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  2. mémès árë árt

    mémès árë ártYear ago

    FBE reaction to other countries music

  3. Xxolleswagmasterx X

    Xxolleswagmasterx XYear ago

    Teens react to unforgettable by French Montana and Swae Lee

  4. Alvin Blession

    Alvin BlessionYear ago

    react to HUMBLE. kendrick lamar pls

  5. Dismal Chords

    Dismal ChordsYear ago

    FBE adults reacting to harry's album

  6. MTDoge

    MTDogeYear ago

    i am rooting for rick astley to have a good career after he left 1d

  7. William Aaron Kelly

    William Aaron KellyYear ago

    I like Harry's song but I just don't get the appeal. Wish him well though. I like Niall and Zayn.

  8. Cuddlingteddybears

    CuddlingteddybearsYear ago

    Anyone else just not really care for Strip That Down

  9. Onion

    OnionYear ago

    teens react to AJR!

  10. E Greene

    E GreeneYear ago

    "he's freeing himself from that really bad band" Me: you have 3 seconds to run


    MANASI PATILYear ago


  12. Person 129

    Person 129Year ago

    Ahhh Justin Timberlake is great true words!!!

  13. Person 129

    Person 129Year ago

    Love them all so much! Tbh I'm not feeling Harry's new vibe though still love him but it's not for me.

  14. Bresaaa

    BresaaaYear ago


  15. Bresaaa

    BresaaaYear ago


  16. mallie b

    mallie bYear ago

    Nothing Much YES

  17. Aly B

    Aly BYear ago

    people casually liking the boys and not being obsessed with their music? eeeeeee can not relate

  18. NiXy Paradox

    NiXy ParadoxYear ago

    adults react to ice cube good cop bad cop

  19. Fatima Hammoud

    Fatima HammoudYear ago

    My fav: 1. Just hold on 2. Slow hands 3. Sign of the Times 4. Strip that down 5. Pillowtalk

  20. The Mega Lucario100

    The Mega Lucario100Year ago

    I demand one direction to react to this

  21. The Mega Lucario100

    The Mega Lucario100Year ago

    I demand one direction to react to this

  22. Liel ben atar

    Liel ben atarYear ago

    1 direction more like 5 diffrent directions.....

  23. francine varron

    francine varronYear ago

    oh harry oh

  24. Amy Yu

    Amy YuYear ago

    Louis is so under appreciated.

  25. Emilie Mohr

    Emilie MohrYear ago


  26. Emilie Mohr

    Emilie MohrYear ago

    Amy Yu TRUE

  27. Lottie Morton

    Lottie MortonYear ago

    Only Harry's is good

  28. miniflippy

    miniflippyYear ago

    Adults react to Greyson Chance before and after!

  29. SYNK Music

    SYNK MusicYear ago

    adults react to Ice Cube Good Cop Bad Cop

  30. NiXy Paradox

    NiXy ParadoxYear ago

    GoodGame Bro Hell yes

  31. Notre Dame University Recruitment

    Notre Dame University RecruitmentYear ago

    Elders React to Harrys Album

  32. Notre Dame University Recruitment

    Notre Dame University RecruitmentYear ago

    As a huge fan of all members and the band since I was 10 this video kind of irritated me. All of these "adults" were mostly edgy teens that have only heard "What Makes You Beautiful" I bet if they listened to their past two albums they would respect the band more. And another thing is that they showcased Zayn and Harry's most overplayed songs and not some of the classics on Harrys new album or Zayns that really showcased their talents. Some of the comments dissing the members also irritated me but thats their opinion. All of the One Direction react videos I have seen do not do them justice.

  33. Tickle 11

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  34. Jia Yue Yang

    Jia Yue YangYear ago

    Can someone name all of those songs (except Louis's) Thanks

  35. SVJ

    SVJYear ago


  36. Pam Beesly

    Pam BeeslyYear ago

    They need to react to why don't we

  37. Shania Games

    Shania GamesYear ago

    Teens or adults react to Shawn Mendes.

