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Alessia Cara- Growing Pains (Lyric Video)


  1. Amazingly Exhausted

    Amazingly ExhaustedDay ago

    *yOuR oN yOuR kId* *yOu ArE* Ok first of all I got the bobs burger characters holding my hand thru dis shittttt

  2. Aria

    AriaDay ago

    Who’s memorising the lyrics for when she goes on tour with Shawn 😍😍

  3. Siershe The unicorn

    Siershe The unicorn8 days ago

    I'm going to her concert in Calgary

  4. Sarah M

    Sarah M15 days ago

    Anyone else listening to Alessia Cara at 5:53am while making fresh salsa? Did not think so.

  5. Nidhi Khosla

    Nidhi Khosla15 days ago

    Hey one request Please make Trust my Lonely official video available for Indian viewers 🙏🙏 BDW love ur songs😍😍

  6. ღ yasira studio ღ

    ღ yasira studio ღ18 days ago

    Pq tú canción Heredia no está permitida para mi país >:v

  7. kauany bellotto.

    kauany bellotto.19 days ago



    DARK CLOUDZ19 days ago

    I've been hearing this song on the radio and now im seeing uts made by you! I MISSING OUT

  9. Andy Flow

    Andy Flow21 day ago


  10. Mamta L

    Mamta L21 day ago

    I love Alessia Cara songs💕

  11. Mariu B Cover

    Mariu B Cover23 days ago

    Essa música me descreve por inteiro! 😫💔

  12. LC4u2

    LC4u227 days ago

    This song speaks to alot of people. Speak your truth girllllllll !

  13. Sunny

    Sunny29 days ago

    Why am I crying 😢

  14. Mia dier

    Mia dierMonth ago

    Poor yellow rose ooff

  15. Mary Lowrie

    Mary LowrieMonth ago

    One of my favorite songs of this year.

  16. Super Cat

    Super CatMonth ago

    Alessia cara

  17. AisyaZurina84

    AisyaZurina84Month ago

    I come from alec dont let me down... Falling in love with your voice

  18. Iva Tate

    Iva TateMonth ago

    I wonder what color she saw when wrote this song.❤

  19. Kirtiraj Lekhraj Rajput Singh

    Kirtiraj Lekhraj Rajput SinghMonth ago

    This Music Remind Me Bollywood (Hindi) Music 2008

  20. DeJah Baltus

    DeJah BaltusMonth ago

    Who loves alessia cara

  21. shannara fryer

    shannara fryerMonth ago


  22. Maisydoesart !

    Maisydoesart !Month ago

    I love the aesthetic

  23. Alex Peterow

    Alex PeterowMonth ago

    She are beautiful and honest.

  24. Prime Minister Aarush

    Prime Minister AarushMonth ago

    Who here lives in Brampton? Like if you do.

  25. Hey Hey

    Hey HeyMonth ago

    I think sunflowers are the trend in 2018

  26. Tarannum

    TarannumMonth ago

    I love how beautiful she is in her simplicity, I love alessia so much.... ❤

  27. wyy link34

    wyy link34Month ago

    Another awesome Canadian

  28. Just Some Guy

    Just Some Guy2 months ago

    Damn this is good!

  29. Dhuha Bariysa

    Dhuha Bariysa2 months ago

    Respect goes to this queen cuz she keeps it real and would rather right meaningful songs then top 40 hits 😘👍

  30. Susana Alvarado

    Susana Alvarado2 months ago

    Is it me or when I read (Growing pains) I thought about the Growing pains show no anybody lol as I was reading the comments I wish I woulda found one comment at least hope it's not weird I'm 16 and like that really old tv show:) but this song is amazing

  31. pusheenmyluck !

    pusheenmyluck !2 months ago

    I always love her suits!

  32. blackflag 33rd

    blackflag 33rd2 months ago

    theres mad truth in your words........a wisdom that doesn't come from books

  33. Elisha Franchesca Montereal

    Elisha Franchesca Montereal2 months ago

    I love her songs. It's so DEEP. 💙💔💗

  34. Bubblo

    Bubblo2 months ago

    props: dollar store emotional support: live THANKYOU LIV* FOR BEING EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FOR ALESSIA CARA also this proves u dont need fancy props

  35. Angel Quiroz

    Angel Quiroz2 months ago

    Honestly the most interesting voice to watch in pop music right now. Can't wait to see how she grows and matures as an artist. Such a talented songwriter this song hit me in such a deep way.

  36. Victoria Li

    Victoria Li2 months ago

    God is within us, is our collective (higher) consciousness. The brave have nothing to fear but fear, the bravest don't even fear fear! And just as the homo sapiens with the neanderthals, the higher consciousness shall emerge victorious.

