Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle


  1. Havok 7905

    Havok 790513 hours ago

    Damn I’d pay for him to commission one for me...freakin nice!!!

  2. creeper lover

    creeper lover13 hours ago


  3. matt cortez

    matt cortez15 hours ago

    24:35 -25:00 BOB ROSS MEETS MAD MAX

  4. ReUp23

    ReUp2322 hours ago

    nice didnt you know abot yt

  5. Gatliot Petliee

    Gatliot PetlieeDay ago

    little more UUMF right? yea..

  6. Monorom Krich

    Monorom KrichDay ago

    He gets so excited towards the end.😀

  7. Paladinmax111

    Paladinmax111Day ago

    Adam Savage is the definition of cool

  8. Monorom Krich

    Monorom KrichDay ago

    The future nerf finally made!👍👍👍👍😀

  9. Paladinmax111

    Paladinmax111Day ago

    I wish I could send him some of my nerf guns for him to modify and paint

  10. Hailee Steinfeld - Topic

    Hailee Steinfeld - TopicDay ago

    Looks like something from Destiny.

  11. Sam Fox

    Sam FoxDay ago

    Lol I love how passionate Adam is about rub n’ buff

  12. Julian Erickson

    Julian EricksonDay ago

    This guy was on myth busters right what happend to him

  13. Trick Shot Wizard Studios

    Trick Shot Wizard StudiosDay ago

    How much for one?

  14. Guilherme machado

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  15. tiny tim

    tiny tim2 days ago

    And don't make the gun look damaged it's ugly

  16. tiny tim

    tiny tim2 days ago

    Don't weather things it makes them look ugly

  17. Mistercap December

    Mistercap December2 days ago

    type of guy that makes you go school shooting. great job fool

  18. Kasparas Plays

    Kasparas Plays2 days ago

    Do you sell those ?

  19. Joshua Young

    Joshua Young2 days ago

    Great build, Adam! Looks like something you'd see in Destiny or Borderlands. Huge two thumbs!

  20. Awesome Man115

    Awesome Man1153 days ago

    I love nerf guns

  21. Paul Summerside

    Paul Summerside3 days ago

    Simply respraying over the awful orange and blue combination, in itself would be enough.

  22. Awesome Man115

    Awesome Man1153 days ago

    Can you make a customized nerf longshot for my birthday?

  23. Brent Dharel Taal

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  24. Kiwidan30

    Kiwidan303 days ago

    You’re spot on about the ball of used masking tape hahahah

  25. TDF公式アカウント

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  26. Ghostsquad 12

    Ghostsquad 124 days ago

    Do you get a sexual pleasure from this?

  27. Dakotah Parkington

    Dakotah Parkington4 days ago

    I still don't get it??? Why did he show his torn up floor and blame adam????

  28. Jay

    Jay4 days ago

    Imagine drac saw this.

  29. Francesco Mancino

    Francesco Mancino4 days ago



    Justin SHELDON-SHAFFER4 days ago

    I just love science and shit

  31. Mack Dadddy

    Mack Dadddy4 days ago

    How the fuk do I buy 1

  32. Ice Cream

    Ice Cream4 days ago

    I think nerf guns have "do not modify" written in it

  33. alan phillips

    alan phillips4 days ago

    m1 stinger

  34. Thomas Diep

    Thomas Diep5 days ago

    Can you make me one?!!😂

  35. daniel Cordero

    daniel Cordero5 days ago

    I wish he was my grandpa

  36. Russell Brown

    Russell Brown5 days ago

    Did he call it pump action. (SNAP) Noice

  37. Gopnik Excalibur

    Gopnik Excalibur5 days ago

    That Sniper rifle reminds me of guns from destiny because of the design except the scope since destiny has scopes made in the galactic age but a great sniper rifle tho

  38. Michael Natilli

    Michael Natilli5 days ago

    modify a nerf vortex Praxis, I have one, it is Awesome!

  39. erick tom

    erick tom5 days ago

    Your just doing the most simplest mods and posting it on MReporter with a cool looking thumbnail just to fucking clickbait to get views your not even putting any effort in to it you didn’t even do any internal mods, if anyone dislikes this comment i don’t give a fuck cuase I know I’m right

  40. Robert Howerton

    Robert Howerton5 days ago

    But if it got used alot, there shouldn't be any rust. But that's okay, its beautiful

  41. Daniel Longeuay

    Daniel Longeuay6 days ago

    Love to see some of these go for auction....... would be awesome

  42. Dylan Kriske

    Dylan Kriske6 days ago

    Do you still keep in touch with Jamie

  43. Manny Brum

    Manny Brum6 days ago

    Do you ever clear coat your projects? I paint minis, and just from handling them gently in a few D&D sessions can rub acrylic paint off of them. I can't imagine how easy it would be to rub off at least the acrylics you used if you're handling this thing for normal usage. A matt varnish usually holds up way better than a coat of paint.

