Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!


  1. Black hat

    Black hatDay ago

    The milliard effect isn't well understood ?? Science must be irrelevant to him then. what I am about to report about the effect will change the way you cook meat and carbs alike. Mutagenic chemicals called heterocyclic amines are created in meat from the Milliard effect. I found a study that said that eating browned meat increases prostate and breast cancer risks to 430% above normal. Meat isn't as carcinogenic in its natural state, but if you fall for the cultural norm that crispy=better tasting then you'll also fall for the cultural norm of getting cancer. Marinade can in fact make meat safer to eat. The optimum amounts of onion, garlic, and lemon juice that achieved a maximum reduction of heterocyclic-amines were calculated as 31.2%, 28.6%, and 14.6% in marinade. When the amount of garlic in the marinade was changed from 2 to 20 g/100 g of marinade, the estimated mutagen content in fried beef patties was reduced about 70%. This information is according to PubMed and PubChem.

  2. Justin

    JustinDay ago

    No oil on the steaks before the sear? Seems the rules are always changing, but I've always brushed with olive oil first which helps to form a crust.

  3. Zeke Sherrod

    Zeke Sherrod2 days ago

    "Hey let's 'test' the best way to sear steaks" sounds like a good excuse to eat a bunch of steak to me!

  4. Tomas Lund Petersen

    Tomas Lund Petersen2 days ago

    Stop burning the meat. Flames should never touch the meat. All those steaks are just ruined!

  5. Piotr Żwirowski

    Piotr Żwirowski2 days ago

    Actually, the authentic, most traditional pizza is supposed to have the dough charred somewhat

  6. StopCallingMe Shirley

    StopCallingMe Shirley2 days ago

    Unless he's using a Saturn 5 rocket who cares.

  7. jazzmosphericminim

    jazzmosphericminim2 days ago

    Leave the poor old girl to rest!!

  8. Fireworxs2012

    Fireworxs20123 days ago

    Remind me to never eat Savage's house...These two yahoos don't have a clue...


    REDEX DUKE3 days ago

    not eating the fat it the biggest sin in steak cooking

  10. Ethan Blankenship

    Ethan Blankenship4 days ago

    "I'm so glad you joined us for dinner tonight! Sooo Here's your steak seared on an aluminum kiln"

  11. Greg Sieracki

    Greg Sieracki4 days ago

    What a waste if time! Sear the steak on high heat for 4 mins then turn for another 4 mins then finish in the oven at 350° to ur likeness!! Get out of here with this water bath French Bullshit!

  12. mech5 fab

    mech5 fab4 days ago

    Adam, whoever told you to wear that hat needs to be humiliatingly kicked in the crotch.

  13. Rowgue51

    Rowgue515 days ago

    In summary we boiled some meat and then used several different methods of faking a sear on the outside. The only legitimate way to sear meat wasn't even done. I thought the only variable was supposed to be temperature so you could test the "hotter is better" theory. And yes the Maillard reaction is in fact fully understood and has been since 1953, and it doesn't work in any way even remotely similar to what chemistry boy is talking about in the video. None of your processes resulted in a sear from the Maillard reaction. They all resulted in caramelization and burning which are separate and distinct processes.

  14. Rowgue51

    Rowgue5119 hours ago

    +Josh Foss You're a failed abortion

  15. Josh Foss

    Josh FossDay ago

    You're very, very wrong. Hit the books.

  16. Joshua Dolim

    Joshua Dolim5 days ago

    "I like to fiddle with my meat"

  17. Rick Panciroli

    Rick Panciroli5 days ago

    dude deff burned the living shit out of his hand when he patted that torch head.

  18. Thinking Impaired

    Thinking Impaired5 days ago

    jump to 30:00 minutes to bypass the boredom. I'm guessing around 18 or so minutes to the chimney method of searing.

  19. G

    G6 days ago

    S'n'P is the way for me

  20. ChristianByTruth TruthByChrist

    ChristianByTruth TruthByChrist6 days ago

    Steak Busters

  21. Drifting Abstract

    Drifting Abstract6 days ago

    Didn't need food. Just made food...while watching this.

  22. Ventricon

    Ventricon6 days ago

    "How manly are you?" "I FORGE MY STEAKS IN THE FURNACE"

  23. Francisco Vila

    Francisco Vila6 days ago

    have you tried an air hotgun?

