8 Survival Myths That Will Definitely Make Things Worse


  1. Jeremy ellmer

    Jeremy ellmer22 hours ago

    I see these as like the same as those "putting your phone in the microwave charges it" videos but much more ancient. Common sense should tell you better but common sense is greatly lacking now. I believe the new term should be social sense?

  2. wallewalle 777

    wallewalle 777Day ago

    Stupid cartoon logic

  3. wallewalle 777

    wallewalle 777Day ago

    Ahh man I wanted to get high off of cactus juice it looked like fun sokka why did you lie 😭

  4. wallewalle 777

    wallewalle 777Day ago


  5. xAlbinopiratex

    xAlbinopiratexDay ago

    Guess I'll die

  6. Keith Thompson

    Keith ThompsonDay ago

    Got stung by a school of jellyfish in the gulf while surfing, and beer was poured on me. From my experience it helped.

  7. Ninja Chicken

    Ninja ChickenDay ago

    If you pee on a jellyfish sting, urine trouble Badoom crash

  8. Sovek

    Sovek2 days ago

    I WISH food was low on my priorites, but its up there with water. Going 12 hours without food can result in some interesting times once my blood sugar drops, which makes me really tired, and unable to move much. Go too long and I risk passing out. sucks, trust me.

  9. Sgc 538

    Sgc 5382 days ago

    Wait, so... Ketchup would work on jellyfish stings?

  10. Alexandre Tollet

    Alexandre Tollet4 days ago

    Have you made a snake venom / evolution of venom video yet?

  11. Justin Ruiz

    Justin Ruiz4 days ago

    Eating blood... 3:52 *_"Hello! I'm eatting water!"_* You see how dumb that sounds? That's how dumb 3:52 sounds.

  12. anton

    anton4 days ago

    Number nine. Use grammar. On 2, you said "cactuses". its cacti.

  13. Noriel Sylvire

    Noriel Sylvire5 days ago

    Please, cacti, not cactuses

  14. Simulacrum Dei

    Simulacrum Dei5 days ago

    Cacti Not Cactusses

  15. J - Hump

    J - Hump6 days ago

    Wait I hear a trump supporter screaming fake news, you know cause science and being able to read and a self thinking brain and such.

  16. John Jaeger

    John Jaeger7 days ago

    Instead of standing there like a cigar store Indian, would you please wave your hands around and around and around and around, while talking? It would make your lengthy explanations SO MUCH MORE fascinating.

  17. jessica suchy

    jessica suchy6 days ago

    racist and unnecessary.

  18. Teatro Grottesco

    Teatro Grottesco7 days ago

    Thanks ThermoDynamics!!!

  19. Melancholy

    Melancholy8 days ago

    Me:**dying in the wilderness** Hank: simply go to the hospital

  20. Adi D

    Adi D9 days ago

    So basically, Chandler shouldn't have peed on Monica to hell her with the jelly fish sting

  21. djbare9

    djbare99 days ago

    When I was on holiday in Mexico, I got stung by a jellyfish, I was told by someone on the beach to rub dry sand over the affected area, I never did find out whether it would help, the idea of rubbing an abrasive over my already painfully sore skin was not appealing.

  22. OptimusWombat

    OptimusWombat11 days ago

    Is Hank getting younger?

  23. T1Oracle

    T1Oracle11 days ago

    I saw a "when animals attack" like show where a guy walked himself to the hospital and was only able to make it because he applied a tourniquet to his snake bite.

  24. Moncef Bakhta

    Moncef Bakhta11 days ago

    WTF is wrong with that thumbnail

  25. Isaac Dueck

    Isaac Dueck12 days ago

    7:57 I have a snake bite kit that has a sirynge that sucks the venom out. Possibly basic treatment. It's in a survival backpack

  26. Isaac Dueck

    Isaac Dueck12 days ago

    Oops 3:20

  27. Isaac Dueck

    Isaac Dueck12 days ago

    What about eating prickly pear?

