ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History


  1. Keegan Leander

    Keegan Leander7 hours ago

    Those Aaron Gordon dunks are incredible

  2. Hrvoje Stepic

    Hrvoje Stepic15 hours ago

    Just came here for vince

  3. Brian Little

    Brian Little15 hours ago

    Iguodala hits head -2006 Dunk Contest

  4. Rodney Dubnick

    Rodney Dubnick21 hour ago

    "LETS GO HOME!!"

  5. Dan Edgar

    Dan EdgarDay ago

    This video is a great example of why the dunk comp scoring is gradually imploding! Most of the 80s dunks including jordans wouldn't have even made it through the 1st round! So where do todays dunkers go?

  6. Bulletproof

    BulletproofDay ago

    At 5:37 wasn't even a dunk cuz' he didn't touched that rim.

  7. Keegan Leander

    Keegan Leander7 hours ago

    They started calling it a dunk after that when Griffin and Howard would throw it in a downward motion from feet away from the basket

  8. Rami AlHarthi

    Rami AlHarthiDay ago

    Dwight Howard dunks not really 50 material

  9. ian roselio

    ian roselio2 days ago

    difficulty - gordon creativity - carter smoothness - lavine power slam - wilkins glide - jordan technicality - j.richardson leaping ability - s.webb

  10. Antonio Jr. Decatoria

    Antonio Jr. Decatoria2 days ago

    Ceballos is the worst 50-point dunk ever

  11. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones3 days ago

    The reactions since like 2000 are SO much better and more hype than earlier dunk contests. It makes the contest better imo

  12. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee4 days ago

    Vinsanity FTW

  13. omegaweapon116

    omegaweapon1164 days ago

    Dominique dunking with some pent-up anger, damn

  14. Lex Soft

    Lex Soft5 days ago

    Anthony Spud Webb and Nate Robinson are awesome.

  15. gforsyth4

    gforsyth45 days ago

    Kemp never getting a 50 and mean while some of this was just 😐

  16. Prince Skeemaz

    Prince Skeemaz5 days ago

    8:26 i'm sure jordan bit his tongue

  17. wanderlustwarrior

    wanderlustwarrior5 days ago

    Spud Webb and Amare Stoudamire at 5:00 *G o t t DAMN*

  18. wanderlustwarrior

    wanderlustwarrior5 days ago

    Stansbury at 8:41 is also an unsung great.

  19. Easy Life

    Easy Life5 days ago

    Hey! WHere is all 50-point dunks by womens?

  20. iamnotkobe

    iamnotkobe6 days ago

    That J-rich between the legs reverse dunk was often overlooked

  21. Elvin Isgenderov

    Elvin Isgenderov6 days ago

    Jordan Spiderman

  22. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen6 days ago

    0:23 4:13 7:47 VS 0:50 0:51 3:15 9:02 10:05

  23. Medusa v2

    Medusa v27 days ago

    Why hasn’t Lebron done any ?

  24. C Gravely

    C Gravely7 days ago

    Aaron Gordon got robbed

  25. Jeff Cockmann

    Jeff Cockmann8 days ago

    hahah julius erving would've had 26 points if he did this dunk in the past 10 years..

  26. Ed Ward

    Ed Ward9 days ago

    Arguably the top 3 are Lavine, Gordon and Richardson or Richardson, Gordon. Jordan didn't even make my top 5. You can only do so many tomahawk dunks...

  27. D Vee

    D Vee9 days ago

    Probably the most over rated move in pro sports

  28. Fic Goc 69

    Fic Goc 699 days ago

    Jordan or lavine?

  29. Otherworldly Burrows

    Otherworldly Burrows9 days ago

    Jason Richardson is one of the best contest dunkers ever. Doesn't get enough credit. Carter Levine Richardson Jordan Gordan or Webb in the 5 spot.

