How do you make a Virtual Reality Glove? - Smarter Every Day 191


  1. Jesus Chavez

    Jesus Chavez3 days ago

    Amazing hero nerds!

  2. Chris Heichel

    Chris Heichel4 days ago

    Matrix style vs full haptic suit. What's first? Haptic will come first. Matrix style I believe is still a bit of a ways off unless they go for invasive physical contact and reading of fired neurons as opposed to passive MRI, cat scan, or EKG

  3. Johnfortich Vista

    Johnfortich Vista5 days ago

    Wow, it took a year before i see this. This is awesome. Wonder if you can buy this now.

  4. Robert Spencer

    Robert Spencer6 days ago

    11:10 Every guys so nervous because your tearing apart all their secrets right in front of them!

  5. Cyan

    Cyan6 days ago

    07:17 - There's definitely something omitted from this homunculus... :P

  6. Radek Okrajek

    Radek Okrajek7 days ago

    Hands up whos arm is on fire from poking yourselves with pencils .... like mine! :D

  7. Zymosan99

    Zymosan998 days ago

    why not aply for a patent

  8. AM Productions

    AM Productions9 days ago

    Does HaptX only have male engineers??

  9. Adam Osinkosky

    Adam Osinkosky9 days ago

    Why are y’all getting mad at them for not saying a lot because they are just protecting themselves from people taking their project. Cause they want the patent and many awards if this becomes successful

  10. Shaun Henderson

    Shaun Henderson9 days ago

    Beyond 2000 was such an awesome show!

  11. Nand Patel

    Nand Patel12 days ago

    The feel of temperature is maybe stimulated by thermoelectric plate. it would be more rapid when it come to change in temperature then water.

  12. Mohammad Nadeem

    Mohammad Nadeem22 days ago

    Cmon they should understand all we can do is comment

  13. Erik Bakker

    Erik Bakker22 days ago

    Nearly everybody is wearing sort of less the same blue checkered-striped button up shirt thing at some point in the video.

  14. 3D Printing Professor

    3D Printing ProfessorMonth ago

    Couldn't the heat and cold be handled by peltiers instead of liquid? Could allow for rapid changes in temperature.

  15. Zaeem Atif

    Zaeem AtifMonth ago

    NGC, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science..........all blown by this guy fro ALABAMA! Dustin, you rock!

  16. ShowTime CyberTV1

    ShowTime CyberTV1Month ago

    These guys act like they work for skunk works, Area 51, or (DARPA).Sorry,that's classified information.Can't talk about it. : I

  17. miguel rodriguez

    miguel rodriguezMonth ago

    China thanks you

  18. goofycker

    goofyckerMonth ago

    i also had 23inme, just this on this day. 2 soccer teams and a rabbit.

  19. Mr.E

    Mr.EMonth ago

    Destin is so knowledgeable about so many different things

  20. TonyGamer

    TonyGamerMonth ago

    I can't wait until this kind of stuff is full body and more affordable

  21. Curtis Scott

    Curtis Scott2 months ago

    Maybe they're using Peltier Junction arrays for temperature changes.

  22. Jalen Ticen

    Jalen Ticen2 months ago

    13:02 voice crack

  23. Janelle honey-Badger

    Janelle honey-Badger2 months ago

    7.18: this is exactly how I use to feel when I had an extremely high fever & delirious but I could never explain it. Feeling big & small with fear from audible & visual weirdness of it. (Sensory Homunculus) as a kid, it's terrifying.

  24. Rajaram Pai

    Rajaram Pai2 months ago

    good one..

  25. Davis Tuck

    Davis Tuck2 months ago

    Another problem you have to take into account is nerve damage. I lost the nerves in the bacl of my left hand to fire damage. So the skin there is just dead feeling. Imm curious how they would overcome something like this if even possible

  26. Simon Pickett

    Simon Pickett2 months ago

    12:08 mark poops himself

  27. Bryan Bundgaard

    Bryan Bundgaard2 months ago

    Destin you are doing it all man keep it up😁

  28. Astro Dog ATIRU-001

    Astro Dog ATIRU-0012 months ago

    This was a really fascinating video and I wish that company all the best, cause that tech is amazing.

