A STAR IS BORN - Official Trailer 1


  1. Project 101

    Project 1018 minutes ago

    Such amazing voice...👏👏👏💯

  2. Nemon Cubez

    Nemon Cubez4 hours ago

    I think this film can win best picture at Oscar’s

  3. Abhilash Agrawal

    Abhilash Agrawal5 hours ago

    seems erringly similar to the indian movie "Aashique"

  4. John Heidel Raquel

    John Heidel Raquel5 hours ago

    Shallow can snatch oscar, emmy and grammy

  5. Abe Lincoln

    Abe Lincoln5 hours ago

    I watch this every day to cure my depression, anxiety, acne etc

  6. NoraNora LastName

    NoraNora LastName6 hours ago

    The moment Bradley Cooper sang that first note my heart skipped a beat. Lady Gaga is beautiful. ❤️❤️

  7. Steven R.

    Steven R.7 hours ago

    Am I the only one that can't help but feel like Scar Joe and Gaga sound similar?? just regular voices lol. Like something about them reminds me of them to each other. Anyone else??

  8. Steven R.

    Steven R.7 hours ago

    Am I the only one that can't help but feel like Scar Joe and Gaga sound similar?? just regular voices lol. Like something about them reminds me of them to each other. Anyone else??

  9. Mary Cassady

    Mary Cassady7 hours ago

    1:47 Gaga’s voice is unbelievable!!!!

  10. robert adriano

    robert adriano7 hours ago

    I’m convinced this film is 100% deep voices

  11. shamare04

    shamare047 hours ago

    I want to watch but I'm scared it's gonna break my heart.

  12. Nugget1205

    Nugget12058 hours ago

    He’s got that drunk stumble down perfect.

  13. Rosilene Costa

    Rosilene Costa8 hours ago


  14. Tiago Lima Carvalho

    Tiago Lima Carvalho8 hours ago

    Muito loka essa música 😍

  15. Tiago Lima Carvalho

    Tiago Lima Carvalho8 hours ago

    Lady gaga mais bonita sendo naturalmente ela.

  16. Shaun Ballisat

    Shaun Ballisat9 hours ago

    The dialogue was bloody awful, but I'll watch the movie because Lady Gaga can bloody well sing and it's always been clear form her pop records and youtube clips of her at Annabel's, but his movie looks like it shows her really going for it in a way that should make it clear to those who doubt her as a vocaiist.

  17. Alexis Friedle

    Alexis Friedle9 hours ago

    Omg when she started singing I got chills all over my body. She's so talented

  18. Jorge Pineda

    Jorge Pineda10 hours ago

    Can't wait for this movie!

  19. Gemma Thompson

    Gemma Thompson11 hours ago

    God I hope the movie is as good as the trailer.

  20. ryan mangelsdorf

    ryan mangelsdorf11 hours ago

    The movie looks great & so does gaga

  21. jcpicks

    jcpicks11 hours ago

    I've seen this trailer about 100 times already! I've never been a Gaga fan, but I am now!

  22. richard cumiskey

    richard cumiskey12 hours ago

    I need the soundtrack in my life right now.

  23. MMAFighter38

    MMAFighter3812 hours ago

    In the 1976 remake, Barbara Streisand asked Elvis to co-star, but she and her boyfriend, producer Jon Peters, wouldn’t meet Elvis’ manager’s demands regarding money. Plus, he wanted elvis to get top billing over Barbara.

  24. Aaron Mills

    Aaron Mills13 hours ago

    She looks a lot better when she's not wherein stupid shit

  25. WatchthisSpice

    WatchthisSpice14 hours ago

    Kyun ki tum hi ho....Who else was thinking of this while watching this?

  26. Withhomiee e

    Withhomiee e15 hours ago

    I read a comment the other day and it said “I already hate it” I wondered why and watched the trailer and honestly this looks quite interestjng and I’d totally watch it

  27. Sanderman Felipe

    Sanderman Felipe15 hours ago

    I Love You Lady Gaga😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💓💓💓💓💓

  28. Shahana Begum

    Shahana Begum15 hours ago

    I would still watching tho

  29. Shahana Begum

    Shahana Begum15 hours ago

    Reminds me of the Bollywood movie 2013 aashaqi 2

  30. soraya karolero

    soraya karolero16 hours ago


  31. Kalliopi Doulala

    Kalliopi Doulala16 hours ago

    a star is born..and that’s how lady gaga came to life.

  32. Evan Faust

    Evan Faust16 hours ago

    This looks absolutely incredible.

  33. Nikolina Cassar

    Nikolina Cassar16 hours ago

    Amazing ♡♡♡

  34. Jana Mia

    Jana Mia17 hours ago

    GOOSEBUMPS everytime i watch this !!!

  35. Art Director

    Art Director17 hours ago

    I'm really surprised how many people say she's beautiful. She is not. She is average at best and she knows it. That's why she would hide behind all that make up and strambotic outfits. Good for her. She's going to a whole new different level with the acting, but, please, stop with the "I didn't how beautiful she was" bullshit.


