A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) - Smarter Every Day 190


  1. Im Lord Guille

    Im Lord Guille11 months ago

    Jokes on you I have already listened to RPO in Audible and loved it

  2. vampjoseph11

    vampjoseph112 months ago

    The joke goes even further for me since I got the ebook, the audiobook and the movie

  3. TheJono1170

    TheJono11706 months ago

    Im Lord Guille ....jokes on you, I was in the movie lol

  4. Nicholas Doyle

    Nicholas Doyle6 months ago

    Same its my absolute favorite book

  5. Kobe Robinov

    Kobe Robinov6 months ago

    Basically Oculus touch

  6. FBRG galactic

    FBRG galactic6 months ago

    I seen the movie and I loved it so much that in the future I hope they make and exact copy same thing like with coins and everything that would be so cool

  7. xNeppy

    xNeppy2 hours ago

    Guys go to 0:12 and turn on captions.

  8. Lucas Lambert

    Lucas Lambert2 hours ago

    This is like that episode in Black Mirror

  9. FaceOfBoredom

    FaceOfBoredom4 hours ago


  10. Ca West

    Ca West7 hours ago

    Ready player one is an SAO ripoff

  11. Bestin Jacob

    Bestin Jacob22 hours ago

    Future is here

  12. Channing

    ChanningDay ago

    If you wanted the spider to bite, could you add a small electric shock? similar to those prank shock pens?

  13. Salwyn Mathew

    Salwyn MathewDay ago

    This is innovation is revolution. I think that in future the gloves will get smaller and we will laugh at the way we had big gloves in the past

  14. daweller

    dawellerDay ago

    It would be weird if 10 years from now, we laugh at movies like Ready Player One... like the way we look at The Lawnmower Man today...

  15. TxT Peer

    TxT Peer3 days ago

    This is WOW !

  16. A.M Seymour

    A.M Seymour3 days ago


  17. Mygaminggecko

    Mygaminggecko3 days ago

    Why is this so satisfying?

  18. Catbark

    Catbark3 days ago

    Where and when can I get one!!!!!

  19. your comment might not work so please

    your comment might not work so please3 days ago

    Normie- OMG,THAT IS SICK. NERD-- (guessing stuff/question/question/question).

  20. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus3 days ago

    Hi. Is the world made of voxels? Coz' it probably needs the volume in voxels so it can calculate solid stuff. God bless, Proverbs 31

  21. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus4 days ago


  22. SideOrderOfFries

    SideOrderOfFries4 days ago

    Poor Jonathan got no recognition

  23. MrStraponJr

    MrStraponJr5 days ago

    You dont think vr will catch on???? Vr is the future dude!!!

  24. Vickie Lowery

    Vickie Lowery6 days ago

    I live in Ohio

  25. Angelo Monopoli Roca

    Angelo Monopoli Roca6 days ago

    sirgury training

  26. VirgoGames

    VirgoGames6 days ago


  27. I'm Not Loss

    I'm Not Loss7 days ago

    There's going to be challenge someday to guess what something is based on the feel of it.

  28. Jonathan

    Jonathan7 days ago

    Oh so they're called finger socks. You get smarter every day.

  29. Martin Leland

    Martin Leland7 days ago

    Did they say unreal engine lol?

  30. CamaWama

    CamaWama9 days ago

    This is absolutely amazing! Can't wait until it is mainstream. They should launch a kickstarter.

  31. Krieger Krieger

    Krieger Krieger10 days ago

    i need a suit

  32. Monte

    Monte10 days ago

    My name is Kenan lol

  33. Evan Blenkinsopp

    Evan Blenkinsopp12 days ago

    I can move this lighthouse! _/grabs windmill_

  34. Yossi Schwab

    Yossi Schwab10 days ago

    XD saw that

  35. horror surprisesMe

    horror surprisesMe12 days ago

    name the price i love that movie

  36. Iian

    Iian12 days ago

    "Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Prove to me that our entire existence isn't already a simulation. What if our move towards AI was actually a shift towards reintegrating with the REAL world.

  37. l l

    l l13 days ago

    Wow put this together with the tesla suit and its irl ready player one

  38. Craxer

    Craxer13 days ago


  39. John Marstall

    John Marstall13 days ago

    I love that he wants to help the tractor.