  29. Camila Solano

    Camila Solano2 months ago

    Love it

  30. DrDragonite

    DrDragonite2 months ago

    is this and previous video fake?

  31. diamondking092

    diamondking0923 months ago


  32. Allen Ayler

    Allen Ayler3 months ago

    LOL hilarious

  33. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus3 months ago

    VR + AR + Haptic gloves is the future, the 21st century future. Their using peltier with fluids. God bless, Proverbs 31

  34. your comment might not work so please

    your comment might not work so please3 months ago

    Man ur literally gonna leak everything without doing anything.

  35. your comment might not work so please

    your comment might not work so please3 months ago

    And I thought it was just a glove with sensors in it.

  36. Rainy Days

    Rainy Days3 months ago

    love seeing the little vive tracker on the hand. great to see its being used for something awesome

  37. Danyon Wang

    Danyon Wang3 months ago


  38. Jamie Meadows

    Jamie Meadows3 months ago

    peltier module! for the heat exchange problem... they can go from 50C to -16C in about 4 seconds

  39. Violet Canzonetti

    Violet CanzonettiMonth ago

    Nope, you still need to get rid of the heat, which only moves to the other side of the module. It would be like enclosing a window air conditioner~ both the hot and cold side in the same space. Sure, only one side touches the skin, but input power would have to continuously increase over time to maintain the temperature difference until the limit of the module is reached.

  40. Hynek Borůvka

    Hynek Borůvka3 months ago

    This is so much more quality content than vast majority we get on VR here!

  41. Dean W

    Dean W3 months ago

    That Sensory Homunculus was missing a couple parts.

  42. Heidi Elliott

    Heidi Elliott3 months ago

    I haven't been this excited since I learned how sound works!

  43. Sid K A K

    Sid K A K3 months ago

    they could be using a peltier module

  44. James Powell

    James Powell3 months ago

    You guys are nerds!! Lmao! And I am so impressed, as always. Good stuff man! Thanks for the quality content!

  45. Rafal Pitner

    Rafal Pitner3 months ago

    Wase of time

  46. Vishal Dharaneppagoudar

    Vishal Dharaneppagoudar3 months ago

    Just cool tech things. It's so deep that engineers just don't want to split any key information. But well done video. Learnt something new

  47. Tomislav Kos

    Tomislav Kos3 months ago

    Sounds like y'all need some modulators

  48. Gabriele De Carli

    Gabriele De Carli3 months ago

    all those guys are incredible

  49. Mustang Clan

    Mustang Clan3 months ago

    Did anyone else see the small black dot on his hand that disappeared at 17 seconds in

  50. Alexander Rowley

    Alexander Rowley3 months ago

    Whelp, this video just made that science of the senses module I took at uni totally worth it ^_^

  51. Mark Montero

    Mark Montero3 months ago

    Conspiracy..clones from 23andme !!!!!

  52. Josh Prentice

    Josh Prentice3 months ago

    For the hot and cold liquid differences, could it be possible that the different temperature liquid is in every other tactor? Instead of air, they use liquid to inflate each tactor and Similar to how an LED panel that has different color temperatures have a warm and cooler colored LED every other bulb?

  53. Mason Montalvo

    Mason Montalvo3 months ago

    as an amputee i think this technology will be very usefull in prosthetics because one of the main reasons for extensive therapy is because prosthetics cover sensory nerves

  54. rgerber

    rgerber3 months ago

    my right hand is a fleshlight in disguise

  55. FromOnHigh

    FromOnHigh4 months ago

    Watching your videos literally fills me with elation for this wonderful world and how it all comes together, how with science, we can break it up and put it all back together. We can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  56. jack frost

    jack frost4 months ago

    I wonder if they'll use several tiny Peltier modules to generate the sensation of touching something hot or cold in their future gloves.

  57. tchgs11 zdok

    tchgs11 zdok4 months ago

    12:28 *triggered!!!* (am not yet,but still)

  58. Lestat Sid

    Lestat Sid4 months ago

    How would you build a handheld tractor beam that is controlled by the brain that you could pick a person up and moved in there's a challenge for you let's see if you can do it

  59. Cody Myhre

    Cody Myhre4 months ago

    3:04 LOL you can see a no camera sign on the door on the left

  60. dtiydr

    dtiydr4 months ago

    12:00 If they use air I would be highly surprised since hydraulic system would be way more controllable, faster and with higher precision.

