8 Survival Myths That Will Definitely Make Things Worse


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    What a shame I like peeing on people 😓

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    why not tourniquet a snek bite?

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    Don't take survival tips from a city boy who's never been camping, learn what you need to do, not what to not do...

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    in mexico we regularly eat prickly pear cactus, it's called "nopal" and it's a signature of our cuisine, both raw and cooked, and the fruit is also very commonly eaten

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    I love the avatar the last airbender mention

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    Am I the only one who hates the thumbnail?

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    #3 what about Urine therapy?

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    imagine all the people peeing on themselves after they got stung by a jellyfish, just to be even more embarrassed

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    So.. since you're mentioning oxalic acid even though it's also in cooked spinach, should i listen to you about the others?.. (also, does oxalic acid omit more calcium from one's body than tge spinach might still provide in that same sitting?.. i assumed so, because of the warning, but.. then someone pointed out to me that it might be less true.)

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    But it’s okay if I masturbate in all of these situations, yes?

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    Also if you drink and eat your body wastes to survive on a regular basis, there is a high likelihood that you will develop parasitic infestations or excess bacterium, like E.coli, intestinal worms, pin worms etc.

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    “The proper treatment of hyperthermia... is...like...by a doctor” this man speaks the truth.

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    The plural of cactus is cacti.

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    The SciShow intro sounds a lot like the Game Theorists intro

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    Good video terrible jokes

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    Question: When I was younger, my redneck family used to put cigarette tobacco on wasp and bee stings. What is this for? Does it actually do something?

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    Why do they call it mother nature when in essence it's a monster that'll devour you ruthlessly , if you show her weakness......that's not too much of a mother , is it ???

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    So that means I can’t get high in the desert

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    "Cactus juice won't get you high." O RLY

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    This is great advice for writers, lol

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    How did this annoying dipshit get 5.1 million subs? Good subjects, well written, etc...but his whiny, grating voice ruins the delivery.

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    #5 is right in pure survival situations but if you are fairly confident in being recused or getting to safety you should take a swig of that whiskey. The vaso dilation will allow blood flow to your fingers and toes preventing frostbite.Also a good buzz will help you chill out which is a great survival benefit since panic kills.

  25. Panspermia Hunter

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    I pee'd on a jellyfish sting and it did ease the sting irritation definitely so if needed I will do that again

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    There are antivaxxers who will drink their own piss to try and heal themselves. They also bathe themselves in it, they tent to push aged urin to be used more. Ever since I found that out I no longer thought of Bear Grills when I hear about drinking piss.

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    Oops I ate snow when I was little.....

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    At the hospitable: “What did the snake look like?” Well funny you should ask I actually brought it along with me! Wanna have a look?” “No”

  29. lockergr

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    I swam with what was thousands of jellyfish in the Bahamas and they never stung me. Had I known the risk there is no way I would have been swimming where I was. Are there some jellyfish that just don't bother people? This was in a resort area designed for people to swim in.

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    les stroud eats snow jus sayin

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    8 survival tips that work but are thought to be myths.

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    He knew that we thought of sokka 😆

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    In Winnetou they set cactus forests on fire to make rain. Does it work?

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    That script was extra-hilarious this time, Hank. Bravo

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    3:21 still don't taste good? Raw Prickly Pear cactus tastes somewhat like a cucumber really not that bad, but better cooked or pickled. Great with eggs in the morning. Also their not that hard to identify fish hook barrel cactus are the only barrel cactus that have curved needles, and prickly pear are super easy to identify, the young pads taste better and are easier to clean but the mature pads are just as edible.

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    actually was thinking of the sokka scene from avatar

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    "nice for moss side" well thanks moss for lying to me

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    Good one, wow! Okay, don't eat snow or drink your pee. Got it.

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    1. Never heard anyone say anything other than DON'T eat snow. 2. Never heard anyone suggest drinking cactus "juice" 3. There's a pattern forming here. 4. So it's 99% true but on this list because ... REASONS. 5. People drank alcohol to calm them down, deflect from the horror that is this video 6. Rubbing frostbitten parts of your body?! Is this a joke? 7. Wow... One actual that IS a myth. Only took 7. 8. And another. 2 out of 8 so far.

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    Great video!

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    So, if you are injured in nature, just gently lay back, and die... Thank you

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    With the alcohol issue, if you are overheating, could that be used to help cool a person down faster? Take a swig and put this ice pack on your face. I deal with this issue in construction. People passing out on the site because of heat all the time in the heat of Florida. Given, I'm from here, and never had this issue, but I see it enough for it to be a problem.

