9 Closet Organization Hacks


  1. emily wolfhard

    emily wolfhardMonth ago

    I don’t even have that many clothes

  2. Cammilla Rose

    Cammilla Rose2 months ago

    Closet organisation hack: Come out of the closet

  3. Floor Waasdorp

    Floor Waasdorp2 months ago

    some of these hacks make my eyes bleed!!! so messy!!

  4. Denise Largaespada

    Denise Largaespada3 months ago

    That t-shirt thing threw me tf off

  5. smyrna osae

    smyrna osae3 months ago

    I watched them fold the shit like ten times

  6. marwa mousa

    marwa mousa3 months ago


  7. Dolon Laha

    Dolon Laha3 months ago

    Soooooo many shoes😮

  8. okashi10

    okashi104 months ago

    Wow hacks that actually make sense for once...

  9. AlanatheLazyCat Osborne

    AlanatheLazyCat Osborne4 months ago

    Um yeah my closet is a small,long walk-in and I have a trash bag full of purses

  10. Husnucan Bellioglu

    Husnucan Bellioglu4 months ago

    very looser

  11. Vanessa Cervantes

    Vanessa Cervantes5 months ago

    I am sharing a room with my sister so not helpful no offense but she calls shots and I really have any clothes

  12. Grace Normington

    Grace Normington5 months ago

    Y'all know that 3/4 of us aren't going to use these XD yet we still will replay the video

  13. rareafrican

    rareafrican5 months ago

    Where do you get those velvet hangers?

  14. rosset4music

    rosset4music5 months ago

    Good tips. I like the wall paper on number 9. Where did you get it?

  15. Jackie_mademyday XD

    Jackie_mademyday XD6 months ago

    lol thank you

  16. HeyGuysHave121

    HeyGuysHave1216 months ago

    00:33 waaaaaaao

  17. Abaigeal Hibbard

    Abaigeal Hibbard6 months ago

    Might as well organize the closet while I'm in here.

  18. SamillaRain

    SamillaRain6 months ago

    That first one wasnt a hack it was witchcraft

  19. Sudha Sanith

    Sudha Sanith6 months ago

    Ok , I might use British English , but I know that organisation isn't spelt 'organiration'. It's in the thumbnail of you didn't notice.

  20. Purple Queencess

    Purple Queencess7 months ago

    I did the t shirt folding thing on my first try! Watch Wenger click on me and go to my playlists and look for a playlists that says I can't remember the name of it but its about folding

  21. Mrs Martin

    Mrs Martin7 months ago

    I will totally use the tie hanger hack, i keep all my tanks and undershirts on one hanger and its so annoying!

  22. Alex Gregory

    Alex Gregory7 months ago

    Saw this video and thought "yeah i could use some more leg room in here"

  23. Tragic Mess

    Tragic Mess7 months ago

    Rolled up magazines also work for the first hack

  24. Urlocalartmom

    Urlocalartmom9 months ago

    Doing this when I move

  25. Haylie Kooz

    Haylie Kooz9 months ago

    I am so amazed by the 3 hack. I never know you could fold a shirt like that.

  26. Chocolate Addict

    Chocolate Addict11 months ago

    What do they mean by "Replace your hangers so they all match" ?

  27. Brynne C

    Brynne C9 months ago

    Chocolate Addict replace a jumbled variety of hangers with slimline hangers, preferably the flocked velvet ones. They’re $20 for 50 hangers on amazon and they’re amazing. Space saving and clothes don’t just slide off them. It helps prevent shoulder dents in heavier clothes too

  28. Mei

    MeiYear ago

    that abc shit has got me fucked up

  29. Tasarımcı Kız

    Tasarımcı KızYear ago

    Good ideas👍👍👏

  30. What if your opinions doesn't matter

    What if your opinions doesn't matterYear ago

    I am already tidy but I'm just using this to fuel my obsession of tidying

  31. JueGame Esta

    JueGame EstaYear ago

    6 ❤️

  32. Ms. Brown

    Ms. BrownYear ago

    Love love

  33. MusicSavedMyLife

    MusicSavedMyLifeYear ago

    I see a lot of people commenting about how they can't do the t-shirt folding trick, so I wanted to share that it's called "Japanese T-Shirt Folding". DaveHax did a video explaining this technique in a video called "How to fold a t-shirt in under 2 seconds" :)

  34. Juhi K

    Juhi K4 months ago


  35. Geannie Donaldson

    Geannie Donaldson5 months ago

    MusicSavedMyLife &fab=cc

  36. Stacy Jenns

    Stacy Jenns8 months ago

    I saw the same folding video 3 years ago and still didn't understand how to do it.

