Adam Savage on Blade Runner 2049's Massive Water Set!


  1. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage’s Tested2 months ago

    Adam Savage has had the pleasure of going behind the scenes of several films and TV shows. Check out our playlist of videos from those set visits!

  2. RogerHeartChicken

    RogerHeartChicken18 days ago

    Adam I am going to have to ask you to make my wish come true and lets build something together. Please..

  3. Desiree Barriere

    Desiree BarriereMonth ago

    He looks like a kid with that big grin! 😂

  4. Tr Razor

    Tr Razor3 months ago

    @2:06 The buildings in the background look eerily like what seems to be concentration camp leftovers from WW2...

  5. Dam Jackass

    Dam Jackass4 months ago

    dang he should've worn his trench coat for the ultimate blade runner experience!

  6. skemsen

    skemsen4 months ago

    Oh enough with this. Use metrics!

  7. Christopher Armstrong

    Christopher Armstrong4 months ago

    Wow, they actually build things physically instead of CGI these days?

  8. Jake Hewig

    Jake Hewig5 months ago

    4:00 that was a close one, nice save Adam

  9. SALZMANN4000

    SALZMANN40005 months ago

    I love Denis so much for his NO CGIGREENSCREEN Bullshit in the whole Movie.

  10. awk

    awk5 months ago

    my man adam savage out here really wearing mars yards on set ? ? ????

  11. Sophia Bogard

    Sophia Bogard5 months ago

    Every chance he gets to be a part of something. Be it his or someone elses, he has the joy of a kid.

  12. offworld network

    offworld network5 months ago

    Fascinating behind the scenes insight... but I'm kinda sorry i watched it now... kinda takes away the epicness of the movie scenes LOL !!!

  13. xyoxus

    xyoxus5 months ago

    You could instantly hear Gerd Nefzer is from germany :D

  14. 2019 DE

    2019 DE7 months ago

    Ear plugs, good move, I heard somebody lost hearing on a movie may have been Towering inferno due to a water jet hitting them. Tank dumps I expect are just as risky.

  15. Onix Torres

    Onix Torres9 months ago

    This guy sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  16. Drake Magnum

    Drake Magnum9 months ago

    I was just blessed with the opportunity to watch BR2019 a second time in the theater last night! My god that film gets better for me each time.

  17. Greg Espinoza

    Greg Espinoza9 months ago

    We can make all the crap weather. I like this.

  18. Matt Wiley

    Matt Wiley9 months ago

    This video makes me happy.

  19. Tom Ives

    Tom Ives10 months ago

    Those diggers with the ballasts attached to them are frikin genius

  20. 張海鷗

    張海鷗10 months ago


  21. VideoTim

    VideoTim10 months ago

    The guy sounds german

  22. Andrew Cash

    Andrew Cash10 months ago

    1:49 "we build out of the scratches"

  23. dark Gam3r

    dark Gam3r10 months ago

    were is the original scene ??????

  24. Porkchop Sandwiches

    Porkchop Sandwiches10 months ago

    All that money and they could have just filmed at the beach


    MCDLXXXVIII10 months ago

    FYI Adam Savage hates white people.

  26. Are Dub

    Are Dub10 months ago

    now i want to go to a water park

  27. Klaus Gartenstiel

    Klaus Gartenstiel10 months ago

    if you look for great engineering, who do you ask?

  28. ainsleywainsley

    ainsleywainsley10 months ago

    fuck man what a trip to see all the heavy machinery and tech that goes into making a reasonably small pool look like the ocean. Just goes to show how powerful mother nature is.

  29. Matt Copeland

    Matt Copeland11 months ago

    That was hideously anticlimactic

  30. Helloverlord

    Helloverlord11 months ago

    They didnt care even painting a metal structure cause it will be used once and scrapped and another similar spec effect scene in another movie will ask for same build again - this is how a mostly CGI movie get to few hundred million usd price tag...

  31. ainsleywainsley

    ainsleywainsley10 months ago

    honestly the price of fabrication of one of those structures compared to transporting something of that size and weight across country to different movie sets is probably about the same. So it would be cheaper and more reliable just to fabricate a new one on location every time. At least that way the money goes back into the local economy instead of too some corporate transportation company.

