Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!


  1. Rogierogue

    Rogierogue2 hours ago

    But can Adam test why there is only two genders?

  2. MaxSantos

    MaxSantos2 days ago

    What do they mean by "it was already cooked/done" before they started sear? Cooked how?

  3. uppertaka

    uppertaka2 days ago

    In the next episode of, Adam Savage Eats a steak for money


    SCOTT DIESZ3 days ago

    A Kingsford commercial. I'll now be sure to never use Kingsford again.

  5. allan melanson

    allan melanson3 days ago

    anyone EVER boils my steak before searing it and ill sear them. ew.

  6. Janfier Collazo

    Janfier Collazo4 days ago

    What was the temperature of the chimney?


    MASTER deBATER.7 days ago

    Nice vintage Sabatier Chef knife!!!

  8. Adrian Nostromo

    Adrian Nostromo7 days ago

    Haha Adam "You guys want some? Yea you do, come on..."

  9. B-Thrash

    B-Thrash8 days ago

    I have been sous-videoing religiously now for 1-1/2 years, have used the Searzall propane & Iwatani butane torches, but my best sear comes from my MHP propane grill with infrared ceramic burners. Sous-vide to 128º then 1-1/2 minute per side on the MHP. Would LOVE to try the Northfire Inferno infrared "salamander-style" grill though!!!

  10. xiwi

    xiwi8 days ago

    Let's the steak have some rest before you cut it

  11. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith9 days ago

    Apparently the Leidenfrost effect messes with this very hot sear:

  12. tiagovirago

    tiagovirago10 days ago

    I have a cast iron griddle that is part of my process.

  13. Edin Kuduzovic

    Edin Kuduzovic11 days ago

    If you ever cooked a well done steak we'd be screwed.

  14. Edin Kuduzovic

    Edin Kuduzovic11 days ago


  15. Timo Crompinen

    Timo Crompinen11 days ago

    Forget the searzall, try a standard paint stripping hot gun for results that are just as good. Might take a while longer but the temps are the same.

  16. Anthony Losego

    Anthony Losego11 days ago

    Just throw that shit raw on a gas grill at 425 and go to town on it. It's not rocket science! ;-)

  17. Beyondesp

    Beyondesp12 days ago

    Best part.. seeing Adam help clean up at the end.. that's a nice house guest.

  18. Gene Trujillo

    Gene Trujillo14 days ago

    Ooh, I have used the other methods but that DIY forge was awesome!

  19. Gummy Lobster

    Gummy Lobster14 days ago

    The amount of Bullshit there is in these comments people claiming This or that 🤦🤦🤦😂😂😂 While i studied in College Knowing some of you are talking utter bullshit

  20. shabbos1

    shabbos114 days ago

    Flipping steaks every 20 seconds on the grill? Wtf are you doing man?

  21. Robert Zeurunkl

    Robert Zeurunkl15 days ago

    Leave it to Adam to go for an "aluminum forge" ..... ;-)

  22. Randy Spicer

    Randy Spicer16 days ago

    Best way to sear a steak ,...for backyard bbq/entertaining or outdoor/camp style grilling,.... should've tried cast iron over the chimney, but don't forget the butter !

  23. Bradley Anthony

    Bradley Anthony16 days ago

    Where’s Jamie Hyneman and the thermite method?

  24. Chris Brewer

    Chris Brewer17 days ago

    I owned a Searzall and sent it back due to how long it took to sear. Their’s definitely seared much more quickly. I’m guessing that it may be because I didn’t get as much moisture off the surface as they did. It did an ok job searing, but just took too long for me.

  25. ppan355

    ppan35518 days ago

    Looks way too burned on the outside.

  26. Lorand Layton

    Lorand Layton20 days ago

    How to reinvent the wheel .

  27. Lorand Layton

    Lorand Layton20 days ago

    So SHUT up and dribble !!

