8 Survival Myths That Will Definitely Make Things Worse


  1. R K

    R K3 hours ago

    Alcohol is recommended in survival situations in very small amounts as a distraction device. But if you are in the jungle and have to move is better to avoid it, in case of injury dilated vessels won't do any good.

  2. Hurt Attack

    Hurt Attack9 hours ago

    I thought it was cacti

  3. Baby Pig

    Baby Pig11 hours ago

    Survival is for pussies

  4. Farmer Cyst

    Farmer CystDay ago

    Here's the Australian version: 1: IF you can actually find snow, don't eat it. 2: WTF is a cactus? 3: Don't drink your piss. It looks like VB and smells like VB. On the plus side, probably tastes better and won't make you as abusive. 4: If you find moss then you're probably not in Australia anymore 5: Drink PLENTY of alcohol. God knows, you need to cool down somehow 6: How does one get frostbite whilst living in a kiln? 7: Snakebite? Sit back and spend your final minute and 30 seconds contemplating life and how much you hate the Eastern Brown that just bit you 72 times. 8: Don't worry about pissing on the Box Jellyfish sting. You'll be lucky to piss in your own wetsuit before total paralysis causes you to drown.

  5. Zukamime Rekatamekuchichi

    Zukamime RekatamekuchichiDay ago

    0:19 Easy, I'm First Nations.

  6. JaKalen Fells

    JaKalen FellsDay ago

    nice. I'll remember to bring a jug of vinegar on my next beach trip.

  7. TheDerpyWarrior

    TheDerpyWarriorDay ago

    If your freezing and heat up quickly, you'll go into shock. But in like 1 billion years, that might not be a threat for humans. If its winter and warm in the house, theres a 60° temperature change. So kinda people wont feel shock by %0.0005

  8. Rhune

    RhuneDay ago

    Honestly, the reason I thought you shouldn't drink alcohol when cold is because it has a relatively low freezing/melting point compared to water, so it may actually lower your body's heat capacity by a bit, allowing for more rapid loss of heat.

  9. Leah Bana

    Leah Bana2 days ago

    Pretty sure they get drunk to make the dying down easier lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Annabeth 1052

    Annabeth 10522 days ago

    Lol on the PSATs there was an article on CAM plants

  11. Brimstone

    Brimstone3 days ago

    Don't look at it, don't look away. Slowly back up as you push your friend forward

  12. infinitecanadian

    infinitecanadian3 days ago

    They have a _journal_ on toxins? Scary...

  13. 6 6

    6 63 days ago

    Actually, since you can die of exposure in minutes while dehydration takes days, exposure is number one by a wide margin. Every single survival course on earth teaches this very thing first. Do a little research before teaching others.

  14. Paramita Majumder

    Paramita Majumder4 days ago

    Watch Bear Grills

  15. Billy Willy

    Billy Willy4 days ago

    Eat snow - melt away fat

  16. Kalan McEvoy

    Kalan McEvoy5 days ago

    Btw, keep the venom of the snake on your skin so the doctors can identify what snake it is and which antivenom they have to administer (living in Australia rules btw cause of the lovely animals)

  17. Vũ Trần

    Vũ Trần5 days ago

    to an English learner like me, the narrator speaks too fast, much faster than any speakers in english videos I learn in my class. I have to read subtitles, sometimes I can't follow him. Is that the actual speed when native speakers talk to each other?

  18. ember wolferyt

    ember wolferyt5 days ago

    My uncle wants to be a survivalist so he studied this kind of stuff all the time. Most the time he shares his studies with me and I’m antisocial so I’ve always thought the less common thing where common sense like if a shark is stacking you don’t wiggle around because you look like a fish or if your lost it’s best to find shelter first and not close enough to a water source that it can reach you if it where to rain. It’s actually better if you keep a tent or what’re her you have with you as shelter far enough away from the water that you can see it but not hear it. Though of course I could possibly be wrong since I can’t test these myself and my uncle won’t go to an act oil professional and wants to study as a side thing instead of actually diving into it. I will always wonder why he wants to be a survivalist but doesn’t want to do the basics such as reaching out to people

  19. Dork Mac

    Dork Mac5 days ago


  20. Enderblawk

    Enderblawk6 days ago

    How to survive a snakebite: get to a hospital Well thanks, that will help me when i'm stranded in the wild.

  21. N1nj4L1nk

    N1nj4L1nk6 days ago

    "Cactuses" Goodbye.

  22. Irritable Jon Syndrome

    Irritable Jon Syndrome6 days ago

    What to do instead...what happened to that for half of these myths???

  23. BakedPotato03 ,

    BakedPotato03 ,6 days ago

    Is this the guy from crash course?

