Alexis: This is what Lionel Messi taught me


  1. Allen Johnson

    Allen Johnson21 day ago

    well spoken

  2. Nelson Vásquez Romero

    Nelson Vásquez Romero28 days ago

    Que tiene que ver Messi? No entendí que le "enseñó" Messi a Alexis, nada que ver el título del video

  3. Daniel Corrales

    Daniel Corrales2 months ago

    Alexis Sánchez is at Manchester United, he transferred about 5 months ago.

  4. legend asus

    legend asus2 months ago

    Messi is always a teacher for Neymar and Sanchez

  5. Rapid_SmaZ

    Rapid_SmaZ2 months ago

    "It's not about the money" oh but now I think it is. Why did he go to Man U? Come on Alexis!

  6. FutHD

    FutHDMonth ago

    Smazin' whats the problem? He always dream to play in Man United, you just search photos of him when he was young

  7. animatorsglory

    animatorsglory2 months ago

    You sure you don't care about money Cause you left us for money

  8. Sebastián Alexis

    Sebastián Alexis3 months ago

    Y eso te da un plush xd

  9. Andrew the real ginger

    Andrew the real ginger3 months ago

    He didn’t teach him loyalty

  10. Joaquin Lopez

    Joaquin Lopez3 months ago

    Tremenda pega del traductor entender lo que queria decir Alexis

  11. JSK

    JSK4 months ago

    And now where is he


    FAKKELBRIGADE19904 months ago

    Question: why did Sanchez ever had to leave Barca, wasn't he good enough?

  13. Tahsan Rinan

    Tahsan Rinan4 months ago

    Is he even shorter than messi?!! lol

  14. Pradit GoldNavy

    Pradit GoldNavy4 months ago

    Alexis Snake? sorry i mean Alexis Sanchez 🐍

  15. Charles Hines

    Charles Hines4 months ago

    He's footballer, like he says. Respect!!

  16. Lenjing Panyang

    Lenjing Panyang4 months ago


  17. Chill Gaming

    Chill Gaming5 months ago

    Where's the part when he joins manunited :D

  18. Tiger Prachir

    Tiger Prachir5 months ago

    I never knew he used to play for udinese

  19. Rene Alfredo Olivas Cornejo

    Rene Alfredo Olivas Cornejo5 months ago

    que es sabio alexis vamos por mas alegrias ala roja

  20. King Sniper

    King Sniper5 months ago

    He isn’t in it for the money he says he said no to the Man City because of money and wage 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣


    PPX EDITZ5 months ago

    Summary: Keep you head Up and keep playing after you miss a penalty, so = dont retire.

  22. victor junior yaipen garcia

    victor junior yaipen garcia6 months ago

    Grande alexis

  23. adad

    adad6 months ago

    Did Messi did teach him how to lose with Argentina? Oh wait, Chile won South America but Argentina lost.

  24. Jamie Hutber

    Jamie Hutber6 months ago

    Well messi didn't teach you how to stay at one club....

  25. Jorge Diaz

    Jorge Diaz7 months ago

    Este idiota será un niño toda su vida por lo discapacitado mental

  26. Alvaro

    Alvaro7 months ago

    Un pluchh


    RAFIF HUSNI CHANNEL7 months ago

    “I wasnt interested in money or anything else”.A lesson for moneymar


    TRIGGERED MELON tv7 months ago

    Anyone 2030 ?

  29. cristina lemunao

    cristina lemunao7 months ago

    Por si no lo sabían soy de Chile

  30. cristina lemunao

    cristina lemunao7 months ago

    Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis

  31. Neymar Jr

    Neymar Jr7 months ago

    messi is the best footallerr in the world

  32. Yahir Ramirez

    Yahir Ramirez7 months ago

    Este es el único jugador completo.

  33. Mehdi Hacib

    Mehdi Hacib7 months ago

    This guy must be lieing cuz last time I checked Man U offord him 400,000 pounds a week saying it’s not about the money

  34. King Drakey

    King Drakey7 months ago

    Misleading title. Messi didn't teach him anything. He may have taught Messi.

  35. Ahmad Raad

    Ahmad Raad7 months ago

    Welcome to Man Utd amigo

  36. Maximax1091

    Maximax10917 months ago

    Alexis Sanchez no more

  37. Fireprince10

    Fireprince107 months ago

    Messi taught Sanchez to go to Manchester United.

  38. d-e-f-e axb

    d-e-f-e axb7 months ago

    Welcome to machester united

  39. lily mccann

    lily mccann7 months ago

    alexi left arsenal because he s ambitious and wants to win....

  40. blurry face

    blurry face7 months ago

    Why am I getting this in my recommendation now??

  41. Godwin James Apuede

    Godwin James Apuede8 months ago

    ωєℓ¢σмє тσ мαи¢нєѕтєя υиιтє∂ 🔴🔴🔴

  42. Nuttinbut Boredom

    Nuttinbut Boredom8 months ago

    Delete all videos of this snake

  43. metro g

    metro g8 months ago

    Welcome to united


    DUTCH.BARCA.LEGACY8 months ago

    Messi !!!!!!!!

