Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle


  1. Modern_Bowser123

    Modern_Bowser12310 hours ago

    *I wouldn’t call a mod painting a nerf gun and giving it a new spring*

  2. Modern_Bowser123

    Modern_Bowser12310 hours ago

    *Has anybody told you that you look like that guy from myth busters?*

  3. Modern_Bowser123

    Modern_Bowser12310 hours ago

    *can you make a cool looking nerf gun from scratch? This challenge will go to most youtubers*

  4. ValenM

    ValenMDay ago

    Does someone know the brand of the mod??? Or a way to do it??

  5. Chevalier DeViolet

    Chevalier DeVioletDay ago

    This man is GOD!!!

  6. D HD

    D HD2 days ago

    Watching this back again after a couple of years. Loved the vid and the final result but has someone dubbed some “tone” over the background? It’s all I can f**kin hear through the whole length of the vid.

  7. Zac Ming

    Zac Ming3 days ago

    can you send me where you git your stuff

  8. Phê Cỏ Gaming

    Phê Cỏ Gaming3 days ago

    may i introduce you toooo ''Gupla''


    JEFF GRENCIK4 days ago

    ugt bugbuster was the scope?

  10. Cole Morgan

    Cole Morgan4 days ago

    14:00 LPDs, long pointy devices

  11. South West Florida Aerial

    South West Florida Aerial4 days ago

    how does someone get paid to do this, ?? God Bless America,,, I could do this in my sleep, I guess Im jealous,

  12. Mike Reger

    Mike Reger4 days ago

    Reminds me of Borderlands.

  13. Talon Hawk

    Talon Hawk4 days ago

    What bits did you use in your screw gun?

  14. Swago Saurus

    Swago Saurus5 days ago

    I’m really annoyed because the barrels top rail wasn’t black like the guns top rail OCD

  15. Andrew Geremia

    Andrew Geremia5 days ago

    Channel could sure use some background music

  16. Shadow Dragon298

    Shadow Dragon2986 days ago

    Can you make me one to please because my mom took mine and sold my new nerf sniper rifle for $30. So can you make me one.

  17. Jesse Barnett

    Jesse Barnett6 days ago

    that Scottish accent was on point

  18. Brennen Willson

    Brennen Willson6 days ago

    am I the only one here that feels like these videos are almost like tv show episodes?

  19. Seven Eleven

    Seven Eleven7 days ago

    The backwards bipod 😂

  20. Bob

    Bob7 days ago

    10/10dream gun

  21. Nanuq 83

    Nanuq 837 days ago

    I want him as my secret Santa.

  22. devil spy gaming

    devil spy gaming8 days ago

    Barret 50 Nerf Cal lol

  23. Doge Dude

    Doge Dude8 days ago

    So sad about the Myth Buster Being gone!

  24. Logan Dieckmann

    Logan Dieckmann8 days ago

    what if they made these available for sale, I'd buy one

  25. Mr. More

    Mr. More8 days ago

    I want one😍

  26. Elliot Burfield

    Elliot Burfield9 days ago

    I love your one day builds, the process is so satisfying to watch! Your videos inspire me to become a maker, and I love how much passion and enthusiasm you show for the process itself, not just the end result. What would you advise to someone aspiring to become a maker? How would you suggest I get started?

  27. CrazyMonkey 0117

    CrazyMonkey 011710 days ago

    Reminds me of Borderlands

  28. Trunks Briefs

    Trunks Briefs10 days ago

    My favorite nerf weapon lol

  29. Meow121325

    Meow12132511 days ago

    ORANGE mod works dont you see the orange

  30. Wesley Turner

    Wesley Turner11 days ago

    I was going to get a christianson arms 300 win mag with the carbon barrel and stock... Now I might be reconsidering that option.

  31. Dan Raymond

    Dan Raymond11 days ago

    Man, i bet you would KILL a warhammer display board or something

  32. Nick Ellis

    Nick Ellis11 days ago

    can someone point me to a good source of these types of mods on nerf guns in general? by "this type" i mean more of the aesthetic type mods than the functional type mods. i realize adam replaced the spring setup, which is great and sounds simple, but this build is more about visual appearance than changing the actual performance of the gun and that's what i'd like to learn more about (tips, tricks, design ideas etc.). most stuff i find when searching "nerf mods" seems to be about changing/improving performance rather than visuals. thanks!

