8 Survival Myths That Will Definitely Make Things Worse


  1. Clyde A

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  2. Searia Kett

    Searia Kett16 hours ago

    *Spoiler Survival Tip ... Stay home.*

  3. Ted Schwartz

    Ted Schwartz19 hours ago

    Cal-oxalate is what kidney stones are made of... most of the time, except when they're a protein compound.

  4. petarttt -

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    Can i drink blood and eat flesh(my)if i am a ghoul

  5. American Fry

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    Just get one of those life straws

  6. The Unholy Sock

    The Unholy SockDay ago

    Why would anyone short of a stubborn "survivalist" dislike a video like this

  7. j k

    j kDay ago

    Wow no expert advisors on the topic it seemed you used. Here is advice dont get your survival advice from non-survival expert MReporterrs.

  8. j k

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    Snow is not ice. You're right about it takes alot of snow to hydrate. But even alittle can hydrate your mouth atleast.

  9. Julius Harrysson

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    Well, cactus juice WILL get you high if it's the right species of cacti.

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  14. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph IzzoDay ago

    I know of several dudes that drank piss to stay alive. Lasted a week in Summer trapped in a collapsed building and came out alive and, weirdly, well.

  15. Todd Bellows

    Todd BellowsDay ago

    This troglodyte is profiling venomous snakes.

  16. Explore Games

    Explore GamesDay ago

    Obviously I know it's wrong (and so I wouldn't do this), but you'd think you should warm up a frost-bitten person as quickly as possible, so the ice crystals melt quickly in the blood as they get detached before they do too much damage.

  17. Mike D

    Mike DDay ago

    Bears love hugs. When you see a bear, run up to it and embrace it. This will instantly neutralize all aggression the bear may be exhibiting. You will also make a lifelong friend.

  18. Von Barba

    Von Barba2 days ago

    Prikly pears are delicios, here in Mexico we love them.

  19. Kyle M

    Kyle M2 days ago

    Why am I getting survival tips from a guy who looks like he's never left his house? Cactus isn't bad for short term, especially if you cook in on a fire, we are talking survival. Same thing with drinking urine, once or twice, which is usually enough for short term. Booze gives a warming calming effect, don't drink a lot, but a little can reduce a panic if you aren't trained or helping the inexperienced. Rubbing does work for most people who are just cold, if you have frostbite you have bigger problems and are probably numb not rubbing anyway.

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    Im lost in ikea... *Better drink my piss*

  21. Dorsia Snuff

    Dorsia Snuff2 days ago

    I felt like dying of hypotermia watching this video. Too many bad things.

  22. Maggie Anne

    Maggie Anne2 days ago

    When I was like 10 I got stung by a jellyfish. That thing wrapped around my whole arm. It hurt so bad I started vomiting lol

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    karlo simic2 days ago

    cactuses sounds weird :')

  24. Amir L

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    “Cactuses” really? Have you ever left your Sriracha-flavored house? Perhaps you should discuss yoga, vegan in, msn bunsor other Millennial BS

  25. xxrookyxx

    xxrookyxx3 days ago

    Look in places where moss grows, the relative humidity in the area is constantly high so therefore it grows where it can not just the north side, this is not even barely true

  26. Jonathan Neill

    Jonathan Neill3 days ago

    This comment will probably be buried, but on the photo of the rattlesnake they pointed out that you should watch out for the rattles and the diamond pattern. I live in Oregon where we have those rattlesnakes, and I've actually seen a few that didnt have rattles at all. We also have bull snakes which look almost identical to rattlesnakes and are safe to handle. The surest way to tell them apart is by the head; a rattlesnake has a round flat head while a bull snake has a stereotypically "pointed," snake-shaped head.

  27. marscaleb

    marscaleb3 days ago

    How do I know when my hands are so cold that rubbing them is a bad idea?

  28. ash29k

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    Hosted by someone who wouldn't be able to survive 5 minutes in the wild 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Eric L

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    That guy looks like a younger version of John green

  30. Epsensieg 18

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    This sissy has never seen a real desert. Come down under.

