Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!


  1. Proxydus gaming

    Proxydus gaming21 minute ago

    You have to make a Sauron armor replica.


    JOHN BOYYEGA10 hours ago

    *ILLUSION 100*

  3. wsol80

    wsol8011 hours ago

    I want to see him get through the metal detector.

  4. RavenNervousRus

    RavenNervousRus2 days ago

    -Are you Adam Savage? -Wow, that was fast.

  5. Thelvaen Mandel

    Thelvaen Mandel3 days ago

    Hey Adam, the "weird point" is that your armor was a real weapon in itself, I'd rather been hit by your larp sword than take a punch with your gauntlets ^^

  6. Mead Sally

    Mead Sally3 days ago

    If you wear compression clothing such as skins underneath you'll be way less hot inside Adam.

  7. TNB TheNewBlood

    TNB TheNewBlood4 days ago

    How do they know

  8. Bennett Thompson

    Bennett Thompson4 days ago

    he sounds like when you step on a red solo cup

  9. Mr. Crumbly

    Mr. Crumbly4 days ago

    I can reach my.... credentials.

  10. Simon Lau

    Simon Lau4 days ago

    He’s got a cool last name

  11. M Robert

    M Robert6 days ago

    The comic on was definitely full of people disguised in flying balloons xD

  12. S0chan

    S0chan6 days ago

    Checking in a foam sword at the "weapons desk". And in the end they didn't even let him bring it in. This is so sad.

  13. gaza1121

    gaza11217 days ago

    Wears movie quality cosplay and deliberately hides his Identity, suprised when people recognise him. Lol great build

  14. Jeff Kill

    Jeff Kill7 days ago

    "where'd you get coconuts in Britain, those are tropical"

  15. biqshaquita

    biqshaquita7 days ago

    i would totally wear this :)

  16. Paton MacDonald

    Paton MacDonald7 days ago

    Adam, you totally needed a pair of roller skates... LOFL.. that would have been even more epic!

  17. meeruksenkivi

    meeruksenkivi8 days ago

    I feel like a proud mom right now, because he's so happy and I'm so happy to see him so happy

  18. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox8 days ago

    "Chainmail" is redundant. Mail is chain, it's the same thing. It's not "shoulders", it's pauldrons. It's not "legs", it's greaves. Norm isn't his "vassal", he would be his squire. Needless to say, 5th-6th century King Arthur wouldn't be wearing the plate armor of nearly 1000 years later. But I this is a semi-recreation of Boorman's Excalibur look and therefore fantasy. The design of this sort of armor wasn't what made it nearly unwearable in reality, it was the weight (as he mentions), mostly from the chain, and the heat from the padded gambeson underneath. Adam no doubt already knows all of this, so you peasants needn't bother arguing with me. Learn from it and scroll on wiser.

  19. blackderby80

    blackderby808 days ago

    I find all these 'that's not accurate for the 5-6th century...' comments amusing. One is nerdy enough to know about the history of medieval arms and armor, but not nerdy enough to have seen and and recognized armor from Excalibur? Something just doesn't seem right with that...

  20. UNSC C Cerberus

    UNSC C Cerberus8 days ago

    The graphics for dark souls 4 look amazing

  21. ChrisP Muffin

    ChrisP Muffin8 days ago

    Should've held a chicken instead (monty python)

  22. Eye of The tiger

    Eye of The tiger9 days ago

    I was thinking to myself “Wow, i wonder if i ever went to these cons i might be able to spot him. Must be very hard with all the other people around.” Then i realized how easy it may be to guess by the camera crew following around.

  23. Westley Lewis

    Westley Lewis9 days ago

    He's wearing Lancelot's armor, with Arthur's sword (Excalibur)? hm, whatever, it is my favorite set of armor in the film anyways so I have no qualms about it.

  24. Tristan Coble

    Tristan Coble9 days ago

    you actually look more like a knight without the mask because of the nice beard lol looking like a real manly man

  25. Robo Perve

    Robo Perve9 days ago

    Fan: "are you Adam savage?" Adam: "wow that was fast."

  26. BLU13

    BLU1310 days ago

    He should be a bouncer big daddy

  27. Don0van 4life

    Don0van 4life10 days ago

    Lancelot ?

  28. Blake Villa

    Blake Villa11 days ago

    ‘Tis but a scratch

  29. Butters159

    Butters15912 days ago

    you can always tell its adam. hes the only one there in the most expensive and realistic costume

  30. A.S Potamianos

    A.S Potamianos13 days ago

    Adam actually looks like a knight, his face, how he talks everything

  31. jordy st-jacques

    jordy st-jacques14 days ago

    That armor is no King Arthur. it is Sir Lancelots armor from 1981 films.

  32. Stormwern

    Stormwern14 days ago

    That looks like Lancelot's armor

  33. you know what I think

    you know what I think15 days ago

    See people think that Comic-Con is a bunch of nerds but there are actually a lot of hot ass women there too

  34. ANDREW 221

    ANDREW 22120 days ago

    What happens if your alone and have to pee

  35. Chris LeDoux

    Chris LeDoux20 days ago

    I wonder how many people at Comic Con get asked randomly "Are you Adam Savage?"

