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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History


  1. yayJohn P

    yayJohn P4 hours ago

    3:06 double dribbling??

  2. Sairam Subramani

    Sairam Subramani13 hours ago

    2016 - best slam dunk contest of all time. Most others weren't really contests.

  3. Jovan Johnson

    Jovan Johnson19 hours ago

    Lezbehonest..Amare really only got a 22 on this dunk... since the other 28 PTS were awarded to Steve Nash. 🧐

  4. Jovan Johnson

    Jovan Johnson19 hours ago

    These announcers are doing Zach Lavine wrong... I mean an East Bay from inside the Ft line??? Cmon mang what else can an athlete do?

  5. ToxicPickle

    ToxicPickleDay ago

    Just wait for Zion

  6. TheNinjahHD

    TheNinjahHD2 days ago

    Aaron Gordon got robbed

  7. Idiosensory

    Idiosensory2 days ago

    Spud Webb is 5'7", fyi...

  8. Lex Boogie

    Lex Boogie2 days ago

    Let's be honest, MJ was not that nice in those dunk contests. That first one was definitely not a 50 on any planet. But damn, that man could fly!

  9. norat89

    norat892 days ago

    Where Blake Griffin @?

  10. Jimmy Beavers

    Jimmy Beavers2 days ago

    The Dwight Howard 50’s really bothers me

  11. Who Isreal

    Who Isreal3 days ago

    5:37 not a dunk🙄tf😒

  12. santiinthehouse

    santiinthehouse3 days ago

    The first dunk will always be the best

  13. gladys100011

    gladys1000113 days ago

    Love the slow motion version

  14. ny_kia31

    ny_kia313 days ago

    It's a ROBBERY in here

  15. Adrian Johnson

    Adrian Johnson3 days ago

    1. Vince 2. Zach the rest don't matter

  16. Sis v Brother500

    Sis v Brother5003 days ago

    I would watch the dunks 1000 times


    IRON MIKE4 days ago


  18. Delilah Puddingstash

    Delilah Puddingstash4 days ago

    Some of the old timers wouldn't make it past the 1st round with those dunks today

  19. Super duper Man

    Super duper Man4 days ago

    5:37 was a lay up

  20. Predator Productionz

    Predator Productionz4 days ago

    Gerald Green, Shannon Brown & James White very underrated guys with bunnies!

  21. Jiizle Master

    Jiizle Master5 days ago


  22. liamdor

    liamdor5 days ago

    Spud Webb's was shit

  23. Quang Kevi Channel

    Quang Kevi Channel5 days ago

    well, jordan got a 50 from a basic windmill...

  24. Tyler Reyno

    Tyler Reyno5 days ago

    So stupid lol some of these weren't even worth 40.

  25. MD ZDN

    MD ZDN6 days ago

    Derek rose is the best NBA player in the World

  26. John O'Neill

    John O'Neill6 days ago

    When do they have the WNBA dunk contest?...

  27. Borie Seng

    Borie Seng6 days ago

    Nate robinson will always be the best the man is no where close to 6ft

  28. Scupacium

    Scupacium6 days ago

    Nash should have won with that pass

  29. Scupacium

    Scupacium6 days ago

    all those overrated reactions....

  30. Artstar2

    Artstar26 days ago

    Stansberry had some of the most over-rated dunks of all time because he was playing in his home town during the contest. The guy could have done a layup and the judges would've given him a 50.

  31. ayeldomz19

    ayeldomz196 days ago

    aaron gordon's thru both legs dunk is beastly!

  32. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson7 days ago

    Overall I think folks make too big of a deal about the dunk contest and they overreact in the celebrations. Also, they don’t even have to dribble these days which makes the dunks easier to do. One thing about the dunks by Jordan, Wilkins, Spud, etc. is that they could all be done in-game as well.

  33. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson7 days ago

    Jordan dribbled his way up when he dunked from the free throw line, that makes his more impressive.

  34. Amer Al Esper

    Amer Al Esper8 days ago

    I really appreciate Michael, but for fuck's sake, how many times does he want to do that same dunk?

  35. Francisco Pizarro

    Francisco Pizarro5 days ago

    Amer Al Esper LMFAO if it ain’t broke don’t fix it 🤷‍♂️

  36. Ronjustin Rivadeneira

    Ronjustin Rivadeneira8 days ago

    Fav dunk of all time vince carter 360 dunk demnn.. its over ! Lets go hooomeee... but jordan dunk is legend already..

  37. tha vault

    tha vault8 days ago

    j rich the best!

  38. klemwaddle

    klemwaddle9 days ago

    Jordan was spamming is dunk over and over again ....

