1. FBE

    FBE3 months ago

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  2. Quez ToGodly

    Quez ToGodly2 months ago

    I like Shelly and Malcom

  3. The Masondwich

    The Masondwich3 months ago

    FBE Have the Kids or Elders React to the Try Not to Get Mad Challenge Next

  4. Nathan Strong

    Nathan Strong3 months ago

    I guess people can't just ignore stuff.

  5. Fazbear OFFICIAL

    Fazbear OFFICIAL3 months ago

    Trudi and Malcom almost won these episode

  6. TheCool Girl

    TheCool Girl3 months ago

    FBE U should do one with 7th grader or middle schoolers or even old people!

  7. Thatonegaykid

    Thatonegaykid2 months ago

    I’m not mad, I’m just dissapointed.

  8. Charles Masden

    Charles Masden2 months ago

    None of those were upsetting. And I'm allergic to nutella

  9. Zul Heejaz

    Zul Heejaz2 months ago

    Oh please, pleaaase tell me the new Venom movie would do a scene just like in this Spidey movie. That would be ah-mazing...!

  10. precious boo

    precious boo2 months ago


  11. Cup Head

    Cup Head2 months ago

    Why am I not mad

  12. H i

    H i2 months ago

    Got mad at thespitermam one cause it was a spoof of him joining venum

  13. TheLastKnight 27

    TheLastKnight 272 months ago

    Only those worthy can open and wield the mighty Nutella jar

  14. Gosho

    Gosho2 months ago

    Dat overreaction tho

  15. Alvaro gaming World

    Alvaro gaming World2 months ago

    5:35 XD

  16. Littleboi331

    Littleboi3312 months ago

    That pitch change of bohemian rhapsody sent a chil down my spine

  17. Semaj Patrick

    Semaj Patrick2 months ago

    Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t mind nails on a chalkboard 😂

  18. TR3MØR67

    TR3MØR672 months ago

    Semaj Patrick yes lol

  19. Dapi 12

    Dapi 122 months ago

    Please have a try not to cry to steel magnolia

  20. zomb13 mincraft

    zomb13 mincraft2 months ago

    nothing made me mad....

  21. Crazy Queen Weirdo

    Crazy Queen Weirdo2 months ago

    IM NOT MAD! ❌❌❌❌❌❌

  22. B to the t to the s to the bts

    B to the t to the s to the bts2 months ago

    Crazy Queen Weirdo if you are to calm down sit in a corner and listen to bts it helps

  23. The Reaper

    The Reaper2 months ago

    I dare them to play with karius HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. Anirudh B

    Anirudh B2 months ago

    The Reaper I dare them to lose to South Korea after 90 mins and get knocked out in the group stage.

  25. Sword Arts A Great Anime

    Sword Arts A Great Anime2 months ago

    Am i like the only one too not get mad at these at all

  26. Takerlives

    Takerlives2 months ago

    Even an off-pitch Freddie Mercury is still better than everything in the charts today.

  27. Jojo C

    Jojo C2 months ago

    I know right!

  28. Andy Xu

    Andy Xu2 months ago

    Takerlives agreed, loool

  29. Johnnie Davis

    Johnnie Davis2 months ago

    Tom and Vanessa on the chalkboard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Amber Rockwood

    Amber Rockwood2 months ago

    omg i love Shelly haahahaa she cracks me up!!!

  31. Max Ettling

    Max Ettling2 months ago

    These people get mad way too easily

  32. Brenna Wilfong

    Brenna Wilfong2 months ago

    elders try not to get mad?

  33. Liliana Eve

    Liliana Eve2 months ago

    Ugh i would've been out on 1st the try

  34. David Jeffery

    David Jeffery2 months ago

    7:16 Nootela?!?! Are you ficking serious? !?!

  35. Jojo C

    Jojo C2 months ago


  36. Bobbie

    Bobbie2 months ago

    With this challenge you can just say that you're not mad

  37. J Cymro

    J Cymro2 months ago

    7:36 "newtella"

  38. Jojo C

    Jojo C2 months ago

    ....I say it like that

  39. J Cymro

    J Cymro2 months ago

    Sai nah it's nut-ella cause it's got nuts in it

  40. Sai

    Sai2 months ago

    J Cymro that’s how u say it fool

  41. Rovi Gaming

    Rovi Gaming2 months ago

    Pls Add Indonesia subtitel

  42. Vremm

    Vremm2 months ago

    Rovi Gaming yg bikin subtitle itu penonton yg bersukarelawan buat bikin subtitle jadi lu gbsa maksa mereka

  43. The Atlos

    The Atlos2 months ago

    I came cuz of Toby Meguire

  44. Matthew Murdock

    Matthew Murdock2 months ago

    Wow shelby is HOT

  45. Shoutcrod tradze

    Shoutcrod tradze2 months ago

    IM MAD MAN ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  46. kamolto

    kamolto2 months ago

    seeing tom as adult is weird

  47. Cris Zepeda

    Cris Zepeda2 months ago

    5:38 Jurassic Park

  48. Fiver fist ace

    Fiver fist ace2 months ago

    Why don't you do adults react to unsolved murder to Biggie small on Netflix

  49. XxZoomxX 316

    XxZoomxX 3162 months ago


  50. zachary Moralez

    zachary Moralez2 months ago

    I loves spider man 3

  51. Nintenboi

    Nintenboi2 months ago

    Try not to get mad part 2: there are only two genders and feminism is used for attention in 2018.

