A Smith Family Vacation


  1. Beatriz Lobo

    Beatriz Lobo3 hours ago

    They're rich RICH

  2. CurryBoi

    CurryBoi8 hours ago

    3:21 thaT's *H o T*

  3. Александр Ерошкин

    Александр Ерошкин16 hours ago


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  5. tubagoo dom

    tubagoo dom22 hours ago

    Damn the editing broo

  6. tubagoo dom

    tubagoo dom22 hours ago

    Yeah cancel the kardashians and start the smiths

  7. brown kalama

    brown kalama23 hours ago

    why is Jaden frauning

  8. The best Videos

    The best Videos23 hours ago

    Willo smith seems crazy like look at every kid actress they mostly turn crazy like look at the home alone kid he dose drugs know

  9. T.K. Clemmons

    T.K. ClemmonsDay ago

    I can't wait to go on a vacation thats so exciting like this very nice.

  10. josue flanquin

    josue flanquinDay ago

    Mr. Smith should visit Haiti. no, we dont need you to setup a charity or annything of sort. we just want you to come enjoy our beautiful island to have fun. we have the seconnd and third peek tallest mountains of the caribbean. most beautiful beaches. etc...so we're waiting

  11. ToperaToxica

    ToperaToxicaDay ago

    so awesome

  12. Deardhra McGP

    Deardhra McGPDay ago

    This was shot so beautifully, and it wAs also so funny and inspiring! 😭 will Smith is the best

  13. Rehema Shekilango

    Rehema ShekilangoDay ago

    im her bcz of Jaden..i lop him.his swagiliiiee

  14. James Lee

    James LeeDay ago

    That’s hot that’s hot

  15. Nuno Silva

    Nuno SilvaDay ago

    Best Editing channel

  16. 語語JUAN

    語語JUANDay ago

    Me gustaría que todo el mundo pudiera trasladarse de un lado a otro y vivir la vida. ;(

  17. king cobra

    king cobra2 days ago

    Ocsar the shark slayer looking for sharks to slay

  18. BAims

    BAims2 days ago

    His kids look so happy NOT

  19. Jesse Samuelson

    Jesse Samuelson2 days ago

    8.5 k people are insane

  20. Troy

    Troy2 days ago

    You can tell how their kids are ungrateful spoiled stuck up rich kids. Just look at their faces man

  21. Sean Fenwick

    Sean Fenwick2 days ago

    Oh gosh, so over dramatic. How boring. 😴

  22. Nico Jam

    Nico Jam2 days ago

    Jaden and Willa looking more like Goofy from Disneyland each year

  23. MuSiCa 36

    MuSiCa 362 days ago

    El wuasoon BB

  24. hector orozco

    hector orozco2 days ago


  25. ciera lewis

    ciera lewis2 days ago

    Coolest family ever! So uhh is jaden really gay?

  26. CarolineBrooke

    CarolineBrooke2 days ago

    Dear Will Smith, please let me marry Jaden

  27. EmbryonicMean 68

    EmbryonicMean 682 days ago

    I Am Legend


    LUQUE ALEIDA2 days ago

    que lindo debe ser tener un papà asi como will Smith ....

  29. Potato Cheap

    Potato Cheap2 days ago

    Who came here after watching youtube rewind 2018???

  30. mjs1231

    mjs12312 days ago

    I have not had a vacation in over 10 years. Cant afford it.

  31. Kolsuz Beso

    Kolsuz Beso3 days ago


  32. SJ Toons

    SJ Toons3 days ago

    They should have there own tv show

  33. Laitano

    Laitano3 days ago

    4:37 Look Jaden KKKK

  34. kay

    kay3 days ago


  35. olimarfunk

    olimarfunk3 days ago

    Its rewind time

  36. International Church

    International Church3 days ago

    God is amazing he created beautiful things in this world

  37. Fatma Nur Calgan

    Fatma Nur Calgan3 days ago

    Why exactly his oldest son is not famous yet ?

  38. xzarria

    xzarria3 days ago

    Literally climbed that it's in scilly

  39. Wahab Mkazi

    Wahab Mkazi3 days ago

    Jaden Smith looks like he is not happy, not enjoying anything why?