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    Imagine shooting up heroin and then trying to suck it out

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    I was really enjoying then i realized the irony in taking survival tips from someone who doesnt look like they've ever been outside.

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    If a snake bites me it's dying anyway, so I'll just bring its dead carcass with me.

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    Could you use a solar still to filter your urine?

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    I want to get stung by a jellyfish.

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    Avatar reference gets an instant like

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    I'm an indoor person ...😔😔😔

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    Lesson 1 of powerpoints. Dont read the same exact text you have written.

  52. Trust me bro I googled it

    Trust me bro I googled it9 days ago

    lets take survival advice from a guy who looks like he couldn't survive a scary movie. also try urine therapy, people have lived of theyre urine for months and months with no other water. and prickly pear tastes delicious. and oxylic acid is in most vegetables. nice facts dude

  53. Jared Piper

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    When you have a nice coat on. A nice swig of booze does the job.

  54. Adnan Galeeb

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    For the blood drinking tip Iron absorption is very veeeery very well controlled by the enterocytes The irritation iron causes through the fenton reaction that generates free radicals is the reason you shouldn't go around drinking blood .... The second reason (this applies to urine as well ) Is the uric acid content ... While the body is striving to get rid of it; Drinking blood Will increase the body uric acid content and urine would increase the nitrogen waste products content in the body .

  55. justandy333

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    The eating snow thing isn't total garbage. The crew of the endurance had similar problems during their ill fated attempt of traversing Antarctica. They collect the snow in their drinking vessels and shoved them at the bottom of their sleeping bags. Not eating it and keeping it out of contact from their skin, but the heat trapped within their sleeping bags melted it. Job done!

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    The get back to Wi-Fi was epic😂

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    Point 7, no restrictive clothing or tourniquets - a tourniquet can be used for a short time if nothing else is available. First aid training in Australia (home to many venomous creatures) for many years suggests that a broad pressure bandage is the best treatment until an anti-venin can be administered.

  58. François Cauneau

    François Cauneau10 days ago

    Good job, especially appreciated the advice on frostbite. But among the first good - elementary - advices you gave at first, maybe you could give the most obvius : never go into any environment potentlally harmfull without minimal information, equipment and skills.

  59. Alexa Carmack

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    This was super informative thanks!

  60. G Nk

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    The research on this is sub-par Oxalic Acid is in tons of foods Spinach has high amounts it is fine in small doses like salt and you can cook it out food anyhow. Lazzzzzy

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    Eating snow might be a horrible survival idea but I just figured it might be great addition to the diet if you want to lose weight. :)

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    0:31 i’ll probably do that then after ill look for help 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Have you ever been outside before?

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    thumbs up for avatar ref

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    Holy crap. Thank you for this.

  66. Josh P

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    I had a jellyfish wrap around my ankle. I felt burning, and started tearing at the area. I obviously must have got stung more, and afterwards I poor beer on the ankle. All in all everything was handled wrong. To my own defense; I was in the water so I didn't initially know what was happening.

  67. Julie Smith

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    In other words: DONT DO IT lol

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    100 year-old+ myths. Lol.

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    "That should be refrigerated!"

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    3:00 you mean cactus juice ISN’T the quenchiest!?

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    i mean spongebob was right about the moss ;(

  72. thanksfernuthin

    thanksfernuthin13 days ago

    What about using urine to disinfect wounds? Due to the ammonia. I actually got that one from USAF survival school.

  73. Йосиф Сталин

    Йосиф Сталин13 days ago

    Plus if you eat ice you will give yourself diarrhea and lose water that way so it’s not worth it

  74. Йосиф Сталин

    Йосиф Сталин13 days ago

    Being mauled is not usually a problem It’s venomous creatures that are your biggest problem

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    The graphic on the text for number 6 with the ice slowly forming was cool af, well done

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    I’m so glad you made that avatar reference. Thank you

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    1.4 people who disliked are probably Discovery Channel fanboys

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    If the snake bite is above my heart doesn't that mean I'll have to learn how to walk on my hands? Or learn magic like Harry Potter to float upside down? Wait, if I knew magic then I could just heal the bite. This is a very interesting topic XD

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    Thank you, Hank. I mean, who doesn't have a bottle of vinegar nearby when going to the beach?

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    alright, so when I get stranded somewhere I need to just *DIE*

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    I'm still waiting for a video that's different, out of all probably about 10 of these videos all of these have been mentioned in ALL of them.

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    Why Not Eat Snow In The Desert? 𝘸𝘢𝘪𝘵

  84. Silentgrace11

    Silentgrace1114 days ago

    One thing I've always heard is that when you're in hypothermic conditions you should force yourself to shiver even when you stop to help with blood flow or something along those lines. Is this one also a myth? (I've heard all the others before, but I've also heard them get debunked countless times. This is the only one I've heard without much evaluation in its effectiveness).