  28. folkmarcmetal

    folkmarcmetal20 days ago

    lol "I like to fiddle with my meat" who doesn't. How did Adam not react to this?

  29. Dennis Valdez

    Dennis Valdez21 day ago

    The Chimney is great, but for speed of prep and speed of searing time, the Searzall is the winner in my opinion.

  30. D Johnson

    D Johnson22 days ago

    Screw this Anti-American Anti-Constitutionalist.

  31. Cowboy Colt

    Cowboy Colt22 days ago

    i was cringing the whole time u didnt let it rest till you said u dont have to makes sense

  32. Joseph B

    Joseph B24 days ago

    I liked steak best done with heated stone

  33. Knightmare6

    Knightmare624 days ago

    Damn, hungry for steak now! Also hope to see you at NYCC!

  34. J. Allen

    J. Allen25 days ago

    Sadly, this was terrible

  35. Rabbi Weasel

    Rabbi Weasel25 days ago

    Watching him cut the fat off really offended me somehow

  36. Tomas Tylecek

    Tomas Tylecek28 days ago

    lol, like couple of virgins making recomendations😂

  37. Tomas Tylecek

    Tomas Tylecek28 days ago

    the video would be better if youd take time to enjoy the steak and talk less

  38. mynamewhatis

    mynamewhatis28 days ago

    my room mate is cooking a steak and it smells good, right as they start searing the first steak, ack..

  39. Phuck Yeu

    Phuck Yeu28 days ago

    any quality steak cooked above medium rare is a cardinal sin

  40. Phuck Yeu

    Phuck Yeu28 days ago


  41. StovePipe Battleaxe

    StovePipe Battleaxe28 days ago

    why cut up those tiny pieces you scrooges? eat a real slice!!!

  42. StovePipe Battleaxe

    StovePipe Battleaxe28 days ago

    not gonna lie, I fiddle with my meat too.

  43. Tony Bui

    Tony Bui29 days ago

    Cast iron fry, broiler, heat gun?

  44. Snack Crack

    Snack Crack29 days ago

    great video

  45. Cormac McCarthy

    Cormac McCarthyMonth ago

    How many shirts is adam wearing?

  46. Robert Bob

    Robert BobMonth ago

    Adam Savage are you sure this is right this seems kind of like fake meat and fake growing. I don't think anybody in the rest of the country Cooks meat like this because it would have faith flavor

  47. smokysantana

    smokysantanaMonth ago

    I though he said “piddle”.

  48. Quinn Ferrell

    Quinn FerrellMonth ago


  49. Felipe Ara

    Felipe AraMonth ago

    You could eat it completly raw

  50. Alexander Sandstrom

    Alexander SandstromMonth ago

    Is it just a normal Charcoal Chimney that's used?

  51. Bhaben Baro

    Bhaben BaroMonth ago

    Adam why are you tooo savage but I 💖 the video



    i like to fiddle with my meat too

  53. Crepitus

    CrepitusMonth ago

    whats up with the opaque sunglasses?

  54. Cbryan1980

    Cbryan1980Month ago

    No Himalayan salt block sear?

  55. Stephen Krauss

    Stephen KraussMonth ago

    This had to be the worst episode ever to film. Chunk charcoal or hard wood is the best.

  56. Wale Akinsefunmi

    Wale AkinsefunmiMonth ago

    SMFH....Now I see why you folks always catch Salmonella and Ecoili

  57. xdragon2k

    xdragon2kMonth ago

    You guys didn't do flamethrower.

  58. _aaaa

    _aaaaMonth ago

    When a guy who says he eats red meat once every few months and another guy who cuts the fat off tell you how to cook your steaks

  59. SamuraiJack

    SamuraiJackMonth ago

    Never let a steak right in the flames like that !!! It's called burning, not searing ! This is painful to watch... Americans are crazy.

  60. Daisy Lais

    Daisy LaisMonth ago

    That knife looks a lot like a Bob Kramer.

