73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue


  1. Roko714 Clips

    Roko714 Clips12 hours ago

    Fidget spinner- video games 😂

  2. Diron

    DironDay ago

    "Anime.. is the best" - Michael B. Jordan I see you're the man of culture. 👌

  3. Ana Guillermina Villegas Martínez

    Ana Guillermina Villegas MartínezDay ago

    Michael B. Jordan is a weeb. (He likes animeeee)

  4. Hammonton AG

    Hammonton AGDay ago

    5:40 what type of apple juice is dat edit like i do not want to critique him but like what is dat

  5. All people GANG

    All people GANGDay ago

    Bro how don’t they not get headaches 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. gd131

    gd131Day ago

    This dude makes me question my manhood.

  7. Jimmy Neutron

    Jimmy NeutronDay ago

    My brother is named after Michael Jordan and now I call him nadroj because his name is Jordan

  8. Carly Vazis

    Carly VazisDay ago

    LOL at how his dad was wearing a Jordan shirt 😂 that's hilarious

  9. Shavel Tv

    Shavel TvDay ago

    Lord make him my husband😩

  10. Nicole Moreno

    Nicole MorenoDay ago

    I love the introduction so much Well this is a gorgeous way to start a video, and he’s just whispering it 😁

  11. FAL

    FAL2 days ago

    Me and Him have the same Apple Juice 😂😂

  12. Benzamin Rasaily

    Benzamin Rasaily3 days ago

    Must he be the most decent son in Hollywood.

  13. Kenya Uchiha

    Kenya Uchiha3 days ago

    He likes anime...HE LIKES NARUTO !!!

  14. ggkos 56

    ggkos 56Day ago


  15. Kenya Uchiha

    Kenya Uchiha3 days ago

    He likes anime...HE LIKES NARUTO !!!

  16. Konneh Dolley

    Konneh Dolley3 days ago

    I’m on my my dad phone but me and him have the same middle name

  17. FlwKylr

    FlwKylr4 days ago

    MBJ: Hey wassup man Vogue: Na I'm just a stalker Me: WhAt ThE FuQ

  18. Madi’s World

    Madi’s World4 days ago

    The handshake at the end was so awkward😬😂

  19. emma mae marlow

    emma mae marlow4 days ago

    nobody i repeat nobody looks that good exercising but michael jordan oop

  20. sa lut

    sa lut5 days ago

    why you deleted the part where he say "siri close the garage"??? 1:03

  21. Annie Belanger

    Annie Belanger5 days ago

    That vogue guy is so lucky,he met so many celebrity

  22. bear harley

    bear harley5 days ago


  23. Matthew Lowe

    Matthew Lowe5 days ago

    South Africa boi!

  24. DennyCraneReloaded

    DennyCraneReloaded6 days ago

    what happened with the lyrics

  25. bigboy_can

    bigboy_can6 days ago

    I hope he is not a weeb

  26. Nacl and Pepper

    Nacl and Pepper6 days ago

    black panther was the opposite of action packed lol

  27. Sonya Thomson

    Sonya Thomson6 days ago

    New Jersey.

  28. Sonya Thomson

    Sonya Thomson6 days ago

    No Martin. No John Legend. Who else?

  29. Roze Gold

    Roze Gold6 days ago

    Seem like he study these answers to these questions

  30. iTruss

    iTruss6 days ago

    Wait isn't Michael Jordan the basketball player?

  31. Penny Dang

    Penny Dang7 days ago

    Yeah I'd lick dirt off that body anyday

  32. erin leshay

    erin leshay7 days ago

    It’s definitely not a “secret” handshake😭

  33. Jiren -

    Jiren -7 days ago

    Wow their all scripted just noticed that

  34. Jiren -

    Jiren -7 days ago


  35. Niaaa Biaaa

    Niaaa Biaaa8 days ago

    I knew the answer to two of these before he said it . I knew he would say call of duty and I KNEW he would say “ That I don’t date black women” LMAOOO

  36. Shawn Bethea

    Shawn Bethea8 days ago

    HES soo fine.

  37. Don Mars

    Don Mars8 days ago

    I love me some anime

  38. superadudu

    superadudu8 days ago

    Michael B Jordan : Anime is the best Me : What da fak ni...

  39. Chaotic Fr0z3n

    Chaotic Fr0z3n8 days ago

    His dad is not related to Michael Jordan the basketball player although he’s a wearing a Jordan T-shirt

  40. Max Pitts

    Max Pitts8 days ago

    That red jacket is nice

  41. gorio gagn

    gorio gagn8 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought this is the basketball player Michael Jordan?😂

  42. Amushka D

    Amushka D9 days ago

    CT🇿🇦 coolest place ever🤩❣

  43. Kim Enendu

    Kim Enendu9 days ago

    Do one with cardi b #73questionswithcardib

  44. Isabelle Garcia

    Isabelle Garcia9 days ago

    This was so genuine and thought through& having his parents in it 😭♥️

  45. Ender1000kill

    Ender1000kill10 days ago

    Me: I don’t really know who Micheal is... Micheal: Anime is the best... Me: I LOVE YOU

  46. Poker Face

    Poker Face11 days ago

    Are these staged or real ?

  47. Mel X

    Mel X11 days ago

    the captions are all messed up

  48. Born Confused

    Born Confused12 days ago

    73 question with cristiano ronaldo

  49. Pervy Sage

    Pervy Sage12 days ago

    Action Hero/Quantum Physicist - Blue Marvel confirmed!

  50. Oscar Meraz

    Oscar Meraz12 days ago

    So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that Catherine Paiz left this man for that little boy

  51. _andres_ quiroz

    _andres_ quiroz12 days ago


  52. Niyahloo Gang

    Niyahloo Gang8 days ago


  53. Zya Alfath M. Ansar

    Zya Alfath M. Ansar13 days ago