Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle


  1. DjDogYT

    DjDogYT3 hours ago

    Man I wish I was Adams secret Santa

  2. Majestical Richard

    Majestical Richard8 hours ago


  3. Toni Karla Bolivar

    Toni Karla Bolivar8 hours ago

    *Great, inexpensive air rifle>>>**** Able to keep the varmints out of the garden once the scope was dialed in. Very accurate at moderate distances which is just what I needed. Would recommend it to anyone who is plagued by chipmunks, squirrels or rabbits. Have read other reviews where they say the scope is terrible but I found it to be quite adequate and easy to adjust. Good value*

  4. shotski100

    shotski1008 hours ago


  5. Nagib Azar

    Nagib Azar8 hours ago


  6. XxGhostexX

    XxGhostexXDay ago

    The importance of taking your time applying masking tape is real 😂 I paint a lot of guns and the majority of the time is definitely spent putting on masking tape. But taking it off to see the way the paint turns out is very satisfying

  7. Prince Sappore

    Prince SapporeDay ago

    you are the best

  8. American Canadian

    American CanadianDay ago

    Thats awesome

  9. Keizersoze

    KeizersozeDay ago

    What an annoying humming throughout???? Thought I had tinnitus, sweet build as usual though

  10. Cody Alexander

    Cody AlexanderDay ago

    completely ruined it with your weathering technique...

  11. EyelessWorld

    EyelessWorldDay ago

    17:46 Orgasm

  12. scooby_doo2008

    scooby_doo20082 days ago

    Does anyone know if the silencer will actually work

  13. Cloud Buster

    Cloud Buster2 days ago

    I may or may not try to do this for comic con

  14. The Shiny Vaporeon Fan

    The Shiny Vaporeon Fan2 days ago

    Welp now I’m going to buy a ton of nerf guns because this video thanks Adam

  15. Ronan Keevers

    Ronan Keevers2 days ago

    Now all you need is metal cap darts

  16. flying chickens are here

    flying chickens are here2 days ago

    should have painted the nerf darts in a nice bronze or brass

  17. Jerry Dallas

    Jerry Dallas3 days ago

    I want this so bad

  18. Joash Loh

    Joash Loh4 days ago

    It’s actually Orange Mod Works

  19. Sebbissoss

    Sebbissoss4 days ago

    This looks like a destiny weapon

  20. Leonardo Masini Alemán

    Leonardo Masini Alemán5 days ago

    I recomend adding some music but at a very low volume so your voice and the machines noises can still be heard

  21. Aizek Pina

    Aizek Pina5 days ago


  22. Aizek Pina

    Aizek Pina5 days ago


  23. Aizek Pina

    Aizek Pina5 days ago

    Boy talking to his self

  24. Th Or

    Th Or5 days ago

    He ruined the gun with brown paint:(

  25. Blake Ingram

    Blake Ingram5 days ago

    Great copyright lol 😂

  26. MrBabyBitch666

    MrBabyBitch6665 days ago

    yo nerf! step it up!

  27. Joseph Hortin

    Joseph Hortin6 days ago

    Why not paint with the hydro dip method

  28. ULTRA GAMER 327

    ULTRA GAMER 3276 days ago

    Your knowledge is so cool

  29. Patricia Stone

    Patricia Stone6 days ago

    Its funny how he says"MMMFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  30. Patricia Stone

    Patricia Stone6 days ago

    Adam. Stop Making Your Kid's Old Toys Badass!


    SWAT TEAM6 days ago

    Man the SWAT needs him to make weapons look like nerf guns so we can call it less than lethal (but it will be real bullets but the gun looks like a nerf gun)

  32. Holden Cagle

    Holden Cagle7 days ago

    I have that same sling on my bird gun

  33. BigRed!

    BigRed!7 days ago

    Boba Fett sniper

  34. James Langham

    James Langham7 days ago

    It's actually orange mod works

  35. Franklin González

    Franklin González7 days ago

    Nerf Longstrike CS-6.

  36. mjarbar

    mjarbar7 days ago

    Thing reminds me of a WH40k Imperial Guardsmen rifle! Love watching these builds.