  39. Condy Loid

    Condy Loid9 days ago

    They should make a Top 10 worst 50 rated dunks lol

  40. SL

    SL9 days ago

    *Aaron Gordon was robbed in 2016*

  41. Donald Obama

    Donald Obama10 days ago

    fred jones 50 dunk wtf

  42. Beaver_Jr Plays

    Beaver_Jr Plays10 days ago

    Tbh Orlando has the best dunkers hands down

  43. NonyaBusiness!

    NonyaBusiness!10 days ago

    1:56. Magic is standing right next to Dr. J. Magic is listed at 6'9". Dr. J. at 6'7". Yet they both look like the exact same height. Magic is definitely not 6'9".

  44. Christopher Sivak

    Christopher Sivak10 days ago

    Zack Lavine = Gold, Vince Carter = Silver, Aaron Gordan = Bronze

  45. Jason Nobody

    Jason Nobody10 days ago


  46. Rozza

    Rozza10 days ago

    why aren't any of these guys doing high jump?

  47. FeeBack YT

    FeeBack YT11 days ago

    Where is Kobe Bryant??

  48. Joshua Allen

    Joshua Allen11 days ago

    Zach Lavine flies to.Hisdunks knock me from 🇯🇲to🇬🇧#wickedDunks&flight

  49. Sankalp Kota

    Sankalp Kota11 days ago

    VC or Zach levine's dunks will be hard for anyone to follow

  50. Diego Bernal

    Diego Bernal11 days ago

    Vince Carter all the wayyy!

  51. Hamaa7

    Hamaa711 days ago

    Most of them repear the same thing..

  52. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen11 days ago

    No won dunk from the 3 point line

  53. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen11 days ago

    In the g league there was a standing dunk under the leg

  54. Gustavo Coutinho

    Gustavo Coutinho11 days ago

    Jordan só faz uma coisa

  55. J G R R

    J G R R12 days ago

    Lets go home

  56. Z.R

    Z.R12 days ago Best salm dank in the word 2018

  57. chief leaf

    chief leaf13 days ago

    I dont like how lavine throws the ball so low on his self alley oop dunks makes it seem easier cuz the ball is coming slower to him. Look how high Steve Francis threw his it looked so much better.

  58. Mister816

    Mister81613 days ago

    all of michael jordan's dunks were trash. he got the score off of his name.

  59. Mister816

    Mister8165 days ago

    +Francisco Pizarro if that was true, what would that have to do with his dunks?

  60. Francisco Pizarro

    Francisco Pizarro5 days ago

    Mister816 bro, Michael has the 2nd highest vertical in nba history LOL

  61. Mister816

    Mister81613 days ago

    it would have been dope if you had them in order so that we could see how thinngs have progressed over time. Good video tho.

  62. Queen Nai

    Queen Nai13 days ago

    5:24 Nash did most of the work for that 50 lol

  63. Queen Nai

    Queen NaiDay ago

    and his pass kinda

  64. Queen Nai

    Queen NaiDay ago

    The really only good thing he did is time the catch and create the idea but the rest was nash and person invited to the slam dunk contest should easily be able to pull of that dunk especially at that height

  65. Victor K

    Victor KDay ago

    Queen Nai because Americans aren’t skilled at soccer. Especially not back then. The dunk wasn’t bad.

  66. Queen Nai

    Queen NaiDay ago

    But when they commentators speak they talked mostly about the pass the dunk didn't have any flare

  67. Victor K

    Victor KDay ago

    Queen Nai The dunk had 3 parts. Nash did 1 part= 1/3= 33% Nash has played soccer and heading the ball like that is pretty easy for a soccer player.

  68. Mac Ton

    Mac Ton13 days ago

    Zach Lavine, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan.

  69. Absurdsday

    Absurdsday14 days ago

    Zach Lavine and Gerald Green are two of the best natural dunkers in the history of the game. They have the smoothest + highest ability. Even better than VC.

  70. Ajay Singh

    Ajay Singh14 days ago

    Aron Gordon my fvrt

  71. Clever Cedie

    Clever Cedie14 days ago

    But Micheal Jordan is the best of all time True Not false

  72. Salomon Andre

    Salomon Andre15 days ago

    How many times MJ did that free throw line dunk like damn? 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  73. big blood

    big blood15 days ago

    did jordan just do the same dunks every time or am i trippin lol

  74. Ramiro Sanchez

    Ramiro Sanchez16 days ago

    Zack Levine has the Best Dunks

  75. elthe3rd

    elthe3rd16 days ago

    Spudd Webb had a 42 inch vertical leap. Which is amazing to me because HE'S 42 inches tall

  76. Jolynn Figueroa

    Jolynn Figueroa16 days ago

    VC is the best one, I think

  77. Booty GAwD

    Booty GAwD16 days ago

    3:35 WEAK

  78. Mr. Binkers the cat

    Mr. Binkers the cat16 days ago

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  79. Mr. Binkers the cat

    Mr. Binkers the cat5 days ago

    I'm a red pill pusher. It beats eating the Demonrat's bullshit.

