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    FBE8 months ago

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  2. Maja Olsson

    Maja Olsson7 months ago

    FBE oo


    BANANA GAMING7 months ago

    FBE is

  4. Guy Levi

    Guy Levi7 months ago

    can we get some extra like yo used to do in old good times plssss!!!

  5. Kenny Tran

    Kenny Tran7 months ago

    FBE (

  6. Pia Balbontin.

    Pia Balbontin.7 months ago

    college kids react to timothy heller vs melanie martinez

  7. Patricia Lorena Adrian

    Patricia Lorena Adrian7 months ago

    I love Kaelyn's reaction to the winner so much 😂 & thanks for the nice comments to Germany 🇩🇪♥︎

  8. Bo Bo

    Bo Bo7 months ago

    #sweden #israelWonTho

  9. Hilma westblom

    Hilma westblom7 months ago

    Austria is so good! From sweden (:

  10. Mÿ Łįttłė Pøńÿ – Mùłtîłäñgûågė

    Mÿ Łįttłė Pøńÿ – Mùłtîłäñgûågė7 months ago

    Have adults react to all the esc Winners From 1956 to 2018

  11. Akrivi Kontou

    Akrivi Kontou7 months ago


  12. Kpop Time

    Kpop Time7 months ago

    Thanks for reacting to Germany☺Liebe Grüße

  13. lps random

    lps random7 months ago

    I like Moldova that might Be My favourite or estonia (greetings from Finland)

  14. Heeyo zszsz

    Heeyo zszsz7 months ago

    I still have no idee why Israel won

  15. Julia Lewik

    Julia Lewik7 months ago

    Israel was very very very very... Good😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Nicholas Solorzano

    Nicholas Solorzano7 months ago

    Cause shes good

  17. lps random

    lps random7 months ago

    Heeyo zszsz same

  18. Nélia de Sá

    Nélia de Sá7 months ago

    I knew all of them because I rememberd it from watching i watch it every year! I love it ❤️

  19. Justė Jurkonytė

    Justė Jurkonytė7 months ago

    Ok now im f***ing mad bc you didn't react to Lithuania's performance

  20. Justė Jurkonytė

    Justė Jurkonytė7 months ago

    janely hanson They did react to Estonia

  21. janely hanson

    janely hanson7 months ago

    Justė Jurkonytė same . Estonia

  22. Nextric K

    Nextric K7 months ago

    Please do a try not to dance thingy with eurovision songs

  23. Pithon96

    Pithon967 months ago

    I beg of you. React to 2014e dition. And You definetly have to include polish performance, You won't regret. I want to see Your faces, guys :D

  24. Κριστιάνα Ρ

    Κριστιάνα Ρ7 months ago


  25. Alison McCarthy

    Alison McCarthy7 months ago

    Ireland was so good

  26. Katrina Cairns

    Katrina Cairns7 months ago

    It upsets me that SuRie from the UK has got essentially no recognition, I don't mind that she didn't win, us brits are used to that. But like a bit of respect for her amazing performance and bravery wouldn't go amiss:/

  27. Katrina Cairns

    Katrina Cairns7 months ago

    Hi Its Leah same it bugs me so much

  28. Katrina Cairns

    Katrina Cairns7 months ago

    Olivier Gilston yeah cause eurovision has no choice😂😂

  29. ɥsɐɹʇ ʎɐƃ

    ɥsɐɹʇ ʎɐƃ7 months ago

    That's true! Whenever I see videos like this (when they are reacting to eaurovision and like compilations) and surie gets no attention! It's like hers was like the most dramatic song and no one talks about it!

  30. Olivier Gilston

    Olivier Gilston7 months ago

    At least you made it to the finale..

  31. Rose McEwan

    Rose McEwan7 months ago

    Lol my country was 3rd to last

  32. HoloPhan

    HoloPhan7 months ago

    Denmark was a bit questionable

  33. Elpida Papadopoulou

    Elpida Papadopoulou7 months ago

    Cyprus! 🔝❤ Greece! 🔝❤


    PERY XENIKAKIS7 months ago


  35. Deutschland Mapping

    Deutschland Mapping7 months ago

    Germany was good

  36. I'm SaD

    I'm SaD7 months ago

    I know you don't mind but I'm from cyprus

  37. Maria Popova

    Maria Popova7 months ago

    They should react to the others...