    TIGHT'A DEN A DECIMAL17 hours ago


  37. annisa melisa

    annisa melisa18 hours ago

    I wait this ost.......love it...

  38. annisa melisa

    annisa melisa18 hours ago

    Andrew Sadono its still long time...😫😫😫😫

  39. Andrew Sadono

    Andrew Sadono18 hours ago

    October 5 seems like a long year

  40. brandon ramirez

    brandon ramirez19 hours ago

    Estaré esperando esta película 😎

  41. Sandro Mickael

    Sandro Mickael19 hours ago

    This movie is going to be beautiful !!

  42. Cheimung Kashung

    Cheimung Kashung20 hours ago

    The moment lady gaga start singing... goosebumps everywhere. Damn

  43. Justice Smalls

    Justice Smalls20 hours ago

    1:47 I was hoping she’d break out into bad romance 😂

  44. RK Slither

    RK Slither21 hour ago

    Wow Mr Cooper showing even more why he should be an A lister, The research he did for this and how good this trailer is there is no doubt in my mind that Mr Cooper will become as big as Clint Eastwood or Steven Spielberg

  45. Mr. Peanutbutter

    Mr. Peanutbutter22 hours ago

    Dave Chappelle?

  46. TheCrippledNinja

    TheCrippledNinja22 hours ago

    That run at 1:46 shook me

  47. The Have

    The Have22 hours ago

    Who else got chills and comfortable when they heard lady gaga singing ❤️😂❤️

  48. Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila Girl

    Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila GirlDay ago

    WIG (where is my wig)

  49. Sam Elgart

    Sam ElgartDay ago

    This is the best trailer I've ever seen...

  50. wtj83tw

    wtj83twDay ago

    Lady Gaga is actually really pretty without all the makeup on

  51. Mr.Ambrose's Lilly

    Mr.Ambrose's LillyDay ago

    Why does this remind of an Indian movie...

  52. grafton07

    grafton07Day ago

    Hoya Saxa Bradley! Lady Gaga, thank you for your talent and for raising awareness about fibromyalgia. I'm your fibro sister

  53. ash21113

    ash21113Day ago

    OMG chills when she starts singing at 1:46

  54. Kh._

    Kh._Day ago

    This has to be the best movie out there, this trailer deserves a Oscar

  55. i cant even

    i cant evenDay ago


  56. J B

    J BDay ago

    Who knew? I've only seen her in her music videos, costumes & donned with lots of face make-up. Thinking the girl is homely under the ersatz countenance. She ain't bad looking, afterall. And not that that matters, afterall.

  57. mohamed mydeen

    mohamed mydeenDay ago

    copy cat from "Aashiqui 2" movie. mreporter.net/v/video-FyXXgpPqe6w.html

  58. TheRobbekop

    TheRobbekop18 hours ago

    Will all Indians please educate yourselves before commenting, Aashiqui is as you call it yourself a 'copy cat' from earlier A Star is Born movies that came out in 1978 and 1954.

  59. fh

    fhDay ago

    omg the hot girl doesn't know she's hot again. lol. i really wanted to like this movie. i still do. but CMONNN that's utter bullshit. edit: just heard her sing. i forgot why i was mad. wooo gaga

  60. fh

    fhDay ago

    wait... whoa... is Bradley Cooper hot?!

  61. Wtee

    WteeDay ago

    I swear, I'm literally in tears. I am really anticipating this movie. Lady Gaga looks so beautiful and original. Lots of love for this movie. I love this song in the trailer.

  62. MacyJane

    MacyJaneDay ago

    I feel like I’m in an alternate universe hearing lady gaga sing country songs. And act. And Bradley Cooper’s gravel-y voice and accent is on point! I almost couldn’t recognize him, if it weren’t for the eyes.

  63. Kikinator

    KikinatorDay ago

    Wigs are flying everywhere, and all your little monsters are ugly crying. Shine on you QUEEN ❤️❤️❤️

  64. Initial Engineers

    Initial EngineersDay ago

    She looks weird

  65. Jesse Duran

    Jesse DuranDay ago

    Hell yeah!! Can’t wait to see it. Few trailers make me exited to go see a movie. But this one, wow. I want to see a good movie story. No overly used CGI crap. #theydontmakethemliketheyusedto

  66. Hey Now

    Hey NowDay ago

    Finally a movie that doesn’t have mark wahlburg or Matt Damon

  67. Erica

    EricaDay ago

    I don't know why this movie is going to make me bawl, but I'm bringing a metric fuck ton of tissues to the theatre because I just know I'm going to be turned into a blubbering idiot

  68. Erica

    EricaDay ago

    this is going to be my favorite movie of the year hands down, I can feel it

  69. Stella Merkel

    Stella MerkelDay ago

    bro why did this give me chills

  70. Kadence Rodgers

    Kadence RodgersDay ago

    I'm here for Willam

  71. Kiara Faith

    Kiara FaithDay ago

    honestly gaga is iconic. and im so excited for this. shes beautiful and so talented. what a queen.

  72. NorthernIrishFRUIT

    NorthernIrishFRUITDay ago

    this looks unreal

  73. ace benson

    ace bensonDay ago

    Bradly cooper is a bad ass

  74. GirlFox Gaming

    GirlFox GamingDay ago

    The actor who plays John Lauren's is in here. Try and spot him.

