Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!


  1. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage’s Tested3 months ago

    Watch Adam build his suit of armor with Terry English here:

  2. Demonslayer153

    Demonslayer15317 days ago

    Aluminum is 1 thing but real armor wasn't made from that as far as I know... Try hardened steel or something like that... It's heavy but it's also very flexible when custom fitted exactly like you said... That is very important... My armor is hardened steel with mirror polish on 1 suit and normal polish on my 1st set... N let me tell you it's heavy as hell N hot ass hell... Do know Im wearing gambeson underneath it as it's more real towards 14th N 15th century armor that I'm basing off... Yh kingdom come deliverance cosplay what can I say xD

  3. épinards & caramel

    épinards & caramel2 months ago

    2017! :O

  4. Jaden McGregor

    Jaden McGregor2 months ago

    Hey Adam I think that you are the best special effects artists I have ever seen. If you have time to chat I'd love to talk to you about costumes.

  5. John Ritchie

    John Ritchie2 months ago

    You should go to some of the smaller venues around the country and see how long you can get away without being noticed. BTW loved the MAKING OF videos with Terry English. His work is AMAZING !!!!

  6. CryoToast

    CryoToastDay ago

    Please stop referring to it as "chain" mail, its just mail

  7. 0Zolrender0

    0Zolrender02 days ago

    The sad thing is this is not foot armour but jousting armour design. You can tell from the helmet being a soild piece and the knight could not turn their head.

  8. Oscar Cheruiyot

    Oscar Cheruiyot4 days ago

    Coolest nerd ever


    SLASHERCADE RPG4 days ago

    Adam i recommend a modulator of some sort

  10. Silence the Knight

    Silence the Knight7 days ago

    Looking very kingly, friend.

  11. Nacho Lopez Casas

    Nacho Lopez Casas10 days ago

    In knights we trust

  12. Cody Mitchell

    Cody Mitchell11 days ago

    Here watching this again 2 years later after Adam finally uploaded the series that followed the creation of this beautiful suit

  13. woget264

    woget26414 days ago

    You would be wearing an arming shirt Adam, not a full chain suit.

  14. Raxius

    Raxius14 days ago

    Hauberk is pronounced hawburk, and chainmail is just called maille (mail)

  15. Grumpy Blue

    Grumpy Blue15 days ago

    Nice to watch it for the first time AFTER 7 episodes of how the armor was made 😊

  16. Just Ryan

    Just Ryan15 days ago

    Bring the breast plate stretcher!!!!!!

  17. nimmivids

    nimmivids16 days ago

    Full plate armor looks super badass when posing still. Once you move around and swing your arms, it looks DORKY as F. ahaha

  18. Alistair Marsh

    Alistair Marsh18 days ago

    I watched the build of the suit with Terry. Very interesting . Medieval armour is/ was borderline genius to make.

  19. skidrowsux1977

    skidrowsux197718 days ago

    what a fuking dork lol

  20. bikes with barney

    bikes with barney18 days ago

    horrendously in- authentic but still very cool!!

  21. Epitaph

    Epitaph19 days ago

    As you walked off with just the shield, my history brain just starts screaming out *WHAT ABOUT A SHIELD??*

  22. Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming

    Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming20 days ago

    When you become famous your public life is almost over

  23. Tibor Jaasma

    Tibor Jaasma22 days ago

    I love the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba in the back!

  24. Bonnie Bunny05

    Bonnie Bunny0524 days ago

    How do you go out on the floor at Comic-Con do you just ask or something?

  25. Gage McLaughlin

    Gage McLaughlin26 days ago

    Got that Lego clone trooper head going on under the helmet

  26. Braxton Goodman

    Braxton GoodmanMonth ago

    Another thing about that armor... it’s usually about the weight as what you wore, or at least in my experience with German gothic plate armour.

  27. Carrot Newms

    Carrot NewmsMonth ago

    Should have done deus vult memes

  28. Original H1h

    Original H1hMonth ago

    I really want metal or leather armor for going to larp in, I have like German made steel steel armor, but it’s only the chest plate, back plate, and the two pauldrons, but it’s like 80 to a 100 pounds of pure steel, and a couple of pounds Gambeson. It’s so bulky for me so it takes my breath out literally, and I’ve gotten my pauldrons stuck so many times on the main piece of armor.

  29. Weepingangel238

    Weepingangel238Month ago

    It’s not a vassal, it’s a squire

  30. Cole Stefan

    Cole StefanMonth ago

    I love how bent the feet are. instantly

  31. George Jutsu

    George JutsuMonth ago

    I love how as soon as he goes outside at thd first he walks past a bus that has game of thrones on it

  32. Kevin

    KevinMonth ago

    Sir adam the folklore buster

  33. Paddok sa

    Paddok saMonth ago

    i got to say good jobb there but still i stand whit Vic

  34. Ephyne

    EphyneMonth ago

    Ok, I came here for Adam, *BUT THAT THRANDUIL FIGURINE THO.* I waaaannt.

