Adam Savage Repairs Totoro Cosplay!


  1. Leah L

    Leah L17 days ago

    Bruce and Clark! lolol So brilliant

  2. Hexenkönigin von Angmar

    Hexenkönigin von AngmarMonth ago

    That Totoro reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in "Alice: Madness Returns". Kinda creepy, but awesome nonetheless.

  3. Dr. Dove

    Dr. DoveMonth ago

    adam savage is such a furry, xd

  4. Pupperdoodle

    PupperdoodleMonth ago

    Ok I love Adam savage

  5. Mittens FastPaw

    Mittens FastPaw2 months ago

    Awesome that you are doing that for people. :)

  6. Jared Mehrlich

    Jared Mehrlich3 months ago

    She's amazing...

  7. Nicholis Crowe

    Nicholis Crowe3 months ago

    If anyone needs tutorials on the eye tutorial like he was talking about. Look up ball jointed doll tutorials. Some of them make inset eyes with that technique

  8. Artisan Noteworthy

    Artisan Noteworthy4 months ago

    Oh no! Adam said the 'F' word! Calling all furries!! Time to spout your nonsence!! That Totoro head is actually quite disturbing, but a Totoro IRL none the less. Adams Totoro is adorable and I would hug it in a second. The one with TEETH? I'm staying away from that

  9. Don Mega

    Don Mega5 months ago

    savage's totoro only took a day to build, so in case something built in 1 day doesn't need repairs. it needs completion.

  10. Arioch IV

    Arioch IV5 months ago

    What a great couple! :D

  11. Hydra Salesman

    Hydra Salesman7 months ago

    That's both horrifying and amazing

  12. Lochrine -8

    Lochrine -87 months ago

    Hey guys darkseid here with Totoro comin at ya with a new fursuit repair vlog with my special guest- Adam wii

  13. Kole Tokar

    Kole Tokar7 months ago

    Make this a series!!!!!!

  14. mehinemehike

    mehinemehike8 months ago

    no joke but how i can create Michael caracter from Vsauce

  15. Tally Hall Enthusiast

    Tally Hall Enthusiast8 months ago

    adam is so pure omfg

  16. RY-HOUND

    RY-HOUND8 months ago

    I bet he doesn't just repair cars... he probably turns it into an artwork! He is amazing with the costume

  17. RY-HOUND

    RY-HOUND8 months ago

    0:20 I am sorry but nobody mentioned Shelly... THIS COSTUME IS SICK! looks like a live-action DarkSeid

  18. Kazzie Bolaños

    Kazzie Bolaños5 months ago

    Did you even finish the video?

  19. 》Gloomed Out《

    》Gloomed Out《8 months ago

    And I can’t even fold a piece of paper properly-

  20. spacetaste

    spacetaste8 months ago

    What a fuck adam is, he just ripped this guys umbrella and didnt say sorry.

  21. Alana B

    Alana B8 months ago

    Clear UV Nail builder gel does cure crystal clear

  22. Quaking snek

    Quaking snek8 months ago

    I love how they call it a fursuits idk it's such a different take then what I'm used to (the furry fandom)

  23. bean

    bean8 months ago

    Well at least now I know what my nightmares will be about

  24. Jango

    Jango8 months ago

    Kinda scary

  25. Matthias81

    Matthias819 months ago

    That is the scariest Totoro I've ever seen.

  26. Dëmoniç Arts

    Dëmoniç Arts9 months ago

    UV resin is amazing stuff

  27. NAME.mp3

    NAME.mp39 months ago

    n o p e d o n t l i k e t h a t

  28. Spark Lobo

    Spark Lobo9 months ago

    tbh the head of totoro is scary to me but i still love it

  29. thefatman69fude

    thefatman69fude9 months ago

    I love this version of Totoro. He looks so creepy and awesome.

  30. Lea Seidman

    Lea Seidman9 months ago

    Let’s pay attention to the fact that he LINED his suit.

  31. Enviotonin85

    Enviotonin859 months ago

    That totoro looks scary. But fits Holloween theme well. But for sure this is one totoro i wouldnt hug.

  32. Tikuros

    Tikuros10 months ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of the stitching technique Adam uses? I'm trying to fix a bag of mine and this looks so much better for doing it than what I usually do.

  33. thehoeslaper

    thehoeslaper10 months ago

    ah that's so cool. i love this channel

  34. Andrew Cash

    Andrew Cash10 months ago

    Nice signature Adam! 😂

  35. Daan Firens

    Daan Firens10 months ago

    You need to make a star wars porg costuum!

  36. Puya Alpestris

    Puya Alpestris10 months ago

    Wow the smiling totoro looks like it came out of a horror movie! Awesome details though

  37. Gunner Davidson

    Gunner Davidson10 months ago

    totoro on meth

  38. Rio and Ari birbs

    Rio and Ari birbs10 months ago

    AH nightmare fuel!!!

