Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle


  1. Cole Jensen

    Cole Jensen36 minutes ago

    So this is his life now?

  2. Neil Albert Mercado

    Neil Albert MercadoHour ago

    i wonder how much detail and modding he could have done if he was given a week

  3. Respawned Gamer

    Respawned GamerHour ago

    Bipod pegs go forward when they’re up

  4. Domenick M

    Domenick M2 hours ago

    Huge mythbusters fan. so sad about season 11

  5. Mark Basilio

    Mark Basilio2 hours ago

    Can I also have a moded sniper nerf gun? Pretty pleaaaasseeeeee. im a fan of your since the Myth buster days

  6. Rafael Ortiz Martinez

    Rafael Ortiz Martinez2 hours ago

    Soy yo este men es de cazadores de mitos:v?

  7. - Sweeneyfilms -

    - Sweeneyfilms -3 hours ago

    I just found a new way to use hair dryers

  8. Mistawalker

    Mistawalker3 hours ago

    When I saw it in the thumbnail I thought it was real.

  9. vinci658123011

    vinci6581230113 hours ago

    somehow it gives me a borderlands'y feel to it

  10. David Ault

    David Ault4 hours ago

    How does this video not have Closed Captioning

  11. Metal Melon

    Metal Melon6 hours ago

    a wild adam in his natural surrounding

  12. Xiovo YT

    Xiovo YT6 hours ago

    Man, I'd Kill for that thing... Looks great!

  13. ultamate compitishion Gamer

    ultamate compitishion Gamer6 hours ago

    I wish I could have that gun

  14. ultamate compitishion Gamer

    ultamate compitishion Gamer6 hours ago

    Weathering looks great

  15. aleks Erbaev

    aleks Erbaev8 hours ago

    Начал немного понимать по английскому)))

  16. Arrow8D

    Arrow8D9 hours ago

    It sucks unless I own it

  17. Noe Gomez

    Noe Gomez9 hours ago

    Aye men how much would it cost me for u to make me one I love nerfs guns

  18. Charlie Mannion

    Charlie Mannion10 hours ago

    Coolest part of the longstrike was the iron sight. Would have been a cool mod to add canted iron sights.

  19. Alackofcaring

    Alackofcaring10 hours ago

    thank you for making me better at gunpla

  20. Charlie Mannion

    Charlie Mannion10 hours ago

    LONGSTRIKE WAS MY FAVORITE GUN EVER! The barrel looked really cool on the retaliator as well.

  21. Alexander Nakamura

    Alexander Nakamura11 hours ago

    Please make more of these. I love your nerf upgrade vids

  22. BOII 227

    BOII 22711 hours ago

    Hax it's fucking HAX!!!!! I'll report you

  23. NumericTrash21

    NumericTrash2112 hours ago

    I would've killed for that when I was a kid.

  24. Darakaa

    Darakaa13 hours ago

    Fun. Art. Fart! Wait...

  25. Lazarus falls

    Lazarus falls13 hours ago

    Nerf hire this man NOW

  26. Noah

    Noah13 hours ago

    there was this kid on youtube who used to do all these kinds of mods

  27. Samuel Harsh

    Samuel Harsh13 hours ago

    It's a hyperion arms weapon from the borderlands games

  28. UnWilledOwl 1427

    UnWilledOwl 142713 hours ago

    What happened to Jamie

  29. DaBeast Gaming

    DaBeast Gaming14 hours ago

    Sell it plz

  30. charl X

    charl X15 hours ago

    Feels like a hyperion gun from borderlands 2

  31. Fẍ̤ Vlogs

    Fẍ̤ Vlogs16 hours ago

    I think adam gets hard off of painting 😅

  32. Will Williams

    Will Williams16 hours ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks this looks like a Borderlands gun.

  33. Raziel Angel

    Raziel Angel16 hours ago

    Build a spoiler for a car!!!! mugen style! Greetings!

