A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) - Smarter Every Day 190


  1. Im Lord Guille

    Im Lord Guille6 months ago

    Jokes on you I have already listened to RPO in Audible and loved it

  2. TheJono1170

    TheJono1170Month ago

    Im Lord Guille ....jokes on you, I was in the movie lol

  3. Nicholas Doyle

    Nicholas DoyleMonth ago

    Same its my absolute favorite book

  4. Kobe Robinov

    Kobe RobinovMonth ago

    Basically Oculus touch

  5. FBRG galactic

    FBRG galacticMonth ago

    I seen the movie and I loved it so much that in the future I hope they make and exact copy same thing like with coins and everything that would be so cool

  6. MonkOfChunk

    MonkOfChunk2 months ago

    i read it

  7. My Channel

    My Channel5 hours ago

    I thought VR was a failure. But this is everything. If we can buy this in 10 years time then VR will the next big thing after smartphones

  8. hello yous

    hello yous7 hours ago

    great stuff would be great for rehab for stroke patients

  9. Cade Ramsey

    Cade RamseyDay ago

    Just because We can make something, Does not mean we should.

  10. Iceypumpkin head

    Iceypumpkin headDay ago

    Pass the Controller and Headset I wanna play!

  11. rise of the red sniper

    rise of the red sniperDay ago

    im going to get one of those!!!!

  12. Liberty the Dog

    Liberty the Dog2 days ago

    Me: *watches RPO* hmmm... That's a good idea. I'm gonna go do some research. I'M GONNA BE RICH! *sees this video* aw c'mon....

  13. ScritZ

    ScritZ2 days ago

    In the future when the full suit equivalent of this exists Cyber rape will be illegalized xD

  14. PandasInMoscow

    PandasInMoscow3 days ago

    This is honestly so amazing. I’m a computer science major and I just can’t wait to work alongside a team to create futuristic products like these. Mind blowing, truly.

  15. Eirik iversen

    Eirik iversen3 days ago

    Next. Thanos glove!

  16. Jay Cadilak

    Jay Cadilak3 days ago

    Remember the game Black & White?

  17. Yarach

    Yarach4 days ago

    The Matrix is coming.

  18. Tom Lancaster

    Tom Lancaster5 days ago

    its a windmill.........

  19. Je Moeder

    Je Moeder6 days ago

    all i want is to be a baddas SAO player

  20. PMGManagement

    PMGManagement6 days ago

    *OMG I cant wait until this hits the market*

  21. Iancov m

    Iancov m7 days ago

    7:05 its called dimension coordonate sistem and they use a falloff. Not that magic but smart.

  22. Maxi Krahl

    Maxi Krahl7 days ago

    why did you drop your career in trailer park boys? not enuff skrilla?

  23. shaneclipse97

    shaneclipse977 days ago

    u claim to be so smart and cant understand why vr is catching on for a lot of sim video game players, like racers, and flying games etc?

  24. Delsin Rowe

    Delsin Rowe7 days ago

    i got triggered when he said its a book

  25. Muminjon Abduraimov

    Muminjon Abduraimov8 days ago

    This is really cool I loved it!

  26. Chief Sed

    Chief Sed9 days ago

    Why don’t you try killing them?

  27. Æ Sprite

    Æ Sprite9 days ago

    Imagine a full body vr 😬 wont be long since ready player one gets open

  28. Spoutnik Azerty

    Spoutnik Azerty9 days ago

    Just imagine this, on your full body, on a game like Hallo or anything like that

  29. Yi Wayne Chia

    Yi Wayne Chia9 days ago


  30. MAGICz

    MAGICz10 days ago

    i would invest in this really really good idea i see this happening in 2023

  31. Ajflash

    Ajflash10 days ago

    think about feeling every product you see online!! That would be amazing!!

  32. RemasterZ | GM.

    RemasterZ | GM.10 days ago

    This one + Tesla suit + wireless vr + virtuix omni

  33. Benjamin Flynn

    Benjamin Flynn10 days ago

    imagine that glove, but a full body suit

  34. FifthAttempt

    FifthAttempt11 days ago

    Combine this with the 360° treadmill VR machine

  35. Julinator

    Julinator11 days ago

    it looks pretty heavy though... I mean i didn't ever touch it, so i can't know... but it LOOKS like it weights a lot

  36. Baby crumbs

    Baby crumbs11 days ago

    I wanna play

  37. Sergei G

    Sergei G11 days ago

    This technology isn't new, sci-fi films of the 90's proof this. Whatever, it looks great

  38. JYR

    JYR12 days ago

    *vr touchy touchy feely if you know what i mean* (^:

  39. Richard Sinclair

    Richard Sinclair12 days ago

    Movie is better than book

  40. [jye]

    [jye]12 days ago

    ok youtube ill watch it, but JUST THIS ONCE!

