AJR - BANG! (Official Video)


  1. Lowkeyyy.lailah Bee

    Lowkeyyy.lailah BeeDay ago

    This was kinda trash for a 2020 song

  2. Finn Bhoy

    Finn BhoyDay ago

    Anyone here from tiktok?

  3. Mitch Tanis

    Mitch TanisDay ago

    The visuals in this are an embarrassment. Just straight up stolen from Wes Anderson. No class

  4. mr.chinto Cervantes

    mr.chinto CervantesDay ago

    This song is banging

  5. Chrissi

    ChrissiDay ago

    From TikTok anyone?😂

  6. SchmaLuze LP

    SchmaLuze LPDay ago

    Wo is also from tik tok here

  7. 녕안

    녕안Day ago

    이노래 중독성 개쩌는데 왜 한국인 없냐

  8. popcon209- ROLBOX

    popcon209- ROLBOXDay ago

    2:36 and more I saw on tictoc

  9. Actixius

    ActixiusDay ago

    1:08 if u spend all your money on casino games.

  10. Cheezy Alexis

    Cheezy AlexisDay ago


  11. Cirilo Cheryl

    Cirilo CherylDay ago

    Suena en Radio Doble 9 Lima, Peru!

  12. C Egan

    C EganDay ago

    I'm here for ur tiktok

  13. Cloudzzz DK

    Cloudzzz DKDay ago

    Anybody here bc of tik tok?

  14. Nrkk1 RBLX

    Nrkk1 RBLXDay ago

    When you tried to hide your messy toys from your mom 1:58

  15. Abbie Toe

    Abbie ToeDay ago

    AJR: * exists * Me: OMG THEIR NAME IS MY INITIALS THEY KNOW MEEEEEEE Also Me: what the heck they do goooood

  16. Muhamed Mustafa

    Muhamed MustafaDay ago

    i wanna hear more of this shit

  17. MichelinManミシュランマン

    MichelinManミシュランマンDay ago

    Tik Tokから来た人?

  18. Phan Cakes

    Phan CakesDay ago


  19. Isabelle Zappacosta

    Isabelle ZappacostaDay ago

    Am I the only who is just sitting here wondering if they are doing quick changes or cutting

  20. Nikki Ling

    Nikki LingDay ago

    Who’s here from tiktok 😂

  21. Leah Pennington

    Leah PenningtonDay ago

    Tik tok anyone

  22. Powyr

    PowyrDay ago

    Who else came from the bts video on tiktok

  23. JumbledSap A.K.A Michael

    JumbledSap A.K.A MichaelDay ago

    No one: Me: People talking about how this meme is overused: My gf when we are alone in the bedroom: 0:44 - 0:46

  24. Rainbow PlayZZZ

    Rainbow PlayZZZDay ago

    Anyone here from tiktok??

  25. MC

    MCDay ago

    "Here we go!" "Metronome!" Charlie Pellett's voice is iconic

  26. Foxie 4599

    Foxie 4599Day ago

    Has any else noticed the kakegurui Uniforms?

  27. Logan Palmer

    Logan PalmerDay ago

    Its a banger

  28. Vsco bAhAh

    Vsco bAhAhDay ago

    I can’t tell if these comments are supporting AJR or making fun of them I-

  29. Abbey Guitar

    Abbey GuitarDay ago

    The last time I remember you was from I’m ready back in the good ol days

  30. Phoebe Taylor

    Phoebe TaylorDay ago

    I'm here from a tiktok video of this being filmed, anyone else? 😂

  31. Emma O Carroll

    Emma O CarrollDay ago

    Who seen thia from tik tok

  32. missbeep bop

    missbeep bopDay ago

    i’m here from tik tok lol

  33. Overtly Dramatic

    Overtly DramaticDay ago

    Did they blink once this entire video?

  34. iiKylasRobloxVids X

    iiKylasRobloxVids XDay ago

    Who came from TikTok?

  35. Canadian Retard

    Canadian RetardDay ago

    1.25 speed omg

  36. Incredible Unicorn

    Incredible UnicornDay ago

    Cant wait till this'll be in David's outro

  37. Милашка

    МилашкаDay ago

    Why they (A and R)have so sad eyes?

  38. Donovan

    DonovanDay ago

    So um, does this mean AJR are taking a break like felix?

  39. Summer Sierra Girson

    Summer Sierra GirsonDay ago

    Play at 1.5x speed

  40. Tay S

    Tay SDay ago

    First time I ever saw y’all was at the Demi Lovato thing for charity in Dallas at the AT&T Stadium and a lot of other singers were there. Y’all are amainó.

  41. Nickster

    NicksterDay ago

    Here from tiktok | | V

  42. Canadian Retard

    Canadian RetardDay ago

    Nickster no

  43. Roland-231

    Roland-231Day ago

    1:43 the glasses do the anime thing

  44. Ashton Knight

    Ashton KnightDay ago

    Who else came from that Tik Tok

  45. Spicy Vices

    Spicy VicesDay ago

    Shit. I just realized I’ve listened to this song like 30 times or more this week...



    I honestly hope this is how their next album sounds

  47. Kenna Smith

    Kenna SmithDay ago

    this song is a BANGer haha



    Going out with a bang? Been a hell of a ride but I'm thinking its time to go? This doesn't mean that their next album is their last, right? Right?

  49. ChildOfThe Ivy

    ChildOfThe IvyDay ago

    Grandma on the right be stylin

  50. Mobile Assassin

    Mobile AssassinDay ago

    At 1:14 I think the blond girl is showing a bit too much than she should be....


    MrARMAGEDDON420Day ago

    @ 0:18 Is that my boy Kamauu in the plaid jacket?!?!

  52. Dubkins

    DubkinsDay ago

    This gives me Farcry 5 vibes, idk why but it does

  53. Matthew Morris

    Matthew MorrisDay ago

    Come hang: Come Hang Out Pretend you know this song: Pretender? Too young to lie here forever: Karma got an apartment: Don't Throw out my Legos

  54. The Real Homie Cactus

    The Real Homie CactusDay ago

    This song is a straight BANGer.

  55. Depressed Pnda

    Depressed PndaDay ago

    I only came here because of their tiktok showing the behind the scenes

  56. MXR Scythe on Mixer

    MXR Scythe on MixerDay ago

    Saw the TikTok

  57. Tsunami

    TsunamiDay ago

    Here from TikTok 😂

  58. Joaquin Khodaverdy

    Joaquin Khodaverdy2 days ago

    I think that "Pretend you know this song everybody" is kind of a reference to how everybody immediately tries to analyze every single frame and pixel of the video the second that they come out, and it's just kind of saying "yeah you think that your theory about this being the last song is right, but it's just a song" Just enjoy the music when it comes

  59. Space Yuri

    Space Yuri2 days ago

    I just came here from TikTok to see the final thing with all the money lol

  60. Sweet As Creampie

    Sweet As Creampie2 days ago

    The video is either low-quality or im missing something. every time you look at the players, one of them is doing something weird. Idk if they were messing up or if its intentional. at one point, the camera does a rubberband 1:29

  61. Boku no [AMV] Académia

    Boku no [AMV] Académia2 days ago

    Esto va pa mi canal 🎧