A Smith Family Vacation


  1. Skaadi

    SkaadiHour ago

    She shouldn't have came though

  2. wakenbaker-uk

    wakenbaker-ukHour ago

    South park..moulded my image of his kids. I can't look at them without imagining them all as spoilt little shits as kids.

  3. Neasia Rhynes

    Neasia RhynesHour ago

    Why do they all look like super heroes in those diving suits... I see a new movie 2019

  4. zoezoe200406

    zoezoe200406Hour ago

    Pedophiles shouldn't have platforms...

  5. EnzopLaY1 •

    EnzopLaY1 •Hour ago

    4:44 O que passa na cabeça dele kkkkkkkkkk

  6. NateGreatDa

    NateGreatDaHour ago

    "I think you're on punishment" 😂😂

  7. onemorecerveza jr

    onemorecerveza jr2 hours ago

    Jaden doesn't look like he's on vacation

  8. Cristian Paniagua

    Cristian Paniagua2 hours ago

    Ese hijo de Will Smith se vía súper mejor antes... y la fama lo hizo feo. Por eso mejor soy pobre :v

  9. Diego Aragon Duarte

    Diego Aragon Duarte3 hours ago

    Que le pasa al hijo de will tiene cara de drogadicto pobre ese men

  10. glockumollie

    glockumollie3 hours ago

    The scuba diving looks very fun, great experience to turn your kids on to. Where's MAMA, OR IS THAT A TOTALLY STUPID QUESTION? If so sorry.

  11. Me Cee

    Me Cee3 hours ago

    This is tight

  12. Roda Grace

    Roda Grace3 hours ago

    i love this family

  13. glockumollie

    glockumollie3 hours ago

    That isn't good for your health. Get the heck out of there!

  14. Dalari Nimitz

    Dalari Nimitz3 hours ago

    Be funny if someone said worst case of white parenting in a video 😂 oh right, i wouldn’t be.

  15. paku chu

    paku chu3 hours ago

    Esos hijos no merecen un padre asi xD

  16. Diego Aragon Duarte

    Diego Aragon Duarte2 hours ago

    paku chu jajajajaja c mamu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. paku chu

    paku chu2 hours ago

    Diego Aragon Duarte no tiene cara de drogo lo es :v

  18. Diego Aragon Duarte

    Diego Aragon Duarte3 hours ago

    paku chu pero por que el hijo tiene cara de drogo

  19. PRIS

    PRIS3 hours ago

    #Fear. Ruins. Life.

  20. xXMoi_240Xx

    xXMoi_240Xx3 hours ago

    man will Smith Editor is a beast .

  21. DiNOo Gaming

    DiNOo Gaming3 hours ago

    i don't know why i feel like these is movie lol

  22. flo & Reuben love

    flo & Reuben love4 hours ago

    She shouldn't have came she shouldn't have came😂😂😂😂😂😂will is funny 😍

  23. Sebastian Dudulec

    Sebastian Dudulec4 hours ago

    I love you smith

  24. Rick Ruehl

    Rick Ruehl4 hours ago

    Great video. Saw you starting the youtube adventures.Great to see you getting your family getting out and adventuring. OH Gee Black People really Can Swim. Many I know think they will only sink and are afraid. I think this is showing that is totally not true. A bit more muscle mass makes you a bit less buoyant but in salt water it is less so. Seeing some lights turning on in the kids eyes. Keep em coming.

  25. Judgy Judgerton

    Judgy Judgerton4 hours ago

    I have an apartment 1km from a train station in Italy for sale if your family wants a hub in there. Let me know;)

  26. Harrison Mills

    Harrison Mills5 hours ago

    “It stinks like sulfure, cause its an active volcano. But we still going towards it, cause we gansta....”

  27. jacques

    jacques5 hours ago

    I was in vulcano in the same time of u and i didn’t saw u 😢 did u whent to filicudi ??

  28. Omar Correa

    Omar Correa5 hours ago

    4:50 lol Jaden is like "Hell Nah!"

  29. Javier Ramirez

    Javier Ramirez5 hours ago

    Wtf is comethezine doing with will smith

  30. Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma6 hours ago

    Diving ✅ - Appreciate the little things around you ✅ - Let go of fear ✅- Respect mother nature ✅- Now you might have what it takes to go SAILING ⚓

  31. trugb24

    trugb246 hours ago

    That's fucked up lol. Said she shouldn't have came.