  32. Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis

    Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis11 months ago

    Wow Adam your so lucky your live every nerds dream Lol I bet the day u die you will die very well fulfilled & happy 😊 lol


    PANDA TRIPPS11 months ago

    Underwhelming but interesting.

  34. Yora

    Yora11 months ago

    Wow, those waves look fantastic. Just can't get that with CGI.

  35. oldproji

    oldproji11 months ago

    It reminds me very much of the Elstree Studios' water tank. Sadly no longer there now.

  36. Robert Soto

    Robert Soto11 months ago

    Kool vid

  37. Mr Dink

    Mr Dink11 months ago

    4:03 awkward handshake.

  38. Spartan studios Productions

    Spartan studios Productions11 months ago

    This should be a wave pool

  39. Alejandro Novoa

    Alejandro Novoa11 months ago

    Is Adam using the NASA hat that the girl uses in the movie Tomorrowland ???

  40. qiang li

    qiang li11 months ago

    Can you make a video about the water safe in mission impossible?

  41. ORYX X

    ORYX X11 months ago

    I can watch anything with Adam Savage, he's just way too entertaining.

  42. Northlin

    Northlin11 months ago

    How awesome will it be if they reconstruct it into a theme park after wrapping the shoot.

  43. S RW

    S RW11 months ago

    A little underwhelming

  44. Edgyjeans

    Edgyjeans11 months ago

    Well that was uneventful.

  45. James Scholl

    James Scholl11 months ago

    Makes me wonder why actors get so much credit for doing so little compared to these guys

  46. Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor11 months ago

    Decent :)

  47. maxsKi Moose

    maxsKi Moose11 months ago

    "20 tonnes?" "NEIN!"

  48. Kevin Glenn

    Kevin Glenn11 months ago

    Super jelly.

  49. carter

    carter11 months ago


  50. Two Wheel Aussie

    Two Wheel AussieYear ago

    He kinda sounds like Arnold

  51. Kittawh

    KittawhYear ago

    No green screen? How to make it shitty for the vfx artists!

  52. Michael Neel

    Michael NeelYear ago

    Adam what an great guy always willing to try some thing new and show every one how to live life try every thing and know that life is about living it now just sitting watching it pass by. thanks

  53. uzefulvideos

    uzefulvideosYear ago

    That "wave machine" XD

  54. Germanfirefighter

    GermanfirefighterYear ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that this guy sounds like JoergSprave

  55. Maxwell Belmont

    Maxwell BelmontYear ago

    The worlds most intense water park

  56. Jim Fortune

    Jim FortuneYear ago

    Kid in a toy store.

  57. S. Brickbuilder

    S. BrickbuilderYear ago

    This was really fun to watch :D

  58. Ben Ellis

    Ben EllisYear ago

    So, what was the deal with the Concentration Camp in the background?

  59. Kudoshi

    KudoshiYear ago

    Ocean is not flat.

  60. Kevin Phillips

    Kevin PhillipsYear ago

    I'm surprised those excavators could move so quickly, especially with those huge tanks attached. I know the travel was only about 10 feet, but still--. Fun to watch Adam have so much fun. :)

  61. Jesus Ramirez

    Jesus RamirezYear ago

    Pretty intimidating

  62. omaghman

    omaghmanYear ago

    There’s always that excitement on set at the beginning soon wears off after 20 reshoots

  63. Márton Sisák

    Márton SisákYear ago

    Finally, I hear a foreigner pronounce Budapest correctly

  64. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHereYear ago

    This looked awesome in the movie. It's too bad the movie was not well received, well, not enough to be financially viable. I liked it, but I can sort of understand why it didn't do as well as they were hoping (A bit too long, a bit too slow paced and a bit too cerebral for the average Joe Moviegoer.)

  65. Bag Turtle

    Bag TurtleYear ago

    "We build all from scratches"

  66. Cars Of Pennsylvania

    Cars Of PennsylvaniaYear ago

    man this guy is a savage

  67. Neale Scott

    Neale ScottYear ago

    how do they keep the water off the camera lenses on a scene like this???