  37. Phantom_Lightning _

    Phantom_Lightning _7 days ago

    When he painted the top of the mag it made me cringe so hard, also when he dry fired it with the kit made me cringe

  38. Saul Teen

    Saul Teen8 days ago


  39. Brooks Barnett

    Brooks Barnett8 days ago

    You should build your own PC

  40. Leman Russ

    Leman Russ8 days ago

    Remove the AIR RESTRICTIONS.

  41. Leman Russ

    Leman Russ8 days ago


  42. don dupit

    don dupit8 days ago

    Wow the coolest nerf gun ive ever seen!

  43. jar chip

    jar chip9 days ago

    looks like my paintball gun when i get home from woodball

  44. kaden Galloway

    kaden Galloway10 days ago

    Scope is on backwards

  45. billy Thompson

    billy Thompson10 days ago

    If u didn’t live out there with those fruit cakes you could play with real stuff

  46. Parlusk

    Parlusk10 days ago

    Bi-pod is on backwards... Anyone else catch that?

  47. PalutenFan

    PalutenFan10 days ago

    Rest in Peace Long Strike. We'll miss you. Do anybody know how difficult it is to buy a Long Strike in Germany? Most of the time it cost more then 200$. WTF?

  48. Japo _127

    Japo _1276 days ago

    In Italy the cost is 56€

  49. Sean C

    Sean C9 days ago

    PalutenFan you're in luck. Nerf is bringing back thr Longstrike under the Modulus line and will be out this fall!

  50. vaping sim

    vaping sim10 days ago

    That is awesome skills noticed respect given

  51. W0UND3D CUPC4K3

    W0UND3D CUPC4K310 days ago

    i can be abstrakt

  52. ivic frost

    ivic frost10 days ago

    So so want one..

  53. Squidudel lp

    Squidudel lp10 days ago

    It makes my heart hurt because he used the long strike

  54. Perktube1

    Perktube110 days ago

    Reminds me a bit of an imperial guard las rifle.

  55. Jack Zwart

    Jack Zwart11 days ago

    MAKE ME ONE!!!!!

  56. hugeKingKibbleFan 69

    hugeKingKibbleFan 6911 days ago

    During the time lapse the clock didn’t change 🤷‍♂️

  57. FuturisticLemur

    FuturisticLemur11 days ago

    that’s beast

  58. Alex Kypros

    Alex Kypros11 days ago

    Man if I got that as a kid, I'd have so many police records because I'd be shooting every lying and everyone with it!

  59. The Scentitar

    The Scentitar11 days ago

    Alot more could be done to improve it.

  60. ZTrek

    ZTrek11 days ago

    he's gonna get arrested cause the cops gonna think its real,so good luck in jail :)

  61. Damien Lim

    Damien Lim11 days ago

    Cool! I subscribed when I was watching this video

  62. Mica T

    Mica T12 days ago

    22:34 weathering techniques

  63. Rodrigo Daniel Florencia

    Rodrigo Daniel Florencia12 days ago

    I realized I actually spent 39 minutes of my life I'll never get back watching an adult man spray painting a Nerf gun. Totally worth it.

  64. zen reynaud

    zen reynaud12 days ago

    you are soo cool and nice

  65. Galaxy Ace

    Galaxy Ace12 days ago

    You waisted a LONGSTRIKE do you now how expensive that is you should feel bad about your self

  66. Sean C

    Sean C9 days ago

    Galaxy Ace they are bringing it back this fall.

  67. dave guiney

    dave guiney14 days ago

    my boy is 9 and he has autism he would love one of your guns he watches all your vids

  68. Andrew Bondlow

    Andrew Bondlow14 days ago

    At 18:30, we use to throw balls of tape at each other at a photo studio I worked at. I pegged one of our set designers right invetween the shoulder blades from across the warehouse once. It was hilarious

  69. Leah Gordish

    Leah Gordish15 days ago

    I'm a builder can you make me a nerf gun.