  80. Francisco Pizarro

    Francisco Pizarro5 days ago

    Mr. Binkers the cat ok race baiter

  81. Pablo Puebla

    Pablo Puebla16 days ago

    spud webb the best..!

  82. All In

    All In16 days ago

    Boring style

  83. LTGonline

    LTGonline17 days ago

    lol the Nash dunk is only impressive because of Nash's timing lol.

  84. LTGonline

    LTGonline17 days ago

    the older guys were so much more impressive. That one dude Gordon is pushing off the mascot...weak.

  85. Khan Saab

    Khan Saab17 days ago

    any of jordans dunks arent 50 tbh

  86. Michael Ralph

    Michael Ralph17 days ago

    Why did Air Gordon have to get robbed like that

  87. Got Juxie

    Got Juxie17 days ago

    Remember when a 360 windmill meant something

  88. Sam

    Sam18 days ago

    Where’s steph Curry jk

  89. The Sagacious Boy

    The Sagacious Boy19 days ago

    Cartner is the best

  90. Oluwasegunfunmi Martin Matanmi

    Oluwasegunfunmi Martin Matanmi19 days ago

    Thanks bro! I tried it exactly dat way and i won... Yippeee

  91. J J

    J J19 days ago

    I don’t get why Michael Jordan’s free throw line dunk is so well documented, historic, and well received while Zach Lavine’s free throw line windmill dunk is viewed as just another 50 point dunk.

  92. Francisco Pizarro

    Francisco Pizarro5 days ago

    J J he didn’t dunk from the free throw line and Zach livine Dosent dunk in game like MJ

  93. Damon Foster

    Damon Foster19 days ago

    Dominique so much power!

  94. LoveMe,com

    LoveMe,com20 days ago

    Wow! That was an excellent dunk by the famous basketball players of NBA.

  95. Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken20 days ago

    Mj got HOPS!!!!

  96. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P20 days ago

    I'm just here to remind everyone that Howard's superman wasn't even a dunk.

  97. Jack Doyle

    Jack Doyle21 day ago

    Except for the free throw line dunks Jordan’s dunks could be done by players like Jaylen Brown/Clippers Blake Griffin

  98. Francisco Pizarro

    Francisco Pizarro5 days ago

    Jack Doyle of course. Jaylen Brown is 6’’7 and Blake griffin is 6’10 LOL

  99. sf1776

    sf177621 day ago

    Aaron Gordan and Zach Lavine was the greatest dunk contest of all time. and Aaron Gordon arguably has the greatest dunk in an NBA dunk contest of all time.

  100. David Farchione

    David Farchione21 day ago

    Gerald Green blowing out a candle on a cupcake wasn’t a 50?

  101. Anthony moffatt

    Anthony moffatt21 day ago

    To this day I say they robbed Aaron Gordon

  102. Sihan Xiong

    Sihan Xiong21 day ago

    A brief recap of this video: "OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

  103. wuud

    wuud21 day ago

    Gordon got robbed

  104. Jean Llup

    Jean Llup22 days ago

    Sooo boring

  105. DailyBallC

    DailyBallC22 days ago

    Aaron gordon and zach lavine can do any dunk but doesnt care but vincent carter is the best dunker of all time

  106. reynold roseau

    reynold roseau22 days ago

    Kill me if you want to...Levine is the greatest dunker of all times....

  107. kingzlykeith

    kingzlykeith22 days ago

    It skipped from 2000-2016

  108. Bob TheBuilder

    Bob TheBuilder23 days ago

    All Jordan dunks are The same shit no creativity They made him Robbed Dominique wil smh because me he’s Jordan

  109. Francisco Pizarro

    Francisco Pizarro5 days ago

    Bob TheBuilder you mad LOL

  110. TreyBear

    TreyBear23 days ago

    Dominique absolutely got robbed in 88......I'm sorry

  111. hans breukers

    hans breukers23 days ago

    Is it me or are all the modern day dunks pretty boring

  112. Muhammad Zulhelmi

    Muhammad Zulhelmi24 days ago

    Aaron Gordon should have won THAT dunk contest not zach

  113. Elliot Jackson

    Elliot Jackson24 days ago

    Carter and Lavine the two greatest dunkers of all time, those hops ridiculous