8 Survival Myths That Will Definitely Make Things Worse


  1. Track Running Lorrin

    Track Running Lorrin14 hours ago

    Can you talk like a normal I’m not a scientist

  2. Comrade Doggo

    Comrade Doggo17 hours ago

    just dont eat too much snow

  3. The incarnation of boredom

    The incarnation of boredomDay ago

    Boiling snow with fire would be a lot smarter if you don't have any other water sources.

  4. vodam

    vodamDay ago

    2:53 alkaloids... ALKOHOL!!!!

  5. BLAH4460

    BLAH4460Day ago

    How to navigate without gps/compass. The sun rises in the east and set in the west. If the sun is going up that direction is east, left of east is north, right of east is south, behind east is west. BAM solution found. Also "what if it's night. The moon does the same thing. "What if you can't see the sky" grab a sharp object and start marking only 1 side of the trees, that way when you turn around and face your marks you know your at least going in a general straight line.

  6. sabrina brown

    sabrina brownDay ago

    Love the Avatar reference. I really liked that episode.

  7. Zach Thom

    Zach ThomDay ago

    As a public message, I think we should always refer to boiling (or any phase change) as breaking attractions (or at least distinguish them by calling them inter molecular bonds or hydrogen bonds) and not call it simply breaking bonds (even though bonding energy is indeed overcome). I here too often of confusion caused with terms regarding phase changes. Anyways, like always I enjoyed the show!

  8. Pa Zuzu

    Pa ZuzuDay ago

    How about eating your camera man?

  9. vwr32jeep

    vwr32jeep2 days ago

    If you are in a situation where you are worried about survival, your best bet is to find an alpha male.

  10. Jim The EDC Guy

    Jim The EDC Guy2 days ago


  11. James Sloan

    James Sloan2 days ago

    Pineapple juice or meat tenderizer for a jellyfish sting.

  12. Bob Moreno II

    Bob Moreno II3 days ago

    So if alcohol expands your capitulates, bring more warm blood to your extremities, wouldn't that be a way to prevent frostbite? But don't drink all of it. You can use some as an accelerant to start a fire to melt water and recover your core temp lost from drinking. Good times! Every driver should have at least one bottle of their favorite alcohol at hand... it could save your life!

  13. Samar Nadra

    Samar Nadra3 days ago

    Desert survival tip: make a solar still and put mashed cactus or pee or anything else with a high water content in the still and drink only the resulting purified water.

  14. PanozGTR2

    PanozGTR23 days ago

    Don't forget refeeding syndrome; if you have been starved for a long period, don't suddenly eat loads of food or you will die

  15. Max Heinz

    Max Heinz3 days ago

    5:13 To keep your core warm, alcohol isn´t the way to go, thats right. But to save your extremities from freezing, alcohol does a good job as it opens those bloodvessels to the extremities (at the cost of core temperature), that are normally closed so the core temperature won´t fall too fast. If you know when to give alcohol, it can definitely help. But if you don´t know it exactly, its usually a bad idea to give alcohol.

  16. The Lemony Bard

    The Lemony Bard3 days ago

    But...but cactus water is *the Q U E N C H I E S T* !



    Id much rather make love, you can work up quite a sweat and besides we're all gonna die anyway right?

  18. Kringle McCringleberry

    Kringle McCringleberry4 days ago

    dont need wifi to see scishow, unlimited data

  19. J Espinola

    J Espinola4 days ago

    cactuses. *cactuses* *CACTUSES*

  20. Atzy

    Atzy4 days ago

    What about beating the snot out of the snake and bringing the carcass along?

  21. Viola Minicozzi Dwyer

    Viola Minicozzi Dwyer4 days ago

    This was more stress-inducing than helpful! The alternative recommendations were too general or nonexistent... :O

  22. Matas

    Matas4 days ago


  23. Maeve McCann

    Maeve McCann5 days ago

    I bet malice acid is in pineapple and kiwi

  24. Zukiel Mod X

    Zukiel Mod X5 days ago

    my parents and relatives always keep saying to piss on a jellyfish whenever we got to a beach and see one

  25. Thomas Remme

    Thomas Remme6 days ago

    If no vinegar available, you can try with coke if proper medical treatment is far away. Source: New Scientist (old article)

  26. 紫の少女

    紫の少女6 days ago

    Someone who never leaves their hometown and watching this kind of stuff will just waste your time. For such people, their survival tips could be how to spend a meaningful life rather then dead-like life.

