Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!


  1. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere38 minutes ago

    _Excalibur,_ even to this day, is the greatest King Arthur legend movie ever made. It just has all the things such a movie needs: Great characters, acting, direction and incredible and perfectly appropriate MUSIC. So good! So far, nothing else has even come close (IMHO).

  2. Arjan den Besten

    Arjan den Besten10 hours ago

    should have gone for real iron armour and good undergarments to support it is a must!

  3. David Holaday

    David Holaday16 hours ago

    Came here after his TED talk. I'm super jello he gets to wear this!

  4. bro yo

    bro yo22 hours ago

    Is it hot incide there?

  5. Andy 123

    Andy 123Day ago

    I loved mythbusters

  6. SaltedPineapple

    SaltedPineappleDay ago

    Adam. You should come to Wizard World Chicago 2018 It’s August 23rd-26th It’d be fun to see you all four days

  7. Kelly Bryant

    Kelly BryantDay ago

    you had Lancelot's helmet

  8. Ken

    Ken2 days ago

    I really wish that Norm cosplayed as a squire following Adam around carrying his stuff and be his slave.

  9. Z Naz

    Z Naz2 days ago

    Where do you buy armor similar to this

  10. Ashlynn Black

    Ashlynn Black2 days ago

    my favorite part about cosplaying at comic con is the walk from the hotel to the con because of the looks i get haha, i was a templar knight from assassins creed

  11. Grand Hero22

    Grand Hero223 days ago

    Where can you get armor like that

  12. Skye Robertson

    Skye Robertson3 days ago

    What is that he's using to hide his face?

  13. NoirChat138

    NoirChat1384 days ago

    Vassal ?? You mean a squire

  14. Lakyn Payne

    Lakyn Payne5 days ago

    "Are you Adam Savage?" "Wow, that was fast." = Me dying on the floor laughing.

  15. FrozenAura

    FrozenAura7 days ago

    What is funny about that armour he said it doesn't imped your movement that much but just looking at it there are pieces that are solid that would normally be joins (like the chest). Most plate armour pieces will actually bend further than the person. The only thing that impeded movement when wearing plate armour was the mail inside because it would bunch up. Also plate armour only weighed 45-55 pounds which actually isn't too much because it is distributed very evenly across your whole body. There are armours that are much heavier and impede your movement but these are for jousts and never for battle.

  16. asir sakin

    asir sakin7 days ago

    wow they used have iron man in the medival time now we sucks

  17. GabeN The Great

    GabeN The Great8 days ago

    A costume that makes you immunie to knifes

  18. Darth_Arconan777

    Darth_Arconan7778 days ago

    {sneak 100}

  19. Ludd Ludvik

    Ludd Ludvik8 days ago

    Where's you're padded armor to go under the mail. Tip: if you have chainmail (real or fake) be sure to have Padded armor and head gear under the Mail, it'll help.

  20. Kellin Ronquille

    Kellin Ronquille10 days ago

    Did any other armor buffs shed a tear when they noticed the pointed toe get bent under the rest of the sabaton?

  21. rob c

    rob c10 days ago

    How can I contact him to get armor made. There is literally no where around or online to find a blacksmith to make it...... hopefully you see this!

  22. Big Heehee

    Big Heehee11 days ago

    Adam should go incognito in one of the black armors from Excalibur! :D

  23. Toonlinkfan 33

    Toonlinkfan 3311 days ago

    Someone should follow behind him banging two halfs of a coconut together.

  24. Canal do TiohZ

    Canal do TiohZ14 days ago

    deus vult

  25. loodlebop

    loodlebop14 days ago

    I wonder how people realise it's him and then I remember he has a film crew following him

  26. Alien T-rex

    Alien T-rex15 days ago

    well this time you didn't pass out


    HAREM KING15 days ago

    So how do I summon Adam for the Holy Grail War

  28. Apollo Actual

    Apollo Actual15 days ago

    lol. I don't think adam knows his medieval terms.

  29. Cobalt Coalition

    Cobalt Coalition15 days ago

    passed by you when you went to the Netflix booth.


    DRAMA LAMA16 days ago

    I saw you on ted, I'm glad your dream came true

  31. Alpacnologia

    Alpacnologia17 days ago

    He walks like a character from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  32. Rodrigo cabezadevaca

    Rodrigo cabezadevaca17 days ago

    real nite armor is acsholi not that havy and nites were gambersin under there armor.

  33. Troll-U-Minati

    Troll-U-Minati18 days ago

    Who's that then? I dunno, must be a king. Why? He hasn't got shit all over him.

  34. Unreal Happy

    Unreal Happy18 days ago

    Really hope armor does make a resurgence in fashion.

  35. ThrustFrom Behind

    ThrustFrom Behind19 days ago

    Do people seriously just go around asking people if they are Adam Savage, LMFAO

  36. Lazy Potato

    Lazy Potato19 days ago

    I’m working on watching all of your cosplay videos, one reason is I love seeing how big the smile on Adam’s face when he puts it on or is just taking it off. I also would love to do some cosplay.

