Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!


  1. djnodj

    djnodjDay ago

    123F... seems a little low...???

  2. djnodj

    djnodjDay ago

    "add that brown crust"

  3. John Cage

    John Cage2 days ago

    I love "The chimney comes out on top". 🙂 That deeply philosophical statement bears not only the answer to the perfect sear. 🤓

  4. Paul Delaney

    Paul Delaney4 days ago

    Wow, this dude, Kenji (sp?), is totally awesome; really knowledgeable chef, great narrator/presenter, and seems like just a really cool dude I hope Tested has reason to bring him back in other videos.

  5. David Pieratt

    David Pieratt6 days ago

    hmmm. very simple, high heat...5 mins a side if the steak is 1" thick, if it's 1/2 inch thick then half the time.... the key is high heat. oh and for the love of GOD, please let the steak sit for 5 mins before chowing on it.....that is the 2nd key to a great steak...don't touch the steak until 5mins of sitting and resting. I swear these two have no clue on how to cook meat....don't do what they do, totally wrong!!!

  6. Black Tiger

    Black Tiger6 days ago

    I hate this video! :)

  7. SomeCatchyName

    SomeCatchyName7 days ago

    16:40 phantom alarm in background

  8. Bobby Bologna

    Bobby Bologna7 days ago

    lol hyphenated name. You puss.

  9. Eng Xiong

    Eng Xiong8 days ago

    Searing the meat should be done after you actually cooked it. Searing is not cooking. Not sure what these guys were doing. 50 secs and were done lol!

  10. thebishop721

    thebishop7218 days ago

    That fat on that meat is still WHITE. In the words of Chef Ramsey "Come here you" "What have you done" "Pluck Off " Ha Ha

  11. thebishop721

    thebishop7218 days ago

    "Cooking Methods" he says Ha Ha Ha- those steaks are still ready to walk off the grill :-) Ha ha ha

  12. thebishop721

    thebishop7218 days ago

    Their mainly tasting for that sear, not for the RAW MEAT FLAVOR . You guy's are canabals :-) I believe they would probably eat the meat straight out the pack with the blood dripping off it :-) LOL LOL

  13. thebishop721

    thebishop7218 days ago

    You cut on an angle you amateurs. PRESENTATION!!! PRESENTATION!!! :-) :-) :-)

  14. fdf kljlk

    fdf kljlk8 days ago


  15. Rodrigo Polo

    Rodrigo Polo8 days ago

    I'm hungry after seeing this video hahahaha

  16. Crystal Stanborough

    Crystal Stanborough8 days ago

    shoulda q'ed that fugley hat!!!!

  17. Jeremiah Mabry

    Jeremiah Mabry9 days ago

    I too like to fiddle with my meat.

  18. Jon Nelson

    Jon Nelson10 days ago

    Wish you guys had a laser thermometer.

  19. Gabe Diaz

    Gabe Diaz12 days ago

    "I love to fiddle with my meat" HAHAHAHA

  20. Graham X

    Graham X13 days ago

    Would be good to see propane BBQ too, since most people don't use charcoal any more.

  21. Graham X

    Graham X13 days ago

    "I like to fiddle with my meat"

  22. natty

    natty14 days ago

    science AND cooking omg

  23. Chase Meek

    Chase Meek14 days ago

    ill be honest, i feel like those steaks were to dark for my taste personally. i was kind of surprised

  24. [TN] Strikeman

    [TN] Strikeman14 days ago

    ! million Ethiopians died wachin this..

  25. reed millar

    reed millar14 days ago

    how are you not pointing one of those heat detecting lasers at the meat and heating surface the whole time...... also, now that I think about did you not try a lazer or a giant magnifier?

  26. reed millar

    reed millar14 days ago

    Here is my guess... the standard grill is maybe 400 and the chimney is more like 700 and the forge is like 1,000 degrees at the cooking surface. so on like a Kamado you can cook the steak for until the middle is done at about 200-400 and then fire the grill up to like 500-700 to get the final seer for a minute or two.

