A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) - Smarter Every Day 190


  1. Im Lord Guille

    Im Lord Guille8 months ago

    Jokes on you I have already listened to RPO in Audible and loved it

  2. TheJono1170

    TheJono11703 months ago

    Im Lord Guille ....jokes on you, I was in the movie lol

  3. Nicholas Doyle

    Nicholas Doyle3 months ago

    Same its my absolute favorite book

  4. Kobe Robinov

    Kobe Robinov3 months ago

    Basically Oculus touch

  5. FBRG galactic

    FBRG galactic3 months ago

    I seen the movie and I loved it so much that in the future I hope they make and exact copy same thing like with coins and everything that would be so cool

  6. MonkOfChunk

    MonkOfChunk4 months ago

    i read it

  7. Cyberael

    CyberaelHour ago

    Ok but what shocks me is how you originally thought VR would never catch on, I mean there's no way anyone could think VR would not grow and expand, it's so the future I can't even begin to explain.

  8. kraenk12

    kraenk125 hours ago

    It seems pretty ignorant to say you're not a VR believer, after watching this.

  9. Frosti Refur

    Frosti Refur16 hours ago

    That fox is so cute

  10. Owen Marble

    Owen Marble16 hours ago

    Please don’t blow up the world before this tech gets to me

  11. A Random Lantern

    A Random Lantern19 hours ago

    *gets shot in the hand with this thing on AHHhHHhHHHHHHHH*

  12. SH4RP

    SH4RP2 days ago

    we got vr headsets we got omnidirectional treadmills and now we got haptic gloves now someone just needs to make the oasis

  13. Eduardo B. R.

    Eduardo B. R.3 days ago

    Hummmm i want actuators in some other kind of "glove" xD hahahaha damm right, i am a dude, i can't avoid the thought :-D

  14. 윤형민

    윤형민3 days ago

    unbelievable ... just awesome

  15. Kremson Kahn

    Kremson Kahn3 days ago

    Holy god this just like playtest from black mirror ahaahaa when he discovers the Mixed reality squrials i

  16. p00tp0t

    p00tp0t3 days ago

    imagine if it malfunctioned and (supposedly) bent back ur fingers.

  17. Garyn V

    Garyn V4 days ago

    6:48 I realy realy realy very very very very very want you to shut your palm and kill that spider

  18. Kegs kong

    Kegs kong5 days ago

    I want this now

  19. Mr Ak

    Mr Ak5 days ago

    u didnt say you could feel the stones id like to know if you did and when you carried it did it felt heavy?

  20. Symon

    Symon5 days ago

    This + vr = one step closer to SAO

  21. Boring

    Boring5 days ago

    Now to just wait until 2030 for a full-dive VR version of final fantasy online to play with my friends

  22. Elysian Fresario

    Elysian Fresario6 days ago

    Pause in 0:12 with close captions on

  23. Linus Envy

    Linus Envy6 days ago

    8:20 you said you think VR is not going to catch on?!?!?! that's a bold statement pal

  24. kraenk12

    kraenk125 hours ago

    It's pretty hilarious really.

  25. dragonhold4

    dragonhold47 days ago

    To HaptX. Don't follow the pretentious idiots at Oculus. Sell your product at a reasonable price so that you can make money and people can actually get one.

  26. Buthidaebomb

    Buthidaebomb7 days ago

    I think v.r. is in its infancy in terms of commercial use,not sure what secret military stuff they have.but I have vr and it really changes the experience and I love it for us commercial folk

  27. Ziggy Stardust

    Ziggy Stardust8 days ago

    the movie sucked. Best book ever besides Dune, and Armada

  28. kraenk12

    kraenk125 hours ago

    Actually one of the best action popcorn movies I've seen in years.

  29. jo lorence vinluan

    jo lorence vinluan11 days ago

    im really looking forward for our future but while our future develops earth is suffering which is sad

  30. KrazyKiwi

    KrazyKiwi11 days ago

    And people say we won't get to SAO state any time soon. I laugh in their faces. Full immersion won't be long now!

  31. Beardy

    Beardy12 days ago

    1:26 Morning by Peer Gynt starts... "I hear music that makes me want to take a nap"... *slow clap*


    GAMES MINER12 days ago

    I thinks... This would be pretty cool, if this haptic glove with omni vr!

  33. Paper Man

    Paper Man12 days ago

    The Oasis?!

  34. Nooby Games

    Nooby Games12 days ago

    Soon sao in real life

  35. harrygoonix

    harrygoonix13 days ago

    Targeted add for Jordan Peterson...? ;)

  36. Klusell

    Klusell14 days ago

    Now you can fingerbang a manga.

