Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!


  1. Mud Puddle

    Mud Puddle13 hours ago

    Adam is off the charts cool! The suit is a close second!

  2. Ignited Dicer

    Ignited Dicer20 hours ago

    It's Dark Souls in real life. Staring: Adam Savage, The Mythical One, The Smartest One. May the fire guide thee and prithee be careful.

  3. The Earl

    The EarlDay ago

    Adam seems very nice to the fans. I enjoy seeing a celebrity take the time to say "nice to meet you" or "have a nice day" or "you're welcome" to fans. Well done man.

  4. MonsCamus

    MonsCamusDay ago

    Chainmail - NO! Bad savage! Mail.

  5. Stephen Henkel

    Stephen Henkel2 days ago

    It took you two years to post the video on how it was made...BUT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Still can't believe you called it chain mail again though.

  6. Open water Diver

    Open water Diver4 days ago

    I really hope you don’t need to go to the toilet while in your costume

  7. strange eagle

    strange eagle5 days ago

    Last comiccon i walked around saying adam? To anyone wearing a mask or helmet

  8. celticarchie

    celticarchie6 days ago

    With his face blacked out like that he reminds me of the animated armour in Bedknobs and Broomsticks! :D

  9. EternalNexusWarrior Studios

    EternalNexusWarrior Studios7 days ago

    You are amazing good sir!

  10. Titus Lim

    Titus Lim7 days ago

    Now I know why goblin slayer is incognito

  11. Макс У

    Макс У8 days ago

    Как же он постарел обалдеть

  12. Brandon Harry

    Brandon Harry8 days ago

    Someone trying that hard to obscure their face is probably something people are looking for to pick you out at this point.

  13. Quad5age804883

    Quad5age8048839 days ago

    Let us ride!!! To Camelot!

  14. ChakraX2

    ChakraX29 days ago

    From passing out in class to a pro in comicon. Good to see Adam fulfill his goal in the making for 30+ years

  15. Guillermo Juarez

    Guillermo Juarez10 days ago

    what is with people and vertical photos/video? i't's so much of a waste of capacity, it's like going to see your favorite band and instead of enjoying the show you record them with your phone... on vertical... oh wait

  16. Hunter Hagen

    Hunter Hagen10 days ago

    That one girl who guessed it was Adam savage is funny

  17. Thomas Piskorski

    Thomas Piskorski11 days ago

    I know damn well he is having so much fun

  18. Luis Delrío

    Luis Delrío11 days ago

    5:58 LOL

  19. Maggie The pug

    Maggie The pug12 days ago

    Why did you stop mythbusters

  20. Lonnie Shealey

    Lonnie Shealey14 days ago


  21. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat14 days ago

    I really hope the flash girl came up to him like "And I thought I was flashy!"


    NIBZY PLAYS15 days ago

    Going incognito mode on chrome i see you adam

  23. Mynameisnt Yourbuisnessgovernment

    Mynameisnt Yourbuisnessgovernment16 days ago

    8:11 Camera man filming a camera man... Camera-ception

  24. The Rice Fields

    The Rice Fields17 days ago

    How to find Adam Step 1 Find a hidden face Step 2 Find the voice

  25. Jonah Twenhafel

    Jonah Twenhafel18 days ago

    The armor doesn't sound right. More of a tournament armor. But good mobility.

  26. Silas Sketches

    Silas Sketches19 days ago

    Both fabulous and strangely wholesome??

  27. Bino Dino

    Bino Dino19 days ago

    Very cool

  28. SwaggyG

    SwaggyG21 day ago

    What I've learned: if you see a man in armour always ask "are you Adam Savage?"

  29. Western Spy

    Western Spy21 day ago

    Make this series called incognito mode

  30. Blind Duck

    Blind Duck23 days ago

    Why does he always wear just one contact lense

  31. Poppa Reinhardt

    Poppa Reinhardt23 days ago


  32. Will Garmer

    Will Garmer24 days ago

    Fully awesome costume, as always. One day I hope to attend ComicCon and I will probably stake out the sidewalk in front of the convention center just to be the first to recognize Adam.

  33. Luka M

    Luka M28 days ago

    An faceless man in an armor set doing stretches is goofy

  34. Dominique Hardie

    Dominique HardieMonth ago

    King Arthur helmet with 1500s era Germanic side wings huh? Interesting...

