Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!


  1. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage’s Tested3 months ago

    How do you cook your steak? Anyone try this method?

  2. doccyclopz

    doccyclopzHour ago

    Thanks Adam for this video! I tried it last weekend (Sous-Vide & Chimney) Absolutely the Best Backyard Steak I have ever tasted! What made it taste even better was that my vegan Nephew insisted on searing them for me! I cannot Praise you guys enough for this video...Everyone should try this method at least once (you'll never go back) QUESTION: I was wondering about the max temperature generated by the "Chimney" ?

  3. Tim Kern

    Tim KernMonth ago

    I am always mixing up and trying new grill methods. I've noticed huge differences in the radiant heat output between various types of kingsford briquettes. Though conversations with others and a little investigative research I've determined that the ash layer on the outside of the coals can inhibit the radiant heat. I was never really able to notice it in my weber kettle when i would grill steaks in a traditional fashion, on the grates over the coals. The dome thermometer, rising up and down as i cooked, etc. I decided to mix things up a bit and tried two variants: a cast iron pan, placed on the grate, and a GrillGrate setup, placed on the weber grate. Once i had blocked the radiant heat component out of the equation for the dome thermometer, i noticed that i was only achieving about 500 degrees or so with the traditional blue bag charcoal. When i switched over to their competition briquettes or used BGE lump, i was able to pin my Tel Tru thermometer on the dome to >750 °F. between the pre-heated cast iron pan and the grill grates, i would say that i prefer the cast iron pan. I like keeping the smoke out of the kitchen. using the pan on the grill also allows me to smoke the steak a bit. With either method I always use an IR thermometer to measure the surface temperature. You can't rely on the dome temp to accurately measure the temperature at the cooking surface of the grill. In any event, ... those have been my recent learnings as of late.


    BLACKSYNTHMonth ago

    I just fry it on a Cast iron pan with butter or good rich Olive oil, then let it rest on a rack over the pan with foil over it to let the pan smoke out flavouring the meat asd it rests. Sous-Vide seems like a long way around to get the same results but I it does look interesting, does Sous-Vide render down the fats inside the meat? like it would on a hot cast iron pan?

  5. shop vids

    shop vidsMonth ago

    Sure do. Try beef tenderloin (best if you get whole one and break it down yourself into separate muscle groups), cut in to nice thick steak portions, then sous vide with 'no seasoning or salt". Season with Montreal steak spice (ground to fine powder) and a sprinkle seasoned salt. Sear over charcoal (not briquettes) when they are smoking hot. You don't even need a knife, cuts with a fork and really has huge flavor.

  6. Lawrence Rooney

    Lawrence RooneyMonth ago

    Soot doesnt come from flames, soot can come from what is causing the flames. Flame touching meat doesnt have any bad effects as long as you are attentive and don't let it burn.

  7. Joseph Buckler

    Joseph BucklerHour ago

    Good call using strip steaks.. Ribeye tastes better but loin steaks are way more consistent in fat distribution.

  8. dont worry about it

    dont worry about it2 days ago

    Fastest of the cooking methods. Almost as if the temperature got hotter each time aswell.

  9. David Vu

    David Vu2 days ago

    13:18 that what she said

  10. Lee Gibson

    Lee Gibson7 days ago

    Americans ruining good steak. Should be a minute a side on the highest heat you can and still bloody in the middle. :D

  11. Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne Pepper9 days ago

    Salivating like mad!!! Time for Supper!!!

  12. Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne Pepper9 days ago

    Knock off its horns and wipe it butt!!! I like red meat as rare as I can get it!

  13. Sona Hajra

    Sona Hajra10 days ago

    Why people open a channel to show most unhealthiest way of cooking it some cooking show or wealding training show

  14. Eitan Touboul

    Eitan Touboul17 days ago

    Whoever color graded this video, didn’t.

  15. Scotty B

    Scotty B20 days ago

    What kind of coals in the chimney? Regular briquettes or lump charcoal?

  16. Uckerfay

    Uckerfay21 day ago

    Adam Savage is such a Good, Down-to-Earth guy. treats everyone around him in an extremely kind and respectful manner. I would love to "meat" the man someday and pick his brain.

  17. Mike W

    Mike W25 days ago

    Did you ever overthink anything; pretty sure this is an example.

