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    REAL SPIRIT DYNAMICS12 hours ago


  2. Masha Franchuk

    Masha Franchuk15 hours ago

    Is it "After Hours" track's beat??

  3. Ruben Rodriguez

    Ruben Rodriguez21 hour ago

    Those fucking vocals give me goosebumps

  4. Короткие презентации

    Короткие презентацииDay ago

    This reminds me of strangers things.

  5. Franklin Brea

    Franklin BreaDay ago

    Billie eilish would be the perfect person for The Weeknd to colab with

  6. Jojo68gunner

    Jojo68gunnerDay ago


  7. Generation Sensitive

    Generation SensitiveDay ago

    Seems like a more lively album

  8. Imanuel Webb

    Imanuel WebbDay ago

    I almost came.

  9. Pottwist

    PottwistDay ago

    I Guess I've been watching too much Stranger Things lately cause that's the first thing I thought of when hearing the music and seeing the effects in the video.

  10. okay Doolittle

    okay DoolittleDay ago

    Album title is the title of the album? I am confused.

  11. SkyeTV

    SkyeTVDay ago

    I cannottttt wait

  12. Cristian

    CristianDay ago


  13. m a i k i n m a l a d o

    m a i k i n m a l a d oDay ago

    Those visuals remind me Casino (1995 Martin Scorsese picture) a lot. Abel is a black Sam "Ace" Rothstein him self with those glasses, clothes and shit.

  14. Mr. Glitch

    Mr. GlitchDay ago

    plot twist: the album title ISN'T after hours and hes just messing with us

  15. F goon

    F goonDay ago

    20th march.

  16. Skull Anime

    Skull AnimeDay ago

    March 20th....

  17. Quý Trần

    Quý TrầnDay ago

    Look like a drug movie

  18. unknown 224

    unknown 224Day ago

    0:15 hope that is a song in the album.just a few seconds and its already fire

  19. surematch

    surematchDay ago


  20. GianniRossa

    GianniRossaDay ago

    What is that car??? Must know

  21. Orlando murillo

    Orlando murilloDay ago

    This guy can literally just say nana nanana nanana and make the whole world go insanw

  22. Alex

    AlexDay ago

    Feverous... NO! FEROCIOUS! damn wait... Fever house! ... Oh..

  23. An Empty Boxcar

    An Empty BoxcarDay ago


  24. Pierre Betancourt Oliver

    Pierre Betancourt OliverDay ago

    Watch it on a tab if you want to go to a dope trip lol recommend it 👌🏻😂

  25. Perla Flores

    Perla FloresDay ago


  26. PLR 88

    PLR 88Day ago

    So far I don’t like the songs from this album. The Weeknd should go back to doing drugs 👍🏾

  27. Abby Kawaii

    Abby KawaiiDay ago

    I'm so fucking pumped ugh

  28. Robel Daniel

    Robel Daniel2 days ago

    If this doesn't send a shiver down your spine are you even human??!?!

  29. Tab Valentino

    Tab Valentino2 days ago

    Where's the new track you promised Abel?

  30. Aveilzy

    Aveilzy2 days ago

    The same weeknd is laughing of you by the waiting time, you don't see the profile pic?

  31. Katerina Foxe

    Katerina Foxe2 days ago

    Murder she wrote. Ye then walked through hell with a smile. Poor Abel :(

  32. eliz miranda

    eliz miranda2 days ago


  33. Johnny Rodriguez

    Johnny Rodriguez2 days ago

    Intro seems like the intro and ending to Uncut Gems 💎

  34. Louis Barbosa

    Louis Barbosa2 days ago

    This is so beautiful and trippy when you’re high

  35. RoastyMallows

    RoastyMallows2 days ago

    XO niggas 🖤

  36. Marcus N

    Marcus N2 days ago

    I literally went back to listening the Weekend songs a couple weeks ago and was like man this guy needs to drop a new album

  37. Poop69

    Poop692 days ago

    Frog Hours

  38. Will

    Will2 days ago

    Cant wait

  39. Austin Tyler The Creator

    Austin Tyler The Creator2 days ago

    Ever since Abel said he couldn’t drive. That’s all he does in his videos now lol.

  40. Paula Cee

    Paula Cee2 days ago

    Y’all, I’m obsessed with his single After Hours 😭 It’s so good


    GUSH VICKY2 days ago



    YEVGEN POTAPOV2 days ago


  43. D1FF3RENC3 Official Page

    D1FF3RENC3 Official Page2 days ago


  44. Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Antwan Darelle Fenton2 days ago


  45. GianniRossa

    GianniRossa2 days ago

    What car is that??? Must know

  46. Denisses Jiménez- Moya

    Denisses Jiménez- Moya2 days ago

    okay but if he doesn’t drop the album soon i’m going cry

  47. Evoks

    Evoks2 days ago

    Still getting Carpenter Brut vibes :DD

  48. MrM2theA2theD

    MrM2theA2theD2 days ago

    This is some pretty sick lead up to the album though not going to lie

  49. Mariela Sanchez

    Mariela Sanchez2 days ago


  50. miguel quinteros

    miguel quinteros2 days ago

    Whos here afterthe album dropped | | | V



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  52. Phantom Ghost

    Phantom Ghost2 days ago

    im dizzy i like it

  53. Denzel Magagula

    Denzel Magagula2 days ago

    The album's coming later than Jesus😂😂😂

  54. Eclipse 3g03

    Eclipse 3g032 days ago

    Weed need this intro to be an actual song love the theme


    UMESH DESAI2 days ago

    That's such a fucking crazy video🤯🤯🤯

  56. Meltem Çiçek

    Meltem Çiçek2 days ago


  57. Meltem Çiçek

    Meltem Çiçek2 days ago


  58. Meltem Çiçek

    Meltem Çiçek2 days ago


  59. Tilly

    Tilly2 days ago

    What car is that?

  60. Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver2 days ago

    The producers of this video have my respect! Not only is the Weekend an outstanding Artist but he has a great team of producers and designers for his recent videos. Outstanding! I look forward to the next music video for the Album.