73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue


  1. Megan Zeeman

    Megan Zeeman3 hours ago

    I live in Cape Town and I went to tokyo

  2. Orest

    Orest14 hours ago

    I loved the ending when the parents gave him lunch. That was cute.

  3. Chris Contreras

    Chris ContrerasDay ago


  4. dubprocesslbc

    dubprocesslbcDay ago

    this is hard to watch..cringe....

  5. Yolanda Hinojosa

    Yolanda HinojosaDay ago

    He cute

  6. sam zag

    sam zagDay ago

    This is in 2017 /He love anime and want to go tokyo and 1week ago Osaka (on ellen show): has a crush on Jordan, AND HE REPLAYED TO OSAKA SAYING CONGRATS ////// i want to see the rest of the story could be a romantic one

  7. Sammy P

    Sammy P2 days ago

    I love how he lives with his parents.

  8. Sammy P

    Sammy P2 days ago

    Anime? Anime? Okay I automatically like him.

  9. Darius Smith

    Darius Smith2 days ago

    Michael B Jordan i wanna see you.

  10. Abhishek Dash

    Abhishek Dash2 days ago

    down to earth person

  11. autumn Sawyer

    autumn Sawyer2 days ago

    On his my crush we both wanna go to Tokyo but it’s funny because I live in Osaka now

  12. Akul Kudari

    Akul Kudari2 days ago

    Ryan coogler and Michael B. Jordan are lifelong friends

  13. Yohander Carmona

    Yohander Carmona2 days ago

    When he said he loves anime he officially became my favorite actor besides the rock and jack black

  14. ZuraWrath

    ZuraWrath2 days ago

    Anime what a legend!

  15. Maddy Grace

    Maddy Grace2 days ago

    I had no clue he supports Lupus L.A.!! If I didn't love him already

  16. Ali450

    Ali4502 days ago

    He’s so short on 2K17

  17. Pam Burton

    Pam Burton2 days ago


  18. Azmath Malik

    Azmath Malik2 days ago

    Omg he likes to iron 😍😍

  19. Tamika Brewster

    Tamika Brewster2 days ago

    His parents are a match made in heaven. Lawd he is good looking

  20. Jerry Wang

    Jerry Wang3 days ago

    ok now id like to see him do this on a normal day............... definitely not staged

  21. Slender morph

    Slender morph3 days ago

    He look like a WORM. no hate tho😂😂😂

  22. ILikeFoodAndYouDoToo

    ILikeFoodAndYouDoToo3 days ago

    I’m wet...

  23. Ayden James

    Ayden James3 days ago

    I want to be just like you give me a golden suit

  24. Mckenzie Giles

    Mckenzie Giles3 days ago

    He don't like black women though

  25. Tavi Calhoun

    Tavi Calhoun3 days ago

    (Being hung up on ) Baaaby ouuuu! Seeing him upset and explaining how he feels cause he’s passionate .. there will be micheal Jordan’s B -Z 🤪🤪

  26. I’m Gabe

    I’m Gabe3 days ago

    “Who’s your celebrity crush?” “Don’t have one..because celebrities have crushes on me” That’s how it actually went.

  27. Kimora G

    Kimora G3 days ago

    3:35 Hey Osaka

  28. Remy_ Teddy

    Remy_ Teddy3 days ago

    Wakanda forever

  29. O c t o b e r

    O c t o b e r3 days ago

    Dear God plz send me someone as sweet and Handsome as him💕

  30. Bbyxmc_

    Bbyxmc_3 days ago

    His voice 🤤💕

  31. Angela Crosby

    Angela Crosby4 days ago

    I literally enjoyed Michael and the entire video! Not to mention What a Humble young man he is along with Loving Parents.

  32. Regina Boone

    Regina Boone4 days ago

    This makes me love him so much more!!! So laid back and down to earth!!!