  35. Jeffrey Snethen

    Jeffrey SnethenMonth ago

    a friend of mine has built Excaliber style fantasy armor for years, we used to get drunk battle in it with blunt weapons for spectators to see, many bruises over the years, at the Renaissance Festival 5 of us suited up for pics, women could not get enough of it hahahaha

  36. Darkshadow

    DarkshadowMonth ago

    Mmmmm incognito... 7:38 " *Are you Adam Savage?* "

  37. Omega

    OmegaMonth ago

    Wish Saber would have made an appearance.

  38. Samuel Hayden

    Samuel HaydenMonth ago

    Omega - nice Fate reference

  39. mr arican

    mr aricanMonth ago

    I can't believe that armor used to be created in the masses.

  40. Deus Cornelio Filio Geroldi

    Deus Cornelio Filio GeroldiMonth ago

    Actually they didn’t wear hauberks underneath full plate they did however wear mail in the form of gussets.

  41. Deus Cornelio Filio Geroldi

    Deus Cornelio Filio GeroldiMonth ago

    At least you mentioned armour being clunky as a myth thank you.

  42. CthonicSoulChicken

    CthonicSoulChickenMonth ago

    Uther's armor was cooler.

  43. Ron Bird

    Ron BirdMonth ago

    some of your parts looks like mine.

  44. Cato Sicarius

    Cato SicariusMonth ago

    I don't think King Arthur would have had what looks like 16th century armour he would have had a mail shirt or hauberk and a helmet

  45. Matthias Peters

    Matthias PetersMonth ago

    The Net loocks like Shitt

  46. Graham Robinson

    Graham RobinsonMonth ago

    Cosplay as norm

  47. Milbox R

    Milbox RMonth ago

    8:55 that guy seemed like a cool guy

  48. The Animoose Project

    The Animoose ProjectMonth ago

    3:36 he’s playing Rasputin

  49. Дмитрий Донской

    Дмитрий ДонскойMonth ago


  50. Joshua Caleb Gascon

    Joshua Caleb GasconMonth ago

    i like if the soldeirs look like that body armor

  51. Libertatem Veritas

    Libertatem VeritasMonth ago

    Lol. Metatron and Shadiversity must've shat their pants in rage after they saw this.

  52. remko2

    remko22 months ago

    Where's the chicken?????

  53. Ade mar

    Ade mar2 months ago

    So hows the stat?? 15for the helmet??

  54. Robert Weisskopf

    Robert Weisskopf2 months ago

    why don't you put lenses in each eye?

  55. Mad Max

    Mad Max2 months ago

    Ride a horse with that on

  56. Incognitospy 3

    Incognitospy 32 months ago

    What is ge wearing on 2:20 on his head i didnt understand adam savage

  57. Retrìca

    Retrìca2 months ago

    Dust thou even hoist knave?

  58. snorre björn

    snorre björn2 months ago

    The rings on the chain mail is in the wrong direction, if its built the other way it gets some flex. Looks so real

  59. thr crazybacon

    thr crazybacon2 months ago

    you look like a true knight sir

  60. captain P

    captain P2 months ago

    WTF do people fucking do, it's been 2-3 videos that people just find out it's him.... do every year people go to anyone with a mask and ask " are you adam ? " are you adam ? -no are you adam ? -no are you adam ? -no are you adam ? -no are you adam ? - yes - yay i found you.

  61. Durden Durden

    Durden Durden2 months ago

    7:26 Supernatural stuff going on when his visor pops up twice and it looks like King Arthurs Ghost is smiling for the cameras

  62. Durden Durden

    Durden Durden2 months ago

    ...who you gonna call?

  63. Jon the Misunderstood

    Jon the Misunderstood2 months ago

    Man I wish was born in medival era

  64. Evil Person

    Evil Person2 months ago


  65. W h e e z e

    W h e e z e2 months ago

    Faack im so jealous

  66. Love in History and science

    Love in History and science2 months ago

    Where is your gambeson?

  67. kasso89

    kasso892 months ago

    Oh boi, I'd love to wear it...

  68. Thien Phuc

    Thien Phuc2 months ago

    L,m,,.lll ,

  69. Christopher R

    Christopher R2 months ago

    Is this a motherfucking Dark Souls reference?

  70. The Pacifist Gamer

    The Pacifist Gamer2 months ago

    If some chick or idiot thinks you're some character from dark souls or game of thrones..... I think I'll die inside alil

  71. Spencer Callahan

    Spencer Callahan2 months ago

    Love how he's walking in front of the GOT bus ad @5:50

  72. DiaLSpector

    DiaLSpector2 months ago



    CHEESY CHIPMUNK2 months ago

    I appreciate the mini myth bust that armor somehow prohibits movement.