  38. Reilly Geus

    Reilly GeusYear ago


  39. Aliyah Ukaye

    Aliyah UkayeYear ago

    Zayn will always b the best 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Nurainfhz NFZ

    Nurainfhz NFZYear ago

    My fav : 1.Slow Hands 2.Strip That Down 3.Just Hold On 4.Sign Of The Times 5.Pillowtalk

  41. Nurainfhz NFZ

    Nurainfhz NFZYear ago

    The Red Joker 27 Typo :')

  42. The Mega Lucario100

    The Mega Lucario100Year ago

    Nurainfhz NFZ 2. Strip that down

  43. melissa mendoza

    melissa mendozaYear ago

    yaaass Harry Styles all the wayyy!!

  44. Safaa Abouelhouda

    Safaa AbouelhoudaYear ago

    zayn all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. _Xenia_

    _Xenia_Year ago

    It's something a little bit cruel to say 'he was the least talented of one direction' idk he's talented and has a very special voice

  46. peachy

    peachyYear ago

    when she said "he was always the least talanted one" it took me 0,000001 secs to click away

  47. M Fl

    M FlYear ago

    t u m b l r I love 1D and love Louis, but in comparison to the rest of them he is the least talented. I love the fact that he wrote the song for his mom though.

  48. Charmynox

    CharmynoxYear ago

    Malcolm: He can go any direction, instead of just.. One Direction THAT FACE THO. HE WAS PROUD AF OF THAT PUN But like, I was thinking the same thing so xD

  49. Charmynox

    CharmynoxYear ago

    Omg. Malcolm. When he said how Harry reminds him of David Bowie, I legit started silent clapping in excitement and crying tears of joy. I am so so so so happy that Harry, as well as the others, are getting positive feedback for once.

  50. annabel vogelaar

    annabel vogelaarYear ago

    if this is what adults look like, i don't want to grow up.

  51. DarK CommandeR33

    DarK CommandeR33Year ago

    Lol, One Direction :)))))

  52. Tuxedo bird

    Tuxedo birdYear ago

    DarK CommandeR33 i know right

  53. Mike 1127

    Mike 1127Year ago

    BTS might stay together for 20 years lol...i hope

  54. Mike 1127

    Mike 1127Year ago

    the guy at the end says a boyband could not stay together for 20 years at 11:57

  55. Giselle Castro

    Giselle CastroYear ago

    Mike is a savage army 💕

  56. Khadija Omar

    Khadija OmarYear ago

    Mike is a savage what dose this has to do with the video? I don't understand.

  57. unknown mrsstyles

    unknown mrsstylesYear ago

    one direction didn't break up they are just taking a break wake up people

  58. Josiah C.

    Josiah C.Year ago


  59. Aleba Munir

    Aleba MunirYear ago

    my favourite is just.... ALL OF THEM

  60. Sergio Ruiz

    Sergio RuizYear ago

    Conclusion: Harry and Zayn were the best of One Direction

  61. Ella Bean

    Ella BeanYear ago


  62. Treat People With Kindness

    Treat People With KindnessYear ago

    If this is what adults look like , Damn I don't wanna grow up .

  63. Tina Yu

    Tina YuYear ago

    Some bands do stay together for 20 years, it is just rare.

  64. sarah mulhearn

    sarah mulhearnYear ago

    take that have been together for 25 years despite line up changes so anything is possible.

  65. Lavender Alexandra 1D

    Lavender Alexandra 1DYear ago

    My sister hates Slow hands but her favourite is This Town

  66. Lavender Alexandra 1D

    Lavender Alexandra 1DYear ago

    6:15 well his name has Edward so yeah

  67. Lavender Alexandra 1D

    Lavender Alexandra 1DYear ago


  68. Lavender Alexandra 1D

    Lavender Alexandra 1DYear ago

    I'm crying in a cool way (only someone who watch Carpool kareoke with Harry Styles know)

  69. Sopheakneath Sin

    Sopheakneath SinYear ago

    Fluffy Sparkles yeah

  70. cj

    cjYear ago

    Nialls songs are the best ❤

  71. Kewlbeanse

    KewlbeanseYear ago

    Nial was pretty dope I'll probably follow his music to set what else he's got.