  37. gh_3_2

    gh_3_215 days ago


  38. Mr Deathly Hallows

    Mr Deathly Hallows15 days ago

    They need to implement this into the infinadeck omnidirectional treadmill so you can walk around and fell stuff

  39. li zi

    li zi15 days ago

    *pornhub awaits*

  40. Themezmerizer 607

    Themezmerizer 60716 days ago

    I COMMAND all engineers to help out with this project and make VR more like REALITY! DO IT NOW! I NEEEEEED IT! I WAAAANT IT!

  41. Joshua Walker

    Joshua Walker16 days ago

    Woah I love how every time I watch I learn something as well sharpen pre known knowledge. You rock Dustin!

  42. PhoenixPalmer

    PhoenixPalmer17 days ago

    You have a vague resemblance to Tmartn

  43. Thegaming bro

    Thegaming bro17 days ago

    Is this the same company that made the omnidirectional treadmill?

  44. Jason Marcus

    Jason Marcus17 days ago

    idk why he wouldn't be a believer... with enough time it will vastly improve and become something amazing. It's inevitable.

  45. Kraig Schultz

    Kraig Schultz17 days ago

    I've always wanted gloves that have full control to teach me how to play the piano by just wearing them and having my fingers moved to learn the action to play cords by ear...looks like we are almost there. Very cool video.

  46. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross18 days ago

    Mix this with the infadeck treadmill and then a suit you have a full body vr experience

  47. REALDualDesertEagle

    REALDualDesertEagle18 days ago

    Wow, it was absolutely clear how natural this must've felt to u! Like u just bent the wheat aside to see where the spider was without even thinking! U just did it like u would have in real life! And here I am sitting in front of my PC and proud that I finally got my puny Oculus Rift DK2 to work after a day of fiddling.

  48. aidan_cheez

    aidan_cheez18 days ago

    For those perverts out there, I could already imagine what they’re gonna do once this fully develops....

  49. Willskull

    Willskull18 days ago

    So cool!!!

  50. Dubwavy

    Dubwavy18 days ago

    Let me know when I can feel some titties

  51. Dubwavy

    Dubwavy18 days ago

    I’m kidding I’m kidding

  52. Per von Harke

    Per von Harke19 days ago

    When the spider would come me human would run away

  53. Sol Cutta

    Sol Cutta20 days ago

    Absolutely amazing.. The guys who made this need praise galore.. Genius.. Legends.. Wow I can't wait for this to become available in our homes.. Wow.. Fantastic

  54. CowGames

    CowGames20 days ago

    I tried this last week, its amazing. their new version is way less bulky too

  55. PeanutButter Toast

    PeanutButter Toast21 day ago

    I'll admit. As cool as this is, I fear for the people who get easily addicted to things and probably will forsake real life for VR all the time. I understand video games addiction is already a thing, but I think this would be a different level BC it will eventually simulate much of the human experience.

  56. Angel Lu

    Angel Lu21 day ago

    SO SICKKK! but the glove looks so heavy....

  57. GARGII

    GARGII22 days ago

    they stole my idea

  58. Hex

    Hex23 days ago

    Now we need to make it 10 times smaller and less loud.

  59. RC Smith

    RC Smith23 days ago

    I'm seeing some interesting uses for medical testing and physical therapy. Then I ignore that and jump right into World of Warcraft using a full body version of this.

  60. CelticShadow

    CelticShadow23 days ago

    I knew that this would be a thing sooner or later, but i had no idea that the tech was this far along. VR tech is really becoming advanced and incredible. The next thing to focus on should be making VR look real and not like indie games.

  61. Satori Komeji

    Satori Komeji23 days ago

    now you can touch your waifu


    DANGER DYLAN7823 days ago

    Why were you against VR???

  63. Emotion less

    Emotion less23 days ago


  64. George Ghanim

    George Ghanim24 days ago


  65. funknotik

    funknotik25 days ago

    Great I can finger a cloud now. Cloudsexual

  66. Michael554466

    Michael55446625 days ago

    0:57 - I though you track objects in 6 axis, not 360 degrees... I guess it makes sense but it just sounds wrong to me... And multiple Bladders in his palm... am i hearing that wrong?

  67. Archerfish Johns

    Archerfish Johns25 days ago

    Can't wait for pain sensors in ONWARD VR

  68. Askejm

    Askejm25 days ago

    omg i want that

  69. mikecap

    mikecap26 days ago

    what if it crashes

  70. GuardianXwolf

    GuardianXwolf27 days ago

    Eh..... Graphics needs more work and I seen modders mod games to look more better but got banned after words lol. But eh I say 20% close to (Ready Player 1) when it's fully complete and better like ready player 1 I'd gladly buy it but rn I see VR isn't worth 1k $ yet for me it should cost normally 500 or 400$. I'm just saying or just wait until it actually done.