  85. dera dera

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    drink cactus juice! *itll quench ya* *ITS THE QUENCHIEST*

  86. Excludos

    Excludos15 days ago

    Should probably add to nr 1: Yes, melting snow in a bottle against your chest will make you colder, but that might not be a priority if you're well clothed, as opposed to getting colder because you died of dehydration. Also, if you have a half filled bottle with water, pressing snow down into that will make it melt faster than trying to melt a bunch of snow on its own. So you're better off doing this before you're completely out of water to drink. edit: Should probably also have pointed out the actual biggest reason not to eat snow: You can very easily catch frostbite on your lips, especially if you're a little bit cold already.

  87. Brandywine6969

    Brandywine696915 days ago

    I would rank not getting preyed on by people before worrying about getting mauled by animals. Most animals don't really want to hurt us. Other people do, especially in a survival situation and especially if we are women. It doesn't even need to be a survival situation for women to become targets. It's daily life for us. So we are actually mentally a little more prepared when it comes to knowing to look out for other people and what their motives are. A survival situation tends to bring out the worst in most people. Just look at how all of the zombie themed games and comics and TV shows went. The idea was to survive the zombies, most people thought, but then, reality kicked in, to a degree. The zombies became more of a nuisance and everybody just started killing each other. That is pretty much how it would go in real life too. It would be the majority of people too. So, after water, that should come next, then worry about shelter. Shelter that isn't clear of bandits/greedy, unscrupulous people isn't really shelter. So, get drinkable water first, then scout for other people and AVOID them, then look for shelter that is free of people. Only some wild animals are dangerous to humans. Most just want away from us, because....see above.

  88. Justin Vance

    Justin Vance15 days ago

    I thought jellyfish stung with nematocysts not cnidocytes.

  89. Somniosus microcephalus

    Somniosus microcephalus15 days ago

    this chick in China got bit by a snake, and she brought the snake, alive and still wrapped around her hand, to the ER ^-^

  90. Samuel Ogle

    Samuel Ogle15 days ago

    When brining vinegar to the beach to use if you get stung by a jellyfish, don't mistake it for water and drink it.

  91. E Loesch

    E Loesch15 days ago

    A few years ago a friend and I were hiking thru some woods when he stopped to urinate. All of sudden he let out a hurtful scream, his body spasming. He turned around and there was a timber rattler latched on to the end of his pecker. He gave it a mighty shake and the snake let go, slithering off into the underbrush. He looked at me full of fear and said, "man, call a doc, call 911!". I grabbed my cell phone knowing I had my family physician on speed dial. Old Doc Wilkins answered and after filling him in on what happened, he said, "well, being as y`all are 5 miles from nowhere, you're gonna hafta take your knife and make a cut and suck the poison out or your friends dead". I asked if there was any other way. Doc said, "that poison is workin it's way to his nervous system. Fast too! Suck it out or he's a goner". My friend had hobbled over, clutching his groin in both hands, looking all anxious and full of pain, "what'd the doc say man, what'd he say?" I turned to him with sorrow, a gentle tear running down my face, and said, "sorry buddy, the doctor says you're gonna die".

  92. OrionoftheStar

    OrionoftheStar16 days ago

    I was told to pee on my legs when I swam through a swarm of nearly invisible jellyfish (my legs looked like hell). I didn't know it wouldn't work, but I was so grossed out by the idea that I steadfastly refused it even if it would make things hurt more. Now I'm glad about that.

  93. Cean Strauss

    Cean Strauss16 days ago

    Wow. I love watching SciShow. But come on. I expect more from you Hank. You took a bunch of "survival tips" that no one actually believes, or advises to others, and then "debunked" them. I am no type of survival expert and yet somehow I knew all this already.

  94. TwizlerTwistin

    TwizlerTwistin16 days ago

    So anything I do will kill me. Nice to hear that

  95. ashvienis

    ashvienis16 days ago

    The advice with the snake bite is like: " cut it with knife or rock? I guess it`s obvious to cut it with knife, but what to do in case of you don`t have knife for three days? Talk your prays?"

  96. Jasoniskewl

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    3:02 I was thinking of that moment the whole time

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    Okay so bring a heating pad and vinegar next time I go to the beach. Right.

  99. fro g

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    1 tip if starned in water (ocean) and sharks may be getting to close slap your hand into the water to scare them away

  100. Saorbhreathach Mckay

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    where I live, moss always grows on all sides of the trees lmao