  18. Norman Gillespie

    Norman Gillespie28 days ago

    Without the 5 min Minimum resting .... I need to try this Frozen after first part and then the torch methode, Wow great ideal when fishing in those very remote areas....

  19. Laura Griffin

    Laura Griffin28 days ago

    Great video guys, I've been trying different methods of searing my sous-vide steaks and haven't found anything that's just perfect yet. I'm looking forward to trying the charcoal chimney tonight. And I'm really glad I watched this before dropping $75 on the searzall.

  20. Thomas Pickens

    Thomas PickensMonth ago

    Searing is basically attempting to simulate a "perfect" forest fire. But in this case no animals were burned alive. 🔥😂🔥

  21. denbronco44

    denbronco44Month ago

    Adam Savage is too fucking annoying to listen to

  22. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    You can see all that pepper burnt.

  23. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    It's Maylard reactions not Browning.

  24. SeeWorthy Glass

    SeeWorthy GlassMonth ago

    2:16 Adam Savage finally understands the point, 3rd times a charm. Glad to see he’s also high for this video💨

  25. Kis Jorgensen

    Kis JorgensenMonth ago

    DON'T put pepper on before searing, the pepper will burn, ad it after, when the meat is resting..

  26. Ken Dawa

    Ken DawaMonth ago

    How come you didn’t let the steak rest prior to cutting?

  27. kyzersniper

    kyzersniperMonth ago

    Burnt meat...smh

  28. Protopiper

    ProtopiperMonth ago

    The only steaks I buy come pre packaged and fully cooked. Then I hire NASA to fly them into deep space and grill them on the surface of the sun....only way to go if you ask me.

  29. sam blonde

    sam blondeMonth ago

    yea, cause we all suvee(sp) our steak before we sear..

  30. Paul Beeby

    Paul BeebyMonth ago

    Stick to spaceships Adam

  31. dnlkr

    dnlkrMonth ago

    Adam, go to Guga in Miami :p he'll teach you all there is to know about searing from sous vide. The searing series champion will be of interest to you.

  32. MrBingping

    MrBingpingMonth ago

    salt and pepper heavily, let steak sit out for half hour-hour, Charcoal grill, two zone, ~600°, cast iron griddle over the coals let it come to temp before putting the steak on, sear one side at a time; flipping every 15 seconds is unnecessary and you're overworking it. Even cooking shouldn't be a concern when searing, you shouldn't really be cooking much at all when searing. Move indirect on a raised rack over a drip tray with butter, olive oil, garlic, thyme, and rosemary. Pour the juice from the griddle over the steak in to the drip pan. Brush the steak every couple minutes and rotate. Cook to ~120°, loose tent for a minimum of 10 minutes before cutting. Done.

  33. MrBingping

    MrBingpingMonth ago

    Wait so does the fat not render with sous vide? Cuz that's fucking dumb

  34. Coen van der zalm

    Coen van der zalmMonth ago

    Kenji keeps cutting away the best part. The FAT. My mate, the flavour is mostly in the seared fat. And dont put on the peper before searing, it burns… it leaves a bitter taste. Salt can handle much higher temperatures. Love the experiment though :)

  35. Torquil Harkness

    Torquil Harkness2 months ago

    I want to see Adam Savage build a pizza oven :-D

  36. Gemma Kathleen

    Gemma Kathleen2 months ago

    "I like to fiddle with my meat" 😂😂😂

  37. stoissdk

    stoissdk2 months ago

    13:19 One guy to another "I like to fiddle with my meat...". Sorry that one just got me ;x

  38. Ron Dijcks

    Ron Dijcks2 months ago

    A couple things I feel I'd NOT do... I would NOT use a Searzall. They are way too slow and WILL over cook your meat, if you don't cold shock. As well, I would NOT put pepper on the steak before searing it. Pepper gets bitter when burned, or heavily seared. I like his idea about letting the steak sit in the refrigerator over night before cooking, BUT, I'd do it for 3 days, covered/wrapped with clean paper towel, thus helping to take a bit of moisture out of the meat, and this is the first step of dry aging, to a certain extent. Finally, IMHO, I've found that searing steaks on a BBQ "Chimney", with Mesquite, that gets to over 1,000f !! Searing only takes 30 to 45 seconds per side! Again, this after Sous Vide, which cooks the meat already. This step is about browning and making flavor! Also on the Chimney, they commented that you can only do one at a time. I've had no trouble doing 2, or even 4, but it does take a bit of "grill management"!, thus transferring them to and from the grate. Again, you can easily do 2 strips at a time. So, for me? After Sous Vide, ...Cold Shock, ...Salt, ...then the Chimney with Mesquite. The Chimney does take a few extra minutes to set up, but it's worth it for the final product! Then you can add any final spices, pepper, etc.. Thanks!