  32. Rene Gonzalez

    Rene Gonzalez6 hours ago

    thanks for that effortless life lesson, great words. "Fear destroys your ability to see beauty".

  33. Miya Eberlein

    Miya Eberlein6 hours ago

    Hey guys my sister just released her new album Picnic on Spotify by Sophiya Sweet. Check it out for some super chill summer songs :)

  34. Antonio Amoroso Gflow69

    Antonio Amoroso Gflow696 hours ago

    Come and visit us in Naples for the volcano " VESUVIO "

  35. Luis Eduardo

    Luis Eduardo7 hours ago


  36. will16320

    will163207 hours ago

    man this guys givin it his all

  37. Alberto 💯

    Alberto 💯7 hours ago

    This was no vacation for Karen😂...y'all she was struggling to cope big time

  38. ibe ibe

    ibe ibe7 hours ago


  39. Stephen Dahlem

    Stephen Dahlem7 hours ago

    Vacation paid for by 8.1 million MReporter views...

  40. Smoogle s.

    Smoogle s.8 hours ago

    or have multi million dollars to face your fears

  41. Vish Vpl

    Vish Vpl8 hours ago

    Best vacation was cool..try my island its a paradise mauritius island

  42. Egypt Johnson

    Egypt Johnson8 hours ago

    Jada is so invisible around her kids and husband...I never realize its her at first

  43. Guilherme Freitas

    Guilherme Freitas8 hours ago

    I love you Will. God bless your family!

  44. Susan Hughan

    Susan Hughan8 hours ago

    I knew you were a great actor, but seeing you be such a wonderful & inspiring Dad... just blew me away ❤️🙏 Thank you so much for “taking us with you “ May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family 🙏❤️🌟

  45. Mortadha Adnan

    Mortadha Adnan8 hours ago

    I love you guys 😍 specially you will

  46. lipazz blogs

    lipazz blogs8 hours ago

    6:44 song?

  47. Lord Darkmoor

    Lord Darkmoor8 hours ago


  48. Linda Keaton

    Linda Keaton8 hours ago

    Ah, the splendid life of the rich and famous! Aren't they pretty even sweating?

  49. Mad Robot

    Mad Robot8 hours ago

    How's the marriage going? Just wondered.

  50. E Dub

    E Dub8 hours ago

    They have gone where no Black Family has gone before lol.

  51. lashanna allen

    lashanna allen8 hours ago

    Wow this is so beautiful.

  52. The Scribe

    The Scribe9 hours ago

    Fuck my life

  53. Julia Onfire

    Julia Onfire9 hours ago

    Will you are such a good dad! I almost shed a tear lol just not an underwater one

  54. bluEYES 2X5

    bluEYES 2X59 hours ago

    I’d rather watch the Smiths rather then the Kardashian’s.

  55. Sleeper

    Sleeper9 hours ago

    damn nice video

  56. csieg123

    csieg1239 hours ago

    During the family group hug, for a brief moment, it looked like Will and Jayden switched heads :P

  57. Robin Gardner

    Robin Gardner9 hours ago


  58. De Meme ‘Imself

    De Meme ‘Imself10 hours ago

    1:13 Jaden’s hair blends in with the sand

  59. paloma anouk

    paloma anouk10 hours ago

    Love your videos

  60. paloma anouk

    paloma anouk10 hours ago

    I wish i could have a father like you will your kids must be super gratefull of having you

  61. Adam Carpenter

    Adam Carpenter10 hours ago

    Ugh, I wanna make beats for the Smith fam videos.

  62. Samsung Universe

    Samsung Universe11 hours ago

    Name of the songs or music used in background please

  63. jdsprjct

    jdsprjct11 hours ago

    U guys are pretty gangsta

  64. Timmy Curran

    Timmy Curran11 hours ago

    Jaden is the best

  65. Romeo Neziri

    Romeo Neziri11 hours ago

    Fear keeps us humans

  66. O_ bsession

    O_ bsession11 hours ago

    Oh wow I’ve never really seen his other son

  67. Adam Muklewicz

    Adam Muklewicz11 hours ago

    Good looking man, good looking wife. All of his kids dumb , ugly and mentally unstable.

