FEELING TEMPERATURE with a Haptic Glove - Smarter Every Day 191


  1. Sebastian duguay

    Sebastian duguay5 days ago

    Not trying to be dirty simply want to know more about biology but wouldn’t genitals be really large in the sensory homunculus? I mean the pain and pleasure people receive from stimulation has to mean something or do I just sound crazy?

  2. oaKuG

    oaKuG8 days ago

    Oculus=Apple HTC=Android

  3. hotdrippyglass

    hotdrippyglass13 days ago

    This video reminds me of talking to Seal Team 6 members back in the 1980s. They loved talking about their work but they kept running up against what they could tell me and let me walk away and what they could tell me but then they would have to kill me.

  4. 3D Review Blog

    3D Review Blog13 days ago

    I feel like using a pelteir cooling system would be a better option than a liquid. A non-compressible liquid seems like a better option than a gas.

  5. Poo Chinski

    Poo Chinski15 days ago

    4:24 dude sounds like Gabe Newell

  6. Kristopher Garroutte

    Kristopher Garroutte18 days ago

    My brain... this is.. just.. insane! I love it!

  7. TheApokaliptic

    TheApokaliptic19 days ago

    You can only feel how fast something is adding or removing temperature to/from your body. You cannot feel the actual temperature of any object, not just metal. You can only somewhat reliably tell if it is colder or hotter than the part of your own tissue that comes in contact with it.

  8. Arthur Schwieger

    Arthur Schwieger19 days ago

    I find it interesting that they are still taking a George Jetson approach on this. By that I mean taking a real life process and just mechanizing it. Such as when Jane wanted a new knit sweater, a robot with six arms comes out and knits a new sweater. It isn't the future as much as the present on steroids. Doing it faster vs doing it completely different. There is nothing wrong with the George Jetson approach. It is the first step towards thinking about how to change from mimicking reality to directly tricking your brain. Take something simple like VR goggles. They shoot light directly into your eye and you are seeing something vs. tapping into your optic nerve and tricking you into thinking you are seeing something kind of like Geordi on StarTrek. With ths haptic glove, if you took the approach of tapping into the nerve bundle in your arm and trick that into thinking you are feeling pressure, temperature, location, then you open the world to totally making someone think they are experiencing reality. Cool stuff non-the-less.

  9. jay-H,Sui Juris

    jay-H,Sui Juris21 day ago

    I've had dreams where I feel like that fat hand drawing..

  10. Joel Simpson

    Joel Simpson23 days ago

    they should use a denser medium for the activation of tactors to reduce the lag

  11. Dizzy foryou

    Dizzy foryou24 days ago

    Wow thank you for this. It was nice to listen to an intelligent discussion concerning this tech!

  12. Pixel Dust

    Pixel DustMonth ago

    the world is full of thieves...

  13. MrJason005

    MrJason005Month ago

    As cool as all this may be, I don't think video game developers have the skills necessary in order to utilize all this technology, and hence if any video game comes out which supports this (once it comes out), it won't be nearly as good as the tech demos the engineers themselves have designed.

  14. Adhem

    AdhemMonth ago

    These guys are awesome. Nice video!

  15. Ajflash

    AjflashMonth ago

    I'm working on a similar project myself,I'm a Mechanical engineer and i would really appreciate some assistance from some of the haptx guys,and if you could help me with that it would be great!

  16. Ronwe TheFallen

    Ronwe TheFallenMonth ago

    This does give me some ideas for a simpler version of this concept. definitely won't be as good, but it should be good enough for a DIY project.

  17. Julinator

    JulinatorMonth ago

    you don't HAVE to use fluid for thermal change, another good way to approach that would be with thermoelectric elements like peltier devices.

  18. Matthew

    MatthewMonth ago

    I feel like something is missing in the Sensory Homunculus, I can't quite put my finger on it though...

  19. Joshua Son

    Joshua SonMonth ago

    Thats not a dragon its a wyvern. a lesser descendant of dragons

  20. Lucas Hites

    Lucas HitesMonth ago

    5:01 eye roll

  21. Ezekiel Ortiz

    Ezekiel OrtizMonth ago

    10:49 Thanos and the infinity gauntlet, colorized.

  22. robert field

    robert fieldMonth ago

    just a guess for the hot/cold fluid thing. There's probably two independent lines for hot and cold fluid, that are very close together and get pumped simultaneously in different amounts to create those varied temperatures. This would allow them to keep the hot fluid hot, the cold fluid cold, and change between them instantly.

