Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle


  1. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage’s Tested3 months ago

    The recipient of this Secret Santa gift -- "SpockIsMyHomeboy" -- chronicled the receiving of this gift. Check out his gallery on Imgur:

  2. Shroom Creeper

    Shroom Creeper5 days ago

    Adam Savage’s Tested can I get one for my birthday?!?!

  3. ej the dj

    ej the dj8 days ago

    Can you make me one?

  4. amycfeasel

    amycfeasel10 days ago

    I wish I could make one. Can you give me the overall steps on how to make it so I can print it out and make my own? Also the type of Nerf gun and mods


    GABRIEL HUGGINS11 days ago

    Never mind finished the video and saw it was gift I’m dumb but could you make another one and if could I buy it from you


    GABRIEL HUGGINS11 days ago

    Adam Savage’s Tested Do you still have this nerf gun and if so how much would it be if I bought it from you if you want to sale it

  7. 王耀宗

    王耀宗14 hours ago


  8. Communist Creeper

    Communist Creeper21 hour ago

    Adam should make movie props

  9. Communist Creeper

    Communist Creeper21 hour ago

    23:09 at that moment Adam became irish

  10. Andrew Stinson

    Andrew Stinson22 hours ago

    Omega Sea Master Planet Ocean Chrono 43.5mm. Beautiful , excellent taste Adam!

  11. No1likes thatguy

    No1likes thatguyDay ago

    23:20 becomes Bob Ross

  12. Anarky

    AnarkyDay ago

    Seller: So how many sticks do you need? Adam: Yes

  13. Cable Car Comics

    Cable Car ComicsDay ago

    Bucket list: -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage -Meet Adam Savage

  14. LIST

    LISTDay ago

    *Neill Blomkamp wants to know your location*

  15. Dominic Bouchier

    Dominic BouchierDay ago

    Receives present > Gets gunned down in the street by police.

  16. EC2Gaming 101

    EC2Gaming 101Day ago


  17. EC2Gaming 101

    EC2Gaming 101Day ago


  18. Shady Sal

    Shady SalDay ago

    29:41 truth is, the game was rigged from the start

  19. Charles Seemann

    Charles Seemann2 days ago

    Adam would be the best uncle

  20. Jeff Crocker

    Jeff Crocker2 days ago

    What kind on paint and spray paint do you use

  21. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson2 days ago

    How much?

  22. LittleJizz

    LittleJizz2 days ago

    This make my pp hard

  23. Timmy Reeves

    Timmy Reeves2 days ago

    Any body notice it was 9.35 for a long time

  24. Cristian Sosa

    Cristian Sosa2 days ago

    Reminds me of the awm in pubg

  25. webslinger king

    webslinger king2 days ago

    I'm a nerf nerd and this makes me mad

  26. Spencer Levesque

    Spencer Levesque2 days ago

    Love your work Adam!

  27. Ezra Satrio

    Ezra Satrio2 days ago

    I wish i did something like this before dissembling my Longstrike. The Longstrike was the first nerf gun I got and after outgrowing it in a few years I decided to dissaemble it... and breaking it in the process :(

  28. Arthur Hickman

    Arthur Hickman2 days ago

    You put the bipod on backwards, the legs are ment to bend up forwards, not back

  29. Brayden Phillips

    Brayden PhillipsDay ago

    Arthur Hickman why?

  30. Jordan Vanderpool

    Jordan Vanderpool2 days ago

    Adam you’re the new bob ross. Lol

  31. Terence FirstInTrouble

    Terence FirstInTrouble2 days ago

    Anyone else think he acts like Harrison wells from the flash

  32. RebelMerc

    RebelMerc3 days ago

    Hey Adam, love your work. I have a couple of questions for you. Why haven't you built yourself an automatic paint can shaker? Have you considered making a flapper wheel that holds scotch bright pads? Run at a slow speed you might speed up your "roughing up the surface" by a large margin. And last but not least. Could you build a Nerf gun but replace the spring launch system with an air powered system?

  33. PH4NTOM Airsoft

    PH4NTOM Airsoft3 days ago

    Nerfbusters 😂😂😂

  34. PH4NTOM Airsoft

    PH4NTOM Airsoft3 days ago

    Nerfbusters 😂😂😂

  35. Wi-Fi TV

    Wi-Fi TV3 days ago

    I modified a Nerf Vulcan for a short film a few years ago. I had to make it a laser rifle so I painted it black and silver and used some EL wire that lit up every time it fired. The electronics were absolutely the hardest part for me

  36. Get Real

    Get Real3 days ago

    The long strike thinks he can replace my dude “the longshot”