  39. CyberLink !!

    CyberLink !!11 months ago

    Omg it kind of looks like a chubby version of the rabbit thing from Donnie Darko

  40. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead11 months ago

    That's Creepy Eahh

  41. MageisHero

    MageisHero11 months ago

    That guy reminds me of Jaime.

  42. Amber Maci

    Amber Maci11 months ago


  43. Trap Johnson

    Trap Johnson11 months ago

    Someone in the know, What is the name of the stitching technique/move that Adam was using to repair the strap (WHere he pulled each stitch through a loop)? I would like to know more for my clothing repairs.

  44. Yampace GD

    Yampace GD11 months ago

    Use it for the new totoro movie THE RETURN OF TOTORO The Devils Curse.

  45. holly grace

    holly grace11 months ago

    A costume repair booth is brilliant!!! Kudos!

  46. Wandering Soul

    Wandering Soul11 months ago

    Tbh, I wanna be like this when I'm older. Like, people would trust me enough to repair their cosplay for them 😆

  47. alexplier works

    alexplier works11 months ago

    Adam's Totoro is cute other guy's realistic and kinda cute in a way

  48. Bumblebee Lps

    Bumblebee Lps11 months ago

    DiD hE JUsT SaY fursuit comission me daddy

  49. Mochi BobaMaster

    Mochi BobaMaster11 months ago

    oh gosh this is so creepy

  50. Connor

    Connor11 months ago

    I kinda wanna see the number 8 costuke now... 9 was a fantastic movie and the idea of a cosplay from it is awesome.

  51. TSprong

    TSprong11 months ago

    man I love the snout and the way the legs goes smoothly in the body. Also the chest is very nice. I love how he used long fur material for the chest as well as for the body. It is not as round as Adam's though. If you combine the good parts from Adam's suit and the good parts of the other guys suit it would be absolutely perfect in my opinion.

  52. Arek Luna

    Arek Luna11 months ago

    Ahhhhh no mamms! Esta bien chidote! D:

  53. Kat

    Kat11 months ago

    One thing that seems to be missing, and a lot of people seem to overlook it, is that Totoro has a tail. I have never gone to a con like this so I don't know if people leave it off on porpus because it will get in the way, or if people just don't realize he has a tail. either was the detail on the costume is amazing, it's a little creepy, but I feel like that's what a Totoro would look like in real life.

  54. Lucas H

    Lucas H11 months ago

    That's the girl Spider-Man talked to in Adam's knights of ren incognito one!

  55. Meow Glab

    Meow Glab11 months ago

    Why did they make totoro look like a creepy demon

  56. Martha Winston

    Martha Winston11 months ago

    lets be honest if i saw that next to my bed i wouldnt be happy but its awsome

  57. Emaline L.

    Emaline L.11 months ago

    oh my god...i am both terrified and enthralled. THOSE TEETH *shivers* but those eyes :O

  58. Tessa Kilker-Ingerson

    Tessa Kilker-Ingerson11 months ago

    A Cosplay repair booth is such a great idea. :D

  59. Wanupgurl

    WanupgurlYear ago

    i wonder if sticking out the tougne helps when threading a needle lol. and adam if you see this. please make a abe sapien cosplay costume.

  60. Euclid TheWise

    Euclid TheWiseYear ago

    You should refrain from using the words fur-suit in the future.

  61. Brove Cheesecake2

    Brove Cheesecake2Year ago

    I hated that movie it felt like one bug LSD trip

  62. -Aaliyah-

    -Aaliyah-Year ago

    Does that guy have an Instagram? I'm really interested in seeing his Hellboy and mr. wink cosplay

  63. -Aaliyah-

    -Aaliyah-Year ago

    moulinrougeluvr thank you so much!

  64. moulinrougeluvr

    moulinrougeluvrYear ago

    -Aaliyah- IG: @karrver


    SCARLET★STARYear ago

    I prefer the original design over the realistic approach

  66. Sam Gossom

    Sam GossomYear ago

    Totoro is ruined for me... but it still looks really good! This is the Totoro is the god of Totoro

  67. Shunon North

    Shunon NorthYear ago

    the girl kinda looks like a mix betwen an ultramarine and apocalypse from X-men, just me seeing that?

  68. The normal trailer guy

    The normal trailer guyYear ago

    That just ruined my childhood, just no

  69. William Schmidt

    William SchmidtYear ago

    Adam Savage just casually said the word "fursuit" with excitement and anticipation in his voice ❤️❤️❤️

  70. Katie Singer

    Katie SingerYear ago

    I love how kind Adam is and how he really listens to and cares about what people are saying to him. He asks questions because he actually wants to know the answer. I hope someday I can meet him, too.