  44. Daniel Matters

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  45. Dylan Ayair

    Dylan Ayair6 days ago

    Adam your so Savage

  46. dogs rookie

    dogs rookie7 days ago

    paintng.. is important

  47. Glazeatr0n 12345

    Glazeatr0n 123457 days ago

    0:38 that's what she said

  48. John

    John7 days ago

    Owwww yeahhh thanks for the skill teaching. Love the touch up technique to make it worn. 28:29 lol masterpiece

  49. Nevada Stalker

    Nevada Stalker7 days ago

    its not like rusty gun is usually unsafe to shoot...

  50. 林典葦

    林典葦7 days ago

    It look 's like ana's snipergun in overwatch

  51. The Megsters

    The Megsters7 days ago

    i want it.

  52. Dev Sankar Tyler

    Dev Sankar Tyler8 days ago

    we all love your nerf gun modifications...i think you should make more such videos.....

  53. Braden Cosier

    Braden Cosier8 days ago

    I love how peaceful these are. There’s nothing but Adam and his craft

  54. Alejo Rob

    Alejo Rob8 days ago

    He's like the modern Bob Ross

  55. Alejo Rob

    Alejo Rob8 days ago

    Why isn't this monetized

  56. Ronin Plays

    Ronin Plays6 days ago

    Because MReporter is a bunch of libtards and this video has gun in the title

  57. McRocket

    McRocket8 days ago

    Gorgeous gun.

  58. Rowdy Houtz

    Rowdy Houtz8 days ago

    Man I wish my uncle was cool like him

  59. LaunchPadCovers

    LaunchPadCovers9 days ago

    That looks like the gun sinon owns in sword art online i just noticed😂

  60. Jim Singh

    Jim Singh9 days ago

    It sounds like he’s been through a lot but I love this dude mythbuster days to today

  61. Navy Bronk

    Navy Bronk9 days ago

    Adam and my mom would be best friends

  62. Matt Klimas

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  63. Matt Klimas

    Matt Klimas9 days ago

    can you make one for me?

  64. Billy Allison

    Billy Allison9 days ago

    Does he still do mith busters

  65. Ronin Plays

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  66. J Thompson

    J Thompson10 days ago

    I want some to trick out my nerf "sniper" Raptorstrike get it looking all epic and LEGENDARY!!!

  67. Conor Van Wey

    Conor Van Wey10 days ago

    He put the bipod on the wrong way

  68. Dillon Holden

    Dillon Holden10 days ago

    Where can I buy one?


    JUSTIN PLAYZ10 days ago

    I like how he just randomly has a scope

  70. Ronin Plays

    Ronin Plays6 days ago

    Well it's a sniper which usually has a scope. You don't know much about guns in general I can tell

  71. nicky. 542

    nicky. 54210 days ago

    That would make a great cod sniper👌🏼

  72. finn rey cat

    finn rey cat10 days ago


  73. finn rey cat

    finn rey cat10 days ago

    hey adam can you make me one i'm a kid ?

  74. Evelyn Falcon

    Evelyn Falcon10 days ago

    Im just imagining showing up to a nerf war party with that lol

  75. Evelyn Falcon

    Evelyn Falcon10 days ago

    You should paint a box of bullets to go with the guns you make with spray paint

  76. Kerrymti

    Kerrymti11 days ago

    Adam...has anyone ever told you that you sound like Bob Ross when you are doing a build? LOLOL, this one was killing me, happy little tape...LOL.

