ADULTS REACT TO COMIC CON TRAILERS 2018 (Aquaman, Shazam!, Glass)


  1. FBE

    FBE3 months ago

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  2. Brendan Dyroff

    Brendan Dyroff3 months ago

    Teens react to young justice season 3

  3. Brendan Dyroff

    Brendan Dyroff3 months ago

    Where was young justice season 3?

  4. Logic Mytho_uh

    Logic Mytho_uh3 months ago

    Where was Young Justice season 3

  5. sballenger0028

    sballenger00283 months ago

    can you have the collage kids or teens or adults react to the stranger things 3 mall trailer? plz plz pz

  6. DoA Buzzkill

    DoA Buzzkill3 months ago


  7. Hit u with that DDu Du DDu Du!!

    Hit u with that DDu Du DDu Du!!3 months ago

    React to lele pons!

  8. Sir Francis Gaming

    Sir Francis Gaming3 months ago

    just stop.


    MUHAMMAD NAFI ALVARO3 months ago

    How the hell that glass not flooded


    MEME LORD3 months ago


  11. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod3 months ago

    Chelsea All the Dc movies have been good.. except for BvS

  12. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod3 months ago

    Yall are nerds Just like Me

  13. Madeline Timms

    Madeline Timms3 months ago

    I’m not supporting DC having a streaming app. A) I live in Australia and it most likely won’t come out here. B) Netflix is already a good streaming service that I have access to, it’s affordable and has a lot of content on here. C) if I have to there are other ways to access content

  14. Melanie Martinez

    Melanie Martinez3 months ago

    Poor godzilla

  15. Unreal gamin

    Unreal gamin3 months ago

    Sea man

  16. The RGA001

    The RGA0013 months ago

    All hail the King of Monsters!

  17. MoVoGamingHD

    MoVoGamingHD3 months ago

    React to Creed 2!!! 🥊🥊

  18. Light's Remnant

    Light's Remnant3 months ago


  19. Lauren Flynn

    Lauren Flynn3 months ago

    Glass! Oh my gosh. I loved Spilt!

  20. Kristen Long

    Kristen Long3 months ago

    I can't wait for Godzilla! I saw Rodan, and Mothra too! If only my mom was still here. She loved the old Japanese monster movies. She would have loved to see this movie.

  21. Joseph Allcott

    Joseph Allcott3 months ago

    +Light's Remnant In the bit just after Godzilla shoots his breath into the air. The one that spreads its wings in the waterfall.

  22. Kenshikada

    Kenshikada3 months ago

    U forget king ghidorah

  23. Light's Remnant

    Light's Remnant3 months ago

    Kristen Long WAIT WHAT MOTHRA?!!!

  24. TJUC123

    TJUC1233 months ago

    The Shazam trailer is my favorite DC trailer from this year's ComicCon.

  25. Microwave Burrito

    Microwave Burrito3 months ago

    TJUC123 Mine is Godzilla.

  26. Sai Takashi

    Sai Takashi3 months ago


  27. Joshua Ezekiel Belandres

    Joshua Ezekiel Belandres3 months ago

    well i'm excited for Godzilla

  28. Immortal Warrior

    Immortal Warrior3 months ago

    College kids react to roblox sad stories 😂😂

  29. Trinity saphiree

    Trinity saphiree3 months ago

    React to level up by Ciara

  30. Suzie Urias

    Suzie Urias3 months ago

    I still want to know the song on titans for the trailer

  31. Qane

    Qane3 months ago

    I totally forget Millie Bobby Brown was in god zilaa

  32. Travis Mowry

    Travis Mowry3 months ago

    that blonde lady got a thirst only aquaman can quench

  33. what is my life with ben

    what is my life with ben3 months ago

    I'm going to watch all of them

  34. liem lam

    liem lam3 months ago

    Ooooo I wanna see every single one of these lol

  35. GojiMattZilla 1994

    GojiMattZilla 19943 months ago

    So what you are telling me, is that they aren't excited to see a movie about the most famous monster of all time, and instead they want to see a movie about a fishman?

  36. babyninja x

    babyninja x3 months ago

    both are super hype

  37. Flame Draconic

    Flame Draconic3 months ago

    When i saw The trailer i was like YEAH MOTHRA IS THE VILLAIN *see's Ghidorah* OOOHHHH

  38. Christopher Colvin

    Christopher Colvin3 months ago

    Flame Draconic this is a remake...I bet Godzilla and Rodan will fight and then mothra will unite them against Ghidorah

  39. JPedro Marques

    JPedro Marques3 months ago

    Godzilla trailer

  40. drifter

    drifter3 months ago

    Generations(?) React to Mother Mother!!