  71. PCFilms

    PCFilms27 days ago


  72. MILOUDI Abdelhak

    MILOUDI Abdelhak28 days ago

    i want this in the next consol with Runbow six siege or PUBG it will be awesome

  73. Nick Latham

    Nick Latham28 days ago

    This is absolutely incredible stuff

  74. animeswitch

    animeswitch29 days ago

    exactly what i wanted them to start invent, should be 10 or 15 years before we get a decent consumer version

  75. Gilbert Rivas

    Gilbert RivasMonth ago

    He keeps looking toward other guy like if he can really see him.

  76. Benjamin Huss

    Benjamin HussMonth ago

    where and how much?

  77. Gamer64

    Gamer64Month ago

    Ow My Gloveness! Lol

  78. Felhek Lehrian

    Felhek LehrianMonth ago

    I could play this for hours. Sony will try to do it and they will fail as usual

  79. aoeu256

    aoeu256Month ago

    How much? I bet its cheaper to have non-haptic VR glove and a haptic glove than having two haptic gloves haha. This haptic gloves if they are made smaller can be used for virtual keyboards and virtual stenotypes for typing on cellphones at 200 - 300 words per minute.

  80. aoeu256

    aoeu256Month ago

    Look up plover.

  81. Paulo Eduardo de Melo Meneguetti

    Paulo Eduardo de Melo MeneguettiMonth ago

    I just can't avoid to imagine If they can make you feel pain with this. Sword Art Online can be real.

  82. Plixe

    PlixeMonth ago

    "i thought VR was stupid" *UNSUBSCRIBE* im joking plz no

  83. Alex N

    Alex NMonth ago

    with VR you don't actually have to exactly feed every tiny input with the glove. If you brain can see inputs, and the glove gives it a non-specific - even random - input that is comparable with expectation in intensity, the brain fools itself and you will feel individual specific inputs. Try closing your eyes in the same experiment and see if it changes.

  84. Josh Johnson

    Josh JohnsonMonth ago

    Please come back to Columbus😔


    ASARADELMonth ago

    random number generators are effected by our own human flux feilds maybe this type of technology can be translated to this feild


    ASARADELMonth ago

    i get haptic feedback just being in a headset, it feels real to my brain.

  87. IdolMike

    IdolMikeMonth ago

    I wanna pet the little fox.

  88. Ricchardo

    RicchardoMonth ago

    I read real life and saw the fox in the thumbnail and got soo confused

  89. Joshua Campbell

    Joshua CampbellMonth ago

    All i will say is my pants need changing.

  90. chickenpotbiebro202

    chickenpotbiebro202Month ago

    where can I buy one of these? :3

  91. Norman Feetus

    Norman FeetusMonth ago

    The real question is,can you finally feel your waifus tiddies?


    GUNNRAKKMonth ago

    Maybe with graphene we could get that tech, without it it seems out of reach.

  93. Jacob Lamon

    Jacob LamonMonth ago

    This guy is ,NO engineer! He fell hook, line and sinker, of the space program!

  94. OfficialLoganPaul3

    OfficialLoganPaul3Month ago

    Sao people

  95. Angelo Heringa

    Angelo HeringaMonth ago

    cant wait to break my fingers by vr

  96. Angelo Heringa

    Angelo HeringaMonth ago

    now you can feel dem breasteses

  97. Malick Toure

    Malick ToureMonth ago

    Could you imagine skyrim style magic

  98. Steven Fong

    Steven FongMonth ago

    That is incredible. Full suit would probably cost more than a ford. I'd buy one.

  99. lovebird mic

    lovebird micMonth ago


  100. lovebird mic

    lovebird micMonth ago

    Now you need to get one that goes on the chest and in a FPS it gives short bursts of touch, sort of like a hard poke. Not anything really painful, but it'd be uncomfortable and sudden enough that you'd react as if it was a hot surface or something.

  101. frans dolmans

    frans dolmansMonth ago

    the matrix is really coming

  102. Henrik Kolbu Andersen

    Henrik Kolbu AndersenMonth ago

    The future is her!!!

  103. Tryzick Theminecratfer

    Tryzick TheminecratferMonth ago

    Wow I bet that engineer is gonna make the actual oasis soon

  104. Bryan Barcelo

    Bryan BarceloMonth ago

    this stuff must be expensive as feck when it comes out and is developed further.

  105. Hakalabakala

    HakalabakalaMonth ago

    now imagine this with gore games hahahahah

  106. ZelChicken 2 Zel

    ZelChicken 2 ZelMonth ago

    Whats next? Vr Body suit?

  107. Chris Cashin

    Chris CashinMonth ago

    All you gotta do now is make it less like a Dire Straits music video ;-)...

  108. Obsidian 6

    Obsidian 6Month ago

    that glove is so cool :)

  109. The Boom

    The BoomMonth ago

    VR not catching on it already is. We should actually talk about the experiences that I have actually taking down.

  110. Jason schmidt

    Jason schmidtMonth ago

    i cant wait for this