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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History


  1. Pankz Flyheight

    Pankz Flyheight3 hours ago

    didnt know Green joined the slamdunk contest anyways proud GSW fan here


    SNAKE DΞLTA4 hours ago

    impressive to see Aaron gordon's dunk against these legends

  3. Erik W

    Erik W7 hours ago

    Lavine by far has the best dunks of all time

  4. CyberSpace TM

    CyberSpace TM8 hours ago

    Shaq's faces won this contest

  5. CyberSpace TM

    CyberSpace TM8 hours ago

    Jason Richardson is a beast oh my god

  6. tj thompkins

    tj thompkins15 hours ago

    True fact....vince Carter, LeBron James and Tom Brady can play at a elite level at their age

  7. BedWetter4Lyfe

    BedWetter4Lyfe15 hours ago

    how much you wanna bet that blind fold was see through

  8. edallencompassingly

    edallencompassingly17 hours ago

    And yet I play NBA 2K, and I do a 360 windmill catch off the glass from a teammate as I jump over four other guys and two motorcycles and I score a 36. That's some straight up discrimination.

  9. Michael Bowers

    Michael Bowers2 hours ago


  10. Charm Delos Santos

    Charm Delos Santos17 hours ago

    Howard didn't even dunk

  11. Vernatius Okafor

    Vernatius Okafor20 hours ago


  12. Kyle Wong

    Kyle Wong20 hours ago


  13. SONICE69

    SONICE69Day ago

    Top 6: [NO ORDER]: Mike, Vince, Aaron Gordon, Desmond Mason, Jason Richardson & Zach Lev. [God, I’d love 2 see these 6 guys in their PRIME go at it....👏🔥🔥🔥

  14. Steve Dailisan

    Steve DailisanDay ago

    Mj: freethrow dunk, VC: 360 dunk, dominique: windmill dunk are the most iconic dunks in basketball

  15. KEllisTalks

    KEllisTalksDay ago

    Thank you God for giving us the ability to dunk

  16. Plague Doc

    Plague DocDay ago

    How the dunk has evolved in just one video. Went from being amazed by windmills to now seeing people do 360 windmills in games.

  17. Brian T

    Brian TDay ago

    Dwight Howard didn't even dunk the ball but somehow he got high score

  18. mickey dickey

    mickey dickeyDay ago

    I prefer hockey

  19. Aleks Jeff

    Aleks JeffDay ago

    VC 2000 arm in the rim, just the WTF effect...

  20. Jon_Gotteiner

    Jon_GotteinerDay ago

    Are these in any specific order

  21. Aflex1481

    Aflex1481Day ago

    Where the hell is Josh Smith?

  22. Emmanuel N

    Emmanuel NDay ago

    zach is the 🐐

  23. xavist

    xavistDay ago

    Zach LaVine is going to be the best dunker right after VC.

  24. Michael Gonzales

    Michael GonzalesDay ago

    I thought Blake’s win over McGee was all from the hype (+ Kia endorsement). But seeing these repetitive MJ dunks though, makes you wonder how much of his wins were really just from the hype (+ Nike and Gatorade endorsements).

  25. Hopeless LegMan

    Hopeless LegManDay ago

    Vince's elbow dunk is the best to me.

  26. YouAppreciateMe

    YouAppreciateMeDay ago

    Jordan did the same dunk about 3 times

  27. Bryant Bee

    Bryant BeeDay ago

    Terrence Ross off the side of the backboard was craazzzyyy..he didnt get a 50 that year??

  28. Bashanganyi Magwape

    Bashanganyi MagwapeDay ago

    1. Zack Levine 2. Vince Carter #AllTime

  29. Kenny Powers

    Kenny Powers2 days ago

    How is this possible?!? Why can't I jump that high? Just because of 250 pds? No way...

  30. shyadeny

    shyadeny2 days ago

    Man MJ really milked that free throw dunk eh? How many times are you going to be using the same thing over and over again damn lol

  31. Alex Gutierrez

    Alex Gutierrez2 days ago

    J.R had the best dunk hands down

  32. SlamClamBigelow

    SlamClamBigelow2 days ago

    LeBron!!!! Please do one dunk contest before you retire!

  33. SlamClamBigelow

    SlamClamBigelow2 days ago

    18 years later and Carter still putting in work

  34. Lanse1984

    Lanse19842 days ago

    I remember watching that Vince Carter show. He is the dunk king

  35. ray ward

    ray ward2 days ago

    How can u 4get Dwight Howard's double alley oop dunk.. best dunk of all time

  36. André Belei

    André Belei2 days ago

    spud webb dunk is the worst, a 50 for this srsly

  37. Aaron Brown

    Aaron Brown2 days ago

    Zach made them dunks look so effortless him vs VC would have been CRAZY

  38. MiMMPRO

    MiMMPRO2 days ago

    Fred Jones getting 50s with HS dunks

  39. Tupac Shakur

    Tupac Shakur2 days ago

    I watched whole video.. Vince. with ball.. you are beautiful man..

