A Smith Family Vacation


  1. Hailiedailydares pending

    Hailiedailydares pendingHour ago

    He is sooo motivational

  2. prince Rambo

    prince Rambo2 hours ago

    Except Will Smith his whole family like beggars

  3. Mascamelosh Rodríguez

    Mascamelosh Rodríguez2 hours ago

    Ese Jaden Smith si que consume mucho crack

  4. Jadiel Santos

    Jadiel Santos6 hours ago

    Will está bien Hermosa tu hija 😍

  5. Genet Abate

    Genet Abate9 hours ago

    What a beautiful family they should have their own Reality Tv show.❤️❤️❤️

  6. Anthony Tapia

    Anthony Tapia10 hours ago

    Will Smith taking W's and going on refreshing/nice adventures. Wish I had the money to do these things!!!!

  7. xVicious Knightx

    xVicious Knightx10 hours ago

    Jayden is the new fresh prince!

  8. Veronika Antarctica

    Veronika Antarctica12 hours ago

    Jaden --->canabis and drugs

  9. Jomel Marqueses

    Jomel Marqueses13 hours ago

    Fear ruins life.

  10. iKONIC Blink

    iKONIC Blink21 hour ago

    He’s kids doesn’t look happy wth

  11. Antonio Barbosa

    Antonio Barbosa21 hour ago

    Estou no Brasil pra que voceis coloca uma porra dessa não sei que eles estão falando põe a porra traduzido caralho vai tomar no cu

  12. James Wain

    James Wain22 hours ago

    jaden looks so scared throughout everything 😂

  13. 지나가는사람

    지나가는사람22 hours ago

    I'm your pan !!!!

  14. 예쁜이

    예쁜이23 hours ago

    썅 존나 부럽네

  15. Night Howler

    Night HowlerDay ago

    I have a guestion how do u only have 3.8 million suscribers u should have like 50mil

  16. Matt Shackelford

    Matt ShackelfordDay ago

    The MIB clip made this video!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys.

  17. SuperOrange lightbulb

    SuperOrange lightbulbDay ago

    this video released 1day after my birthsy

  18. Kenny Winston

    Kenny WinstonDay ago

    try scuba in DOMINICA not republic though

  19. Kenny Winston

    Kenny WinstonDay ago

    good inspiration, thnxx g family goals

  20. Rock Rozay

    Rock RozayDay ago

    Weirdo kids

  21. Wilson Waldo

    Wilson WaldoDay ago

    Bro Jaden face on the thumb nail 😶

  22. Yoongi Army

    Yoongi ArmyDay ago

    Hello fresh king 🤴🏾⭐️

  23. Anaca

    AnacaDay ago

    Will add some mid roll ads to become rich

  24. Jigme Bhutia

    Jigme BhutiaDay ago

    Willy on hilly

  25. Zero Hour

    Zero HourDay ago

    Sad, had those kids not grown in fame, they’d be normal kids. The boy dresses like a girl.. keeps that gender disphoria agenda goin

  26. Isabella Fernandes

    Isabella Fernandes2 days ago

    my family vacations are to anthonys pizza and pasta and im overwhelmed

  27. rowdy rathore

    rowdy rathore2 days ago

    Willow acts exactly like superwoman on youtube

  28. Gin B

    Gin B2 days ago

    He's right about one thing.... Fear ruins life!!

  29. Gin B

    Gin B2 days ago

    I just want to say one thing.... I'm jealous af 😊

  30. Deepak Gunwant

    Deepak Gunwant2 days ago

    I still remember men in black....m

  31. ExtremeGamer

    ExtremeGamer2 days ago

    will will smith smith?

  32. Antonio Alves

    Antonio Alves2 days ago

    Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo 💙

  33. samyha maymon

    samyha maymon2 days ago

    Awe,they grew up so fast,like if you were here since “I whip my hair back and forth” and “karate kid”😭❤️

  34. Simona Lihosithová

    Simona Lihosithová2 days ago

    what is the music around 1:29?

