Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!


  1. Bryant NorCal

    Bryant NorCal7 hours ago

    Yeah, simply bbq still much Though many good BBQ'ers have sear option now.

  2. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs7 hours ago

    hahaha ehmm they made them all at home ;) PS where is all the blood and juice gone?

  3. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs8 hours ago

    WTF puts a shitload of pepper on it?!?! WHat im wondering though is how did those steakes became blood reed again while they were soft pink after slow boil cooking the,??

  4. Bro G

    Bro G11 hours ago

    I like to fiddle with my meat

  5. Joseph White

    Joseph White11 hours ago

    I was worried. Cooking steak is a really contentious issue and most people don't take a scientific approach. But I love Kenji! This was amazing! Science and steak can only be better together!

  6. Dio Rex

    Dio Rex13 hours ago

    Raw meat! disgusting!

  7. David Watson

    David Watson16 hours ago

    Wankers. Use a cast iron skillet. FFS

  8. benny Sandoval

    benny SandovalDay ago

    Adam should do this with Alton Brown

  9. padkirsch

    padkirschDay ago

    He likes to fiddle with his meat! Lol that was funny :)

  10. Dr.MorningWood

    Dr.MorningWoodDay ago

    Phillip defrancos weird meafiddling brother

  11. E S

    E SDay ago

    13:20 hehe.

  12. Legendary Junk Mail

    Legendary Junk MailDay ago

    "The Chimney Comes Out On Top." - Adam Savage 2018

  13. Juan Salgado

    Juan SalgadoDay ago

    All those cooking methods looks like the meat is raw

  14. Juan Salgado

    Juan SalgadoDay ago

    He likes to fiddle his meat😂

  15. signontheline1

    signontheline12 days ago

    How to fuck up a steak 101!!!

  16. tim murray

    tim murray2 days ago

    rather just use a skillet. faster and just as good

  17. wildairsoft1

    wildairsoft12 days ago

    There could not be a worse video to watch at 1:00 AM. I’m dying for a steak now.

  18. Jakob Morningstar

    Jakob Morningstar2 days ago

    The chimney comes out on top *dun dun tisss*

  19. Suamere

    Suamere2 days ago

    "The Chimney comes out on top!" #NerdHumor? :D

  20. Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

    Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet3 days ago

    I like how the rack magically cleans itself right at 16:00

  21. MrPottymouth122

    MrPottymouth1223 days ago

    LEAVE the moisture. People have no idea how much flavor is lost right there. Season it... no shit. Give those spices some moisture to activate them. Excess moisture consuming too much energy? Get a better grill. numbnutz.

  22. William Ritchie

    William Ritchie3 days ago

    Wow. Dude knows nothing about meat.

  23. Bob Evens

    Bob Evens3 days ago

    Cooking with a galvanized bucket?? Someone should tell them that it releases a poisness gas

  24. Steve Cole

    Steve Cole3 days ago

    "You don't want to eat that fat on there." SAY WHAT? Speak for yourself, yuppie.

  25. Bitchy_ Bitch!

    Bitchy_ Bitch!4 days ago

    So if it's such a good steak, why is it a light pink to off off-opaque grey??? Simply said- WHERE'S THE BEEF?!??

  26. Emotionally Challenged Subordinate

    Emotionally Challenged Subordinate5 days ago

    If you are flipping your steaks more than 1 time you are doing it wrong.. No need for this torch.. But it is still cool.

  27. David Acampora

    David Acampora5 days ago

    Let me know if you need a new lighting guy because whoever lit this sucks.

  28. PsyckoSama

    PsyckoSama5 days ago

    Cheapest way to sear sous vide... A FUCKING HEAT GUN.

  29. Max P

    Max P5 days ago

    13:18 hahaha

  30. Manny Perez

    Manny Perez6 days ago

    my god I want steak

  31. Este bandido

    Este bandido6 days ago

    Please don't let scientists do a cooking show

  32. f u google

    f u google6 days ago

    his look. just ye

  33. james powell

    james powell6 days ago

    Haha he said " yeah I like to fiddle with my meat". Lmfao

  34. amanieux

    amanieux7 days ago

    are you sure american palate (blind tasting) prefers medium-rare steak cooking over blue (raw) as we do in france ?