  33. All World Reviews

    All World Reviews12 days ago

    I watched a painting show and not the actual upgrade wow

  34. Frenin John

    Frenin John12 days ago

    I need one of these could you please make me one

  35. Anita Farrugia

    Anita Farrugia12 days ago

    It’s not called the butt it’s called the stock

  36. zarcon42

    zarcon4212 days ago

    huh...the only part most wanted to see was the mod kit...skipped right over it...should be titled "custom paint nerf gun"

  37. Cold Phusion

    Cold Phusion13 days ago

    FYI: Silencer is a move made up name and dose not exist. It is called a suppressor. And there has not been a clip for a weapon since the end of WWII. they are called magazines, I'm not being a Dick! I just want to let you know how we all use terms form moves when they get it wrong.

  38. Sean C

    Sean C13 days ago

    The brown and the light red remind me of some of my favorite things: explosive diarrhea and projectile vomit.

  39. Gabriel Reyes

    Gabriel Reyes13 days ago

    Can u make me one? Pls?😁

  40. Ldast

    Ldast13 days ago

    He’s like a little kid with his new toys 😀😀😀😀

  41. Samantha Hayes

    Samantha Hayes14 days ago

    were you on myth busters


    STANDBY PLUS14 days ago

    I,m brasilian

  43. Dusty Jordan

    Dusty Jordan14 days ago

    Awful camera work. Out of focus and out of frame the majority of the time. What's the use of the video if we can't see what Adam is doing? First one of these videos I've watched and probably the last.

  44. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams9 days ago

    You'll be missed. Via con dios.

  45. TxE Loki

    TxE Loki15 days ago

    When your uncle loses in a nerd gun game

  46. djbusters

    djbusters15 days ago

    This is the first time i came to know what is a nerf gun. And I was more interested in seeing what kind of spring mech. it had n the upgrade as well.

  47. House of Malice

    House of Malice15 days ago

    Poofter gun

  48. Khiang Nong

    Khiang Nong15 days ago

    I love you making this nerf gun. My name is Tyler. I know it my be a little weird, but can you make me a nerf rifle?

  49. black ops 4 easterbunny

    black ops 4 easterbunny15 days ago

    Yo doing a 20$ visa giveaway at 50 more subs!

  50. AJ Hunter

    AJ Hunter15 days ago

    Holy shit, that is beautiful.

  51. Jason Kobylak

    Jason Kobylak15 days ago

    Is there a list of the different things he used to mod this? Like the extra parts he got, to the paints and rub n buff or whatever it was

  52. Maci Hamby

    Maci Hamby16 days ago

    At about the 18 and a half minute mark, the clock behind him matches the shape in his hat. Cool, right?

  53. Jamie Baird

    Jamie Baird16 days ago

    I didn't even know he had a channel?!! Best find of early 2019 so far yeaaaa, love your shit Adam Savage!!

  54. Jackson Gernander

    Jackson Gernander16 days ago

    your so cool i used to love myth busters and you were my favorite

  55. BighomieJ5x -

    BighomieJ5x -16 days ago

    Adam, your work is amazing...really mis the Mythbusters OG

  56. Harry Borthwick

    Harry Borthwick16 days ago

    sponsored by sticks.

  57. Tentacion Gang

    Tentacion Gang17 days ago

    Can u make me one plz

  58. Caleb Leidy

    Caleb Leidy17 days ago

    Don't we all miss mythbusters? Or am I the only one?

  59. The Iron Pokeballs

    The Iron Pokeballs17 days ago

    I had the centurion mega I wish I did this to it before it broke

  60. TheGamingPh Yt

    TheGamingPh Yt18 days ago

    ironman mk 50 helmet

  61. Bruno Maestro

    Bruno Maestro19 days ago

    Y los subtitulos en español.?

  62. jeff geller

    jeff geller20 days ago

    can i get one of these?

  63. Finnegan Shannon

    Finnegan Shannon20 days ago

    Subscribe to me

  64. Jacob Curhan

    Jacob Curhan20 days ago

    the yellow part looks like a bruised banana

  65. Hunter Dykhuis

    Hunter Dykhuis20 days ago

    I want one, just I want one. This has me thinking about actually doing something like this to my nerf guns that I have

  66. Jah Jah

    Jah Jah20 days ago

    I think that bipod goes the other way around. 🤔

  67. Nikolas Pleyer

    Nikolas Pleyer20 days ago

    The Savage doesnt stand for nothing there!