  27. Caleb Cunningham

    Caleb Cunningham14 days ago

    I'm a vegetarian, why am I watching this

  28. PMC05

    PMC0514 days ago

    That was awesome! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 personally I preffer the chimney as well, but my go to at home is the steel/cast iron pan fry w butter garlic thyme, then finish in hot oven 😋🥩🔪☑️

  29. Brian 716

    Brian 71615 days ago

    Best video ever, I'm starving now for some reason. Haha

  30. Steampunker X

    Steampunker X15 days ago

    About engulfing in flames. Apart from the changes in flavour it actually produces carcinogenic compounds. So avoid cooking in flames as much as possible.

  31. Dee-Bee Kooper

    Dee-Bee Kooper15 days ago

    Cook that fat strap side last and let it run down over the meat... yer welcome.

  32. MicroChipz Shepton Mallet

    MicroChipz Shepton Mallet7 days ago

    Hell yes Sir!

  33. Stephen Lozada

    Stephen Lozada16 days ago

    My searzall cooks it

  34. Travis Garcia

    Travis Garcia16 days ago

    Smoked Paprika Onion Powder Garlic Powder Pepper Salt 5 minutes per side on the smoker, and you got yourself a $40 steak from the Restaurant.

  35. Aleks Gutierrez

    Aleks Gutierrez17 days ago

    wait... no A1 sauce? lol

  36. YoYoMA _

    YoYoMA _18 days ago

    Adam how did you not think that would burn his grass?????????????????????????

  37. YoYoMA _

    YoYoMA _18 days ago

    Liquid smoke in some marinades to you're liking and it should have a smoky flavor. I use all the time in my marinated meats for the grilled flavor.

  38. LednacekZ

    LednacekZ19 days ago

    SO basically, you cooked the steak to perfection and then you burned the outside lair. And then you compared the taste? What is the point of that?

  39. J Morales

    J Morales19 days ago

    Sous vide everything y'all!!

  40. Kryoclasm

    Kryoclasm19 days ago

    OMG! That looks sooooo gooood.

  41. Ghostcatcher64

    Ghostcatcher6421 day ago

    I had a weird question, would it be possible to sear meat with a air soldering (or desoldering if u like) station and what would be the result ? XD

  42. ☠MrHairyNutz☠

    ☠MrHairyNutz☠21 day ago

    I like my steak or any meats fully cooked i don't want to see blood on my food, That is disgusting.

  43. ☠MrHairyNutz☠

    ☠MrHairyNutz☠12 days ago

    I'm stupid i know what blood tastes like and it's blood.

  44. Baby Huey

    Baby Huey12 days ago

    It's not blood. It's myoglobin. Animals are bled when they're slaughtered.

  45. Eric Kokin

    Eric Kokin22 days ago

    impatient cooking...

  46. James Stine

    James Stine23 days ago

    Why did they cut off the fat on the pieces? That's the best part.

  47. Juanito Javier

    Juanito Javier24 days ago

    Why grill the fat if you just cut it off.... I used to cut off the fat too. When I was a child

  48. Ebrahim Osman

    Ebrahim Osman24 days ago

    I use the grill, pile the coals till they almost touch the steaks and fan the fire continuously. cook 3 min per side and then move to low heat till it's cooked to the desired doneness. I add basting while it's on the low heat.

  49. 错鞘

    错鞘24 days ago

    thank god for microwaves, the camera man has one at home.

  50. Cameron Barron

    Cameron Barron24 days ago

    13:18 how did they not burst "yeah, I like to fiddle with my meat"

  51. jordan blankenship

    jordan blankenship24 days ago

    Production magic, you can see the chimney grilled steak (3rd) on the table while they cook the grilled steak (2nd)

  52. Steve Shepard

    Steve Shepard25 days ago

    You should have temp'd the sides with a laser temp.

  53. SpotOn

    SpotOn27 days ago

    These two are dressed for two different climates lol

  54. aki yrjana

    aki yrjana28 days ago

    Beef searing for the silly people. It might be a science, but it is mostly tradition. A good piece of beef becomes good when roasted. Skip the blowtorch, skip the dancing around. Hot coals or a fine cast iron frying pan. Just make sure the surface gets a good Maillard-color. The rest is up to slicing it up and consuming.

  55. xGoodOldSmurfehx

    xGoodOldSmurfehx28 days ago

    aww Adam couldnt help himself from mythbusting some shit lol :)

  56. Festivejelly

    FestivejellyMonth ago

    Uggg. I much prefer it cooked a bit more inside. Looks rare. Meat is much nice when its nuked.