  35. Siroos

    Siroos7 days ago

    They don’t look like two people that truly enjoy a steak. Not even when they are tasting it.

  36. Stephen Lozada

    Stephen Lozada7 days ago

    26:50 he wanted to say myth busted!

  37. Stephen Lozada

    Stephen Lozada7 days ago

    Why did I first hear Chinese when he started talking then it turned into english

  38. AirCanMaster

    AirCanMaster7 days ago

    Can I get details on that forge? Where's the fuel source that creates that type of combustion at the heating element?

  39. John B

    John B7 days ago

    The grill is better than the chimney for one major reason. You need time and surface area on the grill to get it done properly throughout if you aren't doing Sous Vide.

  40. chad Alagar

    chad Alagar7 days ago

    This is like mini mythbusters without much myths Edit; I love how Adam ket referencing mythbusters

  41. Fractal Antennas

    Fractal Antennas7 days ago

    Do NOT watch this when you're hungry.....

  42. Atlquotl

    Atlquotl8 days ago

    Where's the link on where to buy the chimney!?

  43. John B

    John B7 days ago

    Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes will all have them.

  44. Steven Warren

    Steven Warren8 days ago

    21:48 The time a Savage destroyed an Asian's land.

  45. Jeff Martin

    Jeff Martin8 days ago

    I feel like you would get a nice thicker crust if you cooked it on the grill instead of sous vide method.

  46. Addison McCartney

    Addison McCartney8 days ago

    as long as my steak is medium I'm good

  47. Juggernath

    Juggernath9 days ago

    Cutting the fat of each piece made me cry a little, that's the best part...

  48. Cody Deforest

    Cody Deforest9 days ago

    It’s funny seeing Adams head pretending he understands what is going on, but his hands show when he is defensive or offensive and questioning... Also interesting that they try and prove their point by only eating the middle of the steaks I feel this is a very monitored episode.

  49. djnodj

    djnodj9 days ago

    you are very observant of body language!

  50. Max The Monster

    Max The Monster9 days ago

    They cut into it way too early

  51. djnodj

    djnodj9 days ago

    sous vide does not need "rest" time. is that what you mean?

  52. Dashane Brown

    Dashane Brown9 days ago

    Are these guys serious😂😂😂...the cow is still alive fam...3mins? Wow

  53. Darik Rome

    Darik Rome9 days ago

    I hate when people smack their lips when they eat...

  54. Darik Rome

    Darik Rome9 days ago

    It tastes the same when you chew with your mouth shut...

  55. FreestylStudio

    FreestylStudio9 days ago

    Cut meat in one slice, don't saw

  56. FreestylStudio

    FreestylStudio3 days ago

    Consistency, not flavor.

  57. djnodj

    djnodj9 days ago

    okay. so how does this impact flavor?

  58. Eric jones

    Eric jones10 days ago

    sous vide = boiled meat. No flavor is what i hear.

  59. djnodj

    djnodj9 days ago

    Do you know what "boil" is ? I'll share 212F, 100C. No sous vide recipes use boiling temps. what else have you heard? have you tried? do you have experience to share?

  60. TheSmugTrout

    TheSmugTrout10 days ago

    "' I like to fiddle with my meat"' Best Quote 2018

  61. Thomas Howard

    Thomas Howard10 days ago

    Would like to have seen a trial with a cast iron searing grid preheated on a kamado style bbq.

  62. djnodj

    djnodj9 days ago

    then do it....


    JOSHTALLGUY10 days ago

    ‘’I like to fiddle with my meat’’

  64. gcm747

    gcm74711 days ago

    Ah, the joy of preparing a big meaty meal. Delicious!

  65. TigerZero aka Allen

    TigerZero aka Allen11 days ago

    That's a fair amount of work and/or cost to get that sear. What's the goal here? Best Sear or flavor at any cost? I have to say. I like a New York steak cut with a pink middle and a crispy outside. But I'm not going to spend time charring it with a flame thrower or firing up a metals forge just to sear a steak. I prefer red hot charcoal grilling. During cold winter when outdoor grilling doesn't work. I slow cook pan fry then drop it in a oil deep fryer to sear the outside. It's tricky to do. Very narrow time window between under done and over done.

