A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) - Smarter Every Day 190


  1. Im Lord Guille

    Im Lord Guille3 months ago

    Jokes on you I have already listened to RPO in Audible and loved it

  2. Not Here

    Not Here15 days ago

    Im Lord Guille cool.

  3. I game without recording

    I game without recordingMonth ago

    jokes on all o'yall I watched the movie!

  4. Dr. Tom the Gamer

    Dr. Tom the Gamer2 months ago

    Jokes on you I watched it on Dinamix 4D yesterday, and it was unbelievable.


    GOGORANDOMO2 months ago

    Wil Wheaton made it even better than it already is :D

  6. Van JLiana

    Van JLiana5 hours ago

    Can I touch boobies using that?

  7. Roberto Sanchez

    Roberto Sanchez13 hours ago

    Embodiment is important for intelligence.

  8. scratch64

    scratch64Day ago

    I cant wait until this is refined and made more manageable! That is going to change vr FOREVER

  9. Ceribo

    CeriboDay ago

    I prefer to use my mind and send signals to a computer to enter a world like playing full dive vr without moving my physical body

  10. KSAM The Randomizer

    KSAM The RandomizerDay ago


  11. Prespective Gaming

    Prespective Gaming2 days ago


  12. BKsniperguy

    BKsniperguy2 days ago

    a good idea for the belts on the back of the fingers would be the wabbing clamp mechanism used in seatbelts.

  13. BKsniperguy

    BKsniperguy2 days ago

    so cool! would love to see the gloves more compact though

  14. Vince the Animator

    Vince the Animator2 days ago

    0:12 I see what you did with the captions Jozef ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Kaiden Brooks

    Kaiden Brooks2 days ago

    I knew I wasn’t the only one with the force feedback idea!

  16. Tomos Halsey

    Tomos Halsey2 days ago

    Haptic Gloves have been around long before the movie, so its more like technology Player One was inspired by.

  17. Hydron Music

    Hydron Music3 days ago

    The movie is coming

  18. David Crunk

    David Crunk3 days ago

    people laughed at The Power Glove... whos laughing now!

  19. Peter B.

    Peter B.3 days ago

    This tech is exactly what I said needed to be done before VR was gonna be useful enough to drive sales for the general public. combining their gear with Euclideon's graphics capability would drive the next generations VR games for REAL.

  20. Cedric Purwanto

    Cedric Purwanto3 days ago

    And then SAO comes out...

  21. Sara B.

    Sara B.4 days ago

    This could help people get over a lot of fears such as arachnophobia or other fears.

  22. Soldier 88

    Soldier 885 days ago

    That's really dope!

  23. Monte Zeph

    Monte Zeph5 days ago

    I don't like the idea of going to the moon it's never gonna happen....

  24. hidde van gelder

    hidde van gelder6 days ago

    why dont you believ in vr

  25. Julian Mata

    Julian Mata6 days ago

    The future is going to be awesome

  26. VeryMashed Potato

    VeryMashed Potato7 days ago

    And now use that movement restraining ribbon to your entire body

  27. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat7 days ago

    "light house"


    NOVAS PRIME9 days ago

    you can try and kill it its pretty hard tho HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  29. Todd Sarantopulos

    Todd Sarantopulos11 days ago

    They need to partner up with Euclideon and make THE OASIS real.

  30. Red -X-

    Red -X-13 days ago

    Cs go with vr suit then some one shot you 💀

  31. Daniel Montemiglio

    Daniel Montemiglio13 days ago

    Where do I buy the haptic condom?

  32. Mathute06

    Mathute0614 days ago

    Oh man huge thanks to all that people out there that are making VR great,.. we are getting closer every time, Keep pushing guys, amazing work !!

  33. Potato Cake

    Potato Cake14 days ago

    What if knife rains?

  34. Bongo The Gipsy

    Bongo The Gipsy14 days ago

    Can it simulate wind? I don't even know how wind works

  35. Not Here

    Not Here15 days ago

    Cool but I'm still waiting for a connection that transfers my consciousness into a virtual world.

  36. Hey Yoshi

    Hey Yoshi15 days ago

    XD he doesn't think vr is going to catch on.. while hundreds are on vrchat with head sets etc like myself. :P

  37. Pogo

    Pogo16 days ago

    This is so exciting! Hello future!

  38. vidret

    vidret17 days ago

    black & white 3 confirmed.

  39. imabit2lil

    imabit2lil18 days ago

    I hope i can experience my favorite games fully immersed before i die! Idc if i will be 70yrs old i really want to!

