A Dragon Torched My Hand (How Do VR Haptic Gloves Work?) - Smarter Every Day 191


  1. Meowmeow

    Meowmeow18 hours ago

    You casually forgot the huge dong in the sensory humonculus..

  2. Carrie W

    Carrie WDay ago

    OMG this is fascinating! Of course I'm no where near as smart as Dustin or any of these guys, but I sort of get it.

  3. Johannes Teunissen

    Johannes TeunissenDay ago

    But can they implement the sensation of touching hair?

  4. Tomi

    Tomi2 days ago

    Why does this guy act like such a jerk?

  5. Tu Nombre

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  6. Phill6000

    Phill60004 days ago

    Who cares about electrical engineers.... 5 sec later : I'm with Jefrey an electrical engineer..... Comedy gold right there.

  7. Truth_is_the _new_hate

    Truth_is_the _new_hate4 days ago

    This must have been very hard for you. Explaining the science behind how something works while being limited on explaining the science of how it works must have been frustrating and challenging. Thanks for the content. This thing would be great if paired with that vr 360° treadmill thingy.

  8. Guga Nebieridze

    Guga Nebieridze6 days ago

    Future is in your research


    TOMMYPLAYZE239 days ago

    I need to try one of these

  10. Kattie Garza

    Kattie Garza9 days ago

    This looks really cool but I can see all the dumb and dangerous things some people will try to do with that technology.

  11. STARKILLER15100

    STARKILLER1510014 days ago

    Does this come under Computer Science? or Software Engineering?

  12. punkrock4401

    punkrock440119 days ago

    Thanks to the tecs for allowing all they could. They said more than I would release publicly if it was my project. As someone very into VR as a consumer, I cant wait!

  13. Beavercat Productions

    Beavercat Productions19 days ago

    I want to try that out. Looks fun.

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  15. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿23 days ago

    You have a lot of content on your channel that I'm into, but watching you interact with the people you visit too often feels like "Get To Show Off How Smart I Am Every Day" rather than (help the audience become) "Smarter Every Day". This frequently irritating presentation style is the main reason I'm not subscribing, and instead just watching (and Liking) individual videos. Not hating; just wanted to give you some honest (non-haptic 😉) feedback.

  16. Colin Hart

    Colin Hart23 days ago

    Thank you for this video. I like to see this kind of content on your channel.

  17. Exploding Darth

    Exploding Darth23 days ago

    Dude, how excited you are when talking about this is incredibly infectious. You're awesome man! Keep being curious!

  18. Dylan Li

    Dylan Li26 days ago

    HOW DO I BECOME AS SMART AS YOU DUDE? your like educated in so many subjects.

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  20. Longwittyusername

    Longwittyusername29 days ago

    I'm not religious but i feel like this is pretty much what god would have done when designing a life form. Except over trillions of years. It's amazing how much fidelity we can reproduce in such a short time.

  21. Ray Dosson

    Ray DossonMonth ago

    13:03 voice crack

  22. Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head

    Minecraft_Pumpkin_HeadMonth ago

    just face it, they will be adding that thermal sensory to the glove, if they worked on that pneumatic feedback thing and put that in the glove and research how to fill a "glove" with either warm or cold fluid, then they will implement it (its just an educated guess). You don't need to ask them that because they just won't help. All they do is look at you blankly. You can't learn how to fish if you weren't given a fishing pole in the first place and this is exactly what is going on in that lab. It does get annoying at times when you want to ask questions and you want to know how things work and no one tells you. If I explain a Heisenberg Concentrator to a 3 yo, they will still not know how it works, so it won't be any different when destin gets information from HaptX.

  23. Advythe Upendra

    Advythe UpendraMonth ago

    15:57 Skyrim intro?

  24. Bongo The Gipsy

    Bongo The GipsyMonth ago

    what's are the temperature limits?

  25. eat my cheese sticks

    eat my cheese sticksMonth ago

    It's funny how they all thought you were dumb and annoying then ignored you

  26. Henry Ambrose

    Henry AmbroseMonth ago

    That's a lot of valves. I assume that's why they're using the Vive?

  27. Henry Ambrose

    Henry AmbroseMonth ago

    3:02 Michael would be proud.

