How do you make a Virtual Reality Glove? - Smarter Every Day 191


  1. FromOnHigh

    FromOnHighDay ago

    Watching your videos literally fills me with elation for this wonderful world and how it all comes together, how with science, we can break it up and put it all back together. We can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  2. jack frost

    jack frost2 days ago

    I wonder if they'll use several tiny Peltier modules to generate the sensation of touching something hot or cold in their future gloves.

  3. tchgs11 zdok

    tchgs11 zdok6 days ago

    12:28 *triggered!!!* (am not yet,but still)

  4. Lestat Sid

    Lestat Sid6 days ago

    How would you build a handheld tractor beam that is controlled by the brain that you could pick a person up and moved in there's a challenge for you let's see if you can do it

  5. Cody Myhre

    Cody Myhre13 days ago

    3:04 LOL you can see a no camera sign on the door on the left

  6. dtiydr

    dtiydr13 days ago

    12:00 If they use air I would be highly surprised since hydraulic system would be way more controllable, faster and with higher precision.

  7. Angel Maldonado

    Angel Maldonado14 days ago

    The hit and cold is probably a "termochip" ,if you invert the polarity of the termochip, you get hot or cold from the same side of the chip. Fluids will be slow but gas may be an other solution.

  8. John Doe762

    John Doe76216 days ago

    Very interesting! That stuff will need regular maintenance in the long run, which is not too nice for consumer products.

  9. daethwing188

    daethwing18817 days ago

    Man, I love your videos; I found your channel recently and have been soaking it up. I love moments when you, or an interviewee are about to mention something which I had never thought to consider for various different reasons, but makes perfect sense (e.g. being able to feel the difference between two equal temperature objects which transfer heat at different rates). I wear a stupid grin as I proceed through your videos; the genuine enjoyment in your videos as you explore these different subjects is fantastic and infectious. Keep up the good work friend, in the mean while, I'll be digging through your back-log. Cheers.

  10. Wolarski

    Wolarski17 days ago

    7:23 I miss a part of his body. Guess it would be too big lol

  11. Gaius Daniel

    Gaius Daniel20 days ago

    how many of you actually get this?????

  12. Ralph Mueller

    Ralph Mueller21 day ago

    @16:56 I'm guessing they would have to use a carrier medium like carbon as itis one of the best natural radiators. maybe utilizing something like a carbon nano-tube mesh system to ramp up surface area?

  13. onimus93

    onimus9322 days ago

    They've probably already through about this, and there is probably a good reason for it, but why not use water instead of air in the taptors ? Wouldn't the compression delay be significantly reduced ?

  14. TJ Buchanan

    TJ Buchanan22 days ago

    This, is, awesome.

  15. Erich Knoop

    Erich Knoop23 days ago

    Liquid is probably the best way to deal with the tactor having too much lag between actuation and inflation (time for the air to move through the tube). The next engineer touched on that by calling it "the hydraulic problem". Of course, with a small enough tube, as they need to be anyway, air or a custom gas could possibly be considered a hydraulic fluid at that volume.

  16. mario андpес ortiz

    mario андpес ortiz26 days ago

    Imagine conecting this to a very precise robot to disarm bombs

  17. Amarillo Burgess

    Amarillo Burgess27 days ago

    The sensory humonculus would have a really big d*ck

  18. devo blanco

    devo blanco28 days ago

    The heat thing might be peltier junctions. Probably pixelated like the bladders

  19. Corcon

    CorconMonth ago

    So, when you're playing an Elderscrolls game, you'll be able to feel the heat and cold from the spells with your hands. Awesome!

  20. Makayla

    MakaylaMonth ago

    vr chat players are getting very excited right now

  21. nick payne

    nick payneMonth ago

    I don’t think they change hot or cold. They probably just use a low temp for heat it feels the same to us. But if you see fire and feel cold. Your brain will think it’s burning. Like on the punisher when he burns a steak and rubs a popsicle on the dude he had string upside down blindfolded he could smell the burning meat and hear the torch but felt the popsicle and thought he was being burned

  22. Myles G

    Myles GMonth ago

    This company needs to team up with the omnidirectional treadmill company and create a game building platform like in roblox. But it will just be the entire console. Not an app. You could make it so there is a store where you can buy games with coins you get from playing. You can buy coins like in other games, and whenever you buy a game from a creator, the coins you spend go into the creators inventory. This would be really cool to see and play. I would love to be able to design and code a game that others could play, and feel exactly what is happening. I mean, how flipping cool would it be to mash up ready player one and roblox into a virtual reality console. It could have different servers and some could be multiplayer just like in the ready player one movie and book. Another thing, avatars. You could do anything you want in this place with your fully customizable avatar. And for good measure. The system should be called the oasis. . I hope you guys read this and maybe team up.