  24. Andras Jai

    Andras Jai6 days ago

    2.3k Hindus watched this video

  25. Lukas MacAulay

    Lukas MacAulay6 days ago

    I hope he seasoned BEFORE sous vide too..? Why would he do it after?

  26. Sean Foulkes

    Sean Foulkes6 days ago

    13:15 "Yea, I like to fiddle with my meat"

  27. Benjamin Sanchez

    Benjamin Sanchez6 days ago

    This is vegan hell

  28. Daniel Parent

    Daniel Parent7 days ago

    "I'm sure you've seen Sous Vide steaks before.." Uh, no.

  29. Marth Sadreli

    Marth Sadreli7 days ago

    Adam Savage is a Modern Rooooooogue!

  30. roganjr77

    roganjr777 days ago

    when he said he prepped the meat at 123 degrees, i was like......wut?!, granted im not a meat critic but still seemed kinda low for getting the bad out of meat no matter where you get it or what cut it is. but thats just me, i can cook but im not a chef

  31. Aaron James

    Aaron James7 days ago

    The best sear according to Americas Test kitchen is a High Carbon steel pan (not cast iron), there thin and conduct heat the best, and with a tad of butter/oil you will crisp up the outside much better than those other methods as it helps heat transfer and frys the outside crisp like a chip. French chefs use them all the time for searing everything, and the same is used with Woks, they are all made out of high carbon thin steel, (not cast iron) and it sears mea before a stirfry perfectly with a good heat source.

  32. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith7 days ago

    They lost track of the task at hand. Too many toys to play with. Try using a tool that will give you the required heat on all surfaces at once instead of little tiny toys. You may as well use an electric heat gun. Moving a tiny heat source around the larger surface of a steak doesn't do the work evenly, especially when you've got more than one steak to finish. A conical, cylindrical or spherical oven with multiple sources of radiant heat is superb and give even results.

  33. Nicholas Hay

    Nicholas Hay7 days ago

    Every one of those steaks looks disgusting, and since people at home need to *cook* meat this experiment is pretty useless. Blocking this channel from future recommendations.

  34. byron p

    byron p7 days ago

    A tandoor oven would have been interesting.

  35. Mike Braun

    Mike Braun8 days ago

    It's summer time.... why is he wearing a hat, sunglasses and two shirts and a jacket ???

  36. neil u

    neil u8 days ago

    those steaks are raw. nasty

  37. TheIkaika777

    TheIkaika7778 days ago

    Silly! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  38. Jonathan Jacobs

    Jonathan Jacobs8 days ago

    Am I the only one that got all nostalgic when he kept saying he used to be on a show where "the final experiment was always the over-top one" ?

  39. Dimo Ronnie

    Dimo Ronnie8 days ago

    If only I had a penny for every time that dude mentions grill marks.

  40. Dewtard

    Dewtard8 days ago

    Don't flip the steak 'regularly'. I heard along time ago, "A real man flips a steak twice. Once while on the grill and the second is onto the plate"

  41. Daddy1724

    Daddy17248 days ago

    Hey Adam.....I really hope you get to see this comment because its important. Heston Blumenthal, one of the best chefs in world, 3 michelin stars, Highest praise available really, he is basically a scientist and chef in one. Well, he has a book were he corrects all Kitchen myths, and even smashes ideas that we hold as true that arent myths but accepted kitchen procedure. One of the biggest.......Dearing does NOTHING to keep in moisture an dmake steak or chicken juicier. You should really Check it out, just google Heston Blumenthal searing or his myths you! You should contact him and try to get him to show you his insane kitchen magic. but stop searing and start Nitro-Shock-Freezing.

  42. Daddy1724

    Daddy17248 days ago

    FYI searing is not the finish.....its the very first step in a great steak.

  43. Jess Martin

    Jess Martin8 days ago

    Obviously his mother never taught him that it's very rude and arrogant to talk to people while wearing sun glasses. but ya you look cool. - jerk.

  44. Martin Barker

    Martin Barker9 days ago

    "I Like to fiddle with my meat" the 10 year old burst a laugh out of me :D

  45. Martin Garza

    Martin Garza9 days ago

    people who rarely eat meat telling us how to eat steak

  46. Ron Crandall

    Ron Crandall9 days ago

    Adam, your life is so horrible. Being made to eat delicious steak for the show.