  23. john lomba

    john lombaMonth ago

    Don't worry it's a boundary condition! Hahaha, I've been having to use boundary condition in electrical engineering math a lot

  24. francis chinedo

    francis chinedoMonth ago

    Hey destin you're amazing!!! Thank you

  25. Normal name

    Normal nameMonth ago

    13:02 is cracked

  26. SixOneCyx

    SixOneCyxMonth ago

    Creative types are the easiest to rob because the love of their own creations get in the way of protecting them. That's only in the case of creative types that love their creations. Engineers that are loving creators need to be aware of the other type of engineer. Or something. Idk.

  27. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverMonth ago

    I ve sen every episode of that Beyond 2000 show it was a cool show

  28. xXRedLineXx

    xXRedLineXxMonth ago

    NDA: We're gonna release this for only the US government. Lmao.

  29. Nick Slayr Music

    Nick Slayr MusicMonth ago

    Why aren't we funding this?

  30. Kevin Sandoval

    Kevin SandovalMonth ago

    Imagine playing mortal kombat with a full suit version of that

  31. nolan412

    nolan412Month ago

    Probably a semiconductor heater/cooler cut to hold tactors in place?

  32. Charles Lafferty

    Charles LaffertyMonth ago

    This can be done with electro reactive polymers that can be manipulated with varying voltage . It's faster then air and less bulky. Cl

  33. Darren Munsell

    Darren MunsellMonth ago

    18:10 - Beyond 2000 - one of my inspirations! Unfortunately it was socialist propaganda, but inspired the mind - now look where Australia is? Burning more Coal. Time for this old man of 40 to start building dreams into reality

  34. Darren Munsell

    Darren MunsellMonth ago

    17:30 I'm concerned what does the FDA have to do with releasing information on your Genetic Information? - That's Scary Stuff

  35. pat_snow08

    pat_snow08Month ago

    I just got a recommended video of a haptic suit on the channel seeker from 2 years ago.

  36. EXODEX

    EXODEXMonth ago

    Jeffery looks like a nerd... btw i love the cut away after his joke😂

  37. Jacques E.T.

    Jacques E.T.Month ago

    He sucked the fun out of it like a consumer asking the chef "how did you cook that."

  38. Den Che

    Den CheMonth ago

    sylvester stallone on minimal

  39. Techtosterone

    TechtosteroneMonth ago

    Just my idea: Make a bubble wrap like film wherein each bubble is programmable or wire-able and then use that as the actuators.

  40. Techtosterone

    TechtosteroneMonth ago

    Also wearable pcbs

  41. everything batchy

    everything batchyMonth ago

    This technolgy sucks

  42. Emppu T.

    Emppu T.Month ago

    Power Glove made right !

  43. wednesday dud

    wednesday dudMonth ago


  44. Argrash

    ArgrashMonth ago

    "nobody cares about electrical engineers... This is Jeffrey an electrical engineer" lmao 😂😂

  45. Kale Garcia

    Kale GarciaMonth ago

    You should have asked about the simulation of the sensation of wetness.

  46. Crimson Volt

    Crimson VoltMonth ago

    Also, anybody know when the full body suit will come out?? Because I'm saving everything I get,I mean EVERYTHING, FREAK MY COLLEGE FUNDS, I NEED VR!!! Jk I'm not that dumb

  47. Crimson Volt

    Crimson VoltMonth ago

    I like how the guy who was telling him about the tractors and panels, I like how he has 2 pens with him for this.

  48. Crimson Volt

    Crimson VoltMonth ago

    Hey guys, the full body suit, I call it the Crystal Key(You know what that is if you watch the show/movie, whatever you wanna call it) #CrystalKeyIsComingSoon

  49. FacePalmProductions

    FacePalmProductionsMonth ago

    I can't believe you didn't like VR.... I can understand not liking the never ending Vr "Experiences" But vr itself is quite amazing.

  50. Cameroni

    CameroniMonth ago

    13:02 ARe

  51. Cameroni

    CameroniMonth ago

    (no offense) but why do I hate this guy so much, he isn't even a bad person

  52. Bobby Bologna

    Bobby BolognaMonth ago

    13:40 dude... that guy is totally a young Harrison Ford!

  53. superheavymetaldemon

    superheavymetaldemon2 months ago

    Genetic tests are put in a government database and used as evidence in trials. But blood tests probably are too. Crime doesn't pay.