  31. Dave Gomez

    Dave Gomez4 days ago

    Another survival tip that needs to die is the "solar still." It takes more energy to dig one than the water you get from it is worth.

  32. Melissa Wickersham

    Melissa Wickersham4 days ago

    Ok, I should boil the snow and make it into water before I drink it.

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  34. Jton Yton

    Jton Yton5 days ago

    Its cacti

  35. הראל מטלו

    הראל מטלו5 days ago

    Like for the avatar reference

  36. Andrea Davis

    Andrea Davis5 days ago

    Bout ten years too late on those jelly fish sting tips. 😂 I will never got to the Ocean again.

  37. NKW Productions

    NKW Productions5 days ago

    Sooo... Basically dont do anything just go die

  38. Duncan Graczyk

    Duncan Graczyk5 days ago

    vinegar is also helpful for bee stings, trust me, i have firsthand experience with this one!

  39. John Watson

    John Watson5 days ago

    According to a doctor friend the urban legend about death from drinking freezing alcohol on the ski slope is also false or extremely unlikely.

  40. StrackDrackSDW

    StrackDrackSDW5 days ago

    Damn, so I can't use cactuses to geta fix? Shame.

  41. Jorge Torres

    Jorge Torres6 days ago

    This annoyed me for some reason. I kept saying in my head "ah, shut up." I'm such a jerk 🤔or maybe it was his tone of voice. He had a "you idiot." Kinda tone. Lol

  42. Doug Banister

    Doug Banister6 days ago

    They sell 6 dollar snake bite suction kits if you me a hunter or hiker invest it’s very helpful

  43. Seven B

    Seven B6 days ago

    Ugh the universe is eventually going to transition to a state where there’s near zero enthalpy? THANKS THERMODYNAMICS

  44. Boros777

    Boros7776 days ago

    Why would a tourniquet be bad for a snakebite?

  45. Samuel Savary

    Samuel Savary6 days ago

    The peyote cactus actually has psychoactive compounds that will make you trip out like Sokka when you drink it though.

  46. Jscthegamer

    Jscthegamer7 days ago

    Here is a survival tip you should always follow don’t let you dad drive after a drinking party

  47. cgwworldministries

    cgwworldministries7 days ago

    Snow is bad for another reason, bacteria. You can get diarrhea and actually dehydrate yourself, fever, chills, weakness which can in turn kill you. DON'T EAT SNOW WITHOUT BOILING IT!

  48. I Am Root

    I Am Root7 days ago

    Not sure where people are getting the alcohol idea, I've had that information from D.A.R.E. in 5th grade, middle and high school health classes (apparently some places, like Montana, does not require these to graduate. I had to explain male and female sex organs to my, at the time, 19 year old cousin because he didn't take the classes as Montana didn't require him to), an episode of Family Guy, Hunter Safety and from other MReporterrs.

  49. I Am Root

    I Am Root7 days ago

    As per drinking urine, only collect the middle part of the stream, not when starting or ending, those periods have the majority of the contaminants. Same for when doing a UA.

  50. Dakota West

    Dakota West7 days ago

    What if my back pocket is refrigerated

  51. Eggplant deodorant

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  52. gazepreyed

    gazepreyed7 days ago

    Am I the only one who is bothered that he didn't say "Cacti"?

  53. lekvaroskilincs

    lekvaroskilincs7 days ago

    they say that Cactus won't get you high in a science show? WTF. there are certain cactuses which are make you high ffs

  54. m & m

    m & m8 days ago

    Nobody said you should eat snow. Nobody. Ever. The rule not to eat snow, its commonly known. Don't make things up please.

  55. Reaper Redni9e

    Reaper Redni9e8 days ago

    Here's a handy tip: dont go anywhere, dont do anything, and watch MReporter. What can possibly go wrong?

  56. Allen Gursky

    Allen Gursky8 days ago

    Another tip Ive heard before that wasnt mentioned here is stay with the car. A search and rescue person once told me that they almost always find the car but not the person.