  37. Naba Khan

    Naba Khan9 months ago

    Army so happy to meet u

  38. Chey Skye

    Chey SkyeYear ago

    Honestly I really need to try these my closet is so small

  39. Gienne Farcais

    Gienne FarcaisYear ago

    FINALLY - someone who understands what a "hack" is! Thank you.

  40. The Tato In Disgiuse

    The Tato In DisgiuseYear ago

    Im broke so i dont have these problems. No money, no 50 pairs of shoes and 2 closets full of clothes to organize.

  41. Kallista Metropoulos

    Kallista MetropoulosYear ago

    Some of these are just stupid.

  42. Clueless Kanna

    Clueless KannaYear ago

    Do they think we are loaded with money i use a chair as my closet

  43. surbhi mittal

    surbhi mittalYear ago

    Very nice

  44. yibei

    yibeiYear ago

    oh boy, these won't work for my box sized wardrobe

  45. Lou Kris

    Lou KrisYear ago

    i literally own 1 pair of shoes

  46. Budget Nest

    Budget NestYear ago

    i like the tie tank top hanger hack! 👍

  47. Stardust

    StardustYear ago

    i do not have this many shoes

  48. carriex3nicole

    carriex3nicoleYear ago

    Here's a crazy idea. How about saving some space in your closet by getting rid of things your don't use/like anymore. All of these "hacks" require you to buy more stuff. I have 50 plus extra hangers just by getting rid of the stuff I don't wear anymore. My shoe organizer that was once over flowing is now half full. It's so much easier to find things now.

  49. em c

    em cYear ago

    spend probably 80 on tension rods..or just buy a shoe shelf

  50. MissSimplyKC

    MissSimplyKCYear ago

    i need to watch the folding shirt on slow lol

  51. Adri_Fig 04

    Adri_Fig 049 months ago

    MissSimplyKC Change the playback speed

  52. Gayatri gupta

    Gayatri guptaYear ago

    nice hacks usefule for me

  53. Nickey Wonder

    Nickey WonderYear ago

    Definitely need to get my closet re-organized, lots of these videos popping up in my fees, I wonder why? lol

  54. Lindsey Wheldon

    Lindsey Wheldon3 months ago

    Nickey Wonder Lol😂

  55. Heather&Mellie SW

    Heather&Mellie SWYear ago

    I get so mad when I can't do #3 0:30

  56. Tamatha Davenport

    Tamatha DavenportYear ago

    downsizing is a great option too....if you honestly own that many pairs of shoes and pieces of clothing, do you honestly wear every piece???

  57. jlammetje

    jlammetje3 months ago

    I have way more clothes than shown here, and almost as many shoes, and yes, I wear them all quite regularly. Still, downsizing is almost always a good option!

  58. calmingspirit1

    calmingspirit1Year ago

    Most of these are just a different form of messy.

  59. cloudyksj

    cloudyksjYear ago

    All these things in a closet would look just messy and unorganized what's the point?

  60. Rhiannon O.

    Rhiannon O.Year ago


  61. Alexandra Pappas

    Alexandra PappasYear ago

    I could hear them cutting the noodle in my head and it made me cringe so hard! I have goosebumps!!

  62. lizuchis0912

    lizuchis0912Year ago

    The problem with 1:48 In theory it's great. But then you take one, everything else on the hanger falls down with it and in the end you're too lazy to pick it up/hang it up properly.

  63. jlammetje

    jlammetje3 months ago

    and it's a big bulk of clothing that is hard to fit between other hanging clothes. I prefer to fold my tanktops.

