A STAR IS BORN - Official Trailer 1


  1. music lover

    music lover3 hours ago

    leonardo dicaprio has left the chat.

  2. Mukesh Singh

    Mukesh Singh4 hours ago

    Any Indian here, don't tell me this movie has the same store as "Aashiqi 2". Though I like Gaga's voice very much.

  3. Anthony The

    Anthony The6 hours ago

    Born to be a star

  4. Prabhat Singh

    Prabhat Singh7 hours ago

    Finally Hollywood started copying Bollywood movies. #Aashiqui2 will be still my Favourite

  5. Shellie Rodarmel

    Shellie Rodarmel7 hours ago

    I never thought he was cute but he was damn sexy in this movie,I liked it but I wish they played together more he made her famous and loved her soooo much and spoiler everyone the ending was absolutely devastating I wish they would of had a different ending and that her record producer died in a fiery plane crash the prick you will see why I say this after watching the movie!but it was a good movie!

  6. Lungam Bangyang

    Lungam Bangyang8 hours ago

    Did anyone else wanted to punch that manager so bad? Fucking messing somebody's mind who's already depressed.

  7. Neva Tataj

    Neva Tataj9 hours ago

    i read so many articles how she nailed her role and how she became one geat actress. and then on the otherside (including me) there are people who are horrified by the fact that she could win an oscar. and we are not her haters, we are people who truly love good movies and we expect from the character to show its best and she just didnt. i was desperately looking for some emotions in her, some charisma, something, ANYTHING but for the love of God didnt found anything. all i could see was one big P.R, for her and nothing more. And then i noticed that 99% of people who liked the movie are gagas fans who are bedazzled by her in any way. "she is beautiful without her make up, she sings perfectly etc etc". Those,my people, are NOT the reasons she should win. Oscar is a huge award in the movie industry and the actors MUST show some goddamn extraordinary skills. I didnt see any skills in her acting. she sang, she talked and cried a bit. in that whole movie the only one who truly deserves an Oscar is Bradley cause he saved the show and showed some masterful skills in the way we never saw him before. congratulations bradley on your great performance. gaga, im so sorry but the oscar shouldnt go on your shelf. if im wrong and if i missed something in her acting please enlighten me but with good arguments, not just "she was beautiful and she sang perfectly" because that doesnt count.

  8. idman idman

    idman idman9 hours ago


  9. Emmy

    Emmy10 hours ago

    Is this a great movie to se on a date?😆 or is it to sexual or intimate? Pls hlp😅😫

  10. kimfeuerstern

    kimfeuerstern42 minutes ago

    +Emmy Hey, don't worry. It will be great, the film is really touching but not the intimate way that makes the viewer think of themselves, you will totally be with the characters 100% and afterwards there will be enough to talk about 😊 Good luck on your date! :)

  11. Emmy

    Emmy55 minutes ago

    +kimfeuerstern thx for answering😝 , yeah i've heard that the movie is very touching☺ haha i hope not the mood will get awkward though... that is like the worst thing that can happen 😆😂

  12. kimfeuerstern

    kimfeuersternHour ago

    Watch it, it'll set the mood just right! But be sure to wear waterproof makeup because I can assure you, you're going to cry 🙈Still not bad if your date is not afraid to show some emotion 😂

  13. baha mk.

    baha mk.11 hours ago

    aashiqui 2

  14. Surachon Bundao

    Surachon Bundao11 hours ago

    Bradley Cooper to win Oscar!

  15. Daniel Oliveira

    Daniel Oliveira13 hours ago

    I remember this day

  16. Bishwajeet Kumar

    Bishwajeet Kumar13 hours ago

    Same story of a Bollywood movie Aashiqui2 released earlier

  17. David Adams

    David Adams14 hours ago

    The Guy will do suicide in the last... This movie is copy of Indian Movie. " Ashiqui 2"

  18. Kayla Rose

    Kayla Rose17 hours ago

    this movie is literally everything. and also we don't deserve lady gaga omg she is way too talented for all of us its overwhelming i cry listening to all of her songs cuz i just wanna give her a HUG and hangout with her and have a deep conversation at ungodly hours of the night like she is one of the few celebs that i absolutely adore and i would give anything to meet her and talk to her.

  19. Cmdsouza

    Cmdsouza21 hour ago

    Boring. Era melhor quando a Lady Gaga vestia a roupa de carne e ficava dentro do ovo. Volta a ser você, Lady Gaga!