  57. Rick Feith

    Rick Feith22 days ago

    Nah...these steaks are bangin

  58. Anyone

    AnyoneMonth ago

    Isn't there a certain point where you sear or "burn" the outside steak where it becomes unhealthy and carcinogenic?

  59. Svarte Dauden

    Svarte DaudenMonth ago

    hummmm. steaks.

  60. TheCoranub

    TheCoranubMonth ago

    Should have used your sword forge Adam.

  61. Pikel Plays

    Pikel PlaysMonth ago

    Im not sure what it is but just something about watching adam do experiments again made me so happy and nostalgic 🤗😭😖🤗🤗

  62. Bobby Chudoba

    Bobby ChudobaMonth ago

    Souve then sear in a we'll seasoned cast iron pan on high heat. Best way to have a steak.

  63. VroodenTheGreat

    VroodenTheGreatMonth ago

    I like to fiddle with my meat too.

  64. Brian Port

    Brian PortMonth ago

    Sous vide the stake then place on a really hot cast iron pan for 60 seconds each side , let it rest for 20 mins then repeat... Best way to do it.

  65. Aname Goeshere

    Aname GoeshereMonth ago

    Mada Mada??

  66. John Citizen

    John CitizenMonth ago

    oh shit I thought that was a lesbian

  67. Thundaga

    ThundagaMonth ago

    I just realized how radical this video was for its time, given the rise of political correctness. Good job.

  68. Josh Rickards

    Josh RickardsMonth ago

    I want 33 minutes of my life back..... no Pit Master sears beef in those unorthodox ways...... a flippin chimney starter? GTFO! Sous Vide is a trend that the BBQ snob Lopez-Alt tries pushing.....he's pissed off plenty Pit Masters, research.

  69. Andy B

    Andy BMonth ago

    My answer is: the hottest thing I can get on the outside until it makes the color I want, as quickly as possible. The inside may as well be raw, literally raw. I like raw beef, as long as it's tender enough to eat, better than cooked beef anyway. I'm not going to eat pot roast that way, but ribeye, definitely. The reasons I cook steak is to make a nice flavor on the outside and to kill any germs that may be on the surface. Hottest thing is whatever is most practical at the moment. In the winter it might be a cast iron pan in the oven at 550F for 15 minutes before searing. In the summer it might be a grill grate over the chimney, just as they showed here.

  70. breadbasketbomb

    breadbasketbombMonth ago

    13:18 yeah I like to fiddle with my meat... I'm sorry.

  71. William Hughes

    William HughesMonth ago

    Learn the basics of cooking a steak and how to hold a knife before telling us how to cook, especially when some of us are experienced, professional Chefs de Cuisine... VERY dumb video...

  72. nevermorefuzzy

    nevermorefuzzyMonth ago

    im sorry adem nit done

  73. Robbstar !!!

    Robbstar !!!Month ago

    Results Fast Forward... 27:09

  74. chris lawrence

    chris lawrenceMonth ago

    NEVER put pepper on a steak before you cook it. Especially when searing. The pepper burns and gives off bitterness. Just add the pepper after you cook it while it rests.

  75. James Aloyisius

    James AloyisiusMonth ago

    A great test on the subtleties of getting a proper sear. I had never seen the chimney method before and can't wait to try it. I just wish that they had gotten the kettle grill more hot as it was clear that it wasn't nearly hot enough. There should have been some smoke and flare-ups within a minute or so.

  76. CapApollo

    CapApolloMonth ago

    no real wood? whats next... make frozen pizza?

  77. John Connor

    John ConnorMonth ago

    salt and pepper is the way to go..royalty was in search of pepper globally but instead what they found is hot peppers...

  78. crankysports

    crankysportsMonth ago

    I could volunteer to taste sear on a good chunk of beef anytime. :)

  79. ThePolarised

    ThePolarisedMonth ago

    There's not even any blood or juices left in the meat. This is so American. Processing the shit out of an organic product until it's artificially 'perfect'.

  80. Dr. Sam's Health

    Dr. Sam's HealthMonth ago

    The very idea of cooking a steak in sous-vide and then blowtorching it is very disheartening... that’s the most artificial way of making a steak I can think of! What happened to normal steak grilling?!