  52. Nintenboi

    Nintenboi2 months ago

    Lili Cotner oh crap i did oops lmao

  53. Liliana Eve

    Liliana Eve2 months ago

    Lol the only thing that made me mad was that you spelled two wrong and you think this is gonna get you attention 😂

  54. Geneva xo

    Geneva xo2 months ago

    Nintenboi I failed

  55. pearlpenguin207

    pearlpenguin2072 months ago

    I love untangling headphones!

  56. boi believe

    boi believe2 months ago


  57. Alice Angel -Rockstar

    Alice Angel -Rockstar2 months ago

    pearlpenguin207 me too

  58. SFH WhiteShadow

    SFH WhiteShadow2 months ago

    My knife would of came out on that chocolate jar

  59. Dragon Drunkard

    Dragon Drunkard2 months ago

    I've been around humans too long none of this makes me mad. It just makes me more sad.

  60. mintE arts

    mintE arts2 months ago

    5:36 I think she ran her hand a little too far...

  61. SuperPeapot

    SuperPeapot2 months ago

    Shelly is my favorite

  62. Jojo C

    Jojo C2 months ago

    SuperPeapot sameeeee

  63. Sienna

    Sienna2 months ago

    I love nails on a chalk borad!!!

  64. Yellow&Red

    Yellow&Red2 months ago

    I love Shelly so much oml

  65. Antonio 132

    Antonio 1322 months ago

    1:27 Don't do that to Freddy Mercury,you a******!

  66. xKnightRaptor !!

    xKnightRaptor !!2 months ago

    Man don’t you just love Sergio’s Girl Scout cookie necklace

  67. Landon Leonard

    Landon Leonard2 months ago

    I KNOW why they didn't want to scratch the chalk board.

  68. Clout God

    Clout God2 months ago

    Feel u shelly with tobey

  69. kool Katus

    kool Katus2 months ago

    " I'm just shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoook

  70. Omar Vargas

    Omar Vargas2 months ago

    That spiderman one would have got me to get up and leave the room



    Ummmm, Shelby is gorgeous!

  72. Biggie Cheese

    Biggie Cheese2 months ago

    None of this angered me.

  73. Antonio Llergo

    Antonio Llergo2 months ago

    5:47 "Okay okay you win" LMAOOOO

  74. Arianna Marmolejos

    Arianna Marmolejos2 months ago

    I actually like that song from the first video idk why

  75. George gormley

    George gormley2 months ago

    That’s considered mad damn I guess I go over the top then.

  76. Faith Rohani

    Faith Rohani2 months ago


  77. Everything Emily

    Everything Emily2 months ago

    Why is Malcolm wearing a marijuana

  78. erzan

    erzan2 months ago

    Nail scratching a board? MUTE.

  79. Scorching_ Quesadilla

    Scorching_ Quesadilla2 months ago

    I love Malcolm😘😂😂😂

  80. shotsinfamousyt

    shotsinfamousyt2 months ago

    Toby mcguire is a squeaky spiderman

  81. Kyle Henson

    Kyle Henson2 months ago

    Okay Shelly the entire video was ME

  82. Chesie Yoona

    Chesie Yoona2 months ago

    Tom is adorable😊😂

  83. Rici Mercury

    Rici Mercury2 months ago

    What about the Beatles, you can mess with the Beatles

  84. Sam O'Nella's gay clone

    Sam O'Nella's gay clone2 months ago

    Shelly is my fav

  85. kissedbyaudrey21

    kissedbyaudrey212 months ago

    Can Vannessa adopt me please , she would be such an awesome mom.

  86. ig 2

    ig 22 months ago

    You posted on my birthday

  87. Xernexes

    Xernexes2 months ago

    Omg Kaelyn ❤️

  88. Cory Revv

    Cory Revv2 months ago

    Some didn't even get mad...but put a cross on they face

  89. Samiux

    Samiux2 months ago

    8:02 Malcom is too chill to be mad. He just had a revalation about time capsule Nutella. Can't make a medicated man mad!

  90. weirdalfanatic2788

    weirdalfanatic27882 months ago

    MReporterrs react to E3 2018 Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gameplay Trailer

  91. John rodri Cal

    John rodri Cal2 months ago

    React to 88rising

  92. John rodri Cal

    John rodri Cal2 months ago

    React to 88rising

  93. Sammy Sullivan

    Sammy Sullivan2 months ago

    React to Westworld

  94. anthony Hernandez

    anthony Hernandez2 months ago

    I did not know tom was an adult

  95. D A M A G E

    D A M A G E2 months ago

    probably 18

  96. SideEffects297

    SideEffects2972 months ago

    What age this channel consider an adult?