  24. Helen Stanford

    Helen Stanford6 days ago

    I stopped reading a survival book by an SAS (British) agent when he offered the following piece of advice: Lie down flat on the ground if stuck out in a thunderstorm without shelter. WRONG WRONG WRONG! I can't believe that even made it into publication. If you're stuck outside, find the lowest possible point AWAY from trees (which can turn into deadly splinters if hit by lightning) and crouch down on the balls of your feet, covering your ears/head with your arms (for the blast of thunder that'll hit). Adapt this position if you feel the hairs on your arms/neck start to bristle, because you've just become a channel of positive electrons about to connect with negative electrons coming down from the cloud (usually, that is). You want as little of yourself touching the ground as possible. Lying down flat is the exact opposite of this and extremely dangerous. Whole groups of people have been stunned or killed from the lightning traveling underground and nailing all of them (sadly, sports teams are common victims). Best advice, however, is "when thunder roars, go indoors."

  25. -ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE

    -ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE7 days ago

    "Drink cactus juice, its the quenchest!"

  26. chris jones

    chris jones7 days ago

    "Cactus Juice its the Quenchiest"

  27. Jerry Fisher

    Jerry Fisher7 days ago

    Get high like sokka

  28. Xero Wolf

    Xero Wolf9 days ago

    What about a sea urchin sting? would vintages work just as well.


    UNREAL REALITY12 days ago

    So they were being sarcastic..see?..sarcasm kills.......it's sarcasm for sometime but after some generation it changes to general knowledge..

  30. Evol Bob

    Evol Bob12 days ago

    1 Stay where you are 2 Drink the water you have when you are thirsty, do not ration it - many have died of thirst with drinking water. 3 Tell people what you are doing and where you are going, and how long you will be away. 4 Check to see if the area has cell phone coverage...before hand. 5 Know how to read a Map, and take one with you. 6 In hot climates move only during the night - if you have to move. 7 Never travel alone. If he or she dies you have a ready source of food.;)

  31. Droyd Gamng

    Droyd Gamng12 days ago

    #7 is common sense

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  33. PrincessUni965 YT

    PrincessUni965 YT13 days ago

    Finally some one that says it right!

  34. Simon Peter Abraham

    Simon Peter Abraham13 days ago

    You didn’t mention prickly pair has edible fruit.

  35. pablonh

    pablonh16 days ago

    4. "... the northern side of a tree will get the least sunlight thanks to the Earth's tilt". By normal definitions of "the Earth's tilt", no. The Earth's tilt actually mitigates the effect; if its axis were perfectly perpendicular to the ecliptic, the effect would be maximized.

  36. NytOnPeliAika

    NytOnPeliAika17 days ago

    Well when its about staying alive i would do pretty much anything to keep myself alive long enough for someone to find me or myself finding someone.

  37. Kay

    Kay18 days ago

    Huh, I actually learned something from youtube. This is weird. I knew that urine didn't help with jellyfish stings, but I didn't know that vinegar helps.

  38. Mspark400 Smith

    Mspark400 Smith18 days ago

    Idk Might get lucky and have your survival cactus juice be laced with some ‘ mentally refreshing ’ mescaline esp if it’s a San Pedro which is close enough in shape for most people to mistake it for the movie and cartoon stereotypes of water bearing cacti(yes I know the actual cactus(saguaro maybe?) most likely the base for the most genetic cactus shape people think of isn’t a San Pedro as far as I know.) but most people don’t know chemistry or botany and if left with no choices and panic most people won’t hesitate to fight a cactus in search of sweet life sustaining moisture. Maybe do a little research if there is any chance of being in a desert for any real amount of time without full access to normal supplies and structure. Luckily with a bit of know how you can find far better ways of obtaining fresh water and acceptable food without having to be intimately familiar with and be an expert with survival botany in the region you’re in lol. Into the wild is a good example of what not everyone should just just read a book in survival plans reference and really know enough to be safe. If you don’t know without question what it is and all about it-never eat wild plants even if they look or taste similar greens you’ve had. And bonus, mushrooms are like 10 times harder even, some have almost exactly the same appearance but one is edible and one deadly making it hard for even experts to know and their are innumerable mushroom species many more still our there.

  39. Drea Marie

    Drea Marie19 days ago

    I don't understand the dislikes lol waaa 🤔


    TRX VLOGGER20 days ago

    Well i'm diabetic... If i go to long with out food i'll for sure die:..

  41. Justin Case

    Justin Case20 days ago

    And don't drink sugary drinks cause they make you fat.

  42. Fernando Bernardo

    Fernando Bernardo20 days ago

    There are people who survived cold waters because they were drunk! This is true, being a child, a woman and being drunk may help you survive extreme cold, please revisit your sources. look for Charles Joughin.