  40. Neitel Agosto

    Neitel Agosto2 days ago

    Michael Jordan flying attempts from the free throw line(3 times plus those that he missed while practicing) arethe best thing that ever happened in the dunk contest in the 80's....what I see now in LaVine is even better. I hope Zion Williamson does something special when he gets to the NBA.

  41. Joseph Rice

    Joseph Rice2 days ago

    Can't wait till Zion Williamson does the NBA dunk contest.

  42. Pickles McBite

    Pickles McBite2 days ago

    I won’t deny Jordan’s athletic ability, but he’s not that great of a dunker

  43. Reginald Johnson

    Reginald Johnson2 days ago

    Were are the white men.

  44. Lil Shark Attack

    Lil Shark Attack2 days ago

    Amare Was brazy.

  45. R.J. Bama

    R.J. Bama2 days ago

    Nash should of won on that dunk, he had all the skill to pull that one off.

  46. h0norebel

    h0norebel3 days ago

    2:34 for the greatest dunk ever

  47. zack keso

    zack keso3 days ago


  48. lm_Cray

    lm_Cray3 days ago

    I still dont understand why Dwight got a 50 on the Superman dunk (not the 12ft) he just threw the ball in. I always loved watching him but he didn't even touch the rim.

  49. The Future of Money

    The Future of Money3 days ago

    Air Gordon's Under Both Legs is the greatest dunk in history, until further notice 3:29 My second most favorite

  50. Jack-LoveIsland

    Jack-LoveIsland3 days ago

    Not being rude but Jordan and the old timer dunks look simple to me 👀

  51. Булат Миннуллин

    Булат Миннуллин3 days ago

    jordan sucked at dunking

  52. Jake Hepburn

    Jake Hepburn3 days ago

    Some of Jordans were only 50 because he's Jordan

  53. alex fulford

    alex fulford3 days ago

    Take Michael Jordan’s name off of the dunk and it be just another dunk

  54. maipiu cosilontano

    maipiu cosilontano3 days ago

    Only Zach lavine and Aaron GOrden are white .... it's most impressive thing......

  55. Treyway 23

    Treyway 232 hours ago

    maipiu cosilontano mixed with black and white actually

  56. Alec Baldlose

    Alec Baldlose3 days ago

    Remember when Aaron Gordon won the dunk contest but they gave the trophy to LaVine?

  57. Lee Hiu Fung

    Lee Hiu Fung3 days ago

    Well said!When you put Jordan on your back, your dunk better deserve 50 or more

  58. Urban Decay

    Urban Decay3 days ago

    Aaron Gordon, Zach Lavine, J. Richardson, and Vince goodness 😳

  59. Eric Lozaga

    Eric Lozaga4 days ago

    Is that the only dunk Jordan can do? Impressive the first time.. gets old after that.. 3 times? find something else.

  60. Dimitris Kaparakis

    Dimitris Kaparakis4 days ago

    Lavine makes the same dunk with MJ from the throwline but in the same time he passed it round his waist and it makes it look so easy!! Top!!! . in my opinion Gordon's first dunk was the most difficult of all

  61. Duv Endique

    Duv Endique4 days ago

    I can do 360 dunk while eating potato chips while watching this video.

  62. Guy Fisher

    Guy Fisher4 days ago


  63. 구기홍

    구기홍4 days ago

    07:45 넋나간 샤킬

  64. marv bracket

    marv bracket4 days ago

    2019 dunk contest lavine vs gordon vs mitchell vs jones jr vs bridges

  65. Vinny Booboo

    Vinny Booboo4 days ago

    Give it up for the black bros!!! Where are them racist rednecks at? 😂 No, I ain't black.

  66. onesupremelife

    onesupremelife4 days ago

    Lavine & Gordon Best Dunks. Jordan, Most graceful, and Spud Webb just on the note that the guy is 5'6" almost a foot shorter than the average dunker.

  67. Nightwing690

    Nightwing6904 days ago

    R.I.P Jerome Kersey

  68. Kendricks Luiz

    Kendricks Luiz4 days ago

    병신 눈까리가 있으면 순위 다시나눠 히발년아

  69. qayun123

    qayun1234 days ago

    Zach lavine fucking beast

  70. bordiguy

    bordiguy4 days ago

    Vince Carter’s reverse windmill is the most graceful dunk in the history of basketball... and that includes future dunks.