  57. Sunrae 2k

    Sunrae 2k8 days ago

    Did you say "eat" blood??

  58. Yuuki Rito

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    Ladies & Gentlemen We Got Em

  59. anonyarena

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    This video is awesome! Thanks Hank!

  60. Jens Schulze

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    I thought u wanted to show us solutions don't u ?

  61. Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival

    Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival9 days ago

    Awesome and very well detailed video my friend 😊 I watched at first just to see what you had to say but now that I have, I am happy I did. You were spot on with your information and I thank you for making this video. I have been a woodsman since I was a kid growing up with my native American grandad and learned loads about survival and living off the land, and today I spend my time teaching others what I know, so it is always refreshing when I see videos like this that actually give true information meant to teach and help others 😊 God bless my friend 😊

  62. Briana Cunningham

    Briana Cunningham9 days ago

    First time watcher, loved the video. Subbed 😃😁

  63. abark

    abark9 days ago

    First myth is not even a myth. Where has eating snow ever been a survival tip?

  64. Yaakov19

    Yaakov199 days ago

    What if you suck the venom out of the snake bite without incision? Just kinda lie down, bite below heart level, and try to suck out any venom while also cutting off circulation? I know that snake venom can be harmlessly swallowed, and it won't cause any problems, because it needs to get to your bloodstream to actually be poisonous. Logically, cutting off circulation would help cut off this venom's main access to the brain, and slow down effects.

  65. LoneWolfOne

    LoneWolfOne9 days ago

    Lol. The water from the cactus is not what I'd want, it would be the peyote :D

  66. Chris Flack

    Chris Flack9 days ago

    But I go out of my way to get stung just so she will pee on me ☹️

  67. anchuto

    anchuto9 days ago

    Just eat yourself. That way you won't starve and you will die, so you won't need to worry about surviving any more.

  68. Eggplant deodorant

    Eggplant deodorant7 days ago

    Alright im just a mouth now

  69. Tim Hill

    Tim Hill9 days ago

    Well done! I'm a survival expert and I agree with everything you just said. Except I'm not a survival expert. Unless counting Ark

  70. Oskar Zdrojewski

    Oskar Zdrojewski9 days ago

    Idk, facing death out of dehydration, or cool yourself a bit. You ain't gonna get sick just from getting cold, you need pathogens to actually catch cold, so I'd take that trade.

  71. Billy Bum

    Billy Bum10 days ago

    Thank you

  72. suryadi taufan

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    You know sokka? Waw i subscribed u for that 😊

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    Blah blah blah talky talky talky show more cute puppies on youtub

  74. mlpsunset shimmer

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    I will only ever listen to Bear Grills

  75. Ben Mitchell

    Ben Mitchell10 days ago

    What if you use the heat or build a fire to distill the urine and blood?

  76. Xealz

    Xealz10 days ago

    if i was stuck in tye desert i'd just kill myself. problem solved

  77. Eclypsa Queen

    Eclypsa Queen10 days ago

    Once a "friend"of mine peed on his wasp sting and he said it was better

  78. Sabina Alexis

    Sabina Alexis10 days ago

    man vs wild has left the chat

  79. Dylan Otto

    Dylan Otto11 days ago

    Cant help but notice that Be Amazed's survival myth video that came out in January 2018 is exactly the same as this. I suspect some kind of foul play here...

  80. Michael Morgan

    Michael Morgan11 days ago

    Pointing out a Myth in the Myth Video! On #7: You actually DON'T need to remember what the snake looks like, bring a picture, or even the snake itself. Antivenom is not a singular dose per snake, but rather is a cocktail of EVERY snake in the region - this is one of the reasons that it's so expensive!

  81. Justin Fay

    Justin Fay11 days ago

    I KNEW an avatar last airbender reference was coming during thr cactus part lol👍

  82. San Ehrhardt

    San Ehrhardt11 days ago

    3:01 San Pedro cactus mate

  83. GlassyBiscuit 4 Gaming

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    Raw Prickly pears are actually really good

  84. Paige Gann

    Paige Gann11 days ago

    Thank you.