  35. Lazz Lilo

    Lazz Lilo2 days ago

    Take me with you 😭😭😭♥️

  36. فيوف الفيفي

    فيوف الفيفي2 days ago

    ، Jaden is on drugs he is so skinny

  37. giana mijares

    giana mijares2 days ago

    will make a blog please

  38. Harshit Dandelia

    Harshit Dandelia2 days ago

    Coz we gangsta.....😂😂😂

  39. Tech G

    Tech G2 days ago

    This is cool

  40. Tameka Gillett

    Tameka Gillett2 days ago

    I love it

  41. Ava White

    Ava White2 days ago

    "just an icon living"

  42. M B

    M B2 days ago

    Replace the Kardashian’s w this

  43. Imma Smiler

    Imma Smiler2 days ago


  44. Imma Smiler

    Imma Smiler2 days ago

    When Actors or Singers become MReporterrs and vice versa..

  45. cels013

    cels0132 days ago

    Please replace the kardashian garbage with this awesome family

  46. Setareh Shiner

    Setareh Shiner2 days ago

    " she shouldn't have came "

  47. Eyedentity Visuals

    Eyedentity Visuals2 days ago

    Who knew that Mike Lowry would end up being a family guy. Kudos

  48. Blokey Bloke

    Blokey Bloke2 days ago

    Why did I watch this... waste of 10 minutes of my life!

  49. ASKARIwest

    ASKARIwest3 days ago

    I get the feeling that Will doesn't like Karen all that much 😉

  50. John Dough

    John Dough3 days ago

    😶I was breathing hard the whole time.... But then will . Fear Ruins Life .

  51. TubeYou

    TubeYou3 days ago

    Stop watching the Kardashians and start watching this.

  52. Angela Gabriele

    Angela Gabriele3 days ago

    Alguém do Brasil? 🤔😘

  53. msnunu225

    msnunu2253 days ago

    jaden is funny asl lmaoooo underwater tear

  54. Jen Perez

    Jen Perez3 days ago

    If they had a reality tv show, id definitely watch it

  55. skrty derr

    skrty derr3 days ago

    2:41 top ten pictures taken by cleberties moments before death😂

  56. s u n n n y

    s u n n n y3 days ago

    wow this is way better quality then i expected

  57. Graves Vagrash

    Graves Vagrash3 days ago

    that drone cam is legit.

  58. Morris Falker

    Morris Falker3 days ago

    I hope Jaden and his phone had a wonderful vacation together.

  59. Rossy Solis

    Rossy Solis3 days ago

    REPLACE THE KARDASHIANS!!! Please, I mean i like KUWK but I prefer Will and his family

  60. Rossy Solis

    Rossy Solis3 days ago

    "RESPIRA DESPACION, STAY RELAX" her accent cool

  61. Sleeze

    Sleeze3 days ago

    go to the caribbean for a real vacatiom

  62. Grisel Escalante

    Grisel Escalante3 days ago

    alguien que hable español?????!!

  63. Yohan Fu

    Yohan Fu3 days ago

    Will,you are the best 👍

  64. AlbertAndersonVEVO

    AlbertAndersonVEVO3 days ago

    1:54 does anyone see that person flipping the camera off

  65. youtoober2013

    youtoober20133 days ago


  66. youtoober2013

    youtoober20133 days ago

    5:05 Ok, that one!

  67. youtoober2013

    youtoober20133 days ago

    3:38 wo. this one was better styl.

  68. Xxx productions

    Xxx productions3 days ago

    Jaden was jamming the whole time

  69. pechugas laru

    pechugas laru3 days ago


  70. Kang of Wakanda

    Kang of Wakanda3 days ago

    Hi is your young son openly gay now? I only ask because I see he wears a dress..

  71. Tinowimba Katsumbe

    Tinowimba Katsumbe3 days ago

    This is amazing. A dad spending some qualify time with his kids and vice-versa.