  27. Laura Woodward

    Laura Woodward6 days ago

    My school class had to watch a video about hypothermia when I was 10. Hiking is really popular in New Zealand and our weather changes quickly. You have to increase the persons temperature slowly. 1. Get indoors if you can 2. Remove their wet clothing and give them a dry hat and socks 3. Remove your clothing and zip your sleeping bags together or embrace under a foil or wool blanket. Shared body heat is slow and effective. You can’t rush it. 4. Have someone else light a fire and gentle heat some water until it’s just tepid. Have them sip it. 5. Try to keep them calm. Hypothermia can induce hallucinations. It can be pretty scary, from experience!!

  28. Max Levine

    Max Levine6 days ago

    A:TLA referenced, now I'm happy.

  29. Something Nothing

    Something Nothing7 days ago

    Moss can also be used to filter water and that does work.

  30. Vlad Rusu

    Vlad Rusu7 days ago

    What if you boil the cactus juice?

  31. Russell Buschman

    Russell Buschman7 days ago

    Hello future corvin

  32. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi7 days ago


  33. RhinestoneEyes

    RhinestoneEyes7 days ago

    So nobody lit Toph on fire ?

  34. Zarni Maung

    Zarni Maung8 days ago

    For the snake, don't catch the live snake. If you manage kill the snake, bring the dead snake along. That might help.

  35. John Groshner

    John Groshner8 days ago

    For number 4 Use the sun Sun rises in the east and sets in the West You don’t need moss on trees to point NORTH

  36. John Groshner

    John Groshner8 days ago

    Nice haircut

  37. Krylon 36200

    Krylon 362008 days ago

    Some species of cacti can actually get you high, from an alkaloid called mescaline.

  38. Esteban LV

    Esteban LV8 days ago

    Very informative survival video, delivered by a guy with the perfect "monitor screen tan" ;)

  39. Serygalacaffeine

    Serygalacaffeine8 days ago

    This was very well presented :)

  40. SkrilexLars46 Dale

    SkrilexLars46 Dale8 days ago

    love how i thought of sokka at once he mentioned those cemicals in cactus then he talks about sokka. i thought i was the only one remembering the last airbender lol

  41. Christian Hohenstein

    Christian Hohenstein9 days ago

    I always think it is funny with moss growing on the north side of a tree. Here in europe we are told it grows on the west side because rainy weather usually comes from the atlantic, wich is in the west. I am not sure if that really works. I tend to estimate the direction on the position of the sun and time of the day. It is usually close enough.

  42. JRodgesevant

    JRodgesevant9 days ago

    So if I'm alone and stranded and bitten by a snake I should probably start praying, basically.

  43. plaguelock

    plaguelock9 days ago

    Wouldn't drinking a lot of blood be harmful to you in the same way that drinking salt water is?

  44. haxpaxed

    haxpaxed9 days ago

    "Get to a hospital" ain't a survival trick... why didn't you just answer every question with that if you were gonna include it? We need to know how to survive snake venom!

  45. Bassdeff

    Bassdeff9 days ago

    You can eat snow during the day while you are exerting energy. If you are hot enough to unzip your jacket to keep for sweating to much you can safely eat some snow without fear of hypothermia.

  46. Emya Me

    Emya Me9 days ago

    Survival tip: don’t be an idiot and stick to trails

  47. Pulp 360

    Pulp 36010 days ago

    Oh my god it's that kiss ass guy


    MIASMA INC.10 days ago

    I hate these shows that try to make dumb ass jokes that aren’t even remotely funny

  49. Mr Luxarina

    Mr Luxarina10 days ago

    There's one that I've come across that I'm still unsure of: If you fall into icy water, removing or retaining your wet clothes once out of the water. I've heard people adamantly insisting that either a) keeping your wet clothes on is still better for heat retention than not wearing anything, or b) your wet clothes will actually absorb the heat from your body more quickly than being naked and wet in the open air. Presumably it depends on the air temperature to some degree, but I can only assume that one group of people is going to be convinced of the wrong one and screw themselves over.

  50. Shaun Dreclin

    Shaun Dreclin10 days ago

    You could pee in a container of some sort and distill it though couldn't you?

  51. MilleniumFDH

    MilleniumFDH10 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like one of those talking head portraits in Fallout 1/2

  52. Commander Cake10

    Commander Cake1010 days ago

    3:20 I live in Arizona prickly pear fruit (the red bulbs) actually tastes ok. just be sure there are no needles. in emergencies put one in a sock and crush it with a rock to get just the juice

  53. Jacques Sol

    Jacques Sol10 days ago

    Luckily I live in England so finding vinegar next to the sea is easy here

  54. Gautam Sarathy

    Gautam Sarathy10 days ago

    So vampires have a constant iron deficiency? Good to know

  55. ASavagePotatoCat

    ASavagePotatoCat10 days ago

    Survival tip: Don't go outside. Ever.