  36. valenius the kat

    valenius the kat20 days ago

    I'm sure this suit of armor is WAY more comfy than what you built as a kid 👍❤

  37. Hass Mass

    Hass Mass21 day ago

    love how he just walks on the street like its a normal day

  38. Mr. Unorthodox

    Mr. Unorthodox22 days ago

    and people complain about chain mail bikinis in video games

  39. Eric Johannson

    Eric Johannson24 days ago

    Do you remember the first Deadpool movie - where DP wore a paper mask of under his mask "just in case the skin-tight mask fell off"? Has anyone worn a costume and worn an 'Adam Savage' paper mask underneath? LOL! :)

  40. Un4Fn Vectarn

    Un4Fn Vectarn25 days ago

    How can he see ?

  41. Kasteel Arcen Wachter

    Kasteel Arcen Wachter25 days ago

    I know Terry English, he's one of the judges at the Elfia Costume Parade.

  42. Sailor_medjay

    Sailor_medjay26 days ago

    *NOTE:* Do not wear a t-shirt underneath chainmail! Ahh i was cringing so hard at that scene. Pls protecc yoselves. If all you have is a t-shirt then do what this man did and just buy woollen chainmail or something :)

  43. Set Ovens

    Set Ovens27 days ago

    Man he's getting on in the years. Like to me he will always look as he did in mythbusters. But even back then he was getting kinda old. Still great to see what Adam gets up to, especially since he's such a cool guy.

  44. Lemmin Joose

    Lemmin Joose28 days ago

    When I die, I want to come back as Adam Savage.

  45. Michael Jayson Banua

    Michael Jayson Banua29 days ago

    The mom with the two kids though... So nice to have cool parents.

  46. Dương Tử nam

    Dương Tử namMonth ago

    Ngực thì to, giọng thì con nít tập nói. Đéo hiểu ở hành tinh gì

  47. GOD

    GODMonth ago

    how people know its him?

  48. Midaspl

    MidasplMonth ago

    How is that face cover called?

  49. Robert Murray

    Robert MurrayMonth ago

    fantastic good one

  50. Hisham mahmud

    Hisham mahmudMonth ago

    What happens if he needs to pee? Or poo?

  51. Pilek01

    Pilek01Month ago

    you have to take the warcraft armor to comic con some day.

  52. spider394

    spider394Month ago

    I've watched Excalibur a few times, and watched some clips of the movies to confirm what I remember, King Arthur did wear the chainmail skirt, but under the armor he wore a light grey gambeson shirt, probably over the chainmail with the skirt part sticking out of the bottom of it. Just some friendly advice :)

  53. MassDynamic

    MassDynamicMonth ago

    7:28 lol. "fuck, why wont it stay down" -internally

  54. Fenrir

    FenrirMonth ago

    10:43 Yup. What a "Knightmare" =D

  55. Krieghandt

    KrieghandtMonth ago

    There's a secret to fitting armor. Have it stop moving about 1/4" from where your joints would stop. Then, when a bunch of 300 lb ppl smash into you, you will not sprain your joints. Of course, you don't do the full contact stuff.

  56. VikZ

    VikZMonth ago

    can you imagine walking around there high as fuck wearing that!?

  57. Joy L

    Joy LMonth ago


  58. Seeking Anubis

    Seeking AnubisMonth ago

    Was that a MReporterr called Cartoonz at 7:18

  59. The Christian RC Network

    The Christian RC NetworkMonth ago

    A reason to wear it? Cool factor... Honestly a real suit is quite comfortable as it needed to be for battle. They weigh about as much as a modern say US troop's equipment.

  60. Patrick Silva

    Patrick SilvaMonth ago

    "Can you imagine having to fight in something like this? What a nightmare..." MORE LIKE KNIGHT-MARE!!!!

  61. Dragon Crusader

    Dragon CrusaderMonth ago

    I. Want. Armor. That is awesome to see just how flexible it is in there.

  62. ThunderTheTherian TTT

    ThunderTheTherian TTTMonth ago

    5:50 omg the game Of thrones bus goes good with this

  63. a meme duck

    a meme duckMonth ago

    what a knightmare

  64. Hem Rainsford

    Hem RainsfordMonth ago

    Adam is so natural in armor! That is incredible!!

  65. Nikolai Bolinski

    Nikolai BolinskiMonth ago

    A properly fitted suit of armor allows you to do stuff like backflips and somersaults. No joke.

  66. J

    JMonth ago

    How do u pee with that armor?

  67. Ashley Chamberlain

    Ashley ChamberlainMonth ago

    You always gotta appreciate how at most conventions the people there are amazing and super considerate like how the guy didn’t want to say his name so loud so he wouldn’t get malled. Probably my favourite part about conventions are the people you meet.

  68. Cliff P

    Cliff PMonth ago

    Adam do you feel “normal” when you dress like you do and hide? I love that you told the truth if it was you or not!!!