  43. Fite Me

    Fite Me20 days ago

    Why use moss as a direction? Just look at the sun/moon

  44. BossLeveL999

    BossLeveL99921 day ago

    3:00 that avatar reference deserves a like and a sub 👍

  45. Andrew Ross

    Andrew Ross21 day ago

    I know it sounds stupid, but when I was young my uncle taught me about my Native America heritage. He told me to dig a whole by a river to get clean water. I live by a river and always drink from it in that way. I just carry a cup with me. It should be said that I live in Michigan, so the water is already pretty clean. I don't know if that helps any though. If you've read all this then you're a saint. As you can see by my profile picture, I smoke a lot of weed.

  46. Al Kaholic

    Al Kaholic22 days ago

    So about number 5 - the alcohol: When I'm outside in the cold and EXERCISING - for example kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, etc; I often find that my core is too hot - I'm sweating badly and feeling like I need to take layers off to cool myself down, meanwhile my extremeties like face, toes, and fingers are all freezing. So according to this video, now would be a good time to reach for my hip flask right? Bit of rum induced vasodilation to move the warmth from my uncomfortably overheating core to my so-cold-they've-gone-numb extremeties?

  47. Keith Lurie

    Keith Lurie22 days ago

    Prickly pear is delicious.

  48. TacoTacoTacoTaco

    TacoTacoTacoTaco23 days ago

    Saguaro cactus are psychoactive. If you ate enough, you would trip extremely hard, but also become pretty sick.

  49. Technically Chicken

    Technically Chicken23 days ago

    All I know is that pee is 70% water or something like that

  50. A. Ruiz

    A. Ruiz23 days ago

    So to stay "cold" in hot summer months. Get drunk?

  51. Polski Olympia

    Polski Olympia24 days ago

    safety nommbar one priority - rassian hacker

  52. K.y.s. Studios

    K.y.s. Studios24 days ago

    Nicceee hair bro

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  54. Falc1NL

    Falc1NL25 days ago

    Unless you accidantly get a Peyote or San pedro cactus. ;D

  55. Kagami

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  56. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen26 days ago

    I like this guy’s voice and I also like how he doesn’t try to make cringe jokes ever 5 seconds like other MReporter channels

  57. Werner and Ella Gamers and Creators

    Werner and Ella Gamers and Creators27 days ago

    *says that blood has too much iron for us to handle* Blood circulates inside us

  58. Pastel Belle

    Pastel Belle27 days ago

    This is peak hindsight

  59. Joshua Ford

    Joshua Ford27 days ago



    OMNISLASHER100028 days ago

    I slept under a tree in the snow with nothing but a shirt and denims on for about 72 hours after taking around 5 ecstacy tablets and drinking two litres of whisky straight because I got lost in one of the worst snowdrifts Scotland has ever seen. I was so hot the snow was melting around my feet as I had to take my shoes off, and I was way above normal temperature,in fact shen the snow drift subsided i was able to get home. I couldn't sit indoors as I was burning up, and felt like I was used to the freezing temperatures. Entering the house gave me a burning sensation. But after 3 days sleep and slowly climatising myself to the warmth of the house I was fine, not a single problem. Can anyone explain why i'm not dead or suffered frostbite at least? The temperature was way below freezing. something like minus 20 so I was told.

  61. Blade Kick

    Blade Kick28 days ago

    Pro tip: You can pee on snow make delisious snow piss slushy.

  62. Pimpmastahanhduece

    Pimpmastahanhduece28 days ago

    Everything is a lie, use vinegar… got it.

  63. Hunie Games

    Hunie Games28 days ago

    I'm assuming 35 degrees is celcius?

  64. Greggory

    Greggory28 days ago

    Well, I'm never drinking from a cactus since man, kidney stones are so painful.

  65. Mr. Green Jeans

    Mr. Green Jeans29 days ago

    Melt the snow with pee

  66. Imperial WIZZ

    Imperial WIZZ29 days ago

    The example was ur in desert and ur car breaks down but the first survival myth was not to eat snow

  67. Flat Earth Is the truth

    Flat Earth Is the truthMonth ago

    I thought I was one of the only people who watches avatar

  68. Ga lactic

    Ga lacticMonth ago

    C A C T U S E S

  69. Phøbia Lÿnx

    Phøbia LÿnxMonth ago

    Don’t pee on jellyfish sting. Pee on the jellyfish.

  70. ShoogleShadow

    ShoogleShadowMonth ago

    The lesson of this video is Never go outside

  71. zenfrodo

    zenfrodoMonth ago

    Heh. I got stung by a jellyfish as a kid; the lifeguard told me to pee on it. My reaction: eewwwwwwwwwwwww no way!

  72. Duchesse de Berne

    Duchesse de BerneMonth ago

    Bear Grillz dislikes this video

  73. smiley

    smileyMonth ago

    Drinking urine will dehydrate you even faster. So not a good idea. Plue did you know some parts of a pine cone are editable. Old commercial.

  74. itwhoitis me

    itwhoitis meMonth ago

    Basically do nothing...