  37. starkiller 3884

    starkiller 388419 days ago

    Nice costume, its pretty cool

  38. Peteru Avertis

    Peteru Avertis19 days ago

    Fitted medieval armor is probably more comfortable than what you were wearing there (based on my experience, it's like wearing a heavy vest and shoulders if you have good padding). No clanking and riveted chain mail is also great to wear if it fits. The least natural feeling part is any kind of thigh/leg armor.

  39. sanchy panchy

    sanchy panchy19 days ago

    Happy belated birthday Adam!!!!

  40. Mermaid Man

    Mermaid Man19 days ago

    I'm making chain mail with key rings, I admire the blacksmiths for their patience.

  41. FrostyTheDark

    FrostyTheDark21 day ago

    Lol. Stay the hell away from Gallium.

  42. Dan M

    Dan M21 day ago

    I'd love to go-to comic Con just to try and be the first to spot theroy is you just look for norm and ask anyone within a 100 feet

  43. Brush Your Happy Teeth! Loading

    Brush Your Happy Teeth! Loading22 days ago

    Awe no metal swords? Not even non sharpened?

  44. Emily Kestler

    Emily Kestler23 days ago

    Where did his sword go?

  45. Missricco

    Missricco25 days ago

    That is amazing

  46. leoncrazyman07

    leoncrazyman0727 days ago

    That dude "is your name Adam?" How did he know? and props to him for not outing you

  47. Deus Vult

    Deus Vult27 days ago

    hm a chainmail croptop

  48. Zelda and Lord of the Rings my favorite

    Zelda and Lord of the Rings my favorite27 days ago

    Its not real metal so shut it Adam

  49. L. Lawliet

    L. Lawliet27 days ago

    The offensively disgusting display behind him at, 7:30 goddamit

  50. Spawn

    Spawn27 days ago

    7:30 mask keeps opening 😂

  51. Dokorou

    DokorouMonth ago

    "Can you imagine having to fight in something like this...? What a ... KNIGHTMARE" Oh, Adam.

  52. Caden

    CadenMonth ago

    Adam Savage and his royal entourage XD

  53. Andreas Bach Lindsmann

    Andreas Bach LindsmannMonth ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to see the armour being made, however I can not find any working links to it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers from Denmark.

  54. NortheR2301

    NortheR2301Month ago

    i make my own boiled leather armors for 7 years now and still, everytime I get the opportunity to wear my own piece of work I get as excited as you were like it was the first time. I agree about how much we NEED to make it fashion again haha! Still that was an amazing piece of work and it looked absolutely badass! congrats! It's fun to see that it doesn't matter how old you are and still have a fresh and young mind like yours, I hope to grow up to be just like you in 30 ish years.

  55. Jeremy Porter

    Jeremy PorterMonth ago

    Yeah. Nogambeson. Plastic mail. Looks cool not accurate.

  56. Григорий Айрапетьян

    Григорий АйрапетьянMonth ago

    Guys!, where he bought this armor?

  57. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonMonth ago

    The black mask looked like you had a pantyhose

  58. Nathan Zieminski

    Nathan ZieminskiMonth ago

    Was that the loudest disguise

  59. ate XC

    ate XCMonth ago

    Totally unhistoricaal, but it's comic con, not reenactment, so...

  60. Emerald the Wolf

    Emerald the WolfMonth ago

    Who wants there history teacher to show up like this? 😂😂😂

  61. Amadou Jay

    Amadou JayMonth ago

    When u where in the bath room u looked golden

  62. Jared Gibbs

    Jared GibbsMonth ago

    As a GOT bus ad rolls by. LMAO!

  63. crittenhouse8270

    crittenhouse8270Month ago

    They were worried about you bringing the sword wearing all that armor your whole body becomes a weapon lol

  64. Angela Gonzalez

    Angela GonzalezMonth ago

    hell yeah

  65. Javonni Le

    Javonni LeMonth ago

    If I'm not wrong isn't that riveted mail? Not chain... (knitted chain mail comes to play) rip

  66. BaptainBalcon

    BaptainBalconMonth ago

    Speaking of the practicality of a suit like that. The way fully suited knights killed each other is as horrifying as it is logical. If they couldn't breach the armour or hit exposed parts, they instead hammered it for blunt trauma and to collapse parts of the suit into its wearer.

  67. Ken

    Ken2 days ago

    Idk why someone would try to hammer into another person chest, it's probably the part most protected with thicc armor and plus it's not like they can simply hit it bc they opponent got it well covered.

  68. Maraak .Nor

    Maraak .Nor2 days ago

    Nah. Blunt weapons and wrestling to get him to the ground, then put the dagger into the eye-slit and stab his face. Or half-swording to get a point into the armpit\eye-slit\groin\etc. Knocking helmets OFF would not really be feasible (but they sometimes exposed their face, making that a target), and killing someone by hammering his chest with a mace would be tiresome and time consuming. A blunt weapon is good for DISABLING the opponent, however, and they often came with a pick-end (Bec de Corbin) or top-spike for driving through the opponent after disabling him. Frankly, that sounds even worse imo...

