A Dragon Torched My Hand (How Do VR Haptic Gloves Work?) - Smarter Every Day 191


  1. superheavymetaldemon

    superheavymetaldemon20 hours ago

    Genetic tests are put in a government database and used as evidence in trials. But blood tests probably are too. Crime doesn't pay.

  2. Mythdan

    Mythdan2 days ago

    Even if another company starts their own Haptic Glove project, I've got my answer locked in. These guys make this look cool. lol

  3. M

    M4 days ago

    The project is really cool and even more literally everyone dropping "Ahnnnnn...." after all questions made, with the obviously thought at their heads "Hmmm... How can I say something without saying any spoiler of how all this works?" 😄

  4. Corey Micheals

    Corey Micheals5 days ago

    You and mark are on the same lamda

  5. Isuroo Egaloo

    Isuroo Egaloo5 days ago

    I know you can't talk about everything he(6:50) said but can you make a separate video on the sense of touch!!!???

  6. CheeseWithHoles

    CheeseWithHoles5 days ago

    Ready Player 1?

  7. Kent Hambrock

    Kent Hambrock5 days ago

    The thermal part makes me /really/ want this.

  8. Technimechanical

    Technimechanical5 days ago

    "Oh so you like game of thrones?".... Idiot... Dragons have been around long before

  9. Captain Smiley The Dog

    Captain Smiley The Dog7 days ago

    Obviously glove temperature is a goal. I don't understand why they can't talk about that. If there making it, then obviously it's a goal to have the temperature changes.

  10. copypastecopypaste

    copypastecopypaste9 days ago

    The anus of the homunculus should be blown up more than the lips. 👄

  11. A A

    A A10 days ago

    I want to see a whole body suit.

  12. Star Quake

    Star Quake11 days ago

    I want to work on that.

  13. Tetroxide

    Tetroxide11 days ago

    Where's the huge donger on the humonculus? XD

  14. Das Kuch

    Das Kuch11 days ago

    So so so cool. O my god that is a company I would dream of working for!

  15. Fraydizs

    Fraydizs11 days ago

    im offended by 23 and me because i have 24 chromosomes >:c

  16. randobad

    randobad13 days ago

    What about miniature hydraulics instead of bladders if that's possible?

  17. Lobisomen79

    Lobisomen7914 days ago

    the hand in the box with dragon flame and snow kinda reminds me of the pain inducer scene in the dune movie :)

  18. hazonku

    hazonku18 days ago

    This is great stuff. I know their pain all too well.

  19. The Rocket Nerd

    The Rocket Nerd18 days ago

    Ready Player One is becoming real, folks. Haptic gloves

  20. Dimofte Cosmin

    Dimofte Cosmin18 days ago

    Next glove will have: Burn you. Stun your hand by force. Electrocute you hand. Poison effect. Radiation effect(Only for fallout series pack) Slicing effects. Stabing effects. Ultrasounds for bone cracking. And many more :))

  21. LTDominator

    LTDominator18 days ago

    doctor: "what happened"? answer: "my hand got smashed as i tried to block that giants hammer in skyrim after i slaughtered his mamoth and took his tusks" doctor: "um... what"?

  22. 08wolfeyes

    08wolfeyes18 days ago

    I think there might be another, perhaps better way to do the pressure parts of the glove that might allow them to have more on each hand. This would, of course, allow not only better feedback but might be able to be done in real time. I may have to give this some thought and maybe try something.

  23. Riley Woodbury

    Riley Woodbury18 days ago

    Were you born in Utah? You look really familiar, I absolutely love your videos! Thank you!

  24. Jason King

    Jason King19 days ago

    My question is, assuming the outcome will be 2 gloves, goggles and full body tracking... How are they going to implement player interaction to the game's UI? My best guess would be gestures, or possibly buttons on forearm rig for accessing menus (somewhat like fallout). Very interesting, now all they need is multi-directional treadmill and very efficient wire harnesses to prevent tangling.

  25. A one

    A one19 days ago

    heh the homunculus looks like a racially charged caricature of a black person. probably better they made it white then, lol.

  26. TheFriendlyGiant

    TheFriendlyGiant20 days ago

    I have never seen such a Good Organized Channel on MReporter. You have a really good MReporter channel.

