73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue


  1. MexicanUnicorn

    MexicanUnicorn2 hours ago

    Michael b. Jordan is by baby daddy.❤️💖💕😍😂😘

  2. William Forest-Hill

    William Forest-Hill4 hours ago

    He’s in a game?

  3. Tobaebae Xoxo

    Tobaebae Xoxo4 hours ago

    Love this

  4. anahireyes1989

    anahireyes19898 hours ago

    oh no honey, the B. stands for BAE!!!

  5. Chris Shines

    Chris Shines11 hours ago

    B is for Blood.

  6. Black Sky

    Black Sky12 hours ago

    Female's in this comment section: OMG HS SO HOT💦 I WANT HIM😍😍 Male's in this comment section: Talking about how much the female's are talking about MBJ.

  7. james oda

    james oda12 hours ago

    he lives in a mc mansion

  8. Leanna Bayhonan

    Leanna Bayhonan13 hours ago

    6:12 love his jacket

  9. John boy

    John boy15 hours ago


  10. Soulja Boy

    Soulja Boy16 hours ago

    Anyone else hear him say Boss Key Yacht 💀💀💀

  11. far sky

    far sky16 hours ago

    Dude doesn't take shower after a workout .. must be going green 💦💦

  12. Lord Farqaad

    Lord Farqaad17 hours ago

    Hes like a kid he asked the guy if he wants a applejuice lel

  13. mcatriana

    mcatriana18 hours ago

    Goonies and Friday are 2 of my faves and i hate being hung up on lol , ....he now owns my heart

  14. Josh Nielsen

    Josh Nielsen18 hours ago

    Who in the heck likes ironing? It's like the most time consuming thing ever.

  15. Josh Nielsen

    Josh Nielsen15 hours ago

    +Markiah Miller Someone apparently doesn't get dry humor.

  16. Markiah Miller

    Markiah Miller17 hours ago

    shut up dont talk about him

  17. Holly Love

    Holly Love18 hours ago

    So who's ur celebrity crush? I don't have one..

  18. SB_DxBz 2

    SB_DxBz 219 hours ago

    When everyone is Clout Thirsty.

  19. Da Wootzi

    Da Wootzi19 hours ago


  20. Mike Do Hong

    Mike Do Hong19 hours ago

    Almost 1 year ANIMEversary for this one 🙏🏼🔥

  21. Grace Micke

    Grace Micke23 hours ago

    I love how he is nice and doesn’t sound scripted. All the other celebrities that do this are cocky and rude I feel

  22. Brayden Holle

    Brayden HolleDay ago

    I need that killmonger hoodie



    and Fortnite

  24. jacqueline corona

    jacqueline coronaDay ago

    5:04 - 5:10 A TRUE GENTLEMEN 🤩 I always pay attention to those qualities in a man

  25. Larkem Harris

    Larkem HarrisDay ago

    your right!!! kyrie is going to be MVP!!!

  26. 10k subs with no video

    10k subs with no videoDay ago


  27. 獣Kemeno

    獣KemenoDay ago

    3:13 who else was hoping he would say wakanda

  28. 獣Kemeno

    獣KemenoDay ago


  29. Baby Face

    Baby FaceDay ago

    Omfg ♥️♥️

  30. Mykiea Mcafee

    Mykiea McafeeDay ago

    Who tried to lick their elbow lol

  31. Mykiea Mcafee

    Mykiea McafeeDay ago

    Anime is the best , I’m in love 😍

  32. Ce Me

    Ce MeDay ago

    I really tried to lick my elbow😂

  33. Xie Pepper

    Xie PepperDay ago

    That was the most "let's pretend it happened out of the blue" vídeo, that was eyes burning

  34. Cicely Williams

    Cicely WilliamsDay ago

    Yeah I can't stand to be hung up on lol.