  35. Ducaso

    DucasoMonth ago

    Funny I see this just after watching Savage's TED talk about his love of Cosplay and his early experience by building suits of armor inspired by his childhood love of the Excalibur. We have come full circle.

  36. Exiled Candy

    Exiled CandyMonth ago

    I love roleplay, and i am particularly am a loli trap voice person at that, which gave me a relative fanboyism for cosplay. Then i knew this mister's ted talk and now im here! Phew, im very sorry for being late, but im happy im here now!

  37. Rupee Shards

    Rupee ShardsMonth ago

    If you need an idea for next time maybe Penni Parker’s the SP//dr suit?

  38. Marissa Shorey

    Marissa ShoreyMonth ago

    I love your myth busters show

  39. That_Horror_kid 9008

    That_Horror_kid 9008Month ago

    Deus = God Vu'lt = Wills it Just saying

  40. Piney The Cosmonaut

    Piney The CosmonautMonth ago

    came a long way from passing out in a aluminum costume. so amazing what a person can do.

  41. Joshua Hart

    Joshua HartMonth ago


  42. caleb Kovarovic

    caleb KovarovicMonth ago

    Actually, Steel armor can weigh from 30-55lbs. Edit: Full military load can weigh over 100 lbs. The vest plus front/back/side plates will weigh 30lbs for small up to 48lbs for large and more, the helmet is 10lbs, gas mask 2-4 lbs, assault pack 20 lbs (ruck being 65 or 80 lbs), 7 fully loaded magazines ~10 lbs, and weapon 5 lbs.

  43. Cooch Chili

    Cooch ChiliMonth ago

    Would you have done the running man if someone asked?

  44. VeloCi_KrT

    VeloCi_KrTMonth ago

    Man I wish I could make costumes.. currently training to be athletic as all hell.. and I'd love to make a great mortal kombat costume, scorpion og sub zero

  45. Ron Rankin

    Ron RankinMonth ago

    I thinknits funny no one knows hes king Arthur, cult classic everyone should see.

  46. TheDrexxus

    TheDrexxusMonth ago

    Watch Adam go incognito to comic con! Everyone inside: Who is this guy walking around with a film crew following him everywhere he goes, wearing a really high end outfit, and having their face totally obscured? Oh right, it's Adam again.

  47. LordKnight

    LordKnightMonth ago

    I would like to buy some fancy armour,where can I buy it ?

  48. MLG Porkchop

    MLG PorkchopMonth ago

    "70 pounds, almost 3 times that much"

  49. donavon short

    donavon shortMonth ago

    Praise the sun

  50. Ana Abendroth

    Ana AbendrothMonth ago

    uh, where's the COD PIECE, Adam??? "SCRIPT GIRL!!".......

  51. Flamemare 69

    Flamemare 69Month ago

    When I was at comic-con I saw a “ Taco Bell “, it was legit Bell from Beauty and the Beast with tacos pinned to the dress.

  52. Celtic Lass

    Celtic LassMonth ago

    "Normally in my suit of armour I wear..." The kid he was would be THRILLED that he could say that, and it be true!

  53. Za Warudo

    Za WarudoMonth ago

    Whispers "Hey man, are you Adam?" Fucking died.

  54. A Channel With No Videos //Generated Alex

    A Channel With No Videos //Generated AlexMonth ago

    No cape :(

  55. Diogenes

    DiogenesMonth ago

    Your squire is admirable.

  56. Larry The Cat

    Larry The Cat2 months ago

    Is this in San Diego?

  57. Turrorro chido

    Turrorro chido2 months ago

    how did you do to shit

  58. Pepr

    Pepr2 months ago

    Aluminum? Shame shame.

  59. Jalcome

    Jalcome2 months ago

    Wait...This isnt Saber 🤔

  60. us here

    us here2 months ago

    where's your rubber chicken, adam? ;}

  61. Christopher Schmitz

    Christopher Schmitz2 months ago

    I love how people guess who he is!

  62. Logan Silva

    Logan Silva2 months ago

    They wore arming doublets under plate armor which only had chainmail in the unprotected areas

  63. Lucasxd331

    Lucasxd3312 months ago

    9:43 Brienne of Tarth,is that you? 😂

  64. Attempt

    Attempt2 months ago

    Why only 1 contact tho

  65. Phantom_ 1145

    Phantom_ 11452 months ago

    On this 2019 i Will use S.W.A.T costume with full gear and some airsoft shotgun 👍

  66. Señor Hilter

    Señor Hilter2 months ago

    Adam dented the fuck out of that armour

  67. LtCmdrMaximus

    LtCmdrMaximus2 months ago


  68. Adam pazaz

    Adam pazaz2 months ago

    Time for a crusade

  69. Le-Grande

    Le-Grande2 months ago

    He couldn't bring the plastic sword? Did they not let him? Pathetic. Cowards.