  40. Marco Ibrahim

    Marco Ibrahim3 days ago

    Viva l italiaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  41. Eng Abdo

    Eng Abdo3 days ago

    3:39 gta san andreas !

  42. Oscar Ramirez

    Oscar Ramirez3 days ago

    Yeaaahh its rewind time

  43. Jose Espinoza

    Jose Espinoza3 days ago

    I fr can't dive with a wet suit, miss me with that, long sleeve shirt and swim trunks all day, but that water is probs cold.

  44. da quebrada

    da quebrada3 days ago

    Brasil ! Brasil ! Coloca legenda em português

  45. Shon9tilR

    Shon9tilR3 days ago

    I wish my family would do something like this.

  46. kkk

    kkk3 days ago

    step right up folks step right up for 1 dime you to can see the circus 🎪 🤡🤡🤡🤡 family's side show 😂🙄

  47. ceron pro

    ceron pro3 days ago

    The Best person in this word

  48. Emily Wyrick

    Emily Wyrick3 days ago

    Will Smith is such an icon and I can stand it :)

  49. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony Gomez3 days ago

    What. A. Life.

  50. Luigi Santocchia

    Luigi Santocchia3 days ago

    sono italiano mamma mia

  51. Daniel Bites

    Daniel Bites3 days ago

    Boracho boracho

  52. Veroonica Valdez

    Veroonica Valdez3 days ago


  53. SoCal G

    SoCal G3 days ago

    You can tell will’s a narcissist.

  54. maya _gorg

    maya _gorg3 days ago

    Here after MReporter Rewind?

  55. Fernanda Mothé

    Fernanda Mothé4 days ago

    Algum brasileiro assistindo?

  56. Moacir souza capoeira

    Moacir souza capoeira4 days ago


  57. Fernando VQ

    Fernando VQ4 days ago

    En la miniatura se ven tan animados sus hijos jaja

  58. Sero

    Sero4 days ago

    Will smith can you be my FATHER

  59. soulmates x x

    soulmates x x4 days ago

    Fear does ruin life's

  60. Brian Rojas

    Brian Rojas4 days ago

    The screams were creepy :0

  61. savege10

    savege104 days ago

    4:44 his face expression is me when my parent tell my that my cousin is at the family party but when you get there he isn’t there.

  62. Roseann Chaeyoung

    Roseann Chaeyoung4 days ago

    at 8:16 i thought wills head was on jaydens body lol

  63. John Peter Apelado

    John Peter Apelado4 days ago

    My favorite Hollywood actor..will Smith

  64. khiiiry 99

    khiiiry 994 days ago

    Came out the water feeling brand new I bet. That's awesome that they got to do it as a family. God bless you

  65. McFade.

    McFade.4 days ago

    Thats hawt thats hawt

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  67. PitchTheNegative

    PitchTheNegative4 days ago

    it's rewind time

  68. Cover Ricardo

    Cover Ricardo4 days ago

    Jaden have user drugs

  69. Ree Coopz

    Ree Coopz4 days ago

    Yous are blessed.

  70. Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny4 days ago


  71. Jose Hernández

    Jose Hernández4 days ago

    No te entendí ni Verga, no hablo inglés

  72. Vicente Walbaum

    Vicente Walbaum12 hours ago

    Que imbécil

  73. Teresa Juarez

    Teresa JuarezDay ago


  74. AlanGamer 121

    AlanGamer 1213 days ago

    Yo solo veo el vídeo :v

  75. Bruna

    Bruna3 days ago

    seu burro vc e brasileiro

  76. Jjkkssk Ksnsms

    Jjkkssk Ksnsms3 days ago


  77. Michael Sanchez

    Michael Sanchez4 days ago

    This will smith guy is a good youtuber he should do acting😂

  78. Dee 20

    Dee 2011 hours ago

    Michael Sanchez 😂

  79. ItzDeadly Gaming

    ItzDeadly Gaming2 days ago

    Michael Sanchez he would be a very good actor

  80. Mike Hand

    Mike Hand2 days ago

    A R r/wooooooooosh

  81. Caite

    Caite2 days ago

    he is a actor

  82. Jaeminie phillia

    Jaeminie phillia3 days ago

    Sarcasm haha

  83. Gabriella Dines

    Gabriella Dines4 days ago

    When I say this MReporter video captured me like no other... This is stuff I would absolutely love to do and will some time plan on doing it. This was beautiful and I needed a video like this during this particular time in my life. Thank you. This was beautiful and has been saved.