  45. Enrique Ceretti

    Enrique Ceretti8 months ago

    Pongan subtítulos en español, por favor.

  46. Crazy Mazy

    Crazy Mazy8 months ago

    welcome mutd

  47. Moe Als

    Moe Als8 months ago

    hes now a man utd player hahaha

  48. Mustafa Hines

    Mustafa Hines7 months ago


  49. Ramón Améstica

    Ramón Améstica8 months ago

    Lo mejor de está entrevista, es que ya se le está entendiendo un poco más lo que habla jajajajajajaja

  50. Kevin Shadow

    Kevin Shadow8 months ago

    Welcome to Manchester United.

  51. Fakhir Ahmed

    Fakhir Ahmed8 months ago

    He's gone

  52. Jυηαιd Hx

    Jυηαιd Hx8 months ago

    Welcome to MUFC ALEXIS

  53. marioni bruno

    marioni bruno8 months ago

    Alexis: Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United

  54. Jeevan Sivagnanasuntharam

    Jeevan Sivagnanasuntharam8 months ago

    welcome to manchester

  55. Omkar Shetty

    Omkar Shetty8 months ago

    Welcome to Man United

  56. charlesS

    charlesS8 months ago

    welcome to manutd

  57. MultiDecimo

    MultiDecimo8 months ago

    does not use hormones !! jaja

  58. Great M

    Great M8 months ago

    Sanchez Goodbye speech

  59. Que economia mas grande

    Que economia mas grande8 months ago

    Taaay viooo maqinaa xuxetuu



    Well said.

  61. azrayyan07

    azrayyan078 months ago

    Where is the part where he says he want to leave asap?

  62. bthebest

    bthebest8 months ago

    Sos clasico Alexis. Me gusto tu trabajo en el Barcelona. Lastima de no poder verte en el mundial de russia pero asi es el futbol Suerte en todo Alexis y viva America..

  63. Lee Chin

    Lee Chin8 months ago

    Sanchez's Goodbye Speech

  64. Bahmo Nzar

    Bahmo Nzar8 months ago

    i support ronaldo but i respect messi. normally its the opposite around also i love sanchez and we will never forget about his memorable moments at arsenal. this legend will always be remembered EDIT: i edited this cos i made a spelling mistake

  65. Maziar Beiramee

    Maziar Beiramee8 months ago

    The money-grabber says he doesn't care how much he makes, he's just happy to play soccer everywhere, this is the part where Arsenal fans say "Sign the goddamn contract already."

  66. Larry J

    Larry J8 months ago

    Arsenal might never buy someone as good as him again, think about that

  67. Henry Armour

    Henry Armour8 months ago

    he will be remembered forever even if he leaves i still will like him

  68. nikos12 adidas

    nikos12 adidas8 months ago


  69. Mazin Ahmed

    Mazin Ahmed8 months ago

    The ending tho 😂

  70. Roohan Qasim R3PS

    Roohan Qasim R3PS8 months ago

    Don't worry amigo be happy

  71. GhOsTkIlL 1928

    GhOsTkIlL 19288 months ago

    vamos conchetumare solo un chileno entendera c:

  72. Hawk Who Knows All

    Hawk Who Knows All8 months ago


  73. Hawk Who Knows All

    Hawk Who Knows All8 months ago


  74. R. Landaeta Toloza

    R. Landaeta Toloza8 months ago

    Motivación, la motivación es una motivación que te motiva cuando no tienes motivación porque la motivación es lo más importante para estar motivado. La motivación...

  75. Squirtle Hvac

    Squirtle Hvac8 months ago

    I’m an arsenal fan and he deserves to leave and win trophies. Team keeps bottling it, and buying mediocre players. Same reason rvp left

  76. Ernest Bury Marinelli

    Ernest Bury Marinelli8 months ago

    Messi definitely taught him a lesson since Sanchez was getting taught. Y a living legend (Messi duh)


    SEDANSORED8 months ago

    Is there subtitles in Spansh? It's hard to understand what is he saying in spanish...

  78. Ricardo Castaneda

    Ricardo Castaneda8 months ago

    Grande alexis. Ya vete a la juve

  79. Fawaz Ali

    Fawaz Ali9 months ago


  80. Pedro Ballus

    Pedro Ballus9 months ago

    Paolo guerrero es mejor solo que no tiene la fama de alexis

  81. Javier Felipe

    Javier Felipe7 months ago

    Pedro Ballus Ese peruano lleva años jugando y aun no gana nada...... Alexis no es más famoso le ha ido mejor por que es mejor.... Ese peruano tuvo alguna chance de jugar en un grande de Europa???? Ahhhhhh parece que no..... Entonces no es mejor

  82. ciudadano moroso

    ciudadano moroso7 months ago


  83. Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Lorenzo Gonzalez8 months ago

    No es por nada pero me da curiosidad saber ¿en que es mejor paolo guerrero que alexis?

