All Sports Golf Battle 3 | Dude Perfect


  1. Cooper Morton

    Cooper Morton24 minutes ago

    Y’all should play real golf battle Who else agrees Yes or No?

  2. Sherif Elhagen

    Sherif Elhagen46 minutes ago

    My favoirte videos of you are the all golf sports battle

  3. pradyot rockin

    pradyot rockinHour ago

    Coby you are the best just win more often

  4. mnm778 trick shots

    mnm778 trick shotsHour ago

    Subscribe to my youtube I post trickshots

  5. Toxsick

    Toxsick2 hours ago

    For a second i thought he threw the turtle 😂

  6. Jake Seeber

    Jake Seeber2 hours ago

    I think that you should use some really different sporting items; like AFL Footy, cricket bat and ball, badminton, volley balls and just stuff like that this is a bit different :)

  7. braeden keddie

    braeden keddie2 hours ago

    Huuuuh CORY why did you leave your bag at the airport I was gonna switch to team Cory but man I can't switch from team purple hoser GO GAR!!!!!!

  8. LLN Gaming

    LLN Gaming2 hours ago

    5:39 I’m glad he didn’t throw the turtle....

  9. paper hacks

    paper hacks4 hours ago


  10. Footgamer TV

    Footgamer TV6 hours ago

    It's not called soccer it's called football

  11. Ali Hayat Khan

    Ali Hayat Khan7 hours ago

    hey guys you should have to visit play...

  12. Top Reactions

    Top Reactions7 hours ago

    Cody should have had a penalty shot for the long put he made as the flag was still in.

  13. Charlie Zealley

    Charlie Zealley8 hours ago

    It’s a tortoise

  14. Cyndia Monett

    Cyndia Monett10 hours ago


  15. Jack Mark And Ethan fan

    Jack Mark And Ethan fan11 hours ago

    Oh my gosh I live in Missouri!

  16. Smith Alan

    Smith Alan12 hours ago

    That's amazing right?

  17. Original Gamer

    Original Gamer12 hours ago

    I love golf,hehe.

  18. AndrewM12315

    AndrewM1231512 hours ago

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  19. Nicholas Rendon

    Nicholas Rendon13 hours ago

    y'all should do a home made fishing pole chalenge

  20. will davidson

    will davidson14 hours ago

    team up with How Ridiculous for a video! like if you agree.

  21. Tyler Fernandez

    Tyler Fernandez14 hours ago

    Yes, do a fourth one. Add the editors in it as well. See if they win a battle

  22. Nate Ward

    Nate Ward15 hours ago

    More of this please

  23. Wyatt Troup

    Wyatt Troup15 hours ago

    There in MO my state

  24. Hailey Cramer

    Hailey Cramer15 hours ago

    wavewalkerrrrrrrr :)))))

  25. Joshua Harry Lee

    Joshua Harry Lee16 hours ago

    Sorry but I realised it's Cody at 6 wins

  26. Joshua Harry Lee

    Joshua Harry Lee16 hours ago

    Battles so far for solo Ty at 16 wins Gar at 6 wins Cody at 5 wins Coby at 1 win Cory at 5 wins

  27. Sporty Fun!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sporty Fun!!!!!!!!!!!17 hours ago

    You should have also used a hurl

  28. Japheth Villas

    Japheth Villas20 hours ago

    Na Na Naaa Na Hey Hey Hey Good Byeeee..Hahahahah......Lol

  29. Nicole Lifliand

    Nicole Lifliand20 hours ago

    Nom nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom, hey hey hey, good pie

  30. Splefer

    Splefer21 hour ago

    This vid is to lit not to watch!

  31. Tom Albert

    Tom Albert22 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Cory not seem so into it for the last few episodes?

  32. Vitor Daniel Silva

    Vitor Daniel Silva22 hours ago

    Mesmo sem entender nada ainda assisto

  33. Kevin Collins

    Kevin Collins23 hours ago

    1440p is much appreciated...

  34. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher Cruz23 hours ago

    It’s the tadpasgb

  35. ms ns

    ms ns23 hours ago

    Rip twins

  36. William Hassell

    William Hassell23 hours ago

    Aight, love y’all, but as an Ultimate Frisbee player, watching Tyler throw hurt me

  37. logan burns

    logan burns23 hours ago

    It’s so funny how ty is always in the finally

  38. OOF YOLO

    OOF YOLODay ago

    The next battle would be lumberjack battle

  39. Epic boy 123

    Epic boy 123Day ago

    All sports golf battle 4

  40. marco reus

    marco reusDay ago

    it is the best channel on youtube

  41. Caleb Li

    Caleb LiDay ago

    To be honest, I think the only reason Coby and Cory were frustrated with Tyler not remembering that he won All Sports Golf Battle 2 because they barely had any trophies.