  28. Schiff Ulqiorra

    Schiff UlqiorraMonth ago

    idk why you are doing this, is it for your viewers or you just want to tell us how smart you are?

  29. Paul Savoie

    Paul SavoieMonth ago

    Its okay to go full nerd! I would love more all out geek discussions

  30. Mayank Tripathi

    Mayank TripathiMonth ago

    Electrical engineer lives matter!!! 😂😂😂

  31. Rupert Murdock - Griffen

    Rupert Murdock - GriffenMonth ago

    I feel bad for the engineers. Stop trying to figure out their tech, lol.

  32. puzler12

    puzler12Month ago

    What's that sign in the background... 3:03 :)

  33. brandon hassell

    brandon hassellMonth ago

    I understand they cant talk about alot of stuff he is asking. but like why not just tell us, d othey think someone from a competitor company is watching? srs

  34. rocklobster1976

    rocklobster1976Month ago

    temperature = thin, "peltier" plates, placed, just like the pneumatic touch pixels (forgot the name), just offset and under the black plastic. reversing the current, inverts the temperature. I'm assuming the thinner and smaller they are the quicker they can change temperature. peltier plates with be hot on one side, and cold on the other, until the current is reversed. I wonder if maybe they could physically flip them to speed up the shift. or even shift two layers of plates themselves

  35. Josh Saunders

    Josh SaundersMonth ago

    can they apply temperature changes?

  36. Josh Saunders

    Josh SaundersMonth ago

    I would love to see the code behind how they have tied the physics engine to their physical interface.. my first thought would be you would want to create an abstraction layer (an entirly new layer) that basically identifies all physical objects, giving them new properties, those properties would have information that sends to a new "touch engine" the touch engine would take input whenever your hand (or other parts that can "feel") touches any object, reading those properties and applying those to the engine.. that way you can just basically develop the code that applies all the properties to the touching mechanism... touch sensativity.. hardness.. softness... etc etc.. then just give rules to all the physical objects that hold these properties. I'm a software engineer as well as a mechanical engineer, I love that all these different engineering worlds are coming together now.. I'm back at University doing neuroscience now with a minor is psychology, as I have moved in to Artificial Intelligence as my future focus...

  37. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithMonth ago

    Really phenomenal stuff here.

  38. Renzmore Galvan

    Renzmore GalvanMonth ago

    IDK why I'm smiling watching the whole video. LOL

  39. XxnighlightxX

    XxnighlightxXMonth ago

    I love this. Engineering at finest!

  40. Yash Mistry

    Yash MistryMonth ago

    I think ..Crushing an object virtually would eventually break those resistor panels because your actual human tensile force to break the virtual object would be a pull force on the glove panels...as long as the virtual object is programmed with a threshold break limit or something like that.

  41. calebiosu

    calebiosuMonth ago

    How do you simulate something like a breeze and at varying velocities, or wetness?

  42. s0nycz3kk

    s0nycz3kkMonth ago

    Indian Ryan Raynolds? Anyone?

  43. Thomas Ford

    Thomas FordMonth ago

    "...watery meat stuff."

  44. Tony Seale

    Tony SealeMonth ago

    @SmarterEveryDay maybe their original company video will help fill in some gaps: mreporter.net/v/video-jk-3kZ7ytZs.html?t=2m28s

  45. Georgi Damyanov

    Georgi DamyanovMonth ago

    Cant hey create a heptic glove for my ding dong? Would go perfectly with my VRPorn collection.

  46. Samiyuru Senarathne

    Samiyuru SenarathneMonth ago

    This is amazing.

  47. Xabier Astigarraga

    Xabier AstigarragaMonth ago

    Are they all made to wear the same shirt design pattern at work??

  48. Mortem Gaming

    Mortem GamingMonth ago

    when two white guys tickles each others dicks

  49. Theophilos Godfrey

    Theophilos GodfreyMonth ago

    3:04 no photos or videos allowed... :-)

  50. samyty

    samytyMonth ago

    @SmarterEveryDay Amazing job interviewing these engineers..got me so pumped I applied for a summer internship for them AND GOT IT!!! Going to be a great summer haha:)) Thanks Destin!!