  47. SavageGreywolf

    SavageGreywolf9 days ago

    this was actually just an excuse to grill a bunch of steaks smart move Adam ;)

  48. FeArhsma21

    FeArhsma219 days ago

    MythBusted HA hA.....

  49. lulush ssjm

    lulush ssjm9 days ago

    The fat is my favorite part on a steak, I usually eat it with the meat. Why did they set aside the fat after cutting em off? Hope they ate it or gave to a fat lover like me

  50. Rocco Rattlebag

    Rocco Rattlebag9 days ago

    fuckin nerds. just grab the pan you ponces.

  51. Dominic

    Dominic9 days ago

    2.3k vegans disliked this video.

  52. that's why i am right

    that's why i am right9 days ago

    your cooking it in plastic, isn't that bad? i dont see how that is safe with everything we know about plastic's and the chemical's that it is made from (not just BPA)....

  53. nem tudom

    nem tudom9 days ago

    Handheld salamander?!

  54. BradiKal61

    BradiKal619 days ago

    this video got me cooking sous vide

  55. Lucius Bossio

    Lucius Bossio9 days ago

    You didn't rest the steak and used a knife you clearly have no business using, most expert chefs would stab someone with their current knife to have something that perfect on hand, go fuck yourself, you have no need for that tool, you took it from people who actually need it, get fucked you priveleged media whore

  56. Anthony Dumlao

    Anthony Dumlao9 days ago

    I have no money until payday which is tomorrow. It is absolutely torturous watching this. Why did I do this to myself?

  57. Shadow Boxer

    Shadow Boxer9 days ago

    Seared meat causes cancer.

  58. ProfesserNutButter

    ProfesserNutButter10 days ago

    why the hell is he wearing 2 shirts and a jacket in the summer?

  59. doon714

    doon71410 days ago

    One of the stupidest videos about steak I have ever seen.....

  60. yupwhatever

    yupwhatever10 days ago

    really dumb method that wastes a bunch of time

  61. April Alan

    April Alan10 days ago

    Mmmmm Yum, It Tastes like steak

  62. umad361

    umad36110 days ago

    That's a pretty disgraceful way to waste energy and cook a steak... smh

  63. Ben D

    Ben D10 days ago

    Holy Shitballs.... I'm now so hungry.

  64. Isaac Fernandez

    Isaac Fernandez10 days ago

    I am SO hungry right now...

  65. R D

    R D10 days ago

    Why does he keep repeating everything, is this an alzheimer's channel?

  66. Steve Mclean

    Steve Mclean10 days ago

    One of those... get on with it... videos.

  67. roundedges2

    roundedges210 days ago

    Tough job, somebody's gotta do it. Real troopers.

  68. Robert Ryan

    Robert Ryan10 days ago


  69. Joshua Wheeler

    Joshua Wheeler10 days ago

    12:20 ummm YES

  70. Iamzombiehunter

    Iamzombiehunter10 days ago

    The surface of this grill is dirty to the point it contaminated the steaks being grilled, also NEVER cut directly into any steak before letting it rest. How can these basic mistakes be made by what we are led to believe as professionals? Easy answer = They simply don't know how to properly grill steaks and fail every step of the way.

  71. Ross Cameron

    Ross Cameron10 days ago

    I first thought the resting step had been violated, too, until I realized that sous vide steaks do not need resting. Not sure what you meant by a contaminated grill...

  72. boris osyguss

    boris osyguss10 days ago

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, but seriously I think you all ought to try that again but with a very very good honey and pepper glaze on the steak before you cook them. And then again with a blood pudding glaze.... oh wait.... now I'm just thinking Hannibal Lecter recipes.... now if you'll excuse me, I'm having an old friend for dinner.

  73. Ken B

    Ken B10 days ago

    Adam too used to talking as center stage and makes a bore of something that could be a LOT better and shorter.

  74. Fizisheswa

    Fizisheswa10 days ago

    WOW, very nice comparison! I would love to see you take the chimney steak and compare to methods in cast iron and simply over a grill the way most of us commoners do it. Cheers!