  72. Paris Destiny Rose Bolton

    Paris Destiny Rose Bolton3 days ago

    I love how you as a father take time from your career to spend time with your family. you are one of my favorite actors

  73. KingTetro

    KingTetro3 days ago

    Wills kid lookin like a discount comethazine ngl

  74. Carlos castillo

    Carlos castillo3 days ago

    There's fresh prince after 30 years Is the prince of the word

  75. KattR z

    KattR z3 days ago

    Soo beautiful. I just recently went on a plane for a work trip. Had my first expierence in the ocean at Cocoa Beach. Now I'm sitting in NEPA thinking I gotta get out of here way more. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have known these places existed.

  76. Da Legend

    Da Legend3 days ago

    You are rich you shouldn't be there without any protection. Where is your glasses first of all??

  77. Ismael Ibrahim

    Ismael Ibrahim3 days ago

    I whip my azz back and forth x100

  78. kong fu

    kong fu3 days ago

    Nice channel, better than all the non-stop screaming clickbate vloggers

  79. raging vegan

    raging vegan3 days ago

    omg, did you really just say that? “like the worst case of african-american parenting?” i had to listen to that twice because i never heard something so ridiculous- who says that in a normal sentence structure? why don’t you point out the width of your nose next while your buying a house plant because that will make the same sense. what a racist you are. your kind of black privilege has gone to your head yo

  80. numkulaosha numkana

    numkulaosha numkana3 days ago

    Cartoon family

  81. Louise Le Bec

    Louise Le Bec3 days ago

    ur my idol💜

  82. OgCarterthe3rd GC3X

    OgCarterthe3rd GC3X3 days ago

    Jaden's hairline is just😯👎💩😂

  83. Gaby Mathews

    Gaby Mathews3 days ago

    🤓Will Smith you really know what to expect from life and family are all set to go through the whole process of moving forward with your own struggles! Keep success in your focus but family always comes first. I hope everything is going well with you and your family, keep this good stuff coming, IT gives us inspiration to keep moving in the right direction with our own family. Great videos your bringing to us, man that Volcano🌋 hike Wow those sounds, footage was breath taking💪👍 I love it raw footage no makeup artist involved simply beautiful😘

  84. Mr A

    Mr A3 days ago

    Yo Jaden had me dead this whole vlog 😂😂

  85. Starwarrior 7

    Starwarrior 73 days ago

    Will oldest son look like a black Jason Mamoa...who I originally thought was part black...but I think he's part Samoan and they have black blood in their ancestry.

  86. Razor Sharp

    Razor Sharp3 days ago

    Finally, a family with talent that truly deserves to be in the spotlight. Im tired of seeing families with no talent being shown time and time again


    RVSHEED3 days ago

    1:12 "Willow just Stay In The Frame!!!!" 😂😂😂 Jaden at 4:37. After that he lookin mad angry at Willow for waisting their time on more explaining 😂😂😂

  88. Макс Тащинский

    Макс Тащинский3 days ago


  89. Danger

    Danger3 days ago

    Thank u i needed something wholesome today

  90. Kerry Humphreys

    Kerry Humphreys3 days ago

    Raah! Your kids are on H or sumting hahaha

  91. Jodene Rimpel

    Jodene Rimpel3 days ago

    Yes good dis

  92. Jessica Jessie

    Jessica Jessie3 days ago

    Thanks for making me feel poor, guys!!

  93. TabproMalaga

    TabproMalaga3 days ago

    Te copias del rubius

  94. K M

    K M3 days ago

    We get it. You are rich.

  95. Eden George

    Eden George3 days ago

    I freaking love Will Smith

  96. Shaelyn Janisch

    Shaelyn Janisch3 days ago

    Waiting for a reality show

  97. da_lollipop_kid_

    da_lollipop_kid_3 days ago

    lmao jaden in the thumbnail

  98. Mar Lilia

    Mar Lilia4 days ago

    Visit Palawan, Philippines amazing diving experience....

  99. Faisal Danesh

    Faisal Danesh4 days ago

    Love you

  100. Wayne Evans

    Wayne Evans4 days ago

    Do we ever hear a broke man talking about the beauty of life...and we follow

  101. Wovan Kennedy

    Wovan Kennedy4 days ago

    Come to Vanuatu and see an active volcano

  102. Asian Meme

    Asian Meme4 days ago

    karatr kid grown