  70. mk786 gaming

    mk786 gaming15 days ago

    i wish i knew this guy

  71. Josh

    Josh15 days ago

    I feel like Adam Savage would be the best kind of guy to have as your friend

  72. Sam '-'

    Sam '-'15 days ago

    I think it looks amazing but it would look cooler (or atleast I think so) if you used red or something else the yellow but that's just personal preference

  73. Charlie Davis

    Charlie Davis15 days ago


  74. Allen Fox

    Allen Fox16 days ago

    I am going to use the weathering techniques on my airsoft gun!

  75. Ganz The skeleton

    Ganz The skeleton16 days ago

    I kinda want that now that gun look so cool If i have that gun that's mean i am ready for nerf battle

  76. Dwight Hans FB

    Dwight Hans FB16 days ago

    It looks like a m14ebr ahha

  77. the undertale fan base

    the undertale fan base16 days ago

    Tv to MReporter, and hes doing well

  78. David Uff

    David Uff16 days ago

    Adam savage your a genius been a fan since first mythbusters 😎

  79. Christopher Manis

    Christopher Manis16 days ago

    can I by a nerf gun from you

  80. S Silvanic

    S Silvanic16 days ago

    please make a new mythbusters channel

  81. MW2366

    MW236616 days ago

    Regular Bob Ross over here...

  82. SnakeEyesSOG S.O.G.

    SnakeEyesSOG S.O.G.17 days ago

    Great video

  83. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones17 days ago

    I miss my nerf guns now

  84. LifeDestroyer 80,000

    LifeDestroyer 80,00017 days ago

    29:50 this will save you a ton of time

  85. Daniel Hestopher

    Daniel Hestopher17 days ago

    Distance? Just put nerf darts in shotshells like TaoFlederMaus does.

  86. memes and Games

    memes and Games18 days ago

    I used to think Jamies hat was the coolest

  87. memes and Games

    memes and Games18 days ago

    now I'm depressed because Adam made my childhood and now I can see how much less enthusiastic Adam looks than he was of myth busters with Jamie

  88. memes and Games

    memes and Games18 days ago

    who remembers watching myth busters when they were like 10? I loved that show and now I'm sad now that I think about how its cancelled.

  89. Chris MacDonald

    Chris MacDonald18 days ago

    I watched all the episodes of MythBusters when I was a kid and I still like to you is the best myth buster

  90. Chris MacDonald

    Chris MacDonald18 days ago

    Would you do that to my long shot

  91. Trooper Aft

    Trooper Aft18 days ago

    I need one, please build me one XD

  92. Ghost Warrior

    Ghost Warrior19 days ago


  93. isaac Martinez

    isaac Martinez19 days ago

    Now replace the bullets with tiny missles

  94. Richard Bush

    Richard Bush19 days ago

    I'll pay you $75 per hour plus cost and shipping to make me a black and blue futuristic version, and maybe some led lighting on the sides.

  95. Mahdi Kondori

    Mahdi Kondori19 days ago

    Can you tell me what you do except the coloring?wtf???

  96. Damian Noble

    Damian Noble19 days ago

    or borderlands the pre-sequel

  97. Boris Micel Registriert

    Boris Micel Registriert19 days ago

    Boris Micel (R), §330 StGB, Cheops5.3

  98. DSG Airsoft

    DSG Airsoft20 days ago

    The scope probably costed more than the gun..

  99. joshua D

    joshua D9 hours ago

    DSG Airsoft it was just an aim point, nothing special

  100. Fly Much

    Fly Much20 days ago

    That is great the weathering really adds that extra war story touch to it. It’s to bad my sisters broke mine.

  101. religiousabuse

    religiousabuse20 days ago

    is this the guy from mythbusters?

  102. Yopedi P

    Yopedi P20 days ago

    longstrike lmfaoooooooo its a longshot

  103. Misellus

    Misellus20 days ago

    :( reverse plunger

  104. Throwback PK

    Throwback PK20 days ago

    he's abusing the longshot XD

  105. Throwback PK

    Throwback PK20 days ago

    K26! K26! K26!

  106. Thish ish that Chrishhh

    Thish ish that Chrishhh20 days ago

    *This video is sponsored by the Hyperion Corporation*