  66. djnodj

    djnodj9 days ago

    you get it. so... "the goal" depends on the person. with sous vide, super consistent, and even, cooking. sear is up to the individual. I've done cast iron and charcoal chimney starter, both work great.

  67. Arthur Pochart

    Arthur Pochart11 days ago

    "I like to fiddle with my meat"

  68. Nicholas Mapes

    Nicholas Mapes11 days ago

    DO NOT watch this video right before lunch. Now I'm so hungry it hurts... these things look so good....

  69. Jared B

    Jared B12 days ago

    Before I finish the video, I'll just say that I've gotten the best (and by far best looking) results from a cast iron griddle on the stove. I find it hard to justify making a charcoal fire to grill steaks for 5 minutes (or less). Although I usually will if I'm also making hamburgers/hot dogs for the kids.

  70. Dark Mice

    Dark Mice12 days ago

    Best way to cook a steak is to lay it directly onto smoldering wood chips.

  71. DeathWish808

    DeathWish80812 days ago

    It's been almost 2 years since this was posted and it makes no difference. I really REALLY want some steak now. June 9th, 2018... 6:15PM in VA... I'm starting up the grill now. Bye!

  72. Dan my last name here

    Dan my last name here13 days ago

    Great video Adam. Kenji is a perfect person for this experiment. He is a rock star.

  73. Tania

    Tania13 days ago


  74. Not The One

    Not The One13 days ago

    I have a sous vide and have been searing on my gas grill because it seemed like a waste to load the charcoal grill. I'm going out to buy a chimney now because it does exactly what I've been trying to achieve.

  75. H G

    H G14 days ago

    Show the damn steak instead of just your faces chow down while talking about the colors and gray band and crap.

  76. Daniel W

    Daniel W14 days ago

    I too like to fiddle with my meat

  77. Moraco Mole

    Moraco Mole15 days ago

    there is a whole channel dedicated to this It's called Sous Vide Everything

  78. Ted Haubrich

    Ted Haubrich16 days ago

    Sooo basically what everyone has said all along. Quickly sear the meat on a hot grill, don't burn it. Cook it slowly at cooler temperatures. Also, I know it's not the point of the video, but don't cook steak in a tub of warm water in plastic baggies, even if it makes great steak, the ends DO NOT justify the means.

  79. Argon

    Argon16 days ago

    I don't want to smell your stinky barbecue.

  80. tony montana

    tony montana16 days ago

    Good video a little too myth bustery......

  81. Pabs Alanya

    Pabs Alanya17 days ago

    11:18 mmm...propane

  82. Jay Baughn

    Jay Baughn17 days ago

    F$%king people from California, Is there nothing you can't f$%k up, I hope you don't have sex, like you cook steaks....... Although that would explain why everyone is switching sides

  83. Jesse Thiessen

    Jesse Thiessen17 days ago

    Charcoal grills are blasphemous Propane or nothing

  84. cooper goodwin

    cooper goodwin17 days ago

    Adam Savage is my God

  85. Hogan

    Hogan17 days ago

    Loved the Mythbusters reference! ❤️

  86. Ryan Gilkey

    Ryan Gilkey17 days ago

    Adam : 'Burns patch of grass with lid of metal forge' Kenji : "We didn't like that spot anyways." *Nice Guy Kenji*

  87. Jason Young

    Jason Young17 days ago

    charcoal grill wasn't hot enough - my preferred method is sous vide + charcoal grill for multiple steaks. Glad they did the chimney method; it's an awesome way to finish a solo steak. Now I have to go cook a ribeye.

  88. lcweinstock

    lcweinstock17 days ago

    Sous vide everything already did this boringggggggg

  89. GR3YH4TT3R93

    GR3YH4TT3R9318 days ago

    I haven't even watched the video and don't want to with them cutting a perfectly good steak with that nasty ass knife in the thumbnail... get a clean knife you nasty motherfuckers!