  51. x x

    x xMonth ago

    this "Sensory Homunculus" illustration is widely inaccurate.

  52. Peter Schings

    Peter SchingsMonth ago

    Why not using Oil in the tubes to minimize lag?

  53. King Daniel

    King DanielMonth ago

    This is going to be the analog version of the glove. The digital version of this glove is a pad that you wear on your arm and it ticks your nerves to get all the sensation with electromagnetic signals .

  54. Mi 28

    Mi 28Month ago

    Can't help but feel sorry for these guys. They're working on a dead end technology. Pneumatics? They're never gonna scale down all those cables and get rid of the noise.

  55. Daniel Worth

    Daniel WorthMonth ago

    I loved the show "Beyond 2000" so much as a kid. Nothing else sparked my interest in science more than that show.

  56. Antigone K

    Antigone KMonth ago

    Hi! Just to let you know ... patreon closed my account without notice or explanation, and are demanding I send them info anyone could use to steal my identity via unsecured email. Do you have another way I can support your efforts?

  57. Milligram

    MilligramMonth ago

    Some of these features seem ridiculously complicated. People can't keep their ear phones from breaking, how are they supposed to maintain these devices and keep them functioning with all those moving parts?

  58. Justin Balinski

    Justin BalinskiMonth ago

    You are seriously like Bill Nye the Science Guy for modern day.

  59. The Dro

    The DroMonth ago

    The electrical engineer at 13:15 has a similar voice and speech pattern as Roman Atwood.

  60. Joschka Rick

    Joschka RickMonth ago

    Wow! I think that's easily my favourite video on your channel.

  61. Youcant Stopme!

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  62. le paw

    le pawMonth ago

    peletier element. Its a device that can get hot and cold and that very fast :D

  63. serisAK

    serisAKMonth ago

    awesomely impressive. although having pneumatics seems highly impractical. why not use amplified piezoelectric actuators? this i think is where development needs progress. also for temperature, you could use the peltier effect, like in mini fridges or dehumidifiers.

  64. Leonardo gonçalves

    Leonardo gonçalvesMonth ago

    you just touch the sanitaze glove with your dirty hand. 1:50



    3:03 you can see the notice on the door. You are doing what you shouldn't

  66. Omar Delagarza

    Omar DelagarzaMonth ago

    Can someone explain to me why the guys couldn't discuss some things to him?

  67. Shrikant Ramanathan

    Shrikant RamanathanMonth ago

    Dude I think it's not fluid only... It could be Peltier transducers and high conductive fluids... Cool... Amazing video... Poor guys studied how may their stuff get reverse engineered in some other part of world...

  68. My Account

    My AccountMonth ago

    That was actually a wyvern, not a dragon

  69. Greenest Hue

    Greenest HueMonth ago

    Anyone think that we're going to get to a point where gamers become super athletes because fighting dragons is going to be so realistic? Motion for motion virtual reality. Man, that would bring Dark Souls to a new level.

  70. Mohammed Shehada

    Mohammed ShehadaMonth ago

    @smarteveryday, Destin hi, No idea how to reach out to you, but I couldn’t be more curious to know why a steel rod felt warm after breaking form a 157k lbs pull force! One of the vids slowmo guys did. Here is their vid! I wonder where the heat came from, the breaking point, or another part of the rod as it broke! mreporter.net/v/video-vPBM0g9usMs.html

  71. R Ward

    R WardMonth ago

    While the prior video was really cool and to see this technology is amazing, these are all the questions that came to mind during that last video. So, thank you for this.

  72. Shadowcaster3000

    Shadowcaster3000Month ago

    What’s gonna be interesting is how the creators of VR worlds are gonna have to code every object to not only have physics in the world and all that normal stuff, but they are gonna have to code how they would feel in real life

  73. Diogenes of Sinope

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  74. Prop Ability FPV

    Prop Ability FPVMonth ago

    8:22 i know that face when i talked about my stuff at my enginnering contest i won first place in lol i couldnt tell them everything but i wanted to so bad

  75. Aria Song

    Aria SongMonth ago

    "I love the Power Glove... it's so bad."