  28. Nikxsy LV

    Nikxsy LV12 days ago

    3:01 ....how did you read my mind..!?😂😂 i was just thinking about that scene

  29. Vinson Cornett

    Vinson Cornett12 days ago


  30. Daniel Gonçalves

    Daniel Gonçalves13 days ago

    2:33 is the stuff they put in sour candy such as extreme sour hard candy warheads

  31. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan14 days ago

    From personal experience.. prickly pears, Indian popcorn, willow bark(for pain) and fire ants are easy quick sources of food and small amounts of water( prickly pears)


    XxxSUPERBEASTxxX15 days ago

    Atually young pear cactuses taste very good raw.. we ate them all the time they are very sweet! :)

  33. Aleksandra Makari

    Aleksandra Makari15 days ago

    Make a snow fort! Those can be great insulation.

  34. Crikey Mate

    Crikey Mate15 days ago

    Break Not The Bonds, but the intermolecular force. Covalent bonds are quite strong and you need lot of heat which is more than your body heat. Thus your body heat breaks the weak intermolecular bonds of the water.

  35. jerryjbrown

    jerryjbrown15 days ago

    If you imagine hard enough, it will come true.....anything

  36. Caden Morace

    Caden Morace15 days ago

    2:07 did... did he just say cactuses instead of cacti

  37. CJayin

    CJayin16 days ago

    Wow I don’t know anything

  38. Nabbi Chilcott

    Nabbi Chilcott17 days ago

    As someone who lives in Australia I disagree with the not binding a snake bite. Often most snake bites down here happen a fair way away from the nearest hospital. While you aren’t meant to bind the limbs with a tourniquet, you are meant to bind them and where possible use something as splints. Moving the limb around is what causes the venom to be pushed through your system quicker. While a tourniquet might stop it is released blood will rush from that area causing the venom to spread quickly. The first advice is don’t play with snakes, especially if you don’t know if they are venomous or not. Second advice (especially if you’re coming down under) is to watch an Australian video on how to treat snake bites and buy a couple of snake bite bandages. If you go bushwalking down here be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you think you will be back.

  39. Jack Demetriou

    Jack Demetriou18 days ago

    Is this the guy from Crash Course?

  40. Jet Conway

    Jet Conway19 days ago

    I love how you can just identify hank greens voice without even seeing him

  41. Joe Ennis

    Joe Ennis19 days ago

    His reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender immediately gained this video a like

  42. Kayla Hughes

    Kayla Hughes21 day ago

    what im hearing is that eating snow burns calories...

  43. YbJQ

    YbJQ21 day ago

    As far as jellyfish stings go, yeah vinegar is the way to go. Got stung a bunch over my left shoulder when I was younger once. Vinegar does help a *lot*

  44. Lukos0036

    Lukos003621 day ago

    "So hey, yeah, if you're like, suffering from frostbite just...do nothing. Because there isn't a doctor around to throw your life savings at to chop those parts off for you so just stay cold and die quietly. Don't fight it because it might kill you even more." Dumb.

  45. PierreB

    PierreB22 days ago

    So ... take some water with you!

  46. HalfelfHalfling Bard

    HalfelfHalfling Bard22 days ago

    8:50 that should be refrigerated ! That made me laugh xD

  47. Weyou Nion

    Weyou Nion23 days ago

    drinking one's own pee is a traditional self-regulating medicine.

  48. iridiumFalcon

    iridiumFalcon24 days ago

    Peyote and sanpedro cactus is a different story

  49. Clingingpanda 18

    Clingingpanda 1825 days ago



    SMASH LEFTISM26 days ago

    Another caution. Do not eat the liver from a lot of animals they contain extreme levels of vitamin A. A bite or two of polar bear liver may be enough to kill you from acute hypervitaminosis A. Most animal liver is OK in small amounts but if your unsure avoid it.

