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  1. Tomato Animations

    Tomato Animations5 hours ago

    Ty: Here we are at the great state of Missouri Me: Have you seen our weather?!

  2. Lolgamer57

    Lolgamer576 hours ago

    At 6:39, Cory went from 4 strokes to 5 without taking a shot. 🤔

  3. Mash_ Potato

    Mash_ Potato12 hours ago

    4:25 if u watch wrestlemania u would understand where they got that from

  4. Grant Henderson

    Grant Henderson18 hours ago

    Ok so I've watched this video about a hundred times. And I just realized. Ty definitely picked up a gopher, or tortoise is certain parts of the country, which is for sure illegal in Mississippi. Idk about the state their in though.


    JAMIL LEWIS18 hours ago

    I want that dirt bike

  6. Cat Lady

    Cat Lady22 hours ago


  7. Osaja Abbas

    Osaja AbbasDay ago

    Let me clear yall It's a football not a soccer ball

  8. JJ Lee Vlogs

    JJ Lee VlogsDay ago

    This is how many times Cory forgot his bag at the airport. 👇🏻

  9. Sean Goodnight

    Sean GoodnightDay ago

    Tyler is going to win

  10. Slime All the time!

    Slime All the time!Day ago

    You guys should do TopGolf for video 45 it’s so fun

  11. Chris Allen

    Chris AllenDay ago

    They should make a part 4

  12. Mango Saurus Rex

    Mango Saurus RexDay ago

    Can u come to Muscatine

  13. PotatoGamer2008

    PotatoGamer2008Day ago

    Does anyone wonder who says “dude perfect” at 0:26?

  14. Luis ortiz

    Luis ortizDay ago

    Luis's sister I WANT COBY TO WINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. K*H Productions

    K*H ProductionsDay ago

    3:47 look at the numbers at the bottom I'm scared😱😈

  16. K*H Productions

    K*H Productions2 hours ago

    I know scary right

  17. Polish kiten

    Polish kiten3 hours ago

    Noooooooooo 🤔😅😑😲😲😲😈😈😈😈😈😈👹👹☠

  18. Ethan Adams

    Ethan AdamsDay ago

    Make a All Sports Golf Battle 4

  19. Darrel Evans

    Darrel Evans2 days ago

    purple hoser

  20. Benjamin Tamari

    Benjamin Tamari2 days ago

    did you see random 4 at 2:50

  21. Mary Lhouise Mascarinas

    Mary Lhouise Mascarinas2 days ago

    Kick cory or ty out of the team or i will unsubscribe to your channel

  22. Deggy67

    Deggy672 days ago

    The editing on this is crazy! Bare props to DP editors

  23. Alina Pryt

    Alina Pryt2 days ago

    Where do you guys get the trophies?

  24. Brady Black

    Brady Black2 days ago

    I mean why didn’t Cory buy a bag there 😂

  25. Jim Jim

    Jim Jim2 days ago

    5:40 I thought he through the turtle

  26. Memas 1221

    Memas 12212 days ago

    Garrett winner !!!!

  27. Matthew Wang

    Matthew Wang2 days ago

    5:38 I thought he threw the turtle. XD

  28. Sam Smethurst

    Sam Smethurst3 days ago

    Wow this is a beautiful course

  29. Max H

    Max H3 days ago

    La pelote basque va très vite aussi les balles vont a 120 km/h

  30. {Das}Huber

    {Das}Huber3 days ago

    like 483 568

  31. MudkipMan++

    MudkipMan++3 days ago

    There were definitely a lot of people who thought he threw the turtle

  32. Meme Chronicles

    Meme Chronicles3 days ago

    5:36 that was actually a rare box turtle

  33. Kennedy Hobson

    Kennedy Hobson3 days ago

    I live where cabelas originated and then bass pro ruined my small town but I still love your channel no matter what

  34. Manuel Campos

    Manuel Campos3 days ago


  35. nick 5753

    nick 57533 days ago


  36. Sheperd Simmons

    Sheperd Simmons4 days ago

    That was so funny when ty thought that was a snake

  37. 10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos

    10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos4 days ago


  38. xXfortenight godsXx

    xXfortenight godsXx4 days ago

    6:12 golf trick shots 2 am I right

  39. Валерия Чаринцева

    Валерия Чаринцева4 days ago

    Hello Dude Purfect. I am from Russia and i like your videos

  40. Unicasts

    Unicasts4 days ago

    what if he threw the turtle lol

  41. Hotdog 97

    Hotdog 974 days ago

    5:39 lol I thought he threw the turtle

  42. Abraham Gonzalez

    Abraham Gonzalez4 days ago

    When ty found the turtle the clip after I thought he threw it 5:24

  43. Md Rauf

    Md Rauf4 days ago

    1 like =why always coby

  44. Dave Skoglund

    Dave Skoglund4 days ago


  45. Aedangreco Maranangamer

    Aedangreco Maranangamer4 days ago

    Nananananananana hey hey hey goodbye

  46. Bee Gamer

    Bee Gamer4 days ago

    Cory leave his back once again xd

  47. ramakoteswararao meada

    ramakoteswararao meada4 days ago

    Make more new videos

  48. Unlawful Spoon

    Unlawful Spoon4 days ago

    5:39 anyone else thought he threw the turtle

  49. Unlawful Spoon

    Unlawful Spoon4 days ago

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z

  50. Keegan Bledsoe

    Keegan Bledsoe4 days ago

    5:39 i actually thought ty through the turtle

  51. Gacha bro

    Gacha bro4 days ago

    Who else is watching this after Coby won?