  39. Ron Dijcks

    Ron Dijcks2 months ago

    I was typing this as this video was playing! I didn't know that they'd be using one! As it turns out, they also like the Chimney! LOL (to me!) But I'd definitely use mesquite, just wait for it to turn to coals, as it does spark a lot when heating up. AND, I would Sous Vide at 130f for 6 hours First in every case.

  40. WolfsbaneFilms

    WolfsbaneFilms2 months ago

    Like Babish says, there is only one cure for an unseared steak: cast iron.

  41. Ðîe§ê£

    Ðîe§ê£2 months ago

    Kenji's Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger = THE best.

  42. Cody Duvall

    Cody Duvall2 months ago

    Do not cut off fat!! Makes steaks tastes better makes cringe

  43. valvenator

    valvenator2 months ago

    2.3K people can't read. The title is "Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!" They were not telling you how to cook your steak. They were just testing out the sear, period. They needed the most consistency so the used sous vide. If you don't like it stick to your tried and true.

  44. valvenator

    valvenator27 days ago

    @Sab1 I did notice that in his pinned comment he asks "How do you cook your steak?" so I can understand the bit of confusion.

  45. Chef C

    Chef C2 months ago

    The other guy was boring

  46. Precision Knife Sharpening

    Precision Knife Sharpening2 months ago

    Sous Vide is the only way I cook steak. I’m not fond of grilling so I pan sear over high heat, 1 min 15 sec per side.

  47. Fuente De Bendicion

    Fuente De Bendicion3 months ago

    Not eating the fat is a sin 😒

  48. Rocknrolladube

    Rocknrolladube3 months ago

    That is cooking backwards. Sear first nice and hot then cook slow.

  49. Robert Marshall

    Robert Marshall3 months ago

    worse job in the world is the film crew having to smell the cooking steaks and watch someone else eating it.

  50. Justin Watson

    Justin Watson3 months ago

    those steaks never hit the sous vide lol the ones they searzall are totally raw...

  51. Ian Gates

    Ian Gates3 months ago

    no cast iron skillet in this test??

  52. Nemesis

    Nemesis3 months ago

    13:18 "I like to fiddle with my meat." Hope he washes his hands before cooking. 27:24 "Visually, you can see there's a difference." Tautology alert.

  53. Brian Armstrong

    Brian Armstrong3 months ago


  54. Charlie Thrash

    Charlie Thrash3 months ago

    precooking the steaks made the experiment pointless. You can only do this with room tempature raw steak. The entire cooking process is relevant in a sear. Ya should have hired a cook. I had to catch my breath from laughing too hard when he pulled out the torch made for pastry chefs

  55. Patrick Hook

    Patrick Hook3 months ago

    No oil at all? I've been living a lie. I always rub EVOO on the steaks, then season, then sear. Have i been doing it wrong??

  56. Robert Marshall

    Robert Marshall3 months ago

    yes, should finish in butter. Not really if you are finishing the sear in a pan you use oil then add butter late and baste the steak a bit. Try adding the butter after you pull the steak and it is on the plate.

  57. A.S.A.

    A.S.A.3 months ago

    This was disgustingly delicious... Now I want a chimney

  58. John Cornellier

    John Cornellier4 months ago

    Take off your sunglasses when you talk to me. Or I walk away.

  59. Ridgerunner2112

    Ridgerunner21124 months ago

    Partially cooking a steak Sous Vide just seems wrong.

  60. animalmother556x45

    animalmother556x45Month ago

    .....that will leave once you try one. No comparison

  61. jeffery warburton

    jeffery warburton4 months ago

    dont get me started dang it fire ugh eat the food tina

  62. CtrlAltSk8

    CtrlAltSk84 months ago

    I thought they sous vide the steak but the steaks they're searing look fresh?

  63. CtrlAltSk8

    CtrlAltSk84 months ago

    Hey y'all its summer time the best time to be wearing 3 layers?! Wtf?

