73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue


  1. kimberlee sierra cuello Sierra cuello .

    kimberlee sierra cuello Sierra cuello .Hour ago

    Love People and kim kardashian

  2. Bakuradze Lika

    Bakuradze Lika2 hours ago

    Does anyone knows the background music ?

  3. Chercorie Wells

    Chercorie Wells3 hours ago

    The Bahamas

  4. Max Holmqvist 75

    Max Holmqvist 754 hours ago

    Kanye West is lost in life

  5. Lady Spencer

    Lady Spencer4 hours ago

    She’s look like Beyonce

  6. Francesca Romano

    Francesca Romano5 hours ago

    Terrible actors

  7. Bopatsy Harris

    Bopatsy Harris5 hours ago

    The intro song I love ❤️

  8. Heidi Schoeneck

    Heidi Schoeneck6 hours ago

    This is so scripted it is painful 😣

  9. Joachim Ismail

    Joachim Ismail7 hours ago

    Why did she say no thou to the yeezys like wtf

  10. samira orchard

    samira orchard7 hours ago

    Fur HAG

  11. Love Houria

    Love Houria8 hours ago


  12. Julianna Kazaryan

    Julianna Kazaryan9 hours ago

    He asked her if she speaks armenian, she replied with “Inchpes es?” Meaning: how are you? 😂

  13. Diana Reyes

    Diana Reyes10 hours ago

    That call with Kris was the most staged thing I’ve ever seen

  14. Tristan Lopez

    Tristan Lopez12 hours ago

    They seem like such nice people. :) Hey! Subscribe to my horrible channel if you like it.

  15. out side the box out side the box

    out side the box out side the box14 hours ago

    nice video mreporter.net/block-UCTHCBXFFS0skVyvOZF_M26g?sub

  16. heather Davisson

    heather Davisson15 hours ago

    Man "What are your kids into" kim "um what's the question"

  17. thiccctor

    thiccctor16 hours ago

    This is Why Kanye is a god.

  18. Balvin . JS

    Balvin . JS17 hours ago

    Diogo parodia . kkkkkkkkk OMG ❤

  19. r Vxng

    r Vxng17 hours ago

    Interviewer- what’s your favorite color? Kanye- the color.

  20. Austen Hernandez

    Austen Hernandez19 hours ago

    She wishes they wouldn’t focus on her outlandishly fake rump 😂😂😂😂 isn’t that something

  21. Aye Silver Beats

    Aye Silver Beats20 hours ago

    The way he said "The Kids"

  22. Ciaran Ward

    Ciaran Ward21 hour ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: North: “I like squishes.” Kim: “oHhH!”

  23. Andrew Ingram

    Andrew Ingram22 hours ago

    What name will your baby definitely not have?: Ray J

  24. _ MIC _

    _ MIC _23 hours ago

    Petition to have Kanye do a 73 questions

  25. Apex/Fortnite Complimations

    Apex/Fortnite Complimations23 hours ago

    Kim Kardashian needs to stop speaking so snobby

  26. Brianna jade Dunlop

    Brianna jade Dunlop23 hours ago

    Interviewer: what's the most rewarding thing about being a mom? Kim: the kids telling you they love you. North: I already did that 😂

  27. Audio Stories

    Audio Stories23 hours ago

    And all he wanted was a new pair of yeezies.

  28. I ask random questions

    I ask random questions23 hours ago

    “And Chi is into anything food” Lol same 😂

  29. A B

    A B23 hours ago

    So scripted. Your average reader of Vogue must be seriously dumb.

  30. Angela Demps

    Angela DempsDay ago

    Kim you are such an inspiration to me. Love your family ❤️

  31. gangster wizard

    gangster wizardDay ago

    I don't usually like the 73 questions videos but this made me like her. She seems genuine and like she cares a lot about her family.

  32. lil Monkey

    lil MonkeyDay ago


  33. Catalina Sweet Music

    Catalina Sweet MusicDay ago

    What a great family!!!

  34. deborah affia

    deborah affiaDay ago

    Kim's hair 💜

  35. Michelle N

    Michelle NDay ago

    i love how patient kim is with her kids interrupting the interview

  36. Band Queen15

    Band Queen15Day ago

    Did anyone else think the thumbnail was Queen, and her son CJ??😂😂😭 Saint is so handsome 😍

  37. beni hime

    beni himeDay ago

    this is the most i have seen Kanye smile i think his kids and kim only make him smile which is so cute

  38. Elie K

    Elie KDay ago

    Beautiful Kimie ❤

  39. Hamim

    HamimDay ago

    Whats your favorite thing about Kim? Kanye: her husband

  40. Christopher Bostic

    Christopher BosticDay ago

    Why all the kids look like Kim but not Kanye?

  41. topzinho lindo

    topzinho lindoDay ago

    Já falei que se for menina vou cortar ela toda com gilete KKKKKKKKKKKKKK vim pelo diogo

  42. Darlene Dubey

    Darlene DubeyDay ago

    How do you go on without Ellen

  43. Darlene Dubey

    Darlene DubeyDay ago

    Ask to trust Ellen fame

  44. Darlene Dubey

    Darlene DubeyDay ago

    Your trend is over ellen famer

  45. Wu Butt

    Wu ButtDay ago

    Interviewer - What's your favorite thing about being a mom Big Butt- not having to Carry them for 9 months!

  46. Darlene Dubey

    Darlene DubeyDay ago

    We already had Cher Kim so has everyone else

  47. Wu Butt

    Wu ButtDay ago

    I just love how they let them eat snacks all over the million dollar bed spread! Lol good stuff.

  48. Valeria Gonzalez

    Valeria GonzalezDay ago

    Wtf your socks are amazings and really perfect🤩

  49. Big Papa

    Big PapaDay ago

    When Kanye realized that it was for kim

  50. Malak Ashraf

    Malak AshrafDay ago

    Her house is empty