  61. Angel Maldonado

    Angel Maldonado4 months ago

    The hit and cold is probably a "termochip" ,if you invert the polarity of the termochip, you get hot or cold from the same side of the chip. Fluids will be slow but gas may be an other solution.

  62. John Doe762

    John Doe7624 months ago

    Very interesting! That stuff will need regular maintenance in the long run, which is not too nice for consumer products.

  63. daethwing188

    daethwing1884 months ago

    Man, I love your videos; I found your channel recently and have been soaking it up. I love moments when you, or an interviewee are about to mention something which I had never thought to consider for various different reasons, but makes perfect sense (e.g. being able to feel the difference between two equal temperature objects which transfer heat at different rates). I wear a stupid grin as I proceed through your videos; the genuine enjoyment in your videos as you explore these different subjects is fantastic and infectious. Keep up the good work friend, in the mean while, I'll be digging through your back-log. Cheers.

  64. Wolarski

    Wolarski4 months ago

    7:23 I miss a part of his body. Guess it would be too big lol

  65. Gaius Daniel

    Gaius Daniel4 months ago

    how many of you actually get this?????

  66. Ralph Mueller

    Ralph Mueller4 months ago

    @16:56 I'm guessing they would have to use a carrier medium like carbon as itis one of the best natural radiators. maybe utilizing something like a carbon nano-tube mesh system to ramp up surface area?

  67. onimus93

    onimus934 months ago

    They've probably already through about this, and there is probably a good reason for it, but why not use water instead of air in the taptors ? Wouldn't the compression delay be significantly reduced ?

  68. TJ Buchanan

    TJ Buchanan4 months ago

    This, is, awesome.

  69. Erich Knoop

    Erich Knoop4 months ago

    Liquid is probably the best way to deal with the tactor having too much lag between actuation and inflation (time for the air to move through the tube). The next engineer touched on that by calling it "the hydraulic problem". Of course, with a small enough tube, as they need to be anyway, air or a custom gas could possibly be considered a hydraulic fluid at that volume.

  70. mario андpес ortiz

    mario андpес ortiz4 months ago

    Imagine conecting this to a very precise robot to disarm bombs

  71. Amarillo Burgess

    Amarillo Burgess4 months ago

    The sensory humonculus would have a really big d*ck

  72. devo blanco

    devo blanco5 months ago

    The heat thing might be peltier junctions. Probably pixelated like the bladders

  73. Corcon

    Corcon5 months ago

    So, when you're playing an Elderscrolls game, you'll be able to feel the heat and cold from the spells with your hands. Awesome!

  74. Makayla

    Makayla5 months ago

    vr chat players are getting very excited right now

  75. nick payne

    nick payne5 months ago

    I don’t think they change hot or cold. They probably just use a low temp for heat it feels the same to us. But if you see fire and feel cold. Your brain will think it’s burning. Like on the punisher when he burns a steak and rubs a popsicle on the dude he had string upside down blindfolded he could smell the burning meat and hear the torch but felt the popsicle and thought he was being burned

  76. Myles G

    Myles G5 months ago

    This company needs to team up with the omnidirectional treadmill company and create a game building platform like in roblox. But it will just be the entire console. Not an app. You could make it so there is a store where you can buy games with coins you get from playing. You can buy coins like in other games, and whenever you buy a game from a creator, the coins you spend go into the creators inventory. This would be really cool to see and play. I would love to be able to design and code a game that others could play, and feel exactly what is happening. I mean, how flipping cool would it be to mash up ready player one and roblox into a virtual reality console. It could have different servers and some could be multiplayer just like in the ready player one movie and book. Another thing, avatars. You could do anything you want in this place with your fully customizable avatar. And for good measure. The system should be called the oasis. . I hope you guys read this and maybe team up.

  77. matt c

    matt c5 months ago

    I was gonna comment but i'm not allowed to talk about it...

