90s Nickelodeon Mystery Box #4!


  1. Carrie E.

    Carrie E.4 months ago

    Low key JEALOUS of the MIDNIGHT SOCIETY pin! How amazing! Girl, so happy for you though 😊. Are You Afraid Of The Dark was LIFE!

  2. Armando Salgado

    Armando Salgado4 months ago

    Dafuq. lol

  3. Duha The Koala

    Duha The Koala5 months ago

    BUNNY I LOVE YOUR MYSTERY BOX UNBOXINGS!!! also I decided to do a marathone on are you afraid of the dark.... omg omg omg!!

  4. Katja Težak

    Katja Težak5 months ago

    Random question: anyone have any idea why Bunny's hubby Dogman is called Dogman? :) Just curious. :)

  5. Zyan Esteph

    Zyan Esteph5 months ago

    Its called binge watching

  6. Alexis Surface

    Alexis Surface6 months ago

    What on Earth is bad ass I love that show

  7. RNG sorry

    RNG sorry6 months ago

    Why dolls in the background?🧐 I’m not hating I want to know

  8. JessieFails

    JessieFails6 months ago

    Are you afraid of the box was such an awesome show back in the day.

  9. spellbound enchantress

    spellbound enchantress7 months ago

    i love stuff like this and love how you treat yourself

  10. Jenny A.

    Jenny A.8 months ago

    Did rug rats end in 2004? Maybe that's why the reptar bar expired that year ?

  11. Leighanne Kimbell

    Leighanne Kimbell9 months ago

    super cool

  12. Nether Queen

    Nether Queen9 months ago

    1:13 binging

  13. It Is Me

    It Is Me9 months ago

    Are you afraid of the dark was my fav too I am gunna watch some after this lol.

  14. Eva Friends

    Eva Friends9 months ago

    1:09btw its binge watch

  15. Irene Portillo

    Irene Portillo10 months ago

    Its called binge watching

  16. Irene Portillo

    Irene Portillo10 months ago

    Its called binge watching

  17. Tessa Perigo

    Tessa Perigo10 months ago

    Use an electric tea light!!

  18. ReginaPhalange2020 ForPresidentofUSA

    ReginaPhalange2020 ForPresidentofUSA10 months ago

    Good god you're weird.

  19. mady Honeycutt

    mady Honeycutt10 months ago

    I love “are u afraid of the dark” my fave too! U can buy the series on amazon and Vudu!!!!

  20. Chelsea Hudspeth

    Chelsea Hudspeth11 months ago

    U should make a nickolodean room with all that awesome Nick stuff u have gotten I'm also a 90s baby u are awesome love ur videos

  21. Raging SamPai

    Raging SamPai11 months ago

    Procrastination level: watching vlogmas next year in the middle of summer ⛄ 🎅 ☀🌊

  22. gnova7

    gnova711 months ago

    why cant you make your own are you afraid of the dark yt show, you could do one episode and i get you would get better view than the show

  23. Emily Joy

    Emily Joy11 months ago

    I’m happy to see that you got a real 90’s box. I just watched the $950 box video. SHAME.

  24. Crystal Skinner

    Crystal Skinner11 months ago

    What on earth is bomb.com

  25. HBK Claudia

    HBK Claudia11 months ago

    i have a phobia towards dolls and the top shelf behind her scared the shizzles outta me

  26. Jesus Freak

    Jesus FreakYear ago

    You like documentaries, that is cool!

  27. TANN Sulcer

    TANN SulcerYear ago

    the creepy dolls in the bac,ground

  28. Amora

    AmoraYear ago

    Oh the Reptar Bar said Experation Date August 2004 cause...that's when Rugrats got cancelled *insert sad music*



    You remind me of a nickelodeon 90s cartoon character

  30. Sarah Boo

    Sarah BooYear ago

    I think an actual reptar bar from the 90s would have expired in 2004!!

  31. Starbucks Lover

    Starbucks LoverYear ago

    thtas the creepiest background ive ever seen

  32. Blank maiden name

    Blank maiden nameYear ago

    For the first five minutes the content was meaningless, just get to the Nick box already!! 😡

  33. Nakyla Liwag Lindsey

    Nakyla Liwag LindseyYear ago

    What happened to wreck it wendsdays?

  34. Dani Kimme

    Dani KimmeYear ago

    You say awesome I say scary

  35. Valerya Tabares

    Valerya TabaresYear ago


  36. Siam and Zarah

    Siam and ZarahYear ago

    I wasn’t even born when it was expired

  37. Pidgón

    PidgónYear ago

    Squirrel friends.

  38. Sonia Catena

    Sonia CatenaYear ago

    You should do a glam band “does this thing really work “

  39. Maria Schembri

    Maria SchembriYear ago

    Bind watching

  40. lil trap boy 0w0

    lil trap boy 0w0Year ago

    The expiration date is the day rugrats ended

  41. Clapz_YT

    Clapz_YTYear ago

    i got my tamagotchi to have children so i guess i was a pretty good parent haha

  42. Petrona Chaj

    Petrona ChajYear ago


  43. Christopher Wolvos

    Christopher WolvosYear ago

    Are you wearing a sassy bun

  44. Jackie Nicole

    Jackie NicoleYear ago

    Rugrats ended in August 2004, I LOVE the attention to detail!

  45. Henlo_My_ Friends

    Henlo_My_ FriendsYear ago

    I love what on earth!!

  46. Dr pepper

    Dr pepperYear ago

    Where can I buy one????

  47. liv Shumaker

    liv ShumakerYear ago


  48. liv Shumaker

    liv ShumakerYear ago

    My emotions😂😂

  49. Victoria Lehr

    Victoria LehrYear ago

    I am suprised you don't like when it gets dark early XD I Love it. I don't like the sun, or brightness, or getting tan >_< I Am a Vampire!

  50. yeahitzme

    yeahitzmeYear ago

    It's binge watching

  51. Pënñÿ Įrïš

    Pënñÿ ĮrïšYear ago


  52. James Quinn

    James QuinnYear ago

    gotta love the Velcro flap! it's sooo vajjinal~