  64. Necralite Necralite

    Necralite Necralite4 months ago

    This video is terribly bad.

  65. Alan Gartner

    Alan Gartner4 months ago

    You know he is a serious chef when he pulls out an old school steel 12" chef's knife. Awsome.

  66. Mungas Yuge

    Mungas Yuge4 months ago

    I set out, bring to room temp, season, olive oil, as hot as possible 600°+ on charbroil gas grill, 4 minutes a side for inch thick. One flip, let rest 3 min.

  67. Jon Lanier

    Jon Lanier4 months ago

    How to ruin a steak. Fix it rare then sear it.... you didn't release the juices.

  68. Manny Hurtado

    Manny Hurtado4 months ago

  69. TSALAGI1839

    TSALAGI18394 months ago

    It's MEAT. MEAT does NOT have carbohydrates ! ! !

  70. TSALAGI1839

    TSALAGI18394 months ago

    Unless it's the beef liver the carbs are not present in meats such as beef. I urge you to look at the break down of nutrients for beef. Meats such as this do NOT contain this macronutrient ! ! !

  71. Jasen Gibson

    Jasen Gibson4 months ago

    Yes, it does. Every cell in your body contains some form of carbs, proteins, and lipids. In muscle, it's mostly glycogen, which is essentially an energy storehouse for the muscle cells, which turns it into glucose (a simple sugar). Nucleotides, which make up DNA and RNA molecules, are formed with a complex sugar-phosphate backbone. So, yes carbs are present, they just less so than the proteins in this tissue. Almost no food product is 100% one thing or another. Wheat grains, which are classified as carbs due to the amount of starches and sugars they contain, also contain about 13% protein in the form of gluten. Even more in certain kinds of flour--very chewy bread is usually higher in gluten protein. And delicious.

  72. Steve Do

    Steve Do4 months ago

    Call me lazy but I just air fry my steak now days. It gets a good cook at 400F and slight sear. I will dehydrate the surface now, though, which I haven't been doing and see if the browning gets better.

  73. Florida Bearded Fisherman

    Florida Bearded Fisherman4 months ago

    A Weed burner is even better

  74. Tim Boal

    Tim Boal4 months ago

    Yum over cooked and burnt meat da fuk

  75. Error 404

    Error 4044 months ago

    2 men 9 stakes aged meat the movie.

  76. Stephen James

    Stephen James4 months ago

    They seem stoned.

  77. DT123

    DT1234 months ago

    What about the heat gun???

  78. drewga403

    drewga4034 months ago

    wait... so they BOILED the meat to cook it, and then this whole video is just about dressing up the outside? Maybe I'm missing something. But in Texas, when we BBQ meat, we ACTUALLY BBQ the meat.

  79. caveman

    caveman4 months ago

    boiled meat what a waste

  80. Brian French

    Brian French4 months ago

    Your bringing the flame too deep to the steak you with taste the propane that way... the outer flame is what you are supposed to sear with.

  81. Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    Gabriel Felix Muñoz4 months ago

    so pissed none of the steaks stuck to the grills. cause if that were me cooking those steaks, they would have

  82. Joey G

    Joey G4 months ago

    Well hell I got a cutting torch in the garage.why don't we try it to?✌✌!!

  83. stefan speidel

    stefan speidel4 months ago

    You don't flip your meat regularly when you are cooking, Adam...

  84. Robert Pence

    Robert Pence4 months ago


  85. Artiot Toti

    Artiot Toti4 months ago

    This is how you get cancer

  86. Brian Argo

    Brian Argo4 months ago

    Missed the absolute best way: directly on a burning hardwood log

  87. yevgenz

    yevgenz2 months ago

    Yeah, the caveman style.

  88. Cryptidian

    Cryptidian2 months ago

    Just lay it onto the burning wood? xD

  89. Black hat

    Black hat5 months ago

    The milliard effect isn't well understood ?? Science must be irrelevant to him then. what I am about to report about the effect will change the way you cook meat and carbs alike. Mutagenic chemicals called heterocyclic amines are created in meat from the Milliard effect. I found a study that said that eating browned meat increases prostate and breast cancer risks to 430% above normal. Meat isn't as carcinogenic in its natural state, but if you fall for the cultural norm that crispy=better tasting then you'll also fall for the cultural norm of getting cancer. Marinade can in fact make meat safer to eat. The optimum amounts of onion, garlic, and lemon juice that achieved a maximum reduction of heterocyclic-amines were calculated as 31.2%, 28.6%, and 14.6% in marinade. When the amount of garlic in the marinade was changed from 2 to 20 g/100 g of marinade, the estimated mutagen content in fried beef patties was reduced about 70%. This information is according to PubMed and PubChem.

