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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History


  1. Mr24NOFX

    Mr24NOFX10 minutes ago

    I like the sound of the older rims

  2. Jeff Ross

    Jeff Ross54 minutes ago

    Vince is the King of Dunks but Gordon Sh$t was ridiculous

  3. Kyuzui

    KyuzuiHour ago

    Lets go HooooMeee Lets go HooMeee

  4. Fire4fox479 Nerf

    Fire4fox479 NerfHour ago


  5. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerHour ago

    VC, Jason Richardson & Gerald Green were my favorites.

  6. Josh Thom

    Josh Thom2 hours ago

    Aaron Gordon got robbed

  7. hiredmercenary

    hiredmercenary2 hours ago

    Dwight Howard will never win a championship, and he loves cock. Who'd a thunk it?

  8. John Vosper

    John Vosper2 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see Zion destroy the competition

  9. ED/Eray Demir

    ED/Eray Demir3 hours ago

    Selami kardeşim nassın

  10. Selami Samet Delen

    Selami Samet Delen3 hours ago

    Iyim krdesim sanada boyke atliyımmı

  11. Ubapook2

    Ubapook23 hours ago

    It's sad that these judges just really want to go home

  12. 947969

    9479693 hours ago


  13. Ghassan Hammour

    Ghassan Hammour3 hours ago

    Aaron gordon was robbed the best dunks of all time

  14. Brady McKay

    Brady McKay3 hours ago

    13:57 not so impressive when my teammate did the exact same thing. As a sophomore. In high school.

  15. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen5 hours ago

    0:23 4:13 7:47

  16. meerokay

    meerokay7 hours ago

    5:02 one of my favorite dunks of all time

  17. 骚白王者荣耀

    骚白王者荣耀11 hours ago


  18. Not the average Joe

    Not the average Joe13 hours ago

    Vince Carter killed it bro💪💪Jordan's dunks was weak honestly

  19. Jeff

    Jeff13 hours ago


  20. Lex Spencer

    Lex Spencer13 hours ago

    the reason jordan's iconic free throw dunk line was impressive was because he actually dribbled the ball. It's easier to just dunk when you just hold the ball without having to dribble. It's harder to gather the momentum if you're actually dribbling, my cousin is a basketball player and always does dunks but he find it so hard if he dribble first and he cant even make it because dribbling lessen his capacity of power to dunk the ball.

  21. CMoney Mark

    CMoney Mark14 hours ago

    Spud webb jumping doesn't even look real. It looks cgi because my brain can't compute a 5'7 guy jumping that high. Absolutely nuts

  22. duck on quack

    duck on quack15 hours ago

    Better than the trash that was on this year

  23. harl0jaxs0n05 TTV

    harl0jaxs0n05 TTV16 hours ago

    Now we decide to dress up as a 1900’s bomber pilot and try jumping over big paper planes

  24. Trunkten 26

    Trunkten 2616 hours ago

    Aaron Gordon’s dunk was so creative

  25. Tyson Sutton

    Tyson Sutton17 hours ago

    VC, Richardson, Gordon, Iguodala.

  26. O

    O17 hours ago

    Amare and Nash has always been my favorite.

  27. aiden whitehead

    aiden whitehead18 hours ago

    10:03 is the best dunk ever

  28. parsoumash

    parsoumash18 hours ago

    I'm just as impressed with the video enhancement to make Vince Carter's dunk from 2000 look like it was just yesterday 7:56

  29. Kobster 24

    Kobster 2419 hours ago

    Ceballos dunk was a fake!


    THE LUCKY TITAN19 hours ago

    Now they are handing out 50s like halloween candy

  31. 5774474864

    577447486420 hours ago

    So far the 2016 has been the most entertaining one

  32. The biggest dip Boi

    The biggest dip Boi20 hours ago

    I think u have seen much cooler ones on insta like if u agree

  33. KWay010

    KWay01020 hours ago

    So a between the legs dunk is an automatic 50, got it

  34. Carson Greene

    Carson Greene20 hours ago

    Damn 2000’s rims were loose as hell

  35. get handles

    get handles20 hours ago

    0:22 that shit looked so smooth

  36. Itay Alroy

    Itay Alroy20 hours ago

    Some older guys will be annoyed by this comment but hell nobody gets even close to LaVine on that contest

  37. harlequin75

    harlequin7521 hour ago

    Someone send Kenny home...dammit

  38. Kuya Arbee

    Kuya Arbee21 hour ago

    Michael Jordan is a legend!!! He doesn’t even travel during a slam dunk competition and does it so effortlessly! He has his tongue out and his hang time is just unprecedented

  39. Ultimate Prowler

    Ultimate Prowler22 hours ago

    0:48 greatest dunk of all time.