  61. Just Pelé

    Just PeléMonth ago

    The "hotter the better" is still true, because no one else has a forge at home.

  62. crashk6

    crashk6Month ago

    "No one else has a forge at home" *Immediately goes out to workshop to clean dross out of bottom of the propane forge in preparation for flash searing a sous vide steak.

  63. Geordon Worley

    Geordon WorleyMonth ago

    Yeah, aside from my fire alarm going off =(.


    CLAMHATMonth ago

    I hate hyphenated last names. The top gets to choose so stop trying to complicate things

  65. Mr. Crumbly

    Mr. CrumblyMonth ago

    I just held my phone closer to my face so I could hear the steaks crackle. I’m not a very smart man.

  66. Jonathan Zanger

    Jonathan ZangerMonth ago

    you should have watched your friend Alton brown's method and you would not have had to dgo through all this

  67. Yella Dart

    Yella DartMonth ago

    God damn now I'm hungry :(

  68. Aviem Ben David

    Aviem Ben DavidMonth ago

    Can't believe I just watched a 33:12 min advertisement without realizing it.. And none of them knows anything about cooking too...

  69. ultranitro

    ultranitroMonth ago

    I've heard a cast iron skillet it's the best way.

  70. Mike A.

    Mike A.Month ago

    Umm, am I the only one who loves pan searing with garlic, thyme, little oil, little butter etc.?

  71. stuartj1234

    stuartj1234Month ago

    All perfect examples of how to ruin steak. It couldnt be easyer to cook the perfect steak. Leave steak on the side to reach room temp then add salt n pepper heat a pan on a medium to high heat put steak in pan DO Not Touch for 60 seconds now turn over gently rub garlic into the cooked side turn and garlic every 60 seconds do this for 6 to 8 minutes depending on how thick your meat is (LOL) and how you like it cooked honestly never cook steak well done at the most it should be medium. Now take meat out of pan and put onto a plate but some butter on it and leave it alone for 5 minutes. Now eat and enjoy your perfect steak. Never ever boil a steak in a bag that way madness exists.

  72. John Best

    John BestMonth ago

    i can cook better steak in my backyard, and i can prove it by NOT not pretending to understand any nuance concocted by eating steak cooked 1 minuted longer on a white trash grill rig.

  73. John Best

    John BestMonth ago


  74. Wayne Lawson

    Wayne LawsonMonth ago

    Stop flipping the damn steak!

  75. Smidday

    SmiddayMonth ago

    10:59 that was sexual

  76. Neil Spoonhower

    Neil SpoonhowerMonth ago

    So the only one that you cut different than any of the others giving you more surface area was your favorite? Shocking.

  77. Jarrod Higbee

    Jarrod HigbeeMonth ago

    Just wanted to say that I love your channel and you have helped me take my sous vide cooking to the next level! For your Tri Tip my favorite way to prepare it is with coarse black pepper and kosher salt.

  78. Chris Jay

    Chris JayMonth ago

    Hottest possible sear. 5000°C sear man. Best finish.

  79. Princess Willy

    Princess WillyMonth ago

    15:57 Where did that steak come from and where did it go?

  80. R Hughes

    R HughesMonth ago

    Eat the fat

  81. Tim Baxter

    Tim BaxterMonth ago

    I liked this video, it was enjoyable and real. I would feel as good watching my 2 mates figure out this in the backyard for something to do on the weekend. You guys rock, thanks :)

  82. TigerKurdish

    TigerKurdish2 months ago

    Looks actually raw. You are not supposed to have steaks on flames all you will get is blackened bitter smoke taste. Suppose to be seared on charcoals without flames

  83. TigerKurdish

    TigerKurdishMonth ago

    Wookie Productions I'm entitled to my opinion, and you need to learn and accept that not everyone's opinion is going to align with yours. Instead of being a comment police you can also state your opinion which I'm absolutely fine with and we can learn one or two things from eachother maybe. When you see white fat inside a steak that's one of the indication that it's raw, even a rare cooked steak has the fat inside turn into a gel sort of colour. Just my opinion don't bash me what to say and what not to say Friend. Cheers!