  75. Julie Burns

    Julie BurnsDay ago

    I saw A Star is Born, with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, I thought that movie was pretty amazing, it's nice to see that this new movie that is about to come out,and from viewing the trailer , It appears to me the directors, writer's were not trying to copy every moment of the movie that was done back in the late 70s ... It is refreshing to see that it's definitely a little different , but with somewhat of the same story line. It definitely keeps the older , A Star is Born movie from being compared to this one. Which is nice....

  76. MoMo Lavigne

    MoMo LavigneDay ago

    This looks beautiful and i am sure it’s gonna be a beautiful movie ❤️🌹🙏🏽

  77. TigerClaws44

    TigerClaws44Day ago

    I have to see this movie

  78. Dana Scully

    Dana ScullyDay ago

    I love her without makeup!




  80. Donpo

    DonpoDay ago

    It will be released on October 5th.

  81. bijay singh

    bijay singhDay ago

    Reminds me of bollywood movie ashiqui2

  82. Security Officer

    Security OfficerDay ago

    spoiler alert he dies

  83. Frank Sabados

    Frank SabadosDay ago

    another remake movie , for sure on the worst movie of the year

  84. jamie c

    jamie cDay ago

    That song.... chills

  85. lenardcruz

    lenardcruzDay ago

    Nzt made him a good singer too..lol

  86. MR white

    MR whiteDay ago

    This is a remake of an Indian movie

  87. Imran Salamov

    Imran SalamovDay ago

    MR white your indian movie is remake of A star is born movie from 1930’s

  88. hirankumar valleri

    hirankumar valleriDay ago

    Its look like the hindi film as same as "Aashiqui 2" m.mreporter.net/v/video-FyXXgpPqe6w.html, what going in Hollywood

  89. Imran Salamov

    Imran SalamovDay ago

    First a Star is born movie came out in 1930’s

  90. hirankumar valleri

    hirankumar valleriDay ago

    +Stefani Sushi then watch the trailer of the Aashiqui 2

  91. Stefani Sushi

    Stefani SushiDay ago

    hirankumar valleri Aashiqui 2 is copy of classic Hollywood movies lol

  92. Aatmik A.R.M

    Aatmik A.R.MDay ago

    Aashique 2

  93. TheRobbekop

    TheRobbekop18 hours ago

    @Aatmik A.R.M the first 'A Star is Born' movie came out in 1954. Ignorant Indian

  94. Aatmik A.R.M

    Aatmik A.R.MDay ago

    Stefani Sushi for your kind information this movie is made now not before aashique 2 soo please dont fool around

  95. Stefani Sushi

    Stefani SushiDay ago

    Aatmik A.R.M is India have google? Why u don't check who is the real copy?

  96. Michael Cummings

    Michael CummingsDay ago

    Good trailer. Having been shot as a major film three times before, the story has a lot of history. I'm hoping the good advance notices pan out "cause I like seeing Gaga succeed...and I like good movies.

  97. Crz K

    Crz KDay ago


  98. Randall Haskins

    Randall HaskinsDay ago

    Shout out to the people who put this trailer together, they are sometimes the unsung heroes that get people to see a movie. I love this trailer, as well as, the one from the wrestler.

  99. Cherie Toh

    Cherie TohDay ago

    Rocket and Lady Gaga? ok...

  100. Trilochan Varma

    Trilochan VarmaDay ago

    It looks like Aashiqui 2 😏



    I'm the guy clapping @1:39

  102. Hello ThisIsDhairya

    Hello ThisIsDhairya2 days ago


  103. Anderson M

    Anderson M2 days ago

    this looks beautiful

  104. J Forever

    J Forever2 days ago

    I fucking love this trailer, its wierd but not even blink I'm am on this soundtrack, meant to buy it(not literally but omg now that I think about it in every other way)I just know, cliche? Fuck everyone, I never know what to say but right now just feel it... first time I heard it I felt the same....wtf ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  105. Ekaterina Lonskaya

    Ekaterina Lonskaya2 days ago

    Bradley Cooper directs Bradley Cooper to look and act like a stud. Does it get any more pathetically self-serving then that?

  106. Avinaba Bhattacharjee

    Avinaba Bhattacharjee2 days ago

    Is this an inspiration or a rip off from the indian movie Ashiqui 2. Same plot , story, scenes to certain extent

  107. Jackie P

    Jackie P2 days ago

    Seems like just yesterday that people were making fun of her smelly meat dress. And now...wow such praise!

  108. Travis

    Travis2 days ago


  109. GG xo

    GG xo2 days ago

    What song starts playing at 1:08?

  110. Jin's legit wife XD

    Jin's legit wife XD2 days ago

    Shallow .... honey!

  111. Jin's legit wife XD

    Jin's legit wife XD2 days ago

    Shallow .... honey!

  112. Khiry Nicholson

    Khiry Nicholson2 days ago


  113. Amy Slater

    Amy Slater2 days ago

    It comes out on my birthday 😆 how fun 😍