  69. Alexis Simms

    Alexis SimmsMonth ago

    Looking at that chainmail im already cringing just thinking about making that, like my god must have taken months

  70. Quinn L-S.

    Quinn L-S.Month ago

    Chain mail crop top

  71. BayushiGemma

    BayushiGemmaMonth ago

    Terry English armor what an honor you got to wear the guy that did the 80s Excalibur movie armor!!! I'm so Jelly!

  72. Confuzed Graphite

    Confuzed GraphiteMonth ago

    I almost feel like aluminum chainmail would be lighter than plastic. I work at a renaissance fairs so I work with a lot of chainmail. I guess it depends of the type of plastic and the gauge of wire used to make the rings.

  73. BlueNexus PH

    BlueNexus PHMonth ago


  74. DirtyWeeb

    DirtyWeebMonth ago

    6:55 i-is that chris-chan?

  75. Subham Banerjee

    Subham BanerjeeMonth ago

    Plz make a video in berserker armor

  76. New York Knights Combat

    New York Knights CombatMonth ago

    This was very impressive. I am tickled that you were able to work with the guy who made the original movie suit! I also very much appreciate the black mask. It adds a sense of mystery to the suit. People can apprecviate the suit for what it is ant nopt get distracted by your personality (as sparkling and pleasant as that is ;) ). As someone who wears competitive armor, I envy the light weight of your suit. Though my armor is as articulated as all get-out, so I have little restriction of movement, it is heavy (about 4-75 lbs, depending on which sword-fighting game I am playing) and I could never walk around a convention in it all day.



    I imagine wearing all that armour is an absolute knight-mare get it get it get it get it get it

  78. valenius the kat

    valenius the kat20 days ago

    BOB MCBUTTLORD I see what you did there 👍😃


    DRIFT KING L.A.Month ago

    BOB MCBUTTLORD yes lol

  80. Purple

    PurpleMonth ago

    @7:18 is that cart0onz

  81. Coolest Dude

    Coolest DudeMonth ago

    Wow he looks way older in close up

  82. azax

    azaxMonth ago

    i had no clue adam was a cosplayer.

  83. Janilava Gaming inc.

    Janilava Gaming inc.Month ago


  84. N Hosto

    N HostoMonth ago

    Next time he role plays he should get the correct style of armor that would have been worn.

  85. blackderby80

    blackderby808 days ago

    N Hosto correct for what? It's a replica from a (notably inaccurate, yet amazing) film. He was playing as a very specific version of king Arthur, from Excalibur. Go watch it. You will find what has been missing from your life.

  86. Mike Mike

    Mike MikeMonth ago

    very beautifull armor

  87. Old Republic Army

    Old Republic Army2 months ago

    i bet hes glad he didnt have to take a shit xD

  88. fearsomecat337 _

    fearsomecat337 _2 months ago

    Oh that was him

  89. Brandon Henke

    Brandon Henke2 months ago

    Doesnt the cameraman following you give you away. Plus hiding your face is a dead give away

  90. Julian Medina

    Julian Medina2 months ago

    Well if the armor was legit it be light to wear (unless you're a stick) and very mobile as well as looking like a badass

  91. The Flash

    The Flash2 months ago

    This is the best suits for zombie apocalypse

  92. Maddy Arana

    Maddy Arana2 months ago

    My first con I went as a zombie survivor, I had a prop foam axe that I spent a week or so on. I got to the con and couldn't find the prop weapons check point and ended up getting lost a few times. I found it after about 2.5 hours and missed 3 panels trying to find this desk hidden in the back by the escalators. I'm not gonna say it was worth it and that I was happy to follow the rules, I was actually pissed off at the con because I asked about 5 con minions and they all pointed me in the wrong direction. Next time I'm just ditching the prop. It's not worth it.

  93. Meep Changeling

    Meep Changeling2 months ago

    That plastic plate is painful for this HEMA fighter... Get some real steel on you, Adam!

  94. Sher Grissom

    Sher Grissom2 months ago


  95. Slimword

    Slimword2 months ago

    Adam, we just look for the one cosplayer with their face completely covered. That's how we know it's you.

  96. Daniel Kagarise

    Daniel Kagarise2 months ago

    Ive worn an entire Stainless steel chainmail hauberk for 16 hours a day at a larp. You feel like a feather when it comes of.

  97. Spencer Cox

    Spencer Cox2 months ago

    6:54 suddenly, Dragon Ball Super!

  98. maxschlle king

    maxschlle king2 months ago

    i see you,using/wearing,a lot of stuff from,others,latly..are you gonna make one urselfe,soone??Adam??

  99. hocadidilyocutt

    hocadidilyocutt2 months ago

    you can't take a sword out on the floor. We're a bunch of pansies these days.

  100. Alex Nelson

    Alex Nelson2 months ago

    Every Knight has a squire, and norm is my squire. Lol let’s be accurate vassals was the wrong term

  101. Crypto Anders

    Crypto Anders2 months ago

    Omg I want this armor so bad. I will get one made for my self some day!

  102. Wouter van Wijngaarden

    Wouter van Wijngaarden2 months ago

    Where was the sword?!

  103. andrea campbell

    andrea campbell2 months ago

    ‘‘Tis just a scratch!