  64. Color Coded Creature

    Color Coded CreatureYear ago

    lizuchis0912 I think they're hanging it wrong... maybe if you hang it with the straps on either side it would be easier?

  65. Heather Powell

    Heather PowellYear ago

    lizuchis0912 those hangers are a balancing game. And it's not a fun game.

  66. Catherine Oberfield

    Catherine OberfieldYear ago

    how do you have this much clothes?

  67. Bri

    BriYear ago

    Augghhhh i do.....auuuuugggghhh

  68. RandomAle

    RandomAleYear ago

    I sure wanna come out THAT closet

  69. Jayanne John

    Jayanne JohnYear ago

    Actually, these were kinda clever...🙍

  70. Elizard Troods

    Elizard TroodsYear ago

    Did Buzzfeed really just show us how to fold clothes

  71. 형태미

    형태미Year ago

    Ok these are actually really useful. I did that shower caddy behind my door and the vertical shelves.

  72. Ely Fam

    Ely FamYear ago

    All of my clothes don't even fit in one closet ;-;

  73. Elena Law

    Elena LawYear ago

    Buzz feed sucks. They copied 5 minute crafts for everything. JUST STOP UTUBE IDIOT!

  74. Deirdre Debrah

    Deirdre DebrahYear ago

    You can roll up old magazines. Thats what I do now with my junk mail 😃

  75. nat mai

    nat maiYear ago

    Stand up boots with wine bottles

  76. Amber Lin

    Amber LinYear ago

    Is no one gonna talk about that Tshirt hack! That was straight up magic!

  77. Kerry Godbout

    Kerry GodboutYear ago

    I feel like the pool noodles industry was failing until Buzzfeed came along and single handily saved it.

  78. Suha Yoo

    Suha YooYear ago

    actual college dorm room hacks

  79. Lil' Kitten Rain

    Lil' Kitten RainYear ago

    Thank god, being in the closet and it is more roomy! 10/10 would recommend to all closeted gays

  80. Lauras Chronicles

    Lauras ChroniclesYear ago


  81. Watermeloon

    WatermeloonYear ago

    I'm sure everyone has tension rods laying around 😐

  82. Cynner Lim

    Cynner LimYear ago

    Nice new hacks

  83. Premlata Sharma

    Premlata SharmaYear ago

    The music is killing

  84. Clari Ann

    Clari AnnYear ago

    best nifty vid yet..

  85. Tina Ampe

    Tina AmpeYear ago

    That tshirt hack though...

  86. Celina Liu

    Celina LiuYear ago

    We all know that people will try a couple of these,feel great,then your roommate misses everything up or you do the next day

  87. peppermint teabag

    peppermint teabagYear ago

    Hack #0: Have no clothes, just a bunch of empty monochromatic black hangers against a white brick wall

  88. Kana Ken

    Kana KenYear ago

    Wtf was that ninja technique for folding shirts?

  89. Multifandom Kpopper

    Multifandom KpopperYear ago

    Kana Ken i guess u can say that plus its japanese shirt folding technique

  90. Anushka Das

    Anushka DasYear ago

    I can fit me right INSIDE THE CLOSET

  91. Zoe Gasson

    Zoe GassonYear ago

    u m looks worse than before lmao

  92. 赤羽総悟

    赤羽総悟Year ago

    I don't even have a closet. XD

  93. Kylee Abramson

    Kylee AbramsonYear ago

    赤羽総悟 wear tf do you put everything. Like I have a dresser but i use my closet for other things too

  94. Wizard Demigod

    Wizard DemigodYear ago

    赤羽総悟 Same lols. 😂 I just watch this for I have time to waste.

  95. laney

    laneyYear ago

    yeah ikr halfway through I'm like "why am I watching this?"

  96. liz OR

    liz ORYear ago

    lmfaooo my closet looks like a tornado went by

  97. Alia Russo

    Alia RussoYear ago

    Lol is there one for coming out of the closet?