  41. Deption

    Deption13 days ago

    Can't wait for SAO

  42. ZOOdude

    ZOOdude13 days ago

    we need full body suit

  43. Max Reger

    Max Reger13 days ago

    SAO were coming

  44. Hz. Allah 2

    Hz. Allah 213 days ago

    thanos gauntlet

  45. Death Templer

    Death Templer13 days ago

    You thought VR is stupid? Dude, play Lone Echo.

  46. Jb. Cruz

    Jb. Cruz13 days ago

    Thats so awesome

  47. l. Rud

    l. Rud14 days ago

    this can be used for people with whatever fear they may have being able to interact while having control being in that experience. it can also be used as a training instrument.

  48. Damien Lunde

    Damien Lunde14 days ago

    How is it getting shot in the game?

  49. GrandRiser

    GrandRiser14 days ago

    Good God those gloves look very bulky and big. imagine how small and easy to carry those will be in 3-5 years!

  50. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular10 days ago

    GrandRiser ikrrr!

  51. DMC Tinytank

    DMC Tinytank15 days ago

    , I'm………….. I don't even know wat to say at this point. I mean with the different trackers that are out now, that treadmill that's being developed. AND NOW THIS!?!? In all reality, I think in the next 20 years at least... we will have full submersion into true VR. This truly is a great time to be alive.

  52. MrBubaBeans

    MrBubaBeans15 days ago

    How does it do on a anime titty

  53. FishyYT

    FishyYT15 days ago

    Me want

  54. epicwheelz

    epicwheelz15 days ago

    pls take my money

  55. Kofiro

    Kofiro15 days ago

    My goodness! I was giggling and smiling along with him the moment he grabbed hold of something! I felt as if I could feel how cool the experience is! I can't wait for this!

  56. jony johan

    jony johan15 days ago

    This is so awesome

  57. HTP Gaming YT

    HTP Gaming YT15 days ago

    Some of the first steps to Sword Art Online

  58. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith15 days ago

    Talked about this concept with a friend years ago, dope seeing it in reality. I was talking bout how awesome it would be to see that turned into being able to hold a virtual scalpel for surgery training, be able to literally feel intestines and pulses so you know what to look for in real life situations. On top of that, the ability to program it to have organs and bodies that would be affected by the data you input(ie. a 70 year old man that's been smoking for 50 years that has diabetes is going to react differently than a healthy 7 year old girl during an appendectomy). Throw curveballs to better train for sudden mishaps. VR really is the future and I think we're about to learn a lot about ourselves and our society when we see it's potential really unfold.

  59. Random Dude

    Random Dude15 days ago

    horror games with that (body suit) imagine you feel something behind ur back......................

  60. Edgy Door

    Edgy Door15 days ago

    How much for a pair?

  61. Temptør Gaming & Hardware

    Temptør Gaming & Hardware16 days ago

    This will not make it into the everyday consumers home, ever. Don't get your hopes up on getting this for Christmas 2019. it will cost an arm and a leg

  62. Rob K

    Rob K16 days ago

    "Oh you had to model the curvature of the fingers" "oh you had to program the x-y translation of the hand" I swear this guy just throws out phrases he's heard in the hopes that he sounds smart. He's really quite retarded.

  63. Rob K

    Rob K16 days ago

    This guy is actually really stupid and tries to use technical words unnecessarily.

  64. ruben Maesfranckx

    ruben Maesfranckx16 days ago

    you thought VR wouldn't catch on? how conservative

  65. MOONGlow

    MOONGlow16 days ago

    it is a movie now :D well the movie was out ages ago but still :D

  66. Danielle Caileigh Batlangao

    Danielle Caileigh Batlangao16 days ago

    ready player ooonneee!11111111111

  67. Xalise

    Xalise16 days ago

    5:33 I really love foxes broke my heart when he said he was used to killing foxes....Also would be so cool to have a pet robot mini fox that acts just like a real fox (That just came to mind when the fox was on his hand and started going in circles)

  68. Tristin Boyvin

    Tristin Boyvin17 days ago

    That is actually amazing, I was expecting clickbait, but this is truly fantastic.

  69. Evan Carley

    Evan Carley17 days ago

    InfiDeck Check! Heptic Gloves Check! Now we just need the game and we are good to go people! Woooo! The future!

