Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!


  1. Harry Kuheim

    Harry Kuheim2 hours ago

    Damn, all THAT and he was barely noticed?


    LEV1ATAN12 hours ago

    Adam is just a very nice guy :)

  3. Nathan1Luke0

    Nathan1Luke0Day ago

    You should totally go do a LARP somewhere. Communities are pretty cool and your kit looks amazing! Sensational work Adam.

  4. Jeff the Killer.

    Jeff the Killer.2 days ago

    What if you have to use the bathroom

  5. George Bland

    George Bland2 days ago

    I want to see you do iron man

  6. Christopher Pew Pew!

    Christopher Pew Pew!2 days ago

    Actual Armor like that weighed about 65 pounds but it was fairly light considering most soldiers now carry more weight than that into battle.

  7. Shihab Hossain

    Shihab Hossain3 days ago

    All those dents tho

  8. ThatDutchguy

    ThatDutchguy3 days ago

    Real European armour was comfortable too.

  9. Angel Drouet

    Angel Drouet7 days ago

    8:48 Still better than DC's Live Action Starfire. . .

  10. ok

    ok9 days ago

    Should added a cape to look 😎

  11. mia godson

    mia godson9 days ago

    chainmail was only worn on exposed part of the body n 70lbs is more like jousting armour

  12. The Mlg Potato

    The Mlg Potato9 days ago

    I dare you to show up to a different event as yourself no costumes and see what happens XD.

  13. Tigro

    Tigro10 days ago

    I can’t believe how many people guessed it was him. He’d have fooled me.

  14. Potassium Cyanide

    Potassium Cyanide11 days ago

    Dress as white knight

  15. Nocturnal Pyro

    Nocturnal Pyro11 days ago

    My question is, if they had metal detectors. How is he getting through those?

  16. GabeN The Great

    GabeN The Great12 days ago

    Steel or soda can?

  17. chris haider

    chris haider12 days ago

    ren fairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nillo Pig

    Nillo Pig12 days ago

    Adam is just a child trapped in an adult body tbh 😅😅

  19. MrSheaonemillion

    MrSheaonemillion13 days ago

    a lifelong dream of mine to go about a regular day in full plate. i would fucking love that.

  20. Mr. Wizard

    Mr. Wizard14 days ago

    Man would it be cool if I had some armor like that. I'm super into fantasy stuff and knights and kings. Literally a fantasy Nerd.

  21. Loli Oratoria

    Loli Oratoria14 days ago

    How do they guess it's adam?

  22. Chris Tennant

    Chris Tennant15 days ago

    That looks so real!!!

  23. Seige Drakonera

    Seige Drakonera16 days ago

    Hahaha, I can completely relate! I'm in the SCA and the armor is so heavy, hot and restricting (cant sit). But nothing like dressing up in a tin can and go beat on your friends with sticks.

  24. AngeryMusicNugget

    AngeryMusicNugget17 days ago

    at first glance I was like *UNDYNE??*

  25. Torin Jones

    Torin Jones19 days ago

    To bad plate armour wasn't invented in the times of the Romano-Britons who would've just wore pretty much the same armour as late Roman soldiers

  26. TOP CAT

    TOP CAT20 days ago

    socially awkward-con 2017

  27. Name change allowed every 30 days

    Name change allowed every 30 days23 days ago

    Should have made it out of real steel for realism

  28. Dolan Duck JR

    Dolan Duck JR23 days ago

    This is SwaggerSoul's dad.

  29. B_ Rabbit

    B_ Rabbit24 days ago

    so what's cosplayer really do in the comic-con?? just walking around the place?

  30. Tabbie Mai

    Tabbie Mai24 days ago

    Having to fight in that would be a knightmare

  31. TekkaSage

    TekkaSage24 days ago

    Can't bring in a foam sword but can wear basically brass knuckles into this place... smart Comic- Con.

  32. Kai The Gamer

    Kai The Gamer25 days ago

    "Are you Adam Savage?" "Wow that was fast." Best response ever.

  33. Константин Корниенко

    Константин Корниенко25 days ago

    Deus Vult!

  34. Ethan Strawn

    Ethan Strawn27 days ago

    . . . Can I have your job?

  35. Dreimar

    Dreimar29 days ago

    Nice costume! Sadly peoples at comicon was probably thinking you cosplaying some Dark Souls videogame chars :P

  36. 13jhow

    13jhowMonth ago

    That chainmail looks like WOW female armor xD

  37. 花【Night】

    花【Night】Month ago

    Adam sounds like a adventure time character at times

  38. Average Joe

    Average JoeMonth ago

    But can you unscrew the pommel to end your enemies rightly?

  39. -Gemberkoekje-

    -Gemberkoekje-Month ago

    What if he used that bear head as this head XD

  40. Joe Duke

    Joe DukeMonth ago

    Really? Cool. Do a video wearing it straight for one week, yes... pretend you're walking home from the Crusades.