  51. The Duder

    The Duder28 days ago

    I assure ALL. Born and raised in Florida on the coast. We hit a swarm one day. It was easier to count areas without contact wounds. If stung by a jelly fish, vinegar IS the go to treatment. Not only does it somewhat minimize the pain and discomfort for a bit, but is truly does seem to stop the others from firing. Proof came a month later when I ran into another grouping. I was hit by quite a few, but because of the vinegar, new burns did not appear that were not already visible after coming out of the water. Oh, and yelling at them is entirely futile. They seriously do not care that you were swimming there or not. lol

  52. IETCHX69

    IETCHX69Month ago

    Why I like this channel . They talk TO you not DOWN to you . Talk-downers > t.a.l.k.s.l.o.w. and pause a lot to let.that.stupid.melon.ccaattcchh.uupp ...Also go UP at the end of each sentence as though to ask , " Are you getting this , my lil friend ? " .

  53. Juniper Rockhopper

    Juniper RockhopperMonth ago

    WTF is 8? I thought the dark ages ended like a thousand years ago!

  54. Ma Sato

    Ma SatoMonth ago

    So can I lose weight by drinking ice water?

  55. Samuel McCallister

    Samuel McCallisterMonth ago

    #9 - Anything Bear Grylls says. He has his film crew take location shots, does about 8 hours of Jackass about a half-mile into a local nature preserve, and kills every animal he encounters.

  56. Dante Barr

    Dante BarrMonth ago

    Can people produced new antibody by interesting different poison to produce antibodies against those poison

  57. Jon Andrescu

    Jon AndrescuMonth ago

    Pee on the jellyfish not on the sting

  58. Mandie Pandie

    Mandie PandieMonth ago

    Came here for the survival tips, subscribed for the Avatar reference. ❤

  59. Phyllis DeVries

    Phyllis DeVriesMonth ago

    I'm so happy, and grateful to have lived my whole life in Alaska. When the crap hits the fan me and mine will be fine. While those in big cities, can expect martial law, looters and etc. My advice is to head for the tall and the uncut.

  60. ADroGames

    ADroGamesMonth ago

    Me at 2 am: I will use these absolutely

  61. Ryan St. George

    Ryan St. GeorgeMonth ago

    From a man who spent more time with a hairbrush in his hand than an axe... Nancy

  62. Ethnine

    EthnineMonth ago

    Even some of the tips you guys got right are wrong, and what you thought was wrong can be right. Its all rather situational, as is most survival. Generally though, you didn't do too bad, but there are indeed some misinformation in your attempts and providing information: 1. Eating Snow: Indeed it is generally advised to melt the snow before consuming it. But I do not know many people that simply eat their ice-cream whole. If you're in a bind, holding the snow inside your mouth while you travel until it melts and becomes warmer will do in a pinch. Still, its not the best option just one little hack to avoid risking your core dropping. 2. Cactus information seems fairly accurate. But you guys did skip over aloe as a good source of hydration. But keep its consumption to a minimum for the same reasons as you would cactus. 3. Don't drink your blood. Simple enough. Only drink your urine if you're going to die and you're 3.5 days without any liquids. 4. Moss for directions is something we tell city people so we can watch what happens. Seriously though, use some forms of common sense. You can use moss, along side other environmental ques to determine your surroundings. But don't solely rely on it. That's a bad idea. 5. This was one I actually disagree with you all on, at least too a certain degree. For the same reasons you guys said to NOT drink alcohol to warm up, I would say you SHOULD drink alcohol. But only under the right circumstances. If you're in a position to be enclosed or in the process of warming up, then I would strongly suggest it. As the heat moving away from your body will become trapped by the blanket or enclosure and begin the convection process, thus actually warming you up faster. Now if you're freezing and you have nothing on but a t-shirt, then yes this is a bad idea. But its a matter of circumstance, as is most survival. 6. Yep, I agree. 7. What you guys obviously do not know; is that when you go to the hospital they will take a plastic suction device out of its sterile packaging and perform similar steps to what has been done for years before there were hospitals readily available. But, you are correct that it is not something you should do lightly, or even do right away. If a hospital is close by then best to avoid taking the risks that you guys outlined. However, if you're truly surviving and it comes down to taking this risk vs certain death, then you take the risk every time. 8. Yes, uric acid doesn't help jelly fish stings.