  70. Saif PS

    Saif PS17 days ago

    Try to jrk off with that golve. 😃

  71. Sara Vonk

    Sara Vonk17 days ago


  72. ElMaestroXV Gaming

    ElMaestroXV Gaming17 days ago

    now just into micro technology and bluetooth (wireless) xd

  73. Corn Flakes

    Corn Flakes17 days ago

    Can't wait for the inevitable groping simulator.

  74. Caelen Trupp

    Caelen Trupp18 days ago

    We need this mass produced right now

  75. Communist_Penguin

    Communist_Penguin18 days ago

    the bladder haptlics are extremely impressive but what's really game changing is the stuff on the fingers that resists movement. Apply that to a whole arm scale or even above and how you interact with the virtual environment and the immersion level will go through the roof

  76. Shardimander Gamer

    Shardimander Gamer18 days ago

    Overlord is so close to coming to reality :D

  77. Siah Airsoft

    Siah Airsoft19 days ago

    how can u not be into VR? thats the future of gaming my man! i garuntee u in 30 years most people that game will be using VR on the regular

  78. полая Христос

    полая Христос5 days ago

    in 30 years we might have neural linked gaming

  79. ryan raymond

    ryan raymond19 days ago

    when he pushed aside the wheat to find the spider, i knew it had begun.

  80. Izzuddin M Nasir

    Izzuddin M Nasir19 days ago

    ive already seen this going to be tentacle stuff

  81. oVRactive

    oVRactive20 days ago

    Amazing tech... the potential for a physicality in a digital environment creates so many possibilities, I could feel the arm of the gladiator Im using to beat him with in GORN :D -RageMaster


    SHMOe ANd THe MILLIOn COOKIEs :D20 days ago

    Can I play this.

  83. pat_snow08

    pat_snow0820 days ago

    Did he say vr won't catch on? Yet people are buying a vr set and motion trackers just to play vrchat.

  84. pro builder

    pro builder20 days ago

    So can you feel textures or just a force?

  85. Dracalis

    Dracalis20 days ago

    I love the HaptX Glove; it's so bad.

  86. DarthRevan

    DarthRevan20 days ago

    Dude I wish I could do some of the things you do xd

  87. Waffles88990

    Waffles8899021 day ago


  88. Waffles88990

    Waffles8899021 day ago

    Book good movie spawn of Satan

  89. Antoni P

    Antoni P21 day ago

    I always ask myself why developers never put arms on VR video-games... Never.

  90. Sherwin Esmaili

    Sherwin Esmaili21 day ago

    Wish i was this guy

  91. MercuryStan

    MercuryStan21 day ago

    next is the suit we can wear

  92. TheGreenGuy

    TheGreenGuy22 days ago

    Now we Need the multidirectional walkingpad.

  93. Jadwin

    Jadwin22 days ago

    It makes you question more and more if this reality is a simulation.

  94. Crazy Girl

    Crazy Girl22 days ago

    I need friends if the oasis exists later in are lives

  95. Simket Blue

    Simket Blue22 days ago


  96. Anoyme fandub

    Anoyme fandub22 days ago

    Wevdan buy this

  97. Ben Fisher

    Ben Fisher22 days ago

    Do you know how far out the gloves are from mass production?

  98. slave No. 4028

    slave No. 402822 days ago

    would be more understandable if he didnt use so many technical terms

  99. The Best of Discord

    The Best of Discord23 days ago

    This is so cool. Eventually we will be able to simulate a whole new reality! Just like we've done in the past, and are currently living in now.

  100. Egg_Tin

    Egg_Tin23 days ago

    i think that they would get a lot more reward out of having jack react to this sim

  101. Emppu T.

    Emppu T.23 days ago

    Its called Glans, because it's sensitive. 😉

  102. cw

    cw23 days ago

    No gravity - 0/10

  103. The Spirit Animal Network

    The Spirit Animal Network23 days ago

    My question is since the glove exerts force onto the hand. If the simulation had your hand in between two objects could it hurt your hand if your hand was being crushed in between them. (is it strong enough to do that?) And if so what safety precautions they would implement to keep it from harming you.

  104. TheLordstrider

    TheLordstrider23 days ago

    imagine playing Black & White Game with this glove !!! ... Mind blown !!!

  105. Sage

    Sage24 days ago

    if those gloves are slimed down and wireles boom i would start going into vr

  106. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular10 days ago

    Sage it will in a few years, believe me!

  107. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer24 days ago

    Do you mean a fascinating movie?

  108. Adam Truelove

    Adam Truelove24 days ago

    He's an engineer and he thinks VR is stupid? WTH. It's obvious he's not tried it before. Even without a haptic glove, VR is amazing.