  20. Maria Doyle - Sofola

    Maria Doyle - Sofola22 hours ago

    I thought it was funny when he got on the stage at the grammys with her and he fell asleep standing up because he was so paralytic with drink and drugs

  21. kahina sadki

    kahina sadki22 hours ago

    same story of ASHIQUEE 2

  22. Martha Crystal

    Martha Crystal22 hours ago


  23. housemystery

    housemystery23 hours ago

    I wonder if she really feels like that, my take is I think she looks better without makeup than with it no shade, they need to stop trying to get in peoples brains and create fantasy's because what they created im still trying to understand why.

  24. Pili Talakai

    Pili Talakai23 hours ago

    Just wanted to take another look at ya.

  25. Benji Lynn

    Benji LynnDay ago


  26. Pawan Harsha

    Pawan HarshaDay ago

    Man! aashiqui-2, even the dialogue - I just wanted to look you again( "aisey hi").

  27. Anand Krishnan

    Anand KrishnanDay ago

    Just now watch the movie... So heart touching movie. love every single songs in the movie gonna rule my playlist repeat. Everyone acting mind-blowing. M gonna watch again and again. Missing u #Jackson ...

  28. Nadeem Haroon

    Nadeem HaroonDay ago

    Its remake of aashiqui 2(Indian movie). language Hindi.

  29. yavan chum

    yavan chumDay ago

    Ashiqui 2 ki copy

  30. CIVIL masterji

    CIVIL masterjiDay ago

    Bc this is AASHIQUI 2 (BOLLYWOOD movie) I didnt know that hollywood copies too

  31. Prashant Soni

    Prashant SoniDay ago

    Let me tell you the name of the original movie . >>>> mreporter.net/v/video-FyXXgpPqe6w.html ...... I didn't know hollywood copies from bollywood too.

  32. Boogie O'Winston

    Boogie O'WinstonDay ago

    I will riot if Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga don’t win Oscars for this movie.

  33. Cindy Hedin

    Cindy HedinDay ago

    The most pure and beautiful movie I’ve ever seen! Really deserves an Oscar!!🙏🏽

  34. Baz

    BazDay ago

    Amazing movie. Amazing performances. Quality 👏👏👏👌

  35. Nikole Marie

    Nikole MarieDay ago

    It would be interesting to see lady ga ga do a country album and wow Bradley Cooper so sexxxy

  36. Joshcytv C

    Joshcytv CDay ago

    amazing movie its been like two weeks and I'm still thinking about how touching the movie is

  37. Joshcytv C

    Joshcytv CDay ago

    this movie was so good

  38. Mohamad Syafiq Mohamed Shariff

    Mohamad Syafiq Mohamed ShariffDay ago

    holly shit gaga is sooo beautiful

  39. Jaouhar Raji

    Jaouhar RajiDay ago

    This movie didn't make me cry because I already did with the original 😢 (Aashiqui 2)

  40. Caveman Lee

    Caveman LeeDay ago

    Yes, its true. Its probably the best movie of the year

  41. Petr Miškeřík

    Petr MiškeříkDay ago

    Best trailer ever...

  42. faizi anwar

    faizi anwarDay ago

    Lol now hollywood copying stories from bollywood (Indian movies)? Cool!! xd

  43. Neva Tataj

    Neva TatajDay ago

    This movie is nothing more than a huge P.R. for Lady Gaga. You people can say whatever you want but you can't say that she is a good actress because she's just not. I didn't feel any kind of emotions, any kind of genuity and in the end I was like "ok, wtf did I just watch?" I am a huge fan of movies and really emotional person but this didn't touched me in any way possible. The version with Kris Kristofferson was much more emotional. Sorry guys, I'm glad that you all liked the movie so at least someone enjoyed. The only thing which saved the movie was Bradley. If there wasn't for him I don't wanna know what a disaster this could be. And you crazed fans please respect my opinion and do not insult , thanks 😊 Bohemian Rhapsody for the win!


    ACS VERSACEDay ago

    For years Titanic has been my favourite movie ... and finally a movie that has dethroned titanic! This is my all time favourite! 💓

  45. Mark Linn*

    Mark Linn*Day ago

    This looks like an amazing film that could possibly win some Oscars!:)

  46. Vimal V S

    Vimal V SDay ago

    just same the AASHIQI 2 Indian 2013 bollywood movie 😍😍

  47. Indira Dissanayake

    Indira DissanayakeDay ago

    Is this okay to watch for a 15 years old??


    ACS VERSACEDay ago

    Probably not...

  49. Hein Hein

    Hein HeinDay ago

    Amazing Movie .

