A STAR IS BORN - Official Trailer 1


  1. Janardhan Sobha

    Janardhan Sobha20 minutes ago

    Did anyone noticed ,this is the remake Aashiqui 2

  2. Harshit Jain

    Harshit JainHour ago

    did anyone get the vibes of aashiqi 2 from this?

  3. Ratfink45 Robinson

    Ratfink45 Robinson3 hours ago

    Instant classic!! If you love music true music and a great love story this is it. So good great job Bradley and Gaga

  4. Amaranath Vakkalagadda

    Amaranath Vakkalagadda5 hours ago

    its indian film copy ashiqui 2-lol

  5. Amaranath Vakkalagadda

    Amaranath Vakkalagadda5 hours ago


  6. Jack Ericksen

    Jack Ericksen7 hours ago

    LADY GAGA?!?!

  7. tbyjb

    tbyjb8 hours ago

    It looks boring and predictable. Is it?

  8. Musa Shah

    Musa Shah8 hours ago

    Fuck hollywood is now copying bollywood

  9. THE geop

    THE geop10 hours ago

    This coming Sunday - I don´t care whether this movie wins seven Oscars or one or even none... To me this will always be one of the greatest movies I´ve ever seen!!! Today I finally received the Blue-ray and watched it for the fourth time. And I still get goose bumps when Ally and Jack are performing "Shallow" on stage and still get wet eyes when Ally intonates "I´ll never love again"! And yes: I´m a damned straight male!!!

  10. Danilo Silva

    Danilo Silva10 hours ago

    Love this movie. ❤

  11. Noah G-W

    Noah G-W10 hours ago

    2:03 👌🏻

  12. Lezio Auditore

    Lezio Auditore11 hours ago

    she is so cute. too much cuteness

  13. Nathyn Owens

    Nathyn Owens12 hours ago

    Shallow in the trailer is in my opinion better than the actual version.

  14. Open-minded Skeptic

    Open-minded Skeptic14 hours ago

    Very sad ending, but a brilliant film on many levels. Deserves all the praise it is getting.

  15. Christina Singleton

    Christina Singleton14 hours ago

    Wow..Lady Gaga is actually beautiful when she dresses simpler...Who would’ve thunk it?

  16. Gaga Daily

    Gaga Daily16 hours ago

    They should make an Oscar category for Best Trailer and give the award to this. So powerful.

  17. 1158supersiri

    1158supersiri16 hours ago

    She doesn't act that well. The Oscars are just desparate for more viewers.

  18. Waliul The 'Wall·E'

    Waliul The 'Wall·E'16 hours ago

    damn!gotta watch the movie!

  19. Lynn Clark

    Lynn Clark17 hours ago

    Bette Midler did a SPOT ON portrayal of drug and alcohol abuse in "The Rose"(1979)...........Both the film and the trailers......(Stay with me) This seems "bleh" by comparison.

  20. Muhd Fazley

    Muhd Fazley18 hours ago

    Damn the ending hurts

  21. FindingAnna

    FindingAnnaDay ago

    This fucking movie was amazing.

  22. Brandon Yonko

    Brandon YonkoDay ago

    The movies not bad

  23. John VanBlaircum

    John VanBlaircumDay ago

    Lady Gaga is a star music movies she's a phenomenon she's amazing her parents brought her up right like the Bible says bring a child up in the way I should go when your old they will not depart from it her parents nurtured her as a child and they are better for it we should all do the same

  24. Sword Man

    Sword ManDay ago

    This movie was beautiful.

  25. Sarasdad91 Tim

    Sarasdad91 TimDay ago

    I saw a star is born after I saw Bohemian Rhapsody, and although I did love A star is born, I can see why Bohemian Rhapsody's Malek won. the Oscar. Rami Malek totally delivered a better performance as Freddy Mercury, then GaGa and Cooper did in their respective roles. And seeing Rami Malek as an air headed college boy in the movie Larry Crown (Tom Hanks) go to his roles as Freddy, and do it so well, just shocked the hell out of me. Just my opinion.

  26. April Hernandez

    April HernandezDay ago

    LADY gaga Perfect for this roll ❤💕💖💞

  27. laiba iqbal

    laiba iqbalDay ago

    Its a ditto copy of bollywood movie 'aashique 2'

  28. 1987Magnus

    1987MagnusDay ago

    This looks fantastic

  29. Emma Hurney

    Emma HurneyDay ago

    Just me who thinks that this movie is absolutely crap?

  30. Mohammad Abdullah

    Mohammad AbdullahDay ago

    Aashiqui 2 that is so lovely

  31. rachel thomas

    rachel thomasDay ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-m-x3ykDb6I0.html Guys i have made a mix of this movie with a different song please listen and support the channel and spread the love😊😊😊

  32. ermioni adams

    ermioni adamsDay ago

    This movie reminds me SO MUCH a Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2 (2013) . Only by watching the trailer you can understand it's the same story, but anyway great movie!

  33. Thomas

    ThomasDay ago

    Too bad Ally's manager made Jack kill himself. Everything was fine, until he made that comment towards the end of the movie. Oh and Lady Gaga looks fucking beautiful stripped down to her natural look.. Good movie, hope one of them wins an Oscar.