  41. Sean McClelland

    Sean McClelland3 months ago

    Titans, Venom, Godzilla king of the monsters, Aquaman, all look very good

  42. Blunderwick

    Blunderwick3 months ago

    all the others i agree with but the new titans looks garbo.... starfire just doesnt feel like starfire,and robin just became full emo.

  43. Extra Mayo

    Extra Mayo3 months ago

    seriously?! no one choose Godzilla?

  44. Extra Mayo

    Extra Mayo3 months ago

    Not sure about cause since the movie haven't release yet.

  45. TheBabygray

    TheBabygray3 months ago

    Extra Mayo I don't understand why in the movie the titans are supposed to help the earth not destroy it

  46. Extra Mayo

    Extra Mayo3 months ago

    The Only Hero that terrified its surrounding every time it appears.

  47. NitricFuZion

    NitricFuZion3 months ago

    feels man

  48. Challenge Master

    Challenge Master3 months ago

    Why is fantastic beasts and were to find them 2 not here

  49. Challenge Master

    Challenge Master3 months ago

    Oh thanks

  50. Espionage Brick

    Espionage Brick3 months ago

    Because it didn’t come out during comic con...

  51. mariana garcia

    mariana garcia3 months ago


  52. erikkun

    erikkun3 months ago

    Godzilla bro all the way can't wait

  53. Trust Me I'm the Bloody Crow

    Trust Me I'm the Bloody Crow3 months ago

    1:44 euuhh?

  54. Bryan Castro

    Bryan Castro3 months ago

    When your friend meets the actor for Aquaman in person at the beach in Hawaii 😒

  55. Batwasup Hax

    Batwasup Hax3 months ago

    I'm excited Titans

  56. Arham Ahmad

    Arham Ahmad3 months ago

    Please have generations react to Flash season 5.

  57. Kenshikada

    Kenshikada3 months ago

    Arham Ahmad lol thats old

  58. You'll Never Know And Somewhat Fortnite And WWE

    You'll Never Know And Somewhat Fortnite And WWE3 months ago

    YES!!!!!! She pointed out Jack Dillan Grazer

  59. American Ninja Productions

    American Ninja Productions3 months ago

    I think Godzilla is gonna be great but am I the only one who didn't think the trailer was as great as everyone says it is?

  60. Yahir Cabrera

    Yahir Cabrera3 months ago

    Dragon ball super broly

  61. Prince Vegetables

    Prince Vegetables3 months ago

    Yahir Cabrera Absolutely amazing

  62. justinm .30

    justinm .303 months ago

    React to the flash season 5 trailer

  63. theHazrd

    theHazrd3 months ago

    1:38 uhhhh what now?

  64. Ash Sperry

    Ash Sperry3 months ago


  65. TSM Jeffy paul

    TSM Jeffy paul3 months ago

    React to creed 2

  66. _Ace __

    _Ace __3 months ago


  67. JuanCarlosART

    JuanCarlosART3 months ago

    What about clone wars?

  68. Becky Schiavi

    Becky Schiavi3 months ago

    Do we wanna appreciate Jason t-shirt?! Hard core Friends fan here!! ✋

  69. Scott Swanson

    Scott Swanson3 months ago

    Fantastic Beast?

  70. Reptisaurus King

    Reptisaurus King3 months ago

    Godzilla is mad 😡, watch out FBE

  71. Isaiah Nichols

    Isaiah Nichols3 months ago


  72. Jupuxafrud Benjamin

    Jupuxafrud Benjamin3 months ago

    When they talk they miss what they're watching

  73. Mudiwa Chirume

    Mudiwa Chirume3 months ago

    “He can take his rightful place anywhere he’d like”. 😂😂😂😂

  74. Logan Hurley

    Logan Hurley3 months ago

    The Aquaman trailer gave me chills

  75. Sasha dela rosa

    Sasha dela rosa3 months ago

    Please react to the odd1sout and boyinaband’s song life is fun and bo burnham songs

  76. Curt Mortimer

    Curt Mortimer3 months ago

    6:01 they're sandals

  77. Curt Mortimer

    Curt Mortimer3 months ago

    Look man aquaman is freaking strong and hell hasfreakingsea monsters and an advanced army, you dare defy the king

  78. Kevin Duong

    Kevin Duong3 months ago

    DC better bring a good movie to match one of the lower one's from Marvel at least cause its looking awful from them of them asides from Wonder Woman

  79. Flame

    Flame3 months ago

    How you doin

  80. JP dalicano

    JP dalicano3 months ago

    Im japanese are u an otaku?

