Adventures in Babysitting - Disney Style trailer (50 subscriber special!)

  • Jun 24, 2016
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  1. Bozidar Gagic

    Bozidar Gagic2 years ago

    Cast: Elsa:Lola Rapanzuel:Jenny Flynn Ryder:Zac Mabel:AJ Dipper:Bobi Hiro:Trey Riley:Katy I think Penny should have be Emily Jack Frost:Officer James but i think this cast cauld be also with some 2D charecters so i think this is maybe better: Merida:Lola Belle:Jenny Prince Adam:Zac Jane:AJ Arthur:Bobi Peter Pan:Trey Alice:Katy Elinwoy:Emily Jim Hawkins:Officer James

  2. xAliceCandyx

    xAliceCandyx2 years ago

    amazing trailer dear ^^

  3. PokéLeafs

    PokéLeafs2 years ago

    the kids names are AJ,Trey,Emily, that's all I remember but I think one is named Kaitlyn.

  4. Falistic Games Smith

    Falistic Games Smith2 years ago


  5. PokéLeafs

    PokéLeafs2 years ago

    epic video

  6. cherry.shipper

    cherry.shipper2 years ago

    Thanks :)