  40. Ch Jo

    Ch Jo17 days ago

    imabit2lil Close to what you said is The Void Centers. Me and my cousin tried the Ghostbusters experience and it blew our minds. Anything you can see you can interact with in the VR world no exaggeration. mreporter.net/v/video-cML814JD09g.html Ghostbusters experience mreporter.net/v/video-_QIbI4Wtgug.html

  41. Carrie birtciel

    Carrie birtciel19 days ago

    They should try to make nerve gear from Sword Art Online that the nerve gear kind of takes your brain signals and directs them into the virtual world

  42. Joachim Sander Jacobsen

    Joachim Sander Jacobsen20 days ago

    So I'm just thinking out loud here, but wouldn't it be possible to take the vibration technology, which Apple uses in their newer iPhones and touchpads, and just put an array of that in a glove? At least for what goes for feel.

  43. Willynelsonthe69th

    Willynelsonthe69th21 day ago

    omg. this makes me miss black and white by lion-head studios.

  44. Astro Nolly

    Astro Nolly21 day ago

    I was thinking about this the other day (like trying to think how to make VR actually real. Like feeling the things you touch) and I didn't know it already existed.

  45. Arusha Nirvan

    Arusha Nirvan21 day ago

    I'm so excited for the future!

  46. john pickaxe

    john pickaxe22 days ago

    We can finally play Black and White 2 in VR or get a cool reboot

  47. Gravity falls Nerd

    Gravity falls Nerd23 days ago

    Rp1 is the best book ever!

  48. OustFoX

    OustFoX23 days ago


  49. Cameron Maaon

    Cameron Maaon23 days ago

    I had a idea like this I saw it and drunk a mike beer

  50. Aaron Fang Shenhao

    Aaron Fang Shenhao23 days ago

    Great video as always. I'm interested if haptic gloves will be used to operate robotic hands in unsafe situations, where touch feedback would be required.

  51. It's Rusty

    It's Rusty23 days ago

    that is insane

  52. ahmad ghaisan

    ahmad ghaisan24 days ago

    i need it!!!!!!

  53. Frank Lavoielacté

    Frank Lavoielacté24 days ago

    love mill

  54. Derek Reed

    Derek Reed25 days ago

    Ay I'm from Columbus

  55. realm

    realm25 days ago

    Some weird Japanse developer is gonna do some interesting stuff with this..

  56. TheLizardShaman

    TheLizardShaman25 days ago

    We are getting closer

  57. Nilsankar Sahoo

    Nilsankar Sahoo26 days ago

    hiii sir , please tell me how can i make it ? please give me full details.

  58. ardy duque

    ardy duque26 days ago

    And some billion company would steal this idea and few months later they will copy strike you

  59. _Tim_ __

    _Tim_ __26 days ago


  60. Ace mvp

    Ace mvp26 days ago

    This is what im waiting for before i jump into VR

  61. Red Panda

    Red Panda27 days ago

    Imagine pavlov with this. You could feel the grip, the mag when you reload and also knives will feel very nice, when it digs through your hand.

  62. Marcus Borderlands

    Marcus Borderlands27 days ago

    Not a fan, untill it is smaller and can replicate feeling a solid object in your hand (like a magazine, etc...) I'm not even going to consider it. I'll stick with my rift touch controllers bolted to an AR shell.

  63. GiggitySam Entz

    GiggitySam Entz27 days ago

    I love how intuitive it becomes to you in such a short time

  64. GiggitySam Entz

    GiggitySam Entz27 days ago

    That demo game is amazing !!!

  65. Simon lemon

    Simon lemon27 days ago

    It’s things like these that make me appreciate the era in which I was born

  66. WuHeDo

    WuHeDo28 days ago

    Nice :D !!!!

  67. Dumb Comment

    Dumb Comment28 days ago

    i dont know.. UFO and farm is something special aint it

  68. Dumb Comment

    Dumb Comment28 days ago

    "everything that I can not touch is non-existence to me"

  69. Michael Carrabba

    Michael Carrabba28 days ago

    nice infinity gauntlet.

  70. Some Guy

    Some Guy28 days ago

    will this work on the oculus rift too? or will it only be available on the vive?

  71. Pinguin am Suedpol

    Pinguin am Suedpol28 days ago

    Well... that "technology" could already exist... what if Earth is the playground and your body is the virtual vehicle to play in there. To make it more immersive you forget that you are experiencing a virtual world and have to start clueless as a baby...