  27. Lennix Williams

    Lennix Williams20 days ago

    can u do VR KAT next

  28. Jeremy Balbaugh

    Jeremy Balbaugh21 day ago

    i love how you have great questions that really make them have to be careful as to how they answer. Its like you know what buttons to push

  29. Timba Wulf

    Timba Wulf22 days ago

    I like how all the people behind this project are looking at each other like. "Jesus this guy gets it".

  30. Delusional

    Delusional22 days ago

    Is it just me or was he kind of rude whenever he didn't get answer he wanted? Geez man don't roll your eyes just cause you don't get what you want, that's childish and it's not your place to be condescending....

  31. xGodspeedz

    xGodspeedz23 days ago

    Looks like Thanos gloves lmao.

  32. Samuel Bennett

    Samuel Bennett23 days ago

    4:07 *Breaks it and pretends nothing happened*

  33. Jeffrey Wong

    Jeffrey Wong24 days ago

    I tried finding the two-point threshold on various parts of my hand (using two pencils) and just ended up drawing a bunch of lines and dots all over my hand lol Fun fact: the threshold is not the same on all parts of the hand, rather it's bigger on the palm (about 1 cm for me) and smaller on the pads of the finger (about 1 or 2 mm for me).

  34. rio chandra

    rio chandra25 days ago

    what the,. please translate to indonesia for me :"( not all the words i can understand :"3 this is gonna be cool

  35. Tom Vandebroek

    Tom Vandebroek26 days ago

    "Nobody cares about electrical engineers, let's be honest" "I'm with Jeffrey, electrical engineer" Dead.

  36. Wheaton Graham

    Wheaton Graham26 days ago

    That. Is. So. Flipping cool! Geesh I really learned something today

  37. Sean Bradshaw

    Sean Bradshaw27 days ago

    I bet the heat exchange issue is done with a thermocouple, or at least it should be, it's really easy to transfer heat with them electronically.

  38. Brandon Slater

    Brandon Slater27 days ago

    I don’t know if you or they read public comments but I am absolutely in love with things like this and have been working on ideas like this in my head (I don’t make enough to physically make these items). But instead of a liquid (which makes things heavier) replacing the air tacs with thermal copper dots which only heat the air inside the tac or cool it ( like in a ceramic lamp for heat or air compression system for refrigerators) it would reduce weight and you could use smaller tubes for a more free flow design. Im just another guy on the internet :)

  39. Krusty Kraken

    Krusty Kraken27 days ago

    Looks cool, but it's probably expensive to manufacture (so the minimum price is high), and it's bulky so it would be much harder to make it a full body suit and it's uncomfortable to wear. I don't know why they don't use electromagnets with shielding, it would be extremely cheap to manufacture and very low latency. You could even produce an Electromagnet sheet, that you cut to fold around your exact body parts to have a tailored suit (although I can't think of a way to map the actuators correctly, at the moment). Why does everyone use expensive parts?! This is nearly useless. Businesses can buy this stuff, but if general consumers can't afford it then much fewer games will support it. It's ideal to be effective, but it's more important to be cheap.

  40. Joh Foot

    Joh Foot27 days ago

    Is this...60FPS

  41. iTURTLZ -

    iTURTLZ -28 days ago

    Voice break at 13:03

  42. Dragon Essence

    Dragon Essence29 days ago

    "things that you've never thought about before" lol i have thought about them but i took criminal justice and not physics... lol

  43. Dragon Essence

    Dragon Essence29 days ago

    i love tjose reactions though, the 'oh man this guy knows his stuff and is asking questions...' its great

  44. jargon113

    jargon11329 days ago

    Please don't advertise for 23 and me.. they are DNA farming.. it's sad. They make more money selling your DNA information than anything else.

  45. ELYSIAN l Composer

    ELYSIAN l Composer29 days ago

    18 minutes and 44 seconds of not understanding a single word they are talking about.

  46. Robert Mcdonald

    Robert McdonaldMonth ago

    I have had a thought about making a haptic glove for stroke recovery victims..purposeful input from the hand to give the brain something to recognize and focus on..kind of like reverse engineering the brain/nerve connections..any thoughts out there?

  47. JDOE Doe

    JDOE DoeMonth ago

    wish destin would stop trying to pry info out of these poor startups so that SONY TM or VALVE TM or someone steals it. be careful destin.