  75. Titanic

    TitanicMonth ago

    First Priority: GET BACK YOUR INTERNET

  76. onlythewise1

    onlythewise1Month ago

    butt if the hospital is to slow you die , or you have other ills they don't pick up on

  77. chu Harry

    chu HarryMonth ago

    Can you rub cold skin above 0degres

  78. LilacKitty

    LilacKittyMonth ago

    I swear, it’s just lemon.

  79. La Gatita

    La GatitaMonth ago

    Step 1: forget everything u know Step 2: don't move Step 3: Die, u'll die either way

  80. Jim Byers

    Jim ByersMonth ago

    ..through the lymph system, that is.

  81. Jim Byers

    Jim ByersMonth ago

    You missed using a pressure bandage in the event of a snakebite. It will slow the distribution of venom the blood vessels and lymph system.

  82. Forensic Dragon

    Forensic DragonMonth ago

    "CACTUS JUICE, IT *WON'T* QUENCH YOU!!" -Educated Sokka

  83. Forensic Dragon

    Forensic DragonMonth ago

    5:37 Would this also cause sweating?

  84. Sebby YT

    Sebby YTMonth ago

    I have 2 tips: wear your seatbelt and bring a coffee mug

  85. Joe

    JoeMonth ago

    I’d like to add some things that weren’t mentioned. Usually it’s in your best interest to stay put if you’re lost, it gives you the best chance of being found. Also, in cold climates especially, trying to find civilization can be a very bad idea because you can easily develop hypothermia this adds to the reasons to stay where you are. Getting water in cold climates usually means you need fire, and usually you want your fire to be in your shelter, that way it isn’t at the mercy of the weather, and you can also use it to keep warm. Long term survival in cold climates requires that you have 4 things, fire, water, somewhere to rest, and food. 3 of the previous necessities require shelter, so it really should be your first priority. Food is a smaller concern because typically you could go without it for a week if needed, but be aware that your body burns calories faster when it’s cold, and if you get too weak, you may not be able to gather food later. Keeping with the same theme, if you get too cold, maybe you develop hypothermia or frostbite in the fingers, you may find it impossible to start a fire, and therefore impossible to warm up. The only time it’s beneficial to leave where you are is if you absolutely know for certain that you will find civilization before nightfall, otherwise, don’t do it.

  86. No Censorship

    No CensorshipMonth ago

    How are we going to survive ??? The permanent government is not going anywhere. Must be completely gutted. Move the new simple constitutional guidance offices to Denver or some place in the middle of the country, should be off the coasts. The states individually guide their operations with 5 elected people. What is going on now is unacceptable.

  87. sithlordmaster181

    sithlordmaster181Month ago

    You blabbered so much just to reach that 10 minute mark...talk in circles much?

  88. rirning

    rirningMonth ago

    Will you do one on snake venoms?

  89. Arturidot

    ArturidotMonth ago

    Why rely on moss to know the direction when you could just look at the sun? It rises east and sets west.

  90. Its Tip

    Its TipMonth ago

    So you're saying that if I'm lost in the middle of a desert without a cellphone and get bitten by a snake, I should go to a hospital? Great advice!

  91. Andrew N

    Andrew NMonth ago

    I find that not dying of exposure is a priority for me even when not in extreme survival scenarios.

  92. Fairy Dark

    Fairy DarkMonth ago

    4:30 You can boil that moss for water if you are really desperate.

  93. Wilcows

    WilcowsMonth ago

    Eating pig blood with rice is a common snack here in Taiwan.

  94. Li Bass Master

    Li Bass MasterMonth ago

    Man if people actually would do these myths....they are actually idiots

  95. Adam pazaz

    Adam pazazMonth ago

    yah but wat about that guy that survived hours in freezing water after the titanic sunk all because he drunk alchohol

  96. Matt Poogerman

    Matt PoogermanMonth ago

    Moss always points to civilization

  97. Leo Mcmahon

    Leo McmahonMonth ago

    The advice for snake bite is wrong. Contact any Australian hospital and get the correct procedure. Australia is the world's snake bite capital.

  98. ScientistCat

    ScientistCatMonth ago

    4) In fact, it might be the opposite if, for example, there's more vegetation that blocks sunlight from the south. In which case, the south side of the tree's bark can be cooler and damper than, say, the west face. Same thing in the Southern hemisphere if there's an obstacle to sunlight from the north. 6) ...Well, I've _never_ heard anyone advise you to rub any _frostbitten_ parts. They tell you to rub something when it's cold, sure, but not when it has frostbite.

  99. Midgard Eagle

    Midgard EagleMonth ago

    There were a couple here that I didn't know, so thanks for that.

  100. Lindsey Maul

    Lindsey MaulMonth ago

    Where in the hell would you find blood when your trying to survive anyway?