  72. g s

    g sYear ago

    make adults react to paramore, they are very diferente now, it would be nice to react to paramore in the 2000's and now

  73. Rajani Sanjeev

    Rajani SanjeevYear ago

    Oh god They are my everything

  74. Laine

    LaineYear ago

    i feel like im the only one that doesn't love pillowtalk

  75. meme yixing

    meme yixingYear ago

    is that vernon in your profile pic? lmao

  76. nicole

    nicoleYear ago

    Listen to the rest of Zayn's stuff. It's amazing.

  77. Emily Benner

    Emily BennerYear ago

    Nope. I'm with you. They're all super talented, but I think Zayn's stuff is my least favorite. Just my opinion. x

  78. Rachel

    RachelYear ago

    Laine me too don't worry

  79. veeral patel

    veeral patelYear ago

    Laine well now you've got a company !! now it's two of

  80. Shuchi Roy

    Shuchi RoyYear ago

    Niall is so underrated it hurts.

  81. Gabriella Aprila

    Gabriella AprilaYear ago

    Madison is me💞😂🙌

  82. thescrill12

    thescrill12Year ago

    Teens react to skrillex, leave a like if you guy's want to 👍🏻

  83. Mariyah Khan

    Mariyah KhanYear ago

    here for ma boy ZAYN

  84. Rima Uddin

    Rima UddinYear ago

    ZAYN 🙌

  85. Valerie Hernandez

    Valerie HernandezYear ago

    OMG she said "Louis going for that auto tune " and I was like no you didn't and then said "I think he was the least talented " I freaked 😡

  86. Madeline Benson

    Madeline BensonYear ago

    I thought of that interview right away and got so sad b/c he was so under appreciaated and for people to say this (i get we have our own opinions, but that still hurts) and i got so mad, he needs love.

  87. srh nrbg

    srh nrbgYear ago

    Valerie Hernandez SAME and with his new interview for the observer knowing he's self conscious and thought of himself as "the kid in the back" and whatnot, I just wanted death

  88. Julianna L

    Julianna LYear ago

    Valerie Hernandez Me too holy I was livid. Still am.

  89. Bring Me My Asking Alexandria

    Bring Me My Asking AlexandriaYear ago

    adults react to suicide silence

  90. Yusran Hilmi

    Yusran HilmiYear ago

    Harry and Zayn are probably the most successfull after they left 1D

  91. K I R S T E N

    K I R S T E NYear ago

    teens react to its everyday bro

  92. Ariana Kallas VA

    Ariana Kallas VAYear ago

    2D was here I

  93. K I R S T E N

    K I R S T E NYear ago

    the title almost made me cry tbh

  94. Leeron Madar

    Leeron MadarYear ago

    teens react to Team 10/jake paul plz.

  95. My name is Flor

    My name is FlorYear ago

    estas pelotudas gringas de mierda van a los conciertos de Harry REALLY?!

  96. Hernica GOT7

    Hernica GOT7Year ago

    One direction being a band or in solo, I'll forever support them and appreciate everything they do because what fans are for? 😂😂😂

  97. Royshelle Trixie

    Royshelle TrixieYear ago

    Not a fan of that pink-haired girl. not at all.

  98. Moorooa A

    Moorooa AYear ago

    People like Madison are one of the reasons why Louis feels insecure about his voice.

  99. isi

    isiYear ago

    Moorooa, TheWizardDaughterOfApollo he's famous, of course there will be people who won't like him and he has to take responsibility

  100. Royshelle Trixie

    Royshelle TrixieYear ago

    ya i agree

  101. Dayane Torreblanca

    Dayane TorreblancaYear ago

    "Siempre creí que Louis era el menos talentoso" Denle un golpe por favor. Me rompe el corazón saber que lo menosprecian cuando él es súper talentoso.