  23. matt c

    matt cMonth ago

    I was gonna comment but i'm not allowed to talk about it...

  24. NotHere

    NotHereMonth ago

    puts on glove for sanitary reasons, touches the glove with other hand

  25. Mclovin69

    Mclovin69Month ago


  26. Night Stick

    Night StickMonth ago

    Being an engineer's tough! You just want to talk about all the crazy cool things you're doing and gush over how awesome everything is; but you can't! I feel the pain! I do Software, so it's not quite the same as there aren't all the mechanical components you can physically interact with - I don't think I could stand not showing people how it all worked, physically - but on the flip side there are a ton of concepts or ways of approaching problems that you can't talk about, as a Software Engineer.

  27. KatKiller15

    KatKiller15Month ago

    They probably use thermoelectic coolers to generate heat and cold

  28. Tom

    TomMonth ago

    sweet, im waiting for it

  29. Toxic Cookie

    Toxic CookieMonth ago

    The real power glove.

  30. John Daltrocanto

    John DaltrocantoMonth ago

    The human body is amazing

  31. xmasjd

    xmasjdMonth ago

    They 'might' not include the temperature control in the glove. I am sure it is just a fun side project. ;)

  32. petr shv

    petr shvMonth ago

    make a whole body thing like that for rpg games so you can be shot by a suit youre wearing

  33. Jeremy Kiser

    Jeremy KiserMonth ago

    They should have use a liquid instead of air, it is "non compressible" compared to air. There for with the right viscosity of fluid there would be less lag vs the air having to compress.

  34. Damian Sitts

    Damian SittsMonth ago

    Maybe other VR glove companies might be playing with that concept. You never know, and I'd love to try and feel the difference between each method.

  35. johnydecali

    johnydecaliMonth ago

    Have you seen the Tesla Suits?

  36. Bilal Malik

    Bilal MalikMonth ago

    This is gold for VR

  37. William Kinser

    William KinserMonth ago

    wait a minute at 4:07 he plays with the glove and looks like he thought he broke it


    RAW TOPSHOTMonth ago

    HOT / COLD Could it not be a peltier? Switching polarities or just making them small and packing them in hot-cold-hot-cold... In a grid?

  39. Anisha Nizar Ali

    Anisha Nizar AliMonth ago

    This is crazy.

  40. Oskar Oskar

    Oskar OskarMonth ago

    4:09 😂

  41. Dimondravens GT

    Dimondravens GTMonth ago

    Ok I’m a little bit confused on what a haptic glove is, what does it do, also why can they not talk about some things and why is it so much of a “secret”, can someone tell me

  42. Dreamshare Entertainment

    Dreamshare EntertainmentMonth ago

    Dimondravens GT no problem!

  43. Dimondravens GT

    Dimondravens GTMonth ago

    O wow that dies really help and that sounds so cool thank you for telling me

  44. Dreamshare Entertainment

    Dreamshare EntertainmentMonth ago

    Dimondravens GT haptic means your sense of touch. These gloves provide tactile sensation and feedback through physical engine calculation rendering at a high speed. Basically it makes you be able to feel and pick up things that only exist in the vr. Also the reason for all the secrecy is that this is still a very new technology that is in early experimental stages so any discoveries or breakthrough made by the company would be best kept secret so the company has a competitive edge when these things start selling. Hope that helps.

  45. Sumel_Kharku

    Sumel_KharkuMonth ago

    “No one cares about electrical engineers, let’s be honest.” One frame later.. “I’m with Jeffery, an electrical engineer” 😂😂😂

  46. Manx Decky

    Manx Decky2 months ago


  47. RexExLiberi

    RexExLiberi2 months ago

    All this technical effort just to have guys go online and touch other guys with anime girls avatars.. yep

  48. Naughty1 Gaming

    Naughty1 Gaming2 months ago


  49. Shaggy2286

    Shaggy22862 months ago

    15:46 that reminds me of sticking your hand in the box in Dune. lol

  50. Elijah Fry

    Elijah Fry2 months ago

    0:16 Anyone else notice the black dot by his hand?

  51. Michael O'Connor

    Michael O'Connor2 months ago

    I know this is super late but... why not peltier devices? Use the thermoelectric effect instead of fluid?