  63. Patrick Marks

    Patrick MarksMonth ago

    I'm sorry but "cactuses" Cacti

  64. Count Frackula

    Count FrackulaMonth ago

    Your title is wrong: 4 of these Survival 'Myths', by your own admission will generally help over the short term. 1 of them is ambiguous.

  65. emma i guess

    emma i guessMonth ago

    if i ever get stung by a jellyfish and someone decides peeing on me is a good decision..... i am grabbing the jelly fish out of the water throwing it at their face...

  66. ssk 1929

    ssk 1929Month ago

    Mentioning the sokka part 👌🏻👌🏻

  67. Whitpusmc

    WhitpusmcMonth ago

    Man I don’t get people. This survival stuff and weird notions of what they’d do cracks me up. They think they will kill a bear and eat it and wear the skin etc etc or because they watched a season of “man vs wild” they are wilderness survival experts. They’d be dead in a week. Me, this stuff is easy. Just hail an Uber to the nearest Starbucks. Duh. And before you say it I have my rewards card number memorized so it doesn’t matter if I’m naked and don’t have a wallet.

  68. Liquid | v2

    Liquid | v2Month ago


  69. xcres

    xcresMonth ago

    Have alcohol? Don't drink for warmth, burn it

  70. Pokabjörn

    PokabjörnMonth ago

    2,300 essential oil users disliked this video

  71. Jean Kim

    Jean KimMonth ago

    Won’t say how I know this... but if you step on a sea urchin, pee does make the pain go instantly away and gradually shrink those spikes. Is there a better method? Hopefully.

  72. Patrick Radcliffe

    Patrick RadcliffeMonth ago

    A ready source of water is blinker fluid in a emergency.

  73. Gold Dee

    Gold DeeMonth ago

    Now wondering how many people have shown up to the ER holding snakes.

  74. gideon crider

    gideon criderMonth ago

    Less straud > bear grills

  75. Alexander Dennis

    Alexander DennisMonth ago

    first time watch this channel love it thnks scishow...xD

  76. Jorge Callico

    Jorge CallicoMonth ago

    Totally concur about cactus water. Once upon a time I accidentally scratched a cactus which bled out a single, small drop of whitish milk. I then wiped this drop off my right index finger and ALMOST forgot about the matter. I was soon reminded after wiping my eye later that day. Releasing just a tiny tiny residue of the cactus milk. Damn my eye hurt! As did my mouth after licking my finger in response.

  77. Talk About It

    Talk About ItMonth ago

    sokka or loved science dude who taught me science through my school life?

  78. I have no idea what im doing here

    I have no idea what im doing hereMonth ago

    Loving the Avatar (the last Airbender) reference!!!👌👌👌

  79. Hail Satan

    Hail Satan2 months ago

    My piss kinda smells weird, any healthy survival tips on improving it's scent and flavor? Maybe I should put some kool-aid packets in my car?

  80. Sam Cook

    Sam Cook2 months ago

    Survival tips from a guy who looks like he's never even been outside.

  81. henry the ounce

    henry the ounce2 months ago

    Haven't watched it but drinking piss must be one

  82. CT75ify

    CT75ify2 months ago

    I actually really like prickly pear

  83. Lenore

    Lenore2 months ago

    I work in a Kindergarten far north and if kids are cold on their hands, feet or face, instead of rubbing, we press warm hands or blow on them, to heat them up..