  78. NotHere

    NotHere5 months ago

    puts on glove for sanitary reasons, touches the glove with other hand

  79. Mclovin69

    Mclovin695 months ago


  80. Night Stick

    Night Stick5 months ago

    Being an engineer's tough! You just want to talk about all the crazy cool things you're doing and gush over how awesome everything is; but you can't! I feel the pain! I do Software, so it's not quite the same as there aren't all the mechanical components you can physically interact with - I don't think I could stand not showing people how it all worked, physically - but on the flip side there are a ton of concepts or ways of approaching problems that you can't talk about, as a Software Engineer.

  81. KatKiller15

    KatKiller155 months ago

    They probably use thermoelectic coolers to generate heat and cold

  82. Tom

    Tom5 months ago

    sweet, im waiting for it

  83. Toxic Cookie

    Toxic Cookie5 months ago

    The real power glove.

  84. John Daltrocanto

    John Daltrocanto5 months ago

    The human body is amazing

  85. xmasjd

    xmasjd5 months ago

    They 'might' not include the temperature control in the glove. I am sure it is just a fun side project. ;)

  86. petr shv

    petr shv5 months ago

    make a whole body thing like that for rpg games so you can be shot by a suit youre wearing

  87. Jeremy Kiser

    Jeremy Kiser5 months ago

    They should have use a liquid instead of air, it is "non compressible" compared to air. There for with the right viscosity of fluid there would be less lag vs the air having to compress.

  88. Damian Sitts

    Damian Sitts5 months ago

    Maybe other VR glove companies might be playing with that concept. You never know, and I'd love to try and feel the difference between each method.

  89. johnydecali

    johnydecali5 months ago

    Have you seen the Tesla Suits?

  90. Bilal Malik

    Bilal Malik5 months ago

    This is gold for VR

  91. William Kinser

    William Kinser5 months ago

    wait a minute at 4:07 he plays with the glove and looks like he thought he broke it

  92. Simon Pickett

    Simon Pickett2 months ago

    William Kinser lol he about broke the finger


    RAW TOPSHOT5 months ago

    HOT / COLD Could it not be a peltier? Switching polarities or just making them small and packing them in hot-cold-hot-cold... In a grid?

  94. Anisha Nizar Ali

    Anisha Nizar Ali5 months ago

    This is crazy.

  95. Oskar Oskar

    Oskar Oskar5 months ago

    4:09 😂

  96. Dimondravens GT

    Dimondravens GT5 months ago

    Ok I’m a little bit confused on what a haptic glove is, what does it do, also why can they not talk about some things and why is it so much of a “secret”, can someone tell me

  97. Dreamshare Entertainment

    Dreamshare Entertainment5 months ago

    Dimondravens GT no problem!

  98. Dimondravens GT

    Dimondravens GT5 months ago

    O wow that dies really help and that sounds so cool thank you for telling me

  99. Dreamshare Entertainment

    Dreamshare Entertainment5 months ago

    Dimondravens GT haptic means your sense of touch. These gloves provide tactile sensation and feedback through physical engine calculation rendering at a high speed. Basically it makes you be able to feel and pick up things that only exist in the vr. Also the reason for all the secrecy is that this is still a very new technology that is in early experimental stages so any discoveries or breakthrough made by the company would be best kept secret so the company has a competitive edge when these things start selling. Hope that helps.

  100. Sumel_Kharku

    Sumel_Kharku6 months ago

    “No one cares about electrical engineers, let’s be honest.” One frame later.. “I’m with Jeffery, an electrical engineer” 😂😂😂

  101. Manx Decky

    Manx Decky6 months ago


  102. RexExLiberi

    RexExLiberi6 months ago

    All this technical effort just to have guys go online and touch other guys with anime girls avatars.. yep

  103. Naughty1 Gaming

    Naughty1 Gaming6 months ago


  104. Shaggy2286

    Shaggy22866 months ago

    15:46 that reminds me of sticking your hand in the box in Dune. lol

  105. Elijah Fry

    Elijah Fry6 months ago

    0:16 Anyone else notice the black dot by his hand?

  106. Michael O'Connor

    Michael O'Connor6 months ago

    I know this is super late but... why not peltier devices? Use the thermoelectric effect instead of fluid?