  74. Taztorien Glenn

    Taztorien Glenn2 months ago

    you skipped the padded gambi? your keen, i tip they helmet sire

  75. Daniel Cheung

    Daniel Cheung2 months ago

    10:22 What was that sound though it sounded like a transformer transforming also love this video plz make a transformer

  76. Barokai Rein

    Barokai Rein2 months ago

    Just to clear something out when he says that they used knitted chainmail in lord of the rings he probably means some random extras. Most of the ''chainmail'' in those films was made by putting plastic pieces together. So it looked a lot more convincing. They made almost 7 miles of ''chainmail'' by putting plastic pieces together for those films so I find it highly unlikely that any of the ''knitted mail'' was visible in the movies.

  77. Amos Zarfran

    Amos Zarfran2 months ago

    Imagine you had to pee.

  78. Eric Pierce

    Eric Pierce2 months ago

    that receding hair line tho!

  79. joe sunshine

    joe sunshine2 months ago

    I have a real mail shirt. Weights about 20 pounds

  80. Alucard Saintclare

    Alucard Saintclare2 months ago

    Fun fact when knights had to pee they just went because it was to much of a hassle to remove the lower part of the armor and chainmail and put it back on

  81. Alucard Saintclare

    Alucard Saintclare2 months ago

    I know

  82. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony2 months ago

    Lol. They changed that with time.

  83. bob hazel

    bob hazel2 months ago


  84. Andrew Rivera

    Andrew Rivera2 months ago

    Should have had a pair of coconuts.

  85. Nuke boy

    Nuke boy2 months ago

    Im not a expert but if it was steel and chainmail and a sword it will be much worse

  86. Nuke boy

    Nuke boy2 months ago

    +Daniel Antony also im pretty sure that it is jousting and show armor

  87. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony2 months ago

    Yeah, because it's not the best armor. It's like a... mid 14th century armor or something?

  88. Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah2 months ago

    Adam, I dare you to make this into a mounted suit including the horse armor.

  89. Flit

    Flit2 months ago

    pause at 2:14

  90. Assassin Lapin

    Assassin Lapin2 months ago

    What is it

  91. StrayJames

    StrayJames2 months ago

    Time for a fucking crusade.

  92. cloudyam

    cloudyam3 months ago

    You mean he watches porn like that?

  93. Imran Khan

    Imran Khan3 months ago

    Are you Adam Savage?... No! Im BATMAN!

  94. The Panacea

    The Panacea3 months ago

    Really Cool! :D

  95. The Panacea

    The Panacea3 months ago

    A squire Adam, every knight has a squire, to help them put on armor. A vassal is a person regarded as having a mutual obligation to a lord or monarch, in the context of the feudal system in medieval Europe. The obligations often included military support and mutual protection, in exchange for certain privileges, usually including land held as a tenant or fief.

  96. Lochrine -8

    Lochrine -83 months ago

    That armor is pretty fucking cool

  97. Lochrine -8

    Lochrine -83 months ago

    Hey whattup guys king Arthur here comin at ya with a new MReporter vlog

  98. LAZ 590

    LAZ 5903 months ago

    Adam should ditch the camara crew its a dead give away if hes trying to go incognito he should have a go pro camera built in to his suits

  99. Tyrone Harper

    Tyrone Harper3 months ago

    Why do you only wear one contact????

  100. Duzz14

    Duzz143 months ago

    I'm so happy for this guy, it was his childhood dream to get this armor. One thing though, I don't remember this yellow feather on the helmet in the movie. Does anyone else?

  101. Jason Hatt

    Jason Hatt3 months ago

    Wow, I wouldn't want to take that thing off.

  102. Jason Hatt

    Jason Hatt3 months ago

    Very awesome. I gotta get one someday.

  103. Ron Budd

    Ron Budd3 months ago


  104. Harry Kuheim

    Harry Kuheim3 months ago

    Damn, all THAT and he was barely noticed?

  105. LEV1ATAN

    LEV1ATAN3 months ago

    Adam is just a very nice guy :)

  106. Nathan1Luke0

    Nathan1Luke03 months ago

    You should totally go do a LARP somewhere. Communities are pretty cool and your kit looks amazing! Sensational work Adam.

  107. King George The third

    King George The third3 months ago

    What if you have to use the bathroom