  35. Sncyr Williams

    Sncyr WilliamsDay ago

    I said kyrie when he said it

  36. ctiscool23 ct

    ctiscool23 ctDay ago

    He’s fineee

  37. ambroseasylum910

    ambroseasylum910Day ago

    I love that this wasn't staged like most Vogue interviews, you could see was really trying to think about his genuine answers. That's all, thank you for stopping to read this.

  38. Samson Oshode

    Samson OshodeDay ago

    "Animes the best" You're the best ♥.♥

  39. Enchantress

    EnchantressDay ago

    Yaaay he owns a honda

  40. shaela s.

    shaela s.Day ago

    I’ve watched this video a million times, you’re welcome

  41. James Kerr

    James Kerr2 days ago

    IM SOUTH AFRICAN❤️ this made me so happy


    DMG VALUX2 days ago

    Love the way he’s just so calm when he’s talking to celebrities 😂

  43. Alexa Coreas

    Alexa Coreas2 days ago

    Am I the only one who forgot his name

  44. karleyproductions

    karleyproductions2 days ago

    Can’t stop smiling, i love this guy 😩

  45. Nie Niesha

    Nie Niesha2 days ago


  46. Soo Logiic

    Soo Logiic2 days ago

    Him: "You cannot lick your elbow its impossible." *looks at elbow*

  47. danny Kabbani

    danny Kabbani2 days ago


  48. Gamer Jay

    Gamer Jay2 days ago

    No wonder Niki Minaj can't keep him off her mind 😏

  49. Princess_Shelle

    Princess_Shelle2 days ago

    That's sweet that he takes care of his parents

  50. Princess_Shelle

    Princess_Shelle2 days ago

    I love his personality, but he's not the best looking guy to me.🤷‍♀️My opinion not every woman on Earth is crazy about him. Love his style, genuincy, humbleness, and smile.

  51. King James Bangura

    King James Bangura2 days ago

    He is my idol

  52. Zachary Hoogland

    Zachary Hoogland2 days ago

    Still lives with his parents... what a loser

  53. Chris Castillo

    Chris Castillo2 days ago

    Zachary Hoogland no his parents live with him there’s a difference 😂🤣😭😭Dumbass

  54. JimIN MyHeart

    JimIN MyHeart2 days ago

    Let me drink your sweat DADDY 😜😜😜😜

  55. Deacon

    Deacon2 days ago

    *american dream*

  56. Chocolate Queen

    Chocolate Queen2 days ago


  57. efosa baldwin

    efosa baldwin2 days ago

    anime for life


    ZULU ZERO2 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how cute his mom is


    ZULU ZERO2 days ago

    I have seen better looking

  60. Jha’Nay Smith

    Jha’Nay Smith2 days ago

    Alicia Myers, Yasssss!!!💃🏾

  61. Amari Wright

    Amari Wright2 days ago

    He got that good apple juice

  62. Mr. Jay

    Mr. Jay2 days ago

    So good to see that he loves with his parents, it's rare to see this nowadays

  63. lavar anthony

    lavar anthony3 days ago

    Wow he likes anime, he doesn't look like that type

  64. Your Daily Dose of Tea

    Your Daily Dose of Tea3 days ago

    NJ gang where u at?

  65. Erica Sunly

    Erica Sunly3 days ago

    When this man said goonies as one of his favorite films, I already know he's a sweet heart

  66. Makenna C

    Makenna C3 days ago

    Lol he's such a nerd I love him so much.

  67. uasi auvele

    uasi auvele3 days ago

    The camera interviewer tho lol !!

  68. Adia

    Adia3 days ago

    lol i tried licking my elbow

  69. Yui X Arata

    Yui X Arata3 days ago

    Who else started to die when he said he loves anime I was like “ FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS THE BEAUTY OF ANIME ITS SO RARE FOR A FAMOUS PERSON TO SAY THAT “

  70. Dethxpalo

    Dethxpalo3 days ago

    So fake and scripted

  71. Anita Luca

    Anita Luca3 days ago

    I don’t see Nicki Minaj as his type. At least not to get serious with. Just my opinion.