  48. MsCode ™

    MsCode ™Month ago

    Heat sensation could have been from an infrared or UV transmitter. The cold sensation from one of those spray cans that spray freezing or cold air. @ 14:50

  49. Michele Pardini

    Michele PardiniMonth ago

    awesome video Destin

  50. Trippy OldSchoolHippie

    Trippy OldSchoolHippieMonth ago

    this video makes me uncomfortable because I feel like a little bit to much information was shared and you can visually see them uncomfortable with the information that was being asked of them... The tiniest amount of over sharing or theorizing could be the differences between comparators figuring things out.

  51. Grace

    GraceMonth ago

    This is both fascinating and so complex! Wow. I know pretty much close to nothing in this field and yet.... you were able to explain enough for me to understand to a certain level. Nice work man!

  52. Grace

    GraceMonth ago

    This is both fascinating and so complex! Wow. I know pretty much close to nothing in this field and yet.... you were able to explain enough for me to understand to a certain level. Nice work man!

  53. Mark Jennings

    Mark JenningsMonth ago

    Rather than create the illusion of touch and feedback why not stimulate perceived signal directly in the brain. (not saying its easy lol)

  54. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname LastnameMonth ago

    Just came across this channel and I could not be happier.

  55. cuhleef

    cuhleefMonth ago

    I like watching you but sometimes you sound pretentious. Don't be afraid to not know something. If you keep doing that, you should change your channel to SmartassEveryDay.

  56. Timo Witte

    Timo WitteMonth ago

    Well why not just use very small peltier elements for the temperature thing?

  57. MaxMasher

    MaxMasherMonth ago

    How easy would this be to implement this into modern games like I want to cast a fireball in Skyrim and feel it, anyone know how easy would this be?

  58. minitumen

    minitumenMonth ago

    I really, really hope you keep in contact with Mark

  59. Reno Simpson

    Reno SimpsonMonth ago

    13:41 IS this guy related to Steve Martin , I instantly was awaiting a funny skit when i saw him

  60. Hoang Nguyen Viet

    Hoang Nguyen VietMonth ago

    I first watched your videos was 4 years ago. The balloon going reverse video. Love your channel ever since. I haven't watched anything since then, until an hour ago. Still LOVE what you doing. Thanks a LOT, Sir. You did make my life brighter. Have a good one !

  61. Matias Welz

    Matias WelzMonth ago


  62. Acrimonious Mirth

    Acrimonious MirthMonth ago

    So cool that even with all their (necessary) secrecy they were willing to talk and broadcast even to this point! Which is why if I ever do get a haptic glove, it’s more likely to be from them and not from a “follower” company.

  63. Neonic Khaos

    Neonic KhaosMonth ago

    My one and only question for them is are they hiring testers and where do I sign up.

  64. Xrelent

    XrelentMonth ago

    16:13 What they didn't tell him is that they were also working on haptic goggles.

  65. Marco

    MarcoMonth ago

    so when is the release date :P

  66. Aiden Rake

    Aiden RakeMonth ago

    I will be cool if it was an public release

  67. Dave McMahon

    Dave McMahonMonth ago

    This is incredible! Amazing technology, blowing my mind with what we can do. Such respect for these men

  68. James Hogge

    James HoggeMonth ago

    I wonder if it would be possible to achieve a lower latency and more compact design using piezoelectric actuators: the kind that look a little like bimetallic strips to move up and down

  69. lilstarfishdude

    lilstarfishdudeMonth ago

    Wow, this tech is amazing! And what a bunch of super nice guys. It seems like a really great company. And I'm with Destin, I really didn't think that VR could offer anything exciting but this stuff has me re-evaluating those thoughts completely. My best wishes, you are all awesome! =)

  70. Daniel Więcek

    Daniel WięcekMonth ago

    It's a shame I can click the like button only once :(

  71. grapes008

    grapes008Month ago

    the sense of knowing where a limb is called proprioception.

  72. Fikret Abiniz

    Fikret AbinizMonth ago

    15:45 Dragon Tİmeeee

  73. Bob Conner

    Bob ConnerMonth ago

    Imagine applying this technology to health care.