  56. Cryptonymicus

    Cryptonymicus10 days ago

    Learn how to use an analog watch as a compass. Then bring a compass.

  57. Prometheus

    Prometheus11 days ago

    I saw the title and already was prepared to disproof many of your disproves :D but well done! Maybe the point on the cactus's which you already disproved a bit of your self by mentioning that there are in fact some of them you can eat ("drink") from but at the end your right they nothing for longterm survival. On the other hand in short time they can be still useful because you at least still your thirst a bit (never underestimate the psychological effect ! ). And the point with the moos is well... really pointless at all because navigation (without a compass) is always taking many indicators into consideration (Sun / shadow, stars etc.). Again you already disproved it a bit your self by mentioning that in most cases the moos really dose grow on the north side. It would be more accurate to state that you cant use the moos _alone_ as an indicator which direction you go. Survive / Live in the wild is mostly carefully observation (and knowledge not Rambo skills! Want to survive in the wild learn what plants are edible (varies of course with region), learn basic techniques for making fire (and carving wood with stone / fire ), learn how to spot water, and always underestimated by most: Learn how to navigate ! Seriously i met guys who where great survivalists but without modern technology they wouldn't be able to know where they are )

  58. MrSqueak Squeak

    MrSqueak Squeak11 days ago

    I recall reading Gerald Durrell's (animal collector, zoo-owner and author) humorous recollection of being bitten by a snake that he had just mis-indentified as being non-poisonous. I think it was somewhere in Benin, Africa (but I might be mistaken). Because his location far from hospital, he was driven over rough-country to hospital and drank lots of whiskey, yes he knew it was wrong, but I think it was to counter the pain. He survived. But I suspect he was young, fit and probably wasn't envenomated by a particularly venomous snake.

  59. Rian Trainor

    Rian Trainor11 days ago

    How does staying warm help a snakebite?

  60. Isaac Westawski

    Isaac Westawski11 days ago

    Hank can you do an impression of hank hill? Dammit bobbeh

  61. Isaac Westawski

    Isaac Westawski11 days ago

    Could you use the conductivity of a metal spoon to melt snow if its cold out?

  62. Grimmsect

    Grimmsect11 days ago

    Is the no tourniquet on a snake bite a new thing? I knew the sucking out venom thing was a myth, same as the peeing on jellyfish stingers, I live in Australia where we actually have to deal with these two animals regularly so we've always known it was vinegar (it's what we've been told since the 80's at least). But the way you describe snake bites it sounds like you want the victim standing and walking, which will kill them. I guess you guys only have to deal with Rattlesnakes (which are still pretty deadly) over there. But my knowledge is light tourniquet(not tight), maybe with a splint, sit down and have your friends carry you to a car (assuming you're not entirely alone, which is a stupid idea in the middle of nowhere anyway), then go to hospital. Try to identify the snake (which is flocking hard in AUS as they're all deadly and none of them (save for the red belly) have enough distinguishing features (ie. rattle) to tell them apart from other snakes) and get to a hospital. Moving the limb at all will increase blood flow and therefore increase the speed at which the venom will travel around the body. I know Rattlers have a more necrotic venom as opposed to the paralytic venom of Aussie snakes so maybe a tourniquet would increase the chances of losing that limb, so maybe this advice is US specific advice. IDK, is why I was asking. In Australia the snakes don't make you lose limbs, they just stop you from breathing.

  63. Autistic Screeching

    Autistic Screeching11 days ago

    You need to do something about that thumbnail...

  64. Me Mi

    Me Mi11 days ago

    3:22 That is a lie. Prickly pears do taste good. Apart from the seeds that are as hard as stones in it. Apart from that it tastes really good.

  65. Kevin McGuin

    Kevin McGuin12 days ago

    They made me learn 'hot cross buns' on the recorder, they made me learn long division, they made me learn cursive, they even went as far as to teach meaningless fairy-tales as actual history, but not one single class on how to survive in the wild.