  40. Not the average Joe

    Not the average Joe13 hours ago

    Either that or Carter bro that's a hard one..

  41. Old Hattie

    Old Hattie22 hours ago


  42. Marc Williamson

    Marc Williamson23 hours ago

    Vincanity!!!! ILL!!!!

  43. Real Matic

    Real Matic23 hours ago

    Aaron Gordon deadass got robed

  44. Roy's Channel

    Roy's Channel23 hours ago

    Aarron gordan had the best dunk

  45. Tighe Avila

    Tighe AvilaDay ago

    You’re telling me Kobe Bryant jumping over a pool of snakes didn’t make it?

  46. Albert Lucero

    Albert LuceroDay ago

    Amare's dunk off Steve nash's head pass was crazy

  47. Ennis Williams

    Ennis WilliamsDay ago

    Orlando had 4 dunk champions

  48. Ennis Williams

    Ennis WilliamsDay ago

    I see no lebron james 😂

  49. Jamieson Donnell

    Jamieson DonnellDay ago

    This year they gave way too many 50s

  50. PacoWorld

    PacoWorldDay ago

    Where’s Terrence Ross or John wall’s🤔🤔

  51. Frank Whyte Jr.

    Frank Whyte Jr.Day ago

    Vince is the Dunk God. Everybody else is just here.

  52. ethan

    ethanDay ago

    No lie Michael Jordan’s dunks were weak af

  53. Drawkcab

    DrawkcabDay ago

    What’s Kenny always tryna go home so bad for?

  54. Xx Papi_u_so.fuegoxX

    Xx Papi_u_so.fuegoxXDay ago


  55. Flaming Charcoal

    Flaming CharcoalDay ago

    Who was exited to see Javale McGee after watching Shaqtin a fool

  56. Eli Booth

    Eli BoothDay ago

    That Javale dunk was pretty dam good ngl

  57. ShEd Tuesday

    ShEd TuesdayDay ago

    2015-2016 dunk contests were the peak its all been down hill from here

  58. Max McQueen

    Max McQueenDay ago

    Who's here after last night

  59. Josh T

    Josh TDay ago

    Who else is here after the 2019 dunk contest?

  60. Sim ?

    Sim ?Day ago

    80s dunks Vs 90s dunks Vs 2000s dunks WHO WINS????

  61. SkibopDaSequel

    SkibopDaSequelDay ago

    And to think that trash by D. Smith is going to be in a future video like this

  62. NFSracers1

    NFSracers1Day ago

    Lavine vs Gordono the best.

  63. Ra No Father

    Ra No FatherDay ago

    Can we be real about what a 360° is not? It is not turning 180° then taking off as your back is facing the rim. Then jumping to complete the other 180°. Vince Carter's dunk was bad ass! But it was a 180°

  64. Natnael Ganoro

    Natnael GanoroDay ago

    “NoW tHaT wAs 360 MoVe tHaT WaS rAthEr iMpreSsIve”

  65. Kinghavs

    KinghavsDay ago

    Jordan was the only one who looked like he could extend his airtime

  66. Khrist75

    Khrist75Day ago

    Spud webb was and always been the best...

  67. pilyo tan

    pilyo tanDay ago

    hi im just sharing ur videos to my chanel,in return I am hiting like & subscribe button

  68. John Williams

    John WilliamsDay ago

    I’m black, but did anyone else notice everyone in this dunk contest is black? Lol

  69. Moe

    MoeDay ago


  70. Cameron Mitchell

    Cameron MitchellDay ago

    Did Blake griffin not get a 50 for jumping over the car

  71. hiredmercenary

    hiredmercenary2 hours ago

    He got a 50 for being the ugliest NBA player ever in the league. He's fucking disgusting looking.

  72. Captain Jack

    Captain Jack16 hours ago

    Yes he did. A KIA Optima.

  73. Agent Smidt

    Agent SmidtDay ago

    Now only if they can dunk on the mathematics contest.

  74. Adam Knisley

    Adam KnisleyDay ago

    What about blake griffin! OR........ KOBE BRYANT!!