  38. Wspak 262

    Wspak 2627 months ago

    And poland

  39. lps random

    lps random7 months ago

    And Finland

  40. Antonio Ferreira

    Antonio Ferreira7 months ago

    Maria Popova like hungary, per example

  41. Fantastic two

    Fantastic two7 months ago

    Lest go greece (cyprus)

  42. Sophia Andra

    Sophia Andra7 months ago

    My country was 12th 😂💖

  43. Deutschland Mapping

    Deutschland Mapping7 months ago

    My 4th

  44. Antonio Ferreira

    Antonio Ferreira7 months ago

    Mine was last

  45. think kind

    think kind7 months ago

    4:16 come and visit me😂🙆🏼‍♀️

  46. Deutschland Mapping

    Deutschland Mapping7 months ago

    Würd ich an ihrer Stelle auch machen

  47. Ifer

    Ifer7 months ago

    They should get points for how close they've placed it, not if they managed to put it in the right spot.

  48. Jay Effarelti

    Jay Effarelti7 months ago

    They'd get one point if they were one spot off

  49. oberdamujigae

    oberdamujigae7 months ago

    I'm so sad Belgium didn't even made semifinals :'(

  50. Iris Lightwood

    Iris Lightwood7 months ago

    Just look what you say about some of the best songs... US will never take notes from that xD

  51. D JHAY

    D JHAY7 months ago

    PLEASE!! React to SINGER 2018!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  52. z ⸒

    z ⸒7 months ago

    I'm albanian and I think that Estonia deserved to get the first place. Israel didn't deserved the first place in my opinion

  53. DJ Pandorax

    DJ Pandorax7 months ago

    z ⸒ No I think Cyprus would have got the first position

  54. Giorgos Giannopoulos

    Giorgos Giannopoulos7 months ago


  55. Super shark Gaming 926 gr

    Super shark Gaming 926 gr7 months ago

    γιο Γιωργάκη

  56. The Eevee

    The Eevee7 months ago

    Estonia was cool... I'm not saying it cuz I'm estonian.

  57. Antonis Beglikidis

    Antonis Beglikidis7 months ago

    Μλκ δε το πιστεύω είδαν τη Φουρέιρα αααα!!!!

  58. Teensy

    Teensy7 months ago

    Show them Ukraine 😣

  59. Non Yu

    Non Yu7 months ago

    Adelaida Si nope

  60. Eleni Asvesta

    Eleni Asvesta7 months ago

    Cyprus with eleniiii

  61. Simsobeauty -

    Simsobeauty -7 months ago

    OMG! Thank you for reacting to Lie to me! I'm from Czech too!

  62. Lucie bandova

    Lucie bandova7 months ago

    tak jo kdo je tady Čech? 🇨🇿😂

  63. Lara Emundts

    Lara Emundts7 months ago

    4:16 okay i feel blessed :) come & visit me!

  64. Lisarya _

    Lisarya _7 months ago

    Lara Emundts Same😂😂

  65. EMSL

    EMSL7 months ago

    React to 2015!!!!!!

  66. You 2

    You 27 months ago

    Why only the last 10?

  67. miina hanna

    miina hanna7 months ago

    K, no Finland...

  68. miina hanna

    miina hanna7 months ago

    Ibenicebear oh i get it now lol :') but she came second last. #sodisappointed

  69. Iben Longva

    Iben Longva7 months ago

    miina hanna finland wasnt even in the top 10? she came last or something

  70. Ella W

    Ella W7 months ago

    ”sweden produces so many talented people” *huhhhhhhh?*

  71. Ella W

    Ella W7 months ago

    what i meant was that she used the word *produced* as if they’re produced from a fabric or something and i just thought it was weird

  72. Eye Witness

    Eye Witness7 months ago

    Ella W BUT CAN YOU DO THIS !?!?!

  73. The Ad Archive

    The Ad Archive7 months ago

    Elina is a legend!!

  74. Helina Reino

    Helina Reino7 months ago

    The Ad Archive yesssss

  75. Alex Kapa

    Alex Kapa7 months ago

    ukraine was good to

  76. severi lybeck

    severi lybeck7 months ago

    That part when israel won, was broadcasted by Yle. Which is Finland's national radio thingy.

  77. Thingey

    Thingey7 months ago

    thing thing ^^

  78. SokeriSeppo 33

    SokeriSeppo 337 months ago

    Miisssäää se suomi on

  79. İlayda Ervüs

    İlayda Ervüs7 months ago

    My winner Czech

  80. Non Yu

    Non Yu7 months ago

    DmiTar yes norway

  81. Thomas Schlytter-Henrichsen

    Thomas Schlytter-Henrichsen7 months ago

    DmiTar im from norway :)

  82. Orhan Dinçer

    Orhan Dinçer7 months ago

    Adults/teens react to Bulgaran pop-folk music videos

  83. Jana Nevím

    Jana Nevím7 months ago

    Anyone czech🇨🇿

  84. Scott Harris

    Scott Harris7 months ago

    I would've liked to have seen them react to the other entries in a compilation like last year instead of just limiting to the top 10, which is a shame because there were so many good songs this year...