  102. christie Mancuso

    christie MancusoYear ago

    when you realize everyone that was in 1D had at least one or two l's in their whole names

  103. Sadie Harris

    Sadie HarrisYear ago

    Teens react to Shawn Mendes

  104. Interactive Introvert

    Interactive IntrovertYear ago

    I cried the entire time, I am so proud of them all. My boys are breaking off in their own directions.. 😭😭😭

  105. Janessa_the_trashcan

    Janessa_the_trashcanYear ago

    Sad Beebo your profile describes it perfectly

  106. Destiny Mayberry

    Destiny MayberryYear ago

    Sad Beebo harry Edward styles

  107. Zoe

    ZoeYear ago

    Sad Beebo in a cool wat

  108. Niña Solomon

    Niña SolomonYear ago

    Oh my gosh😔 I'm crying😭😭

  109. Leslie Soto

    Leslie SotoYear ago


  110. priscila aaa

    priscila aaaYear ago

    Louis canta como los ángeles 💖 sé que él llegará muy lejos

  111. priscila aaa

    priscila aaaYear ago

    "yo pensaba que en one direction él era el menos talentoso" (por Louis) cabra culiá

  112. Julia Alcântara

    Julia AlcântaraYear ago

    wait what Adam is on adults react now

  113. Kelly897 Booo

    Kelly897 BoooYear ago

    harry is THE MEN don't search

  114. Squeaky Gum

    Squeaky GumYear ago

    teens react to justin bieber CHILDREN

  115. Monkey 2304

    Monkey 2304Year ago


  116. Zoe Alexandria Soriano

    Zoe Alexandria SorianoYear ago

    Morgan Kathleen23 same

  117. Tharunika Asokan

    Tharunika AsokanYear ago

    They're perfect in their own way

  118. Teen Wolf

    Teen WolfYear ago

    Please do elders react to one direction solo careers

  119. Schuchter Marie

    Schuchter MarieYear ago

    you cannot not like harry styles, thats just a fact

  120. Chaïma Zlailouh

    Chaïma ZlailouhYear ago

    We all know that Zayn is the most talented and the one who made it

  121. Chaïma Zlailouh

    Chaïma ZlailouhYear ago

    Alexis Hensley hahaha i have actually always been a zayn girl, just because he's so adorable and handsome and mysterious 😍

  122. Alexis Hensley

    Alexis HensleyYear ago

    True facts lol. I like Zayn's music too, I could his songs day and night, but I think I prefer Harry's more cause I've always been a Harry's girl.

  123. Chaïma Zlailouh

    Chaïma ZlailouhYear ago

    Yeah you're right and that's you're opinion. My opinion is that i like Zayn's music more because it's more my kinda style. :)

  124. Alexis Hensley

    Alexis HensleyYear ago

    It's just my opinion differs is all. Just because Zayn made music first does not mean he's made it.

  125. Chaïma Zlailouh

    Chaïma ZlailouhYear ago

    Alexis Hensley , wdym?

  126. Hannah Carey

    Hannah CareyYear ago

    harry for sure wins

  127. S Tinker Malu

    S Tinker MaluYear ago

    Louis is also good tho

  128. S Tinker Malu

    S Tinker MaluYear ago

    I love Harry and niall solo the most💖 but if I have to choose one it's niall for sure 💙

  129. Melina B

    Melina BYear ago

    Crystal Mysterhaven SAME

  130. Hues On Ink

    Hues On InkYear ago

    I can relate to Niall's and Zayn's music the most.

  131. sofía carpio mikkelsen

    sofía carpio mikkelsenYear ago


  132. King Malik

    King MalikYear ago

    zayn is love!!

  133. jessica mendes

    jessica mendesYear ago

    harry and zayn

  134. sanjay mahat

    sanjay mahatYear ago

    among them zyan has very great voice ,.i love his pillow talk.

  135. Ananya Chauhan

    Ananya ChauhanYear ago

    everybody liked Harry Styles!!

  136. Nightmare Dollz1018

    Nightmare Dollz1018Year ago

    I think its between Niall, Zayn and Harry who might make it big on there solo career! best of luck to all of them acrually!

  137. Sara Pagnis

    Sara PagnisYear ago


  138. charming darling

    charming darlingYear ago

    Sara Pagnis THANK YOU

  139. renata brito

    renata britoYear ago

    9:03 IT'S SO MEEEE

  140. Cambodia Curtain

    Cambodia CurtainYear ago

    Louis is the best

  141. James Coffey

    James CoffeyYear ago

    Grenfell Tower , troubled waters