  68. GamerMove

    GamerMoveYear ago

    Gj Gerd...well deserved Oscar

  69. Kriss Kross

    Kriss KrossYear ago

    Now let's pray Disney doesn't buy the franchise

  70. Rory Wilson

    Rory WilsonYear ago

    Islamic lay copy zzwwdc direction play draft confusion forty.

  71. iLikeTheUDK

    iLikeTheUDKYear ago

    _"Sea Wall" plays_

  72. Tony Ismail

    Tony IsmailYear ago

    Damn, almost get cringe handshake compilation 😂



    The should have had someone young do this

  74. Thomas Wu

    Thomas WuYear ago

    Bridge of Spies Jacket, love it

  75. Prolific

    ProlificYear ago

    ride the wave of others

  76. Helgamond Ratbone

    Helgamond RatboneYear ago

    Beautiful set. Worked wonders.

  77. Blade Runner

    Blade RunnerYear ago

    My new music for Blade a Runner 2049 - Sky Battle - Using a heavily modified Roland synthesiser.

  78. Flowmasta Flam

    Flowmasta FlamYear ago

    Lmao I had no idea the waves are just two excavators going nuts

  79. Ionic

    IonicYear ago

    10/10 this guy is german :D

  80. O. P.

    O. P.Year ago

    So cool.. Real Cinema Art 👍

  81. Tim Page

    Tim PageYear ago

    Watching this kind of hurts me because you know they didn't make the money they paid to build this thing back.


    GETUP AND GOYear ago

    Can't wait to see how this is used in the movie

  83. Antje-Pikantje

    Antje-PikantjeYear ago

    Proper german engineering and proper german accent I guess.

  84. GearAlpha

    GearAlphaYear ago

    *flashbacks to the whirlpool mythbusting*

  85. Kanye East

    Kanye EastYear ago

    this scene was incredible

  86. Ferenc Scherman

    Ferenc SchermanYear ago

    Adam have you done any sight seeing in town? Have you check any fancy restaurant, for some warm Gulas?

  87. Vinícius Mendonça

    Vinícius MendonçaYear ago

    This movie is pure awesome!

  88. chorze

    chorzeYear ago

    gerts level of being german is of the charts

  89. Docktor Jim

    Docktor JimYear ago

    I loved that scene. I was wondering how they did it. You can briefly see the track they used to gradually take the car from shore at 7:31.

  90. hundjsiegfried

    hundjsiegfriedYear ago

    Hungary, we are bulding cool things from scrap. xD

  91. no

    noYear ago

    “Yes, we’d love to get you wet” 😫👅💦

  92. SugaryCoyote

    SugaryCoyoteYear ago

    Adam Savage's Low Tested

  93. Tyler West

    Tyler WestYear ago

    reject possession run range sleep romantic pad ride somewhat.

  94. spoofy spoof

    spoofy spoofYear ago

    every1 loves adam savage

  95. Linus Newman

    Linus NewmanYear ago

    amazing movie

  96. Johnny Seawalker

    Johnny SeawalkerYear ago

    Was there a phone in your pocket Adam? XD

  97. Bautista Nicolas

    Bautista NicolasYear ago

    adam has such an awesome career

  98. illn0r

    illn0rYear ago

    Is that the Slingshot Guy's(JoergSprave) brother? Sounds just like him, and has an identical laugh.

  99. a1967lavalamp

    a1967lavalampYear ago

    That was lame lol

  100. John Smith

    John SmithYear ago

    Something small and probably insignificant to most, but I really like Adam's signalling to the safety divers at 8:08 , it shows to me how he still remembers all his dive training from all his prior training be it during Mythbusters or whenever else.

  101. Carlos Barrera Cruz

    Carlos Barrera CruzYear ago

    it would be interesting, for some fans, to be able to relieve​ same scene of Blade Runner ;)

  102. RogueJyn

    RogueJynYear ago

    Low tech, yet looked amazing in theaters, thats a good example of ingenuity.