  41. Xíren Seo

    Xíren SeoMonth ago

    If it was actual armor, a gambison would be worn under the maille, a coif would also be present on top of padding. If you were in -5 degrees celcius then it would be very comfortable

  42. The Stutterer

    The StuttererMonth ago

    Funny, that armor is from 14 or 15th century while Arthur could've lived around the 5th and 6th century and he was probably a Celt.

  43. Mat Naylor

    Mat NaylorMonth ago

    Was walking around the battle field of flodden today ,hmmm I wonder if they wore knitted chain mail ??.

  44. StodOne

    StodOneMonth ago

    Its not true that it doesent immobilize you at all , of course it doesent make you a statue but it prohibits you from having full body motions , check metatrons video where he compared samurai armor to knight armor , not biased test 2 people were performing it , its pretty good.

  45. Greg Elliott

    Greg ElliottMonth ago

    Did they ever do the making of this armor video. The build video?

  46. Daniel Wstters

    Daniel WsttersMonth ago

    Actually, plate mail was never really used to fight in. Mostly because shortly after plate mail was available, it was for the extremely wealthy, and guns were in development which were a lot cheaper an could puncture the plate mail. The closest thing to plate mail that was actually used during that time was the samurai armor in Japan, but the fancy armor was ceremonial and their battle armor was made with leather coated in bamboo. So sorry Adam Savage, but it was rare and too impractical to custom make plate armor for each soldier, much less going into combat with it. Though it is nice to think about.

  47. Miles

    MilesMonth ago

    Yeah, you're spouting absolute bullshit. It was absolutely commonly used from 1350-1650 or so by just about anyone who could afford it. Lower class soldiers generally wouldn't be able to afford much, but they would have a helmet and perhaps gauntlets over a gambeson and maille. Any man at arms (a professional soldier) after 1350 would almost certainly be wearing plate armor, perhaps not full plate armor, but they would certainly wear something like a curiass and some protection for the arms and legs. You're right that full plate armor was for the wealthy, but even middle class soldiers were able to buy a moderate amount of it. As for guns, they were just as likely to harm the user as anyone they were shooting at in the 1300/early 1400's. Guns had been around for nearly a thousand years prior to that as well, they just never got popular because they were unreliable and ineffective when compared to a bow/crossbow. Even when guns did become tamed and popular, plate armor was still used and was even able to deflect bullets in certain scenarios. Metal armor was worn all the way through the Napoleonic period and even into WW1. TLDR Plate armor was extremely effective at providing protection and you'd be an idiot not to wear it if available, and forms of metal armor lasted until WW1

  48. douglas jardine

    douglas jardineMonth ago

    nobody go up to him and ask him if he is adam savage if you know it is..

  49. Ethan DRAHI

    Ethan DRAHIMonth ago


  50. Nick S

    Nick SMonth ago

    Great vid, but where are the promised armour making videos please?

  51. Nobody Famous

    Nobody FamousMonth ago

    "Knitted chainmail" No that's just a net lol

  52. latteboyssmile

    latteboyssmileMonth ago

    When you get thunder, what happens?

  53. isaac flores

    isaac floresMonth ago

    Does anyone know where to get the mask he wears under the helmet?

  54. Martin Egeland

    Martin Egeland14 days ago

    It's called a balaclava. Lots of choices on line

  55. Fin Dood

    Fin DoodMonth ago

    That's not my king of knights! Saber is the only Arturia Pendragon!

  56. ØnΞ ŞL·дv bØi

    ØnΞ ŞL·дv bØiMonth ago

    OH NO IT WAS YOU!!!!

  57. Rita Kindred

    Rita KindredMonth ago

    I like how real it looks with armor on

  58. Mark Angelo Mesia }*{

    Mark Angelo Mesia }*{Month ago

    You can be a king of rohirrim

  59. Michael De Greeve

    Michael De GreeveMonth ago

    That’s a lot of clanking. And screeching...

  60. Santiag0 Hernandez

    Santiag0 HernandezMonth ago

    "How beautyful day... Let's do a crussade"

  61. GabeN The Great

    GabeN The GreatMonth ago

    I'm gonna buy a one soon

  62. Nate Williamson

    Nate WilliamsonMonth ago

    Excalibur needs a sheath. The sheath was arguably the most important part of excalibur. It made the wearer invincible.

  63. Lynn McDermett

    Lynn McDermettMonth ago

    I bet they are recognizing your walk. You have the same clunky walk in all your costumes. LOL but I would find it hard to walk in any of them. You are a champ to do these

  64. Youtuþe

    YoutuþeMonth ago

    I waved back at 6:31...

  65. Good boy Sammy

    Good boy SammyMonth ago

    "That was fast"

  66. wdh 11

    wdh 11Month ago

    What fine armour my good sir.

  67. Suchtverhalten

    SuchtverhaltenMonth ago

    Well, since no one has done this, here I go: DEUS VULT!