  54. Mythdan

    Mythdan2 months ago

    Even if another company starts their own Haptic Glove project, I've got my answer locked in. These guys make this look cool. lol

  55. Corey Micheals

    Corey Micheals2 months ago

    You and mark are on the same lamda

  56. Isuru Egalahewa

    Isuru Egalahewa2 months ago

    I know you can't talk about everything he(6:50) said but can you make a separate video on the sense of touch!!!???

  57. CheeseWithHoles

    CheeseWithHoles2 months ago

    Ready Player 1?

  58. Kent Hambrock

    Kent Hambrock2 months ago

    The thermal part makes me /really/ want this.

  59. Technimechanical

    Technimechanical2 months ago

    "Oh so you like game of thrones?".... Idiot... Dragons have been around long before

  60. Ultimacy

    UltimacyDay ago

    This is why MReporter should have a proper ban system. Anyway, it breathes fire and ice. That particular dragon in Game of Thrones is a well-known pop culture thing. What do you want him to do, mention some obscure work of fiction that has a similar dragon? I can't even name one.

  61. Captain Smiley The Dog

    Captain Smiley The Dog2 months ago

    Obviously glove temperature is a goal. I don't understand why they can't talk about that. If there making it, then obviously it's a goal to have the temperature changes.

  62. copypastecopypaste

    copypastecopypaste2 months ago

    The anus of the homunculus should be blown up more than the lips. 👄

  63. A A

    A A2 months ago

    I want to see a whole body suit.

  64. Star Quake

    Star Quake2 months ago

    I want to work on that.

  65. Tetroxide

    Tetroxide2 months ago

    Where's the huge donger on the humonculus? XD

  66. Das Kuch

    Das Kuch2 months ago

    So so so cool. O my god that is a company I would dream of working for!

  67. Fraydizs

    Fraydizs2 months ago

    im offended by 23 and me because i have 24 chromosomes >:c

  68. randobad

    randobad2 months ago

    What about miniature hydraulics instead of bladders if that's possible?

  69. Lobisomen79

    Lobisomen792 months ago

    the hand in the box with dragon flame and snow kinda reminds me of the pain inducer scene in the dune movie :)

  70. hazonku

    hazonku2 months ago

    This is great stuff. I know their pain all too well.

  71. The Rocket Nerd

    The Rocket Nerd2 months ago

    Ready Player One is becoming real, folks. Haptic gloves

  72. Dimofte Cosmin

    Dimofte Cosmin2 months ago

    Next glove will have: Burn you. Stun your hand by force. Electrocute you hand. Poison effect. Radiation effect(Only for fallout series pack) Slicing effects. Stabing effects. Ultrasounds for bone cracking. And many more :))

  73. LTDominator

    LTDominator2 months ago

    doctor: "what happened"? answer: "my hand got smashed as i tried to block that giants hammer in skyrim after i slaughtered his mamoth and took his tusks" doctor: "um... what"?

  74. 08wolfeyes

    08wolfeyes2 months ago

    I think there might be another, perhaps better way to do the pressure parts of the glove that might allow them to have more on each hand. This would, of course, allow not only better feedback but might be able to be done in real time. I may have to give this some thought and maybe try something.

  75. Riley Woodbury

    Riley Woodbury2 months ago

    Were you born in Utah? You look really familiar, I absolutely love your videos! Thank you!

  76. Jason King

    Jason King2 months ago

    My question is, assuming the outcome will be 2 gloves, goggles and full body tracking... How are they going to implement player interaction to the game's UI? My best guess would be gestures, or possibly buttons on forearm rig for accessing menus (somewhat like fallout). Very interesting, now all they need is multi-directional treadmill and very efficient wire harnesses to prevent tangling.

  77. A one

    A one2 months ago

    heh the homunculus looks like a racially charged caricature of a black person. probably better they made it white then, lol.

  78. TheFriendlyGiant

    TheFriendlyGiant2 months ago

    I have never seen such a Good Organized Channel on MReporter. You have a really good MReporter channel.

  79. O.J. Wilson

    O.J. Wilson2 months ago

    can u do VR KAT next

  80. Jeremy Balbaugh

    Jeremy Balbaugh2 months ago

    i love how you have great questions that really make them have to be careful as to how they answer. Its like you know what buttons to push

  81. Timba Wulf

    Timba Wulf2 months ago

    I like how all the people behind this project are looking at each other like. "Jesus this guy gets it".