  50. Vilas Mawal

    Vilas MawalDay ago

    I didn't know Hollywood copies too. This movies is the carbon Copy of 2013 hindi Movie Ashiqui 2. Here is trailer mreporter.net/v/video-FyXXgpPqe6w.html

  51. Amy Vo

    Amy VoDay ago

    Aguilera knows who Gaga is now I guess.

  52. Европейский Чудаки

    Европейский ЧудакиDay ago


  53. Ni Khan

    Ni KhanDay ago

    This is a copy of a Hindi movie

  54. catbearlol

    catbearlolDay ago

    is that dave chapelle?!

  55. Bradley Buddey

    Bradley BuddeyDay ago

    This is so fucking good

  56. Lauren J

    Lauren JDay ago

    She’s SOOOOOO pretty omg she needs to always be this way!!!😍😍

  57. MastaX

    MastaXDay ago

    Is it bad I never knew what Lady Gaga looked like without fuck tons of makeup and retarded looking hats. wigs ect?

  58. Alize Allen

    Alize AllenDay ago

    This Movie Is So Sad I Been Crying For 20 Mins 💔

  59. Jamie Barrier

    Jamie BarrierDay ago

    I'm poor. Won't get to go see it. So somebody please tell me why so sad. Why is everybody crying?? And to the comment about she looks so good without makeup. It's a movie. Everyone in the movie has makeup on.....lol.

  60. Maria Alvarado

    Maria AlvaradoDay ago

    I loved the movie! but hated the fact that I never found out if she found out it was her manager 😔

  61. Fabrício Devechi

    Fabrício DevechiDay ago

    The sex parody: "A Star is Porn". Soon on theatres. Or maybe not.

  62. Robo Cop

    Robo Cop2 days ago

    Gosh is she ugly, I can't even look at her. And those lyrics, ugh, makes me wanna puke. Worst voice ever.

  63. Simon  Le Grec

    Simon Le Grec2 days ago

    Amazing movie

  64. k Maz

    k Maz2 days ago

    I raised a so g not you mike mapes does not as to his novel world or coma or any of this gay shit 2600 a montreal Canada production little nemo on HBO I like none of you.

  65. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna Wynn2 days ago

    GHTY8900 KI ;_$%$##-'D####' XH

  66. Jerick Carlos Mangalus

    Jerick Carlos Mangalus2 days ago

    Man this song and movie talked to me big time. Musix speaks to musician.

  67. Sarah Mengers

    Sarah Mengers2 days ago

    Saw Athony Ramos. This is gonna be great

  68. TheRadzman

    TheRadzman2 days ago

    Thought happy ending after rehab but the stupid manager influenced him to die haha..

  69. Banking Preparation

    Banking Preparation2 days ago

    this is the first time ,hollywood copied a bollywood movie which name is Aashiqui 2.

  70. Kable

    Kable2 days ago

    gaga looks like ET had a baby with caitlyn jenner.... obviously ET was the one that got pregnant

  71. murali murali

    murali murali2 days ago

    A pure remake of Bollywood film

  72. Chris Honeycutt

    Chris Honeycutt2 days ago

    dude, this movie gets high praises, but its just a glorified pop movie, fucking gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  73. Holly Lindstrom

    Holly Lindstrom2 days ago

    Lady Gaga You are One Beautiful Lady. I cried for few hours. Listening to you and Bradly Cooper sing. That Song " I will Never Love Again . Hit a soft spot in my heart... Never have I ever cried for a Lady singinging before. WHOOOSH. . You are Way awesome. I wish I could someday see you Live in Concert. I would be like crying like the women did back in the day over Elvis. lol. You Got it Lady. :)

  74. Satrya Batu

    Satrya Batu2 days ago

    Normally i don't watch romance movie bcause it's kinda boring, but somehow my friend took me to watch this incredible movie and became the first movie ever that successfully made me cried!!, didn't know romance movie can be this beautiful!

  75. Rozan TheOoz

    Rozan TheOoz2 days ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody vs A Star is Born

  76. Jane cooper

    Jane cooper2 days ago

    I didn't know Bradley Cooper could sing

  77. tyler durden

    tyler durden2 days ago

    Wow, i can't even watch this now that i know cooper and gaga are both gender inverted since the womb, and take hormones of the opposite sex almost their whole lives. Absolutely disgusting. Well, at least now i know, and won't waste my time anymore.

  78. iProdigy

    iProdigy2 days ago

    Woah, chills

  79. TaylorEZE

    TaylorEZE2 days ago

    I’m having a hard time believing that’s his real voice.

