Adam Ruins Everything - The True Origins of Tulipmania | truTV


  1. Matt The fakeDragon

    Matt The fakeDragon39 minutes ago

    Wtf are the accents?

  2. kirin

    kirin7 hours ago

    the US stock market is in a bubble

  3. YepYopYoop YoopYopYep

    YepYopYoop YoopYopYep19 hours ago

    The Dutch don't have slavic accents.

  4. Neverm0re

    Neverm0re20 hours ago

    that fake dutch accent hurt my ears. It's like they never heard a dutch person talk

  5. tim van rijn

    tim van rijnDay ago

    Adam Ruins Everything? ruins? this makes me prouder than ever to be dutch.

  6. TheLog IsAbsent

    TheLog IsAbsentDay ago

    Huh did you see on 2:03 or something where the first finacial spectulator turn his bag of money to a contract instantly? Is it an animation error?



    Bitcoin 🤣🤣 repitition

  8. Steven Cox

    Steven CoxDay ago

    And then it turned out the rarest, prettiest tulips had a genetic disorder that made them multi colored and they became sterile and stopped blooming or reproducing so everyone lost all their money. Yay.

  9. Gcu12 /tt2

    Gcu12 /tt2Day ago

    The bubble effect


    WAR SHI3LD MFDay ago

    The first ever season pass

  11. Chadvadr

    ChadvadrDay ago

    Until they became useless to the dutch...

  12. Eva E.

    Eva E.Day ago

    Is that what Dutch sounds likes to americans? Cause that's dead wrong

  13. Alfredo Guzmán

    Alfredo GuzmánDay ago

    Hold up, from 2:06 to 2:07, the money bag the guy with red hair and green hat has suddenly turns into another contract, despite giving the only contract he bought JUST a moment ago to the guy in dark green with a mustache.

  14. Andres

    AndresDay ago

    Hate to break it to you but, Haiti, Dominican Republic and all the Caribbean countries Columbus "visited" (#murder) are part of AMERICA. What you are calling America is actually a part of the continent called the United States of America.

  15. Mr Gunslinger

    Mr Gunslinger2 days ago

    For those who write bitcoin will remain forever: we still have tulips 500 years later. They worth about 1 cent a piece at the market.

  16. Jiggle My Puffs

    Jiggle My Puffs2 days ago

    It's like Supreme

  17. FeahterNL

    FeahterNL2 days ago

    It is nit gulders, but "gulden" (singular), or "guldens" (plural)

  18. Setan Duival

    Setan Duival2 days ago

    why is the ending music always SO FREAKING LOUD

  19. Tom Trask

    Tom Trask2 days ago

    Production quality is dropping. This is the second youtube video in a row I've had to turn the volume down for the outro music.

  20. Clemens Hättstewohlgern

    Clemens Hättstewohlgern2 days ago

    This video is due for a debunking by Emily...

  21. Sadboyinthecorner

    Sadboyinthecorner2 days ago

    That is not how dutch people sound when they speak english.

  22. Jopeplayz 03

    Jopeplayz 032 days ago

    Didn't that happen in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is best place to but tulips

  23. Billy Bob Joe, The Anonymous Stoner

    Billy Bob Joe, The Anonymous Stoner3 days ago

    Sorta pyramid-y

  24. Christian Rappen

    Christian Rappen3 days ago

    That's why the market needs to be regulated from time to time.

  25. Offensive Committee

    Offensive Committee3 days ago

    What did this ruin?

  26. Jester Azazel

    Jester Azazel3 days ago

    Doubling isk..

  27. tyro244

    tyro2443 days ago

    I smell a market crash coming.

  28. Create Logic

    Create Logic3 days ago

    That is great!

  29. notablegoat

    notablegoat3 days ago

    These Dutch accents are awful

  30. Violeta castillo

    Violeta castillo3 days ago


  31. clarán v/d ven

    clarán v/d ven4 days ago

    and then the war came and they started eating the tulip's

  32. the withering production

    the withering production4 days ago

    what if i want three lips

  33. Jedaki

    Jedaki4 days ago

    2:05 Look at the guy with the money.. He gives it and gets it back and suddenly a contract appeared..