  85. Аннимита Новиминита

    Аннимита Новиминита7 months ago

    Scott Harris yes, good idea👍

  86. Nadia Xantho

    Nadia Xantho7 months ago

    Like hell it brings the countries together. More like shows our political problems.

  87. Sombra Arif

    Sombra Arif7 months ago

    Well Done NETTA You Did Amazing

  88. אוריה קרנצלר

    אוריה קרנצלר7 months ago

    Netta is best!!!

  89. solar eclipse

    solar eclipse7 months ago

    2 mins before Israel wins Eurovision:Austria is 1st 2 mins after Eurovision:Austria was beat by Cyprus and ISRAEL OMG ISRAEL WON AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NETTA:OMG MY CHINESE KITTENS WON

  90. solar eclipse

    solar eclipse7 months ago

    Who ever hated Germany you have no heart because it a sad song

  91. AmericanCard

    AmericanCard7 months ago

    Wait Israel is European?

  92. Onkel Jajus Bahn

    Onkel Jajus Bahn7 months ago

    Also Marocco once participated.

  93. XxDarkManaxX

    XxDarkManaxX7 months ago

    AmericanCard and Tessa Lee norman No Israel is not european its located in Asia (It doesn't matter where the singer is origenally from) but Eurovision is produced by the European Broadcasting Union, which Israel is a member of. The EBU includes not just european countries but also countries from Northafrica and Western Asia :)

  94. Screamqueer

    Screamqueer7 months ago

    Even Australia competes in Eurovision though

  95. solar eclipse

    solar eclipse7 months ago

    Netta is from Europe and Israel has a part of Europe

  96. guitarpick2002

    guitarpick20027 months ago

    Israel has been in Eurovision since the mid-70s, and they won three times prior to 2018. Australia is in Eurovision too, along with Armenia and Azerbaijan. Turkey used to be in Eurovision, but they withdrew; 2016 was their last appearance. Lebanon has been offered entries into Eurovision, but don't due to tensions with Israel.

  97. Jeremias

    Jeremias7 months ago

    Can anybody make a GIF at 10:16

  98. David Rutgers

    David Rutgers7 months ago

    Sharon mentions AGT and The Voice US. Yet those shows are European in origin as well, just like EuroVision :D

  99. Tyler Durden III

    Tyler Durden III7 months ago

    David Rutgers there should be an AmeriVision

  100. V0r4xiz

    V0r4xiz7 months ago

    Omg, Kaelyn. Please do stop by if you ever visit! :D Greetings from Germany.

  101. christuu_dd

    christuu_dd7 months ago

    It confuses me that they bleeped the Israeli Netta😂 she sings madabaka, not motherf**ker😅

  102. My Name

    My Name7 months ago

    As a European, I think a song contest where all the states compete each other is a great idea.

  103. STFU 3

    STFU 37 months ago

    Austrian has talent? He's from the uk lol

  104. Nicolas

    Nicolas7 months ago

    No....he’s Austrian.

  105. STFU 3

    STFU 37 months ago

    It's Latin? Where do you think Latin people come from? Europe.

  106. solar eclipse

    solar eclipse7 months ago

    Like WTF my dictionary of the earth says Cyprus is is aisa guess it wrong

  107. marv2507

    marv25077 months ago

    Wow, it's funny finally seeing them react to a German song from Eurovision, after we came last for soo many years! :D

  108. Anadia DK

    Anadia DK7 months ago

    6:18 Is that Garrett?!

  109. solar eclipse

    solar eclipse7 months ago


  110. Ana Moreira

    Ana Moreira7 months ago

    10:16 Me when I saw that Israel won Eurovision 2018 and Portugal (my country) was last! That was so underrated

  111. zohar camus

    zohar camus7 months ago

    israel is the best we all love israel and netta

  112. HotaruChuu

    HotaruChuu7 months ago

    lol everybody hates it but ok

  113. Non Yu

    Non Yu7 months ago

    zohar camus yes Netta but im not a BIG fan from Israel!

  114. Colin Anderson

    Colin Anderson7 months ago

    Speak for yourself.

  115. Isa Larson

    Isa Larson7 months ago

    I live in sweden

  116. Troubled Dog

    Troubled Dog7 months ago

    I am ashamed that Denmark lost to Sweden this year

  117. Ruby Abc

    Ruby Abc7 months ago

    Troubled Dog Denmark was the best song by far.... I‘m not even Danish. Greetings from neighbors in Germany!❤️ Best song for me!

  118. Beastling 633

    Beastling 6337 months ago

    Eurovision is the ONE THING that I want to stay out of USA. DO NOT take offence, but it’s EUROvison, it is EUROpean

  119. Beastling 633

    Beastling 6337 months ago

    guitarpick2002 okay then, sooooo... should we just leave it there coz I feel this will go on forever otherwise

  120. guitarpick2002

    guitarpick20027 months ago

    There are middle eastern entrants in Eurovision, Australia has been in Eurovision since 2016, and Canada has been offered Eurovision entrance in the past. Juuuust saying...