  34. Philémon Robert

    Philémon Robert17 hours ago

    there something satisfying about this

  35. Steam Wolf

    Steam Wolf17 hours ago

    I got a recomandation for nerf : do the same models that adam

  36. Taylor Rogers

    Taylor Rogers18 hours ago

    Adam is like the bob Ross of making cool shit

  37. Tanner Merriman

    Tanner Merriman18 hours ago

    I love how when he works it’s just silence and the sound of the tools and stuff. No music. 👍

  38. o0808Hunter8080o

    o0808Hunter8080o19 hours ago


  39. Kxd Nado

    Kxd Nado19 hours ago

    When all you wanted was a nerf gun but your dad buys you a school shooter starter pack

  40. duelas01

    duelas0120 hours ago

    thats look like sth you'll see in warframe

  41. Lynae Stigsell

    Lynae Stigsell20 hours ago

    With the real scope

  42. Lynae Stigsell

    Lynae Stigsell20 hours ago

    I would need that

  43. Lynae Stigsell

    Lynae Stigsell20 hours ago

    Can you send me a longstike like you have

  44. Mateo Y Más

    Mateo Y Más20 hours ago


  45. Aayush

    Aayush21 hour ago

    *builds sniper rifle *adds "grenade launcher" Me: iq 2000

  46. Ryan Stoughton

    Ryan Stoughton22 hours ago

    U should try modding out an Airsoft gun, it's very fun and also the finished product is very cool.

  47. Emir Can Dündar

    Emir Can Dündar22 hours ago

    Adam, you must be slower. Your fast acting makes me nervous. It feels like you are high on some drugs...

  48. Blair Bird

    Blair Bird22 hours ago

    This is an aquilla away from being a Space Marine sniper rifle.

  49. Noah Bollinger

    Noah Bollinger22 hours ago

    Just screams Borderlands

  50. Jon_Weaver_ 22

    Jon_Weaver_ 2222 hours ago

    Everytime i used to take apart a nerf gun as carefully as i can, i could never be able to put it back together haha

  51. Gamester Gamez

    Gamester Gamez23 hours ago

    This Should Be An Original MReporter Series :D Like So TESTED® Can See

  52. Rog3rRoger

    Rog3rRoger23 hours ago

    Slow down the vid to 0.75 and he sounds like the most depressed guy ever.

  53. Marcelo Montoya

    Marcelo MontoyaDay ago

    Lmao Iooks like a gun from destiny

  54. Riley S

    Riley SDay ago

    This channel is fantastic. Great production, no BS, and generally fun and interesting to watch. Thanks for creating! 🤓🔬⚗️

  55. Riley S

    Riley SDay ago

    Also, Adam somewhat resembles a modern day St. Nick in this video 😂

  56. Shawn's Reviews

    Shawn's ReviewsDay ago

    Savage build bro!

  57. Harold McBroom

    Harold McBroomDay ago

    nice work :) Be cool to use your talents to create an APC lookalike from the Aliens film, to make it look old and weathered, with still some life in it to finish the job.

  58. lowie van beurden

    lowie van beurdenDay ago

    Put the video at 2 times the speed at 24:30 when he starts with the paint and the thowel. It's amazing ;)

  59. Dr. Clickbait

    Dr. ClickbaitDay ago

    30:30 ohhh man this looks cool

  60. Jason Donofrio

    Jason DonofrioDay ago

    Forget the gun u need to fix that clock on your wall... anyone else see it doesnt move when video goes high speed its 935 all day

  61. LAcaptures

    LAcapturesDay ago

    Wauw, I watched this video twice now in the last few weeks and it keeps amazing me. The way you make this look easy. Keep up the cool content/mods!

  62. Andrew Hurwitz

    Andrew HurwitzDay ago

    It needs a bayonet.

  63. Aditya Mulye

    Aditya MulyeDay ago

    when i was a 12 years old 5 years back my fav show was myth busters and in the show adam savage looked so young now he is nit that young

  64. gamers fan

    gamers fanDay ago

    i love your guns

  65. no name

    no nameDay ago

    It's like ASMR video for me.