  82. Delusional

    Delusional2 months ago

    Is it just me or was he kind of rude whenever he didn't get answer he wanted? Geez man don't roll your eyes just cause you don't get what you want, that's childish and it's not your place to be condescending....

  83. xGodspeedz

    xGodspeedz2 months ago

    Looks like Thanos gloves lmao.

  84. Samuel Bennett

    Samuel Bennett2 months ago

    4:07 *Breaks it and pretends nothing happened*

  85. Jeffrey Wong

    Jeffrey Wong2 months ago

    I tried finding the two-point threshold on various parts of my hand (using two pencils) and just ended up drawing a bunch of lines and dots all over my hand lol Fun fact: the threshold is not the same on all parts of the hand, rather it's bigger on the palm (about 1 cm for me) and smaller on the pads of the finger (about 1 or 2 mm for me).

  86. Rio Chandra

    Rio Chandra2 months ago

    what the,. please translate to indonesia for me :"( not all the words i can understand :"3 this is gonna be cool

  87. Tom Vandebroek

    Tom Vandebroek2 months ago

    "Nobody cares about electrical engineers, let's be honest" "I'm with Jeffrey, electrical engineer" Dead.

  88. Wheaton Graham

    Wheaton Graham2 months ago

    That. Is. So. Flipping cool! Geesh I really learned something today

  89. Sean Bradshaw

    Sean Bradshaw2 months ago

    I bet the heat exchange issue is done with a thermocouple, or at least it should be, it's really easy to transfer heat with them electronically.

  90. Brandon Slater

    Brandon Slater2 months ago

    I don’t know if you or they read public comments but I am absolutely in love with things like this and have been working on ideas like this in my head (I don’t make enough to physically make these items). But instead of a liquid (which makes things heavier) replacing the air tacs with thermal copper dots which only heat the air inside the tac or cool it ( like in a ceramic lamp for heat or air compression system for refrigerators) it would reduce weight and you could use smaller tubes for a more free flow design. Im just another guy on the internet :)

  91. Krusty Kraken

    Krusty Kraken2 months ago

    Looks cool, but it's probably expensive to manufacture (so the minimum price is high), and it's bulky so it would be much harder to make it a full body suit and it's uncomfortable to wear. I don't know why they don't use electromagnets with shielding, it would be extremely cheap to manufacture and very low latency. You could even produce an Electromagnet sheet, that you cut to fold around your exact body parts to have a tailored suit (although I can't think of a way to map the actuators correctly, at the moment). Why does everyone use expensive parts?! This is nearly useless. Businesses can buy this stuff, but if general consumers can't afford it then much fewer games will support it. It's ideal to be effective, but it's more important to be cheap.

  92. Joh Foot

    Joh Foot2 months ago

    Is this...60FPS

  93. iTURTLZ -

    iTURTLZ -2 months ago

    Voice break at 13:03

  94. Dragon Essence

    Dragon Essence2 months ago

    "things that you've never thought about before" lol i have thought about them but i took criminal justice and not physics... lol

  95. Dragon Essence

    Dragon Essence2 months ago

    i love tjose reactions though, the 'oh man this guy knows his stuff and is asking questions...' its great

  96. jargon113

    jargon1132 months ago

    Please don't advertise for 23 and me.. they are DNA farming.. it's sad. They make more money selling your DNA information than anything else.

  97. ELYSIAN l Composer

    ELYSIAN l Composer2 months ago

    18 minutes and 44 seconds of not understanding a single word they are talking about.

  98. Robert Mcdonald

    Robert Mcdonald3 months ago

    I have had a thought about making a haptic glove for stroke recovery victims..purposeful input from the hand to give the brain something to recognize and focus on..kind of like reverse engineering the brain/nerve connections..any thoughts out there?

  99. JDOE Doe

    JDOE Doe3 months ago

    wish destin would stop trying to pry info out of these poor startups so that SONY TM or VALVE TM or someone steals it. be careful destin.

  100. MsCode ™

    MsCode ™3 months ago

    Heat sensation could have been from an infrared or UV transmitter. The cold sensation from one of those spray cans that spray freezing or cold air. @ 14:50

  101. Michele Pardini

    Michele Pardini3 months ago

    awesome video Destin

  102. Trippy OldSchoolHippie

    Trippy OldSchoolHippie3 months ago

    this video makes me uncomfortable because I feel like a little bit to much information was shared and you can visually see them uncomfortable with the information that was being asked of them... The tiniest amount of over sharing or theorizing could be the differences between comparators figuring things out.