  72. Mel C

    Mel C3 days ago

    yup you dont DATE black women stop lying

  73. Celine Reviero

    Celine Reviero3 days ago

    Oh he likes ironing,food (Mexican to be exact) and The Goonies too😅Who else is just taking notes of the similarities?👀😂

  74. Fernando Ramirez

    Fernando Ramirez3 days ago

    The gift that keeps on giving???? Brrraaaaaa u got them herps? Lol jk

  75. suleiny beltre

    suleiny beltre3 days ago

    His parents seem so sweet and warm . Lovely interview , it was chill and had a good pace

  76. Agbor Quinta

    Agbor Quinta3 days ago

    Michael B u are just the best....I adore u

  77. Reinecouturia

    Reinecouturia3 days ago

    Look at that house!!! Is that really his? If it is hes just showing the floor plan!

  78. KingJayyzWorld

    KingJayyzWorld3 days ago

    2:40 You can tell this is scripted He put his hand up for the shake before he asked about the handshake lol

  79. Blue is the name

    Blue is the name4 days ago

    coolest place he has ever been is in SOUTH AFRICA!!!

  80. Min Suga studios Edits

    Min Suga studios Edits4 days ago

    73 questions with kevin hart!!!!!!

  81. jj Snyman

    jj Snyman4 days ago

    Yeah South Africa

  82. NGHT KingJeddy

    NGHT KingJeddy4 days ago

    For his favorite line he should’ve hey auntie but black panther wasn’t out

  83. ss_godking

    ss_godking4 days ago

    U love anime u my friends now

  84. Fozia Sahib

    Fozia Sahib4 days ago

    Come back to South Africa for your wife! 😂❤️

  85. Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj4 days ago

    Nicki Minaj has a chance

  86. Itzririyass Duhh

    Itzririyass Duhh4 days ago

    His mom is beautiful 💐

  87. Mark Washington

    Mark Washington4 days ago

    when he said carbon tax i kinda cringed

  88. I’ll fucking rip ur face off bitch.

    I’ll fucking rip ur face off bitch.4 days ago

    If he got shirtless and I met him irl, I’d probably be pregnant. 😂

  89. Geek Grace

    Geek Grace4 days ago

    I'm in love with him

  90. Stella

    Stella4 days ago

    He seems like the douchiest fuckboy ever. :/ But handsome anyways.

  91. penny pie

    penny pie4 days ago

    2:13 😂😂

  92. Rhonda Bell

    Rhonda Bell4 days ago

    sexiest man alive😘😘😍💞💑💎💍

  93. Natalia 123ttt

    Natalia 123ttt5 days ago

    He is my fave actor he likes anime

  94. Noluthando Phakathi

    Noluthando Phakathi5 days ago

    3:15 proud South African😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  95. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen5 days ago

    I just have so much respect for this man 👌🏼I alresdy seen this video but I’m just ready for CREED 2

  96. khuang96

    khuang965 days ago

    first time I've seen an edited, not one-shot 73 questions, still good though :) his parents were sweet

  97. Ayden Sandoe

    Ayden Sandoe5 days ago

    Did he say rice as in rice gum for his best friends

  98. Cynthia B.

    Cynthia B.5 days ago

    why did the hamburger patties already have cheese on them before they put them on the grill? 🤔

  99. I Code

    I Code5 days ago

    Call of duty hands down .. is it a new version of call of duty... i would love to play it....

  100. Pegasus Pony

    Pegasus Pony5 days ago

    I feel like he is perfect for me but I can’t have him because he’s a celebrity and I’m a normal person and he doesn’t even know I exist 😭

  101. 10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P

    10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P5 days ago

    The Kyrie Irving MVP prediction didn't age well

  102. Anna Fagnidi

    Anna Fagnidi5 days ago

    La chocolatée yummy 😋🤤

  103. Curtis Mills

    Curtis Mills6 days ago

    shoutout for the malcom gladwell mention!