  52. BEN Sprague

    BEN Sprague4 days ago


  53. LynxMonix

    LynxMonix5 days ago

    5:37 who else thought he threw the turtle 😂 😂😂

  54. Cameron Langley

    Cameron Langley5 days ago

    Who else notice coby ducking even though the racket ball wasn’t even close to him2:43

  55. UnWanted

    UnWanted5 days ago

    You should use a discus instead of a disc golf frisbee

  56. Jay The Rio Gamer

    Jay The Rio Gamer5 days ago

    when ty got the turtle i thought he threw it instead of the skeet lol

  57. Cloudy Day Gaming

    Cloudy Day Gaming5 days ago

    I thought Ty threw the turtle at first

  58. Nopay8060 Campbell

    Nopay8060 Campbell5 days ago

    I thought you threw the turtle for a second

  59. Dan Joe

    Dan Joe6 days ago

    Song name please anyone?

  60. Homie Pikachuz

    Homie Pikachuz6 days ago

    who else got triggered when ty called the tortoise he found a turtle ITS A TORTOISE TY A TORTOISE YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS BY NOW

  61. Lucky Trains

    Lucky Trains6 days ago

    Who cries inside when coby loses

  62. emmeyhi

    emmeyhi6 days ago

    I honestly thought he threw the turtle at 5:30

  63. Davi renato games br silva

    Davi renato games br silva6 days ago


  64. Legiy Gaming

    Legiy Gaming6 days ago

    Cory Coby Cody WTF!!!

  65. Legiy Gaming

    Legiy Gaming6 days ago

    Cory didn’t got sponsorship and also the bag

  66. Legiy Gaming

    Legiy Gaming6 days ago

    Welcome to T.A.D.P.A.S.G.B

  67. Raees Aboobaker

    Raees Aboobaker6 days ago

    5:40 hes not a turtle hes a tortoise

  68. MPF skull

    MPF skull6 days ago

    5:37 I thought it was the turtle he threw😂😂😂

  69. Edgar Guzman

    Edgar Guzman6 days ago

    During the video they say they said the bag was in the airport but then Cory says it’s at home

  70. Edgar Guzman

    Edgar Guzman6 days ago

    They are also rich , they could’ve just go buy a new one

  71. Edgar Guzman

    Edgar Guzman6 days ago

    If all the sports equipment stays in the bag there’s no reason to forget the bag

  72. Edgar Guzman

    Edgar Guzman6 days ago

    Hamz fake

  73. Mr. Neeposh

    Mr. Neeposh6 days ago

    Why do the twins always lose

  74. Sherwood 10

    Sherwood 107 days ago

    DP I would love for you to make another all sports battle. Thanks, Biggest fan

  75. Fortnite 69

    Fortnite 693 days ago

    Sebastian Cheng oh shiiii

  76. Sebastian Cheng

    Sebastian Cheng3 days ago

    Fortnite 69 evidently, yes ‘cause you were watching it

  77. Fortnite 69

    Fortnite 694 days ago

    Sherwood 10 people are still watching this?

  78. Jennie Storts

    Jennie Storts7 days ago

    5:40 who else thought he threw the turtle?

  79. Shoemaker Gaming

    Shoemaker Gaming7 days ago

    9:15 that’s what she said

  80. Jaden Moore

    Jaden Moore7 days ago

    2019 anyone, also in the description says that all sports golf battle 4 will have the editors in it

  81. Jaden Moore

    Jaden Moore7 days ago

    Ty is so salty when he says “...You got to let him get exited when he can...great job core!”

  82. maasen 21

    maasen 217 days ago

    I have been there and it really is nice

  83. TaZe_Mythlc

    TaZe_Mythlc7 days ago

    And team Cody

  84. TaZe_Mythlc

    TaZe_Mythlc7 days ago


  85. Jay Abraham

    Jay Abraham7 days ago


  86. dylan zoranski

    dylan zoranski7 days ago


  87. E1EVEN

    E1EVEN7 days ago

    I have the bag...... Just kidding

  88. Lily Craft

    Lily Craft8 days ago

    They don’t know how to throw a frisbee

  89. Meryem Çiçekdağ

    Meryem Çiçekdağ8 days ago

    Am serdar +1

  90. Arn Naul

    Arn Naul8 days ago

    Its actually football. Not soccer

  91. David Buschhorn

    David Buschhorn8 days ago

    These are my favorite... no... maybe the rocket competition. :)

  92. İbrahim Üçüncu

    İbrahim Üçüncu8 days ago


  93. Fahsai W.

    Fahsai W.8 days ago

    Cody is just lucky, he hit it & da wind blew da ball in the hole 🕳. Lucky Cody :)

  94. Raziq satya

    Raziq satya8 days ago


  95. Hayden Hunt

    Hayden Hunt8 days ago

    1 like= one win for spot

  96. beans beans

    beans beans8 days ago


  97. shipman75

    shipman759 days ago

    Do number 4 like so they listen

  98. Troy Bindley

    Troy Bindley9 days ago

    One like=one rip for the twins

  99. Troy Bindley

    Troy Bindley9 days ago

    One like=one rip for coby

  100. Troy Bindley

    Troy Bindley9 days ago

    How do u leave your bag at the airport is he blind or something lol :b

  101. xLuckyy

    xLuckyy9 days ago

    Someone explain this to me... All sports golf battle, yet they don’t add golf🤔

  102. Sorry bro U Sad

    Sorry bro U Sad9 days ago

    xLuckyy the padle

  103. Blize

    Blize9 days ago

    Нихуя не понел, но очень интересно!

  104. Rig Mathur

    Rig Mathur10 days ago

    how they gonna take the trophy home?????/

  105. Spider- Man

    Spider- Man10 days ago

    1 like =1 like for Spots

  106. Alina T

    Alina T11 days ago

    4:25 *got me dying*