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Al Horford Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 3


  1. De CapitanFluffy

    De CapitanFluffy28 days ago

    NBA is rigged. Controlled by referees and the higher officials of the NBA. Search up the 2007 whistleblower Referee. Spread the word.

  2. Josue Booz

    Josue BoozMonth ago

    dike feliz portoeso feliz

  3. Mektek19

    Mektek19Month ago

    You know this is fixed, when Cleveland made no real adjustments and they all of sudden blow you guys out. Ita like Boston didn't even compete.

  4. coachran

    coachranMonth ago

    He lyin 🤣😂😂 he never been in this position before not against the 🐐 the irish luck 💩 has ⚰

  5. Qidong John Liang

    Qidong John LiangMonth ago

    It's still 1-2, Keep it up, Cavs!

  6. jeff couture

    jeff coutureMonth ago

    nba is rigged i knew the Cs where going to lose by 30

  7. Peace Love

    Peace LoveMonth ago

    jeff couture c*. Cs(Cavs)

  8. Toni Tone

    Toni ToneMonth ago


  9. Peace Love

    Peace LoveMonth ago

    Al a regular player hes always been reg, he play good one night and then disappear this dude never gives 100% every night. He comes up short most nights you cant find not one record break on this dude not even silly ones the nba likes to make up they love making up records for dead! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Zsombor Szalai

    Zsombor SzalaiMonth ago

    Fúj fúj Boston!! Only the Cavs

  11. McGee600

    McGee600Month ago


  12. waynea hoodmister

    waynea hoodmisterMonth ago

    Played like 🐩💩

  13. juss23 p

    juss23 pMonth ago

    uhmm that was the whole interview

  14. DrkshdwRN23

    DrkshdwRN23Month ago

    He always looks like he doesn’t understand English. So glad this arrogant ass fuck got put in his pace

  15. rell

    rellMonth ago

    Bron made him forget how to speak. " And uhm" "ahhh" "uhmmm"

  16. Arek Ganjalyan

    Arek GanjalyanMonth ago

    waynea hoodmister lmaoooo that you think that when cavs fans are the worst fans in the nba

  17. waynea hoodmister

    waynea hoodmisterMonth ago

    Celtics fans r the worst...😂😂😂

  18. BEAST Matron77

    BEAST Matron77Month ago

    rell Boston taking it in game 4 and back to Boston for series win

  19. Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown

    Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* BrownMonth ago

    You're cancerous af

  20. Nestor Zavala

    Nestor ZavalaMonth ago

    You know.....

  21. SKY TV

    SKY TVMonth ago

    이상호 니?