  98. Sophia Wu

    Sophia WuYear ago

    I don't even use my closet

  99. MysStarry

    MysStarryYear ago

    How does one have that many shoes?

  100. Shlinky

    ShlinkyYear ago

    You can also just use rolled up magazines to straighten your boots

  101. amal zuhair

    amal zuhairYear ago

    At first glance the thumbnail looked like a white silhouette of a man's head and shoulders on a black background and I'm like why the hell is buzzfeed nifty doing coming out videos.

  102. Audrey :p

    Audrey :pYear ago

    amal zuhair lol

  103. Bre Pm

    Bre PmYear ago

    This video helps a lot!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  104. Ilinca Nitu

    Ilinca NituYear ago

    this is soooo usefull

  105. Malika Satarov

    Malika SatarovYear ago

    cool things and also i like the channel

  106. Malika Satarov

    Malika SatarovYear ago

    and also nice life hacks

  107. Malika Satarov

    Malika SatarovYear ago


  108. Megan H

    Megan HYear ago

    Malika Satarov Did you just reply to your comment 😂?

  109. Malika Satarov

    Malika SatarovYear ago

    yup its really good I have been watching them last 2 months

  110. Aaron Mac

    Aaron MacYear ago

    Hey! I got the notification right as I started cleaning the closet! Finally, something right on time!

  111. Laur14

    Laur14Year ago

    I use old binder rings to hold scarves.

  112. qυєєи тєєи idlє

    qυєєи тєєи idlєYear ago

    I like donuts and bands same tho

  113. I like donuts and bands

    I like donuts and bandsYear ago

    Laur14 i just throw everything in my closet and hope my mum won't open it lel

  114. phimosis jones

    phimosis jonesYear ago

    my apartment is so shitty that there aren't even rods in the closet so they're nothing more than an empty space in the wall the worst part is that all my clothes are still in boxes because, surprise, we have no dressers either

  115. MJ Teems

    MJ Teems4 months ago

    phimosis jones I use baskets/Dollar Tree in stead of a dresser.

  116. MidnightStationery

    MidnightStationery6 months ago

    phimosis jones That's so unfortunate!

  117. AndyBebop300

    AndyBebop300Year ago

    They sell closet organizers that have small rods in them as well as some space for fabric draws. When my boyfriend and our roommates moved into the house we currently live at a few years ago, we had to get one since the upstairs bedrooms don't have closets.

  118. Shane Inblack

    Shane InblackYear ago

    bienvenue to the real world, where we're not all rich pretending IKEA zombie youtubers paid to show our shit

  119. Ariana Parrish

    Ariana ParrishYear ago

    phimosis jones buy a dresser they don't cost much

  120. Jessica Gilfillan

    Jessica GilfillanYear ago

    I've never been this early before

  121. aiwxo

    aiwxoYear ago

    Who iwns that much stuff??

  122. Wub Lub

    Wub LubYear ago

    Finally more space for me!

  123. Morgan Ritter

    Morgan RitterYear ago

    lol not everyone has a bunch of pool noodles to spare XD instead of that just use paper towel rolls to straighten boots

  124. MJ Teems

    MJ Teems4 months ago

    Morgan Ritter Pool noodles are $1 at Wal-Mart. It's what I use. More durable than paper towel rolls and they can be cut to the length of the boot shaft.

  125. lelabrooks04

    lelabrooks04Year ago

    Morgan Ritter dollar tree during the summer seasons grest time to stock up

  126. Ab Ma

    Ab MaYear ago

    Or plastic water bottles guys..I’ve tried it works fine

  127. tammyclewley

    tammyclewleyYear ago

    Morgan Ritter wine bottles

  128. ItsMariahKA

    ItsMariahKAYear ago

    Morgan Ritter i

  129. Anuja Bhargava

    Anuja BhargavaYear ago

    early !! I love you nifty


    RICE BUNNYYear ago

    The background music tho

  131. Robyn Dem

    Robyn DemYear ago

    If you have any old baby hangers that you aren't using, you can use those to hang up tank tops in your closet.

  132. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔYear ago


  133. Arianna Sanchez

    Arianna SanchezYear ago