Alexis: This is what Lionel Messi taught me



    DE CHILE2 days ago

    Yo alcance a ver en la tv a sanchez en udinese hacia buena dupla con isla ...eran tipo messi y iniesta ....👏

  2. Alex Torres

    Alex Torres23 days ago

    Alexi es mejor q Messi

  3. yoni tapia

    yoni tapiaMonth ago

    Ahora nada de ese alexis queda,ya no se le ve feliz jugando al futbol,ya no se adapta rapido (ya que aun no se adapta en manchester united).que te paso alexis por favor vuelve!.espero puedas retomar tu nivel y volver a ser uno de los mejores del mundo.

  4. Zahid Mustafa

    Zahid MustafaMonth ago

    Messi is the G.O.A.T of Football History

  5. Donald Lewis

    Donald Lewis2 months ago

    Funny this video hasn't aged very well. Great player for Arsenal and one I'll always respect for his passion and desire that he played with. However moving to Manchester United to collect £500,000 (allegedly) a wk has completely backfired on him. No longer the focal point of the team and managing to score a single premier league goal whole season, is not the best player in the World. Somehow, sadly he seems to have lost his motivation and love for the game. 😥😥😥

  6. ignacio jara

    ignacio jara2 months ago


  7. Mỹ Minh

    Mỹ Minh2 months ago

    Go to m.u and still play piano 😂 judas

  8. ShawnInGame

    ShawnInGame2 months ago

    4:59 eso te da un PLUCH

  9. Ajay Thakur

    Ajay Thakur3 months ago

    Leo Messi is the G.O.A.T🐐❤️⚽️ @leomessi

  10. Ritchie Thoudam

    Ritchie Thoudam4 months ago

    He has changed I miss the old Alexis 😭

  11. Micronet

    Micronet4 months ago

    we need this alexis back

  12. Mario Moreno

    Mario Moreno5 months ago

    Messi is the best

  13. jorge diaz

    jorge diaz5 months ago

    Me adapto rapido Que te paso sanchez

  14. Chonkey Hawaiian

    Chonkey Hawaiian5 months ago

    Leo Messi


    CRISTIANO CLAUDITO5 months ago

    Grande alexis eres el mejor despues de mis hijos te amamos desde chile un abrazo

  16. CriiS S

    CriiS S6 months ago

    2017 "me adapto muy rápido" - 2018-2019 R.I.P

  17. Jose Carlos vq

    Jose Carlos vq6 months ago

    Jugadorazo Alexis muy profesional y humilde siempre

  18. Agam Bori

    Agam Bori6 months ago

    Messi=One Punch Man=GOAT

  19. Purab Baruah

    Purab Baruah6 months ago

    Not interested in money did he say😂😂😂😂

  20. Bradford Blandon

    Bradford Blandon6 months ago

    Alexis sos uno de los mejores del mundo

  21. practical progressive

    practical progressive6 months ago

    Serial winner. His speech shows his attitude. He is serious with his work and he want to help the team and also want to win individually which is fine for every player. We are with you Sanchez. Play hard and be serial and serious

  22. Jaime Moreno

    Jaime Moreno6 months ago

    "no me interesaba el dinero" jajsjsjajaj

  23. GhostONtheRISE

    GhostONtheRISE6 months ago


  24. Luciano Ruiz

    Luciano Ruiz6 months ago


  25. YeetCadet

    YeetCadet6 months ago

    0:17 Is that Usain Bolt behind him

  26. rodrich rios

    rodrich rios6 months ago

    Se adapta rápido dice ... Mira como esta en el manchester...

  27. V

    V6 months ago


  28. D G

    D G6 months ago

    I miss him😭😭

  29. Cristian Andres Muñoz Muñoz

    Cristian Andres Muñoz Muñoz7 months ago

    Gracias x todas las alegrias q me as dado jugando x la roja d todos eres un gande el pueblo chileno t kiere mxo eres un gran chico......

  30. Raul Escobar

    Raul Escobar7 months ago

    Eris weno cauro chico.

  31. Pool Bro's

    Pool Bro's8 months ago

    0:10 except at man united😉😉😉

  32. Juan Humberto Neira Saldivia

    Juan Humberto Neira Saldivia8 months ago

    Eres feliz ,te queda mucho, maravilla.

  33. Luis Alfaro

    Luis Alfaro8 months ago

    4:57 “Y eso te da un pluch" 😂😂😂

  34. Andrés Lyon

    Andrés Lyon8 months ago

    Alexis yo are empotao, the maite rica you cagaste no gol only culo of maite saludos desde Chile

  35. Zuraa Art

    Zuraa Art9 months ago

    Penak nang arsenal to?

  36. Angel Burgos

    Angel Burgos9 months ago

    Q motivazion mas motivante jajaja

  37. Allen Johnson

    Allen Johnson10 months ago

    well spoken

  38. Nelson Vásquez Romero

    Nelson Vásquez Romero10 months ago

    Que tiene que ver Messi? No entendí que le "enseñó" Messi a Alexis, nada que ver el título del video

  39. legend asus

    legend asusYear ago

    Messi is always a teacher for Neymar and Sanchez

  40. Smazin

    SmazinYear ago

    "It's not about the money" oh but now I think it is. Why did he go to Man U? Come on Alexis!

  41. FutHD

    FutHD11 months ago

    Smazin' whats the problem? He always dream to play in Man United, you just search photos of him when he was young

  42. spectrum

    spectrumYear ago

    You sure you don't care about money Cause you left us for money

  43. Sebastián Alexis

    Sebastián AlexisYear ago

    Y eso te da un plush xd

  44. Andrew Pintadounuts

    Andrew PintadounutsYear ago

    He didn’t teach him loyalty

  45. Joaquin Lopez

    Joaquin LopezYear ago

    Tremenda pega del traductor entender lo que queria decir Alexis

  46. JSK_YT

    JSK_YTYear ago

    And now where is he


    FAKKELBRIGADE1990Year ago

    Question: why did Sanchez ever had to leave Barca, wasn't he good enough?

  48. Tahsan Rinan

    Tahsan RinanYear ago

    Is he even shorter than messi?!! lol

  49. Pradit GoldNavy

    Pradit GoldNavyYear ago

    Alexis Snake? sorry i mean Alexis Sanchez 🐍

  50. Charles Hines

    Charles HinesYear ago

    He's footballer, like he says. Respect!!

  51. TheBeautifulGame

    TheBeautifulGameYear ago