  37. Brayden Roell

    Brayden Roell4 days ago

    When he was weathering he was channeling his inner Bob Ross

  38. Noah Colburt

    Noah Colburt4 days ago

    I want this guy to be my secret santa :(

  39. Rouge Saytr

    Rouge Saytr4 days ago

    How much would I have to pay to get one 😂

  40. CrackerJack

    CrackerJack4 days ago

    3:05 It works, until you bump the object that has the screws on it and they roll around. Or... Someone comes up and bumps the table and as they flail to catch their balance they send the material the screws are on a good distance away from where they originally were. Or... Jamie shows up and snarls through that motorcycle handlebar mustache while he plays a joke on you and moves some of the screws to different locations. All of which would be equally comical to see by the way ;)

  41. Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker4 days ago


  42. Kwad_rat

    Kwad_rat4 days ago

    I just looked up this nerf because I was thinking about buying one and making some mods myself. Damn, this thing got expensive. I suspect people were buying it becouse how badass it looked after repainting and now it's hard to find this model. The're around 600$.

  43. Coolio Ash

    Coolio Ash5 days ago

    That thing looks straight outta borderlands

  44. Cringe1iveStreams !

    Cringe1iveStreams !5 days ago

    Cool mod

  45. Farmer Cyst

    Farmer Cyst5 days ago

    Adam: ".. so if you see a bunch of sticks, buy em!" Me: *throws wads of cash at the nearest tree*

  46. oktopustrainer

    oktopustrainer5 days ago

    Like a sniper would ever let that kind of weathering happen to his rifle lol.

  47. Taylor Robinson

    Taylor Robinson5 days ago

    We found Bob Ross's reincarnation!

  48. noahbear346

    noahbear3466 days ago

    Nobody: Adam Savage: tap tap tap tap tap tap

  49. Mary Sullivan

    Mary Sullivan6 days ago

    2:02. Who else sees it.🍆🍆

  50. Single Cheznut

    Single Cheznut6 days ago

    You should sell these on a website but also have other people help make the guns. Also, I don’t know how to upgrade my guns that well, so can you release a video on how to do that,

  51. Google Homeless

    Google Homeless6 days ago

    Anyone else notice that the dart was too fast to be caught in frame several times Adam shot the nerf gun?

  52. Никита Семененко

    Никита Семененко6 days ago

    I have a same Nerf gun, but it's spring is dead...

  53. Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena7 days ago

    The amount of anxiety I got watching you unscrew it was crazy lol I’m always so bad at not losing screws

  54. Antero Molina

    Antero Molina7 days ago

    2:00 woah there bucko

  55. That Fish Kid

    That Fish Kid7 days ago

    Freakin' LIT!!!

  56. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown7 days ago

    Please bring back Mythbusters Netflix

  57. Corey Stuber

    Corey Stuber7 days ago

    my only thing: it would never have the distance or accuracy for a legit scope to be necessary lol

  58. Heart Breaker 999

    Heart Breaker 9997 days ago

    People who recording are so patient

  59. Semra Kumaş

    Semra Kumaş7 days ago

    Not pupmp action bolt action

  60. Ethan Xavier Piety

    Ethan Xavier Piety7 days ago

    He jammed it at the end

  61. Mandatory Sin

    Mandatory Sin7 days ago

    A handy trick for remembering where screws go that I use is to keep the box and just poke them through the cardboard where they go on the nerf gun.

  62. JR Fishing

    JR Fishing7 days ago

    how far does it shoot?

  63. Jack Chen

    Jack Chen7 days ago

    Lmao he called it pump action

  64. Tricked RPG

    Tricked RPG8 days ago


  65. Nicholas January

    Nicholas January8 days ago

    Don't paint the trigger, barrel end or magazine if you for sure don't want to get into trouble with cops

  66. Devin Mack

    Devin Mack8 days ago

    This episode brought to you by Rub n’ Buff TM

  67. L*S*X*6.0

    L*S*X*6.08 days ago

    Still a virgin

  68. Gaming Lemming

    Gaming Lemming8 days ago


  69. Milby Vision

    Milby Vision8 days ago

    masking tape peel ASMR?

  70. retro rick

    retro rick8 days ago

    Looks nice 👍😁but No link for the upgrade kit? 😞🤯

  71. Johannes Ruf

    Johannes Ruf6 days ago

    Just google it/type it into Amazon. They showed the logo and he said it's from Modworks. A quick google search tells you it's Orange Modworks. Other companies you can buy nerf modding equipment from would be Worker Mods or ;) It wouldn't make too much sense to link the specific kit he used because they have a lot of different kits with various spring strength, voltage mods for battery driven nerf guns or reinforcing parts for the inner workings of the gun catered to your needs/what you want the nerf gun to be improved on.