  66. B Engel

    B EngelDay ago

    My long strike was 2 gun that attached together and was long as my body

  67. the bronylike superchannel

    the bronylike superchannelDay ago

    If you scotch brite it enough, you could have directly painted the white plastic

  68. Dimdim44

    Dimdim44Day ago

    It's look like a "Destiny" sniper :D

  69. Roman Klein

    Roman KleinDay ago

    I wonder what the Guy got Adam in return

  70. Michael ProXd

    Michael ProXdDay ago

    wow i wish he could challenge lord draconical

  71. GGN Gaming

    GGN GamingDay ago

    You should make a fortnite scar next it will be awesome!

  72. HAZARD

    HAZARDDay ago

    As I’m a kid.. AND I love toy snipers ( but I don’t have one ) I WANT THAT!! Will you be my grandpa? Both my grandpas already died :/

  73. I Love Havel

    I Love HavelDay ago

    Oh sweet. Where do i get one of those bad boys?

  74. Joshua Martyn

    Joshua MartynDay ago

    bolt action sniper blue from fortnite

  75. crispy daddy

    crispy daddyDay ago

    Imagine if Adam was your uncle or something, you would be getting modified things for your birthday or Christmas

  76. Coda57

    Coda57Day ago

    The Bob Ross of the Makers world lol

  77. Gordon Norwest

    Gordon NorwestDay ago

    I'm 28 and that would be so wicked to own. Retired? man this guy still has the skills. Subbed!

  78. Allrayden

    AllraydenDay ago

    I think adding a bit of background music would help dampen up his breathing lol.

  79. Isaac gaming

    Isaac gamingDay ago


  80. Ridgely Elmer

    Ridgely ElmerDay ago

    I owned this gun

  81. Nathan Elmert

    Nathan ElmertDay ago

    At 27:01 the handle moved backwards, did he forget to put the spring back in It? 😂😂😂 usually you gotta pull that shit back, it doesn't just slide backwards that easily 😂😂

  82. Moon Runner

    Moon RunnerDay ago

    Can i pay u to make my nerf better?

  83. Hector Ruiz

    Hector RuizDay ago

    The rifle reminds me of one of de BORDERLANDS 2

  84. darcipeeps

    darcipeepsDay ago

    Looks like the shot should’ve been super loud and powerful but it was just like poot

  85. Pini.

    Pini.Day ago

    Straight outta Borderlands

  86. Thru Bull's Eye

    Thru Bull's EyeDay ago

    Love the vid but all the quick movements and angle changes makes my anxiety really kick in

  87. Nick Clark

    Nick ClarkDay ago

    If you were going to rub and buff the magyou should have added more to the bottom because anyone who has ever used a mag for any weapon knows you hit the bottom the most

  88. ConMentality

    ConMentalityDay ago


  89. Zane Doyle

    Zane DoyleDay ago

    That does not look like a silencer

  90. Das Wonderpet

    Das WonderpetDay ago

    Straight out of Borderlands

  91. RiiV3n

    RiiV3nDay ago

    2:01 gif please

  92. The RedDroid

    The RedDroidDay ago

    Adam you are literally my childhood

  93. Kalle Alken

    Kalle AlkenDay ago

    29:50 this will save you alot of time, and you won’t miss anything! You can thank me now pls

  94. the grim of god

    the grim of godDay ago

    is it just me or does the gun at 18:50 look like the suppressed pistol in fortnite

  95. paul dixon

    paul dixonDay ago

    straight outa borderlands

  96. Jesse Flowers

    Jesse FlowersDay ago

    When did Bob Ross get here?

  97. Biased Raccoon

    Biased RaccoonDay ago

    we used to be blowin shit to smitherines but now we are playing with nerf guns

  98. mauricio rodriguez

    mauricio rodriguezDay ago

    Really looks like a gun from destiny.

  99. Carl Moca

    Carl MocaDay ago

    That reminds me of an M200 intervention

  100. Der Outlaw

    Der OutlawDay ago

    Hey Adam, you were all across my childhood...i saw you and Jamie blowing shit up like no-one else...but where have you been when i tried to mod my longstrike when i was 14 ? :DD

  101. J Barnes

    J Barnes2 days ago

    Clock doesn't move?