  40. Peter O'Brien

    Peter O'Brien13 days ago

    Who watched the movie

  41. 1xrxaxrxex1

    1xrxaxrxex114 days ago

    *wassup future wish me luck to be alive*

  42. Sebastian Mortes Haugom

    Sebastian Mortes Haugom14 days ago

    Edvard Grieg soundtrack in the simulation too.

  43. BlazingTank578 2

    BlazingTank578 215 days ago

    Oh flip

  44. elias rockboro

    elias rockboro15 days ago

    This is 2019. How far has this come?

  45. Amir Jacobo

    Amir Jacobo15 days ago

    Did you see the movie

  46. scroeffie

    scroeffie16 days ago

    why doe people keep saying vr !?!? having 2 screens in front of your eyes with head movement is vr ??

  47. Dabster Lol

    Dabster Lol16 days ago


  48. 빡독가고싶은금준호

    빡독가고싶은금준호17 days ago

    Incredible. Awsome.

  49. Paul Rumble

    Paul Rumble17 days ago

    So much tech and wire's like spaghetti, yet the graphics look so dated lmao Vive $699 + a PC to run VR around $1400 + however much that glove costs $???? - Really for nes graphics and just to have the sensation of rain drops on your hand?? lol Pass.

  50. Snow begone

    Snow begone17 days ago

    I want this glove!

  51. Matt Sandmen09

    Matt Sandmen0917 days ago

    this is awesome

  52. Trans Formers Otobot

    Trans Formers Otobot18 days ago

    I need that for VrChat

  53. Elijah Barnes

    Elijah Barnes19 days ago

    Imagine downloading a VR program that turns out to be a virus, and when you run it, it causes your haptic glove to break your fingers. Think about that.

  54. Christian MT

    Christian MT19 days ago

    good thing he said book because the movie sucks

  55. AnimeBro4Life

    AnimeBro4Life20 days ago

    I can feel that the future will be SAO

  56. Nero Lowell

    Nero Lowell21 day ago

    Will be available in the market in 5 years plus from today


    NEUTRAL VXBES22 days ago

    The best way to make something like a full dive gear, for example sword art online, is by having a multi way treadmill, and depending on how fast you make the treadmill go is how fast you character will move. Also, by having a glove that has a wire attached to it so when you touch something in the virtual world the wire attached to your glove will pull back your hand just as your touching the wall or an in game npc/character by blocking your hand from moving, so it can create that effect of you touching something. And adding a full body suit so that when something touches you in the game, for example, if someone is hand shaking you, you won't feel how you will usually feel handshaking someone in real life, but the suit will make you feel a little tingling sensation so you can get that effect, and if its a hard hit by some player or monster in the game, the suit will make you feel like your getting lightly punched. This is my idea of full dive and i think this is how it can be made to feel like and look like your actually in the world without to much complicated stuff going on!

  58. SingleShotShooter

    SingleShotShooter22 days ago

    get rekt i watched the movie hah

  59. Max Goof

    Max Goof22 days ago

    You would be the guy to mention the book rather than the movie.

  60. The Alchemist King

    The Alchemist King22 days ago

    heh, i said the tech wasent to far away after watching it. AND BEHOLD!

  61. Ibrāhīm Arnold

    Ibrāhīm Arnold23 days ago

    "VR believer"? I don't understand lol

  62. Alvin Elmore

    Alvin Elmore23 days ago

    Once they can make this thing smaller and wireless, The Oasis will finally be here

  63. nicol RB

    nicol RB23 days ago

    How much will everything cost?🤔

  64. Roksana Jonek

    Roksana Jonek24 days ago

    black and white 3 with that glove OMG

  65. Eperogenay

    Eperogenay24 days ago

    Now I want Black and White in VR...