  84. NatTheKiwi

    NatTheKiwi2 months ago

    Always find/make shelter first. Then get water and then a source of food. Also, always stay near a crash sight unless you for sure know where you’re going. Even then I recommend staying around the crash.

  85. Archie Lois

    Archie Lois2 months ago

    He said *CACTUSES* oh no

  86. The Savage Method

    The Savage Method2 months ago

    The one about drinking your own pee. There is one safe way I know of especially if you are in a hot climate. Distillation. If you can evaporate your pee and collect the vapor to re-condense the majority of the waste materials will be left behind thus making it a viable option.

  87. Karnera Mythos

    Karnera Mythos2 months ago

    Me: "Oh Science Video... What do we need to do to survive?" Hank Green: " *N o t h i n g* " Internet: "THE MAN HAS SPOKEN!"

  88. Nina Church

    Nina Church2 months ago

    how would you suck venom out of a snake bite.

  89. SuperSonic1116

    SuperSonic11162 months ago

    pee can work if you drink things with alot of acidity to them, if you only drink water all the time it shouldn't work at all, hell mustard can help it

  90. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith2 months ago

    So if I'm in a desert...should I drink alcohol to try to dissipate some heat?

  91. Dee Dubya

    Dee Dubya2 months ago

    The cactus one was legitimately helpful as I probably would've tried to eat any old cactus, not just the two that are safe.

  92. Ninja Chicken

    Ninja ChickenDay ago

    Dee Dubya how about aloe vera

  93. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil3 days ago

    You should never drink cactus juice but if you get stranded you can drink your fellow survivors blood. It saved my life when I was stranded in the rocky mountains. Longest Friday of my life.

  94. Prince Thunderflare

    Prince Thunderflare2 months ago

    Cactus juice It's the cactiest!

  95. luna

    luna2 months ago

    Hey aren’t you the guy who teaches my history class

  96. Han Solo

    Han Solo2 months ago

    The suck the venom strategy sounds like bloodletting

  97. Jacob B

    Jacob B2 months ago

    Yeah learned that 8 didn’t work that one time in Hawaii when my dad peed on my leg

  98. Cameron Durrantcameron

    Cameron Durrantcameron2 months ago

    Here’s another one that’s probably killed some people. If you see a bear, run down a hill! Bears have stubby legs and they’ll trip over them! Yeah. Try that. I think you’ll be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that bears have biologically adapted to chase down and kill prey uphill AND downhill.

  99. jesse james

    jesse james2 months ago

    i'm sorry but you are very wrong about #1 staying hydrated in in a survival situation is more important if your moving the heat your body generates will keep you at a perfect level now if your sweating the cold is extreme, your not moving, and maybe your soaking wet then yes bad idea

  100. JMDinOKC

    JMDinOKC2 months ago

    It’s “antivenin”, not “antivenom.”

  101. Justin Hembree

    Justin Hembree2 months ago

    Snake bite me it’s gon die so we good!

  102. Suicide The Bunny

    Suicide The Bunny2 months ago

    Ooh a myth from a myth video! You don't actually have to remember what kind of snake bit you. Any good medical professional will know what (or how to find out what) kind of venom it is based on how it's killing you. They will be able to look at your seared puffy flesh and go, yep, that's a diamondback... They only ask you to try to calm you down, because if your arm is melting off, you're probably pretty hysterical.

  103. Phoenix Grimm

    Phoenix Grimm15 days ago

    +Ryan Vickers True but one of the most annoying/effective things 911 operators do is ask you basic information you should know to help you down. People generally get calmer when forced to think and answer information.

  104. Ryan Vickers

    Ryan Vickers21 day ago

    If I was in this situation I would be calmed by knowing the doctor already knows what the solution is without having to ask me. If I think my chances depend on me knowing the right type that is not gonna help me relax.

  105. grtgrt

    grtgrt2 months ago

    So I totally should give naked hugs to someone if we're stranded in a cold place? Because that's the one piece of info I reeeally care about.