  52. จตุพร จันทสุรวงศ์

    จตุพร จันทสุรวงศ์2 months ago

    Ok realistic feedback check A thermal feed back check A realistic virtual boob is not far

  53. Chandler Conway

    Chandler Conway2 months ago

    so basically they are going to release dna publicly that you send in. wonderful. I loved the rest of the video lol

  54. Michael Hirschmugl

    Michael Hirschmugl2 months ago

    "If I grab this, and I squeeze it, I can tell how big it is because of where my tendons are, and I can tell how hard it is because of how hard I'm squeezing it." - she

  55. Artesion

    Artesion2 months ago

    23nME lul

  56. Garrett Robinson

    Garrett Robinson2 months ago

    Peltier coolers?

  57. Five Five

    Five Five2 months ago

    3:02 finally Vsauce got the answer for his legendary question

  58. Varun Chitturi

    Varun Chitturi2 months ago

    instead of using pneumatics, wouldn't using hydraulics be faster?

  59. Rubén Jiménez

    Rubén Jiménez2 months ago

    They could be using Peltier cells to control the temperature

  60. RobertTheTire

    RobertTheTire2 months ago

    Anyone else notice all the blankets and sheets hung up? 😂 p r o p r i e t a r y

  61. hewhoisknownastaco

    hewhoisknownastaco2 months ago

    I get that feeling the temperature of objects would be a cool capability, but who cares compared to tactility? They should be putting most of their effort into making the tactile-only glove consumer ready. I would totally buy that without the temperature component.

  62. Ray Drouillard

    Ray Drouillard2 months ago

    They may or may not plan on doing it, but quick heating and cooling can be done with small peltier junctions. Engineering details abound, of course, like heat sinking. Since the system would be a net generator of heat, the sink will be removing heat from the system.

  63. Simtex

    Simtex2 months ago

    No way this was 18 minutes long. It felt like 5 minutes because it was so interessting.

  64. T3hChaerlz

    T3hChaerlz2 months ago

    Wear a glove for sanitary reasons. Touch the gloves exterior with other hand while talking/breathing on it. xDDD awesome vid.

  65. Sol Cutta

    Sol Cutta2 months ago

    It's a wonder these guys don't want to hire u... U are way more intelligent than myself and understand these things it seems as well as the tech guys... U were the ideal person to be interviewing and checking this tech out.. Hats off to you with much much respect sir.

  66. Technician

    Technician2 months ago

    16:20 why would that not be a goal?

  67. CallmeMilton

    CallmeMilton2 months ago

    This is corporate espionage.

  68. Matthew Stringer

    Matthew Stringer2 months ago

    So this where's the question, "Where are your fingers"

  69. Stephen Cihanek Photography & Cinematography

    Stephen Cihanek Photography & Cinematography2 months ago

    They should use this for to control the temperature. I've heard of versions of this were it will move heat from one plate to the other depending on the direction of the current flow, so you can make it hot or cold by changing the polarity.

  70. Cluff

    Cluff2 months ago

    you know when you have absolutely no idea what they are talking about its a good video

  71. Jack Bashed

    Jack Bashed2 months ago

    9:11 and look at his hand. Coincidence I think not

  72. Benjamin Zipsie

    Benjamin Zipsie2 months ago

    I think the temp is done like heated and cooled seats, or at least some of them. a pad has a positive and negative terminal and depending on what polarity the temp on one side of the pad will go cool, wile the other side goes warm. i think it would be safer and simpler then trying to heat and cool a liquid.

  73. Askejm

    Askejm2 months ago

    0:16 Who else noticed that little dot

  74. DeMoN Gaming

    DeMoN Gaming2 months ago

    Please connect this to an AI so we can see how they react when they can feel :)

  75. Marcin Rutkowski

    Marcin Rutkowski2 months ago

    Why they don't use liquid instead of air, some very light liquid like alcohol or something soft and not sticky, it will be quicker less latency and not compressible like air? ...what is the reason :) ??

  76. RED RUM

    RED RUM2 months ago

    Should of bin a 3D hand job. is fighting words in the future

  77. RED RUM

    RED RUM2 months ago

    Liquid is better then air . Faster response and why can’t they use gelatin substance . It will be organic one day

  78. Sabastian Phillips

    Sabastian Phillips2 months ago

    I was surprised when he said "Lets be honest, no one cares about electrical engineers", then immediately cuts to "I'm here with Jeffery, an electrical engineer".

  79. King

    King2 months ago

    2 ads in one video yay

  80. Bryan Cortez

    Bryan Cortez2 months ago

    The engineers literally hesitated on questions where a hesitation is essentially an answer. gg

  81. SPartist

    SPartist3 months ago

    Tech like this might lead to something like the haptic suit from Ready player 1

  82. Simidae

    Simidae3 months ago

    This is amazing. I still think the future is bypassing the physical haptics by tapping directly into the sensory centers of the brain.