  68. look son a faggot

    look son a faggotMonth ago


  69. look son a faggot

    look son a faggotMonth ago

    I'm subbing

  70. RamboCreativity

    RamboCreativityMonth ago

    This will be me some day, walking around in full suit of armor.

  71. AClosedDocument

    AClosedDocumentMonth ago

    "Can you imagine fighting in this what a KNIGHT mare" ha I get it

  72. Kameron Landis

    Kameron LandisMonth ago

    And now... Ser Savage shall face Ser Clegane "The Mountain"!

  73. Honest M'aiq

    Honest M'aiqMonth ago

    What is your name ? -Arthur , King of the Britain !

  74. Ioannis Morakis

    Ioannis MorakisMonth ago

    Um actually, I think you meant "every Knight needs a Squire" not a vassal, a Knight was a vassal of a Lord, they did had serfs but not necessary vassals

  75. Joao Silva

    Joao SilvaMonth ago


  76. Angel Mcfadden

    Angel McfaddenMonth ago

    A good Knights work!

  77. Bizzielizzie

    BizzielizzieMonth ago

    Can't believe I only just found this channel! I LOVE this guy (was so sad when Mythbusters ended- well, the proper Mythbusters), guess I'll have to get my Adam fix here instead 😂

  78. Thelobriel Biznarck

    Thelobriel BiznarckMonth ago

    8:48 That Starfire.

  79. Caca Coco

    Caca CocoMonth ago

    He broke his left foot

  80. Haydon Greer

    Haydon GreerMonth ago

    He should've made a shield and put a cross on it as if he was a crusader for another comicon

  81. Kingpin1880

    Kingpin1880Month ago

    5:50 Just love that image... we need to see more of that...

  82. ThE GrEaT OwL

    ThE GrEaT OwL2 months ago


  83. Ignatius Rivaldo Lie

    Ignatius Rivaldo Lie2 months ago

    This guy is awesome,need some other knight

  84. soulofhunter anime

    soulofhunter anime2 months ago

    at less he not wearing my armor made of steel heavy as hell I dress like a Templar I wish he on Facebook so I can show him my real Heavy duty armor I go to this place in NC when you dress like anything from year 1000-1500s

  85. Suzette Watson

    Suzette Watson2 months ago

    Call me old fashioned, but I'd love to be rescued by a knight.

  86. Aaron Paul Ibarrola

    Aaron Paul Ibarrola2 months ago

    Coming from binge watching Shadiversity, Metatron, Lindybeige, Skallagrim, Scholagladiatoria, SnapJelly, and KnyghtErrant, I had trouble watching him dress and talk about the armor.

  87. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere2 months ago

    _Excalibur,_ even to this day, is the greatest King Arthur legend movie ever made. It just has all the things such a movie needs: Great characters, acting, direction and incredible and perfectly appropriate MUSIC. So good! So far, nothing else has even come close (IMHO).

  88. Arjan den Besten

    Arjan den Besten2 months ago

    should have gone for real iron armour and good undergarments to support it is a must!

  89. David Holaday

    David Holaday2 months ago

    Came here after his TED talk. I'm super jello he gets to wear this!

  90. bro yo

    bro yo2 months ago

    Is it hot incide there?

  91. Andy 123

    Andy 1232 months ago

    I loved mythbusters

  92. SaltedPineapple

    SaltedPineapple2 months ago

    Adam. You should come to Wizard World Chicago 2018 It’s August 23rd-26th It’d be fun to see you all four days

  93. Kelly Bryant

    Kelly Bryant2 months ago

    you had Lancelot's helmet

  94. Ken

    Ken2 months ago

    I really wish that Norm cosplayed as a squire following Adam around carrying his stuff and be his slave.

  95. Z Naz

    Z Naz2 months ago

    Where do you buy armor similar to this

  96. Ashlynn Black

    Ashlynn Black2 months ago

    my favorite part about cosplaying at comic con is the walk from the hotel to the con because of the looks i get haha, i was a templar knight from assassins creed

  97. Grand Hero22

    Grand Hero222 months ago

    Where can you get armor like that

  98. Skye Robertson

    Skye Robertson2 months ago

    What is that he's using to hide his face?

  99. NoirChat138

    NoirChat1382 months ago

    Vassal ?? You mean a squire

  100. Lakyn Payne

    Lakyn Payne2 months ago

    "Are you Adam Savage?" "Wow, that was fast." = Me dying on the floor laughing.

  101. Narax

    Narax2 months ago

    What is funny about that armour he said it doesn't imped your movement that much but just looking at it there are pieces that are solid that would normally be joins (like the chest). Most plate armour pieces will actually bend further than the person. The only thing that impeded movement when wearing plate armour was the mail inside because it would bunch up. Also plate armour only weighed 45-55 pounds which actually isn't too much because it is distributed very evenly across your whole body. There are armours that are much heavier and impede your movement but these are for jousts and never for battle.

  102. asir sakin

    asir sakin2 months ago

    wow they used have iron man in the medival time now we sucks