73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue


  1. rock tales

    rock tales4 hours ago

    This is the love my lifeee❤️

  2. Bruno Otilio

    Bruno Otilio7 hours ago

    No words for it.

  3. PBM

    PBM10 hours ago

    Why did they cut the part where he says "ok google, turn the lights off"?

  4. Laura Marie

    Laura MarieDay ago

    why don’t they ask important questions.. like how big is his ....?😩

  5. Joelle Rodriguez

    Joelle RodriguezDay ago

    Some one get this man some anime

  6. The Everythinger

    The EverythingerDay ago

    Secret: he’s giving a secret tour for every famous actor/actress house

  7. rozay

    rozay2 days ago

    8 minutes I'll never get back

  8. Jan Sarvas

    Jan Sarvas2 days ago

    this seems so scripted

  9. Precious Olumide

    Precious Olumide2 days ago

    He met my cousin bolu babalola

  10. ketchup 22

    ketchup 222 days ago

    I HATE scripted interviews... and u can see it in evry 73 quesions vid :/

  11. Ruby Groseclose

    Ruby Groseclose2 days ago

    Favorite game: me call of duty Jordan:call of duty hands down me:HECK YEAH!!! UP TOP.. OH UH I'm on MReporter not right there

  12. Mark Reid

    Mark Reid3 days ago

    Coolest mofo on the planet

  13. Abbrielle Traylor

    Abbrielle Traylor3 days ago


  14. MM3669 M

    MM3669 M3 days ago


  15. champagnexoxo

    champagnexoxo3 days ago

    Oh god

  16. D J

    D J3 days ago

    My love 😍

  17. Dion Overman

    Dion Overman3 days ago

    Leonardo DiCaprio huh..? Make it happen.

  18. Ana Morales

    Ana Morales3 days ago

    I would have Michael.C any time...

  19. Michael Hershock

    Michael Hershock3 days ago

    Where’s Wallace? He dead

  20. Sansa _ang

    Sansa _ang3 days ago

    Ayeeeeee he likes anime

  21. ここで尾獣玉撃ってもいいですか?

    ここで尾獣玉撃ってもいいですか?3 days ago

    ブラックパンサー見ました! マイケルさん最高にカッコ良かったです!

  22. Ch Da

    Ch Da4 days ago

    Hmmm...who is this young man? I have to be honest I haven't done research on him. Yet!

  23. spam queen

    spam queen4 days ago

    I love how real he is he can just answer any questions straight up. 😍

  24. Christians9955

    Christians99554 days ago

    Michael A Jordan has Michael Jordan Shirt *don't know what to say*

  25. melvin lantigua

    melvin lantigua4 days ago

    Adonis creed

  26. USER NAM3

    USER NAM34 days ago

    The interviewers voice Is so annoying and Wish it was just more natural. So staged it’s annoying 🙄

  27. luv hurts3 the gaker

    luv hurts3 the gaker4 days ago

    I'm lost

  28. Pro Wrestling News Central

    Pro Wrestling News Central4 days ago

    Did those raw burgers already have cheese on then? WTF!

  29. Colton Newkirk

    Colton Newkirk4 days ago

    World domination

  30. tarajon Simons

    tarajon Simons4 days ago

    I #pray he finds #tru love 😍😍😍

  31. Victor Casas

    Victor Casas4 days ago

    location that he would love to go too. i was hoping he would say japan. and boom he said japan!!! and for anime no less!!!


    Dawn Chidinma CHINAGOROM-ABIAKALAM4 days ago

    they should do one with Trey Songz

  33. RAHRAHraahaha ramaramamagagaolalaah

    RAHRAHraahaha ramaramamagagaolalaah4 days ago

    "Anime is the best" more reason to stan you boo💕

  34. Midia Mutsvangwa

    Midia Mutsvangwa4 days ago

    Well now l know where you got that yummy body your daddy is hot fo his age lm sure he was something else when he was yo age myb hoter than you HAHAHA

  35. Irish Warrior

    Irish Warrior4 days ago

    He's like 5" 2

  36. Ty Hefner

    Ty Hefner4 days ago

    Who’s your Celebrity crush ? Don’t have one 🐐 Who’s your hero ? My dad ! 🐐

  37. Johnny

    Johnny4 days ago

    7:32 LMAO so staged😭😭💀💀💀💀

  38. Jing Wang

    Jing Wang5 days ago

    Micheal B. Jordon is better than you in ever way.

  39. drawingangel2

    drawingangel25 days ago

    He better run when the Kardashians come his way.

  40. Bev Arena

    Bev Arena5 days ago

    Those rapid questions are so annoying...

  41. Levicorpus Tee

    Levicorpus Tee5 days ago

    Hear that guys anime's cool now

  42. SAMg

    SAMg5 days ago

    He’s so arrogant!!

  43. Billy Larkin

    Billy Larkin5 days ago


  44. Yes Sir

    Yes Sir5 days ago

    House tour 😂🤣


    GAMING WITH ACE5 days ago

    So scripted,his dad was too eager for that pound(hand shake)

  46. Shannon Feathers

    Shannon Feathers5 days ago

    Wow I didnt expect most of those answers! He seems like a regular guy, not out to impress. Very respectful and CRAZY HOT! 😈❤😘💙

  47. Dnomyar Akunawik

    Dnomyar Akunawik5 days ago

    Looks like he smells good!

  48. Joel Henry

    Joel Henry5 days ago

    Woah, he said Blackbolt was his favorite comic character. That's real deep cut nerd business.

  49. gina g

    gina g5 days ago

    Yay...I was hoping you said PRINCE!!! You read my mind!