  34. 112steinway

    112steinway4 days ago

    Behold, the first market crash. We've never looked back, or learned from history, since.

  35. Maalik Jones

    Maalik Jones4 days ago

    The first resell lol

  36. kyle magaro

    kyle magaro4 days ago

    Never heard of tulipmania. Interesting time in history.

  37. Viking FOXX

    Viking FOXX4 days ago

    How the blue guy have 2 contrasts?

  38. Peter P

    Peter P4 days ago

    Don't forget Walpole. It's always Walpole's fault!

  39. Plolsteg 770

    Plolsteg 7704 days ago

    That Isn’t an accurate dutch accent

  40. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere4 days ago

    Nice to know people have been gullible for centuries...and not just from America, either.

  41. FailStorm 9000

    FailStorm 90004 days ago

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  42. BiggiePaul 16

    BiggiePaul 164 days ago

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  43. Memorible werd

    Memorible werd5 days ago

    Wtf is tulipmania

  44. chairman lmao

    chairman lmao5 days ago

    These were the same type of people who would have given their left nut for grapes in the wintertime.

  45. chairman lmao

    chairman lmao5 days ago

    I think poppies are worth more.

  46. Ahmadreza Mirbabaei

    Ahmadreza Mirbabaei5 days ago

    today s iran is exactly like this....but instead with $

  47. Nect

    Nect5 days ago

    It was short, nothing was ruined, and I come away dissatisfied despite liking the content and format. I need more.

  48. Mithrylon

    Mithrylon5 days ago

    You stole this from Veritable Hokum

  49. yoroshiku

    yoroshiku5 days ago

    Wait, what was he supposed to ruin? That's literally what everyone knows. I thought there was going to be a misconception that he would debunk, hence wowing people.

  50. Vanessa Haag

    Vanessa Haag5 days ago

    You’re not college humor...

  51. stigma of the rose

    stigma of the rose5 days ago

    Everyone more focused on the accent missing the voice of Jerry Smith at the start.

  52. Billy Deadghost

    Billy Deadghost5 days ago


  53. Random Clips_YT

    Random Clips_YT5 days ago

    2:06 A contract just appeared out of thin air.

  54. something unrelated

    something unrelated5 days ago

    I'm sorry but was there an alternate version? this is the only one I've ever known

  55. DrFruityLoops

    DrFruityLoops5 days ago

    They are beautiful flowers

  56. vensangre

    vensangre5 days ago

    And then the Tulip bubble pops and then Tulips become worthless again. Very basic story, run out of things to research?

  57. Isaac P

    Isaac P5 days ago

    2:06 the guy on the left is holding a bag of money but then right after he hands the next guy a contract, despite not having one

  58. Matthias Smith

    Matthias Smith5 days ago

    Tulips were the Bitcoins of the Dutch!!!

  59. Hbmaddnes

    Hbmaddnes5 days ago

    Im from holland and that was one of the worst dutch accent i have ever heard

  60. SavPatterson

    SavPatterson5 days ago

    I was hoping he’d talk about the Turkish production side of Tulips...since I’m pretty sure there was slave labor involved.

  61. Rick Weber

    Rick Weber6 days ago

    Who specifically was buying tulip contracts? How important was the status seeking relative to the financialization? Where do I learn about these things?

  62. verdatum

    verdatum6 days ago

    This is a little bit too much of an oversimplification of the story for my taste. It's not _wrong_, it's just....simplified. I really love this topic, but, this segment spends so much of it trying to teach the basics of trading instead of teaching what made the tulip bubble special.

  63. The Great Austimow

    The Great Austimow6 days ago

    ...what did he even ruin.....