  84. Zank

    Zank8 months ago

    Broma no?

  85. Monsters qlok

    Monsters qlok8 months ago

    Pedro Ballus pero aun asi es egocéntrico, mejor que quede con su poca fama

  86. az-fit chile

    az-fit chile9 months ago

    Alexis Sánchez is fantastic..!! 😊☺

  87. Enemiesx

    Enemiesx9 months ago

    Me entiendes?

  88. Adam TV

    Adam TV9 months ago

    Messi the worst footballer ever. There's No doubt. No matter which club you support

  89. Sriram Venkatramana Bhat

    Sriram Venkatramana Bhat9 months ago

    Lol Alexis was dancing at 0:18 seconds

  90. benjamin inzunza

    benjamin inzunza9 months ago

    se nota que es chileno este wn. aguante sanchez

  91. Mauricio Javier González Guzmán

    Mauricio Javier González Guzmán9 months ago


  92. Mauricio Javier González Guzmán

    Mauricio Javier González Guzmán9 months ago

    ah y otra cosa más, Sanchez tambien vale callampa.

  93. Mauricio Javier González Guzmán

    Mauricio Javier González Guzmán9 months ago

    lo otro dediquese a dejar de escuchar esa mierda de "música" que es reggeton. Le está atrofiando el cerebro viejo.

  94. Mauricio Javier González Guzmán

    Mauricio Javier González Guzmán9 months ago

    y no te lo mandé a decir con nadie y agradece que soy educado ajjajaja

  95. Mauricio Javier González Guzmán

    Mauricio Javier González Guzmán9 months ago

    primero qie nada pendejo awenao. como sabes tú que no le he ganado a nadie?. segundo, no lo odio por ser Argentino. Tengo muchos y buenos amigos de allá IMBECÍL!. Tercero, dije que vale callampa porque para mi es un weon más del montón. No descrubrió america este tipo, es un invento de la publicidad (te lo digo porque soy publicista). Mil veces el mejor Diego Maradona. Alguna duda saco de wea, Felíz Navidad.

  96. Emmanuel Villanueva

    Emmanuel Villanueva9 months ago

    Mauricio Javier González Guzmán si lo dice Alexis Sánchez que para el messi es el mejor y tu que no le has ganado a nadie ¡¡Das risa payaso eres un chileno típico que odia a Messi por ser argentino ..chupalo

  97. Siri

    Siri9 months ago

    Just pay the guy 500k a week so he stays

  98. Element Power

    Element Power9 months ago

    1000th comment!!

  99. paul d

    paul d9 months ago

    It's a shame he isn't continuing these values and words this season, but he has nothing to play for, now no world cup medals and no premier league,maybe that's the difference

  100. Marcos Gonzalez

    Marcos Gonzalez9 months ago

    this translation is a bit off. You miss out on a little if you don't understand Spanish

  101. TheGamingLegends

    TheGamingLegends9 months ago

    Hopefully he leaves to my team MCFC🔵🔵🔵🔵

  102. Haziq Zuhri

    Haziq Zuhri9 months ago

    Potato naaaaa.. Dikalihubpakotalibidibididebadeba bababababanana

  103. Patrick Kwafo

    Patrick Kwafo9 months ago

    messi. all. time. goals

  104. Ricardo Mendoza

    Ricardo Mendoza9 months ago

    Messi.nunca dijo ni piensa que es que su.mente es ganadora ni.nada de eso...eso lo hace echarse flores solo...

  105. Ricardo Mendoza

    Ricardo Mendoza9 months ago

    Soberbio..igualado..." que soy el.mejor" le.nota la.envidia y la poca humildad para reconocer a Messi...y habla.como para ser el.mejor entre otras cosas le.falta humildad

  106. Pablo GBlack

    Pablo GBlack9 months ago

    Es uno de los pocos chilenos que tienen una mentalidad tan buena, bien Sánchez

  107. brandon Lacey

    brandon Lacey9 months ago

    We need u sanchez

  108. ThisIsGrayFox

    ThisIsGrayFox9 months ago

    But then all the Messi fanboys hate on Cristiano Ronaldo when he calls himself the best. Messi does the same thing! All top players think they’re the best. Just like how you think you’re the best FIFA player. It’s a mentality.

  109. joann valencia

    joann valencia9 months ago

    what year Alexis Sanchez play for Barcelona

  110. Ethan Gibson

    Ethan Gibson9 months ago

    I've looked upped to Sanchez all my life my first soccer t shirt had his name I go for arsenal and I'm chilean

  111. Mystic Money

    Mystic Money9 months ago

    Thank You Sanchez

  112. Arturo

    Arturo9 months ago

    "Here I am and I'm the best" no one will call Messi arrogant for this but when Cristiano says it, it causes a meltdown