  97. D A M A G E

    D A M A G E2 months ago

    anthony Hernandez he's not

  98. hugo miller

    hugo miller2 months ago

    I watched bohemian rhapsody to cool down after this.

  99. Map Wolf

    Map Wolf2 months ago

    2:16 Um, his entire talk is flawed. You can mess with art. Art itself can change, and a lot of artists are known to transform other artworks, like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Art in general is meant to chance and evolve.

  100. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    Ms. Chanandler Bong2 months ago

    You have no idea how depressing it is seeing all these younger people on “adults react”. I basically grew up with them. 😭

  101. Just Another Emotional Cry Baby

    Just Another Emotional Cry Baby2 months ago

    Ms. Chanandler Bong same omg.

  102. The name's DumaX365

    The name's DumaX3652 months ago

    Lol, was eating Nutella the minute they brought it in

  103. Goldie

    Goldie2 months ago

    Malcom and Sheila won cause one reads books and the other smokes weed. I’ll let you decide which is which

  104. Joseph Lee

    Joseph Lee2 months ago

    who else didn't understand the first one.

  105. leave my fucking coffee

    leave my fucking coffee2 months ago

    They changed the pitch of a classic song

  106. Jenna Harder

    Jenna Harder2 months ago

    It’s just not in the right key

  107. uptownghost 26

    uptownghost 262 months ago

    The nutella thing wouldnt be problem, carry a pocket knife.

  108. Ahbobie

    Ahbobie2 months ago


  109. Ahbobie

    Ahbobie2 months ago


  110. SilentChaos15

    SilentChaos152 months ago

    Tom is an adult?

  111. SideEffects297

    SideEffects2972 months ago

    What age they consider an adult?

  112. Wadu

    Wadu2 months ago

    SilentChaos15 guess so

  113. Edwin Valenzuela

    Edwin Valenzuela2 months ago


  114. Nevermore

    Nevermore2 months ago

    How the hell is Malcolm so calm?!?! I want to hang out with him :c

  115. Nevermore

    Nevermore2 months ago

    ....Fair enough

  116. Alexander O'Neill

    Alexander O'Neill2 months ago

    his shirt may provide the answer

  117. Del Rey

    Del Rey2 months ago

    I love Shelly😂❤

  118. JuanRetrofónico

    JuanRetrofónico2 months ago

    I would've smashed that Nutella on the table! Hahahaha

  119. Edwin Valenzuela

    Edwin Valenzuela2 months ago

    Who doesn't like nutella😑

  120. veronica valdes

    veronica valdes2 months ago


  121. Caragh Archer

    Caragh Archer2 months ago

    Edwin Valenzuela nobody

  122. Beatriz Fidalgo

    Beatriz Fidalgo2 months ago

    I want to be like malcolm

  123. Lawrence Bermudez

    Lawrence Bermudez2 months ago

    Beatriz Fidalgo cannabis is key

  124. K M S

    K M S2 months ago

    Ha i can’t rub my nails on a chalk board because I bite them so short XD

  125. Gay Nerd

    Gay Nerd2 months ago


  126. I rage Too much

    I rage Too much2 months ago

    K M S that's a weird thing to post

  127. Jasonbean5

    Jasonbean52 months ago

    Malcom is so freaking chill man.

  128. HannaSof LD

    HannaSof LD2 months ago

    Wait the clip of the camera being washed is that Adam Levine? I know that voice and the tatoos

  129. Ellie Knutsen

    Ellie Knutsen2 months ago

    HannaSof LD no it’s not cause if you listen to the original clip his voice is higher than Adams

  130. Max Wreth

    Max Wreth2 months ago

    Malcom with the cannabis shirt, this guy is so chill Such a cool dad

  131. Braden Hobbs

    Braden Hobbs2 months ago

    Okay well even if you do wrap them up they find a way to get tangled but I don’t mind untangling earbuds at all

  132. Sophia

    Sophia2 months ago

    Malcolm is so chill

  133. Melissa Apoka

    Melissa Apoka2 months ago

    He always is.

  134. LOW KWONG Sarah

    LOW KWONG Sarah2 months ago

    There should be a "Try not to be satisfy challenge "

  135. Great Buy! 99 Cents!

    Great Buy! 99 Cents!2 months ago

    Oh, you mean literally all of last year?

  136. Fallen Angel 555

    Fallen Angel 5552 months ago


  137. Lizzie Yorke

    Lizzie Yorke2 months ago

    HELL YAH R.I.P newt 😔😥

  138. Fallen Angel 555

    Fallen Angel 5552 months ago


  139. Gill Guy

    Gill Guy2 months ago

    I also eat kosher

  140. Abraham Caceres Benitez

    Abraham Caceres Benitez2 months ago

    Queen fan?

  141. Tia Martin

    Tia Martin2 months ago

    Abraham Caceres Benitez yes

  142. Richard Rojas

    Richard Rojas2 months ago

    Tobey is the best spider man. Tom is good to.

  143. Wadu

    Wadu2 months ago

    Richard Rojas too*

  144. Lord Dank

    Lord Dank2 months ago

    7:49 wait is Nutella kosher cause i just had something morning and there was a kosher symbol