ADULTS REACT TO COMIC CON TRAILERS 2018 (Aquaman, Shazam!, Glass)


  1. FBE

    FBE11 months ago

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  2. Brendan Dyroff

    Brendan Dyroff11 months ago

    Teens react to young justice season 3

  3. Brendan Dyroff

    Brendan Dyroff11 months ago

    Where was young justice season 3?

  4. Arc_Acrobatics

    Arc_Acrobatics11 months ago

    Where was Young Justice season 3

  5. DoA Buzzkill

    DoA Buzzkill11 months ago


  6. Alex TheNiners

    Alex TheNiners11 months ago

    FBE u should show star wars saved trailer

  7. Let's Kill This Love

    Let's Kill This Love11 months ago

    React to lele pons!

  8. Sir Francis Gaming

    Sir Francis Gaming11 months ago

    just stop.


    MUHAMMAD NAFI ALVARO11 months ago

    How the hell that glass not flooded


    MEME LORD11 months ago


  11. Joe Luis

    Joe Luis11 months ago

    Chelsea All the Dc movies have been good.. except for BvS

  12. Joe Luis

    Joe Luis11 months ago

    Yall are nerds Just like Me

  13. Madeline Timms

    Madeline Timms11 months ago

    I’m not supporting DC having a streaming app. A) I live in Australia and it most likely won’t come out here. B) Netflix is already a good streaming service that I have access to, it’s affordable and has a lot of content on here. C) if I have to there are other ways to access content

  14. Melanie Martinez

    Melanie Martinez11 months ago

    Poor godzilla

  15. Unreal gamin

    Unreal gamin11 months ago

    Sea man

  16. The RGA001

    The RGA00111 months ago

    All hail the King of Monsters!

  17. MoVoGamingHD

    MoVoGamingHD11 months ago

    React to Creed 2!!! 🥊🥊

  18. Light's Remnant

    Light's Remnant11 months ago


  19. Lauren Flynn

    Lauren Flynn11 months ago

    Glass! Oh my gosh. I loved Spilt!

  20. Kristen Long

    Kristen Long11 months ago

    I can't wait for Godzilla! I saw Rodan, and Mothra too! If only my mom was still here. She loved the old Japanese monster movies. She would have loved to see this movie.

  21. Summanus Pax

    Summanus Pax11 months ago

    +Light's Remnant In the bit just after Godzilla shoots his breath into the air. The one that spreads its wings in the waterfall.

  22. RishHolt

    RishHolt11 months ago

    U forget king ghidorah

  23. Light's Remnant

    Light's Remnant11 months ago

    Kristen Long WAIT WHAT MOTHRA?!!!

  24. TJUC123

    TJUC12311 months ago

    The Shazam trailer is my favorite DC trailer from this year's ComicCon.

  25. Microwave Burrito

    Microwave Burrito11 months ago

    TJUC123 Mine is Godzilla.

  26. Sai Takashi

    Sai Takashi11 months ago


  27. Joshua Ezekiel Belandres

    Joshua Ezekiel Belandres11 months ago

    well i'm excited for Godzilla

  28. Immortal Warrior

    Immortal Warrior11 months ago

    College kids react to roblox sad stories 😂😂

  29. Trinity saphiree

    Trinity saphiree11 months ago

    React to level up by Ciara

  30. Suzie Urias

    Suzie Urias11 months ago

    I still want to know the song on titans for the trailer

  31. TrialSuchi

    TrialSuchi11 months ago

    I totally forget Millie Bobby Brown was in god zilaa

  32. Travis Mowry

    Travis Mowry11 months ago

    that blonde lady got a thirst only aquaman can quench

  33. BTL_SnipeZ

    BTL_SnipeZ11 months ago

    I'm going to watch all of them

  34. liem lam

    liem lam11 months ago

    Ooooo I wanna see every single one of these lol

  35. GojiraMatthewZilla 2019

    GojiraMatthewZilla 201911 months ago

    So what you are telling me, is that they aren't excited to see a movie about the most famous monster of all time, and instead they want to see a movie about a fishman?