  77. Mr. Nice Person

    Mr. Nice Person11 days ago

    22:59 it’s bob ross

  78. Mr. Forgettable

    Mr. Forgettable11 days ago


  79. Canadian Goose

    Canadian Goose11 days ago

    Wait how much was that and where did you get it

  80. Jesse Doescher

    Jesse Doescher11 days ago

    My list of comets during the video 1. Actually... Not all clips for guns are Black... some of them are Grey (The reason i know this is because it's one of the main differences between the US Military's M16A3 and M16A4, other then, of course, M16A3 is full auto, while M16A4 is 3-round burst) 2. Did anyone else catch the fact that the scopes, both of them, are not from a pack with a gun? The sniper scope is from the Modulus Long Range upgrade kit (which also inclueds a Bipod, and barrel), and the Holographic/EO-Tech is from the Spec Ops upgrade kit (which also unclueds a Suppressor and a Shield) 3. I think he got the ideas for the color scheme from the L115 which, to my knowlage, is Yellow and Silver 4. I did not know nerf made 18-dart clips. I always thought the max for that type was 12 5. Referencing comet #3 I, now at 19 minutes in, think he actually got the idea for the colors from the Nerf Maverik, a smaller, multi-purpose revolver-like nerf gun 6. If you mass-produced that sniper i would buy it for up to 100 United States Dollars (Translates to 76.92 Pound sterling and/or 130.06 Canadian Dollars) 7. Wait... if he had a real sniper scope... what was the sence of buying a nerf sniper scope? 8. Welp... Good news... bad news... and bad news for adam... The Good news is i found the nerf sniper scope... the bad news is that it's missing it's eyepeice and being used as a gernade launcher... the bad news for adam is that most snipers arn't compatable with gernade launchers and those few that are, most soldiers and even people that use them most likely arn't thinking of adding one... because for one, a sniper needs to move fast, and gernade launchers are heavy... for two, a gernade launcher fires at an arch, for all you non-scientist that means that it fires it to where it is actually effected by the earth's gravity... this means it's max range comes at around a 50 degree arch, and it's max range doesn't compare to the longest sniper shot to get a kill in history, which was, if you want to know, 1.24274 Miles (2 Kilometers)... and three, any use of a gernade launcher on a sniper is overroited by two things: a sniper's purpose and the gernade launcher's consiquinces. Ex. While it is true that gernade launchers reduce recoil, most semi-auto, and in Tested's case Bolt Action, rifles actually don't need to worry about recoil, since they only fire once when someone puts his finger on the trigger. 9. I really want that sniper 10. Remember kids... always add an orange band to the end of your nerf rifles so they are legal... Since aparently Orange is the color of legality... All airosoft/dart guns need a orange thing on their barrel, hunters need to wear an orange jacket when hunting... is Orange the new blue? Welp if you actually red all of this... leave a comet... and remember to adress which one you are talking about

  81. Mr. Mugger

    Mr. Mugger11 days ago

    the default long strike was such a disappointment and now they sell on eBay for like 700 USD

  82. Senkai

    Senkai11 days ago

    Can I go to war with this, and win?

  83. Brandon Schroeder

    Brandon Schroeder11 days ago

    27:51 Moneyshot

  84. Oliver Livingstone

    Oliver Livingstone11 days ago

    I used to think I was quite smart but then i started watching these videos and now I feel really dumb

  85. The Whizkid

    The Whizkid12 days ago

    Wow.... Adam, that looks killer...

  86. FTGwLoRd 12345

    FTGwLoRd 1234512 days ago

    Can I buy that

  87. Aiden Toole

    Aiden Toole12 days ago

    You just gotta beat the devil out of it

  88. Jesse Leipold

    Jesse Leipold12 days ago

    I decided I wanted to paint my nerf raptorstrike black white and grey but didn't feel like taking it apart. So I had the great idea to use duct tape as masking tape.... I'm starting my paint job tomorrow wish me luck lol

  89. FOUR Strokes!

    FOUR Strokes!12 days ago

    Ive been fagot hunting for a while, i just cant seem to find the bunch i want, i usually just use toothpicks.

  90. Sam Animates

    Sam Animates13 days ago

    Me: isn’t that a little too much rusting and rub n buff? Adam: W E A T H E R I N G

  91. David Morris

    David Morris13 days ago

    My brother had a yellow longstrike. I got the automatic LMG that came out around the same time. It took 6 D batteries. I only ever used it once.

  92. Emil Bermann

    Emil Bermann13 days ago

    Can i buy it

  93. Tatsumi plays

    Tatsumi plays13 days ago

    the part of the video where he says the butt it's actually called the stock but it still good looking Nerf gun but it doesn't really matter what you call it I'm just saying they're actually called normally cares if you called the butt or the stock but the rail is literally called rail it works the same way how a rail like a train rail works kind of as soon as people read this they're going to put no you idiot it doesn't really matter okay but if he ever goes to a Nerf war and he says I need a new butt for my gun doesn't sound right

  94. UC creations

    UC creations13 days ago

    dude seriously u remind me peter mckinnon so awesome u two

  95. larissa santana

    larissa santana14 days ago

    faz pra mim

  96. Pinoy Pianist- Varities of Music

    Pinoy Pianist- Varities of Music14 days ago

    Sanding the barrel 😶

  97. EzGetRekt Man

    EzGetRekt Man14 days ago

    00:39 longer and harder... uh what?

  98. Robert Byrd

    Robert Byrd14 days ago

    It looks kinda like Adam took some inspiration from the weapons mostly used in Aliens (the 2nd Alien movie). Actually, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he helped design and build them.

  99. Ace_of_Spades

    Ace_of_Spades14 days ago

    so kool

  100. Gabriel Mainey

    Gabriel Mainey15 days ago


  101. UnivalveCube 534

    UnivalveCube 53415 days ago

    'Oh lets make a Sniper. I think that if we want to use it in the forest it should be yellow.' Kill me. ' And let's make it a weathered look. Ohh why don't we buff it to give it a shine.' Cause you shit head if you want to a cool gun make it black, grey and silver. Then to leave it weathered you don't buff it or shine you stupid dick

  102. Alley Cat

    Alley Cat15 days ago

    I like how the Nerf guns say " Do not modify " but Adam goes ahead and modifies it lol

  103. PrettySilk81

    PrettySilk8115 days ago

    Are you from Mythbusters?

  104. Ronin Plays

    Ronin Plays6 days ago