  37. PoorMe AGalaxy

    PoorMe AGalaxy2 months ago

    props: dollar store

  38. TeTe Jones

    TeTe Jones2 months ago

    S-she stepped on a-a flower ;-;

  39. Suniti Jangra

    Suniti Jangra2 months ago

    Y'all should read the description 😂😂😂

  40. Amala Theakanath

    Amala Theakanath2 months ago

    lyrics written by: me filmed and edited by: @dariocproductions props: dollar store dangerous stunts performed by: me emotional support: liv // filmed in her neighborhood by her brother props from dollar store omg my gosh i love her, she is such a queen

  41. Mrutyunjay Das

    Mrutyunjay Das2 months ago

    I love it... You are seriously awesomely amazing

  42. nak ooo

    nak ooo2 months ago

    Was alessia on her period when she made this?

  43. Hayden Campbell

    Hayden Campbell2 months ago

    Just curious, but is there a meaning behind Alesia cara wearing a suit in her videos?

  44. shannara fryer

    shannara fryer2 months ago

    Yes it represents growing up. The suit like being an adult and the songs are about her learning as she grows


    JIMIN SUGA2 months ago

    I have always been bullied for my ethnic features because I'm a Korean and this song changed how I see myself and to ignore all the hate and just except myself as the way I am

  46. fati ْ

    fati ْ2 months ago

    i don’t know what’s not to love about alessia

  47. Joe

    Joe2 months ago


  48. Speaks Mcgee

    Speaks Mcgee2 months ago

    Loooool I keep seeing how deep and lyrically impressive this song is... She's got a good voice I'll give her that. Other then that eeeehhhhh

  49. Speaks Mcgee

    Speaks Mcgee2 months ago

    Does any mainstream music use actual instruments? Grouchy mid 30s here. Can't stand everthing being synthesized. She's good a good voice obviously tho. So that's nice. Also she won the Grammy for best new artist, huh? Ima stick to my 90s mumble rock and The Beatles.

  50. purple moon

    purple moon2 months ago

    eu me identifico muito com essa música. todos os dias vou dormir com os pensamentos sempre no futuro, me perguntando se vou conseguir cuidar de mim mesma e se alguém vai me amar e cuidar de mim como meus pais cuidaram. o medo da juventude ir embora e eu não saber o que fazer depois é constante. Alessia, continue com essa simplicidade e seu jeito de se expressar nas músicas, vc é uma artista maravilhosa e merece mais recinhecimento ❤

  51. th3 Bac0nater

    th3 Bac0nater2 months ago

    Now imagine it put the hours in and stay passionate.

  52. Maple Rafjet

    Maple Rafjet2 months ago

    Thank You Alissia, great music video!

  53. Frost Gamer

    Frost Gamer2 months ago


  54. Gabriel Monteiro

    Gabriel Monteiro3 months ago

    Fada!! dona da Disney

  55. escuta chapado de maconha duarte

    escuta chapado de maconha duarte3 months ago

    my brazil..... i Love

  56. shannara fryer

    shannara fryer3 months ago


  57. Magda Brygała

    Magda Brygała3 months ago

    😍💗💖💕💓 Love u

  58. Airplane Subs.

    Airplane Subs.3 months ago

    No saben cuanto la amo ;3

  59. Trafalgar D. Sworkz

    Trafalgar D. Sworkz3 months ago

    which converse are hers? i love them but i just dont know the name

  60. TheSuperKPLesboFan /Hi There

    TheSuperKPLesboFan /Hi There3 months ago

    Only Alessia Cara can make an amazing gorgeous video just by running around a street and throwing flowers. Plus rolling in a backyard... AND TOUCH MY HEART. 👌👌👌 that's pure talent people.

  61. Pretty Doll

    Pretty Doll3 months ago

    *goosebumps* !!!!!!!