  36. babyninja x

    babyninja x11 months ago

    both are super hype

  37. Flame Draconic

    Flame Draconic11 months ago

    When i saw The trailer i was like YEAH MOTHRA IS THE VILLAIN *see's Ghidorah* OOOHHHH

  38. Christopher Colvin

    Christopher Colvin11 months ago

    Flame Draconic this is a remake...I bet Godzilla and Rodan will fight and then mothra will unite them against Ghidorah

  39. JPedro Marques

    JPedro Marques11 months ago

    Godzilla trailer

  40. Sean McClelland

    Sean McClelland11 months ago

    Titans, Venom, Godzilla king of the monsters, Aquaman, all look very good

  41. Blunderwick

    Blunderwick11 months ago

    all the others i agree with but the new titans looks garbo.... starfire just doesnt feel like starfire,and robin just became full emo.

  42. Extra Mayo

    Extra Mayo11 months ago

    seriously?! no one choose Godzilla?

  43. Extra Mayo

    Extra Mayo11 months ago

    Not sure about cause since the movie haven't release yet.

  44. TheBabygray

    TheBabygray11 months ago

    Extra Mayo I don't understand why in the movie the titans are supposed to help the earth not destroy it

  45. Extra Mayo

    Extra Mayo11 months ago

    The Only Hero that terrified its surrounding every time it appears.

  46. NitricFuZion

    NitricFuZion11 months ago

    feels man

  47. Challenge Master

    Challenge Master11 months ago

    Why is fantastic beasts and were to find them 2 not here

  48. Challenge Master

    Challenge Master11 months ago

    Oh thanks

  49. Espionage Brick

    Espionage Brick11 months ago

    Because it didn’t come out during comic con...

  50. mariana garcia

    mariana garcia11 months ago


  51. erikkun

    erikkun11 months ago

    Godzilla bro all the way can't wait

  52. Trust Me I'm the Bloody Crow

    Trust Me I'm the Bloody Crow11 months ago

    1:44 euuhh?

  53. Bryan Castro

    Bryan Castro11 months ago

    When your friend meets the actor for Aquaman in person at the beach in Hawaii 😒

  54. Batwasup Hax

    Batwasup Hax11 months ago

    I'm excited Titans

  55. Arham Ahmad

    Arham Ahmad11 months ago

    Please have generations react to Flash season 5.

  56. RishHolt

    RishHolt11 months ago

    Arham Ahmad lol thats old

  57. You'll Never Know And Somewhat Fortnite And WWE

    You'll Never Know And Somewhat Fortnite And WWE11 months ago

    YES!!!!!! She pointed out Jack Dillan Grazer

  58. American Ninja Productions

    American Ninja Productions11 months ago

    I think Godzilla is gonna be great but am I the only one who didn't think the trailer was as great as everyone says it is?

  59. I'm a domirriqueño RYCHU79

    I'm a domirriqueño RYCHU7911 months ago

    Dragon ball super broly

  60. Prince King

    Prince King11 months ago

    Yahir Cabrera Absolutely amazing

  61. Gucci Bros

    Gucci Bros11 months ago

    React to the flash season 5 trailer

  62. theHazrd

    theHazrd11 months ago

    1:38 uhhhh what now?

  63. Ash Sperry

    Ash Sperry11 months ago


  64. TSM Jeffy paul

    TSM Jeffy paul11 months ago

    React to creed 2

  65. Xx ace Xx

    Xx ace Xx11 months ago


  66. JuanCarlosART

    JuanCarlosART11 months ago

    What about clone wars?

  67. Becky Schiavi

    Becky Schiavi11 months ago

    Do we wanna appreciate Jason t-shirt?! Hard core Friends fan here!! ✋

  68. Scott Swanson

    Scott Swanson11 months ago

    Fantastic Beast?

  69. Reptisaurus King

    Reptisaurus King11 months ago

    Godzilla is mad 😡, watch out FBE

  70. Isaiah Nichols

    Isaiah Nichols11 months ago


  71. Jupuxafrud Benjamin

    Jupuxafrud Benjamin11 months ago

    When they talk they miss what they're watching