  30. anthony lovett

    anthony lovett9 days ago

    The “free throw line” dunk is the most overrated f*ckin’ dunk there is. The players are taking off PAST the free throw line when they begin their leaps.....its b*llshit

  31. 도라지도다리

    도라지도다리10 days ago

    MJ, Spud Webb, Lavine

  32. 도라지도다리

    도라지도다리10 days ago


  33. Balls to the Wall

    Balls to the Wall10 days ago

    Aaron Gordon’s under the legs dunk was honestly the best dunk out of all the dunk contests by FAR

  34. Dim Vol

    Dim Vol10 days ago


  35. edupbeat

    edupbeat10 days ago

    Carter, Gordon, Levine are on another level!

  36. Mitchell Nakamoto

    Mitchell Nakamoto11 days ago

    Let’s go home - Kenny Smith, after every single dunk

  37. Author Mike R. Aikins

    Author Mike R. Aikins11 days ago

    I still think that Cedric Ceballos had to be able to see the goal and rim somehow to be able to make that dunk. In other words, the blindfold didn't necessarily make him completely had the chance to be in Oakland at the All-Star Game when Vince Carter did all of those game-changing dunks and quite frankly, even though the Levine vs. Gordon and McGee vs. Griffin were better competitively, I have not seen anything like what Vince Carter did that day since!

  38. 2223 D

    2223 D11 days ago

    Are you kidding me ? Where's Shawn Kemp?? Kemp, Jay Rich and Dominique was truly dunkers

  39. 2223 D

    2223 D4 days ago

    @Lex Soft I love his style. The raw nature trueborn dunker as it should be

  40. Lex Soft

    Lex Soft5 days ago

    Kemp never scored 50 (10 pts from all judges) in all of the contests he took part from 1990 to 1994. But I like his style.


    UNBELIEVABLE12 days ago

    My friend: does something stupid Me: 0:26

  42. Aditya Sundaram

    Aditya Sundaram12 days ago

    Bruh Jordan did the same dunk 3 times, got 50 3 times...that's some bullshit if ever I've seen it.

  43. Bryant Lakatosmiller

    Bryant Lakatosmiller12 days ago

    I was doing these dunks in 2k19 and got 36😕

  44. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones3 days ago

    Brooooooo that contest is WACK! You can do the craziest dunks and barely get a 36 but yet the computer gets 45's for wack dunks

  45. angery boi

    angery boi4 days ago

    that's because the 2k19 dunk contest rigged af, I did a honey double dip and got 31

  46. FlyHigh

    FlyHigh12 days ago

    0:26 shaq can sell this video for millions.

  47. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones3 days ago

    @Homer Simpson lol but he was recording the dunk contest so technically he now has other things on there 😅

  48. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson6 days ago

    FlyHigh all he has recorded on that is Gay porn

  49. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson13 days ago


  50. Noelz Santana

    Noelz Santana14 days ago

    Gordon was robbed that year with that dunk over the mascot. He should of won!

  51. MR CAT MAN

    MR CAT MAN14 days ago


  52. O.G. Francis

    O.G. Francis14 days ago

    Shaq robbed Aaron & Zach for that score of 9

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  54. xx N1than

    xx N1than15 days ago


  55. Jaedon H

    Jaedon H16 days ago

    Spud Webb has 99 ovr vertical

  56. Linda Townsend

    Linda Townsend16 days ago

    Rip Sonics

  57. shinyahirano7

    shinyahirano717 days ago

    Vince was another level!! Dunk innovator!!

  58. Adam Honer

    Adam Honer17 days ago

    Blake griffin over a car wasn’t a 50?

  59. Adam Honer

    Adam Honer11 days ago

    watermelonhart I remember griffin winning in 2011 and I thought that was the winning dunk

  60. JerDoesSkits

    JerDoesSkits11 days ago

    Adam Honer I think it wasn’t

  61. Peter D

    Peter D12 days ago

    Adam Honer I don’t think that was in a contest I thought it was a separate event. Could be wrong though

  62. Andrew Heale

    Andrew Heale18 days ago

    Jordan could have went out there and made a lay up and got a 50