  83. Magic Morgan

    Magic Morgan3 months ago

    VR headset, Haptic/temp gloves, Haptic suit, Omnidirectional treadmill, headphones. Now all we need is smell VR

  84. James Wilson

    James Wilson3 months ago

    12:00 hydraulic fluid would be better than air.

  85. Cj Looklin

    Cj Looklin3 months ago

    I'm not sure how accurate that sensory homunculus is. Shouldn't that things genitals dwarf the rest of its body? XD

  86. Sebastian duguay

    Sebastian duguay3 months ago

    Not trying to be dirty simply want to know more about biology but wouldn’t genitals be really large in the sensory homunculus? I mean the pain and pleasure people receive from stimulation has to mean something or do I just sound crazy?

  87. oaKuG

    oaKuG3 months ago

    Oculus=Apple HTC=Android

  88. hotdrippyglass

    hotdrippyglass3 months ago

    This video reminds me of talking to Seal Team 6 members back in the 1980s. They loved talking about their work but they kept running up against what they could tell me and let me walk away and what they could tell me but then they would have to kill me.

  89. MiataBoi

    MiataBoi3 months ago

    I feel like using a pelteir cooling system would be a better option than a liquid. A non-compressible liquid seems like a better option than a gas.

  90. Poo Chinski

    Poo Chinski3 months ago

    4:24 dude sounds like Gabe Newell

  91. Kristopher Garroutte

    Kristopher Garroutte3 months ago

    My brain... this is.. just.. insane! I love it!

  92. TheApokaliptic

    TheApokaliptic3 months ago

    You can only feel how fast something is adding or removing temperature to/from your body. You cannot feel the actual temperature of any object, not just metal. You can only somewhat reliably tell if it is colder or hotter than the part of your own tissue that comes in contact with it.

  93. Arthur Schwieger

    Arthur Schwieger3 months ago

    I find it interesting that they are still taking a George Jetson approach on this. By that I mean taking a real life process and just mechanizing it. Such as when Jane wanted a new knit sweater, a robot with six arms comes out and knits a new sweater. It isn't the future as much as the present on steroids. Doing it faster vs doing it completely different. There is nothing wrong with the George Jetson approach. It is the first step towards thinking about how to change from mimicking reality to directly tricking your brain. Take something simple like VR goggles. They shoot light directly into your eye and you are seeing something vs. tapping into your optic nerve and tricking you into thinking you are seeing something kind of like Geordi on StarTrek. With ths haptic glove, if you took the approach of tapping into the nerve bundle in your arm and trick that into thinking you are feeling pressure, temperature, location, then you open the world to totally making someone think they are experiencing reality. Cool stuff non-the-less.

  94. jay-H,Sui Juris

    jay-H,Sui Juris3 months ago

    I've had dreams where I feel like that fat hand drawing..

  95. Joel Simpson

    Joel Simpson3 months ago

    they should use a denser medium for the activation of tactors to reduce the lag

  96. Dizzy foryou

    Dizzy foryou3 months ago

    Wow thank you for this. It was nice to listen to an intelligent discussion concerning this tech!

  97. Pixel Dust

    Pixel Dust4 months ago

    the world is full of thieves...

  98. MrJason005

    MrJason0054 months ago

    As cool as all this may be, I don't think video game developers have the skills necessary in order to utilize all this technology, and hence if any video game comes out which supports this (once it comes out), it won't be nearly as good as the tech demos the engineers themselves have designed.

  99. Adhem

    Adhem4 months ago

    These guys are awesome. Nice video!

  100. Ajflash

    Ajflash4 months ago

    I'm working on a similar project myself,I'm a Mechanical engineer and i would really appreciate some assistance from some of the haptx guys,and if you could help me with that it would be great!

  101. Ronwe TheFallen

    Ronwe TheFallen4 months ago

    This does give me some ideas for a simpler version of this concept. definitely won't be as good, but it should be good enough for a DIY project.

  102. Julinator

    Julinator4 months ago

    you don't HAVE to use fluid for thermal change, another good way to approach that would be with thermoelectric elements like peltier devices.

  103. Matthew

    Matthew4 months ago

    I feel like something is missing in the Sensory Homunculus, I can't quite put my finger on it though...

  104. Joshua Son

    Joshua Son4 months ago

    Thats not a dragon its a wyvern. a lesser descendant of dragons