  84. Wookie Productions

    Wookie ProductionsMonth ago

    It's not raw, if you think Medium rare is raw you shouldn't be giving steak cooking advice

  85. djnodj

    djnodj2 months ago

    123F... seems a little low...???

  86. Wookie Productions

    Wookie ProductionsMonth ago

    You don't measure the cooked level of a steak by temperature judged by color

  87. djnodj

    djnodj2 months ago

    "add that brown crust"

  88. John Cage

    John Cage2 months ago

    I love "The chimney comes out on top". 🙂 That deeply philosophical statement bears not only the answer to the perfect sear. 🤓

  89. Paul Delaney

    Paul Delaney2 months ago

    Wow, this dude, Kenji (sp?), is totally awesome; really knowledgeable chef, great narrator/presenter, and seems like just a really cool dude I hope Tested has reason to bring him back in other videos.

  90. David Pieratt

    David Pieratt2 months ago

    hmmm. very simple, high heat...5 mins a side if the steak is 1" thick, if it's 1/2 inch thick then half the time.... the key is high heat. oh and for the love of GOD, please let the steak sit for 5 mins before chowing on it.....that is the 2nd key to a great steak...don't touch the steak until 5mins of sitting and resting. I swear these two have no clue on how to cook meat....don't do what they do, totally wrong!!!

  91. Black Tiger

    Black Tiger2 months ago

    I hate this video! :)

  92. SomeCatchyName

    SomeCatchyName2 months ago

    16:40 phantom alarm in background

  93. Bobby Bologna

    Bobby Bologna2 months ago

    lol hyphenated name. You puss.

  94. Eng Xiong

    Eng Xiong2 months ago

    Searing the meat should be done after you actually cooked it. Searing is not cooking. Not sure what these guys were doing. 50 secs and were done lol!

  95. thebishop721

    thebishop7212 months ago

    That fat on that meat is still WHITE. In the words of Chef Ramsey "Come here you" "What have you done" "Pluck Off " Ha Ha

  96. thebishop721

    thebishop7212 months ago

    "Cooking Methods" he says Ha Ha Ha- those steaks are still ready to walk off the grill :-) Ha ha ha

  97. thebishop721

    thebishop7212 months ago

    Their mainly tasting for that sear, not for the RAW MEAT FLAVOR . You guy's are canabals :-) I believe they would probably eat the meat straight out the pack with the blood dripping off it :-) LOL LOL

  98. Wookie Productions

    Wookie ProductionsMonth ago

    It's not raw, and Cannibalism id one eats something of the same species

  99. thebishop721

    thebishop7212 months ago

    You cut on an angle you amateurs. PRESENTATION!!! PRESENTATION!!! :-) :-) :-)

  100. fdf kljlk

    fdf kljlk2 months ago


  101. Rodrigo Polo

    Rodrigo Polo2 months ago

    I'm hungry after seeing this video hahahaha

  102. Crystal Stanborough

    Crystal Stanborough2 months ago

    shoulda q'ed that fugley hat!!!!

  103. Jeremiah Mabry

    Jeremiah Mabry2 months ago

    I too like to fiddle with my meat.

  104. Jon Nelson

    Jon Nelson2 months ago

    Wish you guys had a laser thermometer.

  105. Gabe Diaz

    Gabe Diaz2 months ago

    "I love to fiddle with my meat" HAHAHAHA

  106. Graham X

    Graham X2 months ago

    Would be good to see propane BBQ too, since most people don't use charcoal any more.

  107. Graham X

    Graham X2 months ago

    "I like to fiddle with my meat"

  108. natty

    natty2 months ago

    science AND cooking omg