  50. Midoriya Izuku ʙᴜᴛᴛ ɢᴏᴀᴛ

    Midoriya Izuku ʙᴜᴛᴛ ɢᴏᴀᴛ6 days ago

    Low key cuck

  51. C Sanchez

    C Sanchez6 days ago

    Impressive, down to earth, intelligent, humble and ability to respond to questions quickly. Also a pretty good actor, I hope you have a long career.

  52. Guadalupe Espitia

    Guadalupe Espitia6 days ago

    do miley cyrus too

  53. Guadalupe Espitia

    Guadalupe Espitia6 days ago

    do leonardo dicaprio next please

  54. Free flow

    Free flow6 days ago

    interviewer cringe

  55. Shwtyyy Noir

    Shwtyyy Noir6 days ago

    My Husband 🥵🔥

  56. Lara

    Lara7 days ago

    Ugh I would let him to whatever to me

  57. Haysen Forever

    Haysen Forever7 days ago

    When he said what location would you like to go to and I said Tokyo Japan

  58. 10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂

    10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂7 days ago

    Micheal b Jordan likes anime He just got even cooler

  59. amir Soler

    amir Soler7 days ago


  60. Aung Aung

    Aung Aung8 days ago

    Can u fall in love with a person in 8 min? Cuz I just did

  61. Fifi_Loves_ AutumAesthetic

    Fifi_Loves_ AutumAesthetic8 days ago

    I thought he was a basketball player

  62. Shwtyyy Noir

    Shwtyyy Noir6 days ago

    Fifi_Loves_ AutumAesthetic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BYE

  63. Zoe Kovessy

    Zoe Kovessy8 days ago


  64. Hidden Huntress

    Hidden Huntress8 days ago

    He Loves Anime. I love Anime. We go well together. So can you Marry me?

  65. Lastro

    Lastro8 days ago

    Wow ! He into everything I’m in to video games comic books etc. he’s unreal

  66. a hakeem mabof

    a hakeem mabof8 days ago

    Who also tried licking their elbow 😂😂

  67. Xpugzz 19

    Xpugzz 199 days ago

    I love his jumper

  68. Xpugzz 19

    Xpugzz 199 days ago

    I love Michael b Jordan he has been my fav actor for years like if u agree

  69. Eli_Finesse

    Eli_Finesse9 days ago

    His is the best

  70. Laugh Out Loud

    Laugh Out Loud9 days ago

    He looks like nick cannon

  71. Thatgirl04

    Thatgirl0410 days ago


  72. natalia ruby antonio

    natalia ruby antonio10 days ago

    this is so cute awww

  73. Djihane Benyahia

    Djihane Benyahia10 days ago

    selena gomez and mickael ... go well together

  74. Chubs Destiny

    Chubs Destiny10 days ago


  75. konner mcfly

    konner mcfly10 days ago

    Michael's cool but honestly i'm more disappointed about how the vogue guy asks Iggy about her Ferrari but doesn't ask him about his NSX. I'm clearly a car fan if you couldn't tell.

  76. melissa parsons

    melissa parsons10 days ago

    Is this mechael Jordan’s son

  77. Speaking Life

    Speaking Life11 days ago

    A carbon tax?? The world needs Jesus my young brother 🙏.... May God continue to bless you and your family! In the mighty and matchless name of yeshua hamashiach Amen!!

  78. Melissa Janicijevic

    Melissa Janicijevic11 days ago

    he likes to iron... what a perfect man

  79. Christine Thuo

    Christine Thuo11 days ago

    Please stop making my bed hotter than usual

  80. Christine Thuo

    Christine Thuo11 days ago

    There will be a Michael C Jordan 😏

  81. Loretta Heras

    Loretta Heras11 days ago

    Love it so much!🔥🔥

  82. Ali Vvv

    Ali Vvv11 days ago

    wait. does he still live with his parents?

  83. Hawaa Sarwary

    Hawaa Sarwary11 days ago

    1:03 They cut the part when he says hey google turn off the lighta

  84. Gucci Stan

    Gucci Stan12 days ago

    We have a new movie to shoot asap (Tittle: Black Dubai)

  85. Ty Robinson

    Ty Robinson13 days ago

    Hate how staged these are

  86. Hey JayNelli

    Hey JayNelli14 days ago

    Lawwwd 😘

  87. Cormac McDonald

    Cormac McDonald14 days ago

    Can I have an apple juice too

  88. Ciccolo

    Ciccolo14 days ago

    Oh yeah nahui

  89. Rosemarie Nelson

    Rosemarie Nelson15 days ago

    Anime anime anime😍😍😍😍

  90. Randomly Show

    Randomly Show15 days ago


  91. Ulrich Riviere

    Ulrich Riviere15 days ago

    A role model for all kids. Believe in you, believe in your dreams 👍

  92. Sean T Barrett

    Sean T Barrett15 days ago

    are we just going to forget the fact that michael B jordans secret talent is ironing?? i mean come on

  93. hi

    hi16 days ago

    Back off, he's mine.

  94. Cyberian SK

    Cyberian SK18 days ago


  95. Tech World

    Tech World19 days ago

    Apple juice😂

  96. giuseppe dipietero

    giuseppe dipietero19 days ago

    beautiful man!!! number one man

  97. Auchie Thomas

    Auchie Thomas19 days ago

    Vogue interviewer 6:20 "What's the craziest rumour you've ever heard about yourself?" Micheal B. Jordan 6:23 "That I don't date black women" Oh please You DOn't LEt's continue....

  98. Samir karimi

    Samir karimi19 days ago

    why are u planning this or they??

  99. Death Trap411

    Death Trap41120 days ago

    I clicked on this video thinking this was the basketball ball player lmao

  100. M I R R O R S project

    M I R R O R S project20 days ago

    That Killmonger hoodie tho

  101. Tiffany Byrd

    Tiffany Byrd21 day ago

    Put glasses on and he look like my gym teacher