  69. Ken

    Ken8 days ago

    BaptainBalcon to kill a knight, the most efficient way is to use a blunt weapon or if you are skilled, get a dagger into his eye socket.

  70. Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling11 days ago

    BaptainBalcon from the documents I've read, head trauma was often the cause of death in the few cases of heavily armoured knights that fought one and other. Knocking an opponent's helmet off in order to get to his skull was a favoured strategy.

  71. Emois 4everlife

    Emois 4everlifeMonth ago

    is he still mythbuster

  72. Damian Burns

    Damian BurnsMonth ago

    Wow thats a cool For Honor Warden cosplay!

  73. the new and improved Windex Bleach

    the new and improved Windex BleachMonth ago

    #RipMythbusters My childhood died when they canceled that :""""(

  74. Tomb plays Games

    Tomb plays GamesMonth ago

    * Hawburk.

  75. Illien Galene

    Illien GaleneMonth ago Why not visit drachenfest in Germany? It is one of the biggest Live Action Roleplay Conventions in the World, together with ConQuest, making it a 14 days long Exploration across fantasy lands and adventures! I would love to see ya there!

  76. mooncaroon

    mooncaroonMonth ago

    im imagining him being a knight that got time warped right into comic con and is wandering around not knowing what the fuck is going on

  77. SlyGamez

    SlyGamezMonth ago

    That would be hard going through a metal detector as a knight

  78. Sean Hope

    Sean HopeMonth ago

    Is that's Arthur's armour? I'm going to have to break out Excalibur again, because I could swear that you are wearing Lancelot - please correct me if I'm wrong.

  79. Gairkarohn Bl'ese

    Gairkarohn Bl'eseMonth ago

    How could I find a pattern for knit chainmaille?

  80. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Fool's Slick and Folly's FortuneMonth ago

    "We're going to find more reasons to wear this" Next week, Adam's wife "Come to bead honey~" *CLANK*

  81. Ken B

    Ken BMonth ago

    A gothic armor is 35 ponds, it's pretty light. you shouldn't go around making backflips thou, it is possible but it's hard to breath under th armor.

  82. Gian Olores

    Gian OloresMonth ago

    There isn't even a comment about saber being the true king Arthur

  83. Crusader

    CrusaderMonth ago

    Well then

  84. Teddy

    TeddyMonth ago

    why not the most honorable Solaire

  85. King Arthur

    King ArthurMonth ago

    I could even see you playing a king. You remind me of Thèoden.

  86. King Arthur

    King ArthurMonth ago

    That’s my jam

  87. The Patriot

    The PatriotMonth ago

    What if you get an itch?

  88. dead ._.

    dead ._.Month ago

    "can you imagine trying to figure in this, it would be a nightmare" don't you mean KINGHTMARE???

  89. Ryan M.

    Ryan M.Month ago

    No more bulletproof glass when blowing up cement trucks Just wear the armour

  90. Julia Lilienstein

    Julia LiliensteinMonth ago

    You mean a squire. Every knight needs a squire. YOU are the vassal to the king!

  91. Jon B Baca

    Jon B BacaMonth ago

    Love seeing Norm as a lowly squire!

  92. Beast Mode

    Beast ModeMonth ago

    I need help with my cod piece squire.

  93. The Big Rat Gaming

    The Big Rat GamingMonth ago

    imagine what it would sound like in a hail storm....


    LEMON FACEMonth ago

    That is a wild boast! You lack a knight’s humility!

  95. PF_Cactus

    PF_CactusMonth ago

    it's funny how from a distance with the helmet open he'd just look like a suit of armor walking around because you can't see his face

  96. tom myers

    tom myersMonth ago

    I would love to see adam cosplay as the predator!

  97. Blue Dragon

    Blue DragonMonth ago

    LARPin like a pro 😎

  98. Dylan Baxter

    Dylan BaxterMonth ago

    Are we gunna see him making the armor ever?

  99. Logan Frost

    Logan FrostMonth ago

    He should try a different city like Chicago Comic Con in 2018 and see if he could go the whole show without getting noticed.

  100. Night Fury

    Night FuryMonth ago

    Do you always wear a sock on your head every time you go to Comic-Con?

  101. Yummy Cookie

    Yummy CookieMonth ago

    Fan: are you Adam savage Adam savage: wow that was fast Fan: awwwwwwww!

  102. memikell

    memikellMonth ago

    So, a seventh century king had access to a fourteenth century harness, Merlin must have gotten it.

  103. Zaone

    ZaoneMonth ago

    Somethijg just accured to me. All the cosplayers who wear really hard to get on and off armors... what do they do when they need to pee?

  104. midnight matric

    midnight matricMonth ago

    OMG lol he ran in to cartoonz