  66. Dr. K

    Dr. K12 days ago

    BUT... BUT.. Bear Gyrills drinks pee! 😏

  67. Rafael Dracofuchs

    Rafael Dracofuchs13 days ago

    Phone dead? Please. I avoid that like the plague. Water/shock proof and a long battery life. In a no service zone is far more likely. Lol

  68. Rod Gabrielle Canete

    Rod Gabrielle Canete13 days ago

    Improvise, Adapt, Survive

  69. Maenethal

    Maenethal13 days ago

    Drinking urine even once is bad for you. It's much better to create a "urine still." Dig a hole, line it with something water resistant, place a vessel for the fresh water in the center, then fill the surrounding area with urine (or non-toxic plants) then cover it with tarpaulin or something similar. Weigh down the corners and put a weight in the center, right over the cup. The moisture will evaporate and condense on the tarp, and will drip down into the cup.

  70. 眩暈夢

    眩暈夢13 days ago


  71. Jabun The Wanderer

    Jabun The Wanderer13 days ago

    Could a stiff drink help you recover from frostbite once you get somewhere warm enough that you are no longer at risk of hypothermia?

  72. Viking

    Viking13 days ago

    If your out in the wild there are NO doctors ,all you are saying is get to a doctor??????

  73. Kalfax plays

    Kalfax plays13 days ago

    i knew all of these already... Guess I'm just well informed?

  74. SiCong Li

    SiCong Li13 days ago

    Giant mushroom~ Maybe it's friendly!!

  75. chicoarraes

    chicoarraes13 days ago

    if you´re able to kill the snake, DO BRING IT WITH YOU! IT WILL HELP!

  76. chicoarraes

    chicoarraes13 days ago

    be honest and truthful, cactus juice will get you high, depending on the cactus

  77. Persian Emissary

    Persian Emissary13 days ago

    1:14 Ha..! You just ate my frozen Piss

  78. Matthew Christian

    Matthew Christian14 days ago

    Hank, We use acetic acid in the lab to trigger cnidocytes. No vinegar either!

  79. Sir Kelvinton

    Sir Kelvinton14 days ago

    The avatar the last air bender reference brought a smile to my face

  80. Davorak The Dragon

    Davorak The Dragon14 days ago

    Scraping the sting with a credit card was actually advice for safely removing Bee stingers, since they are barbed and will snag on credit cards or finger nails. Good advice; -Remove it from the bottom instead of the top so it doesn't release more venom. -Don't apply too much pressure or squeeze hard, this will also release more venom.

  81. The Rainy Mimikyu

    The Rainy Mimikyu14 days ago

    The more I learn, the more I feel like I should carry some vinegar with me wherever I go.

  82. DJAppyD

    DJAppyD14 days ago

    Cooking snow on your campfire, great survival tip.

  83. Nadav Igra

    Nadav Igra14 days ago

    What about coke, containing phosphoric acid to neutralize jellyfish cnidocytes?

  84. Christy Hardy

    Christy Hardy14 days ago

    So basically if you get bitten by a snake and can't get to a hospital, you're screwed 👍

  85. Simon Horwell

    Simon Horwell15 days ago

    Superb facts

  86. erick contreras

    erick contreras15 days ago


  87. Ze _Jeff

    Ze _Jeff15 days ago

    Avatar already taught me the cactus one

  88. Ketami Kijo

    Ketami Kijo15 days ago

    The hell does "bellow the heart" mean? I'm only asking cause I assume it means put your hand down at your side but I'm not gonna stand there putting my hand up and down like an odd dance

  89. bldeagle10

    bldeagle1015 days ago


  90. Alv8

    Alv815 days ago

    if its hot outside should you drink alcohol because heat diffuses easier?

  91. DarkVitamins

    DarkVitamins15 days ago

    My body shoves excess iron into my heart? That's kinda metal.

  92. SuperQBoi

    SuperQBoi16 days ago

    #7 fun fact about anti-venom, a horse was repeatedly injected with that snakes venom in order to create those antibodies for you.

  93. PSpurgeonCubFan

    PSpurgeonCubFan16 days ago

    "Thanks, Thermodynamics"

  94. Irish Englishman

    Irish Englishman16 days ago

    I would melt the snow between my butt cheeks

  95. eatskittensfordinner

    eatskittensfordinner16 days ago

    I would certainly rather endure a jellyfish sting than get pissed on. Person: Hey! Your face is on fire! I can piss on you to put it out! Me: No thanks. I'm good.

  96. caatabatic

    caatabatic16 days ago

    I guess peeing on a bear bite is still good.

  97. Hunter Vogl

    Hunter Vogl16 days ago

    Knowing what the myths are are more important in my opinion.

  98. ReptilianRatto

    ReptilianRatto16 days ago

    The thumbnail of the guy eating yew would probably be lethal

  99. Inna Matsyshyn

    Inna Matsyshyn16 days ago


  100. Tiber Septim

    Tiber Septim16 days ago

    1:59 but its the quenchiest