  85. Air Destroyers

    Air Destroyers11 days ago

    Who says to eat snow? Maybe a small amount that isn't going to help much but not sure who would say that. Maybe I just read to many survival books cuz none of this is news to me and seems like common sense lol Also you shouldn't put on a tourniquet on from a bite because blocking blood flow will actually increase your heart rate.

  86. eiriseven

    eiriseven11 days ago

    Whats wrong with tourniquetes for snake bites?

  87. TwentySide

    TwentySide11 days ago

    I was upset when they let you suck out the venom of a snake bite in red dead because I already knew that was a myth.

  88. Kyle D

    Kyle D11 days ago

    And.... This guy is a little too weak and pasty for me to trust his "survival" advice. If you've never been in the sun, don't give me outdoorsy advice

  89. woodyfive0

    woodyfive011 days ago

    Was that a Freddie Mercury pin on his jacket?

  90. blue unicorn

    blue unicorn12 days ago

    Eating cacti can also cause other problems. Various cacti have phenylthalamines. One thing you dont need is to be tripping balls AND lost. Also some cacti in the euphorbia genus are extremely poisonous.

  91. Johanus Haidner

    Johanus Haidner12 days ago

    Interesting that people think peeing on a jellyfish sting helps. I've heard about that for an urchin, but not jellyfish. Very different creatures! I wonder where such a myth comes from.

  92. Eyed Knot

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    The thumbnail is hideous and I'm mad at you aND mYself for clicking it.

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    I loved the reference from Avatar ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. Galiant2010

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    Everyone is commenting the Avatar thing with the cactus and I'm just thinking about the jellyfish thing thinking "Well, thanks for lying to me, Friends."

  95. sofaking onmynuts

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    i was this close to pissing on someone

  96. Mike D

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    My son got to pee on his big brother. It was hilarious

  97. Insidious Pancake

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    Or was it this close? thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/showing-little-size-hand-gesture-isolated-white-background-41796632.jpg

  98. Insidious Pancake

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    Was it this close? encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRFBd8e_21N-eIOaWNHaFVXkOxkThBW2jgIUMwgPxHAZzwH2zTu

  99. Insidious Pancake

    Insidious Pancake7 days ago

    sofaking onmynuts how close? I can’t see your finger dood

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    *_Cactus Juice! It'll kill ya!_*

  101. T- Series

    T- Series13 days ago

    Tulkas greatestindeedsofstrengthandprowess This is a joke a account you fucktard

  102. Tulkas greatestindeedsofstrengthandprowess

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    ach ! a t series suporter, flee you have been defeated you have no power anymore!

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    Damn the jellyfish. damn ALL the jellyfish

  104. magnvss

    magnvss14 days ago

    Those interesting things you are very unlikely to need (for most urban people) but make for good conversations and also helps to become angry judges when we see the myths in the movies.

  105. Gabriel Aponte

    Gabriel Aponte14 days ago

    It is worth knowing the alcohol doesn't bring your body temperature high by the slightest margin by itself... Even if it is a liquid.

  106. Gabriel Aponte

    Gabriel Aponte14 days ago

    For myth number one, pee on it... Most underated method out there guys.

  107. SillyNa Cannada

    SillyNa Cannada14 days ago

    Here’s the rest of the direction segment. Don’t pay attention to moss, pay attention to the sun or moon. Can’t see them? Pay attention to shadows. If you’re over the age of 20 and I have to explain any further, I’m not sure I want you to survive.

  108. Autumn Akins

    Autumn Akins15 days ago

    Who is that guys face on Hank's jacket? The other pin is an astronaut I see.

  109. DreamingPichu

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    Or better yet don't go outside.

  110. Ali Darwiche

    Ali Darwiche15 days ago

    Prickly Pears don't taste good? They are among my favorite fruits-and are considered a delicacy in my community.

  111. Brian W

    Brian W15 days ago

    Taking survival tips from a guy who probably hasn’t been outside in a few months... hmmm...