  121. Stash Allemagne

    Stash Allemagne7 months ago


  122. Loris576 Channel

    Loris576 Channel7 months ago

    Lol they nether look at the meaning of the songs but only if they like it they give them likes and things like these

  123. Bloom 120

    Bloom 1207 months ago

    Awwww I wanted Finland to be there bc that was my fav song

  124. Ilona Camilleri

    Ilona Camilleri7 months ago

    How is shanon so funny😂😂😂

  125. Wesley Ndreu

    Wesley Ndreu7 months ago

    6:59 Sharon makes me want to jump off a bridge

  126. Radvilė Šiauliai

    Radvilė Šiauliai7 months ago


  127. Johan Stene

    Johan Stene7 months ago

    Is the curly Mila Kunis one not realizing she can take the headphones off? 😂

  128. Bergischer Löwe

    Bergischer Löwe7 months ago

    This is *like* perfect for *like* the soundtrack of *like* GOT 😂

  129. Bergischer Löwe

    Bergischer Löwe7 months ago

    Nice to see they liked Germany! 🇩🇪❤️

  130. want clear skin? stan loona

    want clear skin? stan loona7 months ago

    Okay but the two black girls seem just so sweet and cool

  131. Glenn Goris

    Glenn Goris7 months ago

    you guys should react to eurovision winners

  132. Hampus Björklund

    Hampus Björklund7 months ago

    React to EUROVISION 2000-2018 | ALL WINNERS (RECAP)

  133. Eder Mota.

    Eder Mota.7 months ago

    4th was Czech Republic!!

  134. kaulo dikke slak

    kaulo dikke slak7 months ago

    norway and the netherlands deserved better

  135. guitarpick2002

    guitarpick20027 months ago

    Netherlands did deserve a higher score, as did Belgium.

  136. Alek Harerimana

    Alek Harerimana7 months ago

    Norway's song wasn't that good it didn't deserve much better

  137. Ronja Soløst

    Ronja Soløst7 months ago

    Czecy republic was on 4th

  138. arana hej

    arana hej7 months ago

    Love Czech Republic 😍😍😍

  139. Miyugi Amisava

    Miyugi Amisava7 months ago

    Слава богу Самойлову не показали

  140. Тиммер Киков

    Тиммер Киков7 months ago

    Они вроде бы показали кто прошел в финал.

  141. Ia Milanez

    Ia Milanez7 months ago

    React to The Greatest Showman!!!!!!

  142. John Du Plessis

    John Du Plessis7 months ago

    React to vocals only videos on youtube please

  143. JoeBree

    JoeBree7 months ago

    Okay, I’m in love with Sergio

  144. Artem Dkv

    Artem Dkv7 months ago

    Proud to live in Cyprus!

  145. Can we get 150 subscribers with no videos?

    Can we get 150 subscribers with no videos?7 months ago

    It's like bigger "The Voice" 😂😂😂

  146. Joshua Godfrey

    Joshua Godfrey7 months ago

    I hated Israel’s performance in the Eurovision they did not deserve to win in my opinion.

  147. Halb Nali

    Halb Nali7 months ago

    Fun fact: Estonia was the only country that didn't give points to Israel, from judges nor people.

  148. Nanninchen 123

    Nanninchen 1237 months ago

    Wo ist Deutschland? 😊


    ZIYU ZHANG7 months ago

    the fourth place is good! I am really pleased with the result~

  150. FallenAlien

    FallenAlien7 months ago

    moin! :D

  151. best gameplay

    best gameplay7 months ago

    Nanninchen 123 who is Germany as in the country?

  152. Jocelyn Suarez

    Jocelyn Suarez7 months ago

    Please react to Christopher Robin.

  153. Martin

    Martin7 months ago

    Please react to Rupaul's Dragrace!!!!!

  154. Thiago Carvalho

    Thiago Carvalho7 months ago

    React to Shawn Mendes’ new self titled album

  155. Wolflyy

    Wolflyy7 months ago

    I gave up on eurovision when israel won

  156. best gameplay

    best gameplay7 months ago


  157. Cake

    Cake7 months ago

    React to Shadow of the tomb raider trailer

  158. Pug fan Girl

    Pug fan Girl7 months ago

    My music teacher told me about this show

  159. reccos96 Wins

    reccos96 Wins7 months ago

    I seen Brooklin at walmart but i was scared to say anything

  160. reccos96 Wins

    reccos96 Wins7 months ago

    Lars Automatic im hispanic

  161. Lars Automatic

    Lars Automatic7 months ago

    Ha! Classic americano, hehe.