  64. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez6 days ago

    I love Adam ruins everything but why is this one trending? There's a lot better ones out there

  65. Basil Lange

    Basil Lange6 days ago


  66. Derpy Derp

    Derpy Derp6 days ago

    plz checkout the channel Scootaloo Loves Sans

  67. Sander vd Donk

    Sander vd Donk6 days ago

    Cool to learn that we sounded like russians in the past. Thanks for this history lesson!


    TELEVISIBLE6 days ago

    Bitcoin 1.0

  69. Hensonda

    Hensonda6 days ago

    Vind deze leuk als je nederland spreekt

  70. dylde24

    dylde246 days ago

    I recognize the voice of the narrator (not Adam) the other one who is it

  71. Heming Lu

    Heming Lu6 days ago

    2:06 money to contract

  72. jasson todd

    jasson todd6 days ago

    The same thing is happening with Avocado. If you put Guac in your Sandwich than you are Rich.

  73. Random frog

    Random frog6 days ago

    So people being dumb.

  74. Dgdgdf Dgdgf

    Dgdgdf Dgdgf6 days ago


  75. Colbadius Cox

    Colbadius Cox6 days ago

    f@cking jerry

  76. Tim M

    Tim M6 days ago

    No. Bitcoin is not tulip mania. It is a part of blockchain technology. A way to transfer information through a network quickly and easily. A system in it's infancy but being adapted by many companies from automotive like Porsche to railroads even to medical records. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are volatile because it's in its infancy. Many people come in, don't understand it yet, and freak out the first time they hear bad news.

  77. Xhunter107

    Xhunter1076 days ago

    reminds me of stocks in the stock market

  78. Jona Derks

    Jona Derks6 days ago

    I thought you were going to share this is an unfounded myth... No strong sources for this mania :

  79. Eileen Williams

    Eileen Williams6 days ago

    lol just went to kukenhof which is this HUGE tulip farm with huge gardens and a windmill and stores

  80. Best Top 10

    Best Top 106 days ago

    Adam Ruins Everything

  81. Crypto Chan

    Crypto Chan6 days ago

    this was bitcoin haha.

  82. Folgrin

    Folgrin6 days ago

    “Money never sleeps pal”

  83. ZadnoleyaEdits

    ZadnoleyaEdits6 days ago

    What happened to the live action Adam ruins everything?

  84. Sven Timmer

    Sven Timmer6 days ago

    This also happens with "green" power

  85. sofie alejandro

    sofie alejandro6 days ago


  86. r k

    r k6 days ago

    Adam back at it again with the propaganda!

  87. william marine

    william marine6 days ago

    gjdkcbwoc di

  88. That One Lady

    That One Lady6 days ago

    Ye Olde Bitcoine

  89. boj nav negliW

    boj nav negliW6 days ago

    That attempt at a Dutch accent is down right insulting

  90. Tselel

    Tselel6 days ago

    This video has nothing to do with Reformed theology!

  91. Cherry Lasting

    Cherry Lasting6 days ago

    So basically Bitcoins?

  92. Match Ashes

    Match Ashes6 days ago

    Didn't really ruin tulip Mania, so much as bring up the fact that it was a thing.

  93. Copred Agario

    Copred Agario6 days ago

    Yo fam Adam pls tell us why the us bombed Syria 😤👌

  94. John Hurley

    John Hurley6 days ago

    He didn't reallt ruin it so much as explain it.

  95. Benjamin Hawn

    Benjamin Hawn6 days ago

    Lol everyone knows this

  96. calholli

    calholli6 days ago

    Great job, you explained nothing.

  97. Спринг Трап

    Спринг Трап7 days ago

    Как это вообще попало в тренд это же какай та фигня

  98. Yeah Boiii1914

    Yeah Boiii19147 days ago

    Already learned about this in school

  99. Clap Reload

    Clap Reload7 days ago

    What did this disprove?

  100. ziljin

    ziljin7 days ago

    First I heard of this Tulipmania.

  101. notablegoat

    notablegoat3 days ago

    ziljin As a Dutchman, it's 100% real and we still like tulips to this day