  80. Rendel

    Rendel2 days ago

    And I still can't moving on from this movie, like.... crying!

  81. tsering dikki

    tsering dikki2 days ago

    Ashiqui 2

  82. Vahrex kellroi

    Vahrex kellroi2 days ago

    is lady gaga has pussy? because he have boobies im curious about if he had one LOL!

  83. OofAnaxz Xx

    OofAnaxz Xx2 days ago

    I saw this movie it was so sad at the ending

  84. Elizabeth Erb

    Elizabeth Erb2 days ago

    Is it actually good though?

  85. Omar Mejia Ortiz

    Omar Mejia Ortiz2 days ago

    Best movie ever..... 👍🏻

  86. Glen Raymond

    Glen Raymond2 days ago

    Wow! I just finished watching the movie. I cried rivers!...

  87. Sohit Dua

    Sohit Dua2 days ago

    From trailer this movie seems to be the copy of bollywood's Aashiqui 2

  88. David Fraga

    David Fraga2 days ago

    I'm literally crying now.

  89. calamity786786

    calamity7867862 days ago

    Great Movie!! Will see it again!

  90. Iceyy Rob

    Iceyy Rob2 days ago

    All i got to say is wow

  91. Mary Jeziorski

    Mary Jeziorski2 days ago

    This movie was great. Lady Gaga is an awesome actress. I was so impressed by Bradley Cooper. The music was awesome. So enjoyed this. Good Job Gaga and Brad!!!!!

  92. moroccan Warriors

    moroccan Warriors2 days ago

    They copied A Bollywood Movie called ( Tum.Hi ho ) Same Story same Everything

  93. Evie Johnson

    Evie Johnson2 days ago

    I saw this movie and it is incredible and amazing. No movie I’ve seen that is half as good as this and for people who have not see it I think you should go watch it

  94. Leonel Juárez

    Leonel Juárez2 days ago

    Slaaay Gaga❤ This is the best movie of 2018

  95. victoriya violet

    victoriya violet2 days ago

    This movie is Same with bollywood movie 'Ashiqui2'

  96. Mk Tutor

    Mk Tutor2 days ago

    The Songs. I wanna download ‘em all... love it

  97. Sharif Rahim

    Sharif Rahim3 days ago

    same type movie i have seen in Bollywood, name Ashiqui 2

  98. mizo nula ngat

    mizo nula ngat3 days ago

    Lady gaga hi ka duh ve dawn ṭanin ka hria...a hma in a zai ka hre ṭhin nangin a hmel pawh hi ka lo hrechiang miah lo va..a zaithiam reuh em a nih hi....

  99. folladordeprostis

    folladordeprostis3 days ago

    What is the song she sings at 1.48?

  100. folladordeprostis

    folladordeprostis2 days ago

    Makaia Murray lady Gaga is a hot slut

  101. Makaia Murray

    Makaia Murray2 days ago


  102. folladordeprostis

    folladordeprostis3 days ago

    Lady Gaga is a hot slut!

  103. Woah. LaLa

    Woah. LaLa3 days ago

    Lady Gaga has changed sooo much 😭❤️

  104. Victoria Gamber

    Victoria Gamber3 days ago

    🛑 *A Star Is Born* "𝐹𝑢𝑙𝑙 𝑀𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑒" ➡ t.co/3TQon04jIK Trending film! #astarisborn #LadyGaga Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  105. Pritam TM

    Pritam TM3 days ago

    ashiqui 2 behenchod.😮

  106. Abdul Khan

    Abdul Khan3 days ago

    It's remake of Indian version movie Ashiqui 2

  107. Al amin ovi

    Al amin oviDay ago

    no bro Aashiqui 2 is aslo copied from a movie called " A Star is Born" which released in 1954. which is also a remake of 1899 LOL.. Bollywood never make original movies.. they always steal form old holloywood or other movies..They (Bollywood) is only talented for Copy paste nothing else....

  108. King's Crossing

    King's Crossing2 days ago

    No, it's an american movie from 1920's remake

  109. Nicole Collins

    Nicole Collins3 days ago

    I loved this movie ripped my heart out and wish it had ended differently but so amazing Bradley Cooper killed that role and so did Gaga!!!

  110. Victoria Gamber

    Victoria Gamber3 days ago

    🛑 *A Star Is Born* "𝐹𝑢𝑙𝑙 𝑀𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑒" ➡ t.co/3TQon04jIK Trending film! #astarisborn #LadyGaga Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!