  84. Phantom Corrupt

    Phantom Corrupt4 days ago

    I love willow so mucj

  85. Victor Tarantino

    Victor Tarantino4 days ago

    Mano,seu fã,vc é simples,tranquilão,maneiro,grande humano e exelente artista...seu canal e muito show de bola👌😅👍👏👏👏👏👏

  86. sergio alvarado

    sergio alvarado4 days ago

    I thought it was the body of will smith 8:15

  87. s.keerthi vignesh

    s.keerthi vignesh4 days ago

    Yoo ur attention to detail!!!!

  88. Dylan Richardson

    Dylan Richardson4 days ago

    sergio alvarado lol same

  89. Alfonso Guzmán Nava

    Alfonso Guzmán Nava4 days ago

    Omg! Volcano is amazing

  90. Superstrench

    Superstrench4 days ago

    Tu hijo se mira bien piedrero

  91. juan pablo  Mena

    juan pablo Mena4 days ago

    La neta we 😂

  92. Cristian Ángel  González Martínez

    Cristian Ángel González Martínez4 days ago

    JAJA no ma

  93. Grazielly Tavares

    Grazielly Tavares4 days ago

    Mano vc e demais ❤️

  94. FoloW Blue_PS4

    FoloW Blue_PS44 days ago

    *grammar . Is holidays bruh*

  95. Tr Tr

    Tr Tr5 days ago

    Become so famous and succesful that even your vacation makes you rich by uploading it on youtube

  96. GhastlyCretin85

    GhastlyCretin855 days ago

    Willow Smith looks exactly like Will but somehow his son is Somali. He looks like he's gonna storm Captain Phillips ship.

  97. Daniel Eliassenfgh618

    Daniel Eliassenfgh6185 days ago

    U2b rewind

  98. AnnoyedSpy

    AnnoyedSpy5 days ago

    Better than the kardashians without even trying

  99. gaming

    gaming5 days ago


  100. Bushbuddy Platypus

    Bushbuddy Platypus5 days ago

    So spoilt

  101. Stella Rose

    Stella Rose5 days ago

    Willow Smith is actually drop dead gorgeous, hello

  102. Jake Sullivan

    Jake Sullivan5 days ago

    4:43 Why is he sitting like a little girl

  103. john alvarez

    john alvarez5 days ago

    You are from Afrika Man

  104. Hrishikesh Nair

    Hrishikesh Nair5 days ago

    3:22 THATS HOT! THATS HOT! 😀😀

  105. zaky arief27

    zaky arief275 days ago

    Kaden looks like different

  106. MrKaare

    MrKaare5 days ago

    *DAS HOT*

  107. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude5 days ago

    4:45 when your parents tell you that your favorite cousins are gonna be at the party but you don’t seem then anywhere

  108. Make More Sandwiches

    Make More Sandwiches5 days ago

    Who’s here bc they saw jaden Smith

  109. lax shukla

    lax shukla5 days ago

    i am from india and i m big fan of u sir

  110. Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz

    Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz5 days ago

    I love The Smith's Family. Will You Are the Best

  111. Darren Pats

    Darren Pats5 days ago

    I love the music around 3:50 what is it?

  112. Noy Phummavong

    Noy Phummavong5 days ago

    Some day I will try to do that sometime in my life wit my family 😊😊😊

  113. Rosie Estrella

    Rosie Estrella5 days ago

    Willow just stay in the frame haha no hate just how he said it.

  114. ems adven

    ems adven5 days ago

    “I’m living my best life”

  115. Roihan Bagaskoro

    Roihan Bagaskoro5 days ago

    Maybe u should to come indonesia too