  42. Noob gaming

    Noob gamingDay ago

    Garret is like at least 2nd all time in wins

  43. Patrick

    PatrickDay ago

    I feel like Garret would be the most chill teacher ever

  44. khayyam shah

    khayyam shahDay ago

    like for cory


    GTR VLOGSDay ago

    Well have watch the first one when it came out and I’m back again I’ll comment on next years sport video I’ll be 14 then

  46. Ramabhai Patel

    Ramabhai PatelDay ago

    Hi ya are so fake

  47. Darío Sánchez

    Darío SánchezDay ago

    Dadle like si son españoles

  48. Steven Farrier

    Steven FarrierDay ago


  49. Adem Esad Hayat

    Adem Esad HayatDay ago

    Twins are gone ;(

  50. Adem Esad Hayat

    Adem Esad HayatDay ago


  51. Psycho

    PsychoDay ago


  52. Kinsey Sharon

    Kinsey SharonDay ago

    Seriously !!! Wave walker😍😍

  53. TheMadTroller

    TheMadTrollerDay ago

    yep im going at it, SUBSCRIBE NOW


    DEVIL GAMERDay ago

    dudeperfect sucks

  55. Josh Gabb

    Josh GabbDay ago

    Do rugby trick shots for the brits

  56. Billin Gates

    Billin GatesDay ago

    Can anyone tell me what NMDs Garrett is wearing?

  57. levi fox

    levi foxDay ago

    Anyone else freak out at 5:23 ?

  58. Old Lenovo

    Old LenovoDay ago

    Coby is a winner of loser

  59. Erin Garnier

    Erin GarnierDay ago

    make a part 4

  60. Gaming Titon

    Gaming TitonDay ago


  61. The blue blade 770 Gaming

    The blue blade 770 GamingDay ago

    Dude perfect forever

  62. Christopher Guza

    Christopher GuzaDay ago

    6:11 Cody Jones Makes His Longest Put Of His Life WOW

  63. Tempson

    TempsonDay ago

    Sub me i sub you

  64. Matthew Wold

    Matthew WoldDay ago

    I believed in coby 😭

  65. Austin mcdougall

    Austin mcdougallDay ago

    please sub to austin mcdougall

  66. Austin mcdougall

    Austin mcdougallDay ago

    omg thats cool dude perfect

  67. Hi Game player

    Hi Game playerDay ago

    I feel realy feel bad for coby😭😭

  68. Seth Williams

    Seth WilliamsDay ago

    That was amazing

  69. Melting Ice - Portal 2

    Melting Ice - Portal 2Day ago

    I wasn't able to watch in 4k just fine not that long ago, now I can watch shit in 4k with no lag LOL

  70. Emily C.

    Emily C.Day ago

    i would be so happy if you guys invited me to film a video with you guys. it would be the best birthday present ever

  71. World Wrestling Eddie

    World Wrestling EddieDay ago

    How does Cory forget the bag but he remembers his stuff?

  72. Kemal Demir

    Kemal DemirDay ago

    put panda in the next one

  73. J Jayallday

    J JayalldayDay ago

    7:40 - 8:00

  74. Nicolas. shot

    Nicolas. shotDay ago


  75. SamonTheAncient

    SamonTheAncientDay ago


  76. Farrenn Southerton

    Farrenn SouthertonDay ago

    you are amazing

  77. Saima Muzaffar

    Saima MuzaffarDay ago

    I liked the purple hoser edit

  78. Simão Pimenta

    Simão Pimenta2 days ago

    Can you do another All Sports Golf Battle???

  79. Jeremiah Anderson

    Jeremiah Anderson2 days ago

    you should have a foosball trick shot battle

  80. Mohammed Mohiuddin

    Mohammed Mohiuddin2 days ago

    Tv show zee tv

  81. Rudra Jani

    Rudra Jani2 days ago

    All sports golf 4 should have editors in it....

  82. Musicaly Point

    Musicaly Point2 days ago

    Wow ! Video was amazing but I want behind the scenes of this ...

  83. Seth Allison

    Seth Allison2 days ago

    Man, I would love to play that course!

  84. emmycarlson

    emmycarlson2 days ago

    Try using a bowling ball like this if you think so

  85. Naresh kumar

    Naresh kumar2 days ago

    Feel for coby

  86. NaClStreak

    NaClStreak2 days ago

    5:35 "He just likes to sneak up on me when we're playing out here *heh heh...* " Throws turtle in next scene


    BENYOBEST13 hours ago

    NaClStreak he didn’t throw the turtle

  88. Shelby’s been vlogging!!!

    Shelby’s been vlogging!!!2 days ago

    :( I still believe in you coby!!❤️🌹

  89. Cane Playz

    Cane Playz2 days ago

    4:12 nana na na hei hei hei goodbye

  90. Andrew

    Andrew2 days ago

    Do a vid with XO

  91. Vansh Patel

    Vansh Patel2 days ago

    Where is you live

  92. 장삐쭈애청자

    장삐쭈애청자2 days ago


  93. Erin Ryan

    Erin Ryan2 days ago

    In your next sports golf battle pleeeaasseeee put a hurley and sliotar in it

  94. mahesh Vijay

    mahesh Vijay2 days ago

    Please do badminton trick shots

  95. nikki ocampo

    nikki ocampo2 days ago

    team garrett

  96. TTuugu

    TTuugu2 days ago

    this song's name ??

  97. NatesCast

    NatesCast2 days ago

    Cody would have made a great tight end, add another 20 pounds of muscle to that dude and you got a beast. Granted that he played football ofc..

  98. Ayuba K

    Ayuba K2 days ago

    4:26 lol


    ANCHIT GUPTA2 days ago

    Nice video dude perfect plz give me one of your shirts or caps

  100. Rubenplays

    Rubenplays2 days ago

    they should make a fortnite stereotypes

  101. Kreate Rozay

    Kreate Rozay2 days ago

    I came up with a new challenge