  33. Victoria Johnson

    Victoria Johnson4 days ago

    * wipes nosebleed *

  34. Kieran Johnston

    Kieran Johnston4 days ago

    This interview was awesome

  35. DePpuNjab iii

    DePpuNjab iii4 days ago

    His answers r faster than my internet

  36. T

    T4 days ago

    Proof all over internet. Michael B Jordan only date white & white Latina women.....Yesssss! He only pretend 2 like Black women in movies.

  37. Aditya Wardhana

    Aditya Wardhana4 days ago

  38. Blue.

    Blue.4 days ago

    Hola. Estas divino.

  39. xXTobyIsMy KittenXx

    xXTobyIsMy KittenXx4 days ago


  40. Roderick Norman

    Roderick Norman4 days ago


  41. Jordan_

    Jordan_4 days ago

    Isn’t he the guy in black panther

  42. Anthony Miranda

    Anthony Miranda4 days ago

    Are these scripted because they feel like that?

  43. sister naz

    sister naz4 days ago

    ok but im wet

  44. D1dik0ng

    D1dik0ng4 days ago

    He got me at anime

  45. Blayze Burns

    Blayze Burns4 days ago

    Bruh when Micheal said COD was his favorite game, I was like “JUSTICE WHAT ABOUT ORANGE JUICE, WE PUT THE SQUEEZE ON THEM REMEMBER??🍊🍊🏀🏀”

  46. aitor s

    aitor s5 days ago

    so Osaka has a crush on Jordan, and he says that he wants to visit Tokyo.. love is in the air!!

  47. Volire

    Volire5 days ago

    one of us one of us

  48. Mr Y G

    Mr Y G5 days ago

    Cape town yay!!!!!!

  49. Thejas K R

    Thejas K R5 days ago


  50. T Mayo

    T Mayo5 days ago

    HEY Mike that pretty ..humble...young..verrrry in shape...soon to be rich ..tennis player is feeling you bro...holla at her...

  51. Aurora Jazline

    Aurora Jazline5 days ago

    wow just wow

  52. Alison Hernandez

    Alison Hernandez5 days ago


  53. Issa Jawn

    Issa Jawn5 days ago

    This man is so fine 😭😭😭😭😭😭🔥

  54. claritycentral

    claritycentral5 days ago

    The most layed back interview I have ever seen. Catching all the questions..... with ease. Stay with your parents man until you marry. They will keep you grounded!!

  55. jollygrl11

    jollygrl115 days ago

    Naomi osaka and Michael b. Jordan !!! Needs to happen

  56. prasanga dhakal

    prasanga dhakal6 days ago

    i am here after he was confirmed for the next superman.

  57. Cooley96

    Cooley965 days ago

    He wasn't confirmed, he's being considered.

  58. Simone Menezes

    Simone Menezes6 days ago

    No Michael "C" Jordan in the future?! "Not happening" So he doesn't want any kids? :(

  59. Tashayla keith

    Tashayla keith5 days ago

    No hes just not continuing the pattern of the middle initial......

  60. Cheyanna Musgrove

    Cheyanna Musgrove6 days ago

    I think we found who has the biggest crush on the vampire

  61. Sara Campana

    Sara Campana6 days ago

    “Baltimore, crab cakes” yesssss 😂😂

  62. Alldatbootyboi 13

    Alldatbootyboi 136 days ago

    Police brutality in America✊🏾💯

  63. Alldatbootyboi 13

    Alldatbootyboi 136 days ago

    Yes nudityyyyy😩🤤🤤🤤🤤

  64. Zae Bold

    Zae Bold6 days ago


  65. some other girl

    some other girl6 days ago

    It's so cute how he's close to his parents😭❤

  66. Kaiya Stroman

    Kaiya Stroman7 days ago

    the video came out 2017 but the movie came out 2018 wow a shocker

  67. Winnie Mwende

    Winnie Mwende7 days ago

    Who's here after Naomi Osaka on Ellen show?😂

  68. Brianna Britopian

    Brianna BritopianDay ago

    I really hope he text back!!!!!!!

