi Ayşe mi7 days ago

    Was your handicap

  72. БАХ¡!¡!¡ !¡!¡!

    БАХ¡!¡!¡ !¡!¡!8 days ago

    Жаль что на английском.

  73. Space Duck Industries

    Space Duck Industries8 days ago

    After coby went out why didn't Cory take his bag

  74. Lilithplayz

    Lilithplayz8 days ago

    Tyler is my fav

  75. Colin Howard

    Colin Howard8 days ago

    Look at Ty's right arm at 5:43

  76. slashberg

    slashberg8 days ago

    For a second there at 5:39 I thought he threw the turtle 😂

  77. Nathaniel Micech

    Nathaniel Micech8 days ago

    You should definitely have the editors in all sports golf battle 4. Also let Coby win.

  78. ShouTIN & AaSAMA

    ShouTIN & AaSAMA9 days ago

    How did he leave his bag and not his equipments?

  79. Felicity Ocampo

    Felicity Ocampo9 days ago

    You should do this again but with just a bow and arrow

  80. sameh turkmani

    sameh turkmani9 days ago

    Plz sub my channel

  81. Mavratron_2007 5

    Mavratron_2007 59 days ago

    Nice job

  82. MisterMonkey 187

    MisterMonkey 1879 days ago

    Siete Mas informacion

  83. Gucci fam

    Gucci fam9 days ago

    Your intro is lit.

  84. Lucas Krajcik

    Lucas Krajcik10 days ago

    I took cory's bag Sorry cory if you went looking for your bag

  85. Myles Wurtz

    Myles Wurtz10 days ago

    please do more of these their my favorite vids

  86. TassenPvP_ Playz

    TassenPvP_ Playz10 days ago

    1:37 looked like the trew the turtle

  87. Lowkii

    Lowkii10 days ago

    *Fourth annual all sports golf battle* Cory forgets himself

  88. Team Emerald

    Team Emerald10 days ago

    Bring panda in I One of these videos

  89. Brian Dunn

    Brian Dunn10 days ago

    Why don’t you guys actually use golf clubs for these type of battles?🤔🤭

  90. Jarvinator 06

    Jarvinator 0610 days ago

    5:17 Cody : You normally can’t make it out of that with a golf club Me : You also can’t normally make it into that with a golf club


    EXTREMO FUNK10 days ago


  92. Qazxswedc

    Qazxswedc10 days ago

    *leaves bag at airport but remembers to bring everything inside it*

  93. Rahaf Abbasi

    Rahaf Abbasi11 days ago

    When he found that turtle, for a second i thought he chucked the turtle 🤣 Btw ive named the turtle marble

  94. Lauren Manning

    Lauren Manning11 days ago

    Can you make the 4th all sports golf battle

  95. Kaya Isabel-jones

    Kaya Isabel-jones11 days ago

    I thought he through the turtle but it was just the skeet

  96. Windy City Baseball

    Windy City Baseball11 days ago

    Ready 4 4!

  97. Emiliano Reyna

    Emiliano Reyna11 days ago

    Where's panda

  98. Ishmeet Rahal

    Ishmeet Rahal11 days ago

    PURPLE HOSER!!! Tap tap tap tap tap

  99. Matthew Goninen

    Matthew Goninen11 days ago

    It’s 2019, were due for part 4!!!! And let’s also get part 3 of dizzy sports battle

  100. beastyman1853

    beastyman185311 days ago

    Tyler always wins