  75. ßlàçk Kîñg

    ßlàçk KîñgDay ago

    MJ had the best dunks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯

  76. Omega Squad

    Omega SquadDay ago

    Im here because i watch 2019 slamdunk contest and only the best part is diallo dunk on shaq

  77. st uno

    st unoDay ago

    vince, jason rich n zach.. best dunkers ever

  78. Visca El Futbol

    Visca El FutbolDay ago

    They over hype some of these 50 point dunks

  79. YuGiOhDuelChannel

    YuGiOhDuelChannelDay ago

    That Aaron Gordon dunk, under his body, was they greatest of all time, blew my mind when I saw it, I dont think anyone else can duplicate it lol

  80. Not the average Joe

    Not the average Joe13 hours ago

    Agreed bro

  81. Nathan

    NathanDay ago

    J Rich was nasty

  82. Mico

    MicoDay ago

    4:22 that was like a 2016 camera in 2000

  83. Kyle Jumper

    Kyle JumperDay ago

    Get Dwight Howard’s outta there

  84. Raven

    RavenDay ago

    Dwight's dunks are garbage, I can't believe he got 50 for those crap

  85. Cesar Guzman

    Cesar GuzmanDay ago


  86. Yesh Yapchiongco

    Yesh YapchiongcoDay ago

    What a 2019 nba dunk contest 😑

  87. Neriyahu

    NeriyahuDay ago

    These are all not 50s. Let's be honest

  88. Pinturicchio 10

    Pinturicchio 10Day ago

    VC, Gordon, LaVine 🔥

  89. harshith sk

    harshith sk3 hours ago

    Json Richardson too

  90. Kobster 24

    Kobster 2419 hours ago

    I agree. Then J.Rich and MJ.

  91. Lakers165

    Lakers165Day ago


  92. The Fortnite Fevers

    The Fortnite Fevers16 hours ago

    With how much height they get, why has nobody done a behind the back + through the legs dunk? Or a 360 through the legs dunk. No?

  93. Shashwat Ravi

    Shashwat RaviDay ago

    Yeah we need aaron gordon and zach lavine and derrick jones jr back

  94. Otis_tha Goat

    Otis_tha GoatDay ago

    Worst dunk contest I have ever seen by far

  95. TheKman1014

    TheKman1014Day ago

    Lakers165 Diallos was good.

  96. Cookie Monster

    Cookie MonsterDay ago

    The slam junk contest is back!!


    OXDH AOXTDay ago

    Jordan was WACK

  98. Javier Valerio

    Javier ValerioDay ago

    How many times is MJ going to do the same dunk?😂

  99. Fire Nation

    Fire NationDay ago

    And now Diallo dunks over shaq elbow dunk

  100. Zirc 2018

    Zirc 201816 hours ago

    +Jose Calderon Push? watch the damn dunk again.

  101. Kritav Shah

    Kritav Shah21 hour ago

    +Jose Calderon He didn't push anything off, he just stabilized himself by keeping his hand for a second on his back

  102. Chance Adams

    Chance Adams21 hour ago

    Jose Calderon he didn’t push up he didn’t get any lift by pushing off his back

  103. Jose Calderon

    Jose Calderon23 hours ago

    If you had good hops that shit is extremely easy he pushed off of Shaq to stick his arm its not impressive but still dunk of the night cuz of how ass everybody else was

  104. Zirc 2018

    Zirc 2018Day ago

    That was the only all time greats dunk in that 2019 dunk contest.

  105. July Stylez

    July StylezDay ago

    Michael Jordan is a god

  106. Sim ?

    Sim ?Day ago

    2000 Vince Carter vs 2003 Jason Richardson!! Who wins??

  107. Not the average Joe

    Not the average Joe13 hours ago

    Vince Carter bro Jason was cold asf to tho

  108. Marc Williamson

    Marc Williamson22 hours ago

    +Sim ? His Artistic ability around the Rim!!! Sim!!

  109. Sim ?

    Sim ?22 hours ago

    +Marc Williamson why you think Vince Carter would win??

  110. Marc Williamson

    Marc Williamson23 hours ago


  111. Anthony

    AnthonyDay ago

    That Jason Richardson dunk was nasty as hell

  112. waqas siddiqi

    waqas siddiqi2 days ago

    Jordan kept on doing the same dunk

  113. HO scale Miami Switching layout

    HO scale Miami Switching layout2 days ago

    Let's go home ladies and gentlemen

  114. Alambir Bedi

    Alambir Bedi2 days ago

    Vince carter the best dunker ever.

  115. Un Named

    Un Named2 days ago

    Aaron Gordon was robbed!!!

  116. Trihung Huynh

    Trihung Huynh2 days ago


  117. JFMarston

    JFMarston2 days ago

    What no 50 dunkers in the 90s, don’t think I saw one

  118. Alonzo Harris

    Alonzo Harris2 days ago

    10:10 😂

  119. Lance Tan

    Lance Tan2 days ago

    Dominic's dunks are not that good

  120. Sao Munyon

    Sao Munyon2 days ago

    VC, Gordon, Lavine, Spud

  121. Dzelion Gurung

    Dzelion Gurung2 days ago

    8:48 that landing though. 0_0

  122. Samet Arslan

    Samet Arslan2 days ago