  68. Kid 5

    Kid 520 days ago

    It is bolt action

  69. samsam sam

    samsam sam21 day ago

    7:39 *this is to give the - uh - front of the barrel a little more O O F*

  70. Cyiris Nightmare

    Cyiris Nightmare21 day ago

    Your awesome! I really enjoyed this😁 how about a old western double barral sawn off shotgun that would be so cool! Never stop making cool stuff Sir.

  71. The Derpy Raptor

    The Derpy Raptor21 day ago

    anyone else get a bobby ross vibe?

  72. safenebula 11644

    safenebula 1164421 day ago

    Also, I very much agree with Adam on weathering

  73. safenebula 11644

    safenebula 1164421 day ago

    he practically made a ballista from Call Of Duty Black Ops II

  74. Jimmy Stetler

    Jimmy Stetler21 day ago

    Now on sale from Marcus Kincaid at a vending machine near you.

  75. Super Raphii

    Super Raphii21 day ago

    Listening to him use the rub n buff is like listening to Bob Ross paint

  76. Aidan Romer

    Aidan Romer22 days ago

    0 calories

  77. Connor Mulkey

    Connor Mulkey22 days ago

    One time for a school wide competition my friends and I were modding a longshot, (my second favorite gun), with it we glued plastic onto the end of the plunger to create a tighter seal, and with the spring we stretched it out then heated it to anneal the metal. That thing had such a range that we dropped range to describe it, the only way we could describe its power was by saying it would give you welts from over 20ft away.

  78. iiJeffGordon kyle

    iiJeffGordon kyle22 days ago

    Man I wish I had that but I don't have the money for it 😕

  79. Null_Ghost

    Null_Ghost22 days ago

    Did anyone else get a Bob Ross Vibe watching this video?

  80. Chris Rivas

    Chris Rivas22 days ago


  81. ӇƛƦƲƬƠ

    ӇƛƦƲƬƠ23 days ago

    When someone with the Rival machine gun thing comes up to you. Me: Grabs this rifle. bAnG. I win.

  82. Beasty58

    Beasty5823 days ago

    Rip gun 24:50

  83. Banshee Gaming

    Banshee Gaming23 days ago

    This is some weird ASMR

  84. Banshee Gaming

    Banshee Gaming23 days ago

    We're gonna make it *LONGER AND HARDER*

  85. Joshua Burt

    Joshua Burt23 days ago

    Also spilling a can of coke on it would add some good weathering type features.

  86. Heavily Entwined

    Heavily Entwined24 days ago

    'rhetorical flourish'

  87. REAL Hayabusa

    REAL Hayabusa24 days ago

    When the box says to not modify the toy...

  88. MarvinDSancho2011

    MarvinDSancho201124 days ago

    dude your awesome love watching you build custom nerfs

  89. Supercat

    Supercat24 days ago

    I still have the final myth episode and the episode where they talked about the show of mythbusters saved on my DVR.

  90. Jalal Rasool

    Jalal Rasool25 days ago

    Adam almost spent 3 to 4 hours to make the gun look cooler

  91. beatergamer 321

    beatergamer 32125 days ago

    It is cool

  92. Reggaeman YO

    Reggaeman YO25 days ago

    I'm not a subscriber to Tested because maybe 90% of what they put up don't really interest me, but I will say that this is a video I keep coming back too over and over now and then, it's just great. Great inspiring words, great techniques, great attitude and just all and all fun to watch.

  93. Da40kOrks

    Da40kOrks25 days ago

    ugh to the comments "can't believe grown men play with nerf guns!!", it's NO different than airsoft or paintball. Get over yourselves.

  94. The Eklipze

    The Eklipze26 days ago

    Anyone know what kind of screwgun he was using?

  95. Shadow_Fox 2311

    Shadow_Fox 231127 days ago

    Ah se mamo xd

  96. Creeperguy800

    Creeperguy80027 days ago

    Wait, so real gun additions fit toy guns? Cool!

  97. Lego TV

    Lego TV28 days ago

    Like the Video But wtf you should realy do some Research The Company that made the Upgrade Kit is called „orange mod works“ You can See the Symbol on the sticker

  98. Atroxxiaa

    Atroxxiaa29 days ago

    Looks like Last Word from Destiny Sponsored by Tex Mechanica

  99. Tacticalstrike Gaming

    Tacticalstrike Gaming29 days ago

    Can you make on and send it to me thx Adam loved you when you were on mythbusters

  100. St Patricks Fails

    St Patricks Fails29 days ago

    umm actually it is a longstrike not a longshot

  101. Fdtud

    Fdtud29 days ago

    HELL0! :)