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    Make a vedio on cricket plzzzzzz

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    Next Video: Easter Stereotypes Rage Monster Gets Angry Because He Didn’t Win The Egg Hunt Game He Lost To Cody 😄

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    It will be more dificult say F.A.D.P.A.S.B.B FIRST ANNUAL DUDE PERFECT ALL SPORTS BASEBALL than do the tricks

  5. Sam Samson

    Sam Samson14 minutes ago

    *Watching the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 comes out on April 26.*

  6. XYHC

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    The eyebrows have returned 😕

  7. Rygonjiny

    Rygonjiny14 minutes ago

    If the 2nd round was the finale...

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  9. Adam Kunkel

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    Garrett's face at 11:20

  10. Will Grannemann

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    Do you mind coming to Phoenix, AZ I just moved from NJ

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    Wish American sports where popular in Britain

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    If you sub to me And comment I’ll sub back

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    the dp wearhouse is like 1h away from i live

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    Hi dude perfect can i have a shout out I subscribed and hit the ball out of the park get it the ball means the bell you guys are the best

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    Did anyone see the premier

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    3 in a row! Gooooo cory

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  19. Zackary Risley

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    I think the eyebrows

  20. Jaelyn Anderson

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    We need a battle from all the dudes but as their announcer parts. * Ned Forester (Ty) * Jim Shorts (Cory) * Cris Tingle (Garett) * Joe Flirt (Cody) * Jon Carver (Coby)

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    Todo bien

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    Code X2Twins In the item shop ... oops wrong twins 😂😂😂

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    team cory lets get it

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    Why does this comment have 1 like

  25. Ryan Clippinger

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    I want to know how long the intro took 😂

  26. Maz Oler

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    Seems like having no eyebrows for a while gives you a power boost...

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  28. Me theuunicorn

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    What ever the last number of likes is who you are 1-Ty 2-Garrett 3-Coby 4- Cory 5- Cody 6- Panda 7-Chad 8- Tim 9- Garry(the goalie) 0- your favorite member

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    #1 on trending! Let’s goooooooooo!

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    4:26 Cory can not stop smiling

  32. Ethan Foster

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    Who else noticed the woman peeking up at 10:17

  33. Nastgamer 9833shootmon

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    I’m going to watch your show live in Pittsburgh

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    Hey guys! If your having a bad day just watch my new video which will make your day i promise you :) or at least it will make you feel better🙂! Thank you 😊 🙏

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    More All Sports Battles pls!!!

  36. Mister Joe

    Mister Joe24 minutes ago

    "This is just a secret between you and me." Coby says to over 5 million people.

  37. Kathleen Newton

    Kathleen Newton24 minutes ago

    I would love to see TFADPASHB The First Annual Dude Perfect All-Sports Hockey Battle

  38. Chi Jacky

    Chi Jacky24 minutes ago

    Go to 10:55 and see who wins

  39. Finley Bose

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    Do more trick shots or cool vlogs

  40. Mateusz Gadzina

    Mateusz Gadzina28 minutes ago

    5:30 he didn't deserve to not get a handshake

  41. Ayaaz Patel

    Ayaaz Patel28 minutes ago

    I think Cory shouldn't shave his eyebrows It's making him evil

  42. Danish Donuts

    Danish Donuts28 minutes ago

    7:06 Whoever wins this needs to go on and win this ____. Someone tell me what he says there in the blank. I think it’s the s-word.

  43. Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy}

    Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy}29 minutes ago

    dont play, but looks fun. Reminded me of Zero/Jude playing tennis and Zero couldn't play.

  44. Ronald Otten

    Ronald Otten29 minutes ago

    It's pretty funny!

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    fant I love your vids

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    Stop begging for like . Lol

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    Dude why do u use the same song 10 million times change it up

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    Who else saw the person at 10:17 ? shout out to you!

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    Nice Video Love you guys this is why I asked my dad to enter the DP squad but he said it’s to expensive!😢

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    Join my giveaway

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    I love your videos so much but can you make another volleyball video? I feel like it’s just an underrated sport

  56. m.ahmed kadri M.A.K

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    i am team tyler

  57. m.ahmed kadri M.A.K

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    tyler disappointed in you bro

  58. zztabs

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    Anyone else for Team Coby? Let's go fam! I believe this guys will make it big in the future

  59. Shiekh Cousins

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    Dudes try cricket

  60. julio Rex8

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    1# en tendencias mexico no se por que pero felicidades

  61. JolteonGames

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    Why did i think Cory Would win?

  62. Sakurajima - Senpai

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    I'm still Team Coby, we'll pull one home soon.

  63. Lucy Bassnett-McGuire

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    Cory has an eye tan line

  64. The collidge kid

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    Does anyone think dam I wish I wrote that comment

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    Nobody wanted him to win...

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    You now have aids Subscribe to undo

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    Go coby

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    Ty why you now keep loosing?? Maybe you need to shave your beard to change your luck 😂🤭

  69. Noble Benner

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    Team ty

  70. Ashton Gerten

    Ashton Gerten40 minutes ago

    Did anyone else notice the amount of curve that Garrett's football had?

  71. David McFarland

    David McFarland41 minute ago

    Do hockey stereotypes

  72. Franz Mendoza

    Franz Mendoza42 minutes ago

    Do biking stereotypes

  73. thestereo playz

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    New but gold

  74. Vicky Ruiz

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    They should collab with other youtubers like the Dolan twins

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    any small youtubers wanna support each other?!🤠😎🥵

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    Could you do in your next video Rubiks cube solving tricks ,please.

  77. PigeonGamer 102

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    They didn't have helmets on on the ice

  78. Eden Wilson

    Eden Wilson45 minutes ago

    Please do another stereotype videos Loved this video by the way

  79. Bad At Everything

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    2:07 “all around me are familiar faces”

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    Like for the Best team ever Team Coby

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    I am MReporter's I have 6 subscribe pls pls pls pls pls I have subscribe pls

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    Who's your least favourite ?

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  85. mun muna on vitun pieni mutta

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    I am really proud to be in team coby

  86. J

    J47 minutes ago

    Still no breaking news for the 300+ innocent men women and children murdered on Easter in Sri Lanka, unlike New Zealand, where that’s all we heard about for weeks. Well, I still care about the people in Sri Lanka, and I won’t forget, no matter how much youtube and the ‘news’ wants to pretend like it didn’t happen.

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    Where's panda?

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  89. Finn Schofield

    Finn Schofield49 minutes ago

    cory's got a hat trick!!

  90. Benjamin Boodhun

    Benjamin Boodhun50 minutes ago

    This is the all time battle winner score Tyler: 17 Cory: 8 Cody: 7 Garrett: 6 Coby 1

  91. Tushar Shukla

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    Awws direction

  92. Rahavery

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    those bats are expensive

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    I see the notification I click it I like it.......

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    should’ve done basketball 3pt, halfcourt, and fullcourt

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    #1 on trending 😀

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    If there is smth u can't do?)

  97. Matteo Weber

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    Garrett you let me down......again

  98. Moleginner Central

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    Garrett should of said," Welcome to the show, the Gun Show." I thought it was funny

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    This is #1 on trending. Keep it up fam

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    I like= 1 prayer for coby Also like if u didn’t realize that the first word is I not 1

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    Please go follow me yt channel

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    9:35 with the build up “Here We...” had me thinking it was in 😂