  71. d c

    d c5 days ago

    for yrs i thought that vince carter was the greatest dunker of all time, but that guy lavine is scary. so creative while floating in the air

  72. ugly snake

    ugly snake5 days ago

    12:40 how did that ball went all the way over there

  73. Zachary Hlavinka

    Zachary Hlavinka5 days ago

    But they suck at cherades

  74. Carson Hopper

    Carson Hopper5 days ago

    Man..., Jordan is still the only guy that ever actually broke the laws of gravity. Other guys might have flashy dunks but only Jordan looked like he was born to fly, ever moment on the ground was borrowed time from his real home in the sky.

  75. Миха Чоросов

    Миха Чоросов5 days ago


  76. Mo's Extroardinary Persona

    Mo's Extroardinary Persona5 days ago

    ~Before watchin this....Off tthe rip...I thought Vince Carter's dunks during games was Disrespectful.......But them Gordon dunks was Ultra Disrespectful....LOL........That man Gordon was like: "Fuck the Gatorade....pass me the Red Bull with Wings...Im trynna ....Fly like an Eagle out this Bish...Got Damn it ".....LOLOL........"Imma Win this Dunk Contest .... .....Even if I Gotta Fly like Tweety Bird out this Bish if I have to"....LOLOL.... .......

  77. Sunny Brampton

    Sunny Brampton5 days ago

    Jordans windmill would not be a 50 in todays NBA ....

  78. matt nelson

    matt nelson5 days ago

    Carter and Gordon crushed it but Richardson always made it look so easy.

  79. Gio Curva Sud

    Gio Curva Sud5 days ago

    1) Vince Carter 2)MJ 3) Zack Lavine

  80. RiFLEisFortuna

    RiFLEisFortuna5 days ago

    LaVine, VC and Richardson are WAY over the top.

  81. chris smith

    chris smith5 days ago

    Just wait til Zion gets in the show.

  82. Desmond Gardner

    Desmond Gardner5 days ago

    Somehow they forgot to mention Harold Minor...aka Baby Jordan

  83. Vigilante Rorschach

    Vigilante Rorschach5 days ago

    I don't watch much Basketball not dunk contests but man, that Zach Lavine guy is incredible.

  84. Sean S.

    Sean S.5 days ago

    Levine and Richardson take the cake. But I wish I could go back in time and re live as a little kid the dunk contests of old because I don’t watch basketball anymore....wish I still did but football took my life over in a much bigger way than basketball or baseball ever could.

  85. Krisna Adhi Putra

    Krisna Adhi Putra5 days ago

    Like mike i wanna be like mike

  86. Ennock ydk

    Ennock ydk5 days ago


  87. 【Ender】はらしょー

    【Ender】はらしょー6 days ago

    let's go home!!

  88. Hurah

    Hurah6 days ago

    spud webb WTF

  89. amir ghazi

    amir ghazi6 days ago

    How was 3:10 a 50?

  90. k2d10tode11

    k2d10tode116 days ago

    have they seen Aomine or Kagami dunk? and both of them are japanese. this aint worth shit!

  91. Shawn Harrison

    Shawn Harrison6 days ago

    Half of these I wouldn't score over a 45. But of course, for the time periods, some of these dunks were considered extremely flashy and difficult to pull off.

  92. Heather Amanatullah

    Heather Amanatullah6 days ago

    Aaron gordon's parents live on my street :)

  93. Heather Amanatullah

    Heather Amanatullah6 days ago

    he went to Union Middle School and his banner is hung up in the gym

  94. tweez tweet

    tweez tweet6 days ago

    Im an 80s baby and Jordan is GOAT but Zach and Gordan are better than VC, J.Rich, and Wilkins.

  95. Underground 401

    Underground 4016 days ago

    Legend has it that the rim at 5:48 is still shaking to this day

  96. K. Truell

    K. Truell6 days ago

    The Arm in the rim is still awe inspiring. Vince broke new ground that night. Steve Francis and T-Mac would have been winners any other year.

  97. Tosan Anyafulu

    Tosan Anyafulu6 days ago

    I love how Shaq was holding a camcorder and then they were holding smartphones later

  98. Al Bueno

    Al Bueno6 days ago

    im tired seeing jordan free throwline dunk.. Thats easy nowadays.

  99. M. Zhou

    M. Zhou6 days ago

    Most esthetic body movements: Vince, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Richardson, MJ + Josh Smiths. Lavine is great but obviously his shoulder blades are stiff.

  100. Mcjuts 420

    Mcjuts 4206 days ago

    Amare and howard dunk was pfffttttt

  101. Jeremi Lewis

    Jeremi Lewis6 days ago

    Some of the dunks are so basic compared to the real show stoppers