  34. VidyaNanda Reddy K

    VidyaNanda Reddy KDay ago


  35. mahadev dash

    mahadev dashDay ago

    Ashiquie 2 rip off

  36. Avalanche

    AvalancheDay ago

    This movie really shows how life can be tough.

  37. suyog bhise

    suyog bhiseDay ago

    ashiqui 2 is much better than this one

  38. alpharich and friends alpharich

    alpharich and friends alpharichDay ago


  39. Abhishek

    Abhishek2 days ago

    1:46 when da pussi is tight af.

  40. gypsyemerald

    gypsyemerald2 days ago

    I just finished watching.....Beautifully done on all counts. I bought the movie for my treasured collection.

  41. MR. smith

    MR. smith2 days ago

    That song Lady Gaga sang makes me goosebumps

  42. Icy Fire

    Icy Fire2 days ago

    Sorry but bohemian rhapsody was better

  43. Hari prasad

    Hari prasad2 days ago

    Ashiqui 2

  44. Ellana Sayanel

    Ellana Sayanel2 days ago

    Didn't know lady gaga was so beautiful 🤩😍

  45. beE boO

    beE boO2 days ago

    This movie is amazing. The storyline is great and makes you feel all kinds of emotions. But this movie also made me realize no matter how many people around you love you so much or how much money you have, you can still be broken. A lot of people don't say anything about it because they don't have the voice to. They keep it inside of them and then that leads to bad things. My heart goes to all people who are extremely depressed and feel like they don't have nothing to live for, people who feel empty inside no matter how many times they smile or laugh, people who hide themselves...who hide their emotions. People who take drugs and continuously drink alcohol/wine to forget something that has made a permanent mark in their mind. Whoever's reading this, I love you. You will get through this. Times are rough but don't ever give in. You have so much to live for...cry if you need to, but also tell someone how you're feeling. Tell someone your emotions. Don't hide them...please don't give up on yourself. I love you and I want you to be the best you as much as possible. Don't think about all the bad things. Think about all the good things that can happen in the future.❤

  46. Chad Sabourin

    Chad Sabourin2 days ago

    Here's MY Predictions for what will win at the Academy Awards this year: mreporter.net/v/video-BbPf-7uJRvQ.html -Let me know your predictions!

  47. Lizeth Motta San Miguel

    Lizeth Motta San Miguel2 days ago

    Me gusto mucho la pelicula , la vi el viernes, aunque el manager de gaga no era el mejor q digamos ..bueno...

  48. LucKie

    LucKie2 days ago

    I saw the real Gaga for the first time.

  49. D Jackson

    D Jackson3 days ago

    Why does this trailer make me wanna cry😭😭😭

  50. americanhindi

    americanhindi3 days ago

    What took you so long Gaga?

  51. Lil Fayvis

    Lil Fayvis3 days ago

    1:55 I ship. 😏

  52. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Stephanie Rodriquez3 days ago

    Crap movie with ugly pedoz and ugly hags and a ugly thin tranny looking whore

  53. Hey Whatsup ??

    Hey Whatsup ??3 days ago

    Aashiqui 2.. Bollywood people here I am....

  54. Mia Antonia Reichenbach Gizzi

    Mia Antonia Reichenbach Gizzi3 days ago

    hun blev kun kendt fordi ham

  55. FBicoolshaman

    FBicoolshaman3 days ago

    How the fuck did this movie not kill it at the OSCAR FUCKING SWJ

  56. Gabriel Trevino

    Gabriel Trevino4 days ago

    okay but like i NEED the version of shallow that was used for the trailer

  57. The Lions Den

    The Lions Den4 days ago

    "Dont make me go on stage, I'm too scared , I cant do it" ........ instantly turns into lady gaga on stage lol

  58. fiqipraramadhan

    fiqipraramadhan4 days ago

    Bo-rap is better than this

  59. Waliah Muhammad

    Waliah Muhammad4 days ago

    The huge amount of happiness and sadness I felt after watching this is an understatement❤️ this film was absolutely amazing.

  60. Jury Ferrer

    Jury Ferrer4 days ago

    Omg I'm crying!

  61. Carlos Castaneda, Jr.

    Carlos Castaneda, Jr.4 days ago

    Are we ever going to get a studio version of Shallow like on the trailer?!?!

  62. Ayaz A

    Ayaz A4 days ago

    Why does this version of Shallows sound different to the actual released version?

  63. Lis Karaj

    Lis Karaj4 days ago

    ashiqui 2 is to much better than this "film"

  64. Na Chø

    Na Chø3 days ago

    Fuck you. No

  65. Mai Arts

    Mai Arts4 days ago

    Just saw the movie , hope that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga win a OSCAR !

  66. JR_21 Funk ops

    JR_21 Funk ops4 days ago

    This movie is deep!!! (FAR FROM SHALLOW) Im a tough man and i almost cried

  67. Alexander Kudinov

    Alexander Kudinov4 days ago

    Shallow here sounds different from the shallow in the movie, why? I love how her voice sounds in this trailer in the chorus!