  76. Sam P

    Sam PMonth ago

    Why do games in vr run at such low quality. Is it because in vr it takes more time to load and stuff.

  77. Sam P

    Sam PMonth ago

    Can you even buy these or are these like very early prototypes which will be sold in like 10 years

  78. Gzus Kreist

    Gzus KreistMonth ago

    These white men stole all of this technology from Africa!!!!!

  79. OutMagic

    OutMagicMonth ago

    That's so cool man :D I'm glad they were willing to share so much information, I can totally understand why they'd be so wanting to hold it back haha

  80. Nathanfx2006

    Nathanfx2006Month ago

    You and Mark should totally do more stuff together in the future! You can literally see the glint in both of your eyes, so awesome.

  81. John_Doe

    John_DoeMonth ago

    SmaterEveryDay the heat and the cold sensation is also a pshycological trick bulled of by tricking ur body to expect a hot and cold sensations. So they dont have to pull this off near "perfect". As they said themselfs, the tuch sensation is super slow, and when you prepare to feel somthing hot, becuase u know from previous experience that fire is hot and ice is cold. More than half the job is done.

  82. Chair Foot

    Chair FootMonth ago

    What a great video. Also, it’s cool to see how secretive they are. The less competition there is = the more funding they can receive = the faster we’ll get a product on the market :)

  83. Isaac L-L

    Isaac L-LMonth ago

    2:53 is than a dinosaur balloon out there?

  84. ozzyg82

    ozzyg82Month ago

    ...”I’m with Geoffrey, an electrical engineer.” LMAO 😂

  85. Darksaadix Y-T

    Darksaadix Y-TMonth ago

    Eheem Eheem Eheem Right Ehem Ehem Right👀 👅

  86. sleepytyn

    sleepytynMonth ago

    It will be really cool when they have the read version of those sensors. Then you can have a robot outfitted with them in dangerous places (natural disaster, medically quarantined areas, ocean trenches, etc.) to help/explore without the additional human danger. Very cool. I'll get started on the robot side of the equation while they make the sensors...

  87. afroteddybear

    afroteddybear2 months ago

    Maybe it's cause I love music tech... but when they were talking about the Tactor reactions, I was thinking about ADSR curves... the joy of nerding.

  88. Tehbert

    Tehbert2 months ago

    That was incredible, thanks Destin!

  89. Canine8_YT Private

    Canine8_YT Private2 months ago

    All they need to do is make it wireless and sell it

  90. MrTingles

    MrTingles2 months ago

    the most impressive and admirable thing in this video, genuinely, is that a guy who doesn't care for VR, but has an open, information hungry mind, goes into that demo and comes out with a different view than he had before. if only everybody could be so open minded.

  91. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith2 months ago

    i only just realised that this isn’t the same guy from “what’s inside”

  92. Bryan Teany

    Bryan Teany2 months ago

    Destin, are these guys on the cutting edge of making true robotic replacement limbs?

  93. Cole Chafin

    Cole Chafin2 months ago

    Does anybody notice the little black dot that shows up at 0:18

  94. shaunboyle

    shaunboyle2 months ago

    Random black dot appears near your right hand at 0:16 for a few seconds.. while the disclaimer shows in the bottom right corner!

  95. mspenrice

    mspenrice2 months ago

    I'm way more impressed by this than the 2-way treadmill, somehow. Even though they don't really have a working prototype yet.

  96. mspenrice

    mspenrice2 months ago

    Interesting. Using the Knox Boa cuff tightening dial system like in the Handroid gloves. Bike technology being reused for VR. Weird, but cool.

  97. flameknight7

    flameknight72 months ago

    It's crazy how much goes into touch

  98. Nour Chouaibi

    Nour Chouaibi2 months ago

    the best vid i watched in a very long time

  99. Eduardo Manrique

    Eduardo Manrique2 months ago

    Destin was doing the most.

  100. AadamZ5

    AadamZ52 months ago

    Wonder if the thermals use peltier plates instead of fluid. Those have a much more direct response and can be used either way.

  101. Elian Garcia

    Elian Garcia2 months ago

    I feel like the heart is the most sensitive part of the body 😢😓