  69. Liou jess

    Liou jess4 days ago

    I am a huge fan

  70. Bda Muzik

    Bda Muzik4 days ago

    Meeeeee 2 wow lol

  71. ophelia

    ophelia4 days ago


  72. Rose UKspecial

    Rose UKspecial5 days ago

    I cannot STOP laughing 🤣🤣🤣😆😆

  73. Coal

    Coal8 days ago

    why he cut dreads?


    QÙÊËÑ M-GÓØFY8 days ago

    They made sure they was ready for this video 😂😂

  75. xXTypicaLRaGeXx

    xXTypicaLRaGeXx8 days ago

    We should play call of duty 🎉

  76. Victoria Johnson

    Victoria Johnson8 days ago

    Micheal b jordan is my senpai

  77. LilChachi

    LilChachi8 days ago

    why was the cheese on the burgers before they were cooked?

  78. Kirsten Marshall

    Kirsten Marshall9 days ago

    Did anyone notice the Grill wasn't on?

  79. DJ Akademiks

    DJ Akademiks9 days ago

    Unbelievably scripted

  80. Cooley96

    Cooley965 days ago

    Nothing gets past you.

  81. Big Bird

    Big Bird9 days ago

    He hardout looks like nick cannon

  82. Green Raven

    Green Raven9 days ago

    who noticed his jacket is saying killmonger?

  83. Micah Brodovsky

    Micah Brodovsky9 days ago

    These videos are always so fake and cringy.

  84. Gaming With DaJuan

    Gaming With DaJuan9 days ago

    Lmao when he said "hey google" my phone did it😂🤣

  85. Jango

    Jango9 days ago

    I found my dad with panther claws in his chest -Erik Killnonger

  86. ew get lost

    ew get lost10 days ago


  87. -*Ariana bubby*-

    -*Ariana bubby*-9 days ago

    He can't, because you look like a sloths left nipple

  88. Elijah

    Elijah10 days ago


  89. Naruto Brady

    Naruto Brady10 days ago

    Anime is the best that's true

  90. Kameron B

    Kameron B10 days ago

    I wouldve cussed him out after the third question

  91. Christopher King

    Christopher King10 days ago

    Anime fan huh? lit

  92. Danika Schuster

    Danika Schuster10 days ago

    I love him. Humble, chill and funny❤️

  93. Red Panda

    Red Panda10 days ago

    Oh Tokyo Japan Anime is the Best I love him even more now

  94. Jeffrey Simms

    Jeffrey Simms10 days ago

    “Hey Auntie”

  95. Adam Grela

    Adam Grela11 days ago

    He goes out right after a workout without even taking a shower

  96. loww pmd

    loww pmd11 days ago

    my husband is cute isn’t he 💗

  97. Rokhina Diagne

    Rokhina Diagne7 days ago

    loww pmd M

  98. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis11 days ago

    I want to see the question guy

  99. Hawaa Sarwary

    Hawaa Sarwary11 days ago


  100. Hawaa Sarwary

    Hawaa Sarwary11 days ago

    Omg he’s perfect 😂

  101. KY 9

    KY 912 days ago

    Fahrenheit 451🔥

  102. 1K subs with no content till I hit 1K subs

    1K subs with no content till I hit 1K subs12 days ago

    😂 I thought he was Jordan too when I clicked the vid

  103. 1K subs with no content till I hit 1K subs

    1K subs with no content till I hit 1K subs12 days ago

    He’s as hard as concrete

  104. jae wilson

    jae wilson13 days ago

    73 questions with Chadwick Boseman please❤️

  105. SNGaming

    SNGaming13 days ago

    I watched a 20 SECOND AD for this

  106. youngKing prince

    youngKing prince13 days ago

    Its so fake. Why do they try to seem natural when its abviously scirpted? They´re not fooling anyone

  107. The IronDefence

    The IronDefence13 days ago

    what type of apple juice is that?

  108. Idk Fa

    Idk Fa13 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan watches anime??!!!

  109. Latisha

    Latisha13 days ago

    Grandma so nice

  110. Chris Ohrugo

    Chris Ohrugo14 days ago

    I can't be the only one who's more fascinated by the interviewer? Who is he?