  68. Clashey

    Clashey5 days ago

    what bout barbra streisand 😑

  69. maddy adams

    maddy adams5 days ago

    how this movie end really? Cause they're not available in my country and i reeeealllly need to know at least how it ended?

  70. Janaaa martinxdd

    Janaaa martinxdd5 days ago

    omg i just saw the movie and I'm in tears, poor Jack, idk why i relate to the movie even though I'm not famous and I don't even have a bf 😂😂 but it's kinda the magic of the film, it makes you feel like you're really living it and it's wonderful... *spoiler alert* ⚠ tragic end though :( I only wished the manager was hired or killed or something bc he's an asshole he deserved to die not Jackson

  71. Josefine Bliss

    Josefine Bliss5 days ago

    Absolutely incredible and Lady Gaga is gorgeous as her natural self. Bradley Cooper is a very good singer and I wasn't expecting Gaga to be this good an actress!!

  72. Vinesh Soares

    Vinesh Soares5 days ago

    we already did this in India its called Ashiqui 2

  73. Celso Mendez

    Celso Mendez5 days ago

    Gaga did it good, but Bradley was amazing in his rol. He deserves that Oscar more her.

  74. Sky Fall

    Sky Fall5 days ago

    please, this is a joke

  75. bipolar psychopath 1978

    bipolar psychopath 19785 days ago

    For those who haven't seen this garbage, Bradley Cooper was a pill popping boozer who eventually hangs himself the fuckin pussie there i just blew the ending & i don't give a fuck 😂😂😂😂

  76. bipolar psychopath 1978

    bipolar psychopath 19785 days ago

    Fuck u Bradley Cooper & fuck ya film ya pigheaded entitled piece of shit, so u lost the golden globe awards what a sad pissweak sore loser u really are cunt - get the fuck over it pussie, this film is not Oscar worthy 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  77. cool prithvi

    cool prithvi5 days ago

    Why no one is talking abt the copy copy... It's a copy of Indian movie ashiqui 2

  78. Vivid Kothari

    Vivid Kothari6 days ago

    Wow...didn't know that was lady Gaga.

  79. Jills Mcfarland

    Jills Mcfarland6 days ago

    Cheap version.

  80. Ich bin

    Ich bin6 days ago

    ein Versuch auszusteigen aus diesem satanistischem System?

  81. Mikael Schoanz

    Mikael Schoanz6 days ago


  82. Mikael Schoanz

    Mikael Schoanz6 days ago

    Como esperei pra ver você, A Star Is Born...

  83. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan6 days ago

    Its copy of Aashiqi 2 movie but its great than aashiqui 2

  84. Bizy Bishop

    Bizy Bishop6 days ago

    Great amazing

  85. MrAriekor

    MrAriekor6 days ago

    So we got a good queens movie, a good NWA movie and a good lady Gaga movie, can we get a good Eminem movie? (8 miles doesn’t count because it’s not rly accurate)

  86. World Citizen

    World Citizen6 days ago

    no thanks

  87. P'yologic피요ᄂ

    P'yologic피요ᄂ6 days ago

    🔮I love her nose.

  88. goldeneve

    goldeneve7 days ago

    1:10 my favorite scene

  89. Axel Rodriguez Armas

    Axel Rodriguez Armas7 days ago

    The batman batgirl barabra gordon lindsey Morgan

  90. Scahoni

    Scahoni7 days ago

    I thought it was corny..

  91. marilyn glascock

    marilyn glascock7 days ago


  92. World Citizen

    World Citizen6 days ago

    SPOILER !!!

  93. Szabolcs Kozma

    Szabolcs Kozma7 days ago


  94. 505 Strat

    505 Strat7 days ago

    Yeah, she's got talent. Shockingly unbelievable talent. A true star. I was a doubter at first (before I heard her sing and play).

  95. Tanya Black

    Tanya Black7 days ago

    I seriously cannot get enough of EVERYTHING from this movie!

  96. Jun Paolo Ferreras

    Jun Paolo Ferreras8 days ago

    I'm just here before Lady Gaga wins her oscar for this. 😍

  97. John aeron Rosales

    John aeron Rosales8 days ago

    All awards are done, Bradley and Gaga are comming for oscar

  98. AldcSisters

    AldcSisters8 days ago

    Honestly I probably wouldn’t of been so attached to this movie if Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper weren’t the main actors...

  99. Five Cents Matter

    Five Cents Matter8 days ago

    Gotta love her powerful vocals.

  100. Baecon Chim-Chim

    Baecon Chim-Chim8 days ago

    If Bohemian rhapsody and A star is born don't win any Oscars, I will throw hands

  101. React_ Bolt

    React_ Bolt8 days ago

    That movie sad af

  102. Bruce Finnie

    Bruce Finnie8 days ago

    Amazing movie.

  103. Adriana Castellano

    Adriana Castellano8 days ago

    Donde puedo obtener esta version de shallow?

  104. Jackson Mankowski

    Jackson Mankowski9 days ago

    If there was an Oscar award for best trailer... Literally I'm watching the trailer after I bought the movie lol.