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    Thanks for watching guys! Next Video: Overtime 8! Follow our Instagrams so we can be best friends 😎 🏆 🧔🏻 👱🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👨‍🦰 ⛹🏻‍♂️

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    Please upload overtime 8 fast I am dying for it

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    Yes!! More overtime!!

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    wow.. what next? i got one for yall.. swimming in shark alley 🤔👊✌️

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    Dude Perfect 👌 was a fantastic

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    Dude perfect are always perfect! Cheees guys|👍

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    you guys should do a yo-yo trickshots video

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    First off: this blew up. Second off: notice none of their videos are below 1 million views

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    from INDONESIA🙋

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    I want that plane

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    Can I get that plane please

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    Your plane material

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    100% like

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    Hotel stereotypes?

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    The twins are my favourite !

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    if any of you like trick shots in fortnite hit up my channel also FIFA

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    U guys are perfect😀😀😀

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    best channel

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    l liked it a lot

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    At 5:03 I saw s camera man

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    Please! Subskribe From PewDiePie!!! And From Dude Perfect)

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    Даже я бы столько лет заебался орать

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    3:43 That's why you are here👌 Thank me later!

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    Xàm lồn

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    You should make an arcade stereotype

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    وش هالابداع برافو 😭🔥❤️👏🏻

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    Help pewdiepie get him 100m

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    Ai việt nam nào 😃😃😃😃

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    Really awesome!


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    5:04 the plane lined up between where my phone's screen cracks!!! 😂

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    Watching you since you had 40k subs Love you guys keep it up

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    Hi! I am your new subscriber

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    You guys are perfect

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    how can someone so perfect like u

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    Where did you get the planes???

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    3:09 He just got nervous

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    You would use the song state of my mind by shine down for your next trick shot video

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    Who else thought the purple hoser didn’t have eyebrows in the very beginning 😂😭

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    My Cousin: Noone is perfect Dude perfect: Hold my basketball

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    Keep your friend from Iraq

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    5:49 you should do this with a toothpick plane

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    Why did he lose his eyebrows? And his eyes look weird

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    Since when did these guys get 40M subs?

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    Can you guys make a March Madness Part 2 Stereotypes Please? And put the Purdue Boilermakers in it Please Please Please?

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    This dude is smart he knows that Purdue will make it all the way.

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    This is sooooooooo fake Read more

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    Tye you look like kane Williamson

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    Jeff tony is panda

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    DudePerfect could get pewdiepie to 100 Million first. Like to let him see this.

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    How you make

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    Where you buy this plane

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    Dude how its made


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    Guys upload your bloopers


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    I very like the triple flip

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    No one: Dude perfect: LETS GO

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    I know the airplane was paid don't worry i will won't tell to anyone..

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    Can you do something gymnastics related?

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    NOBODY CODY- Talks to a GoPro

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    5:53 dangerous....

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    only haters will say its fake....

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    Make another games with consequences


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    Does anyone else miss Cory’s eyebrows? XD


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    You guys aren’t really doing AMAZING shot anymore 😞

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    Dear dude perfect i did the trick shot first try today


    COMEDY THRILZ8 hours ago

    Your videos are fake u use after effects Atlease ULTIMATE PERFECT DUDE is better than the yours As they don't cheat

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    There is still plenty of sports that yous can do , such as hurling and Gaelic from Ireland , hurling is the fastest field game in the world

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    Next video is worship battle 2

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    When I catch something l am happy like these.

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    3: 05,best trick shot of the century

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    Все кто русские поставьте лайк типо я что-то крутое написал

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    Who thinks Cory will get wheel unfortunat again thumbs up iff u think he will

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    After reading the comments " And I think to myself 🎵🎵 What a jealous world!! "🎵🎵

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    You will become the no. 1 youtube channel by 2022.

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    Just watch this 4:32

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    Someone: ”What do you guys do for a livin?” Dude Perfect: ” We throw airplanes.”

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    Make a nerf battle challenge

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    Panda popper sound like something you would order at a cheap Chinese restaurant


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    Mark Cuban is Panda

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    We want to see all the times you messed up trying to do this tricks make a vid we all like to see how many tryes befere geeting it right

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    Gattu didnt say that the balloon was there?👳👳

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    Im starting to think dude perfect are gods who can defy the laws of gravity

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    I love you😘😍

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    Do you consider yourself gullible? Read more

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