  90. Justin

    Justin5 months ago

    No oil on the steaks before the sear? Seems the rules are always changing, but I've always brushed with olive oil first which helps to form a crust.

  91. Zeke Sherrod

    Zeke Sherrod5 months ago

    "Hey let's 'test' the best way to sear steaks" sounds like a good excuse to eat a bunch of steak to me!

  92. Tomas Lund Petersen

    Tomas Lund Petersen5 months ago

    Stop burning the meat. Flames should never touch the meat. All those steaks are just ruined!

  93. Piotr Żwirowski

    Piotr Żwirowski5 months ago

    Actually, the authentic, most traditional pizza is supposed to have the dough charred somewhat

  94. StopCallingMe Shirley

    StopCallingMe Shirley5 months ago

    Unless he's using a Saturn 5 rocket who cares.

  95. jazzmosphericminim

    jazzmosphericminim5 months ago

    Leave the poor old girl to rest!!

  96. Fireworxs2012

    Fireworxs20125 months ago

    Remind me to never eat Savage's house...These two yahoos don't have a clue...


    REDEX DUKE5 months ago

    not eating the fat it the biggest sin in steak cooking

  98. Ethan Blankenship

    Ethan Blankenship5 months ago

    "I'm so glad you joined us for dinner tonight! Sooo Here's your steak seared on an aluminum kiln"

  99. Greg Sieracki

    Greg Sieracki5 months ago

    What a waste if time! Sear the steak on high heat for 4 mins then turn for another 4 mins then finish in the oven at 350° to ur likeness!! Get out of here with this water bath French Bullshit!

  100. mech5 fab

    mech5 fab5 months ago

    Adam, whoever told you to wear that hat needs to be humiliatingly kicked in the crotch.

  101. Rowgue51

    Rowgue515 months ago

    In summary we boiled some meat and then used several different methods of faking a sear on the outside. The only legitimate way to sear meat wasn't even done. I thought the only variable was supposed to be temperature so you could test the "hotter is better" theory. And yes the Maillard reaction is in fact fully understood and has been since 1953, and it doesn't work in any way even remotely similar to what chemistry boy is talking about in the video. None of your processes resulted in a sear from the Maillard reaction. They all resulted in caramelization and burning which are separate and distinct processes.

  102. Rowgue51

    Rowgue514 months ago

    @Josh Foss You're a failed abortion

  103. Josh Foss

    Josh Foss4 months ago

    You're very, very wrong. Hit the books.

  104. Joshua Dolim

    Joshua Dolim5 months ago

    "I like to fiddle with my meat"

  105. Rick V3lli

    Rick V3lli5 months ago

    dude deff burned the living shit out of his hand when he patted that torch head.

  106. Thinking Impaired

    Thinking Impaired5 months ago

    jump to 30:00 minutes to bypass the boredom. I'm guessing around 18 or so minutes to the chimney method of searing.

  107. Tn

    Tn5 months ago

    S'n'P is the way for me

  108. JeOneSeven V9

    JeOneSeven V95 months ago

    Steak Busters

  109. Drifting Abstract

    Drifting Abstract5 months ago

    Didn't need food. Just made food...while watching this.

  110. Ventricon

    Ventricon5 months ago

    "How manly are you?" "I FORGE MY STEAKS IN THE FURNACE"

  111. Francisco Vila

    Francisco Vila5 months ago

    have you tried an air hotgun?

  112. Andras Reviews

    Andras Reviews5 months ago

    2.3k Hindus watched this video

  113. Lukas MacAulay

    Lukas MacAulay5 months ago

    I hope he seasoned BEFORE sous vide too..? Why would he do it after?

  114. Girltiger

    Girltiger5 months ago

    13:15 "Yea, I like to fiddle with my meat"

  115. Benjamin Sanchez

    Benjamin Sanchez5 months ago

    This is vegan hell