  72. Riccardo

    Riccardo28 days ago

    the film was the worst and the most cringe film i have seen in my life, it was not good imo. it was a basic plot with a basic story line that i thought was more for some kids show at disneychannel with the villain being some silly guy.

  73. Hoochi Koochi

    Hoochi Koochi29 days ago

    Vive HMD is a PoS.... Its a shame the best tracking as of today has to be taken down to the dirt by an inferior HMD.

  74. Jeremy Boateng

    Jeremy Boateng29 days ago

    *_3:40_**_ The maniacal laugh of discovery._*

  75. Mathute06

    Mathute0614 days ago

    I have to admit it, he take out my maniac laugh too, even with not feeling that, I felt his emotion that's why i like this guy videos,...

  76. Yeo YX

    Yeo YX22 days ago


  77. Colby Hogan

    Colby HoganMonth ago

    Take my money

  78. Gadget_uk

    Gadget_ukMonth ago


  79. TheGamingGecko

    TheGamingGeckoMonth ago

    I am only 13 and my dream job is to help create a vr system like this. Is there anyway you can like pay to try this out?

  80. Admiral Pantsu

    Admiral PantsuMonth ago

    Makes you wonder what it would take to get a more convenient sized and styled home consumer version. This is super sweet. I'd do anything for a set of these gloves. And something for full body feedback as well. Too bad not much of this exists on the market ready to use yet.

  81. Rudobicon

    RudobiconMonth ago

    so... how much is it?

  82. ancient child

    ancient childMonth ago

    is this video another format than your other videos? My browser shows an error message and says it doesn't recognize the video format..

  83. DistortedRz

    DistortedRzMonth ago

    These guys will make millions when that glove is released commercially. Fascinating.

  84. Odd Unicorn

    Odd UnicornMonth ago

    I cant wait to get some if I ever have the chance

  85. nintendude1994

    nintendude1994Month ago

    Way too cool cant wait for the future

  86. Z G

    Z GMonth ago

    The simulation of The Three-Body Problem Game can be real in the future

  87. VR BRO

    VR BROMonth ago

    He is very wrong about VR, it is and will be the future and it is were things are heading

  88. InTheNameOfJustice

    InTheNameOfJusticeMonth ago

    Why is it that scientists and engineers are, like celebrities, so very hard to actually talk too if you are NOT a scientist or engineer?

  89. تربية الطيور والارانب

    تربية الطيور والارانبMonth ago

    ليش الفيديو غير مترجم؟؟؟؟؟؟

  90. Mihai Lazar

    Mihai LazarMonth ago

    thumbs up for him not freaking out when the spider came out that's actually impressive

  91. Squigibo

    SquigiboMonth ago

    First, they need something worth spending thousands of dollars on to play. The VR software is for the most part, demo's. - Wow, so I can touch a cloud. WHERE'S THE SOFTWARE WORTH PURCHASING?

  92. Agustín Lado

    Agustín LadoMonth ago

    What happens if you try to push on the house?

  93. Yony

    YonyMonth ago


  94. 농딘가

    농딘가Month ago

    It is pretty neat!

  95. 45rpm

    45rpmMonth ago

    The spider looked like a jumping spider I was playing with in the garden earlier today - but yours was bigger.

  96. Andrew Routh

    Andrew RouthMonth ago

    That’s incredible!

  97. Ricky Stafford

    Ricky StaffordMonth ago

    against VR? wtf?

  98. Ani K

    Ani KMonth ago

    in 20 years from now that huge ugly glove will look so ridiculous. This is like the first cell phones that came out in 1989 and were humongous.

  99. ASMR moneystaxxx

    ASMR moneystaxxxMonth ago

    This reminds me of Zelda majoras mask when you have to save the cows from the aliens taking them

  100. Trollioli

    TrollioliMonth ago

    This looks like a working version of the Dexmo. Now they just need to make it wireless and smaller.

  101. Isuccatshooters

    IsuccatshootersMonth ago

    This isn’t the first one, I believe a glove like this one already exists

  102. Leo Joey

    Leo JoeyMonth ago

    omfg I'm crying

  103. Flicky32

    Flicky32Month ago

    Cmon, VR pretty much had to take off.

  104. Robert Anonim

    Robert AnonimMonth ago

    How can you think vr was stupid ? Are you stupid ?

  105. Eric M

    Eric MMonth ago

    could do it much easier with a full suit and electroshock. pls thx bye

  106. Jory Jones

    Jory JonesMonth ago

    One step closer to the Hollideck.

  107. Johnny Luken

    Johnny LukenMonth ago

    Oh great I can't wait to touch some VR boob! Its gonna be killer.