  71. Andrea Davis

    Andrea DavisYear ago

    Adam, yours looks more like the cartoon though! And.. the realistic teeth on that other Totoro kind of creep me out a bit...

  72. mroar the mloard

    mroar the mloardYear ago

    Its creepy as hell

  73. Jesse Harrison

    Jesse HarrisonYear ago

    You’re not fooling me. That’s Jamie’s son

  74. Chocolate Storm

    Chocolate StormYear ago

    There are some really dark theories surrounding totoro so this might not even be that far off

  75. Roraigh Price

    Roraigh PriceYear ago

    8:48 if ghibli went Freddy's

  76. VAC2

    VAC2Year ago

    You can tell ol boy wants to slowly slide that left hand further up.....and up....and OoOoOooooo..

  77. amandaggogo

    amandaggogoYear ago

    I love how excited Adam gets over cosplay, and how cool he is. Those two cosplays are amazing!

  78. Zonbi's Workshop

    Zonbi's WorkshopYear ago

    His Totoro is so cool! Glad the strap was a relatively easy fix. Having a strap break at a con is never fun EXCEPT FOR WHEN THIS HAPPENS 👍🏻 And Shelly looks great too! 😍

  79. sammichmanjr

    sammichmanjrYear ago

    Adam is so cool.

  80. James counter

    James counterYear ago

    I think he wrote underneath "sorry for tearing the umbrella" lol

  81. ಠ_ಠ

    ಠ_ಠYear ago

    Am I the only one who hasn't a fucking clue what a Totoro is?

  82. domspandesal

    domspandesalYear ago

    Damn, Im amaze with Adam Savage, knowing him for the long time and can do everything, he still amaze on somebody's work. Passion ladies and gents.

  83. Dogmaticjoe

    DogmaticjoeYear ago

    I would love to see him react to the warhammer 40k space marine cosplay suits they are amazing

  84. rurone

    ruroneYear ago

    UV resin is popular with crafters and makers who work on a small scale, such as making charms or jewelry. It's better than two-part resins for this because it doesn't need to be measured precisely, so there's no minimum amount you have to make at one time and so there's very little waste. It also cures quickly (10-30min) and doesn't need a well-ventilated area, so it's great for working at a bedroom desk or other small space. You don't even need a special light source, because it will even work if left out on a sunny windowsill. Plus since it doesn't harden unless exposed to UV, cleanup is relatively easy. The main drawback is the molds have to be completely clear and colorless to allow the UV light to reach every part of the resin, and you can be in big trouble if the weather doesn't cooperate. I've seen UV resin craft kits, often imported from Japan, come with little UV flashlights like bouncers will use to check IDs at clubs. I expect these kinds of kits to become more and more common at US craft stores in the next few years.

  85. Farshad Nm

    Farshad NmYear ago

    reminds me of the bunny from Donnie Darko.

  86. The Gif

    The GifYear ago

    Damn Adam... Popping that guy's umbrella!

  87. DracoRogue1218

    DracoRogue1218Year ago

    It looks like Five Nights at Totoro’s

  88. Alexabix

    AlexabixYear ago

    That head is amazing!

  89. TimeglitchD

    TimeglitchDYear ago

    You could give me a full minute of Adam threading a needle and I'd still be happily watching 😂

  90. emimonsterlicious

    emimonsterliciousYear ago

    I took my photo with you, fellow cosplayer! Your Totoro is incredible. Adam is not overstating.

  91. llama Machine

    llama MachineYear ago

    That was really cute and fun to watch

  92. Jesse Miller

    Jesse MillerYear ago

    That is so awesome.

  93. MediocreBoy

    MediocreBoyYear ago

    What's with the porno music?

  94. Noona RJ

    Noona RJYear ago

    Adam is so lucky😍

  95. The Pinnacle

    The PinnacleYear ago

    It's great to see other cosplay that is a creepier take on the source material. Even if that wasn't the intention of his build, it still looks creepy and amazing.

  96. Schmit GaMeS

    Schmit GaMeSYear ago

    That's gonna haunt me.... But it does look very well detailed.. just wish it wasnt that detailed xD GJ to him tho xD

  97. Gamer Voice

    Gamer VoiceYear ago

    This made me smile.

  98. Inferry

    InferryYear ago

    8:52 Come on Adam, they just went there for repairs :P

  99. Hurtin Albertan

    Hurtin AlbertanYear ago

    Omg both of them look amazing! Great job guys!

  100. Totoro the Traveller

    Totoro the TravellerYear ago

    Let Totoro tell you, this looks really creepy!

  101. roboninja saur

    roboninja saurYear ago

    I think Adam just got one up-ed lol

  102. here2watch08

    here2watch08Year ago

    I know! lmao

  103. Jason Clarke

    Jason ClarkeYear ago

    He sewed the whole thing but couldn’t fix that.

  104. Julián Cabrera

    Julián CabreraYear ago