  62. faith

    faith3 months ago

    Alessia sings and Daro should be a filmmaker/editor! Talent runs in their blood

  63. miss_ sampat

    miss_ sampat3 months ago

    thats it im moving to canada people arent falling apart there i think

  64. Black Rose Beatz

    Black Rose Beatz3 months ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁Alessia Cara └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  65. delightfuldoula1

    delightfuldoula13 months ago

    love it

  66. Whatever Anime

    Whatever Anime3 months ago

    My life has been writin into this amazing song thank you alessia for helping me threw the pains!♡

  67. Marcelo Almeida

    Marcelo Almeida3 months ago


  68. Laura Corbett

    Laura Corbett3 months ago

    I love you Alessia and I hope to see you when you come to DC


    CANAL PSICO LOKOS3 months ago

    and somebody know how to get 1 billion views on youtube in music

  70. Amanda Wright

    Amanda Wright3 months ago

    Well this is my gfs account but im a 27 yr old man with 4 kids and this song hits hard. Im not grown yet but im on the back end of all the decisions i made 10 yrs ago. And its so much sometimes. Its overbearing. I just need to hear this message once in awhile and cry to be ok. Better than cutting or running away thats for sure. Life is hard. It doesnt get easier. Live guys. Live asap

  71. ʝɛռƈʏռռ яυѕѕєll

    ʝɛռƈʏռռ яυѕѕєll3 months ago

    *props:dollar store* we love a cheap and aesthetic sister

  72. duban alexander monrroy gaviria

    duban alexander monrroy gaviria3 months ago

    Noviembre 2018 ? 😍

  73. Kaylah Kristina

    Kaylah Kristina3 months ago

    I do a lot

  74. flipOff MaAss

    flipOff MaAss3 months ago

    She reminds me of the story of Shawns journey to being famous awhh

  75. Julia

    Julia3 months ago

    if u live in ontario canada, u can just tell she's filmed this there. just by the neighbourhood!!

  76. Isabel Cristina

    Isabel Cristina4 months ago

    Alguém BR ?

  77. Foxes Rule

    Foxes Rule4 months ago

    ‘It looks like I’m dead’ 😂😂😂

  78. Evelyn Dennis

    Evelyn Dennis4 months ago

    i do

  79. Evelyn Dennis

    Evelyn Dennis4 months ago

    hi I love you and your songs

  80. Carrilee Kindheart

    Carrilee Kindheart4 months ago

    I love you Alessiaaaaaaaaaaaa ❤️

  81. Meutia

    Meutia4 months ago

    I'm thinking this song talks about self-harm maybe but I'm not sure

  82. Shiro Wambugu

    Shiro Wambugu4 months ago

    trying to get the message of this song



    stress relieve

  84. Dylan Borja

    Dylan Borja4 months ago

    she's just so pure

  85. Dany Dias

    Dany Dias4 months ago

    O sobrenome dessa música, com certeza seria perfeição! ♥

  86. Morena De La Iglesia

    Morena De La Iglesia4 months ago

    Spectacular song, I have no words. But I can say that I feel that way. It's nice to know that someone understands you♥ And it's amazing to hear that from something bad you can make beautiful poetry. It is moving and comforting. Genia ♥ Espectacular canción, no tengo palabras. Pero si puedo decir que me siento así. Es lindo saber que alguién te entiende♥ Y es increíble escuchar que de algo malo puedas sacar hermosa poesia. Es Conmovedor y Reconfortante. Genia♥

  87. xgdfchgv

    xgdfchgv4 months ago

    listening to this while filling out college applications and now im crying

  88. Mariu B Cover

    Mariu B Cover4 months ago

    SO UNIQUE! ❤️

  89. Arianna Pappas

    Arianna Pappas4 months ago

    love it Alessia!!! love your lyrics :)

  90. sweetdreamer

    sweetdreamer4 months ago

    Always keeps me motivated. Thanks Alessia!

  91. Penny Grande

    Penny Grande4 months ago

    0:22 The eye all see? I hope don't be i think 😞😞😞😞 Alessia is pure true? 😞

  92. Chip Koding

    Chip Koding4 months ago

    style gua banget pas kelas 10 anjerr

  93. Sihle Moye

    Sihle Moye4 months ago

    It's 01:08 in South Africa and all i can think about are these growing pains

  94. Jevon Berrick

    Jevon Berrick4 months ago

    She is sooo good

  95. Fresh Buzz

    Fresh Buzz4 months ago

    my dumbass saw it as "growing penis" i'm out

  96. Ariel Dooley

    Ariel Dooley4 months ago

    Alessia Cara I'm wearing my hair down like youuuu!!💙😄 At school 😚👌🔥

  97. It's Just Jessie

    It's Just Jessie4 months ago

    Is it just me or does the beat sound similar to “huggin & kissin” by big black delta?

  98. Katy Plumb

    Katy Plumb4 months ago

    This song speaks to my soul. Thank you for writing this song, a lot of stress melts away when I sing this

  99. Alexandria Parker

    Alexandria Parker4 months ago

    No Band-Aids for growing pains

  100. Patrick Murray

    Patrick Murray4 months ago

    Such a babe

  101. Jikke Keehnen

    Jikke Keehnen5 months ago