  75. augusto cordeiro

    augusto cordeiro10 days ago

    I thought they were going to test the sear on buster lol

  76. FranBunnyFFXII

    FranBunnyFFXII10 days ago

    I dunno why but it makes me so glad to know that Adam isn't a vegan.

  77. dh123ize

    dh123ize11 days ago


  78. dh123ize

    dh123ize11 days ago

    I like to fiddle with my meat LOL

  79. Chris Barron pixlepeople llc

    Chris Barron pixlepeople llc11 days ago

    There's like $300 of beef there at todays prices

  80. agvulpine

    agvulpine11 days ago


  81. c allen

    c allen11 days ago

    Is that a Kramer knife?

  82. boris osyguss

    boris osyguss10 days ago

    I thought they only made guitars.

  83. Aimrehtopyh

    Aimrehtopyh11 days ago

    I've been watching Adam since season one, so naturally I think he should show us how to sear a steak with a dragster exhaust manifold, a Merlin rocket engine or the beam of the LHC.

  84. Raymond Renieri

    Raymond Renieri11 days ago

    I've never watch a steak cooking video that was this unappetizing. Also, why is this video 33 minutes? It could have been a 6 minute video.

  85. MutoreoCookie

    MutoreoCookie11 days ago

    Best way to sear a steak? Have Gordon Ramsey do it...

  86. marty keller

    marty keller11 days ago

    ...Adam seems oblivious to the art

  87. Pete Hamann

    Pete Hamann11 days ago

    Why do "cool" people who eat on camera always stab the food into their mouth. It's as if they are afraid of having an image captured of themselves placing food in their mouth. "Here... let me taste this delicate souffle... SSSLLAMMM!!!! POP! IT'S IN!"

  88. Winky Tinky Doo

    Winky Tinky Doo11 days ago

    This is sooo wrong. Sous vide before? Wow

  89. Axel Ded

    Axel Ded11 days ago

    19:18 can already hear will smith's voice saying that is hot

  90. B.D.B.

    B.D.B.11 days ago

    how come the steaks come out pink from the sous vide, yet when you finish them they are red?

  91. Maafa 1619

    Maafa 161911 days ago

    What's up with white folks loving raw meat and letting dogs lick them in the mouth? And, while we're at it, what the fuck is the deal with scotch? Singly malt scotch tastes like wide open ass and grass clippings.

  92. KMPuter Tech Supplies

    KMPuter Tech Supplies11 days ago

    13:17 Hahahha

  93. STRIFE_45

    STRIFE_4512 days ago

    I fiddle with my meat as well

  94. labrocca

    labrocca12 days ago

    Sous Vide steak is for people who don't know how to grill. I'm not waiting 2+ hours for boiling my steak in a bag when I can fire up my grill and have steaks in under 20 minutes. They end up grilling the steaks anyways to brown them. Save 2 hours and just put them on the grill.

  95. boris osyguss

    boris osyguss10 days ago

    Because your being more efficient at keeping the moisture in.

  96. MB4LUNCH

    MB4LUNCH12 days ago

    Fuck You Adam. The World Is Flat and you are a liar. I hope you sear your throat with your horrible steak.

  97. Long duk dong

    Long duk dong12 days ago

    Cast iron is by far the best method to get a sear on a steak.

  98. bear532

    bear53212 days ago

    13:18 lol

  99. Clos z German

    Clos z German12 days ago

    What are these guys doing? Seems like a harder way to cook a steak.

  100. P W

    P W12 days ago

    Ahh the Grand Old Man of Phoney Proofs....

  101. Airey Arjona

    Airey Arjona12 days ago

    Do you cook steak in flames or charcoal? I am curious

  102. Edward Skinner

    Edward Skinner12 days ago

    Are you going to try cooking steaks with thermite?

  103. RandomGamer

    RandomGamer12 days ago

    i want some steak now

  104. Nick Nayme

    Nick Nayme12 days ago

    Salt and Pepper goes on last, after the meat has come off the pan/grill..

  105. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo11 days ago

    Nope. You get a far better sear and flavour salting the steaks before hand.

  106. Peter Moisan

    Peter Moisan12 days ago

    13:18 "I like to fiddle with my meat"

  107. Dan Downey

    Dan Downey12 days ago

    I want that tasting job. They don't even have to pay me.