  81. JP dalicano

    JP dalicano3 months ago


  82. JP dalicano

    JP dalicano3 months ago


    IRON DERP3 months ago

    Aqua man is actually probably the most powerful he can bring sharks and the whole ocean into a fight

  84. sheila osman

    sheila osman3 months ago

    Maybe he can make people exploded xD

  85. Kiquan Ringo

    Kiquan Ringo3 months ago

    Jm Rys he still strong

  86. Jm Rys

    Jm Rys3 months ago

    What if the fight is on land? lol

  87. shadow king13

    shadow king133 months ago

    “Oh she’s so creepy” well no crap sister she’s got the most evil being in the universe as a father ie trigon but on the plus side even though he’s pretty much Jason Todd version of robin the guy they got to play him is HOT (there I said it)

  88. Cage Nicolas

    Cage Nicolas3 months ago

    Poor DC ;A; F!ck it. I'm leaving Marvel for DC. They need more love, Marvel's gotten enough. That and I grew up with Superman than the Avengers 😂

  89. Jared Williams

    Jared Williams3 months ago

    But Young Justice tho

  90. Name Here

    Name Here3 months ago

    They should explore the water molecules in air with Aquaman...but I have no prob with him as is.

  91. m.s. xd.

    m.s. xd.3 months ago

    I'm so excited for all of these!!

  92. Cassandra

    Cassandra3 months ago

    Titans looks really good to me, I don't care what anybody else says

  93. Nathan C.

    Nathan C.3 months ago

    Meh... It doesn't really look like it's going to be fun, honestly. They show lots of edgy action, but that's only a single aspect of Teen Titans. I'm interested in seeing how they handle beast boy and star fire (considering we've literally seen nothing about their characters, which doesn't give me a lot of confidence), otherwise though, I don't see myself enjoying the cast based on what I see so far. Hopefully I'm wrong, because I would love to see them revived again, though done correctly.

  94. Name Here

    Name Here3 months ago

    Cassandra True

  95. Cassandra

    Cassandra3 months ago

    +Name Here But this is based off a comic universe, not an animated show. The animated show and this Titans series are just different takes on the source material so you should expect differences

  96. Name Here

    Name Here3 months ago

    Cassandra Watch the 2003 tv show and then you'll understand lol. But choice to watch the live action is up to you

  97. Cassandra

    Cassandra3 months ago

    +Name Here I've seen the Teen Titans animated movies with Damian as Robin

  98. Karma95

    Karma953 months ago

    No love for Godzilla huh?

  99. Peter Pham

    Peter Pham3 months ago

    Karma95 only the elders like Godzilla

  100. Foreign_ DREAMS

    Foreign_ DREAMS3 months ago

    So if anyone what so ever is a King Kong fan than you need to get out NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Because the Might Joe young Senior isnt welcome here ,aint that right Godzilla Fans

  101. Sam Lawson

    Sam Lawson3 months ago

    He can take his rightful place anywhere he likes

  102. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm3 months ago

    Godzilla got 0 votes.. Like for Godzilla.

  103. EGriff

    EGriff3 months ago

    A bunch of crappy DC movie and a Shyamalan movie? Easily The King.

  104. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm3 months ago

    Sea Creatures Can be OP az Frik... But dis boi can’t help on land XD!

  105. mbradleyc

    mbradleyc3 months ago

    Titans, then Aquaman, then Shazam.