  72. Luke Stetson 2

    Luke Stetson 28 days ago

    The long strike is fricken 300 dollars I’ve always wanted one but I couldn’t buy one because it’s fricken 300 dollars

  73. Luke Stetson 2

    Luke Stetson 28 days ago

    I know but now there are 300$ and I didn’t know about the gun then

  74. Andrew Do

    Andrew Do8 days ago

    Luke Stetson 2 they were like $45 back in 2011-2012 lol. had one myself. good times

  75. Benjamin Green

    Benjamin Green8 days ago

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  76. Jayne Carswell

    Jayne Carswell8 days ago

    Little bit of masking tape adds so much value *pulls off mountain of masking tape*

  77. Jayne Carswell

    Jayne Carswell8 days ago

    I miss myth busters so much

  78. MrClamptruck1

    MrClamptruck18 days ago

    awesome! now do an AR-15.

  79. Tom logan

    Tom logan8 days ago

    Adam Savage, I've been a big fan since mythbusters first aired. I love you and your brilliant mind! My favorite phrase I use to this day from you is, " I reject your reality and substute my own!" So awesome.

  80. Aaron Gilding

    Aaron Gilding8 days ago

    8:14 The thing he’s working on looks like lightsaber parts.

  81. Nathan Jarvis

    Nathan Jarvis8 days ago

    That gun is so badass. What paint do you typically use BTW

  82. XxHUNKxX_RE2_PB

    XxHUNKxX_RE2_PB8 days ago

    Reminds me of the Kraber sniper from Apex

  83. Dustin Holmes

    Dustin Holmes8 days ago

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  84. That One Random Guy

    That One Random Guy8 days ago

    I love how he quotes random inspirational art sayings and tips like our good old friend Bob Ross.

  85. Jonathon Smith

    Jonathon Smith8 days ago

    Could have told me there was a timelapse at the end...

  86. Seth O'Leary

    Seth O'Leary8 days ago

    Imagine what he could do with real rifles

  87. Blue Line Spartan

    Blue Line Spartan9 days ago

    Lol you kind of sound like polecat

  88. anonymous kid

    anonymous kid9 days ago

    How to get someone killed Step one: Be Adam Savage Step two: Profit.

  89. Aaron CamusSandoval

    Aaron CamusSandoval9 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR WORK IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I always thought of doing this as a hobby but I lost interest. This video has inspired me to continue with modding and making custom nerf guns. Thank you.

  90. JurassicGamer 27

    JurassicGamer 279 days ago

    Division 2 sniper specialists

  91. Dave's tv

    Dave's tv9 days ago

    I am not into nerf guns instead i am into airsoft... what the hell am i doing here??????😕😕😕

  92. Chicken Core

    Chicken Core9 days ago

    top 10 CIA weapon projects

  93. Kolby Tricell

    Kolby Tricell9 days ago

    "pick em off like a scab"

  94. Yankee redneck

    Yankee redneck9 days ago

    That is the coolest non-firearm I would actually want to own

  95. Yankee redneck

    Yankee redneck9 days ago

    How is it sighting it in

  96. Angel Croce

    Angel Croce9 days ago

    The production value on these videos is insane

  97. Derek Slav

    Derek Slav10 days ago

    Just *slightly* more badass

  98. Lazy Hotdog

    Lazy Hotdog10 days ago

    the brand is orange mod works

  99. Sam Hopper

    Sam Hopper10 days ago

    If you make a template out of cardboard (doesn’t have to be super accurate, just a good representation), you can mark the screw locations on it, and stick them through the template. That way you have all your screws together in the correct order no matter what, even if you drop the template, they will stay in place. This is a technique I used to use when I had to rebuild carburetors years ago when I was a mechanic.

  100. Joshua Shepherd

    Joshua Shepherd4 days ago

    Sticking screws into cardboard is also a good way to paint the screw heads without fouling the threads.

  101. macroevolve

    macroevolve10 days ago

    It looks like something a Gundam model would have

  102. Jannik Heidemann

    Jannik Heidemann10 days ago

    9:44 *When Adam Savage starts to talk like Bob Ross.*

  103. TECsta

    TECsta10 days ago

    Some window putty on the inside would give it some added body....


    STICKY GREEN BUD10 days ago


  105. Nate Karr

    Nate Karr10 days ago


  106. Depth

    Depth10 days ago

    but can you build the infinity gauntlet? *snaps*

  107. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato10 days ago

    Gosh those are so cool

  108. Zeveray

    Zeveray10 days ago

    That gun is ollldddd I had that back when I was like 6 or 7

  109. CFHforever

    CFHforever11 days ago

    If it was me I'd probably bump the green felt cloth and send everything flying

  110. SweGuss

    SweGuss11 days ago

    24:09 sounds like the beginning of homicide by logic and Eminem haha