  74. TrueProGamer

    TrueProGamerMonth ago

    Do a video with leap motion

  75. TrueProGamer

    TrueProGamerMonth ago

    0:17 what’s with the black dot

  76. The MasterYocheese

    The MasterYocheeseMonth ago

    How about a lot of small gyroscopes???

  77. Virtual FPV

    Virtual FPVMonth ago

    Hi! What's your name? I can't talk about that. How are you today? I'm afraid I can't say.

  78. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithMonth ago

    It seems like they should be working with electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids instead of pneumatics. They could vary pressure and temperature and create restriction in a sleeker design with zero latency. They could even custom print gloves. For that matter, if they got the design right they could use it for real world exoskeletal enhancement applications. The approach they are taking is probably going to be marketable sooner though, so I understand the idea. What they are doing is still cool, but we would have a better product much faster if they weren't so worried about protecting their intermediary design approach and decided to work off of their competition to get to the pinnacle product.

  79. Eclipsed Soul

    Eclipsed SoulMonth ago

    How long does it take to upload this video. 4k 60frames. You need a lot of storage man

  80. kameron keaton

    kameron keatonMonth ago

    Can they use that for people with nerve damage

  81. Creeper Nation

    Creeper NationMonth ago

    "The glove does not have thermal" "Is that a goal?" "I don't think I can talk about that". What? It's obviously a goal if they are testing thermal with another machine/device. He could of at least said yes. They aren't testing thermal for the heck of it.

  82. Ozone

    OzoneMonth ago

    "we do have a couple folks here who could talk through a very long time about it" -"So I'm Destin" XD

  83. Jeff

    JeffMonth ago

    My mind is really happy with this video. Miamiam

  84. Duncan Steel

    Duncan SteelMonth ago

    Just wear the glove stupid boy :-D haha

  85. Chefian23

    Chefian23Month ago

    So haptic suit+ fully finished infinadeck= all of the fun?

  86. Nick Bryan

    Nick BryanMonth ago

    Now we just need to transfer our consciousness

  87. Jhon Smith

    Jhon SmithMonth ago

    Your thinking of layers in heat and cold but what if it was like thin tubes alternating side by side across the hand between hot and cold but the tubes are so close it feels like the entire hand so you can switch between hot and cold by pumping those fluids in and out between each other

  88. Lil Jim Carrey

    Lil Jim CarreyMonth ago

    Spit in a tube and send it off he says...don’t worry you won’t get cloned he says... *me after I saw 3 different versions of me walking around*

  89. Aderan_ Gaming

    Aderan_ GamingMonth ago

    Could the heating and cooling be done by a Peltier device? (Thermoelectric heating and cooling based on semiconductors)

  90. 1Geek4Ever1

    1Geek4Ever1Month ago

    When he takes Viagra then 8:21.

  91. Joshua Henry

    Joshua HenryMonth ago

    Not getting my DNA Google.

  92. koolass koolass

    koolass koolassMonth ago

    Need this for GTA hookers

  93. Gunnar Ryde

    Gunnar RydeMonth ago

    Mindblowing :o

  94. BlueShift815

    BlueShift815Month ago

    What did he do to his finger at 4:10 that made him gasp?

  95. Salmontres

    SalmontresMonth ago

    PSA: stop watching this vid. It's all proprietary. If you watched it, send me money

  96. Third Street Saints

    Third Street SaintsMonth ago

    Sorry but no. I don't want a tank sitting on my hands. Why not just build a simple glove , with buttons on it and 1-2 sensors on each finger? it would be much more easier

  97. Grohiik

    GrohiikMonth ago

    I'm sure whatever they put out first will be something along those lines. This looks like something that will be done in stages over time as they master each new feature. I doubt they are going to try and package all that tech into just 1 product and stop there. They will likely have different versions with more advanced features and varying price points to ensure they maximize profits.

  98. Pneumaniac Smith

    Pneumaniac SmithMonth ago

    you can't blame them, if you had a revolutionary idea and the money to make it real you'd try to keep it secret

  99. Jesse Meyer

    Jesse MeyerMonth ago

    11:10 ....yes. 18:45 ...Jim we gotta add something

  100. An Epic Otter

    An Epic OtterMonth ago

    Dear Destin, That's a skyrim dragon. -Otter

  101. Steven Murphy

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    Vr inside vr