  106. Alejo Donsanti

    Alejo Donsanti3 months ago


  107. Curt Mortimer

    Curt Mortimer3 months ago

    Alejo Donsanti exclude starfire

  108. PrinzKulit

    PrinzKulit3 months ago

    It would be funny if after all of the movies in this video is released Godzilla is the most successful one . Which has 0 votes in this video

  109. Venom

    Venom3 months ago

    *Don't mess with the Andi Mack kid* *XD*

  110. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson3 months ago

    Venom lol

  111. David Barron

    David Barron3 months ago


  112. Frodo Sagbag

    Frodo Sagbag3 months ago


  113. MovieFanZ

    MovieFanZ3 months ago

    Scott ranks up there with Malcolm as one of my favorite reactors

  114. A Fucking Bird

    A Fucking Bird3 months ago

    MovieFanZ same

  115. ish pandaa

    ish pandaa3 months ago

    anybody saw black manta in aqua man

  116. ish pandaa

    ish pandaa3 months ago

    Foreign_ DREAMS yupp

  117. Foreign_ DREAMS

    Foreign_ DREAMS3 months ago

    I did fam i realized it was him instantly

  118. JAIDEN 02

    JAIDEN 023 months ago

    I think the teen titans go movie I don’t really like it that much on my opinion it’s just weird I just like the show of but the movie that I’m more excited for is the meg even tho it’s not on but the movie that I’m actually excited for is Godzilla King of the monsters it’s so cool

  119. salut L/o/L

    salut L/o/L3 months ago


  120. Shayna Davis

    Shayna Davis3 months ago

    Adam Aquaman is not a joke he can do more than splash you

  121. kimo275

    kimo2753 months ago

    generations react to shazam

  122. Iizbestatwhat?

    Iizbestatwhat?3 months ago

    A trailer needs to give you goosebumps and Godzilla trailer did it

  123. Young _swae

    Young _swae3 months ago

    Ummm dude billy wasn't the one getting bullied

  124. Shiro

    Shiro3 months ago

    Adults React to Steven Universe

  125. Miles Nava

    Miles Nava3 months ago


  126. Pineapple Ninja

    Pineapple Ninja3 months ago

    “What you gunna do aqua man? Splash me?” Aqua Man:yea I’ll splash you..with a 100 foot wave let’s see how you do :)

  127. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson3 months ago

    Pineapple Ninja lol

  128. Ondrej Tlisťoch

    Ondrej Tlisťoch3 months ago

    adults react to Venom please

  129. Gigan 715

    Gigan 7153 months ago


  130. Jami Christine

    Jami Christine3 months ago


  131. Marc Nadeau

    Marc Nadeau3 months ago


  132. Astrolunatic06

    Astrolunatic063 months ago

    I'm excited for glass, I've see both split and unbreakable

  133. Jay Clarke

    Jay Clarke3 months ago

    you did not react to riverdale season 3

  134. kaShootMe

    kaShootMe3 months ago

    the aquaman movie looks like the black panther movie of DC

  135. Kiquan Ringo

    Kiquan Ringo3 months ago

    A Little Bit of Everything aquaman came first

  136. mbradleyc

    mbradleyc3 months ago

    Except better.

  137. S M

    S M3 months ago

    A Little Bit of Everything stop

  138. WaterBubblez

    WaterBubblez3 months ago

    Lion King?

  139. NoOne Alive

    NoOne Alive3 months ago

    Black Panther looks like Hamlet with a darker coat of paint.

  140. Ramon Oscar Ruiz Diaz

    Ramon Oscar Ruiz Diaz3 months ago

    Teen reactancia 30 Secons To Mars! Olders Reacts Nirvana!

  141. lee jackson

    lee jackson3 months ago


  142. salut L/o/L

    salut L/o/L3 months ago

    lee jackson shazam

  143. the musical burger

    the musical burger3 months ago

    They were very excited for Godzilla but they weren't excited for it

  144. mycousin Dee

    mycousin Dee3 months ago

    I wish that Titans had the teen titans theme song just to throw your thinking off before the show starts. Don't forget we still have yet to see trailers for; Cyborg, Green Lantern, The Martian, Hudson Hawk and the list goes on

  145. Mrs NamJoon

    Mrs NamJoon3 months ago

    I am so excited to watch Titans

  146. Why Even Try?

    Why Even Try?3 months ago

    Mrs NamJoon The trailer isn't making me exited for Titans,but it's the titans,I'm going to watch it either way exited or not,but I'll wait for my full opinion on the show once I watch it.

  147. The Rape Face

    The Rape Face3 months ago

    Tell me if it's as good a laugh as the trailer

  148. Mrs NamJoon

    Mrs NamJoon3 months ago

    Why though?

  149. Israel Mauricio

    Israel Mauricio3 months ago

    Mrs NamJoon I can care less about the show

  150. Ream B.

    Ream B.3 months ago

    How in the world can someone get chills after watching the titans trailer???

  151. Ahmed Ar

    Ahmed Ar3 months ago

    React to venom trailer 2