  68. Taylor Donelson

    Taylor Donelson11 hours ago

    I wore jays, and the hi top fade..I wanted to be the fresh prince! People tell me I look like a younger you!...if they ever do a MIB or I am legend prequel im your guy

  69. christopher cain

    christopher cain11 hours ago

    Does anyone know where to find those film strip transitions they used for the photos?


    SPRUNK RAZE11 hours ago

    I live in Italy, fuckkkkkk

  71. PeaceFuL BeInG

    PeaceFuL BeInG11 hours ago

    Will I need your vacation layout so I can take my family to this place!!! We just came from an adventure in the Philippians and ready to visit this place!!! Thanks!! Much Love Brother!

  72. joyce lima

    joyce lima11 hours ago


  73. Daniel Shultz

    Daniel Shultz12 hours ago

    We loves you Will. Greeting from Russia

  74. Van Guard

    Van Guard12 hours ago

    OK but I think Karen *needed* to be there, she was a perfect counterpoint. Also it was good for her to see the new and for you to have someone to remind you of compassion for the vulnerable. Am I sassy? Hell yeah!

  75. Jules Advertising

    Jules Advertising12 hours ago

    Nice experience! Thnx for the Share!

  76. Jules Advertising

    Jules Advertising12 hours ago

    WOW 50 ??? Look younger then I do, Will! @35 '''HAPPY- BE EARLY!!

  77. Dj Bruhxal

    Dj Bruhxal12 hours ago

    *with fear you can't see beauty*

  78. Жылдыз Кадырбаева

    Жылдыз Кадырбаева12 hours ago

    Кудайым мени ушул кунго жеткирсин......

  79. ThaPhil Ace

    ThaPhil Ace12 hours ago

    “She shouldn’t have came” - will smith 😂😂 I know that feeling

  80. Jesse Soto

    Jesse Soto12 hours ago

    Mr. Smith, you’re a wonderful father!! Outstanding, sir!!!

  81. Mateusz Siudym

    Mateusz Siudym12 hours ago

    Nice... great family. Enjoy

  82. Monica Bainum

    Monica Bainum13 hours ago

    I would love to go on vacation with the Smith family..

  83. Chubby Lee

    Chubby Lee13 hours ago

    😱😱😱😱😱Manong i see you 😱😱😱 @5:45 - @5:50 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  84. Elizabeth Cohen

    Elizabeth Cohen13 hours ago

    Jada girl you were the bomb in Gotham! Fish Mooney baby!!!

  85. shenkaed

    shenkaed13 hours ago

    "Fear kills your ability to see beauty". Just as relevant for relationships as it is nature. Well said mate.

  86. Familia moron salado

    Familia moron salado13 hours ago

    Hola.Me encantas como eres.No cambies. Desde Sevilla😘

  87. jdswatsup

    jdswatsup14 hours ago

    "I think... you're in trouble" hahaha

  88. Taariq Bovell

    Taariq Bovell14 hours ago

    Great Quote

  89. MoneyIsSilver

    MoneyIsSilver14 hours ago

    Please stop advertising you "african american-ness". You are less african than I am and I'm pretty fucking white.

  90. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe14 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this with us along with all of the talent and joy you've shared throughout the years. You have a beautiful family.

  91. Houzairou

    Houzairou14 hours ago

    La dernière fois que je suis allez quelque part en famille c'était à la Caf

  92. Wally Billy

    Wally Billy14 hours ago

    next september 25th , you and i will celebrate our 50th birthday... old man :)

  93. Jack Carroll

    Jack Carroll14 hours ago

    Wills turning into an uncle Phil :/

  94. Danutzz

    Danutzz14 hours ago

    Jaden looks dead inside and outside wtf

  95. ab's Benmahidi

    ab's Benmahidi14 hours ago

    men in black

  96. fucker man

    fucker man15 hours ago

    god blessing you all

  97. ACME Mendonça

    ACME Mendonça15 hours ago

    God Bless! Great!

  98. Tim Baker Jr.

    Tim Baker Jr.15 hours ago

    Where's jada

  99. Анатоль Валерич

    Анатоль Валерич15 hours ago

    Hello everyone! what's the name of music, started at 00:29?

  100. First Last

    First Last15 hours ago

    He is such a dad.

  101. adriel Cromwell

    adriel Cromwell15 hours ago

    she shouldn't have come, *dead*.