  90. Jamal Jackson

    Jamal Jackson18 days ago

    Stupid test because almost no one is going to be grilling gross-ass su veed steaks, and the sear is an important part of COOKING the steak, not just searing the outside for appearance.

  91. Jay Dunbar

    Jay Dunbar3 days ago

    Jamal Jackson you have made it abundantly clear you didn't watch the video, or at the least not intelligent enough to understand it. The entire video was about the taste and texture of the seer you dunce.

  92. Jamal Jackson

    Jamal Jackson8 days ago

    Andrew Kahn - X-) Who pissed in your Wheaties? Nothing you said negates my point, and the fact that searing is an important part of COOKING the steak. What, you don't think I know what su veed is? I know exactly what it is, It's a HACKY FAD. You really love it, great, you'll NEVER get as good of a flavor out of a soft-boiled steak dork. What are you the su veed police? Let me guess you bought into su veed and got a heat probe, or just repurposed your super huge electric dildo, and now force your sad inbred family to eat everything "su veed"? Wow... it's su veed everyone...I'm super impressed... what an amazing 'chef'... It's okay, not everyone is cut out to be talented in their cooking, and if you want lukewarmed steaks with none of the awesome flavors that can only come from all the chemical reactions of proper grilling, feel free dude. The rest of the world prefers eating things that taste good and will still continue to actually cook our amazing steaks and save our boiled meats for stews etc. Here's an idea you'll totally enjoy, you should su veed your boyfriend's cock in your anus and taste it afterwords you ass-hat doughnut puncher.

  93. Andrew Kahn

    Andrew Kahn13 days ago

    Jamal Jackson dumbass go watch sous vide everything’s channel. They make a better steak “su veed” than you’ll ever make.

  94. Drew M

    Drew M19 days ago

    Ugh can't stand people who cut off the fat... What was the point in browning that fat if you're just going to cut it off?

  95. Zachary Albright

    Zachary Albright19 days ago

    Two guys who know nothing about cooking steak....

  96. Dans Digital Dimension

    Dans Digital Dimension19 days ago

    im watching two men cook a steak, im hungry, how did it get here lol

  97. thecanadianwill

    thecanadianwill19 days ago

    that steak is way too tuff....this is why you don't cook them in a damn bath of water.....

  98. Vicki Lansen

    Vicki Lansen19 days ago

    You don't put pepper on a steak before you sear it it gives it a bitter taste

  99. Kawika Myers

    Kawika Myers20 days ago

    Watched this while hungry. Mistakes were made...

  100. acidtone

    acidtone20 days ago

    So dumb

  101. Dough Nut

    Dough Nut20 days ago

    Oh look..a pair of tongs. Better give them a few test clicks. :-)

  102. Andrew Le

    Andrew Le20 days ago

    Aren't you suppose to vacuum seal when you sous vide? Those looked loose in a zip lock bag.

  103. oldskoolhead0

    oldskoolhead020 days ago

    i like to fiddle with my meat.........

  104. Brandon Freeman

    Brandon Freeman22 days ago

    You didn't get a Seer on the grill because you didn't leave it there long enough you dumbass don't flip your meat every 20 seconds

  105. thesensoryman

    thesensoryman22 days ago

    caramelization :)

  106. Tom LaRose

    Tom LaRose23 days ago

    This guy lost all credibility at 15:41. That is a ridiculous flare-up from the fat dripping onto the coals and he just leaves it there and let's the flare-up get worse. The flavor of that steak has to be totally massacred from the soot.

  107. Sticky Ketchup

    Sticky Ketchup24 days ago

    Some meat was really played with in this segment.

  108. Sticky Ketchup

    Sticky Ketchup24 days ago

    this is how you cook a perfect stake guys!.

  109. Albino Viper

    Albino Viper24 days ago

    not hard if you already cooked them Sous vide

  110. Forrest  Addy

    Forrest Addy25 days ago

    What about a comparison between steaks seared in an inert atmosphere (such as combustion gases from the cooking fuel) compared to a steak seared in air over an electric grill?

  111. Luke Goetz

    Luke Goetz25 days ago

    J. Kenji = baws

  112. Nick A

    Nick A26 days ago

    9:03- 9:38 @.5 speed is me and my friends coming home from a night out lol