  70. Jzolt

    Jzolt2 months ago

    When he was moving the armour around like crazy, the sound bothered me so much. I just could not put my finger on what but something told me it was not steel. Relief came when he admitted it was aluminum!

  71. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer2 months ago

    How can he even see

  72. Galaco Production

    Galaco Production2 months ago

    Damn he looks like he can kick your ads in 2.5 seconds

  73. Alexandr Stark

    Alexandr Stark2 months ago

    king Arthur? But she was girl in gold and blue dress summoned as saber in 4th and 5th holy grail war....

  74. Atoool K

    Atoool K2 months ago

    A lot more comfortable than the first suit of armor, Adam made with his Dad for school :D

  75. Ivan Bragin

    Ivan Bragin2 months ago

    Adam, You are amazing! such a nice video, really Great Job!

  76. fortnite replays

    fortnite replays2 months ago

    can you make a gauss rifle from fallout series?

  77. Talbot McKee

    Talbot McKee2 months ago

    If I wanna wear a suit of armor like that for Halloween or Comic Con, I’d definitely get my hands on knitted chain mail to wear under the armor itself. Maybe I’ll be Ares from Wonder Woman, or Sauron from Lord of the Rings. And a side note: that armor must be the noisiest costume Adam has ever worn at Comic Con.

  78. sam newman

    sam newman2 months ago

    I bet only a very small few at comic-con knew what this armor was from

  79. XeNo Nightbat

    XeNo Nightbat2 months ago

    What was is the point of the eye contact lenses

  80. Francesc2000

    Francesc20002 months ago

    So he doesn't have to wear glasses...

  81. Matthew Sinclair

    Matthew Sinclair3 months ago

    I can appreciate this so much more after watching the multi episode build series.

  82. Maketsu

    Maketsu3 months ago

    The armor looks awesome. I'm quite jealous :D

  83. WillieRants

    WillieRants3 months ago

    I'm glade us mere peasants finally got to see the build video, even if it was almost 2 years later. Thank you.

  84. BMT115

    BMT1153 months ago

    it makes so much sense for armor designs to be extremely comfortable or else no one would want to fight in it for so long...

  85. StarWarfare 174

    StarWarfare 1743 months ago

    7:18 that’s cartoonz the man with the beard

  86. Jared Martin

    Jared Martin3 months ago

    Curious how much this suit of armor would cost.

  87. Kula

    Kula3 months ago

    Wow running around comic con in blackface disappointed in you Adam,

  88. Dirk van Straaten

    Dirk van Straaten3 months ago

    He builds these extravagant over the top outfits and wonders how people recognize him.

  89. Douglas Sinclair

    Douglas Sinclair2 months ago

    Needs to leave his area too

  90. Daniel

    Daniel3 months ago

    this guy is so effeminate, i hate it

  91. frank doster

    frank doster3 months ago

    Wow nice

  92. beautifulsmall

    beautifulsmall3 months ago

    WOW , if I was a bad man I would cover myself in orange girls in my hotel room.

  93. General734

    General7343 months ago

    why did it take allmost 2 years to post the build videos on the armor?

  94. Shmoo

    Shmoo3 months ago

    Turns out i'm not the only one who wears one contact only

  95. Tristán Nazar

    Tristán Nazar3 months ago

    Its awesome!

  96. jeff casey

    jeff casey3 months ago

    just throw it on the floor

  97. norwegianviking69

    norwegianviking693 months ago

    Idea for a one day build: Armour display stand, for armour and sword.

  98. Peter Kelley

    Peter Kelley3 months ago

    Adam I think it's wonderful that you've had the experience of crafting this project. Your passion for this really shows in this video, and in past videos of this series. Congratulations!

  99. Stephen

    Stephen3 months ago

    Dang, we just now got the armor making videos for this?!

  100. ranwolf76

    ranwolf763 months ago

    I remember watching a documentary on arms and armor and it showed a guy in full steel armor doing cartwheels and back flips without a problem

  101. Phantom9252

    Phantom92523 months ago

    Came here after watching the video series where he and Terry built this

  102. Mr. Red Bird

    Mr. Red Bird3 months ago

    Why did you wait 2 years to upload the armor building series?

  103. Marco Antonio Criales Cabrera

    Marco Antonio Criales Cabrera3 months ago

    2 years later

  104. Coleman Korb

    Coleman Korb3 months ago

    I wonder what the BTS reason for uploading the build series almost 2 years later was... surely it couldnt have taken that long to edit, and its not like there arent lulls in content that provide windows to upload a longer series like that... maybe they lost footage and it took a while to recover?

  105. ThaStrake

    ThaStrake3 months ago

    After watching the series on how this armour was build, I never thought it was an older recording. Especially, since the building series was just uploaded in February 2019.

  106. Kurt Stedman

    Kurt Stedman3 months ago

    Pro-tip: ask every single person if they are Adam.