  66. aoeu256

    aoeu25624 days ago

    By using two if these cloves you can work remotely, this will help the Indian economy

  67. DERP XD

    DERP XD24 days ago

    Du u no da wae

  68. Photobomb

    Photobomb25 days ago


  69. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos25 days ago

    I wish

  70. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos25 days ago

    Ff to me means STEERING Wheel..lol

  71. KyuCat

    KyuCat25 days ago

    the master hand has become a whole new meaning in smash

  72. TheLegendaryLoaf

    TheLegendaryLoaf25 days ago

    SAO in development

  73. Isabel4rt 1

    Isabel4rt 125 days ago


  74. DemonSlayer 2.8

    DemonSlayer 2.826 days ago

    Hopefully they dont cost me a kidney when the come out

  75. Hassan E

    Hassan E26 days ago

    I really wanted him to squeeze the fox

  76. LiKi Gaming

    LiKi Gaming26 days ago

    this reminds me of one episode of Black Mirror where he got a so called mushroom in his neck and then there was a spider

  77. Iamendorphins

    Iamendorphins26 days ago

    Can only imagine what people in the future will say when they see this video.

  78. Master No

    Master No26 days ago

    All we need next is a full body tracking suit, and we can make VR feel extremely real

  79. AChammer 0906

    AChammer 090627 days ago

    I want that!

  80. ColossalGames TV

    ColossalGames TV28 days ago

    Now put that into vrchat

  81. Brandon Banks

    Brandon Banks28 days ago

    Sword art online > Ready player one

  82. jozef taliga

    jozef taliga28 days ago


  83. Xxforlife

    Xxforlife29 days ago

    they should add sleeves so you have arms

  84. generic youtube name

    generic youtube name29 days ago

    i want it lol

  85. XxlildramaxX

    XxlildramaxX29 days ago

    I didn't believe vr till I bought a headset.

  86. Dave Strider

    Dave Strider29 days ago

    *builds working vr gloves* Meh *puts logo on the back of hand* Woah you guys are clever

  87. Pig_master 101

    Pig_master 10129 days ago

    What would a malfunction do

  88. BlueStar

    BlueStarMonth ago

    not a book is movie

  89. Lord Siam

    Lord SiamMonth ago

    Hmmm wonder what it will look like in VrChat *Disaster*

  90. Bakugo Katsuki

    Bakugo KatsukiMonth ago

    I want him to pull out the clouds

  91. Gio Asencio

    Gio AsencioMonth ago

    "I thought VR was stupid UNTIL...." oh the times I've heard that, gets em every time

  92. Walid Ayari

    Walid AyariMonth ago

    3D kanojo 3 will be glorious

  93. Rambonus Ravager

    Rambonus RavagerMonth ago

    " I really want to use my other hand" Use your thumb to pet, now.

  94. quinnshim

    quinnshimMonth ago

    someone's gonna make a map that destroys your fingers lol

  95. NoX

    NoXMonth ago

    SAO happened on the year 2022, we are getting closer bit by bit...

  96. The Time of Release

    The Time of ReleaseMonth ago

    This video was released March 1, 2018.

  97. Rev Snowfox

    Rev SnowfoxMonth ago

    All the VRChat full body tracking kinky people just got closer to their ultimate dream.

  98. The Mega Bob

    The Mega BobMonth ago

    By the time I can actually get vr this may be public!

  99. Nicō:2

    Nicō:2Month ago

    Hello, I'm from 2020 I have Time Traveled JK

  100. G00SE TV

    G00SE TVMonth ago

    I wanna try it

  101. Ahri Potter

    Ahri PotterMonth ago

    This would be crazy if it gets to your 2 Hands. Then it will get to your head and then to your upper body. The. There will be cool stuff for the whole body and maybe it will be like in the Oasis... I love VR ☺️

  102. Matthieu Simard

    Matthieu SimardMonth ago

    Amazing :P Don't pick the cloud's nose, tho!

  103. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick BatemanMonth ago

    what? this video is from 2018 and he didn't think vr would "catch on".... open your eyes lol

  104. siddharth sivakumar

    siddharth sivakumarMonth ago

    What if our body is a kind of haptic suit for the mind

  105. William Winder

    William WinderMonth ago

    Now we just need of for the down stairs bits and we're set.

  106. John Sikes

    John SikesMonth ago

    Isn't that a great book...couldn't put it down, and I'm really not a gamer, not video anyway. Sorry, but saying VR is not going to catch on is like saying the net wouldn't 20 years ago. You are SOOO wrong. Think it through dude, you can be anywhere, and have and do ANYTHING that's been programmed, which will be about everything in the coming decades, in VR, as long as humanity continues its tech climb.