  81. Baby Huey

    Baby Huey12 days ago

    Cooking is artificial by its very nature. You ever see a lion grill the antelope it just caught? And while I prefer grilling my steaks, if you want to experiment and be somewhat objective, you need precision and consistency.

  82. Ai

    AiMonth ago

    just like in mythbusters

  83. Kou Khang

    Kou KhangMonth ago

    I like to fiddle with my meat

  84. Norman Williams

    Norman WilliamsMonth ago

    I'm sorry to say this guy doesn't know what he is talking about. I bbq all the time and sear my steaks and they always come out juicy and tender. Everyone who has eaten my steaks say they are the best steak they ever have had.

  85. Youtube Videos

    Youtube VideosMonth ago

    for the life of me i will never understand some people’s fascination with eating raw meat. and don’t give me that “flavorful crap” medium well i can understand it this is as close to biting a damn cow and burning it with a lighter before you swallow it. that will never entice me. i guess it’s just a pretentious thing to show off how much of the cows blood i mean flavor you can i jest. the only thing you should eat raw at best is seafood if you can’t cook it. like sushi or caviar

  86. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    you looooosttt me at the torch...

  87. Tom McCaffrey

    Tom McCaffreyMonth ago

    "The chimney comes out on top." Ba-da-bum... I see what you did there.

  88. slvrscoobie

    slvrscoobieMonth ago

    Its summer! Thats why Im wearing a t-shirt, button down shirt, AND A jacket. Yep. ok Adam

  89. Carl Millholland

    Carl MillhollandMonth ago

    How many backyard grillers have a _sous vide_ setup?

  90. zigzack54

    zigzack54Month ago

    Best way to sear a steak is just to grill it dammit

  91. Luis Villalobos

    Luis VillalobosMonth ago

    Aluminum???? Really?

  92. Reindeer

    ReindeerMonth ago

    sharper knife in studio please, can't watch this blunt knife ...

  93. Eitel Peltzer Meschini

    Eitel Peltzer MeschiniMonth ago

    por dios!!! estoy viendo este video y es un sacrilegio!!!! es como quemar libros. Diosssss, no puedo verlo mas. Que horror!!!!

  94. Eitel Peltzer Meschini

    Eitel Peltzer MeschiniMonth ago

    Que ningún americano se sienta ofendido, pero no tiene la mas fucking idea de como se hace un asado. Vean a parrilleros argentinos y despues hablamos. Saludos

  95. Christian Smith

    Christian SmithMonth ago

    asmr lul



    PAINFULL to watch when you are hungry DAMIT!!!

  97. golfbuddy1969

    golfbuddy1969Month ago

    Maybe the worst video about steaks I have ever watched. If the fat is still that bright white color, it is under IMO.

  98. froglaps40

    froglaps40Month ago

    They didn't appear to let any of the rest after cooking.

  99. Krys Pope

    Krys PopeMonth ago

    The insides of the steak looks terrible, a lazy method for chefs who can't cook a steakhouse

  100. TengokuNET

    TengokuNETMonth ago

    Never put meat directly onto heat. That has a meaning ... If you want get cancer that quickly, then ignore my rhyme.

  101. Rick Feith

    Rick Feith22 days ago


  102. hiurro

    hiurroMonth ago

    1 inch thick top sirloin steak Salt and pepper heavily Grill at 400; 4 minutes total; flip each minute to get the good grill marks Let sit for 2 minutes.... down the hatch! That's textbook bud

  103. Harman House

    Harman HouseMonth ago

    Im so hungry now! I hate you guys!!

  104. sadfscdagvzdfgb2

    sadfscdagvzdfgb2Month ago

    Pretty let down with the comment about eating red meat maybe once every couple months. Lame.

  105. Donovan Phipps

    Donovan PhippsMonth ago

    you didnt let the steak

  106. Baby Huey

    Baby Huey12 days ago

    When cooked sous vide (or reverse sear) you don't need to let it rest.

  107. Paul Kennedy

    Paul KennedyMonth ago

    I'm now starving for steak...dang!

  108. Johnny Knoxville

    Johnny KnoxvilleMonth ago

    something seems very wrong about browning a steak with a fucking propane tank.